13 Geboden (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Oh, sinnerman Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well, I run to the rock Please, hide me I run to the rock Please, hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you I can't hide you The rock cried out [Liesbet exhales deeply.]
- But no commandment this time? - No.
Yet another dead body.
"Thou shalt not kill.
" That's a very loose interpretation.
Mozes didn't cut his wrists.
He did that himself.
What are you even doing here anyway? You're off the case.
It was my decision, Liesbet.
I put Schatteman in a hotel.
Peter offered to help, that's all.
I want to see you both in my office tomorrow.
[monitors beeping.]
How do you know my daughter? From From a bar.
A bar? Didn't you used to drive a pickup truck? A pickup truck? I'm going to ask you one more time.
How do you know my daughter? [Vicky exhales sharply.]
And? [Georges.]
Still nothing.
Don't you want to sleep for a bit, Dad? No, thanks.
[quiet ominous music plays.]
PENTHOTAL [doorbell rings.]
[delivery man.]
Good afternoon.
A parcel for Mr.
- [man.]
Yes, he's in.
- There you go.
[delivery man.]
Thank you.
There you go.
- [delivery man.]
- Bye, thanks.
- Enjoy your meal, everyone.
- [man.]
That morning, Mozes wrote the ninth commandment on the blackboard in the auditorium.
This corridor leads there.
And that is Mozes.
Or a hard-working student.
Would a student wear his hood up the entire time? Mozes would.
That's enough for now.
Tony, Peter my office, now.
There was no one else here.
We had to make a quick decision, and I I took it upon myself.
I realize I've made a mistake.
Look, we've got a problem.
I can't report this internally.
But I do want the investigation to go forward.
I've decided to reassign Peter to the case.
I'm not sure I want to.
Want to? Then what were you doing at that hotel? Just do your job, Peter.
[quiet eerie music plays.]
Come with me.
It's that man before he was set alight.
There's only one person who could have taken that.
That's the lawyer.
In the church where she was found, but without the tattoo.
So he's not in a coma.
I think Mozes wants to lead us to this building.
Why is he doing this? Why send it to us? Because he wants our help.
With his last commandment.
I'm on my way.
See you soon.
You alright? [Vicky.]
Yeah, I'm fine.
I have to go.
But maybe you could give it to my dad.
He's staying the whole day.
[Vicky exhales.]
What? Felix, it's very kind of you to be here.
But I shouldn't have called you.
Why shouldn't you call me? It was a moment of weakness.
It's not fair.
Doesn't matter.
I know you're not relationship material, Vicky.
That's OK.
That doesn't mean I can't be here for you.
Make sure you catch that lunatic.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I think we can all understand Mozes one way or another.
We've publicly supported his mission.
I've defended him on all media platforms.
But becoming his accomplice is taking it a step too far.
He has given us a task and now we're backpedalling? - We won't get another chance like this - Lukas.
In our commune, we live by the commandments.
We do not punish by them.
We have our own principles, but we do not impose them on others.
I think there's a way to accept this task without personally attacking anyone.
[voices echo.]
Was he punished because he fancied students? Or just because he was critical of Mozes on TV? [Peter.]
Looks more like the latter, if you ask me.
I'm just asking.
Well, I can't.
The resolution's too low.
OK, alright.
It's like what happened with Marnix and Hristo.
Mozes planned everything, but [Tony.]
I thought you were good.
He likes to improvise when it suits him.
The more I zoom in, the blurrier it gets.
I can't magically add more pixels.
[voices become clear.]
I'm going to speak to the university's security guard.
He may have seen this guy.
I need you here, Tony.
For what, Peter? To stare at the walls? Have him come in.
Your security guard.
So you don't waste time.
[child coughs loudly.]
[child coughing loudly.]
[Tony through intercom.]
The man in the hoodie.
Did you see him? [security guard.]
Was he a student? [Tony.]
Could you describe him? Did you see his face? [security guard.]
I didn't pay attention to his face.
I was looking at his hoodie.
I've got the same one at home.
In blue.
[inhales deeply.]
You horrify and petrify me To wear the crown That just astounds me You terrorize and paralyze me You've lost the plot And should be shot down In our arms Because you have it all You have it all You have it all You have it all [knocking on door.]
OK, hang on.
Hang on.
[knocking on door.]
Oh, here you Hello, Sara.
Mom? [Chantal.]
And? How's the hangover? I wasn't drunk.
No, I wouldn't call it that.
Don't you have a job to go to? What's that boy's name? Lou.
Lou? - Yes, Lou.
- And are you two serious? Does Dad know you're back on the market? Cut it out, Sara.
I got the impression you were getting closer again.
It's more complicated than that.
Yeah, Alex wasn't a good idea.
Alex was in the right place at the right time.
Alex was an idiot.
Your dad is, too.
That's different.
Yes, brilliant.
Have them handed out outside.
What about the press? The press? They'll come.
And? Did you get anything? Yes, I received three reports of students with the same hoodie.
A popular model, apparently.
- Yes.
- [Chantal.]
Peter? Just a moment.
Is something wrong? Things hadn't been going well for a while.
I'm fed up with him.
Are you still staying there? No, I stayed at Sara's, but it's not ideal.
You can sleep at mine.
I mean I'll sleep on the couch and you can have the bed.
I was actually thinking of the caravan.
Unless it's inconvenient.
No, no.
No problem.
I need to be alone for a bit.
- You know where to find the key.
- Hang on, Peter.
I think we have to talk about Sara.
Not now, please.
She was as high as a kite.
And there was this guy Not exactly son-in-law material.
Can we talk about this another time? I'm at work.
Peter I think we need to consider having her admitted to a rehab center.
I'm serious.
Chantal, it will all be fine.
She just needs some time.
With all due respect, putting a different team on the case now won't help the investigation.
On the contrary.
- Ms.
- Again, it was my decision.
Madam? I'm taking full responsibility.
Is Mozes still at large? My source is saying he's responsible for Jos Schatteman's death.
I have to go.
It may only seem like a small gesture, but seeing the conditions the people here live in, you can understand their gratitude.
See for yourself.
To live in these poor conditions, they each pay 200 euros according to one of the residents who, understandably, wanted to remain anonymous.
Our commune wants to carry on Mozes' work because this is also Mozes.
Recognizing injustice and laying it bare.
What better way to do this than by rolling up our sleeves and helping people in need? [reporter.]
So even now Mozes is in the hospital, his way of thinking lives on.
Madam, I don't believe Mozes is in the hospital.
Rather, Mr.
Bodurov is a victim of Mozes, I think.
Just like Professor Schatteman was.
I suspect the rape incident was brought to light by Mozes and Schatteman paid the price.
So the Public Prosecutor's Office and the police are lying? I'm afraid so, yes.
How did he know that? [Moreels.]
I believe as humans, we are [Georges.]
No, I swear, Christian.
I didn't know about this.
No, don't do anything.
I'll fix it.
Sure, I'll sort it.
Am I the only one wondering where he got that information? [Tony.]
Maybe it was just wishful thinking.
And he happens to be right.
No, he sounds too sure of himself.
He knows Hristo isn't Mozes.
Or we've got a leak.
Let's not kid ourselves.
There are cops who sympathize with Mozes.
I would grill the guy.
We'll do a home search.
We should do it now, while they're out.
Or we wait until they're home.
A little show of force won't do any harm.
Tomorrow, early morning.
[cell phone rings.]
Yes, Dad? Yes, Vicky, I have to go.
Will you stop by this evening? Of course.
Is something wrong? [Georges.]
No, I have to sort out something urgent for work.
You sound a little stressed.
Will I see you tonight? Yes, maybe.
Keep me informed.
OK? - Yes, OK.
- [disconnection tone beeping.]
Wilfried, don't play games with me.
Answer your phone when I call you.
If I don't hear from you in the next 15 minutes, I'm suing you.
- [man.]
Here you go.
- [Peter.]
Thank you.
Can I help you? Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house? "Greed is ever-present in our society.
Those who have the least are always the first to suffer.
He who stands idly by and does nothing, is equally as guilty.
" Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.
You don't agree? [Peter.]
There's no mention of a name.
Who is this aimed at? We don't condemn individuals, but the phenomenon itself.
Are we doing something illegal here? That depends.
Maybe you're hiding something.
Something you're obliged to tell us.
In order for us to find Mozes, for instance.
What would we have to tell you? We don't have anything to hide.
That parcel has to disappear.
[ominous music plays.]
THOU SHALT NOT COVE THY NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE [high-pitched sinister music plays.]
[shallow breaths.]
[heavy breathing.]
You were going to use it as storage space.
Yes, but I don't want to know, Wilfried.
I let it to you for next to nothing as storage space.
But you cram illegal immigrants in there.
I didn't know either.
I didn't need it for storage anymore, so I sublet it myself.
To whom? A Romanian.
Have you had any calls from journalists yet? You're sorting this.
And quickly.
[muffled groaning.]
[heavy breathing.]
[ominous music plays.]
[muffled screaming.]
- Hi, Sara.
Has something happened? No, I'm just stopping by.
To see how things are going.
- You've spoken to Mom.
- Yes.
Dad, you know Mom always overreacts.
Yes, I know.
I've known her for quite some time.
The apartment's a mess.
That's OK.
I'm going soon, anyway.
I'm glad I've seen you, that's all.
We can talk for a bit.
How are you? So you are checking up on me after all? No.
But I don't see you a lot.
And that's I miss our little moments together.
What little moments? Our little moments.
When you used to stop by.
When we'd have dinner together.
- Or when I'd ask you for money.
- That, too.
Or when we'd gossip about Mom.
She broke up with Alex.
Yes, she told me.
What do you think? Is it really over or are they just on a break? Mom and Alex that's definitely over.
Are you interested then? She loves you so much.
She won't admit it to you but she genuinely regrets it.
[quiet melancholic music plays.]
But still you're always working.
Yeah, always working.
I'm sick and tired of it.
It's always the same.
I'm thinking of quitting.
She'll be pleased.
I'm not going to force anything.
[slow ominous music plays.]
What have we actually done today? We've served some soup.
- That's what Mozes wanted.
- Bullshit.
That's what Moreels made of it.
Do you know what the task was? It literally said, "Put Georges Degraeve in the pillory.
" Did we do that today? We didn't even once mention his name.
He's going unpunished.
Do you think that's normal? Me neither.
I need your help.
It's not without danger.
But if you don't want any part in it, you should leave now.
[sinister music plays.]
[doorbell rings.]
[Peter clears throat.]
You will have to explain yourself.
Because I served soup? You did more than that.
Don't pretend.
So what else have I done? You appeared on TV spouting information that no one else has.
Information? Those Those were assumptions.
Based on? [Peter.]
Let's go back a few weeks.
One evening, we found a victim who'd been burnt.
Ferhad Peres.
What do you know about him? Only what was in the papers.
Can you tell us where you were that evening? And with whom? I was in my office, like every evening.
In solitude.
- In solitude? - [Moreels.]
We use the evenings to reflect.
- Nothing.
- [Peter.]
Nothing yet.
He's definitely hiding something.
Vicky? THIS IS WHAT A RACK-RENTER LOOKS LIKE And your phone went off a couple of times as well.
I'll push the doorbell.
Make sure you follow me inside.
[cell phone ringing.]
- [Vicky.]
Yes, Dad? - Yes, Vicky.
Why are you in the paper? Is it your house? - Yes, I'm the owner.
- What? I didn't know.
I didn't know about the refugees.
I swear.
I've been set up.
How do you mean? I'm being persecuted by people, by the press.
My investors are pulling out.
Wait, where are you? I'm in the car.
I'm almost home.
I'll meet you there.
That's him.
Put your mask on.
[pained grunt.]
[heavy breathing.]
[motorbike engine.]
[eerie music plays.]
Dad? Dad? Dad? [gunshot.]
[Vicky groans.]
So what's your opinion of me now? [low brooding music plays.]
[Peter exhales slowly.]
I think you're a good liar.
I detect some admiration.
[muffled moaning.]
[effort moan.]