13 Geboden (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Oh, sinnerman Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well, I run to the rock Please, hide me I run to the rock Please, hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you I can't hide you The rock cried out [monitors beeping.]
Come on, now.
Don't exaggerate.
We've got his confession on record.
Of course it's worth something.
What does the examining magistrate say? Yes.
- [Vicky.]
Where have you been? - Hey, I'm off the case now, Vicky.
One word to Liesbet Not a word to Liesbet.
I'm only here for your sake.
He's in a coma.
Someone put something into his drip and wrote this on his notes.
Is he Mozes or not? We're at a loss.
Come on.
Sorry, I'm not allowed to help.
I've dropped the ball too many times.
A little peeved? No idea.
Leave him be.
We don't need him.
[games console music.]
Hey, what are you still doing up? Come on, Blue.
You should be in bed.
Get inside, come on.
Mike? Mike? [Kelly.]
Mike, damn it, you know she has to go to bed on time! It's a school night.
[Mike shouts.]
Do I have to hold her hand? She's old enough.
[Kelly shouts.]
She was sitting outside on her own! It's freezing! - [Mike shouts.]
And that's my fault? - [Kelly shouts.]
Yes! [Mike shouts.]
I've fucking had it with you and that stupid kid.
Mike! [loud smash.]
[Kelly shouts.]
Mike! [loud smash.]
Er Sophie Van de Kerckhove was there that evening.
[tense music plays.]
If you mean an alibi, no, sorry, I don't have one.
But you do have a motive.
Really? It's right there.
On your forehead.
I would understand.
You're confronted with it every day.
It's not your fault.
You didn't deserve it.
Degraeve, I've witnessed a lot of police interviews.
That won't work.
You have to admit it's not looking good for you.
You had every reason to destroy Hristo.
- Mozes.
- Huh? I have every reason to destroy Mozes, not Hristo.
Hristo is not Mozes.
We've got a full confession where he states the opposite.
Yes, that was his idea.
I gave him my full support.
But maybe I have to admit that in hindsight it wasn't a good move.
Van de Kerckhove, you representing him is already ethically irresponsible.
And now it turns out you've advised him to make false confessions? That was a a strategy.
What should he have done? No one believed him when he spoke the truth.
As the main suspect, at least he would be safe.
He would be under police protection.
If Mozes attacked again, he would have an alibi.
Yes, he has one now.
Don't you have work? [Peter.]
What do you think I'm doing here? It's important to have your own home, Sara, especially for you.
It will give you peace.
And if there's one thing you need, it's peace.
Dad, I - I don't say it enough - It's fine.
Hands out of your pockets and help me.
I don't have my hands in my pockets.
You must have forgotten, then.
"Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
" Ferhad Peres.
Let's hear it.
I kidnapped him.
At what time? [Hristo.]
4 p.
? Between 4 and 5? [Vicky.]
How did you kidnap him? [Hristo.]
I hit him first.
And then I sedated him with Pentothal.
I put him in my car.
Where did you get the Pentothal? [Hristo.]
From the hospital nearby.
And then I took him to that bridge.
I tied his wrists and ankles, I set him alight and then I extinguished the fire.
What time was that? You know that, don't you? [Vicky.]
Tell me anyway.
I don't remember.
- [Tony.]
It's all quite vague.
- [Paulien.]
His story doesn't add up.
Ferhad was seen at half past five on the day of his kidnapping.
If it's any consolation, the hospital confirms there are indeed a few doses of Pentothal missing.
More than normal, so that may be right.
Because he did that.
Stealing the Pentothal, putting the jerrycan and the extinguisher in place.
He did all the small jobs, but the bigger work was Mozes' doing.
That's what he said in his first statement.
You have to believe me.
I didn't touch that man.
I just needed to keep an eye on him and know his whereabouts.
And yes, I had to take a filled-up jerrycan and a fire extinguisher to that bridge.
I didn't know what they were for.
If I'd known, I would have gone to the police immediately.
I swear.
Why didn't you go afterwards? [Hristo.]
I was afraid.
I needed the money.
Imagine he's telling us the truth here.
I think we can assume that.
Yeah, but he may have done more than he's claiming here.
Yes, but I think he really did what he says he did.
[exhales deeply.]
[eerie music plays.]
See you soon.
[music playing through headphones.]
- Hey.
- I'm off.
- You're working after all? - Yes.
Are you counting them? Watch your mouth, girl.
I'm not obliged to be here, you know.
I'm just kidding.
You're a lifesaver.
You do so much for me.
If I had to pay for all of this myself Whoa The arrangement still stands.
You'll pay in monthly installments.
I'm sure you'll get tips at that bar of yours, right? I've got a new job.
As an au pair for a couple that works at NATO.
Sounds good.
Thanks, Dad.
You're welcome.
Dad, are you and Mom back together? What? Why? I thought you were.
Why did you think that? [in English.]
Wishful thinking.
[in Dutch.]
Did she say something to you? No.
Shame, isn't it? Yes - Bye.
- Yeah.
[computer notification.]
We know his drip was swapped.
That's how the benzodiazepine got into his blood.
But the chances of Hristo coming out of that coma, are very low.
Probably a futile question, but did anyone see anything? We're still going through the camera footage.
- No results yet.
- [cell phone beeps.]
And we're checking for fingerprints.
I've just received a text from Paulien.
Apparently, he's resurfaced.
[eerie music plays.]
[paper shredder whirring.]
Hello, Peter.
He's waiting for you inside.
Petty criminal.
He's getting everything off his chest.
Do you think he's reliable? You never know.
But why would he lie? [Peter.]
Good afternoon.
Yes? And who are you? Something about a kind old lady who was manhandled in her own home? I know who did that.
Yes? I'm listening.
Do you think I'm just going to tell you? You see, I want a deal.
I give you a name, and you get me a sentence reduction.
No, that's not how it works, boy.
You give me a name or you're treated as an accomplice.
That's how it works.
And what does Gino look like? [eerie music plays.]
[car unlocks.]
Hello, Gino.
Let's hear it.
Where were you on Thursday night? No.
Never seen her before.
Do you know what the advantage is of being on the job for so long? I can tell a lie from a mile away.
But rest assured, I'm not interested in you.
I've nicked plenty of riff-raff like you.
I want to know who set it up.
That's who I want.
- I don't know anything about a set-up.
- Come on, Gino.
You barely took off with anything at all.
And you went out of your way not to hurt that old lady.
That's no robbery.
It was an act.
It was staged.
One name.
Then you can walk out of here without a care in the world.
OK? [Gino.]
You don't have a leg to stand on.
- [Peter.]
Have you got him yet? - Who? The guy who went after Mozes.
He's not Mozes.
- [Peter.]
To be honest - You thought so, I know.
But Mozes may have gone after Hristo Looks like it.
He's resurfaced anyway.
Paulien received an email with a newspaper article from three years ago.
One Rozemarijn V.
jumped in front of a train.
That's all we've got.
And what have you found out? She was called Rozemarijn Vlaeminckx.
Born September 25 1978.
Studied philosophy.
Worked for a charity organization helping the poor.
Unmarried, no children.
A history of psychological care.
That's it.
It's a dead end.
And what commandment have you got to? Abstain from words and deeds unclean.
Does she have a criminal record? And you're sure it was a suicide? I checked it.
Witnesses saw her jump.
I'm guessing Tony is sifting through police records as we speak? Not really.
Nowadays, we use search terms and computers.
Yeah, sure.
That is, if everything has been digitalized.
There's a suspicious amount of boxes with files in the attic.
- Keep your fingers crossed for me.
- I will.
- Aren't you coming? - [Peter.]
I have to write up some reports and I'd like to be home early tonight.
Come on, guys.
Let's leave it at that for today.
We'll pick it up tomorrow.
A few hours won't make a difference.
You don't know that.
They might.
[car engine.]
- Did something happen? - No.
No, I had a change of mind.
I thought Sorry.
- But you came after all.
- Yes.
[rock music playing over stereo.]
Good morning.
You're always welcome, but I have little more to say about Mozes.
- We're not here about Mozes.
- Oh.
We're here for you, Mr.
WOMAN (37) JUMPS IN FRONT OF TRAIN Why are you showing me this? [Tony.]
Do you know who this is about? [Schatteman.]
One Rozemarijn V.
Do you know a Rozemarijn V.
? [Schatteman.]
Not that I know of.
Does the name Rozemarijn Vlaeminckx ring a bell? [Schatteman.]
I don't think so.
And this girl? No, I don't think so.
Think harder.
She may have been a student of mine.
That's right.
Anything else comes to mind? No.
- [Vicky.]
We've looked in our records - Hang on.
Is she the one who filed that complaint? Can I have another look? Yes, yes, I think it's her.
That was such a long time ago.
- [Vicky.]
Eighteen years.
- Exactly.
That's why I didn't recognize her.
Was the complaint upheld? Of course not.
She withdrew it shortly after.
That girl was mentally unstable.
"We had a bit too much to drink.
But when he started hitting on me, I clearly said no.
" [Tony.]
There was a witness.
Veerle De Keyser? Who happened to be good friends with her.
I don't know what they were up to, but apparently, they got second thoughts.
Thankfully, or I would have lost my job.
It happened at the time of the Dutroux affair.
Every day, there was a girl accusing someone of rape.
But I don't understand why you're bothering me with this now.
You said it yourself, it's been 18 years.
This article was emailed to us yesterday.
And that email was probably sent by Mozes.
Mozes? I mean You've got Mozes, right? He confessed, didn't he? I would like you to think about the past few days.
Have you noticed anything suspicious? Anything that might suggest Mozes is targeting you? [Peter.]
I really mean it.
You shouldn't do this.
- [Peter.]
I do.
- [Chantal.]
You'll end up being miserable.
I felt miserable last year, too.
I can handle it.
You've changed a lot in such a short time.
You look better, too.
Except for that beard.
I feel better, too.
I used to get angry when you said I should be around more for you.
And for Sara.
But of course, I only got angry because I knew you had a point.
And I went back to work, thinking I will never let that happen again.
How long has it been? Two months, three months? Eleven weeks.
You see? And it's just as bad as before.
So what are you going to do? Wait for your retirement? Early retirement.
Eh? If you're up for that, of course.
[cell phone ringing.]
Vice-Chancellor? The Facebook drama? What Facebook drama? I don't have a Facebook account.
I don't even know how it works.
[woman through intercom.]
There were three of us.
Schatteman, Rozemarijn and I.
I believe we were at a reception first and then he promised to get us some coke.
I did notice he was feeling up Rozemarijn, but I thought she didn't mind.
Not at first.
So I let them be.
I was so young.
What did I know? Why do you now think she wasn't comfortable with it? [woman.]
Because she started saying no.
First she said it playfully.
Probably thinking he would stop immediately.
But she kept saying no.
Louder, too.
I was drunk and stoned.
I know it's no excuse, but maybe that's why I walked away.
Did you go and find help? No.
I never spoke to Rozemarijn again after that.
I avoided her.
And she avoided me.
But what exactly did you see? I mean, sorry, but as far as I see it, it's all very unspecific.
He grabbed her.
He pulled her panties down.
And he was unzipping his pants.
Is that specific enough for you? Your Facebook post this morning caused quite a stir.
Yes, and rightly so.
I can't stand people getting away with things just because they're on TV.
But, Veerle, this happened 18 years ago.
Why today? Why did you post that on Facebook today of all days? Because Look I didn't know she had killed herself.
I hoped she had put it behind her.
That she had moved on with her life.
I always thought we would get the chance to talk about it one day.
How did you find out she killed herself? Yeah, this letter was in the post this morning.
I don't know who put it there.
WOMAN (37) JUMPS IN FRONT OF TRAIN Did you email this to the police, yesterday? I only got it this morning.
[monitor beeping.]
[mysterious music plays.]
Is this him? What do you think? Could it be him? Have a good look.
Have you ever seen him before? No.
Why are you taking all these books, Mom? Pack them up.
You'll have to throw some out.
I haven't got that many boxes.
You've sold the house after all? [woman.]
My friend has been begging me to join her for ages.
She's in a nursing home.
She's well taken care of.
So It's not safe here anymore for someone my age.
Did you get a good offer? [woman chuckles.]
I've been getting those for ages.
They're building a new development.
My house is in the way.
And who's the lucky one? - The buyer? - Yes.
Hang on, what's his name Alain, what's the estate agent's name again? Degroof? - Degraeve? - Degraeve, yes? - Georges Degraeve? - Yes, that's him.
- [Peter.]
Degraeve Estate Agents.
- Georges Degraeve, yes.
He's been trying to convince me for over a year now.
And his offer just kept increasing.
Well This is a new chapter for your mom.
It must be hard for you.
To realize your parents can't cope on their own anymore.
Yeah, it is.
She's had a good life.
She can't complain.
Did you grow up here? [Alain.]
Don't you want to live here yourself then? With the money we're getting for it, we could buy three such houses.
Oh, right.
I mean, my mother.
How long have you known about the estate agent's offer? I don't have to answer that.
No, that's true.
You're not obliged to answer that.
Alright then.
Oh, I was wondering.
Maybe I should have asked you.
Whether you know him.
Who? [Peter.]
No, I don't know a Gino.
What does it mean if her eyes are open? [Mr.
They don't know yet.
It could be a reflex.
They're looking into it.
All we can do now, is wait.
Mom? [soft sobbing.]
These are obviously false accusations by Well A mentally unstable woman who is seeking attention.
Are you still running for Vice-Chancellor? I have been asked to withdraw my candidacy until the lies have been disproved.
I have complied with deep regret, because I don't want to put this glorious university in bad light.
You're still lecturing.
Aren't your students Mozes.
I think so, too, but Apparently, my opinion doesn't count anymore.
Oh? Tony? He's upstairs.
He'll solve it all on his own.
Interrogation room? Yes, please.
Let's go.
[muffled heavy bass music plays.]
[eerie music plays.]
[cell phone beeps.]
No, wait.
I knew it.
The saintly Jos Schatteman.
[quiet sobbing.]
You were gone for a whole year.
I was looking forward to you coming back.
It sounds like I've disappointed you.
You have.
I see you walking around and I think, is that it? [Peter.]
What are you trying to say? I don't know.
Seeing you here makes it all a little more painful, I guess.
You know, I I see you at work, you're in your element, you go into the field You're doing what you were born to do.
What I was born to do, too, but you know.
- Paulien - No, let me have a rant.
I can't always be Little Miss Sunshine.
I'm fed up with it.
Those days when we used to work in the field together, those were, for me at least Everyone has a time in their lives about which they can say "That's when I was happy.
Really happy.
" I had the job I loved and I was who I was born to be.
Don't you think you're romanticizing those years a bit? Just leave me be, OK? I was going mad by the end.
Because of me? [laughs.]
Of course not.
Because of everything else.
What did we actually achieve? I ran myself into the ground.
I destroyed my family in the process.
And what for? [in English.]
Making the world a better place? [in Dutch.]
Oh, come on.
I don't think so.
We might arrest a poor beggar now and then, but making the world a better place? That's not happening.
Not by being a cop.
The biggest bastards always get away.
OK, but thanks to us, there's a few less bastards out there.
I think you're a hero.
No, that's not true.
I think we are heroes.
I'm no hero, Paulien.
[Peter chuckles.]
I'm a bastard myself.
Peter, that's not true.
It is.
I lied, Paulien.
- What about? - [knock on door.]
Devriendt, I I would like to talk to you.
Will I be arrested now? Your crime has lapsed.
We can't do anything.
You're not just sending me home, are you? You don't get it.
I am guilty.
I violated that commandment.
That lunatic is targeting me.
I can feel it.
My life's in danger.
If by "lunatic" you mean Mozes, why do you think he's behind this? Because I When I went into the auditorium yesterday there was something written on the blackboard.
"Abstain from words and deeds unclean.
" Hang on.
- This morning, you said - I know what I said this morning.
I kept silent about it.
[ominous music plays.]
Yeah, we can't leave him right now.
We have to inform Liesbet.
Yeah, but Liesbet is overrun with stress today.
She's not in the right state of mind to make decisions.
I'll put him in a hotel and I'll stay with him.
Peter, no one's here.
Vicky is with her mom.
Shall I come and relieve you? In about four hours' time? Are you up for that? No problem.
[gentle somber music plays.]
[muffled crash.]
[scraping glass.]
Schatteman, I think it's best if you called it a day.
The Vice-Chancellor called me.
He said he saw her on TV.
On Facebook in the morning, on a talk show by the evening.
That's the world we live in.
Everything is fleeting.
Everything's superficial.
- [Tony.]
Schatteman - I'm finished.
Go to bed now.
I'll go to bed, yes.
[mysterious music plays.]
Are you alright? Are you coming in? Yeah, but does he know who I am? Isn't that weird? No, come on.
- [Peter.]
And? Nothing out of the ordinary.
He's sleeping it off.
Sleeping it off? Yes, he hit the booze.
I'll take him to the station in the morning.
- [Peter.]
- Have fun.
[muffled wailing.]
[muffled whimpers.]
[Peter knocks on door.]
Schatteman? [quiet sob.]
[eerie music plays.]
Schatteman? [quiet whimpering.]
[rasping breathing.]
[key fumbles in lock.]