15 Days (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I still don't understand why she didn't want to be buried with Dad and Owen.
It's what Mum wanted.
- GARETH: What on earth are you doing? - Looking for Mum's will.
I've called the solicitor.
They don't have a record of it.
- LISSIE: I gave Tom some money.
- HUW: A thousand pounds.
You have a very short memory.
I know all about the accident.
Your father.
SARA: Rhys'll never move back to this house, Joy.
- So who's the little boy on the left? - SARA: That's our brother.
I didn't know you had - another brother! - He's dead.
Erm You need to see this.
It's Mum's will.
The farm is our inheritance! You're not getting it, do you hear me? Rhys gets her diaries.
- [THEY GRUNT] - Nia gets her clothes.
- I know what you've done.
- I get her jewellery.
What about the farm? The land? She's left it all to Uncle Huw.
- Lying - [HE GRUNTS] [HUW YELLS] [WATER RUNNING] RHYS: I know my father never wanted me but I thought I thought Mum loved me.
- Of course she loved you.
- So she left me her diaries? Maybe there's a reason.
There's something she wants you to know.
Of good grazing land, worth a fortune.
The house is worth nothing without it.
This is contestable.
Huw manipulated Mum.
Meaning? He took her to his own solicitor and coerced an elderly, suggestible woman into leaving it all to him.
Suggestible? Mum? Well, she was ill! Wasn't her usual self.
He took advantage of that.
Maybe she left a land to Uncle Huw because he was here when we weren't.
We are her children, Sara! Exactly.
Should have been here more.
Well, I'm going to see Taylor myself, get a proper legal opinion.
Did your father never make a will? Cos maybe if he did that might help.
You seem very interested.
What did his dating profile say? Ageing mother, estate pending? You think you're funny, Nia, but you're just nasty.
And on that note be sure to tell the solicitor you bit your Uncle Huw's ear off.
- GARETH: I swear to God - She's got a point.
He hasn't pressed charges so far but if we take him to court over the wheel he might change his mind.
- An apology would help.
- I agree, you should apologise.
I will not apologise! [TAP RUNNING] I still don't understand why Mair did it.
Dad played a good game.
Going round there all the time, tending to her every need.
LISSIE: Annmarie's coming to supper tonight.
Tom's fiancee.
I'll get to see the ring I paid for.
Sixty-five wonderful years.
Happy birthday, darling.
To Richard.
ALL: Dad.
RICHARD: I'd like to use this occasion to pay tribute to my boy.
My extraordinary little boy, Owen.
Son, if you were here now, you'd be a man.
A farmer.
I'd have someone to be proud of.
That will has to be a forgery.
Think about it.
Your parents promised you the farm so it has to be.
Did your parents promise you the farm? Yes.
- Is that the truth? - Yes.
The truth like when you denied having an affair with that dickhead.
- Oh, you've gotta be kidding me - Hey.
Now you tell me the truth.
Were you shagging that guy? No.
Do you get it, Sara? Do you understand? I've sold the business.
I've told everyone we're taking over the farm.
That is not my fault.
You need to tell your Uncle Huw that we are on to him and this place is ours.
RICHARD: You can have the farm.
Start working it tomorrow if you want.
As long as you don't marry that man.
I'm offering you a way out.
- He's Mabli's father.
- Oh, Sara, please! Do you love him? I do.
- Yes.
- I can always tell when you're lying.
He is the father of my daughter and we are happy.
Be happy without the farm then.
- Could it be a forgery? - Oh, it's real.
But is it legal and where the hell did it come from? After Mum's cremation, I turned this place over, there was nothing.
Did you look in Owen's room? I've told you, we don't go in there.
[DOOR CLOSES] Uncle Hew, you have this place, it makes a good living.
Dad intended the farm for me.
I made a promise to your mother.
My hands are tied.
You're enjoying this.
My father wasn't the only sadistic bully in this family, was he? It's all just books Where are they? Did you make this? No.
It's good.
This is my party, my friends! How dare you bring drugs into this house! I'm sorry.
Why did they stop singing? If my father had caught me doing anything like that he'd have beaten me black and blue.
But that would never happen because I have pride.
JOY: Rhys? - Rhys? - Huh? Why did they stop singing? Cos they hated each other.
I know where they are.
I know where they are.
Are you gonna tell me? - I don't wanna talk about it now.
- What did he say? He's not gonna give up the land.
Why would he? You know what I find weird? You don't seem that bothered - about this bloody mess.
- Of course I'm bothered.
Because I think Uncle Huw might be persuaded to change his mind.
Can you let me go now, please.
Hello? Auntie Lissie? Is it these you're looking for? - You're going to be in big trouble.
- [SHE GASPS] I kept the diaries safe.
So they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.
What did you tell Mum? About what happened at the lake.
[HE GASPS] Help me! Please, stop this.
For your mother's sake.
I knew you were a scumbag but stealing your dead aunt's jewellery? If you don't give it back, I'll call the police.
You know what I find fascinating about families? The way the new generations repeat the mistakes of the past.
Family feuds, arguments about who gets what.
Shagging our loved ones' nearest and dearest.
Give me the fucking jewellery, Tom.
I tell you what.
You give me five thousand pounds [SHE SCOFFS] You can have your mum's trinkets back.
By all means send them through.
I won't get a chance to look at them this week but Yeah.
Melanie sent through a new schedule.
She thinks now Mum's dead it's full steam ahead this end.
It's a glitch.
That's all.
What did the solicitor say? I have to get that man somehow.
Report him to the Inland Revenue or Environmental Health.
If you could just get Huw to sell you the land.
He's never gonna do that.
Everyone's got their price.
Why did Uncle Huw get the land? This place means a lot to him.
Your gran knew that.
It means a lot to all of them.
They grew up here.
Meg! Come here.
[GUNSHOT] What's that? - [GUNSHOT] - [BIRDS CAW] Bollocks! Huw doesn't allow anyone to shoot on his land.
You heard what he said.
You're trespassing.
Nice dog.
Show her.
What? Oh, yes, sorry.
It's a ruby in the middle.
He went down on one knee in front of everyone at work.
Can you give me a hand, Tom? She needs to take it off before your father arrives.
Solicitor says there might be a case for contesting the will but it'll take time.
Why don't we just take it at face value? Save ourselves a heap of trouble and sell.
Huh! Says you! You're worth more than all of us put together.
- Piss off, Michael.
- Charming.
You know nothing about my finances.
I was out shooting today.
Huw came over to tell me I was trespassing.
- Where were you? - This side of the forest.
Well, that's our land! Dorwen land! Bloody cheek, he said you were trespassing! Yeah.
What you gonna do, Gareth? Bite his other ear off? It's all right, I've already sent a message.
What have you done? Can we go for a drive to the pub? - You paying? - [SHE LAUGHS] [ANIMAL WHINES] - Josh! - Yeah? [DOG WHINES] KATIE: What's happened to her? [DOG WHINES] She's been shot.
Will she be all right? Easy.
There's a good girl.
Josh? You need to go home.
[DOG WHINES] - Please, Katie.
- No.
[SHE SOBS] [DOG WHINES] Hey, it's okay.
[SHE SOBS] [KATIE CRIES] [HE SOBS] So how did you two meet? I worked in Huw's home.
- Dorwen.
As a maid.
- Ah.
Dad was quite a catch back then.
He was famous.
Him and his brother.
They sang all over the country with my Auntie Mair on the piano.
Richard was the tenor and Dad was the bass.
It was the tenors who always got the girls.
Oh, there were plenty chasing your father too! [LISSIE LAUGHS] [ANNMARIE CLEARS THROAT NERVOUSLY] More wine, Annmarie? Can I see it? The ring? - It was a bit tight.
- It was too big.
- [DOOR OPENS JOSH] - Huw! Your dad knows this is all bullshit.
You did fine.
There's a bloody great hole in the account, Tom.
There's only so long I can cover it up.
I'll be good for five grand in a few days' time.
You better be.
So when you were talking about me getting down on one knee, in the office, proposing What if it was true or could be true? Down the line.
Are we still in character? [SHE LAUGHS] We're done with all that, Tom.
Now take me home.
- What the hell were you thinking? - [DOOR OPENS] - What the - You piece of shit! Oh, God.
- [HE COUGHS] - You shot her.
You left her bleeding.
Dying all by herself.
I hate you! - Don't you touch her! - Michael! Let me go! We don't know if it was Dorwen.
Who else? What you going to do? - [HE PICKS KEYS UP] - Huw! Huw needs to know that we are not pushovers! That we will do whatever it takes to drive him off our land! [THUD] - [GLASS SMASHES] - [ALARM BLARES] - Oi! - You! Get in! [HE BANGS ROOF] Someone's gonna get hurt if this nonsense doesn't stop.
Don't you agree? Why has Mair created this mess? She was good at getting people to do things for her.
She was a very talented woman, according to Gareth.
She played the piano.
That's how they met.
Mair and Huw.
Mair and Huw? She and him were courting first.
He asked her to be their accompanist.
Then she and Richard became a couple.
She finished with Huw to go out with his brother? Mm.
Josh, go and finish your lambing pens.
There's nothing in these.
Nothing in them! Nothing.
They're full of love.
For you.
That's why she wanted you to have them.
- So you'd know.
- What did you tell her? You lied to her, didn't you? About what happened.
[THEY GROAN] I don't care what happens to me.
But I do care about your mother's legacy.
Oh, yeah, cos she was a saint.
Don't you dare.
[HE BREATHES DEEPLY] Rhys, what's happened? Rhys? What's happened? Rhys, what happened to you? Rhys, what's wrong? It was an accident, Rhys.
Dad hit his head.
Fell in.
And drowned.
An accident.
Mum's jewellery.
Where is it? - I don't know.
- I don't believe you.
Are you accusing me of stealing it? [SHE SCOFFS] I wouldn't be seen dead in that stuff.
It's not about whether you like it or not.
It is the fact that it belongs to me, that I have got something and you haven't.
I swear to God I haven't taken it.
So how about I help you find it? Must be somewhere.
[SHE BREATHES DEEPLY] Could you've put them somewhere safe? I'd remember that.
When you were pissed? What are you doing? Some of Grandma's jewellery's gone missing.
Owen likes pretty things.
- Would you think he might have them? - He's not a thief! No, I know that, darling, but do you think you could ask him for me? Okay.
LISSIE: Where did you get Annmarie's engagement ring from? An antique place in Carmarthen.
And thanks for that awkward moment.
- I'm sorry, just it looked like - She was mortified.
I'm not sure it's even gonna happen now.
[DOOR SLAMS] I have no idea how they came to be in the bungalow.
I don't know if Huw picked them up by accident or I actually asked Tom to get them valued.
Oh! Goodness me.
Let Tom know I'll get the valuation done in London.
You shouldn't have taken them, Owen.
You'll get us both in trouble.
Son, if you were here now, you'd be a man.
A farmer.
I'd be so proud.
Not a day goes by when I erm don't relive that moment.
When my boy's body was crushed.
But you've moved on.
I envy that.
[ENGINE STARTS] Stop! Michael! Michael! Stop! [SHE SOBS] Oh, Jesus! I didn't see her, I didn't know she was there! Mabs, come here, come here, darling.
Are you okay? - You okay? - [SHE SOBS] - Nia.
- [SHE WAILS] Nia? Stop it! Nia, stop! Stop! Stop.
It's okay.
- It's okay, it's okay.
Owen's accident, it was completely my father's fault and yet we all got punished for it.
I can't imagine what that would feel like.
To kill your own child.
Explains why he was like he was.
He was always like that.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Auntie Nia, I swear I didn't take them.
No one is saying you did, darling.
Come here.
Maybe he left them for me, like a present.
That makes perfect sense.
Hey, Mabs.
How about we check out some trampolines on the computer? That sound good? Come here, monkey, let's go.
We have got to knock this Owen crap on her head.
How about a bit of ritual cleansing? Rhys isn't well.
Whatever you're doing to him you've got to stop.
What's he told you? I'm trying to help him.
All I want for Rhys is a happy, settled life.
That's not gonna happen here.
Things will calm down.
When everyone leaves.
The only ones leaving are Rhys and me.
Been doing a bit of spring cleaning, Mum? I didn't want any more arguments between us and Dorwen.
If I'd known she'd given them to you - What? - She said thank you for the offer.
But Nia's taking them to London to be valued.
[SHE GRUNTS] Remember these? - Boo! - [SHE SCREAMS] Nia! Do you have to be such a dick? [THEY LAUGH] I feel alone.
These people are strangers to me.
I'm eight months pregnant.
- I'm here for you.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
You're not.
You might as well be back in Australia.
There's nothing for us here.
I'm leaving.
It's up to you if you come with me or not.
Either way, you need to get away from your uncle.
Mabli must have found a way to get in here.
All the more reason to clear it out.
Burn the lot.
What? Part of the cleansing ritual.
Have a nice big bonfire.
Stick a few potatoes on it.
Turn it into something fun.
Well, I am sorry but I'm not burning Mr Minkle.
Fair enough.
One pile for the fire, one pile for the cellar.
What we gonna do with this lot? LISSIE: Moira came to visit.
She was asking about the will.
She thinks the whole thing's very strange.
It's nothing to do with her.
I never ask questions, Huw.
But I want to know why Mair's given all this to you.
Se wanted it to go down a different line of the family.
So all this will be Tom's.
What are you burning in that thing? Junk.
We need to get rid of all this crap if we're selling the house.
It's a done deal now, is it? I think I know now why Mair did what she did with her will.
You know how she and Huw were an item before Richard came into the picture? Well, after Richard died, I think they had an affair.
Come on, Mabs, story time.
What the hell's wrong with you? Moira, that's our mum you're talking about.
If we all know the facts NIA: This calls for more wine.
I know this is hard but if your mother was having an affair with Huw, then that makes it likely that her will is legitimate.
But what if there was another will? One that she made with your dad? I think you need to stop.
We'll stay with my mother for a while.
You're washing your hands of - this situation then? - Gareth.
Oh, no.
- We don't want any trouble.
- I'm not here to see you.
Open it.
You were right, Sara.
I have what I need.
It was always going to be yours.
It's what Mair wanted.
No point waiting for me to die.
What the hell is this? What are you doing? What fathers do.
Hand their farms to their sons.