13 Geboden (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Oh, sinnerman Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well, I run to the rock Please, hide me I run to the rock Please, hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you I can't hide you The rock cried out [eerie music plays.]
Still, it wasn't a bad idea.
- And sorry.
- What for? For wasting your time.
You don't have to apologize.
Better to be safe than sorry.
Right? Don't you think Laure was acting odd? [Peter.]
Odd? How do you mean? - Never mind.
- No, tell me.
Something's bothering you.
Go on.
It's late.
I have to get some sleep.
Good night.
Good night.
I've brought your food.
Lukas? Lukas? Hey, Lukas? [sinister music plays.]
[cell phone rings.]
Hi, Peter.
Did I wake you? - [Vicky.]
No, it's no problem.
- [Peter.]
Where are you? - At home.
Why? - [Peter.]
Well I just thought of something.
The boat.
What if we went there tomorrow? We might find something.
- [Peter.]
Vicky? - Yes.
I'm not at home, actually.
I'm already on the boat.
On the boat? At this hour? [Vicky.]
I can't let it go.
Something doesn't add up.
Come on, Vicky, it's late.
Go home.
We'll go and look tomorrow.
An extra pair of eyes will help, OK? No, there's no point.
Just do what I say.
If something's up or you find something, let me know.
I want to catch this guy, too, OK? Yes, I know.
Good night, Peter.
Get home safely.
[sinister music intensifies.]
[Peter sighs.]
[engine approaches.]
Stop! - Get out! - [woman screams.]
[Malik yells.]
Damn it! [grunting.]
A&E [Vicky exhales deeply.]
[doorbell rings.]
I know.
I should've come earlier.
[door slams.]
I don't know if it's a good idea for you to be here.
She's still my daughter, Paulien.
A daughter who asked you to leave her alone.
A daughter who, for once, won't get what she wants.
Sara's name has popped up in a case.
Lou Dobbeleers.
Probably murder.
Murder? [Paulien.]
Sara was one of his girlfriends.
Is Vicky on the case? With Tony, yes.
I haven't reported Sara's name because she doesn't need this right now.
And it's not like she was his only girlfriend.
You see, I'm still looking out for you.
Fancy a drink? Or are you going to see Sara? It's your call.
I miss having you at the Federal Police.
It will pass.
That happens when a colleague leaves.
You'll get used to it.
You'll see.
When it's a colleague, maybe.
But not when it's your mentor.
[sad music plays.]
[music continues.]
Maybe Mozes had a point.
The world has gone to the dogs.
Mozes was a bastard.
You didn't put those refugees in that dump.
No, but they were there.
People don't care about what they do to other people.
And Mozes did? [Georges.]
Sometimes I think of mom and I'm almost happy she's lying there in her safe cocoon.
Dad? Don't you dare.
Would you like to wake up in a world like this? [Vicky.]
I don't want to hear it.
- I sometimes wonder - [Vicky.]
Stop it! [Georges.]
Mom is in a vegetative state.
We should stop the treatment [loud smash.]
[distant conversation.]
[door slams.]
[inaudible conversation.]
[Peter gasps.]
[Peter sobs.]
Those two have been apprehended? - Listen, Vicky - Where's Tony? [Liesbet.]
Those guys kidnapped you.
You're involved.
You can't meddle in the investigation.
Tony knows what he's doing.
So you confess to kidnapping Georges and Vicky Degraeve? With Lukas Heyde? [through intercom.]
On the orders of Jacob Moreels? Did you kidnap them on the orders of Jacob Moreels? Yes or no? Do you want to take all the blame? What do you hope to achieve? If you want to protect a religious lunatic and serve even more time in prison, by all means, go ahead.
I'll ask you one more time.
And think hard about your answer.
Did you kidnap them on the orders of Jacob Moreels? Yes or no? Thank you.
We'll take a break.
What was that? Vicky, I don't think you should be here.
You're the victim in this case.
You can't be objective.
And you can? I think I can, yes.
Then stop forcing answers out of him.
Did he say things you didn't want to hear? You threatened him.
Because he was lying.
Says who? Come on, Vicky.
De Terloo.
Remember him? The pedophile? [Vicky.]
Mozes' first victim.
Do you know where Moreels was at the time? Colombia.
Pastoral work.
That doesn't mean anything.
Is that being objective? I think that's quite significant.
Maybe he flew in and back out, or had an accomplice.
How should I know, Vicky? Could you just take into account that we may be wrong about Moreels? That Mozes may still be on the loose? That's all I'm asking.
Maybe you should tell Liesbet.
She won't brush it off as easily as Tony.
No, Tony and Liesbet think the same.
All the accolades have been given, so they want to close the case as soon as possible.
But if your main suspect has an alibi, you've got a problem.
I would think so, but Tony seems to think differently.
I need more before I talk to Liesbet.
Where are you going to find more? Has Lukas been questioned yet? Tomorrow.
He has to stay in the hospital overnight for observation.
[ominous music plays.]
[buzzer rings.]
[door opens.]
[monitor beeping.]
I want a lawyer.
Good idea.
You're going to need one.
Malik told us everything.
Why are you here then? Huh? [beeping quickens.]
How well did you know Moreels? We had a tight bond.
How long for? Since I joined the sect.
Four months ago, or so, I don't know.
So you knew everything about him.
That he was Mozes.
Was Moreels Mozes? [Lukas.]
Does that matter? You've ridiculed him in all the papers and on TV.
Whether he was Mozes or not, everyone thinks he was a lunatic.
And he wasn't? Look.
You've got your bad guy, you're the hero, everyone's happy and nothing else matters.
It does if the real Mozes is still out there.
What was Moreels doing on that boat? - [Lukas.]
I don't know.
- [Vicky.]
What was his plan? Moreels didn't have a plan.
He wanted to live an honest life.
That's all.
That's why he mutilated people? That's what Mozes did.
So Moreels isn't Mozes? My colleagues think differently.
Your colleagues are idiots.
We found a load of evidence on the boat.
How did that get there? [Lukas.]
I took you to that boat, OK? It wasn't Moreels.
Moreels hadn't been on that boat for years.
I was.
I was always on that boat.
Two hours before the police burst in, I was there.
And I never saw those things there.
I swear.
Moreels was set up.
[buzzer rings.]
[doorbell rings.]
My daughter tried earlier.
[Mike urinates.]
[Mike yells.]
[Mike screams.]
- [Vicky.]
Yes, Peter? - Hi, Vicky.
I got your text.
Yes, I was right.
Moreels wasn't Mozes.
- [Peter.]
Says who? - Lukas.
Lukas was on the boat two hours before we found Moreels.
And he never saw those items there.
So they must have been planted afterwards.
Lukas wants to testify under oath.
Peter? Yes, yes.
I'm still here.
But if Moreels wasn't Mozes, then who is? That's what I need to find out.
What does Liesbet say? I haven't told her yet.
I will tomorrow.
Can I do anything? Not for now.
I'm looking through the files of the recent murders.
Have you found anything? Not yet.
Did you know your daughter was mentioned in them? In relation to the guy that overdosed? Yes.
How did you know? Paulien mentioned it.
Apparently, she knew him.
Anyway, Peter, I have to get some sleep.
I'll keep you informed.
- OK.
- Thanks.
For taking me seriously.
No problem.
- OK.
- Bye.
Liesbet, I need to talk to you.
What were you doing talking to Lukas? The only person gaining anything from that, is him.
Moreels isn't Mozes.
Vicky [Vicky.]
The items on the boat were the only evidence.
True or not? Lukas was on that boat constantly and he never saw them there.
Two hours before they were raided, there was nothing there.
Moreels was set up.
Why would Lukas be reliable as a witness? Lukas was arrested as an accomplice.
Of course he says Moreels is innocent.
Then he can't be an accomplice.
- It's not like that.
- [Liesbet.]
You're making mistakes, Vicky.
A lot of mistakes.
I can suspend you for that.
[inhales sharply.]
So I should be grateful? [Liesbet.]
You should at least show some respect.
For me and my decisions.
Can you do that? Yes.
This is your last warning.
Who's that? Mike De Meyer.
He was beaten up last night in an alley behind cafe De Kleine Beurs.
It looks like a robbery murder.
Wallet was next to him, money gone.
This is the murder weapon.
A stone.
We'll know more after the autopsy.
Could it be the same one? The same one? Lou, Amalia and Mike.
The same killer? There's no link.
I may be able to find it.
Have they done any questioning yet? I can do it.
I was going to do that now.
You can inform his parents.
Did Mike visit prostitutes? Of course not.
Definitely not now.
He'd just got a new girlfriend.
Surname? I don't know.
A very nice girl.
Were things going well between them? Between those two, yes.
Kelly has a daughter, around ten years old.
Mike has never really got on with kids.
- How come? - Well Kids require patience.
That's one thing Mike doesn't have.
Never had.
Do you know where I could find Kelly? [eerie music plays.]
[doorbell rings.]
- [Vicky.]
- Hello.
Is your mom home? [Blue.]
Mom? My wife always had a lust for life.
Whenever we saw people on television who had to wear diapers, she would always say that quality of life was important to her.
And I have to admit whenever they talked about euthanasia, I would avoid the subject.
Is that still an option? Not without her consent, no.
- [Georges.]
She can't give consent.
- That's right.
However, in a family consultation, we can decide not to start new treatment.
Or to stop the current treatment.
Have a think about it.
Vicky? Peter.
I didn't know you were in.
Yes, I am.
Come in.
No, I have to go.
I was here for work.
For work? Yes.
Your neighbor's boyfriend has been found dead.
Kelly's? What happened? Another time, Peter.
Vicky? If there's a problem, or you need to talk about something You know where to find me, right? We'll find a new daddy.
A better one.
Thanks for meeting me so soon.
No problem.
She'll be happy to have someone else to talk to.
How is she? She's quiet.
But she's doing well.
She has to get used to the new situation.
- [Vicky.]
I'm sure.
- Follow me.
Montana? Someone's here to see you.
Hi, Montana.
Do you remember me? Can I come and sit with you? Do you like it here? No? I do, but You miss your mommy? Montana, I'm going to show you a photo of a man.
I want you to think hard if you've seen him before.
Alright? [ominous music plays.]
Do you know him? Where do you know him from? From the drawing.
What drawing? [Montana.]
He said I should become a nurse.
So he drew a nurse with a red cross on her dress.
Thank you.
I'm happy to help with the investigation, but you should try to group your questions together.
I don't want Laure to be questioned every day.
It's not good for her.
I understand.
I'm afraid I've made a big mistake.
I need to put it right.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Laure.
Don't worry, I won't stay long.
I've only got one question for you, actually.
You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
OK? The inspector who came along last time Do you know who I'm talking about? Was he the one? Did he save you from your stepdad? [Vicky inhales sharply.]
[cell phone beeps.]
DO YOU WANT TO MEET ME HERE? [mysterious music plays.]
[eerie music plays.]
- [Vicky.]
Drop your weapon.
- Vicky, please.
I'm going to count to three.
By three, you'll have dropped your weapon.
That's the last chance you'll get.
[Peter groans.]
[Vicky grunts.]
Have you got another weapon? Have you got another weapon? - Where are the others? - [Vicky.]
I would've risked anything for you.
I thought you'd do the same for me.
I would.
- Stop lying.
- [Peter.]
I'm not lying.
One more lie and I'll blow your head off.
So You haven't told the others? Turn around.
[Peter groans.]
Get up.
[Vicky grunts.]
[Peter screams.]
[tense music drowns out dialogue.]
I thought you were one of the good guys.
Why did you do it? Isn't that obvious? [Vicky.]
Answer, goddammit.
Because it was about fucking time someone did something.
Did something? Torching people and cutting out tongues? Yes.
You're sick.
I'm not.
Peter, you killed people.
Who did I kill? People? A man who beats up his wife and kid, and a whore who is raising a 12-year-old to be a prostitute? And a dealer who took my daughter from me.
You call them people? You visit prostitutes yourself.
You don't understand anything, do you, kiddo? And Marnix? That was a suicide.
[Peter screams.]
[Peter laughs.]
[Peter moans.]
When you see a child rapist is released after five years in prison, you have two options.
You can either accept it or refuse to accept it.
What do you think? What's the fairest option? Is my father a child rapist? If you blame your own kid for an accident, you're a child rapist to me.
He never blamed me.
I blamed myself.
He never denied it.
If you were my daughter, I would have fought for you.
Saving daughters.
That was your mission.
And Sara.
Leave Sara out of this.
Sara is part of this, Peter.
You killed the dealer who gave her pills.
But why does she want the pills? Why does one take pills, Peter? I've slaved away my entire life.
I wanted to sweep the riff-raff off the streets.
I gave up everything for it.
So one day, you wake up and you realize that it hasn't made any difference.
And that all those bastards keep going about their business.
And the only life you've wrecked is your own.
Do you actually think the guy who shot Paulien was ever convicted? How do you get to that point, Peter? POLICE [Vicky.]
Do you wake up one day and think, "I'm going to punish a pedophile today"? Yes.
It's doing things you should do.
It's doing things other people daren't to.
[Peter moans.]
Take it.
Police! Oh, sinnerman Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna run to? All on that day Well, I run to the rock Please, hide me I run to the rock Please, hide me All on that day But the rock cried out I can't hide you I can't hide you The rock cried out I ain't gonna hide you there All on that day I said, rock What's the matter with you, rock? Don't you see I need you, rock? Good Lord, Lord I need you All on that day So I run to the river It was boilin' I run to the sea It was boilin' I run to the sea