19-2 (2014) s01e01 Episode Script


We're close by.
19 precinct, possible break-in at 7500 Logan.
Also, we have an open fire hydrant, corner of Ontario and Fullum.
We'll take the Papineau call.
Good, they can have it.
So, I found this new place on St.
Oh yeah? Know what I had for dessert? Lemon-meringue pie! Oh! Oh, man! You know that's my kryptonite.
19 precinct.
Possible prowler on Mill Street.
Yeah, 19-2.
We'll take that.
Copy 19-2.
Warehouse in the 3700 block.
Lights seen inside.
Copy 19-2.
Maybe we should call for backup.
No, no backup.
Nick! Harvey! I need a paramedic right away! Copy that.
I'll need backup to intercept at the traffic light.
Look who's back! Hey, we missed you! Yeah, I missed you! Give me a hug! You know we're an item, right? I know it offends her sensibilities.
It offends my eyes.
Mm-hmm! It's good to see you.
It's good to see you too.
Barron! You ready to get back to work? I'm here.
You need anything, my door is open.
You have any problems whatsoever, come see me.
Yes? It's good to have you back.
Barron! Welcome back! Sergeant.
Sergeant Houle, Ben Chartier.
He just transferred in from provincial police.
Oh, country cop, huh? How long? - Eight years.
- Why the change? Patrolman Chartier has an outstanding record.
We're lucky to have him.
I want you to put him with Barron.
No, I'm putting Barron solo.
Give us a minute? Nick is better off alone, trust me.
I trust you, sergeant.
Unfortunately, I don't feel the same way about Barron.
Chartier's a veteran cop.
He can handle Nick.
With all due respect, sir, I make the schedule.
Of course, and I would like you to schedule Chartier with Barron.
Do we have a problem? No, sir, we do not.
Thank you.
- Welcome! - Thank you! I will get you set up.
Okay! In a minute.
Chartier! Hey! They're putting you with Nick, huh? Bullshit! I'm serious, man.
Sergeant just told me.
They don't want him rolling solo, and you're, like, low man on the totem pole and whatnot.
Is he really as crazy as everyone says he is? No, he's not crazy.
He's not crazy, man.
He's just really dangerous, especially for his partners, so good luck with that, kid! Fall in! Leave Nick alone! Come on, man! His partner ate a bullet.
Kid deserves fair warning, no? You don't know what happened.
That's right! And neither do you.
Guys, I said fall in! Fall in! Fall in! Hey! Fall in.
Okay, everybody, this is patrolman Chartier, recently of the provincial police.
- You were where? - Morin Heights.
Recently of Morin Heights, now he's one of us.
Grab a seat.
Thought I smelled beer.
Chartier, you will be riding 19-2 with Barron.
Two more armed robberies last night, a dep and a gas station.
Same story as last week, white male, 5'10", brown coat, red hat, uses a knife.
Guy makes us look like assholes.
So why don't you catch him? Hamelin, Joseph, you're in 4.
You know, Nick, maybe you could've helped with that last week.
Oh, that's right, I forgot.
You weren't here, were you? I'm here now.
Oh yeah? - JM, you're on traffic.
- What? Show Vince how to write a ticket.
That's ridiculous, man! That's it, guys! Hit the road! Look after each other out there.
Chartier, welcome! Thank you! It's from the commander.
Christ sakes, I'm not in the mood to play tour guide to the hick.
The commander shits on me, I shit on you.
That's just how it works, all right? You'll have to go shit on the new guy.
So, how long you been on patrol? You always work in 19 or Oh, me, I've been on patrol for 8 years.
Yeah! Some guys, they wanna move up, but I like the street.
I went to the academy in Montreal, originally.
I was on line to be in 13 precinct, and, well, then I met a girl.
Yeah, she was from Morin Heights, I was from Morin Heights, so that's where I went.
It's not exactly St.
Catherine Street, but I never wanted to leave patrol.
You know, whether you're in the city or in the country, it's the same work, right? Of course, not as much happens up there, but when it does, you're first on the scene, every time.
We have a dispute in a Chinese restaurant, Hochelaga and Fullum.
Possibly violent.
The Met Chinois, 12 Hochelaga.
We're on our way.
Copy 19-2.
He's in the kitchen! Who's in the kitchen? The cook! He's a crazy person! I'm sorry, sir, we don't understand.
She's saying "He ruined all the food and you have to arrest him!" Sir, that's not an offence that we can arrest someone for.
Okay, he steals money from the till.
I have video! And that's why you called us? No, no, no, no! Sir, calm down, okay? He go crazy! He throw all the food on the floor the soup, the pork, the chicken! And he pees on it! He pees on everything! All right! Calm down! - I have video! I show you! I show you! - All right, show me the video! Just calm down! We'll handle this! Let us handle this! Relax, please! Hey! Hey! Ma'am, let us handle this! Let us handle this! Ma'am, please stop! Hey, hey, hey! Ma'am, get back! Just stay back! Now, sir, I need you to-- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoo! Ah! Ah! Hey! Hey! Enough! Enough! - He take the money.
- A little help in here! That's yesterday! Hey! Hey! Hey! Okay, that's enough! That's enough! Now, stay back! Thanks for the support.
I thought you could handle it.
She hitting you with a chicken? I think it's a duck.
No, it's a chicken.
Oh, wow, what is that? Whoa! You reek, man! What, you guys been swimming in a sewer all day or something? No, it's wonton soup and raw pork, mostly.
Little dustup at a Chinese restaurant.
Turns out a chicken makes a better weapon than you think.
Hold on, so, do you guys have Chinese restaurants up north or was this, like, your first time? Oh man! What is that? Uh, yeah, that was my first Chinese restaurant, Nick's the first black guy I ever met and you're my first retard.
Jesus! Ugh! Funny.
18-6 has just been hit and run.
Don't have the plate number.
Mmm, mmm, mmm That is some partner they got you with, huh? Yeah, he's a real charmer, isn't he? He's okay.
But he is neglecting his duties.
As your partner, it's his responsibility to take care of your initiation, being that you're a rookie and all.
I'm not a rookie.
Oh, you are here! - Oh yeah? - Mm-hmm! Well, what's my initiation then? You gonna shave my head or my balls? 'Cause I have a definite preference.
Nothing like that, bro.
We do, around here, something called the three Bs, which is booze, broads and big, fat cigars.
And the rookie's gonna pay for it! - Oh yeah? - Mm-hmm! I guess I'm glad he blew me off then.
But the thing is, I'm here to take care of it.
You ever seen the strippers in this city, man? It's like no other place in the world! It'll be that kind of night, huh? You're damn right! Smart ass! So, I'm gonna introduce you to someone, a very special lady.
A great lady! She costs a lot, but she's worth it.
All right! No, man, I'm tapped out.
It's all right, man! It's on me.
Ben Chartier I'd like to introduce you to my wife! She's cute! taking care of her.
I love her as much now as I did the first day I met her.
You married? I got a girl.
Catherine, she's great! I bet! Where is she now? Waiting up for you? No, she's, uh, she's still in Morin Heights.
Uh, when I decided to come here, she said maybe she didn't wanna, but I didn't believe her.
That's not my idea of having a girl, bro.
Oh, she's gonna come down.
Of course she will.
She will.
You scared the hell out of me! I gotta check up on you.
You're a rookie! I'm not great with heights! Not great with heights, from Morin Heights.
How you like them apples? I thought I was going over the edge! _ Mmm! So So, yes! So, yes! You can't run away from your problems.
I'm not running away.
This is what I want.
This is what I've always wanted.
You remember.
Yeah, I remember.
I want you to come with me.
Morning! Tyler! Ben! - Good morning! - Good morning! Anyone smell deer? Oh! There's the deer.
I'm starving! I could go for some chicken or something.
Okay! Okay! I missed it? Oh yeah! Look at that! It's very clever.
Very, very clever.
It's a gift, a badge of honour.
That's right! That is a guard chicken right there, keep you safe at night.
No, it's a city chicken! It's a mean city chicken! That's right! And almost as dangerous as your partner! You see what we got your new partner? Yeah.
Well, everybody, say hello! Let me touch this thing.
You got a light? - Hey! - Hey! And? How does it feel to be back? I don't know.
Apart from everyone looking at me like I'm an asshole same old, same old.
You wanna know what they're saying about you? I was cleared.
It doesn't matter, that crap.
Then what does matter? He wanted me to call for backup.
Nick, you did not shoot him.
You're not responsible.
All units, we have a sighting of a robbery suspect in a red hat seen this morning at a gas station on Notre Dame East.
Look, Nick doesn't want a partner.
Let him work alone.
You think this is Social Services? You think I have a roster slot for rehabilitation? It's a special case, sir.
Not gonna happen.
We're on.
You coming? I hope not.
Houle wants me solo.
Why? Because I don't want to be stuck on a team with you, Bambi.
Yeah, since when have you ever acted like you're part of a team? Shit! In 19.
The traffic lights are out at Sherbrooke and Papineau.
A unit is requested to control traffic.
I'll do traffic.
You know, it's a two-way street, Barron.
You don't want to work with me, that's fine.
I sure as hell don't want to be stuck with you.
You're not the one who has to break in a rookie.
I'm not a rookie! For Christ's sake, I probably have more time in than you do! In what? Hmm? The woods? Ah, Jesus! That's real original, man, real original! Yeah, Bambi, you're a real hard vet.
Like I could learn anything from you anyway.
In 19.
We have a noise complaint, Pie IX and Ontario.
We're on it.
Copy 19-A.
Red hat! - Get the victim! - You get the victim! Hey! Bonsecours.
Stabbing victim.
Partner's in pursuit of suspect.
Need backup and a paramedic right away! All right! Copy 19-2.
I need a clean cloth! Give me that! What were you doing? Why don't you think? - Please, sir! - What did you do that for? It's okay, okay? Listen to me.
You're gonna be just fine, all right? What's your name? - J-J-Julian! - Julian? Julian? Okay! Oh man! Don't look! It's okay! Hey, I got you, Julian! It's gonna be fine.
I need a paramedic now! Julian, stay with me! Stay with me! You got a girlfriend? Huh? Yeah? What's her name? - Maude! - Maude? You know, you're gonna see her soon, I promise.
You just gotta stay with me! Stay with me, Julian! Julian? Give it up, asshole! Hold here! - Stay with me, Julian! - What the hell happened? Red hat! Chartier ran after him.
Well, don't stand there.
Go! Go! Chartier, where you at? What's your location? Alley off St.
Paul, You've got no options here! Walk down the stairs slowly! Slowly! Hands up! You prick! Hands up! Hands! Hands! Hands! Hands! Okay, we'll take over.
We'll take it from here, sir.
You're not gonna die, Julian! Oh, don't do this to me! Don't do this to me! Come on! - Don't move! Don't move! - You shot me! Stay with me.
I have a pulse! Please stay with me.
We'll take it from here.
You're gonna pay now! Easy! My leg! My leg! That's right! That's nothing! That's nothing! Shut up! You piece of shit! Shut up! Are you okay? You like playing with knives, huh? Get up! Ah! Ah! You shot him? I had to! And rookie, now you're gonna have to wait for the provincials.
Maybe they'll give you a medal.
Let's go! Good job! Let's go.
Walk straight! Walk straight! Well, see you tomorrow.
Good job today! It's not the heat, it's the humidity.
- Hey! Whoo! - Oh yeah! First week on the job and he shoots a guy.
Not a guy, a scumbag.
Very nice work! - Thank you! - Starting off with a bang, man! - Attaboy! - Thanks, man! Nick! One guy shoots, one guy saves.
Quite the team! Congratulations! Just doing my job.
Excuse me.
All right, you ready? - Yeah! - Let's do it! Let's get pints! Ready for some beer? - Let's do it! - You all ready? Who's buying? Hey! Nick! Nick! What the hell is wrong with you? Don't be an asshole! You saved a kid's life.
Can't you feel good about that? Can't you let the goddamn squad feel good about that? Yeah, I'm real good at saving lives.
A girl cop! What, I'm not important enough for a real one? Shut up, Stephan.
You here to take his statement? If Mr.
Gariepy is ready to give one.
Come sit on my lap.
I'll whisper it in your ear.
He's gonna do really well inside.
You can tell.
Not so fast! We have a major issue here.
Yeah, no kidding! The boy he stabbed is still in intensive care.
What about me? Huh? You think it's fun getting shot? You stabbed a minor and then assaulted an officer.
Your fun is just getting started.
No, he didn't.
He surrendered.
He was cornered.
The patrolman shot him in cold blood.
You're not serious.
No, my client says he-- - Your client is scum.
Nobody gives a shit what he says.
My client was shot at a distance.
He wasn't armed.
He had a knife! What was he gonna do? Throw it? Look.
It's a police shooting.
There's an automatic investigation by an outside force.
They'll look at the evidence and see the same thing I do.
You wish he shot me in the head, don't you? He tried.
Me, fine, I'll do but your cop there? He's not walking away, sweetheart! Good morning, Tyler! Hi, we're not here.
Leave a message for Ben or Catherine after the beep.
Hey, where are you? Give me a call.
From Morin Heights, right? That's right.
Lieutenant Carrey, out of St.
I'm surprised we haven't met before.
Yeah! And, I'm sorry, what are you doing here? Liaising.
Um, this is a-- This is a provincial investigation.
That's standard.
The Montreal cop fires his weapon, the province investigates.
No disrespect, but she shouldn't be here.
The situation has complicated, Ben.
Okay? First off, we've got We're doing the shooting, but Montreal is handling the kid that got stabbed.
Then there's the fact that you were one of us provincials until a week ago.
We don't want to be accused of conflict of interest.
You understand? We want this above reproach, so I invited Detective Latendresse to come in and advise.
Okay, so where-- - So that's how it's going to be.
Take us through the shooting.
Um Uh, guy pulled a knife, tried to jump me, I shot him.
He tried to jump you? He was 15 feet above you.
Yeah, and he jumped on me.
He fell on you after you shot him.
That's not how it happened! Okay, hold on here.
I want you to understand the context here.
What's the guy's name, the teenager? Nico Martinez.
You know about that? Yeah, the kid who got shot a couple years ago.
He was 15 years old.
He was unarmed.
A rookie from 13 precinct lost his nerve.
I did not lose my nerve.
We're not saying you did.
We're saying the patrolman from 13 did.
It caused a fairly big political problem for us.
Us? The department, Montreal.
And since, this is the 4th shooting we've been called in on.
All justified, but they don't see it that way.
They say our guys are shooting people without cause and getting away with it.
Listen, I saw the perp stab someone.
He was dangerous.
Let's be honest here.
This shooting could've been a lot cleaner.
What? How? What, do I let him stab me first? Come on, I shot him in the leg! - On purpose? - Yes! While he was jumping you? I was taught you don't fire without taking aim.
Lucky for him! You're not helping yourself here, Chartier.
Either you fired in self-defence or you had time to aim, which, to me, indicates premeditation, so which is it? I fired in self-defence.
Why didn't you hand in your gun? You know it's evidence.
I-- I didn't Nobody asked me for it.
We'll take it now, please.
Spare clips too.
You'll need to get a temporary firearm issued, assuming you're still on active duty.
Why wouldn't I be? Did you clean this? Every day.
Why would you do that? A clean gun can save your life, ma'am.
I really wish you hadn't.
We need you to cooperate with us, Chartier, not tamper with evidence! Tamper with-- I'll make my statement now, please.
You know we're not out to get you, Chartier.
Frankly, you're lucky Internal Affairs didn't get involved.
Yeah, well, that's exactly how I feel.
What's with the bitch? She's my wife.
- Can I have a word, please? - Mm-hmm! Are you really gonna take a scumbag's word over a cop's? The scumbag has a bullet in him, Nick.
There has to be an investigation.
Would it kill you to stand up for a beat cop once in a while? I'm not railroading anyone! I'm only interested in the truth! Bullshit! You're showing the brass that you don't give a damn about being popular, that you'd do their dirty work.
If nailing Chartier would get you a promotion, you'd do it in a heartbeat.
Am I wrong? Yes, you're wrong.
And you are way out of line.
Do not take that tone with me, Nick.
So, what, you pulling rank? Are you giving me a choice? Come on, we're on the job here, Nick.
Yeah, well, I can't talk to you at home anymore, now can I? No, no, you keep the speed gun since you can't handle a real one.
Thanks for this duty, by the way, a real plum assignment.
Yeah, why don't you thank your wife? She's the one putting the screws to me.
Someone's gotta clean your mess.
You are a hell of a partner, aren't you? Are you sure Harvey didn't shoot himself just to get away from you? You don't know anything.
I know you didn't stick up for me.
I don't know you.
How do I know you didn't just shoot the guy for kicks, huh? Just what kind of idiot do you think I am? The kind from up north.
How fast? I said it's good! Barron, what the hell is this? Looks like speeding tickets.
You pulled over the mayor's personal assistant today.
You realize that? Obviously, he was speeding.
At 62 in a 50? Are you shitting me? I take my traffic duty very seriously, sir.
Oh, how about I put you on a desk? You can't get rid of me, commander.
I was cleared for duty.
You stick me in administrative for something my partner did, I'll grieve you.
I ain't going anywhere.
- You got a problem with your partner? - Damn right I do.
I'm not a babysitter! No, of course not, you like your partners bleeding out on the ground with a bullet in their skull.
Was there something else you wanted, sir? Yeah, close the door on the way out.
Well, I'd rather not.
It's all going to shit, man.
What? Your arrest.
The shooting.
They have a witness now, the old lady, so it's messed up.
What's messed up? What's-- what's going on? She says she saw the guy on the fire escape, that she didn't see a knife and that you just shot him.
Did my best to get through.
You know the SQ found an eyewitness? Not really.
Older woman, said she heard Gariepy on the fire escape, saw him put his hands up and then, uh, and then you shot him.
He had a knife! I don't care what she says.
She's an old lady.
She doesn't know what she saw.
But I read your record and I spoke to your CO in Morin Heights.
Eight years, no black marks, no reprimands, 6 commendations No.
If you shot, you had no choice.
I have no doubt about that.
Thank you.
The thing is, these things, they tend to take on a life of their own.
Now, standard procedure is I pull you off the streets pending results of an investigation, but I don't wanna do that.
I want you out on patrol.
Now, all I need from you is a little cooperation.
Sir? I'm gonna be perfectly frank.
This is strictly between you and I, you understand? Understood.
I have a problem, Nick Barron.
He's not fit for duty.
That man is not in control, understand? Now, I can't just pull him off the streets, 'cause I don't have just cause, but I can't let him run wild either.
I can't let another man get shot.
Look, I know, everyone wants to be a loyal partner.
I get it.
But you don't know Nick Barron, I do.
And if you're on the streets with him, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.
And when you do, I need you to report back to me, just to be my eyes and ears.
You mean be your rat.
Look, you're an honourable cop.
That's why I'm coming to you.
I need to be in control of the situation with Barron.
He's a risk to himself and to the public.
I have a responsibility.
So do you.
Now, if you can't do the job, fine.
I'll get someone else.
Unfortunately, I have to put you on a desk.
Or you can always go back to Morin Heights.
Oh no, you can't do that, can you? I think we have an understanding.
Officer Chartier? Good.
And here we are.
Huh? Just in time! Wasn't too fast for you, was it? A little.
No? - A little.
- A little? Look, just do me a favour, huh? Don't tell your mama! Hey, you're back early! Yeah, I have soccer! That's right, I forgot! Hi! Hello! You're gonna win, right? I don't know.
Come see! Next game, I promise! Saturday at 2:00.
- Saturday at 2:00.
All right! Hey! Don't forget to work on that left.
Yeah, yeah! Hey.
Izzy you know, this isn't fair to Theo.
What isn't? I wanna come home.
You asked for time.
I gave you time.
Hmm? I-- I'm not sure I want you to come home.
Ben! Hi! Oh, I miss you! I-- I miss you too! Hey! Hey, Harvey!
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