07 Ghost (2009) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

What is this place? The center of the Earth.
And it's the first, as well as the last world you will able to see.
Are you coming? Or should I strike you from here? Special thanks to Uaeslayer Is this an illusion? You know that I'm not an illusion.
It would seem that you no longer carry the source of that cloud from the last time we met.
I have a far more suitable task for you.
Don't mess with me! What's wrong, Teito Klein? You lost the Eye, and yet you still cling to its power.
No, I will defeat you! With my own power! Seek him out! Find the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail! What's that? Don't worry about it, hurry up! Wouldn't this be an emergency, Arch-Bishop? We cannot forgive them for defiling this hallowed sanctuary.
We have no choice but to retaliate.
May God be with us all.
Shouldn't we also tell Frau about this? I do not wish for anyone to intrude or to interrupt our rare engagement.
So the two of us shall go To the Center of the Earth.
What is this place? The center of the Earth.
And it's the first, as well as the last world you will be able to see.
Are you coming? Or should I strike you from here? Worthless.
Whatever your emotions, anger, hatred, even your conviction I'm not fighting with any of those feelings! If that's so, then what do you fight with, Teito Klein? Attack me seriously.
Or there will have been no reason for me to come here.
What do you want? I have come to appraise your potential value as my slave.
Don't make fun of me! Who would want to be your slave?! He's taking far too long.
Teito, did you run into something? Bishop Frau, the Imperial Army has infiltrated the church grounds.
So I see.
Castor has already told me.
Teito is? He hasn't come back yet.
Does this mean something's happened that won't allow him to come back out? You are The truth is I didn't want to face you guys.
The one that I truly want to destroy, is that flower-planter who mutilated Haruse.
I'm surprised to hear you say that.
Aren't you all just soldiers? You shouldn't be surprised when your friends die in battle.
What you say is true.
However, Ayanami-sama ordered me to live on.
That's why instead of killing that flower-planter, I have come to fight you.
He told me to not die for Haruse's sake, but to defeat you all, and return to him.
Just like squashing bugs.
Stay back, Hakuren.
You're no match for him.
It's all right, so please stay calm.
Even in times like this, we are still being protected by the hand of God.
Hey, shut that kid up! Have you forgotten? How many of your friends have been hurt, or overrun? We should thank God, even when we face such daunting trials.
We should be grateful that He allows any of us, both in the Church, and in the Army, to live in this world.
There's no need to fear, for God is always with us.
Would you be interested in challenging a skillful bishop? Rather than to search for the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail? Actually, I prefer to work at a desk.
Shall we get started, then?! Have you still not fully recovered your memory? Why do you care? You are Fea Kreuz's sole surviving companion.
And I highly doubt that he would die without leaving anything behind.
He must have left it with you.
And what would that be?! The location of Pandora's Box.
It you can't just summon that memory, then I will just have to extract it from you myself.
I see.
So you were the spy all this time.
W-What are you talking about? You should be ashamed.
No matter what the situation is, one should never allow himself to threaten others who would dirty their hands.
The "you" right now are you satisfied with it? The Church has taken care of you since you were a child, and yet Why did you choose to become the Army's puppet? It couldn't be helped.
They had taken my family hostage.
I had no choice but to concede.
Then tell us What is the Army's real reason for taking over the church? Are they searching for the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail? I was only ordered to inform them about the Bishop's Examination.
In that case, please forget about all of this and start your life anew.
The Church will always open its doors to those who open their hearts to repentance.
He would never take innocent lives.
You will have gained a new life when you awake in exchange for your sins.
They learned a lot about us.
Well aren't you kind? Allowing him to start anew, and everything.
Wouldn't it be better just to say that they're too naive, Lieutenant? I wonder about that If it was me, I'd actually refuse your offer.
To be reborn by these guys I agree.
Neither of you are ordinary soldiers, are you? They remind me of that child, Kuroyuri.
Oh really? Is that so? Is your assignment to keep us occupied? Smart one, aren't you? Well then, we won't have to explain.
Teito-kun's in danger.
Well then, let's enjoy our precious time together.
The four of us, that is.
Allow me to give you a hand.
Labrador! You did well, Konatsu.
You've definitely improved in mixing your Fireball attack with mine.
Don't tease me like that, Lieutenant.
My power isn't that impressive It looks like they're fully capable of keeping us occupied, aren't they? This isn't good.
There's no end to this.
Let me show you what being on the brink of death is like.
You know, people will despise that cocky arrogance of yours.
And above that, if you say farewell to God with Verloren still absent, what will be your ultimate fate? You?! I have no interest in cocky guys, of course.
Bishop Frau! Don't come! Your Bascule won't be able to withstand him.
If you understand my power already, then allow me to see your true form, Zehel.
The one, who is touching this memory, is banned from it.
As I thought It was you who sealed his memories, Vetrag.
Father was one of the Seven Ghosts, Vetrag? And it was him who sealed my memories? So Father really did leave everything to me.
Then there's something important inside me that I must protect.
What do you plan to do with Pandora's Box when you find it? There's no need for me to tell you, as I can't afford to let you escape.
I should just imprison you within my cage.
I wouldn't even mind breaking you.
I must survive.
For the sake of Mikage, my dad, Father and everyone.
You, the one who was raised as a slave? Foolish.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I see.
So the memory of being the Prince of Raggs has returned to you.
That's not it! I'm just being grateful.
And because of that, my life is something that I can't afford to lose.
For those that risked their lives for someone like me I will make a difference! With everything I have! Too soft.
You haven't changed a bit.
You're exactly the same kid that couldn't deal that criminal a killing blow in front of me.
Are you done yet? You still haven't found the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail? Sir, we've done our best, but no luck.
If any of you guys know anything about it, you better tell me right now.
We don't know anything! You may think that we're trying to hide something or someone from you, but you're gravely mistaken.
That's right.
Teito-kun would never have asked us to keep quiet.
And he would never have wanted anyone to shed tears or blood.
If he knew that would happen Then Teito-kun would definitely Come to our aid himself.
Castor! It looks like these worthless scum have already reached their limits.
But we're still not finished yet.
All right.
Now, Labrador! I don't like these two at all.
It's fine, Konatsu-kun.
I really like it when you were doing your desk work, but you're so cool getting fired up like this.
Don't make fun of me in the middle of a mission.
And didn't you still have some paperwork to do, Lieutenant? Are you really going to keep us here, no matter what? You guys aren't mere Warsfeil, are you? I'm willing to do anything for Aya-tan's sake.
You're certainly breathing hard.
Yet you don't seem to be intent on killing me.
You're after Teito-kun, aren't you? Since you know, this'll be easier.
Will you let me pass? Are you a moron?! Now that I know your true intentions, of course I won't move.
So this is the end? A person is always strongest when he has nothing left to lose.
He's still able to fight, despite all the damage he's taken?! This guy How do you feel? I can gradually slice off your darkness like this.
I feel nothing.
It's strange, I don't feel anything at all.
Even when I'm gradually torn apart.
Haruse my one and only Begleiter Bishop Frau, somehow that kid's shadow is growing darker.
That's right.
Instead of growing weaker, he becomes stronger the more I attack.
That kid is transforming all his sadness and hatred into Dark Power.
There seems to be no salvation in this fight anymore.
Not even God can save him.
Quit your mumbling! Well then, come and attack me.
Drain me out just like this black flower.
Was that all, Teito Klein? You talk big about protecting your friends and yet your power is just this.
Shut up! Right.
Just like that, continue to hate me.
I will be the source of your hatred.
Mikage! Mikage.
Mikage! Sorry, Mikage.
I almost forgot about you.
The power Zaiphon takes the shape of words.
It reflects my thoughts, doesn't it? Ayanami.
I'm not what I was before.
The person who didn't kill the criminal back then That time I had nothing at all.
No, rather, I kept what I had locked deep within my heart.
But now, I can say it out loud.
I have things that I must protect.
That's why I'm different from that person.
Someone like you would never understand.
You have nothing dear to you, and nothing you wish to protect.
In that case, please show me.
Show me that you can protect what you must.
I'm going at him, Mikage.
That's right, I have something to protect.
Unlike him, or the Army, I won't use hatred as a method for my Zaiphon.
Basculus is certainly not a tool to kill people.
I hate you I hate you I hate all of you.
How dare you do such a thing to Haruse? Don't allow hatred to devour your heart.
The one that you care for will only move farther away.
Shut up! What is this light? It's love.
Bishop Frau.
Now that I think about it, everything that I taught that Shorty I had learned from Assistant Archbishop Bastien.
I'm also shouldering Haruse's hatred with me.
It's love.
The one who lacks love also lacks justice.
Also the one who cannot forgive is the same as the Darkness.
Your justice was misled.
Ha-Haruse? I guess it's time we put this game to an end.
It would be great if we could do that.
However, it will continue no matter where you go.
You certainly interest me.
How valuable are those people that are dear to you? Let us measure the weight of the world against your friends.
Search for Pandora's Box within your memories.
If you can't do it.
Then I will kill off all the people in the Church one by one.
Choose as you like.
The boy was unpleasant.
In between his far away memory to his endless future, what he saw before that confusion, was it light or darkness? Please tell us, flowers.