13 Geboden (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES VTM, PROXIMUS & MENUE PRESEN IN COOPERATION WITH CASA KAFKA PICTURES & BELFIUS Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well, I run to the rock Please hide me I run to the rock Please hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you I can't hide you The rock cried out [monitor beeping.]
[quiet eerie music plays.]
[muffled electronic music plays.]
- Ah, Peter.
Everything OK? - The world has gone to the dogs, Roel.
- But otherwise I'm fine.
- Yes [woman chuckles.]
[music grows louder.]
[Peter exhales.]
[cell phone rings.]
[ringing stops abruptly.]
[slow piano music plays.]
Yeah, Paulien.
- Found anything yet? - I want a coffee first.
No time.
I have a briefing to go to.
They would never start without you.
I've seen your new colleague.
- She's quite hot.
- Forget about it.
She likes men.
She wouldn't be the first one I converted.
- And totally not your type.
- And how would you know my type? Our years on the road together.
Trust me, I know.
[rock music plays on radio.]
How can you drink this? It's like dishwater.
Better than wheeling to the coffee room seven times a day.
So, what did you find? Lille? Were you hoping it was nearer? My French isn't that good.
[cell phone beeps.]
[cell phone beeps.]
- Yes, great start.
- What? Right, thanks.
- Bring the mug back, will you? - Sure.
It may be far-fetched, but I received this yesterday.
A text.
" Maybe it's related to that? Our suspect is theatrical, to say the least.
Number withheld, I presume? Paulien traced it.
It was sent from Lille with a prepaid sim card.
It's just a tasteless joke, isn't it? It was sent just before that Turk was set alight.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
Nothing shows there's a link to this case.
How did they discover him? An emergency call was made with the victim's phone after the fire was extinguished.
They left the call connected while he was whimpering.
That's sick.
Yeah, well, what would you do if they cut your daughter's throat? But there is no evidence the two cases are linked.
- Come on.
- [Liesbet.]
I know.
But I want to look at the cases separately.
And if there is a link, we'll find out soon enough.
Where's Vicky? She's coming in late.
That's a great start.
You and Vicky look into Esmé's murder.
I would start by questioning the main suspect again.
Or try, at least.
If Ferhad is the murderer, someone asked him to come to Belgium and probably helped him, so find that person.
You look into the arsonist.
- OK.
- Keep me informed.
And no press before we've got a suspect.
[quiet suspenseful music plays.]
Another drink? Don't waste my time.
Have you got my documents? My wife rang me yesterday.
She's received calls from an unknown number for three nights in a row.
Yesterday she thought she saw someone in the garden.
- I really need those documents, Peter.
- It's just a coincidence.
- Coincidence? - Nobody knows you've been released.
We will sort out those documents.
There's a lot of red tape involved.
Be patient.
I've been patient for a month now, asshole.
Do you trust me or not? I need your help again.
- The girl from the honor killing.
- Yes.
Ferhad Peres.
I want to know who brought him here.
Think of your family, Hristo.
Ah Where were you? Esmé had a boyfriend.
There he is.
Joren Desmet.
Thank you, Vicky.
Oh, right.
Acting on your own, are you? I was on my way here when I thought of it and I didn't want to waste time.
So? Yeah, he's shocked, understandably.
They slit his girlfriend's throat, after all.
- I thought he might know more.
- But? - But what? - Well, why isn't he talking to you? And who's that man with him? He got scared and that's his father.
They're waiting for his lawyer because Simon and Marnix now see him as their main suspect.
That makes sense, right? This boy didn't set this guy on fire.
Simon and Marnix will find out soon enough then.
Anyway, I think I'm going to speak to Roze.
You know what her mother said.
Not without a lawyer.
We'll figure that out.
- That's that celebrity lawyer.
- Nasty woman.
[gentle music plays.]
POLICE AALS Can you drive? I need to make some phone calls.
I'd rather not.
How long had you and Esmé been dating? Five and a half months.
Where did you meet her? At a party.
Did you see each other often? Sometimes.
But always in secret.
In secret? Why? Because Esmé's mother was very strict.
Did her mother know you had a relationship? [Joren.]
I don't know.
Apparently she did.
Who else got that bastard over here? [Simon.]
That bastard hasn't been proved guilty.
- We will have to see first - I'm fucking sure he did it.
Joren, that wasn't the question.
Did you know that bastard was coming to Belgium? I knew they had family coming over, because Esmé wasn't allowed to go out.
And how did you find out that Esmé had been murdered? - Word of mouth.
- And what did you do then? - Nothing.
- You didn't really care, or what? What? I would have done anything for her.
- What should I have done? - Punish the bastard? That's your job.
Not mine.
I assume you also found out through word of mouth that he had been released? Yes.
And? - And what? - You thought we didn't do our job well.
So you finished it yourself, huh? You would do anything for her.
He did say that, right, madam council? - You're crazy.
- I'm not the crazy person here, boy.
Be careful.
Listen, you can play the clown and pretend you're not involved in that fire.
But don't get your hopes up.
We'll find out anyway.
Or tell us the truth right now.
And with any luck you'll convince the judge you had an irresistible urge to protect your girlfriend and your unborn child.
- And you'll get a reduced sentence.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, my, my what? My Esmé was pregnant? - Yes, maybe we can - Hang on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Or did you kill Esmé? Too young to be a father? Seventeen years old.
Didn't she want an abortion, is that it? Those aren't questions, detective, that's intimidation.
You and I both know Joren has an alibi for the night of the murder.
Yes, um how about a short break? Marnix? Shall we? What was that, Marnix? It's pretty obvious that he wanted to avenge his girlfriend.
- Oh, right, obvious? - Obvious, yes! Can you think of anyone else who had better reason to set fire to Ferhad? Because I can't.
I don't have to think of anyone else.
Not everything happens for a reason, Marnix.
Come on.
That boy is 18 years old.
No driver's license, a crybaby.
He nearly shat himself when you gave him an angry look.
Do you really think that kid knocked out a man two heads taller than him? Then tied him up, kidnapped him and set fire to him? - Use your brain, you crazy fool.
- Stop calling me crazy, will you? I will say one thing.
If his lawyer causes us trouble, you're on your own, pal.
- Why would she cause any trouble? - Intimidation, for example.
I don't know if you know, but she's even more of a media whore than our Liesy.
[knock on door.]
Thank you.
The fire was started between eight and ten at night.
So, yes, his alibi is solid.
He was at Café Carrefour the entire evening.
He was seen on the video footage.
Have him released.
Damn it.
Good afternoon, Roze.
Peter Devriendt and Vicky Degraeve of the Federal Criminal Police.
My mother isn't in.
We're not here for your mother.
I saw you this morning at the train station.
My mother will be home soon.
- [Vicky.]
We'll keep it short.
- [Peter.]
Did you call us? Are you afraid something will happen to you, too? My uncle can't hurt me.
He's in hospital.
Who brought him here? - Your mother? - No.
She would never do that.
She's too scared of my uncle.
But you think he killed your sister.
Did you know your sister was pregnant? [door opens.]
[door slams.]
- Sorry, mom, I had to - Go to your room.
I asked you to leave Roze alone.
Yes, of course, madam.
But with all due respect, do you really think Roze is different from Esmé? Is losing one daughter not enough? You have to leave.
[eerie music plays.]
[eerie music continues.]
Madam, are you looking for someone? Yes, I was looking for someone to looking for someone to just to - Are you OK? - Yes, well, no.
- Vicky, wouldn't it be better if - No, no.
You will probably not get that handbag back but this will help you get a new I.
, OK? OK, thank you.
You've made my day.
Almost, anyway.
Let's hope you get into your house safely.
And let's hope no one has broken in.
Oh, if anything is the matter you can always ring me, OK? OK.
You're a darling.
I'm just doing my job.
[knock on door.]
Yes, Lut.
There's your ride.
Thanks again.
Today and tomorrow 10 to 12 degrees and the same for the rest of the week.
And a chance of frost for the weekend.
It's always too hot in here anyway.
But I'm not lying still, I guess.
Dad came by this week.
I was busy.
I didn't feel up to it.
I didn't want to see him.
Soon I will.
How are you getting on with your yoga? - Fine.
- You're going to class, right? Sure.
[blues music plays on speakers.]
Where are your classes? At what's-it-called In the North quarter.
Has mom been gossiping again? You call that gossiping? Mom is just worried about how you're spending your money, that's all.
Mom listens to her psychologist too much.
She only wants what's best for you.
And Alex does as well.
I'm sure, but they understand fuck all.
Watch your language, please.
Have you got a new girlfriend yet? You have to keep your eyes open, dad.
What about you? Do you have a new boyfriend? - Don't change the subject.
- Hey, I'm not changing the subject.
By the way, I will change the subject if I want to.
[quiet eerie music plays.]
REVENGE? HANG THEM - GIL ENGELEN [low suspenseful music plays.]
What are we doing here? That's one of the Bulgarians we arrested.
No, no.
He's the reason we were able to arrest them.
- Who is she? - My partner.
Your girlfriend? No, no.
My colleague.
I would prefer it if you didn't bring other people.
A drink? Where's my money? Can I have my information, please? [light-hearted music plays over stereo.]
Awedan, Baz, Ezde.
Pitabar Calabria? What do these names mean? They're Ferhad's cousins.
Ferhad is married to the sister of the Pitabar's owner.
And Esmé was engaged to Awedan, one of those guys.
Pardon? Engaged, given in marriage, promised, something like that.
Of course.
We'll keep in touch.
[Peter exhales deeply.]
I guess we're going for a kebab.
- [Peter.]
Good afternoon, Mr.
Durul? - Yes? Peter Devriendt, Federal Detective Bureau.
We would like to speak to your sons.
[Turkish music plays over stereo.]
My sons aren't here, sir.
- Do you know where we can - No.
My staff.
Oh, dear.
That doesn't look good.
It looks like you've put a lot of work into your business, hmm? But you know our friends like to close down restaurants.
I even think they get a bonus for that.
Yes, Public Health Department, Vicky Degraeve.
- Awedan! - [Vicky.]
Just a moment.
Baz, Ezde.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I can see you're busy, so we'll keep it short.
- Ferhad Peres is your uncle, am I right? - Yes.
We would like to know who asked him to come to Belgium.
Oh, I will, I will.
Did you ask him to come to Belgium? What does it matter, cop? Did you ask Ferhad to murder your cousin? The slut talks, too.
Just a minute.
Let go! - [Awedan.]
We only went to pick him up.
- [Peter.]
Really? How did he know Esmé was pregnant? - And that she had a Flemish boyfriend? - [Awedan.]
Let go! [Peter grunts.]
We're keeping an eye on you.
OK? - You didn't have to do that.
- Of course not.
We could have brought them in and questioned them and they would have kept silent.
- They asked him to come here.
- Yes, of course.
But they won't admit that on record.
And then they would have walked free, just like their uncle walked free.
[Peter chuckles.]
Anyway, they will think twice before trying to hurt Roze.
- What are you going to tell Liesbet? - Nothing.
We don't know who got Ferhad here.
And let's hope either Roze or her mother has the balls to say it themselves.
[cell phone beeps.]
[cell phone beeps.]
"Deadly silent.
" I'm guessing Lille, with a prepaid sim.
What does "deadly silent" mean? Hellfire, deadly silent.
There is definitely a link.
Maybe he wants to do more than burn him.
No, if that was the case, he would have done it already.
Well, Peter, I don't know.
What could it mean? Something other than just death.
It's not the same.
[rock music plays over stereo.]
- We can't take that risk.
- There is no risk.
Ferhad is under constant police guard, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
[cell phone rings.]
- Yes, Paulien? - Who is Els? Give me that.
[cell phone rings.]
Hello? [Peter continues phone conversation.]
Were you born with it? [Peter laughs.]
Accident at work.
The hazards of the trade, I guess.
What about you? No one your age would voluntarily leave the Special Unit.
Did you rub someone up the wrong way? Car accident.
My body is ruined.
Join the club.
You're the first not to ask about the details.
I know how hard that can be.
- And what did Els want? - Give it a rest.
[eerie music plays.]
[engine roars.]
Thanks for picking me up, dad.
No kiss? Look at me.
Are you stoned? No.
I'm just a little tipsy.
Let's go.
I have some studying to do.
Can I have that? Why? What are you doing? [slow dramatic music plays.]
[tires screeching.]
[music grows louder.]
[Peter grunts.]
[door slams.]
- Come on, I'm not a child anymore.
- You act like one.
[doorbell rings.]
- Dad, I just wanted to try it once.
- Yeah, right.
It's not that bad.
You did it yourself when you were young.
- What? - Let go.
Hello, Peter.
Thanks for picking her up.
- Everything OK? - Yes, sure.
- Hi, Alex.
- Peter.
Go on.
Thanks for the lift.
Well, she's trying to find her own way.
That's all.
Are you OK? Sure, couldn't be better.
See you.
Mom, he's such a cute little retard.
[tense music plays.]
[monitors beeping.]
[music intensifies.]
[gong rings.]
[gasping and screaming.]
[murmuring and shrieking.]
[jazz music plays over stereo.]
Apologies for being late, but - I'm incredibly busy.
- No problem.
I thought you weren't going to show up.
No, no, no.
White wine? Sure.
[monitors beep.]
[quick footsteps.]
Hey, stop! [tense music plays.]
[eerie music plays.]
And? - [Simon.]
Well Top-quality comedy.
[Peter into cell phone.]
Alright, I'm going to confer with them.
- I didn't know he was in a wheelchair.
- He wasn't.
His first joke was always about a disabled man who runs people over.
What did Paulien say? Sent with a prepaid sim card from Breda.
- What? You received another text? - Yes.
"Deadly silent.
" - It said "deadly silent?" - [Peter.]
- That's about this shit then.
- We don't know for sure yet.
Come with me to the dressing room.
[tense music plays.]
DO NOT TAKE THE LORD'S NAME IN VAIN - Any news about the victim? - No.
Yes, he's in hospital.
But we can't really speak to him.
Not anytime soon, anyway.
[ominous music plays.]
Well, the doctor says he may recover if he's lucky.
They've re-attached the tongue and now all we can do is wait.
But the good news is he probably didn't feel a lot of pain because they found Penthotal in his blood.
- He was sedated.
- Yes.
So you didn't see who did it? You did? OK.
He gave you a sedative.
Did you feel anything? A needle prick? So he gave you a sedative.
Engelen, we're here to help you.
- You don't know who might have done this? Right.
[eerie music plays.]
[reporter on radio.]
Although Gil Engelen was controversial and got a lot of disapproval, police remain in the dark about the motive of the attacker.
We now have an eye-witness account by someone who was on the front row.
[witness on radio.]
No one realized at first, we thought it was part of the show.
Especially because of the light beam, but then we saw the image on the screen.
[brakes screeching.]
[reporter on radio.]
The Flemish Traffic Centre is still reporting a 31 km tailback among others due to the accidents Anne mentioned, on the E40 to the coast Roze has confessed.
- She confessed that she - That she put her uncle out of his misery.
But it seems that he was acting on someone else's orders.
Her sister had been given in marriage.
How come we didn't know about that? They are Turkish.
It's a closed community, a clan.
They don't talk.
We've got a burnt Turk and a stand-up comedian with a cut out tongue.
But no trace of the culprits.
Peter received two texts and we've got two commandments.
Why is he sending those texts to Peter? - He probably doesn't have your number.
- Right, that's probably it.
It seems like it's the same guy.
That's the last thing we need the press to find out.
Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.
That's the third commandment, right? [brooding music plays.]
[loud bang.]
[muffled heavy bass music.]
[doorbell rings.]
Good evening.
Sorry to disturb you.
Is everything OK? Yes.
I'm just I heard shouting or crying and Is your daughter OK? Yes, Blue fell out of her bed.
Are you from social services or something? No.
- Ah, everything OK? - Blue, go back to bed! - Blue, are you OK? - Yes, yes.
- What happened? - Go to your room.
I fell out of bed.
[heavy bass music continues.]
[dog barking.]
[inaudible dialogue on TV.]
Paco! [barking and whining.]
[dialogue on TV continues in background.]
Paco, quiet! [whimpering.]
[whimpering stops.]
[eerie music plays.]
Paco? [screaming.]
[engine roars.]