15 Days (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

That's the White Meadow sign.
We're talking about two sizeable housing estates on land that's doing nothing.
How much is it worth? Ballpark? 12 million.
Why did Uncle Huw get the land? This place means a lot to him.
Your gran knew that.
What did you tell them? You lied to her, didn't you? About what happened? Your dad knows this is - all bullshit.
- You did fine.
There's a bloody great hole in the accounts, Tom.
There's only so long I can cover it up.
I think I know now why Mair did what she did.
My father wasn't the only sadistic bully in this family, was he? If your mother had an affair with Huw, then that makes it likely that her will is legitimate.
But what if there was another will? One that she made with your dad? - What are you doing? - What fathers do.
Hand their farms to their sons.
Michael, what the f? Expecting someone else? Our mother has chosen you and Huw over the rest of her children.
- When did you find out? - Don't blame it on him! I want to know the sequence of events.
When did you find out that Huw was your father? The morning after the party.
The day that Dad died? Yeah.
How did you find out? Dad said something.
I asked Mum if it was true.
Dad knew? Yeah.
- So when did he find out? - I don't know! At the party! Dad finds out that his brother's having an affair with his wife of 40 odd years, that she has a child by him that he believed was his, and the next day he's dead?! That's no coincidence! He'd be devastated.
It wasn't suicide, Sara.
- How do you know? - There's a coroner's report! Well, the coroner wasn't exactly armed with all the facts now, was he? Why are you so sure it wasn't suicide? INTERNAL DIALOGUE: Be happy without the farm, then.
St Owen was the only one of us that didn't disappoint you.
But he's dead.
You killed him and he's not coming back.
That man will ruin your life.
You've already done that.
Don't beat yourself up about it.
She's not Miss Perfect.
She's played away.
She's been shagging the next-door neighbour.
Don't pull that crap on me, Michael.
It stopped though, after his trip to A&E.
That girl will disappear in a couple of weeks, and when they sell that house, she won't be back at all.
Joy! The truth will come out sooner or later! It should have been his decision, when and how that happened.
His mother wanted him to be safe! Comfortable.
And the rest of his family resenting him.
Stuck in a house that gives him nightmares! He brings his nightmares on himself with that stuff he smokes.
If you want the best for Rhys, keep the land and give him some money.
- That's not what Mair wanted! - She's dead, Huw! And this isn't about your affair! Are you all right? I'm on your side.
Not one person has lifted a finger in this place and not one person has said thank you.
They'd be living in a pigsty if it wasn't for me.
I'm sorry, love.
I do appreciate everything you're doing.
And I need you here.
Rhys owning the land is a good thing.
How? Dealing with you was always going to be tricky.
But buying Rhys out? He seems to hate the place.
And he's no business brain, is he? You'd be doing him a favour.
Stay positive.
Look at the new plans Melanie's sent through, give her feedback We will get White Meadow built.
I've been thinking it's time me and Anne-Marie got a place together.
Set up home.
I reckon I can get a mortgage.
It's It's the deposit, that's the problem.
Come on, Mum.
He's just inherited hundreds of thousands.
He's given it all away.
Dad? Dad! Where are you? What are you doing? Hiding now, are you? - Tom! - What this scumbag has done to you isn't right! You're not giving this land to that bastard, Rhys.
You're just not going to do that! And if you do, I'll make sure you both end up at the bottom of that lake! They think I killed him.
Don't be ridiculous.
I wanted him dead.
I wished he was dead the whole time.
That's not the same.
Huw's right.
This stuff's making you paranoid.
Who'd have thought it, eh? My little brother! Me mum always wondered why Uncle Richard treated you like shit.
And know we know.
You're one of us.
You think for a second that you're walking away from this with everything? Think again! [THEY GRUNT.]
- You touch me again - And? Go on! [HE BREATHES RAGGEDLY.]
And you let another man raise your bastard.
That just about sums you up.
Dad! Rhys? [SHE GROANS.]
Ow! Sorry.
I did knock.
Do you need a plaster? Nia used to keep a first aid kit in here.
Dev? Happy birthday, Dad.
- I hope you like it.
- Let me see.
Oh! Richard, isn't it fabulous? If I'd wanted a portrait, I would have sat for one.
What do you want, Sara? Are you going to say something? - No.
- So leave me alone.
It's all going to be yours.
The others have no connection to the land, this house.
Never have done.
- That's not fair, Dad.
- I want you to have it.
Because I love you.
Such a good daughter! Such a special girl.
So holier than fucking thou.
Dev's here.
Downstairs in the kitchen.
I've never thought that I was special, Nia.
Thank God another adult's turned up! You might bring a bit of sanity to the party.
Nia didn't mention you were coming down.
Well, she's not been taking my calls.
And she's not been responding to my solicitor, in fact.
She hasn't been engaging with the process in any way, shape or form.
- Process? - A divorce.
Ta-dah! Great.
Now we all know.
Can we have a little privacy, please? I assumed you would - have told them.
- Why are you here To find out what I got in the will? My solicitor says you're accusing me of hiding money.
Which is ridiculous, and you know it.
And you came all the way from Dubai to say that! Taiwan.
Look, I'm just trying to save us from spending everything we have on lawyers.
We just need to speak to one another, you know, like human beings.
And, believe it or not, I'm worried about you.
It's too late! - What you're doing to yourself.
- It's too fucking late! My marriage is dead! My parents are dead! Now all I have to do is wait for my liver to pack up, and [SHE SOBS.]
Hey Don't you come near me, you patronising bastard! What's going on here? Dev's just leaving.
You stay with Nia, please.
- Did she tell you she was fired? - No! All the drinking.
And the drama.
It's like she's on a mission.
I'm scared where she's going to end up.
Well, it's not your problem anymore, is it? She needs help.
We all need help.
Hello? Oh, hello, Mr Price.
No, Tom isn't here.
He's in work, isn't he? Why didn't you tell me? About the divorce? Why would I? Sara doesn't love me.
You know that, right? Can someone help me? [SHE GASPS.]
Mr Price was on the phone.
He said there's money missing from work.
Did you take the money? Oh, my God! That dealership is dodgy as hell, Mum.
Price has got to pin it on someone, and that someone - Did he do this to you? - He'd never get his hands dirty.
He's got other people for that.
What do they want? The money.
I've got no more to give.
- I'm begging you.
- I can't.
Huw always thinks the worst of him.
Tom's his own flesh and blood.
You'll always forgive your child, Lizzy.
Whatever they've done.
I'm phoning for an ambulance! I'm not going anywhere without Rhys! Okay.
You and Michael need to go and look for him.
We'll check the house.
Moira, the cellar.
I'll try the lake.
We should have looked after Rhys.
He needs help.
Dev's right.
We all need help.
- Dev? - He's a good man! I'm not really into good men.
You'll get hurt, Nia.
Properly hurt.
You want to be a farmer now, do you? - That's not what I'm saying! - Oh, what are you saying, then? It's not fair that Sara gets the farm! [HE LAUGHS.]
Do you want to be a farmer? No.
Well, there you are, then.
Stop your moaning! A major farmer, are you? Eh? [HE LAUGHS.]
Dad! Jesus Christ, Rhys.
Come here.
They're back with the baby.
I'm going over.
I'd like you to come with me.
I'm going vegan.
They should be with their mums.
They all end up in the same place.
What's wrong? Nothing.
When do you go back to Cardiff? I don't know.
I don't want you to go.
- We'll still speak every day.
- I'm serious.
I don't want you to go.
Let's do something special tomorrow night.
- And we - And? You could stay the night? If you want to.
Evening, Gareth.
Come in.
My first grandchild.
Hopefully not my last.
Can I hold him? He's due a lie down.
Let's take him off to the bedroom.
I think he's okay for a little while.
He needs a rest and so do you.
I'll see you in a bit then.
Get you, Rhys.
Protective dad.
Who'd have thought it, hey? What are you doing? I think you should stop that now.
I don't really want to have to tell my dad that I saw you trying to get into his safe.
But maybe I'll have to.
I doubt he'll believe you.
Like the rest of the world, I don't really give a shit what you think.
Get out.
I'm not going to let you shut me out.
When that lot have left, I'll still be here.
You've got Kai to take care of now.
Let me help you.
Can't have Dad without a drink.
I hope I'm not speaking out of turn I don't know Huw well, but he strikes me as quite a forceful character.
I've found something you might want to look at.
If your father caught you doing that, there'd be hell to pay! Have you got any idea how much cash he's got hidden away? You could be living a life of luxury.
Instead you're stuck in this shit hole, slaving away.
That's none of your business.
If I don't pay them that money, they'll kill me, Mum.
Simple as.
This is five years old.
She must have made it just after your dad died.
This was written by the mother that you remember, the mother that cared for all her children.
I haven't shown this to anyone else.
I know it has to be your decision I would prefer it if this stayed between us.
Here you are.
This isn't even half.
I'll get the rest soon.
It's a lot of money.
Will it stop them, do you think? What about Dad? I know what I'm going to say.
He won't argue.
You're a star, Mum.
I love you, Tom.
But this has got to stop.
Right, duck pate and cheesy puffs.
I'm fine, thanks.
Turned over a new leaf? Hey, uh, listen.
I know I know we all feel a bit confused about what's happened over the last couple of days, but I can try and make things better.
So, I'm going to accept the land from you, and we can split it four ways.
A quarter each.
Where you going? Into town.
It's a bit late for the office now.
To give them the cheque.
Uh, they work late on Tuesdays.
Promise me you won't go near the casino.
I promise.
Thanks, Mum.
You're the best.
Wi-Fi's back up.
You okay? What Rhys said about finding Dad Look, Nia was right.
The coroner ruled it as an accident.
Yeah, like you said, the coroner didn't have all the facts, did he? What do you want to do, Sara? Exhume the body? What's all that for? Moira's proposed a celebratory dinner.
Well, about the family coming back together.
Rhys, have you got a moment, mate? [RHYS SPITS.]
I wish you would leave that thing alone, especially around Mabli.
- It's all part of country life.
- What's White Meadow? Well, it's this place.
Dolwen, White Meadow.
So that's what it's called from now on? Well, no, love, that's just the English translation.
- It's what Moira calls it.
- What do you mean? Moira and Uncle Gareth are talking about building a white meadow.
Our problem is, how do you divide the estate by four? I hadn't thought about that.
Personally, I think it would be good to maintain the integrity of the farm.
In order to do that, I would be prepared to buy everyone else's shares.
Obviously, I wanted to talk to you first.
- Okay? - Okay.
OK, you can take it off now.
Oh, my gosh.
I hope it's okay.
I've no idea what I'm doing.
It's beautiful.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It's a Sunday school trip, so I remember.
Tenby was the best.
Mum would always make these really thick sandwiches.
- Ham and sand.
She'd sit on the beach all day in her tights and cardie.
Why don't you tell us about White Meadow, Gareth? What's White Meadow? It's an estate consisting of 200 executive cottages.
Richard guessed, didn't he? On the night of his party.
He worked it out.
Out of interest, where did you and Mair meet so secretly? Oh In the woods.
Where we scattered her ashes, of course.
"The first primroses of spring.
And the blue carpet.
" Know what, Mum? This ram, so I hear, has been all around the village.
He's Josh's father too.
Josh and Rhys.
- Shut your mouth, Tom, or I'll - Or what, Dad? Go on.
What are you going to do to me? Bloody ram, ramming everyone! Tom, please.
Did you drive in that state? So what? - You could have killed someone.
- Or even better.
Kill myself, is it? He's made a fool of you, Mum.
It's time you divorced him and you got half the farm for yourself.
I'll get you the rest of the money soon, - but you're not driving that car.
- I can't be here.
I can't be near him.
SARA: So when did you hatch this plan, Gareth? Hm? It must have been before Mum was even dead.
It was more of a vague notion than a concrete plan.
So you buy us out for a few hundred grand and then you make yourself millions? It doesn't matter.
- Course it bloody matters.
- No.
It doesn't.
- Come back.
- Yeah.
Where are you going? I think there's something wrong with the cows.
- You wait here.
- Uh, Josh I'll be right back.
Don't move.
Hey! You! 200 houses What's the profit on that, Gareth? 20 million? 30 maybe? Well, I don't have the figures.
You haven't got fuck all, mate, if we don't agree to sell you the land.
But if we do we all deserve a quarter of the profit.
Well, that would seem fair.
So we're all going to be multimillionaires? Looks that way! Not a bad wee way to end the day, is it? Cheers, everybody.
Josh? Where's Josh? Is there a drop of that wine left? Get off me! Josh! - Someone help me! - Shut up! - [SHE SCREAMS.]
- Shut up! Shut up! - [SHE PANTS.]
- Shh! You don't need to be afraid.
Bitch! Stay away from me.
On second thoughts, I don't want to go anywhere the farm hand's been.