13 Reasons Why (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Yeah. I'm the New Girl

Welcome to season three of 13 Reasons Why.
If you've been watching, you know our show portrays a number of real issues facing teenagers today.
We tell stories about things like substance abuse, bullying, sexual assault, violence and suicide.
If these issues are in your life, this series may not be right for you.
Or you may not want to watch it alone.
So, watch with your parents, your family or your friends.
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Enjoy the conversation.
And take care of each other.
My name is Amorowat Anysia Achola.
You can call me Ani.
I'm a senior at Liberty High School.
You were lying to me the whole time.
Goddammit, Ani, I need you! I need you so fucking bad.
Amorowat? My mum's a home health care worker.
We just got to Evergreen last spring, April.
Right, I'm off then.
Wait This is fashion? It is quite stylish, yes.
Thank you.
- The things that school allows.
- You don't even know.
I didn't see you all weekend.
I had both days off.
I had projects.
Next Sunday, I'll go to church with you.
- Yes? - At the very least.
I just started at Liberty in April.
About eight months ago.
Yeah, I'm the new girl.
Do I like Liberty? Sure.
It's an interesting place.
Stuff happens at Liberty High School, you know? I'm guessing that's why I'm here.
You think I know something about what happened? Well, I do.
I'm sure you got pieces from other people.
I can help you put them together.
Jess If you're gonna apologize about the homecoming game The police took Clay.
- What? - Just now.
I saw them out front.
Shit! Why now? It's November, Spring Fling was last April.
And why Clay? All units in the vicinity of Mission and Twelfth, assault in progress.
1705 Mission.
Please respond.
Wanna get that? - I'll take him back to the station.
- Right.
Dispatch, Unit 12 is responding.
Unit 4 returning to station.
683, that's one, seven, zero There are things I'm sure no one has told you.
Secrets that have been well-kept.
And yes, the keeper of those secrets is often Clay Jensen.
Do you mind? One secret goes back to last spring.
- What the hell do you want, Jess? - The cops took Clay.
They perp-walked him out of school.
Ani saw just now.
Shit! Do you think they know about - Tyler? - Do you think so? - Did you tell them? - Are you fucking serious? - No, of course I didn't tell them.
- Really? 'Cause you've been pretty hostile to everyone lately.
No, I've been pretty hostile to you lately.
Plus this whole Tyler thing happened seven months ago.
- Why would I say anything now? - Why else would they want Clay? - How would I know? - Did something happen this weekend? What did you do after the homecoming game? Not very damn much.
- Zach.
- I have to go to history.
These kids were connected by their secrets.
Connected and forever changed.
Here, I'll help you with that, in terms of ironic things happening.
Not my first time on crutches, Alex.
- C'mon, Zach, give me a win.
- Alex? The cops were just here.
- They took Clay in.
- Okay.
- Okay? - Yeah.
I mean, Clay's not gonna say anything about anybody.
- Jess, come on.
- I have to go.
What's up with her? Hasn't it been a few months since you guys Yeah, I guess it's a quick slide from "we can be friends" to "don't fucking touch me.
" Your knee seems worse today.
Friday night you could put some weight on it, right? Without the crutches? Yeah.
I mean that's how these things go.
It swells up.
Your eye's looking worse.
Yeah, that's the problem with fighting football players, it's like they they have helmets.
Even the ones that don't like each other that much, there's a bond.
They show up for each other.
- Good morning.
- The cops took Clay.
This morning, right outta school.
The sheriffs? Javi, I gotta take care of something for an hour or two.
- Esta bien.
- You can't go down there.
You got a better idea? You can't go down there.
It's not a good idea for you.
I'll go.
You go down there.
That's a better idea.
- What about the guns? - That's dealt with.
You know that.
No, all I know is you and Clay said you took care of it.
It's best that's all you know.
So, yeah.
The story begins back in April.
I mean, if we're going to understand how we got here.
I'll be there in two minutes.
I'm free and clear, I don't even think they looked as I drove by.
Yeah, Justin and those guys are gonna talk to the police.
We got a story.
We didn't take it as real.
It's just him, you know? I heard him talking about it and I jumped to conclusions.
- It was a total joke, all right? - Yeah? It was fucking stupid but it was a total joke.
- You made a joke? - I did.
Tyler? How you doing? Just breathe, man.
Everything's going to be okay.
Wait, they're They're not coming here.
They're going to the school.
But we need you to get out of the backpack and the belt.
I need you to be here with me.
- No, don't touch me! - Okay! - Don't fucking touch me! - Okay, Tyler! I'm not.
I'm over here.
You're good.
But I'm gonna need you to take off the backpack and take off the belt and walk away from them.
Now walk towards me.
It's just Clay.
It's just Clay, see? I told you we were going to meet up with him in the car.
Hey, Tyler.
How you doing? Shall we get you home? Oh, my God My parents Tyler What did you do? I don't know everything that's happened since that night, but I know it was Bryce Walker's last night at Liberty.
And I'm the new kid, right? I watch.
I listen.
I know quite a bit.
And I'll tell you everything.
Do I need a lawyer? Oh No.
No, this isn't any kind of criminal investigation.
And you're over 18 now, right? As of last month.
Yeah, so you don't even need a parent here.
I mean, feel free to call your mom if you want.
Thank you.
So, how are things at Liberty lately? Fine, I guess.
Pretty stressful though, I imagine, with everything that's going on.
Hannah's trial, then Bryce.
Then the false alarm at the dance last spring, now all this at Homecoming.
More than any one high school deserves.
I think a lot of high schools go through a lot worse.
You're right.
But this thing with Homecoming were you there? At the game Friday night? I was.
Did you get caught up in it? Not so much.
A little.
Did you run into Bryce Walker? We said hello.
Was this before the game or after? Before.
Why? Well See, the thing is, Clay Bryce was playing for Hillcrest on Friday night.
He walked off the field and hasn't been seen since.
Do you have any idea where he could be or who he could be with? I don't.
Except for we found this inside Bryce's room.
You recognize that? - It used to be mine.
- You have any idea how Bryce could come to have it or why would it be in his room? I don't know.
When's the last time you saw it or had it in your possession? I don't remember.
I don't ride a bike anymore.
Um Clay, you were seen outside of Bryce's house a few days before the homecoming game.
You apparently threatened him.
Specifically you said, "I'll fucking kill you.
" Can you explain that? Who told you that? It's not important.
Do you remember saying that? I was I was checking on a friend, their safety.
I mean, Bryce has a history.
a triangle by repeatedly removing the middle triangle from each of the prior generations, the number of colored triangles increases by a factor of ? Triangle recursion by a factor of three.
- Mr.
Wood? - Yes? Would it be possible for me to run to the robotics room for a few? I've just realized I've left a battery overcharging and it's going to fry the motherboard.
Not a problem.
I doubt you need this review in the first place.
Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but thank you.
Is there anything else you think I should know? No.
All right.
I got to go check on a few things.
Be back in a couple of minutes.
Feel free to use your cell phone.
Clay, my name is Nora Walker.
Yes, I know I know who you are.
Clay, I know Bryce hurt you and friends of yours.
He's done some monstrous things.
But he's my son.
I don't excuse anything that he's done, but he's my child.
And he might be lost.
He might be hurt.
Do you know anything that might help us find him? I don't, Mrs.
I'm sorry.
Though to tell the truth, I don't really know Clay Jensen all that well.
He was a classmate.
Why am I not surprised you're here? Was it about Tyler? Not here.
Do I think he's capable of being violent? I don't know.
Do any of us really know what we're capable of? I have to tell the group text it wasn't about Tyler.
As I'm not on that group, are you gonna send me a separate text as to what it was about, or should I ask Justin or someone? You're telling me you don't know? Bryce is missing.
He hasn't been seen since Homecoming Friday night.
It didn't come up at home? Well, my mum had the weekend off and I made myself scarce, as you might expect.
They think something happened to him, that someone did something to him, and they think the someone is me.
- Sweet Jesus.
- Yeah.
Prayers welcome.
Does Clay have influence over his peers? I don't know.
I mean, he's not like the captain of the football team.
Come on, Charlie.
You got beat on Friday.
Nah, you got beat on Friday! I just sucked.
You're late.
- With the DBs, other end zone.
- Okay.
Where were you? Were you with Clay? I went to tell Tony.
Ani went to the station.
She thought it'd be best if we just stay away.
We're fucked, right? We're fucked.
We're not fucked if he didn't say anything.
Keep it up, guys.
Let's go! Jesus! What? - Foley, what the fuck? Let's go.
- Hey, just just hold on, okay? What's up with you two? Your sex tape get leaked? Dude, Bryce He's missing.
So? So? Well, he'll be back.
His mom pays, like, zero attention.
I'm sure he got drunk after Homecoming and stayed drunk somewhere.
Could be.
Now let's go, Foley.
We're putting in a nickel package against East Cali.
And have you talked to Jessica? I mean, there's a whole story there.
All right, look.
Given how destructive and public the events at the homecoming game were, we're looking at a multiple-day suspension.
- Okay.
- And I understand that there are some very strong feelings here and you and your group have an important voice that needs to be heard, and I want to be sensitive to that.
But I also want to find a solution that is positive, even progressive, as well as remedial.
- Oh, shit! - I'm sorry? I mean Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
If I suspend you, I have to suspend everybody in your group.
Not to mention Clay Jensen and Tyler Down.
As well as the majority of the football team: Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, Charlie Saint-George, Montgomery de la Cruz Wouldn't that be a shame, if Monty got suspended? We have damage to our stadium and to our field.
We had to cancel the homecoming dance.
I have football players walking around with black eyes and bloody faces - like they've been through the wars.
- Isn't that what football's all about? I have the Dean of Students of Hillcrest calling threatening personal injury lawsuits.
Well, they started it.
Our students threw all the first punches.
Yeah, but Hillcrest started it.
You get that, right? This was about Bryce Walker, was it not? The fact that he was on the field.
- Bryce Walker had nothing to do with it.
- Yeah.
Well, you and I both know that's not true.
Now, you listen to me, Jessica, you incited a riot and there are consequences.
You're the Student Body President, for Christ's sake, you're supposed to be a role model! That's what I was being.
We're going to Monet's, to talk about Bryce.
- And? - And - we need you.
- Why? Well, we always need you.
- Aren't you worried about it? - Why would I be? Tyler, that's a thing I gotta worry about, Bryce means nothing to me.
Can you give us a ride to Monet's? Tony Padilla, also a secret-keeper I don't care about Bryce.
I hope he stays gone.
I don't think it's good for either of us if he does.
Any of us.
What makes you say that? I mean, if they start digging.
Spring Fling and everything.
Bryce Walker has been no part of my life for a long time, and my life has been better for it.
I'm at peace.
Especially for Clay.
Okay, Tyler.
We're gonna drive you home.
We're gonna go inside with you.
Whatever happens, it's gonna It's gonna be okay.
I don't have my keys.
Oh, right Here.
Tyler! Oh, Tyler.
You're okay.
Oh! We were so worried.
What happened to your head? He fell earlier.
We got the text and then you weren't in your room.
We didn't even know you'd gone to the dance.
- Sorry, Mrs.
There was a text? - About the shooter.
We got the text that the dance was being evacuated.
We couldn't find you.
Your father is down there now.
Um, do your parents know that you're okay? - Yes.
- I should check in.
Okay, well, they must want you home but you're welcome to spend the night.
If they'd have found this Do we tear it up? I just I never thought I'd see my mom again.
But why tonight? He just got back.
I heard he was better.
Did something happen? Where did the bruises come from? We have to get him help.
But if anyone finds out why Then we're all fucked.
So So we'll figure it out.
We saved him, he's our responsibility.
Thanks for getting into this with me.
You're a good friend.
It's my blessing and my curse.
I don't really know how far Clay would go to protect a friend.
I went right up to that little punk kid, Cyrus.
I was sure he was the one who called.
And I grabbed him and I started going off and then, Zach, like, ran up and was like, "It was me.
I called the cops.
Tyler should go to jail.
" And so I told him if Tyler goes to jail now, so does Tony, and so does Clay, at least.
And that stopped him? That's when the cops started coming through the front and they shut the music down and started getting everyone on the ground.
Me and Jess were right by Zach, so I was like, "You get to decide now if you take down Clay and Tony, and probably me and Jess with Tyler, and fuck up this school even more, or if we get out of this.
" Well everyone's coming.
I'm buying.
- It's really good to see you today.
- Oh, no.
No! What happened last night was a one-time thing and it's never happening again, understand? Jess, shit I'm sorry.
I don't need your apology.
And stop giving me that fucking puppy dog eye look.
It does not work on me and it never actually did.
- I'm sorry.
- If you apologize again, I will cut you.
- Why are you cutting him? - Um Because he's evil.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
- You look really cute.
- Do I? Thank you.
We went over to roll his car into a parking place.
We figured we could hide it with other cars.
But the keys were still in it Tyler didn't plan on coming back to it.
- So, I drove it away.
- Jesus.
That's balls.
It was fucking stupid, going out there, stepping in front of a gun like that, acting like a fucking hero or something.
You called the cops.
I passed the cops on my way out.
Think about that timing! If I hadn't done something, kids would be dead! We don't know that.
All you did was give Tyler another chance.
- Exactly.
- Another chance to do it again.
What if no one stops him next time? We make sure there isn't a next time.
That's insane, Clay! He needs serious help.
We can get him help.
But if we tell anyone what he did, then he's expelled at least and probably in jail, and probably tried as an adult.
So, he's in juvie until he's 21, and then they send him to prison and then what happens to him? No This is bullshit.
- I'm out.
- Zach I won't tell, I won't say anything, but it's just not my job to take care of that psychopath.
Clay and his friends they kept it close.
I wasn't really part of the group.
Dude, what the actual fuck? Do they really think something happened to Bryce? I don't think they know.
I mean, it's possible he's just at some hotel in Vegas, right? I just, I If they start looking into shit, between me and Bryce, between you, me and Bryce, like that night at his house last spring.
Justin, wanna maybe bus a few tables while you're out there, - at least pretend you actually work here.
- Yeah, sorry.
I gotta start my shift.
What night at his house last spring? Does Justin seem freaked out? Aren't you? You don't have to worry about me, okay? I can take care of myself.
Hey, Alex.
- Hey, did anyone text you? - No.
Why? Oh, shit.
Sorry, I forgot you weren't on the chain.
It wasn't about you.
Um What was it about then? I guess Bryce Walker is missing.
What does that mean? It means no one's seen him since Friday night.
But, like, do they think something happened to him? I mean, who knows? Look, Justin has work and Clay is still downtown, - so Cyrus said he'd give you a ride home.
- Oh, okay.
- Is that not okay? - No, it's great.
I just He's probably not happy about it, right? Look, my mom's coming to get me later.
Do you want to wait with me? - Would that be okay? - Yeah.
Out front at five.
When Bryce went missing, at first, we all figured he'd show up in time.
We weren't really that worried about it.
I've missed the carriage house.
Justin and I prefer "outhouse.
" Well, you two have done some more decorating.
We've not.
Well, that wasn't there before.
Or that.
That's not decorating, that's putting shit up.
I apologize.
I should have used a more manly verb.
I'm just saying.
You are good at so many things, but one of your greatest gifts is staying angry.
I'm not angry with you.
And self-awareness, not one of your gifts.
I know myself just fine.
I spend more time in my own head than anywhere else.
Breaking news! He's just gonna turn up, right? - Bryce? - And what if he doesn't? And what if they find out what happened at Homecoming? - So I lay low for a while.
- Clay, they arrested you.
- Not yet, they just questioned me.
- Because they think you did something.
- I didn't.
- Then shouldn't we find out who did? How did Bryce get my bike lock? Day-old pastries, I got us the Monday mother lode.
Hey, Ani.
I have lemon bars, pound cake, scones so dry they taste like you're eating a wall.
- Oh, I love those.
- Mmm.
- I need some air.
- Clay Fucking hate when you guys speak African.
Eh, you are aware that Africa is an entire continent, yeah? - Yeah, I'm aware.
Eat these.
- Hmm.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey, Dad.
You got a minute? I want to talk to you about some developments today.
- Yeah.
- So Bryce Walker's missing.
He hasn't been seen since after the homecoming game Friday night.
Oh, wow.
- And Clay Jensen already told you.
- Yeah.
So, have you heard anything? Heard from Bryce? No.
I mean, I saw him real quick at the game, - but that was before it even started.
- All right.
Didn't you two spend some time together this past summer? Oh, I mean a little.
Not really.
I mean, it was a while ago.
All right.
Well, you know, if you hear anything.
We're hoping this kid's just missing but his window's closing fast.
I'll let you know, Dad.
If I hear anything.
All right.
Where was Bryce? Had something happened? Did it have anything to do with the secrets Clay Jensen had kept since that day last spring? Yeah, it was a whole thing.
At least you're all safe.
It sounds like it was an overreaction.
Okay, here you go, Justin.
So, the social worker visits a few times.
They process the paperwork, then they'll schedule the custody hearing once everything's been filed and they've confirmed that they can't contact your mother.
Got it.
Hey, I think we should clear out the workshop.
- Turn it into a bedroom.
- For Justin? So we bring him into the house then send him to a different building? For both boys.
They're going to be seniors next year.
- They need their space.
- Apparently, they don't need their space, as they manage all kinds of miscreant behavior without us knowing.
Right, Clay? Clay? Uh, right.
- Good morning, Tony.
- Morning.
- Thanks for giving Tyler a ride.
- It's my pleasure.
- You have a good one, Mrs.
- You too.
It's not really your pleasure.
To drive me.
Yeah, it is.
I help my friends.
I'm not your friend.
Yeah, you are.
Well, you're Clay's friend, clearly, so you're mine.
You think everyone will keep it secret? I do.
We're all in this together.
Who called the police? We don't know.
Even knowing nothing, I could tell Clay had a lot going on.
A lot to take care of.
Hey, Tyler.
What's up? I can't I can't do this.
I've got to go.
Fuck that guy.
He's not gonna hurt you.
No one's gonna push you around anymore.
- I can't.
- Tyler, it's okay.
Tyler, I need you to listen to me, okay? Focus on your breathing.
Breathe as deep as you can.
Look, you have first with Alex, right? Stick with Alex, he'll walk you to second.
Me and Justin will meet you at lunch.
Something happened to that kid.
He's not right.
You think Monty Well, Monty, Bryce, Jamie Garrison, the kid gets it from fucking everywhere.
There's no way this is gonna work.
- It has to.
- Are you guys sure you got all his guns? The whole school was wired, on edge.
There will be an active shooter drill some time in the next two weeks.
We will not be told in advance.
We don't want to add to anyone's anxiety after Saturday's false alarm.
Clay Jensen, Principal Bolan.
- Hey, Clay.
- Hey, Courtney.
- Sorry to pull you out of class.
- I thought it was Principal Bolan.
I just used one of his slips.
It's our turn for the new student tour.
I have an appointment in the careers center and the Wellesley recruiter's only here for a day.
So, can you take it? Thank you! Thank you.
Ani, it was nice to meet you.
- You too.
- Goodbye.
Thank you.
You gotta be fucking kidding me? I don't really need a tour.
This is the trophy case.
And we actually have many more academic decathlon and robotics trophies, but they're kept in the math and science wing, which is in a different building to keep the main student body from being infected by something like actual knowledge.
To your left is the classroom of the ironically named Mr.
Champion, who stares at girls' breasts while he's talking to them.
These are posters for the drama club.
We actually have the most low-key drama club anywhere.
They're totally not annoying people at all.
The drawback being their plays are super boring, but really nice people Library's out that way.
It's a pretty typical library as high school libraries go, which means underfunded and thoroughly devoid of any book that could be remotely controversial.
This is my locker, which I sometimes use to stick my head into and scream.
What the fuck? Hey, leave him the fuck alone! Hey, I need you to step off and leave him alone, got it? Dude, that's my brother.
Um Well, so the fuck what? You should still leave him alone.
Brothers should take care of each other.
I told him no coffee before the tour, but They call this the back quad, even though there's no front quad and back quad sounds like "backwad," which sounds either like a wedgie or a roll of fat that shows when your shirt rides up.
Football and soccer field down there, baseball field out there.
Clearly the nicest parts of the school, because athletes are our heroes and deserving of everything they want, including the ability to sexually assault girls and never suffer any sort of consequences, because why should they? Um Sorry.
Cafeteria over there.
I bring my lunch.
That's not a commentary on the cafeteria food, that's just a nugget from my life.
I've been to, like, five high schools in three years, and that is by far the worst tour I've ever been given.
The absolute worst.
I'm sorry.
It's kind of a weird time here.
That's quite all right.
It's also, like, my favorite tour ever.
Well thanks.
He gave me a tour.
Just a boring tour.
I didn't really talk to him after.
You don't mind if I join, do you? I feel like you're obligated to be nice to me, - at least for the rest of the day.
- Because you're new? Or because on my tour you assaulted a guy.
Ah sure, have a seat.
- Tyler.
- It's a pleasure, Tyler.
So, tell me about Clay.
He internalizes, doesn't he? Oh.
I mean, I don't You literally just met me.
How would you know that? Hey.
Justin, Ani.
Ani, Justin.
You know, for a sour puss, you have loads of friends.
Tyler is my friend.
Justin lives with me and my family.
They're adopting me.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Clay believes brothers should take care of each other.
I need ketchup.
So, he might seem like an uptight asshole at first, maybe even for a while, but he's a really good guy, so just give him some time.
He's worth it.
How much time? Hmm.
For me, it took, like, eight years, but I thought Clay was funny, but not much beyond that.
His friend Jessica was more interesting.
Principal Bolan is just asking that we do something.
He just wants an excuse to celebrate the damn athletes again.
It's been a difficult time for the whole school.
It's complete and total bullshit.
So, in light of the stressful events, Principal Bolan wants us to come up with some ideas to promote school unity.
Oh, that's fucking ridiculous and you know it, Courtney.
Can the secretary please strike "fucking" from the record? I don't really actually take notes, but okay.
I mean, why are we even talking about unity? That's just, like, the administration wanting us to sit down and shut up and not burn any more baseball fields.
We don't need more school spirit, we need actual change.
- Right? - Preach.
I mean, people are just done.
We're pissed off.
And athletes are the problem.
Jess, you're a cheerleader.
I used to be a cheerleader.
- Guys, please.
- Everyone blames the athletes.
- Athletes are the cause - Guys! - The cause of everything? That's bull! - Yes, everything! - Yeah, you can't - Hey! - You're bullies and - Stop banging the hammer! It's called a gavel! The bullying, the harassment, you guys are always the root of it.
And you guys never deal with any of the consequences.
Look, Jessica, I am super sympathetic to your feelings.
All right? Especially given the circumstances under which I ascended to president, e.
the ouster of Marcus, the sexist pig who likes strippers.
That being said, the student council has no actual power and student councils as a rule never do.
And like most, I actually just did it for my college applications.
So, if you really want to stir some shit up and make this student council more than just a joke, you should run for next year's president, okay? New business, please.
Graduation is only 46 days away and Principal Bolan wants us to recruit underclassmen.
I think you should do it.
I think you're primed to explode in good ways.
I can tell things about people.
Hey, new girl.
Oh, Ani Achola.
What do you mean I'm primed to explode? Oh, shit.
I meant no offense.
I just meant well, I look at you and I see you're bad-arse.
And you just walk up to people and say shit like that? Uh I do.
It's a bad habit I got in while always being the new girl and not doing the shy thing.
I pick the interesting people and I make them friends.
Speaking of which, I can be your campaign manager, if you like.
You want to be my Wait, what? I've seen girls like you before and I want to help you be heard.
And you can help me with things, like finding the robotics lab.
You like robots? Yeah.
It's in the main hall, at the end.
- Thanks.
- Campaign strategy meeting tomorrow.
After school.
Hey What do you mean, girls like me? Who've got power they're finally ready to use.
I met a few friends at school.
And then, Bryce Walker came into my life.
- Um hello? - Hi.
Can I help you with something? I'm just waiting for my mom to get home.
Your mum is Mrs.
Walker? My mom is Mrs.
Walker, yeah.
And if I may, who are you? Sorry.
My mum is your grandfather's nurse.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you - Bryce.
- Bryce.
My mother never mentioned me? Oh, no.
I'm sure she did.
- We've only been here a week or so.
- Yeah.
Got it.
I got home from Hillcrest today and the house was full of fucking movers, packing up all the personal shit, all my shit.
Bryce, language.
He left me a note.
On actual paper.
I assume he went to the new house in Telluride? You know about that? I'm divorcing him.
I know about everything.
Yeah, he moved with that woman to Telluride.
And he told me to come live here.
I've been calling him for hours.
He won't pick up.
I'm sure.
So surprise! I'll have a room made up for you.
So, is Grandpa, like How's Grandpa? Dying.
But slowly.
So, that's nice.
Mom, is this okay? Me being here.
It'll have to be, won't it? Any news? There isn't.
Still missing.
Let me see to dinner.
Some of those children hated him so much.
I imagine any number of them might have wanted to hurt him.
But why now? There's just something about that whole mess at the Liberty Homecoming.
Was it that Jessica Davies? That boy, Clay Jensen? I pray no one has hurt him, Mrs.
He's a good boy.
Oh Well No, he isn't.
Was Ani at Homecoming? - Friday night? - No.
Bryce Walker came into my life, and my life got complicated.
And here's the thing, I know the Bryce that no one else knows.
Oh, your mum said I should use the pool whenever I That's cool.
Don't let me stop you.
I'm not worried about the cops, Caleb.
- They're asking all sorts of questions.
- Well, let them ask.
What more can they do to me at this point? - What more can they take away? - I'm thinking a lot.
They're not going to be interested in me.
You're a person of color in the life of a white kid who went missing in a small town.
They're interested.
Well, you're a person of color in his life, too, aren't you? What are you obsessing over? Homecoming.
Like, everyone posted pictures of it.
Do you remember anything from the game or everything that happened after? Anything that might tell us where Bryce went? Not really.
We talked some shit during the game, but I didn't really see him once shit got crazy.
Where'd you get those? I got them from Tyler.
He had his camera that night.
Zoom in on that last one.
That's Zach.
And that's Bryce tackling him.
But he said it was number 82 who did it, the big-ass defensive end on Hillcrest.
When we were helping Zach off the field, he said it was 82.
This morning he told me he didn't know who did it.
Why would he lie about that? So, yes I know all the players.
I know all the secrets.
Dude, it's me.
Where the hell are you? Tyler, it's Bryce.
Listen, that thing we talked about, I'm dealing with it.
You're all good.
Take care of yourself, man.
You're all good.
Take care of yourself, man.
The stories that you think you know and the ones that have yet to be told, I know how they all connect.
We can go through it together.
And I bet we can figure out exactly what happened.
Where it all went wrong.
- Hey! - All right, all right.
How is it when my dad beats the shit out of me, I'm the one who gets arrested? You're not arrested, we're just going to have a little chat.
Yeah, about what? Bryce Walker.
And I'll tell you everything.
Settle in.
This could take a while.
Well done, Ed.
Well done.