15 Days (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

What are you doing? Someone was trying to get in the room.
- What? - I'm scared.
Scared for the baby.
I need to get out of here.
I won't let anything bad happen to you or the baby.
I'm not staying here.
Okay, I'm coming with you.
Ky's blanket's by the back door.
MAN: Well, they can build an access road and link it up to the A40.
We're talking two sizeable housing estates on land that's doing nothing.
How much is it worth? With permission for the development, ballpark 12 million.
That's the White Meadow site.
Josh! He works for my Uncle Huw.
Whose been working those fields illegally since Dad died.
I don't want him anywhere near the house, okay? This is meant to be family time.
WOMAN: When are you gonna talk to them? There's no point until we get a date from planning.
And until you've seen the will.
Mum was fair.
There'll be a four-way split.
What if they won't sell their shares to you? Nia and Dev live in London, they're loaded.
Rhys hates the place and Sara and Michael would bite my hand off cash.
- I know these people, you don't.
- Because I've never been introduced.
You're here now.
- This guy is right up my arse! - [HORN BEEPS.]
- Twat! Dad! It's Michael.
I thought you two were skint.
- Where's Mum? - In the boot.
Still don't understand why she didn't want to be buried with Dad and Owen.
She loved Dorwen.
The woods.
- We've got a family plot.
- It's what Mum wanted.
The end of an era.
I'm not staying here! I'm leaving now! Stop your hysterics, Katie.
What's happened? [HE HUMS AND LAUGHS.]
You live on a farm, you get rats.
I stamped on it.
That's been dead a long time and it's got a stomach full of poison.
Put it in the bin.
Well, the outside bin! Over there.
Idiot! If your brother talks to me like that again I'll knock him clean out.
You need to talk to him.
Tell him what your dad said.
I've already said I will.
He and your sister will be making plans no doubt.
Oh, speak of the devil.
You said the car was in a ditch.
Thought it'd be nice to get some alone time.
I'm married.
To your sister.
Well, that didn't stop you last time.
- You are screwed up, Nia.
That didn't bother you last time either.
Where were you earlier? I looked for you all over the farm.
Josh, not at the table, please.
She's spoilt enough as it is.
I've seen you slip a bit of bacon to her before now.
Thanks, Mrs Davies.
Come on.
Come on.
Have you paid for something recently? From the farm account? I gave Tom some money.
A thousand pounds.
He'll repay it at the end of every month in instalments.
You have a short memory, Lissie.
Everyone all right? He knows? Do you still want that blue shirt? I haven't ironed it yet.
Thanks, Mum.
You're the best.
I'd like to say I'd heard a lot about you, Myra.
It's Moira.
Your things are upstairs.
- Where am I sleeping? - Uh, Mum's room.
We can swap if you like.
It's fine.
- It's not a problem.
- It's fine.
Can you erm Do it yourself.
- When's Dev coming? - He isn't.
- He's in Dubai.
- Oh, lucky him! We were looking at Bahrain the other day.
A winter break.
Were you really? Lisa was lucky to get a week in France.
- GARETH: Nia.
- Camping.
Anyone for tea? NIA: No, thanks, Myra.
Hmm, I remember that one being taken.
Nia had just pushed me over.
I was trying not to cry.
Always the victim.
My darling gorgeous little sister.
- I swear to God, Nia - [SHE CHUCKLES.]
So that's Gareth.
And that's Rhys? No, er Rhys wasn't born then.
Has anyone been in contact with him? He knows it's happening, whether he turns up, that's a different matter.
So who's the little boy on the left? Er, that's our brother.
I didn't know you had another brother! He's dead.
I'm so sorry.
We've all got a glass? How about a toast.
To Mum.
- Mum.
- And the future of Dorwen.
MOIRA: I upset your family! I made a fool of myself! My brother died years ago.
It wasn't at the forefront of my mind.
So in the year we've been together it slipped your mind No, Moira, it didn't slip my mind! I didn't mention it cos it's too bloody painful.
GARETH: Moira, I'm sorry.
Moira! [SHE SOBS.]
I feel sorry for the poor cow.
God knows what version of events Gareth's fed her.
We're a perfectly functional family.
Everything's fine.
There's nothing to see here.
Mum was wearing this the night of Dad's party.
The stone of tears.
- Do you remember when we shared a room and you painted a line down the middle? - To stop you nicking my stuff.
- Rubbish! If I had anything nice you wanted it.
- Dolls' house, the leather jacket.
- Dad's affection.
Tell me, what did you get right that the rest of us got so wrong with him? I did what I was bloody well told.
Until you didn't.
And then he topped himself.
It was death by misadventure.
That's the coroner being kind.
I don't think they're allowed to be kind, Sara.
We're scattering Mum's ashes today but still it's all about him.
I said goodbye to her at the crematorium! That is the sole reason for us being here.
Really? I thought you had other plans.
I am here to honour my mother's memory, and your nan's.
I wanna remember Nan how she was, Dad.
Not as a jar full of dust.
I can look after Mabli.
But you're not going anywhere else, - understood? - Mm-hm.
- And you're here for the week.
- Okay.
What do you think's going to happen to this place? Once we sell it? I don't care.
Can I ask you something? What? It's not bad, it's just Could you see me living here? Working the farm? You and Michael? [SCREAMING.]
- Is that Moira? - GARETH: Moira! Gareth's found himself another nutjob.
- GARETH: Moira! - [THEY LAUGH.]
Huw shut the mains off when Mum died, it's just deposits from the pipes.
It won't do you any harm.
This is not about the water! I think it's better if I stay here today.
Feels like a family occasion.
- We don't have to do this.
- I know.
I want to.
Can you stop S-stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! [HE BREATHES RAPIDLY THEN DEEPLY.]
GIRL: That's not your train.
It's not yours.
Oh! Hi, Mabli.
That's a funny place to play.
Wish I had somewhere I could hide.
- Here you are.
- It's not mine.
It's his.
- Whose? - Owen's, stupid.
Owen doesn't like thieves.
- Looking very sexy today, Mum.
- Stop it! - Where's Grumpy? - Getting ready.
Is he okay about the cash? - You know how he is.
- He's putty in your gorgeous hands.
I might need a bit more.
Things at work have been slow and Well, to be honest with you, Mum, I wanted to wait till it was a done deal.
Till what's a done deal? The money's for an engagement ring.
I'm going to ask Ann Marie to marry me.
Oh, that's fantastic news! Thanks, Mum.
Tom's getting married! She hasn't said yes yet.
You'll be moving out then.
- What on earth are you doing? - Looking for Mum's will.
I've called the solicitor.
They don't have a record of it.
- What? - This is something we should be doing together.
Like an Easter egg hunt? [CAR APPROACHES.]
He's here.
- SARA: She's pregnant.
- NIA: Jesus! Looks like she's about to pop.
Hello, stranger.
- How are you? - I'm good, how are you? - This is Joy.
- Hi.
MICHAEL: Got you up the duff, did he? Didn't even know he had a girlfriend.
NIA: Don't mind Michael, he can be a bit blunt.
JOY: I'm all for straight talk.
MICHAEL: You'll fit in here just fine then.
So it's really worked out for you.
We're doing good.
I haven't done badly myself.
I'm really happy for you.
For both of you.
Are you going back? We haven't decided.
Why did she choose to get scattered here? It's a bit random.
She liked walking in these woods.
After Richard died.
This is where the first primroses of spring grow.
And bluebells.
They grow wild just there.
Like a blue carpet.
I don't think we need to say anything, do we? Actually, sorry, do you mind? Erm I've got Mum was the heart of this family.
The glue that held us together.
I'm s-sorry.
Don't worry, Mum, we'll all look after each other now.
The way you looked after us.
I Yeah.
Right, shall we do this? [JEWELLERY BOX MUSIC PLAYS.]
MABLI: We don't go in there.
It's Owen's room.
- She's going into people's rooms.
- I was doing no such thing.
- Did she take stuff? - Stop it, Katie.
I was not going through people's belongings.
I heard something.
You must have heard it too, Mabli.
Must have been a ghost.
Where you going? Now you're feeling better, you can look after Mabs.
Mm, nice spread, Myra.
Bet you didn't get that in the village shop, did you? Dev's cellar.
He won't miss it.
Oh, I bet he's missing you though.
Still like a bet, do you, Tom? - I'll give you good odds - So when is Ann Marie coming for supper? Tom's fiancee.
He's just got engaged.
Congratulations, Tom.
She's a very lucky woman.
I hope she's got money.
Love is what holds a marriage together.
I'm sorry if I've been difficult.
I want you to know how much I need you with me right now.
Something happened when you were at the ceremony.
Go on, your turn, where you gonna put it? Here.
Hooray, loser.
- Well done, you.
- Does Uncle Huw want to play? - Oh Uncle Huw isn't too good at playing games.
- What are your plans? - Concerning what? The land you're using.
- Whose land? - This family's.
I'm as much a part of this family as Lissie and Tom and your good self.
You better wipe that expression off your face.
Or you'll do it for me? Michael, it's Mabli's bedtime.
If you don't mind.
Come on, Mabs, bedtime.
- Say night night.
- Night night.
- Good girl.
- Night night.
Owen's room's been shut for years.
Nobody goes in there.
I don't even know where the key is.
Well, someone was there or they've been in there.
What happened to Owen? He was run over on the drive.
By Dad.
So what are you two plotting in the corner? [HE LAUGHS.]
We haven't met.
- Huw.
- Moira.
Nice speech by your brother.
Rhys has always been the sensitive one.
Shame he didn't make it to Mum's actual funeral.
Maya loved this place.
She'd want it to stay that way.
I do hope we're on the same page, Gareth.
He knows about White Meadow.
- What's her name again? - Creepy Moira.
Oh, she freaks me out! What if they get married? I'd move back with Mum.
What? We get on all right now.
Her boyfriend wouldn't be too pleased.
That's why I like being with you.
You're simple.
Oh, I could take that as a massive insult! You know what I mean.
Anyway, Dad and her were very frosty over the cornflakes this morning.
I reckon Moira's days are numbered.
I just wish you would try and stay calm.
Why fall out with Huw? You know what I wish? That one time, just one time, you'd stand up for me.
Take my side.
Never gonna happen, is it? [DOOR OPENS.]
Daddy gonna read you a story, Mabs? No, she's gonna watch films in bed.
Come on, Mabs.
Once you've tucked her in you can do me.
So to speak.
So what's the deal? You, Sara and Mabli move into the house? - Live the good life? - Really.
Sounds idyllic.
Jesus Christ.
- Sometimes, Nia, your psycho bitch thing's a real turn-on.
Sometimes not so much.
Sorry, love.
What are you doing snooping around up here? More pressing question is what were you doing in the bathroom? With your brother-in-law? JOY: Is that Owen? The little boy Rhys was meant to replace.
No, no, that's not how it was.
How is Rhys? Really? JOY: He thinks it'll help, being back here.
Face his demons.
Maybe he's right.
I worked on a farm in Australia.
It's a great place to bring up children.
Rhys'll never move back to this house, Joy.
I know all about the accident.
Your father.
Before Dad died, Rhys dropped out of art school.
Moved back home.
He had the breakdown long before he found Dad in the lake.
What is this? Dad and Uncle Huw.
I knew they sang.
I had no idea they recorded.
One album.
- Then they fell out.
- Why? Huw's a difficult bastard.
He was bitter that Dad had inherited the big house and the lion's share of the farm.
The only things I've seen him show affection for are his cattle, his dog and his farmhand.
That's how he knows.
Katie's gone and blabbed to that boy.
Where is she? [MUSIC CONTINUES.]
NIA: Why are you listening to this? [TURNS VOLUME DOWN.]
It's his duet.
I know what it is.
Why the hell are you torturing yourself with it now? I tried to forget.
Maybe I was wrong.
Maybe I need to remember.
We all disappointed him.
I know you had it worse.
Far worse.
I'm sorry I'm okay.
I'm just working it out - Leave me alone.
- Calm down, boy.
I need to show you something.
You're the only one I trust.
Are you okay? These country kids, drive like maniacs.
Is this where it happened? The accident with Owen? Over there.
Dad was in a fury.
Got into his car, reversed so fast he didn't see him.
Didn't look.
It was the sound of Nia screaming that made him stop.
Dad never got over it.
Maybe none of us have.
Get out! What's the big deal? We went for a spin.
- What have you said to him? - What? What have you told him? Katie, come back! - Katie! - Fuck off! Oi! - Come down now and apologise! - It's fine.
No, it's not fine.
Katie! - Erm You need to see this.
- What? It's Mum's will.
What does it say? Gareth! What does it say? Sara? The house is divided between the four of us.
Rhys gets her diaries.
- Nia gets her clothes.
- Her bloody clothes! I get her jewellery.
What about the farm? The land? She's left it all to Uncle Huw.
GARETH: Huw! Huw! The farm is our inheritance! You're not getting it, do you fucking hear me? I'll talk to you when you've cooled down.
How about we talk about it now? Go home, Gareth, there's a good little boy.
- I know what you've done.
- Your mum, she lied for you, she knew.
You're a smarmy, scheming, lying [HE YELLS.]