07 Ghost (2009) s01e25 Episode Script

Episode 25

Seems that we have no choice.
Let's go! Reality Repeated: To the Other Side of the Linked Hearts What's wrong? If they are so important to you, then show me how you would defend them.
Show me what kind of power you hold.
Before you can lay a finger on anyone in this church, I will kill you! If you don't take me out in your first strike the only thing that awaits you is despair.
Just like how I killed that boy.
You Why do you always get in my way? No more.
I don't want to lose anything anymore.
Painful Hate Hate I hate you! Don't hold onto sympathy, Teito.
That's your main weakness.
I will kill you.
Nice eyes.
Will you still search for Pandora's Box, even while in my cage? Or will you again drown in your own despair? Father.
Teito Klein.
It would be easy for me to cut off your wings.
If you obediently step into my cage, I will return something to you.
At that time, I will give you back what you traded that boy's life for, this eye It is right to summon me.
Didn't you always summon me whenever you were in trouble? Did it appear? Do you remember? The day that you first killed a man? And the day when you fought your best friend, as well as the time when you fought the traitor, Bastian? Didn't you need me all of those times? So that you wouldn't break.
And now, you are breaking once again- Before the one you hate with all your heart.
That's why you need me again.
Whatever it is, I will kill it for you.
Well then, come at me, Teito Klein.
Disappear! What are you? Was that all? So foolish, Teito Klein.
It's all right, Teito.
Ayanami, you are the foolish one! Even if you keep me locked up, you'll never be able to change anything.
You won't be able to save anything.
You'll always be a hindrance to me no matter where I go, Vertrag? My master, do you know? This is the power produced from your Eye of Mikhail.
I know that.
And because of that, I will Bishop Frau.
Next, we retreat.
Yea yea, Aya-tan.
Somehow you found something nice, didn't you? The Bearer of the Eye of Mikhail would definitely show me the path that I was searching for.
Then that means we'll leave Teito Klein alive? As long as he lives, my guide also lives.
That's what it means.
Seems that we have no choice.
Let's go! What is that? What is happening? This light It's just like the description from the Bible.
The Light of Protection? Ayanami!!! I shall sever the link.
Pass at that moment.
Were you protecting as well? Were you also protecting your companions? Ayanami.
Mikage? Let's go, Teito.
There's still a lot of things that you need to know and do, aren't there? Yeah, that's right.
My best friend.
Yeah, "best friend".
I won't let you run away.
I will be the one who loves you the most.
Come on, let's go together.
You've passed, Teito Klein.
But it was no longer the exam about halfway through.
However, you seem to have found your own path, Teito-kun.
Path? Well done, Shorty.
It can't be, the Army is And all thanks to somebody overusing the Eye of Mikhail.
Hurry and put it on, we don't have time.
Those who have passed the exam are supposed to receive training from a senior Bishop.
We'll join them, and sneak out of District Seven like this.
Honestly, you're a really busy guy.
I passed, you know.
I knew you'd pass.
Teito, the next time we see each other, I will have become stronger.
At that time, would you please share your burden with me.
It'll be troublesome if you're too kind.
You are so dazzling My eyes feel like they're burning.
Hakuren, one day, I will tell you everything.
Go, Teito.
I see.
I think I understand now.
You will regret it if you kill that kid.
So that's why Miroku-sama said that.
Aya-tan, what could you have seen? The next time we meet will be fun, Teito Klein.
We must forgive these cruel men.
We must forgive these cruel men.
Please guide those who stand in the Light down the right path.
Please guide those who stand in the Light down the right path.
They haven't found the Bearer of the Eye of Mikhail yet? Such a disappointment.
That kid has left on a quest, while you guys were fooling around like this, bullying innocent civilians.
Your farewell present, Teito Klein.
From this moment on, you are Bishop Frau's apprentice.
Watch it, he appears to be armed.
It's called a Bascule, you know.
Do you want to try it out? Ignore him, fire! The Bearer of the Eye of Mikhail has left here.
Next is for you to take your turn and leave.
This place is When the Pope is in trouble, In order to escape from the church, he uses this secret passage.
Secret passage? There are a thousand different trails until you reach the other end.
One wrong turn, and you won't be able to find your way back out.
Today I will make a guide for you.
Teito-kun, since you arrived at this church, there has been a deep darkness within your heart.
The eyes that were clouded took hold of the two-sided blade.
Will you bring great happiness? Or will you bring about destruction? If you weren't able to face the darkness within your heart, you would destroy yourself, and become destruction.
And yet, you were able to pass over the Bridge of Trials, despite your lack of training.
No matter what you may encounter, don't ever forget that.
You must know your next destination right? Yeah, The land of Seele.
I will follow Father's footsteps there.
So that I can learn of the truth about the destruction of the Raggs Kingdom.
So you go to Seele in order to restore your memory of the evil Barsburg Empire destroying the good Raggs Kingdom? No, I just want to see with my own eyes.
That will show me my memories and the truth.
I promised Mikage that I'd follow the Path of Light.
That's why I truly think that the Barsburg Empire, which ruined the Raggs Kingdom, and Ayanami, who killed my father, are evil.
Then I'll consider it my duty to defeat Ayanami.
Though I don't know whether Mikage is happy about that or not.
That is to say, I am not beautiful like Mikage.
Let's go, Shorty.
I will go along with you, to the end of the world, that is.
Not like I can let you go far with this, right? Thank you very much.
Feelings that can't be described, and thoughts that can't be expressed are overflowing.
If I hadn't met Mikage If Frau hadn't taken me in that day.
If I hadn't met everyone here Go, Teito.
To your precious place.
See you next time.
Shorty, are you crying? Idiot! I am not crying! You see, we're not flying away to leave everyone, but so that we can meet up with them some day.
We've come this far in just a few seconds? Across the stars, the snow and the memories.
Teito, hold on tight.
I'm searching for your footprints Praying that you would rest for eternity.
This is the middle of a dream.
I'm running up the hill.
With wings that can't fly.
Straying from the path.
I close my eyes and keep going on this path.
Across the stars, the snow and the memories.
Incredible I'm searching for your footprints.
It's completely different from what I saw on the map.
Praying that you would rest for eternity.
Speaking of which, you said before that there are as many truths as there are people, right? This is in the middle of the dream.
That time, I didn't understand the meaning of what you said.
I feel like I understand now.
From now on, I must go and see even just a little.
With wings that can't fly.
Why the Raggs Kingdom was destroyed.
Why does the Eye of Mikhail even exist? And the things about the sealed Verloren and Seven Ghosts I'm running up the hill.
What is evil and what is righteousness? Straying from the path.
I want to judge that for myself.
Is that so? I close my eyes and keep going.
If it's you Through the dreams, the love and the heart.
then what is evil and what is righteous can be decided, right? Because of that, I wouldn't mind if I were to be killed by you.
I'm searching for your footprints.
Frau, you idiot! What the hell are you doing, Shorty? I'm not a Shorty! I've matured a little, you know.
Let your love be forever.
If that's so, then try and prove it to me.
I don't just lose things.