13 Geboden (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [whistle blows] [train doors beep] [ominous music plays] [men speak in Turkish] [men speak in Turkish] [ominous music continues] [woman speaks in Turkish] [crows cawing] [traditional Turkish music plays] [girl screams in Turkish] [yelling in Turkish] [man speaks in Turkish] [girl yells in Turkish] [speaking in Turkish] [speaking in Turkish] [girl exhales sharply] [muffled yells] [muffled yells] [door opens] [muffled screaming] [muffled sob] [muffled wailing] [muffled cry] [muffled sob] [music intensifies] [muffled screams] [choking] Oh, sinnerman Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well, I run to the rock Please, hide me I run to the rock Please, hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you I can't hide you The rock cried out [cell phone beeps] [cell phone beeps] [mysterious music plays] [cell phone buttons beeping] [man] Yeah, this is Peter.
Yes, now.
- [woman] Everyone know their assignments? - [officer] Yes ma'am.
- [woman] Good luck.
- Good luck.
POLICE Let's go.
Put that cigarette out.
[woman] Alright.
[dramatic music plays] [Peter] Hello.
[woman] Peter.
[officer] Go.
[loud bang] - [officer 1] Police! - [officer 2] Police! Put your hands up.
[officer 2] Don't move! Put your hands up.
[officer 1] On your knees.
Hands up! [officer 1] Turn around now! Hands on your head! [officer 2] On your knees.
[shouting through laptop] [officer 3] Now! Go, go! [grunt] [heavy breathing] [officer] Give me your hands.
- [officer] Inspectors, all clear.
- OK, let's go.
[siren] [officer] Stay down.
POLICE [suspect] Let go of me, pig.
I'll kill you.
- [man] Hey! - [suspect] I'll kill you! [suspect] Don't touch me.
- Hang on, hang on.
- [suspect] Get your hands off me.
I got him from here.
- It's OK.
I'll take him.
- [officer] OK, knock it off.
[suspect] I'm not coming.
Fuck you, motherfucker.
I'll kill all of you! - Come on, now.
- Dirty pig! Cocksucker! - Son of a bitch! - [Peter] Come on.
[mysterious music plays] You said you had my papers? Permit for temporary residence.
This won't work.
I want permanent residence.
Your case is at the top of the pile.
- So? - You just need to wait.
I can't.
Not forever.
My family is waiting.
It isn't safe in Bulgaria.
I'm telling you, it will get sorted out, but you have to be patient.
Not much of a choice is it? I have to buy food.
I don't have money.
- I gave you 50 euros just yesterday.
- Yeah.
I paid off my phone so I could send you a message.
If I hadn't done that, those guys would be long gone, they'd all be in Bulgaria with a truck by now.
I'll need to get a hold of you again soon.
Be available when I call.
Hristo? Thank you.
[mysterious music plays] [Peter] Morning.
Is this an open house? Liesy is doing the one thing she loves most - making friends with the press.
- Because of yesterday's raid? - Yeah.
Listen, she's changed her outfit three times already today.
A press conference for something like this, Simon.
What are we doing here? She likes being on TV.
[man] Sorry.
- Simon, Peter.
- Hello.
What an asshole.
[alarm beeps] [alarm beeps faster] [pained groan] [alarm stops] [pained moan] [pained gasp] What are you asking me here, Peter? You want me to fire Marnix? I mean, of course not.
I just want to be partnered back up with Simon, that's all.
We've worked well together in the past.
Over the years, we've developed a really good shorthand.
You've been away for a year, and now you want me to change everything for you? And then what do we do when you retire? Marnix seems like he needs a partner like Simon, OK? What do you think? I don't think that Simon needs someone like Marnix, really.
Grey or blue? Oh, for God's sake.
HISTORY Commander Devriese? Yeah, it's Vicky Degraeve.
I I've really tried my best, but I can't do it anymore.
I just can't do it anymore.
Well, I'm No.
I've decided.
Thank you.
[somber music plays] We arrested an Eastern European gang of thieves yesterday evening.
We'd been tracking them for quite a while.
Yesterday's raid was the result of a successful collaboration between several police departments.
All the ringleaders have been arrested and are being questioned.
We are hopeful that they will go on trial soon.
- [man] Thanks, bud.
- [Simon] Yeah.
Excuse me.
Commissioner Dujardin? Upstairs, on the right.
[Vicky] Thanks.
[mysterious music plays] [Liesbet] You were with special unit.
- Must've been hard there for a girl.
- [Vicky] It never really bothered me before my accident.
It didn't happen because of work.
But I'm better.
My back does hurt sometimes.
I wanted to quit, but maybe you would want me here.
And if we don't? I suppose I quit.
It doesn't sound like you're very certain either way.
Are you going to judge me on that? - [Liesbet] When was this accident? - Two years.
Are you really quitting if I don't take you? This is all I know.
You should thank your commander for his recommendation.
When can you begin? [girl] Mom.
At school they kicked the ball at my face and then they laughed at me.
Stop complaining, you're giving me a splitting headache.
Hey, do you want me to take those kids down the police station? We have a couple of cells open.
Huh? You need to do something about the thugs that keep breaking the mailboxes.
The Super doesn't seem to give a fuck.
OUT OF ORDER [woman] Jesus Christ.
- [woman] Come on.
- [girl] OK.
[applause and laughter on TV] [man on TV] Something has changed, ladies and gentlemen.
Yes, something has changed between me and the fairer sex.
I used to be completely ignored by women.
They never notice me.
But now they do.
More than that More than that, they think I'm scary.
They're scared of me.
And because in reality I've got a heart of pure gold, I play along a little bit.
I enjoy scaring them, yes.
But not like those frustrated teens who harass our white women because their moms won't allow them go to Syria.
No, no.
"Mom, Mom! Everyone in Molenbeek is allowed to go to Syria.
Even that fat kid who can't touch the floor with his head at prayers.
Even he's allowed to go.
" And he's just rocking back and forth like a Romanian orphan.
No, not like that.
I scare them like a real man.
Here's an example.
I go and sit next to a woman at the bus, and to make it even scarier, I whisper in her ear [TV switches off] [loud thud] [muffled woman] Come back here! Come back here right now! [muffled girl] No! [muffled woman] Look what you did! You broke it! [grunts] - [loud crash] - [screams] [heavy breathing] [gasping] [shallow sobbing] Mama? [man] Diesel.
[dog whines] Diesel? Come on, boy.
Diesel? Come on.
[barking] [barking] [whimpering] [whimpering] [Peter] Good morning.
You off? [Simon] Yeah.
A homeless guy found a body.
Fishy? Yeah, her throat was slit.
My first murder case.
That got you all excited, Marnix? - Have fun without me, guys.
- [Simon] Yeah.
Oh, by the way, Liesbet's looking for you.
- [Vicky] Thank you.
- [Liesbet] You're welcome.
[Liesbet] This is him.
Didn't you want a new partner? I meant that I wanted to be partnered back up with Simon.
Yeah, we talk about this.
Yes, but that's impossible.
I already told you.
Vicky Degraeve, straight from special unit.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Peter Devriendt.
Well, everything's settled.
Special unit.
That's just That's like going from a Ferrari to a tractor.
It's a big change.
That's what I want.
Show her the ropes, will you? Yeah.
Have you lost interest in action and adventure? [Vicky] My body can't handle it.
[Peter] Really? So young.
This is your chair.
But first, let's introduce you to your new colleagues.
You ever seen a dead body? Yeah.
Follow me.
[rock music plays] [Marnix clears throat] POLICE [Peter] Hey, guys.
So? Yeah.
Let me introduce you to our new colleague.
This is Vicky.
Santermans, Marnix.
I'm Peter's ex.
You got what you wanted.
Another woman on the team.
- Wanna look? - Sure.
[officer] Inspector? [Peter] Jesus Christ, who does this? May I? Yeah.
Forensics has already done their thing.
- Esmé.
- [Peter] Turkish? Probably.
She didn't have any ID.
That's a precise cut.
One stroke.
Honor killing.
Family drama.
So, we've found the victim's identity.
And we have an address.
Good job.
No, the local police Uh huh.
So you didn't find it yourself? No.
Alright, we're heading over there.
- Keep in touch.
- Yeah.
From Sonja.
[knocks on door] Is it OK if I listen in? [Simon] Sure thing, sweetie.
Come in.
It's Vicky.
- Have you had lunch? - No, I never have lunch.
[Simon] Let's take a look at what Sonja's got to say.
- Sonja? - [Simon] The coroner.
She's kind of a smokeshow.
Right, Marnix? Right.
"The victim died between 18 and 24 hours ago.
The throat was slit, the victim bled to death.
" Blah blah.
"It seems likely the victim was conscious at the point of wound infliction.
" Jesus.
[Simon] "No signs of sexual abuse.
" [Vicky] Was she a virgin? Does that matter? It might be a good motive for an honor killing.
[Simon] No.
She wasn't a virgin.
She was three months' pregnant.
I'd be surprised if that isn't a part of it.
[Peter] And? What's the problem? What do you mean? Well What did you come here for today? Or maybe you just miss me? Yeah, I guess I did miss you.
Yeah, yeah.
What's this gonna cost me? Hey.
That's not the only reason I came here.
Come here.
I know what I'm gonna do with my life.
[excited chuckle] So, you've decided what you're going to do now.
I thought you had decided a long time ago.
Photography, right? Oh, no wait Hotel management, yeah.
[girl] No, I really decided.
It's gonna be yoga.
I'm gonna teach people yoga.
I just have to take a couple of courses.
[comb clatters in sink] So Three hundred euros.
That's for the first semester.
But everything's included.
- Supplies, everything.
- Yeah, yeah.
What, a mat that costs ten euros and what else? - Books.
- Oh.
But, can't you find everything you need on the Internet these days? - Dad - What did your mom say? She said to ask you about it.
There you go.
Thank you.
When will you stay for dinner? I will soon.
Why not now? There's plenty.
I'm meeting someone tonight.
How's your mom doing? Well, she and Alex are acting like they're the happiest couple in the world.
[cell phone beeps] Sorry, I have to go.
They're really bad at acting.
[engine starts] [mysterious music plays] [Vicky] I just saw Dad leave.
[monitors beeping] This morning I was thinking about that time I gave him a black eye.
Remember? It was on Mother's Day.
I wasn't getting an allowance yet.
So I thought about how that stupid Gerda from the corner store was always so rude.
It'd be OK if I stole just a couple of bars of soap.
But I didn't know Gerda saw me, and she called Dad.
He was furious when I got home.
He told me to take the soap back, so I hit him in the face.
I'll never forget how surprised he looked.
My back.
MORPHINE I retired this morning.
Well, sort of.
I quit the unit.
Now I'm a detective.
The commissioner is a woman.
I'm going to miss it, I think.
[in Turkish] How long are we supposed to wait? [Peter] Are those the relatives? Yeah.
The sister and the mother of the victim.
Simon and Marnix have a suspect.
- They'll be here.
- Already? Someone called in earlier with an anonymous tip.
And? They're thinking the murderer is an uncle from Turkey.
The mom's brother.
He was supposed to fly to Istanbul in two days.
Esmé was pregnant.
[Marnix] Did you kill Esmé? Yes or no? [through intercom] And why? What did she do? [Simon] Tell us again what you did the day before yesterday.
I was with my sister.
You can ask her.
She was 17, goddammit.
Were you alone? I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm just visiting my sister.
[Marnix] Bullshit! [uncle] You can ask her.
Drinking tea, chatting She had to go to the mosque, I went to my hotel room.
Did you see Esmé? No.
He's gonna walk right out of here.
They don't have any evidence, and he knows it.
Have you been eavesdropping? There wasn't any reason to.
They hear the silence from your suspect upstairs.
- [Peter] And the presiding judge? - Nothing.
No prolonged detention.
So There's no doubt.
He did it.
- Honor killing.
- [Simon] Most likely.
According to her classmates, she had a Christian boyfriend.
Nobody knows who he is, but I mean And pregnant.
It all fits.
[Vicky] How long can you keep him? Till tomorrow morning.
The lab doesn't find anything then we don't have a case.
[ominous music plays] [ominous music continues] So, what's happening with Sara? Well, you tell me.
She was over the moon yesterday after her visit with Daddy.
Wait a minute.
Did I drive like a maniac across town just for this? Oh, sorry.
I forgot how busy you are catching bad guys.
Chantal, she looked good.
She finally decided what she wants to do.
Isn't that good? How much did she get out of you? A lot.
You know you're never seeing it again That's not the point of giving your money an Peter, that is the only point.
She spends everything.
Last month, she worked at a restaurant for two weeks and she made 1200 euros.
It was gone in a week.
She's young.
Isn't it alright to have a little bit of fun? And she'll spend all your money in some nightclub tonight if she hasn't already.
You're exaggerating.
[Chantal] You know what you should do? Keep your money safely in your wallet.
Or do something useful with it.
(UNCLE), (SISTER), (MOTHER) FLEMISH BOYFRIEND? [footsteps] [Liesbet] Tell me you have good news.
Here you go.
Here's your good news.
The background checks in Turkey turned up nothing.
The lab results turned up nothing.
That anonymous tip we got, the one about Ferhad being the murderer, there's no way to trace it, so also nothing.
And the mother keeps insisting Ferhad was with her.
So you'll have to go somewhere else else for good news.
[Liesbet] And what about the victim's father? No, he died six years ago.
- Seven.
- Thank you, Marnix.
Thanks a lot.
[Liesbet] Are there any other leads? [Simon] That's a waste of time.
This guy killed her.
End of story.
Based on what? My gut feeling, his character and his arrogant face.
[Liesbet] No confession, right? [Simon] No, no confession.
And the presiding judge won't Look.
He'll be released in the next half hour.
And tomorrow he'll be on a flight to Istanbul.
So you have half an hour.
- What are you going to do? - [Simon] I'm gonna hassle the lab.
There has to be some trace of DNA.
He's not Dexter.
- [Peter] And you? - [Marnix] What? - What are you going to do? - Go to the men's room.
[Peter] And you? You tell me.
[Peter] You're coming with me.
[slow rock music plays over car radio] So, where are we going? I think I know who made that anonymous phone call.
Her mother.
She was already questioned.
- By Marnix.
- Yeah.
Why did he ever become a cop? He probably couldn't hack it as a bus driver.
POLICE [sinister music plays] [Peter] Why did you become a cop? Why did you? I thought I'd be good at it.
[Vicky] And? Are you? It's like banging your head against a wall.
You're not very positive, are you? Is your glass always half empty? - You can always fill it back up.
- [Peter] That's true.
Till the bottle is empty.
I thought you didn't eat during the day.
[cell phone beeps] [cell phone beeps] ANONYMOUS HELLFIRE.
What's this? Poetic.
I already told you everything.
I was with my other daughter at the mosque.
- How often do you go to the mosque? - Every day.
Did you know your daughter was pregnant? No.
[Vicky] Three months.
- You didn't notice? - No.
Could we have a minute to talk to your other daughter? Roze isn't home.
When do you think that she'll be back? Not without a lawyer.
[sinister music plays] [cell phone rings] Hello.
[speaks in Turkish] [speaks in Turkish] [speaks in Turkish] [speaks in Turkish] [footsteps] [dramatic music plays] [whooping and screaming] [muffled grunting] [heavy breathing] [muffled screaming] [woman on TV] The man is reported to be the victim's uncle, who had recently arrived in the country.
At the moment it is unclear whether or not the police had enough evidence to hold the man in custody for more than 24 hours.
The spokesperson for the public prosecutor declined to comment.
Meanwhile, several Muslim organizations have con [loud clatter] Good luck with that one, fellas.
And? He's probably gonna need some ointment.
You really don't have any shame, do you? Marnix, hey.
I told you, I'm tough on the outside but I'm soft on the inside.
I cry myself to sleep every night for all the child murderers who are set on fire for no reason.
What are the chances of this being a coincidence? How fucked up do you have to be to set someone on fire and them put them out? Maybe they changed their mind, but at the last minute.
Or maybe they weren't trying to kill him.
An avenger and a savior at the same time.
How Shakespearian.
[Marnix] Well, it has a religious meaning, anyway.
That's the first one, right? The first commandment, right? Yes, and you're Brad Pitt in Seven.
Did they find something? - Footprints or tire marks? - Yeah, forensics are on it.
Yeah? [sinister music builds] THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME