19-2 (2014) s01e02 Episode Script


Previously on 19-2.
Maybe we should call for some backup.
No backup.
Harvey! He wanted me to call for backup.
Nick, you did not shoot him.
You're not responsible.
Chartier, you will be riding 19-2 with Barron.
Houle wants me solo.
Why? I don't wanna be stuck on a team with you, Bambi.
You're not helping yourself here, Chartier.
Either you fired in self-defence or you had time to aim, which to me, indicates premeditation.
So which is it? I fired in self-defence.
I have a problem.
Nick Barron.
- I need you to report back to me.
- You mean be your rat.
Fine, I'll get someone else.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to put you on a desk.
Or you can always go back to Morin-Heights.
Oh, no! You can't do that, can you? It's not yours! It's upstairs.
What's your problem? How many times do I have to tell you it's not yours? Hey! What do you think? Do you think I'm just gonna take it? Do you think I'm just gonna take it? Fuck! What's going on here? He can't stay here.
He can't stay here anymore.
Okay? It's just not possible, okay? He eats my food.
He eats all my food.
He eats my steak.
He eats everything! He eats my bacon, okay? You ate a whole pound of bacon, you piece of shit! Shut up! Just shut your mouth! Put some clothes on, okay? Put some fucking clothes on! Hey! Hey! Christ! That's your father! And I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna drown you like a rat, you piece of shit! Hey! Shut up! Shut up and calm down! You can change his-- his diapers then.
Shut up, you piece of shit! You fucking piece of shit! You're scum You hear me? You're worthless! Hey, hey! Just calm down! Okay? Calm down! Calm down.
Calm down.
The caller said he's wearing a large hoodie.
At this point, he can't see them anymore.
What's your problem? What do you think? You went for your gun.
I went for my cuffs.
No, I saw you.
You're not fit.
You came back too soon.
19, we have a collision blocking the intersection at Berri and Cherrier.
So? He's not fit for duty.
He shouldn't have been cleared.
That's right.
So, what can I use? Sir? I need a cause.
A few words, that's all.
Officer Clark, line 4.
There's nothing I can tell you.
The report is filed.
What does it say? I can't tell you.
You'll get everything at the hearing.
When? Okay! Thank you.
It was a clean shot.
Do you have anything to tell me? Not today, sir.
Tomorrow, then.
Louisa Road, 6 km past the turn.
I need live support.
Patching you through.
Can you hear me? What is the situation? Hit and run.
Boy, maybe 10 years old.
He's unconscious.
Broken right forearm.
His pulse is weak.
I need a paramedic here.
Nearest unit is en route from Grenville.
That's not close enough! That's all we've got.
The unit is en route.
You're all right.
You'll be okay.
You hang in.
Help's on the way.
You can't arrest him! It was a mistake! He nearly killed a little boy.
Now, you stay there! Ah, no! Let him do his job! Get up! I had an accident! I know what you did.
Not arresting the real criminals, huh? You can't do this! You take those off! Stop it! You can't do this! He's your father, Ben! He's your father! Ben! I hope you're proud of yourself! Get in.
Please! Stop! Get in.
Please, Ben! Stop! He's your father, Ben! Which truck is he in? The first or second? John! The 3rd truck! And where did she go? She's right over there.
She's coming down the stairs now.
What's all the fuss? Nothing.
Domestic disturbance.
The call said homicide.
Dispatch screwed up.
The guy's got a cut on his head.
There's 2 squads here.
It's a total waste.
Ma'am! I do everything for you! You asshole! Leave him alone! And you spend my money on her! All right.
Calm down, ma'am.
Prick! You damn dog! Bastard! Fucking scumbag! It's time to calm down.
Ma'am, it's time to-- Ma'am, please! That bitch who sleeps with my husband! Let me go! Settle down.
Let me go! Let me go! You're all on his side, all of you! Pigs! You don't want us to put cuffs on you.
You want 'em to see that? Hmm? Come on.
He's the junkie whisperer.
I'm so sorry.
Give me that.
Watch your head.
Don't worry about it.
We'll send them the message.
You talk to Theo? About what? His birthday.
He wants us to do something together.
Is this your idea? It's his idea.
It's his birthday.
I'll come over.
We can do something at the house.
We'll go to a movie.
Hey! Her teeth! Oh, goddammit! Hey! Forgot her teeth! Make me run! Damn you! Hey, this is Catherine.
Leave a message.
Another day, another message.
I guess I don't have your new schedule down yet.
I thought you'd be home.
I miss you.
I miss hearing your voice.
I'll try you later.
So, how are things going with Nick? They're getting there.
Well, you know what? Give him a chance.
Whatever he's like, it's not personal.
Yeah, I get it.
Going to Marie's? What's Marie's? You don't know? You ain't part of 19 till you've been to Marie's.
Let me shower up.
I'll take you there.
All right.
Sounds good.
What's happening with the, uh, the investigation, the shooting? Ah, it's going to a hearing.
That-- that's not good.
What does the commander say? Well, he's not involved.
Well, he's the commander.
It can make a difference if he has your back.
You're kidding me.
You actually brought it? - Mm-hmm.
- I'm proud of you, man.
Nick, 40 bucks.
Nick! Earth to Nick! Houston, we've lost contact.
What? - 40 bucks for Houle.
For the gift.
- $40? I know.
That's what I said.
- Cough it up.
- Wow! Put that away.
Welcome to famous Marie's.
It's pretty much exactly like I pictured it.
I gotta go.
I'll get it to you later.
- Can we get 4 more? - Coming right up.
That about me? Let it go, bro.
Who's this? This is the new guy.
Ben Chartier.
Old for a rookie.
I'm not a rookie.
How long you been on the job? Eight years.
Where was this? This question's been getting me in trouble.
Small-town big shot.
Worse than a rookie.
- Welcome to 19.
- Thank you very much.
- I need you.
- Yeah.
I need 40 bucks.
Aren't you gonna ask what it's for? She'll tell me.
Sergeant's hitting 20 years in.
Party's Friday.
Money's for the gift.
Oh yeah? What's the gift? It's a surprise.
Oh, okay! Tell him about the show.
I will.
You're game, right, Ben? Game for what? Never mind.
Forget I asked.
Theo! Hey, Dad! Theo, come pick up your shit! I'm doing the dishes.
How many times have I talked to you about this? Huh? Don't leave your shit at the door! How many times have I told you that? I'm sorry.
I forgot.
Well, learn to remember! I've told you at least 50 times! There'll be order in this house! We will not behave like animals! Are we clear? Yes.
Oh my God! Hi! Mmm! Hi! Mmm! Good to see you! What are you doing here? - Uh - Come in, come in, come in! We have 12 hours! What? Uh, I have an exam.
My bus leaves at God! And I wanted to surprise you! Yeah, yeah, I'm surprised.
Am I interrupting? No, no, no! Come on, come on! You doing okay? I'm starting to find my place.
You sounded so sad on the phone.
I'm not sad now.
Mmm! I missed you.
I don't know how you find your way around this place.
Hmm? I got lost just coming from the metro.
Well, it's big, but it's easy.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Try to picture this, okay? Okay.
So, this is the river.
It runs along the south towards the harbour.
I've been there.
Old Montreal.
And Ste-Catherine Street Sherbrooke Mm-hmm.
And then St-Laurent runs down the centre of the city, north to south.
In the west, you got Peel.
That runs up towards the mountain.
In the east, you got St-Denis Papineau St-Michel.
This is home.
Sure, I can take a message.
Close the door.
I can't report on my partner.
So, if you wanna put me on a desk till I'm cleared in the shooting, then that's what it is.
Investigator's office, please call 205.
Come on, Ben.
What's the problem? Why do you feel the need to protect this guy? It's not about him.
It's about me.
I thought you were a guy who could do what's necessary.
A guy who'd arrest his own father, I'd think-- - That's personal.
So you can do what's necessary for personal reasons, but not on the job.
He's my partner.
There's a code.
Guy's got a target painted on my back.
He's just covering his ass.
I got Bambi looking over my shoulder all the time.
So give him a chance.
He's a pain in my ass.
It's like a wart I'm sitting on.
I can't get comfortable.
He's a good cop.
I'm-- I'm not I'm afraid, you know? You know, I'm afraid that things are gonna ramp up, and I'm not gonna be in control.
Look, Nick, you gotta go through this, all right? You don't get better staying at home, lying on the couch.
You get better by doing the job.
You were good for him.
We all know Harvey would've drank himself off the job if it wasn't for you.
Yeah, they call that an enabler.
The guy shot both of you, Nick.
Don't forget that.
Okay! Here.
This is for Harvey.
Hey, buddy.
Look what I brought you.
Remember these? From Marie's.
Smell it.
Mmm! Good, right? All right, you hold it.
Oh! Come on.
Here you go.
Get it in there.
Okay, bring it to your mouth.
No, your other mouth.
Here you go.
Open up.
Open! Open up! Oh, Harvey! All right, let's try that again.
I got faith in you.
You can do this, all right? Number 2.
Okay? Here we go.
Come on, man Here we go.
Open up.
So, why'd you shoot the guy? He's up on a fire escape.
Where's he gonna go? Why do you care all of a sudden? I'm riding with you.
I got a right to know.
Okay, why don't you tell me about how you shot a guy? Which you did, right? That's different.
Yeah, your guy died.
My guy shot my partner.
I guess if you can't explain it, then it's not a clean shot, is it? The guy pulled a knife and jumped on me.
Is that clean enough for you? Okay! I don't need your approval, thanks.
My question is, why do I have to ask? Why couldn't you stand up and defend yourself? What the hell do you think I've been doing? Why? What do you know about it? Nothing.
None of my business.
Did your wife say something? Nope.
Four o'clock! Gang colours? Purple.
These guys are small-time.
Logan and Plessis.
Chasing possible vandalism suspects on foot.
Copy, 19-2.
Keep in touch.
Oh! This isn't good.
Green is 6ers.
More wannabes.
Well, whose block is it? Let's talk to them and find out.
It's not your corner! What you say? I said it's not your corner! Oh, you think so? What the hell is this, huh? Mess him up! What's happening right here, huh? Come on, man! Mess him up! What the hell you think is gonna happen? I didn't do shit! - Huh? Huh? - Mess him up! Drop the knife! Let me see your hands! Stay there! Raise your hands! Both of you, now.
Do it! Shit! Let go of the heat.
Drop it! Hold on.
Don't do this.
Shut up! Let it go! Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! Let it the fuck go! Shut up! Let it go! - Drop it! - Put the gun down! Put it down! You put your fucking gun down! - Nobody move! - Now, asshole! Drop! I'm dropping! I'm dropping! Don't do anything stupid, my man.
Don't do it.
- Your turn.
Put it down.
- That's not gonna happen.
- I'll off him.
- Shoot him! - Put it fuck down! - Listen to me.
You pull that trigger and I will shoot you.
- Shut up! Shut the fuck up! - Nobody move! - Nick, shoot him! - Listen to me! You pull that trigger and you will die.
- He dies too.
- Shoot him, Nick! Shut the fuck up! - You let him go, you walk away.
- Nick? It never happened.
I won't come after you.
You'll shoot me in the back of the head.
How am I gonna explain that? Nick! How do I explain any of this shit? Now, you have a choice here.
You walk away or die.
It's not hard.
- It's not hard.
- Nick! Nick! - Fuck! - Don't do it! Nick! You fucking bitch! What are you doing? Let's go after them! They're gone.
This is their home.
So we call in units.
We canvass houses.
That's not gonna happen.
I told you, these guys are small-time.
He just had a fucking gun to my head! And now it's over! How's it gonna look? Hmm? Are you-- are you telling me not to call this in? Are you crazy? I f-f-fired a round.
Yeah, and it wouldn't be your first time either.
Look, I can get you a service bullet.
Nick, we-- we didn't do anything wrong.
I just had a gun to my head.
There's nothing but trouble waiting for us if we call this in.
Trust me.
find the vandals.
There's nothing to report.
Copy, 19-2.
Something up? The commander put you on admin.
I'm sorry.
Could Sgt.
Brisebois please report to the receptions area.
How come you haven't called me? I think you know.
What happened? She take you back? She's not going to, Nick.
We're over, Audrey.
Yeah, you say that, but you don't believe it.
Hey, I'm putting in to switch shifts.
I hear you don't like your partner.
Wow, that movie was amazing! A visual spectacle.
It wasn't bad.
I saw you smiling.
Don't hide it.
Hey, can I get a burger? Still hungry? Of course.
Thank you.
Happy birthday.
You killed it.
You see how he enjoys this? It's not easy for him.
It's not easy for anyone.
Did he tell you he's got a girlfriend? He does not! Mm-hmm! Arianna.
It's new.
How come he tells you? I'm not his mother.
No kidding! You still on days next week? My first exam is coming up.
I just need you to pick him up from school.
That's not our deal, Izzy.
Either you get him, or he spends an hour and a half on the bus.
It's not about Theo.
I'm happy spending time with Theo.
It's about us.
If you can't do it Of course, I'll-- What day? Wednesday.
Wednesday? All good.
- Hey.
- Things good? Yeah! It's all good, little man.
I have to go.
I'll take him.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Mmm! Happy birthday.
Thank you.
This about Chartier? I can't talk about it, Nick.
- Hey! How's that burger? - It wasn't my call.
I was against it.
Chartier for 113, please.
Hey we're up.
Officer Chartier.
I have charges before me for careless discharge, reckless endangerment and failure to give warning.
I do not find sufficient evidence to proceed with any of them.
Thank you, ma'am.
So, uh, we found something special for you.
Oh yeah! Ow! Oh yeah, baby! Magic pills! Just for you.
Uh, don't forget, if symptoms continue for more than 4 hours, call JM.
Well, hello there.
Hi! I thought you were gonna quit.
I am.
You wanna go for a ride? I'm missing the party.
Ah, they're just doing the rookie thing in there.
You're not missing much.
Come on, what do you say? Hmm? Around the block, let the wind blow your hair.
Hmm? You always loved it.
I don't wanna mess up my hair.
It took me forever.
Oh, come on, please! I don't like your motorcycle, Nick.
It's dangerous.
I'm gonna get me a pickup truck.
Of course you are! Oh God! I was molested by a beaver as a child.
This is terribly insensitive.
You realize that? You look awesome, bro.
I look ridiculous.
You do.
You look great! You know I look ridiculous.
This is for Houle.
He's a hunter.
He'll find it hilarious.
- Sure he will.
- Aaah! There you go.
All right.
Ready to go.
You guys stay here and don't let him see you.
How cute.
Oh, that's the confetti? Okay, that's not so bad.
Oh look, a talking beaver.
Oh, fun.
We're making jokes now.
Watch your tail.
Oh, good.
Thanks, man.
You're funny.
He's laughing.
This is great.
Whoo-hoo! At least I don't have a testicle under my chin.
Thank God for that.
You want another? Sure.
Can we have another? You deserve it.
You're on the list.
The exams first group.
Holy shit! You're ready.
You're going places, Detective, and I'm gonna be able to say that I knew you back in the day.
What's with the costumes? Well, sir, we told them that you love hunting.
Why? Well, 'cause it's funny like this, no? So, 20 years ago, this old, ancient, grizzled man you see standing before you was a raw-ass rookie, and his squad threw him a party at a sugar shack.
And they told Houle that they were going hunting.
But that was bullshit.
All they wanted to do was haze him.
Yeah, baby! - Yeah? - Yes! Yes.
That's what you call a maple-glazed rookie! Welcome to 19, suckers! I thought you said it was confetti.
Nobody said it was just confetti.
Aw, come on! Could you turn that up for me, please? Four shootings in the last 7 months have left residents of Montreal's north end scared and angry.
They've waited for police response, and today, they got it.
The Guns and Gangs unit executed 7 warrants resulting in 4 arrests.
Three warrants are outstanding.
We expect to make more arrests in the coming days.
Yeah! Yeah! We gotta report it.
No, we don't.
We can't just let these idiots pull guns on us and walk away.
Someone's gonna get shot.
This guy's armed and paranoid.
He was armed and paranoid before we showed up.
Oh, come on, man! This guy's gonna think we're coming after him, so the next cop that walks up to him, what do you think is gonna happen? Guns and Gangs are not interested in our local wannabes.
I told you, they're cracking down on Montreal North.
I can't just sit on it.
It's not right.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
The only people who are gonna suffer if we report it is us.
You understand? I can't sit on it.
I hear you have real trouble keeping your mouth shut.
Yeah? What did you hear? How'd your little meeting with the commander go, hmm? What did you He asked me to report on you.
I said no.
You might've noticed I got put on a desk.
Yeah, hey.
I ran into a little thing today at Kent Park.
D-Crew and 6ers.
Anyway, one of the D-Crew pulled on my partner.
I couldn't call it in.
It was messy.
All I'm saying is put it on the radar, will you? Thank you.
What, so that's it? I know the guy.
He'll flag it around the gang squad.
- That's not gonna do it.
- They don't give a shit! You report it now, the only thing they're gonna see is the fact that we covered it up.
You were cleared once.
You wanna go for seconds already? Nobody upstairs is gonna lift a finger about the fucking D-Crew.
To replace the one you fired.
Where'd you get that? A friend.
Oh, hey, Chartier.
I am so glad that I put you back on patrol.
Thank you, sir.
You should have never faced charges.
I appreciate that.
I think I'm gonna keep you with Barron.
You're a good influence.
And I think you made a very good deer tonight.
I admire the deer.
It's a magnificent animal, perfectly suited for survival in the wilderness.
Of course, in the city So, are you back together with her or not? I never left her, Audrey.
You live alone in an apartment, Nick.
What, are you saving yourself? She didn't take you back after Harvey got shot, did she? It's not cheating.
Oh, God! It's supposed to go in your mouth.
I know.
You always had a problem with that.
Shut up! Thank you.
Hey! It was just a thing, Izzy, all right? It's over! When? A couple months ago.
Whatever, Nick.
It's your life.
I'm not interested in her! No, you just jump on anything that moves! You asked me to leave, Izzy, remember? Yeah, but I wanted it to work, Nick.
I tried.

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