13 Geboden (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Oh, sinnerman Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well, I run to the rock Please, hide me I run to the rock Please, hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you I can't hide you The rock cried out [newsreader on TV.]
Jacob Moreels, better known as Mozes, was unmasked a week ago.
But today, we learned who was the true hero of this story.
Peter Devriendt was the officer who tracked the suspect down a week ago.
He brought an end to the Commandments case, risking his own life.
Devriendt was able to take down the criminal in an act of self-defense.
He was also the one who freed his colleague Vicky Degraeve from Moreels' claws.
Do you remember that time she called us in the middle of the night? She was at a party and she was supposed to stay the night.
But when they started smoking weed, she wanted to leave.
We had to come and pick her up.
I think she was fifteen.
That was our Sara.
I don't know, I don't know what What did we do wrong, Peter? We got a divorce.
We're not the only couple that got a divorce.
Not all of those kids are in hospital with an overdose.
We worked too much.
You worked too much, yes.
No, no, Chantal.
Cut that out.
We both did.
We let her go too soon.
I'm going to quit my job.
Or take up unpaid leave, I don't know.
That won't solve things, Chantal.
If she wants to see this Lou again no one is going to stop her.
She'll be back here before you know it.
We're not getting through to her.
Your daughter is out of hospital tomorrow.
You're retiring.
But who's stepping up to the plate? When will it be your turn, Peter? Mom.
- [Sara.]
Have you been crying? - [Chantal.]
Yes, never mind.
Yes? What's so urgent? I wanted to thank you again.
For saving me.
You've thanked me already.
Oh no, please.
I'm leaving, I'm leaving.
- Speech.
- [all.]
Well I'm not good at this.
Anyway, here goes.
I guess I'll have to trust that you can keep the place running without me.
You, you, you And you.
Someone's got to do it.
People may say the world's gone to the dogs, but we shouldn't believe that.
We definitely shouldn't say that aloud.
We shouldn't say anything.
We should only act.
Let justice prevail.
It may sound pompous, but it's what we should do.
Actually, "we" doesn't include myself.
I'm retired now.
But never forget why you became a cop in the first place, OK? Cheers.
[electronic music plays.]
[loud laughter.]
Hello there.
Where's your mom? What are you drawing? Mom's friends.
Don't you like drawing animals? Or flowers? Or other pretty things? [girl.]
I think those ladies are pretty.
Don't you have homework? No.
Really? What do you want to be when you grow up? A prostitute, like my mom.
She says you help people by doing that.
There are other ways you can help people.
By becoming a nurse, for example.
Or a doctor.
That would help a lot of people.
Yes? Ready to go? Where's Mom? She called me, she can't make it.
I have to pick you up.
We'll see her later.
We're fucked, mate.
It doesn't even look like me.
They'll forget about us soon enough.
Forget about us? We kidnapped a cop.
That bitch.
Now I've got a nice hole in my arm.
I hope your gel works.
If it gets worse, you'll have to go to hospital.
That's up to me to decide.
Fucking Mozes.
He got his head blown off and we're here rotting away.
Do you really believe that doormat Moreels was Mozes? How would you know? [Chantal.]
Sa Miss? Where is Sara Devriendt from room 157? What are you doing? I feel terrible about this, Sara.
But it's the best way.
We were going home, weren't we? You promised.
Of course.
You will go home, but not just yet.
You have to find peace first.
I just want to be with you and Mom.
Sara, don't make a scene.
We're going in together, now.
You and I, OK? Does Mom know about this? Fuck you.
I'm not going in, and certainly not with you.
Listen, if you won't come with me, they'll come and get you.
All I need to do is give them the signal.
Please, Sara.
- [Sara.]
Give them the signal.
- [Peter.]
Don't do this to me.
- [Sara.]
Give them the signal, then.
- [Peter.]
Sara, please.
I never want to see you again.
POLICE You're not my father anymore.
I hate you.
[cell phone rings.]
Yes, Chantal? Oh, Peter.
Where is she? I'm stepping up to the plate, Chantal.
Peter, where's Sara? Where is she? She's somewhere where she can't harm herself anymore.
- [Chantal.]
- I did it for her, Chantal.
[quiet sobbing.]
Chantal? All I ever wanted was for us to devote time to our daughter.
That we'd be there for her.
She wanted that, too.
And I trusted you.
Because you were retiring.
But you haven't changed a bit.
She had to realize she can't go on like this.
It was the only way.
We would never have been able to get through to her.
Get through to her? She's traumatized, Peter.
You have changed.
You've become worse.
I've never known you to be this coldhearted.
[ominous music plays.]
LAUNDROMA I've got a complaint.
If it's about the washing powder, I've already passed on that it doesn't remove stubborn stains, OK? It's not about soap, boy.
What's wrong? Too strong for you, grandpa? They kill people, did you know that? Oh well, a lot of things kill people.
What the hell? Maybe you should put it to the test.
[Lou grunts.]
What are you doing here? What do you want? I want you.
I don't recognize you.
You never knew me.
You think you can only love someone when times are tough? Sorry.
Are you going to spend your life in this shit situation? My mother is not a fucking situation.
You're not living, you're surviving.
[engine roars.]
[heavy breathing.]
[door shuts.]
What do you say to a suspicious death for breakfast? Lou Dobbeleers, 22.
Died of an overdose.
They found pills in his mouth.
Wouldn't you swallow them all? Unless someone rammed them down your throat, of course.
- And he's got a skull fracture.
- [Tony.]
We've got a sloppy killer on our hands.
- [Vicky.]
Any witnesses? - [Tony.]
He's got a record.
A dealer.
Someone settling a score? Killing a dealer with his own drugs, it's a bit theatrical.
Your father was thorough with the paperwork.
But if the justice of the peace is lenient you'll be out in a week.
- A week? - [Chantal.]
Yeah, or less.
I'll try my best.
Come on, Sara.
You have to try your best, too.
In here, everything depends on you.
Mom, I'm not an addict.
I was just having fun.
We're worried, Sara.
We're very worried.
Is it Dad? Tell him not to come and see me.
I don't want to see him anymore.
[somber music plays.]
- Don't.
- What? Don't go in.
She's my daughter, too.
She doesn't want to see you.
That's what you say.
That's what she says.
She needs peace and quiet now, Peter.
Please, give her that at least.
Go back home.
- OK.
- Thanks.
Chantal? How is she feeling? She feels let down.
You've identified them? [Tony.]
Malik Vervoort, Lukas Heyde.
They were formally identified by some of Moreels' followers.
You've got to find them, Tony.
For Vicky's sake.
I know.
I don't want to! Your mom doesn't want you home alone.
You know that.
You're coming.
- No, I don't want to come.
- I said you're coming.
She can stay with me if you want.
Peter the neighbor likes that.
Having little girls over.
- I'm not little.
- [Mike.]
It's just a suggestion, mate.
I've got a suggestion.
I suggest you don't make those kinds of suggestions to me anymore.
Understood? - [Blue.]
I don't wanna come with you.
- [Mike.]
[ominous music plays.]
Yes, that's what it looks like.
But you know that doesn't mean anything.
Not in this part of town.
It wasn't a sex game gone wrong either, because Look.
She left a suicide note.
First the guy at the laundromat and now this.
There's something in the air.
So Tell me.
What's the special you wanted? No, no.
Have you got pen and paper? Um, yes.
[short laugh.]
What are those for? Scared to get your hands dirty? [Peter laughs.]
No, no, no.
I would like you to write down what I tell you.
[woman laughs.]
You're one of those? [in English.]
Dirty talk.
[in Dutch.]
I can't wait.
Sorry to everyone I'm leaving behind.
But it's for the best.
It's for the best.
Write it down.
Write it, goddammit.
"Sorry to everyone I am leaving behind, but it's for the best.
I've done so much wrong in my life.
Sometimes you can't just erase your mistakes.
Sometimes it's better to just disappear off the earth.
" [Peter.]
Write it down.
Write it down, goddammit.
"I've been horrible to my daughter.
I'm a failure.
" [Peter.]
I'm a failure.
- [Peter.]
Write it down.
- [woman sobs.]
I've been horrible to my daughter.
I've been horrible to my daughter.
"Make something of your life, darling.
It will be so much better without me.
I love you.
It's for the best.
" Put it there.
We can work something out.
Can't we? You and I.
I will do anything.
She only mentions her daughter.
Have you had a good look at her? What? A junkie? Junkies quickly lose their friends and families.
That leaves very few people to say goodbye to.
It's really strange.
The writing's sloppy, too.
Maybe she was on a bad trip.
Or she didn't kill herself after all.
[Tony sighs.]
[coughing and choking.]
Sorry, but is this going to take long? No, no, we're almost done.
I don't want to be a nuisance, but All those cops in my bar are bad for business.
My god, Amalia never could stay out of trouble.
Did you not get on with her? [woman.]
No, I did.
She was earning a good buck.
She was one of those girls, well, who would allow anything.
I can't complain.
She could have brought a babysitter more often, instead of leaving her kid outside.
Not very inviting for the costumers.
She's a good kid, but Did she bring her daughter to work? [woman.]
Luckily, she was asleep behind the bar.
Imagine if she'd found her mother like this.
[Vicky sighs.]
That's Amalia's daughter.
Hello, sweetie.
Have you got a hot chocolate for me? Do you want one? They said they would bring me one.
I'll ask them.
When can I go home? You're going to a new home.
With a lot of other kids in a really big building.
And then you're going to live with a nice man and woman.
I miss my mom, too, sometimes.
Is your mom dead, too? What are you drawing? That's me.
When I'm older.
That's nice.
The coroner has found bruising on her larynx, not self-inflicted.
The suicide was staged.
She received blows to the head as well.
Vicky, Amalia was murdered.
- Really? - Probably.
What now? We'll compare her handwriting to the letter.
Then we can verify if she actually wrote it or not.
Another theatrical murder.
Could this be linked to the guy who ODed? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
[doorbell rings.]
[door opens.]
Is Blue here? Blue? Your mom's here.
She shouldn't be here.
Mike's home, she can stay with Mike.
I would tell you if it was inconvenient.
I don't mind.
I do.
Blue? - Bye, Blue.
- Bye.
Good evening.
Kelly? What's your boyfriend's name again? - Mike.
- [Peter.]
Yes, Mike.
Mike is quite often alone with Blue.
So what? I have to work.
Kelly, he's not looking after her very well.
I've seen bruises on her.
I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's not the first time I've seen them.
But you don't even know Mike.
What gives you the right to say that? Mike would never Blue? [ominous music plays.]
[door slams.]
Depressed? Amalia? Never.
And you don't know if she had enemies? Why are you asking? She hung herself, didn't she? Or is it true what they say? Was she killed? We're not allowed to discuss an ongoing investigation.
- [brothel owner.]
And? - She was killed.
I told you to put a bouncer on the door to keep the wackos out.
I've been telling you for months.
Look at what you've done.
You're scaring those girls.
If they think there's a murderer on the loose, I'll have to close up shop.
That's what we're trying to avoid.
Really? How are you going to do that? We don't decide about life or death.
The best you can do is keep your mouth shut.
You horrify and petrify me To wear the crown That just astounds me You terrorize and paralyze me You've lost the plot And should be shot down IS MOZES STILL ALIVE? You have it all You have it all You have it all [Tony.]
Amalia wrote that letter under duress.
- And we think it was dictated to her.
- Why? [Tony.]
We checked her Facebook statuses.
She couldn't have written a letter with such good grammar.
We already knew she was killed.
So now we're sure.
Anyway, how's it going with your search for Lukas and Malik? Why? Isn't it too much of a coincidence that Mozes' henchmen are on the run and meanwhile these two murders happen? - Do you think - It may be far-fetched, but Maybe they're continuing his work.
Which commandment would those murders refer to? "Thou shalt not kill"? We've already got ten commandments.
Maybe someone's coming up with new ones.
We're not even sure if the murders of the dealer and the prostitute are linked.
Come on, it's too much of a coincidence - two brutal murders within such a short time frame.
- Coincidence exists.
- Yeah.
I hope so.
Because we may be on the wrong track.
Focus on finding the henchmen first.
What if Mozes is still out there? [Tony sighs.]
Have you brought Moreels' file? Yes.
I've found something.
Moreels was in Colombia until six months ago.
- [Vicky.]
What for? - Pastoral work.
Have you read his résumé? He sounds like Mother Teresa.
That doesn't mean anything.
Psychopaths are often people you don't expect.
Don't you think it's odd? For him to come back from Colombia just to start punishing Fuck, hang on.
De Terloo? [Vicky.]
The dates are overlapping.
So Moreels was in Colombia when Mozes first struck? Or he already had an accomplice.
Or the real Mozes is still on the loose.
Oh, fuck, man.
- Hi, Peter.
- [Peter.]
Hi, Vicky.
How are you? You won't believe this.
Moreels was abroad when Mozes first struck.
Maybe he used an accomplice? Maybe, but maybe not.
[Vicky through phone.]
Maybe we caught the wrong guy.
No, no.
There were enough indications that Moreels was the mastermind behind the commandments.
Yes, but two new murders have happened since and they have "Mozes" written all over them.
Yes, but Mozes doesn't kill, does he? [Vicky.]
Not while he was following the Ten Commandments.
But he's done with them now.
Who knows? He may be adding commandments.
Ten commandments are ten commandments.
Yeah, I have to be sure those murders aren't linked to Mozes.
How do you plan to find out? - Laure.
- [Peter.]
Laure? Are you sure about that? That girl's been through enough already.
She was there when Mozes attacked De Terloo.
She's the only one who might know something.
Are you going to see her? Yes, I'm going now.
At his hour? [Vicky.]
I won't be able to sleep otherwise.
Shall I come? Are you up for that? [Peter.]
I'm in the car now.
I'll come and pick you up.
Normally, you should put in a request for this.
I know.
But this is an exceptional situation.
Yeah, we know all about those.
You must understand, then.
It won't take long.
Don't pressure her.
I don't want her to get upset.
Of course not.
Laure, do you remember these people? They want to ask you a few more questions.
Do you want me to stay? No, it's alright.
I'll be back in ten minutes then.
Hello, Laure.
I know you don't like it, but sometimes you have to tell a story a few times to discover new things, or for people to learn from it.
Like a fairy tale.
So I would like you to tell me again exactly what happened to your stepdad that evening.
I may be able to learn from it.
I was in the car.
I didn't see anything.
And you didn't get out of the car? No.
Did you look through the window, maybe? Maybe you saw the person who hurt your stepdad? [ominous music plays.]
[heavy breathing.]
I didn't see anything.
Think hard.
[low rumbling.]
It's very important, Laure.
I didn't see anything.
She doesn't know, Vicky.
[Peter clears throat.]