19-2 (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

The Party

Previously on 19-2 Nick! Nick! Hit and run.
Boy, maybe 10 years old.
You nearly killed a little boy! I had an accident! You know what you did.
He's your father! He's your father, Ben! Nick, you have to help me! Hey, hey! You wanna hit someone? Hit me! You do it again, I'll kill you myself.
We should go away on a weekend.
I got Theo on the weekends.
I went out with Tyler last night.
Tyler's still bangin' them back, huh? Hey, come on, man! Don't do that! Get your shit together.
We're on shift here.
- How about I drive? - Not a chance! - Tyler - Get in the car.
- You're such an ass! - How long is it gonna take? Well, I can be there tonight or before shift tomorrow.
Thank you.
Trouble with Harvey? Always.
Is it serious? He's got a frickin' bullet in his head.
Of course, it's serious.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Copy, 19-2.
Ma'am? Ma'am? Ma'am, I'm a police officer.
Are you OK? Hey, hey! It's OK! They raped me! Who did? All of them! Are you OK to sit up? I'm gonna help you up.
I got you.
I got you.
Hey, what's your name? Samantha Devos.
They're still there.
Samantha? Samantha, can you tell us where they are? Down there.
need paramedics to transport a victim for a rape kit.
Samantha, I'm gonna help you up, OK? Take my arm.
If you go now, I can show you where they are.
Here we go.
All right.
I'm gonna help you towards the car, OK? Yeah.
We'll need backup.
- Warm enough? - Yeah.
Listen, can you tell me how many men there were? Four.
- Four? - Yeah.
And how did you meet them? I met a guy.
He seemed nice.
We were at a bar.
And you went home with him? He seemed OK.
And then we went back to his place, and his friends showed up.
And they were drinking all night, doing coke.
Then I waited until they passed out to leave.
So they're asleep now? I think so.
There! That's it! The one with the open door.
Ground level.
She thinks the assailants are still inside.
Pulling up now.
All right, stay in the car.
We won't leave you alone.
Someone will be right with you.
- We'll bring you a blanket, OK? - Yeah, OK.
Alleged rape? Four guys still inside.
Armed? She didn't say anything.
Let's not bank on it.
She says they've been up drinking all night, so hopefully they're out cold.
We'll take the front.
Tyler, go around back.
Bear, stay with the victim.
Tyler! We're in position.
Tyler? Goddammit, Tyler! All right.
Drop it! - Drop it! - Don't move! You fucking prick! You pull on a cop, huh? You wanna die? We'll take you to the hospital and get a deposition, OK? Step in, please.
This is fucking bullshit! Alleged rape.
Three guys in custody.
One guy was gone before we got here.
This guy here clocked Tyler with a bat and stole his weapon.
We got a description of the one you missed? These guys are clubbers, cokeheads.
We'll get an ID.
Is Tyler OK? You gave up your weapon? You're supposed to be our backup, Tyler.
You could've gotten us killed.
You think I just handed it to him? He hit me with a bat! - What the fuck was I supposed to do? - What were you supposed to do? You don't show up for work if you're not in shape to do the fucking job! OK, hey! The guy's concussed.
You wanna bitch, put it on your report.
Tyler shouldn't be on the job.
two groups of teenagers inside a fast-food restaurant You say that about a lot of people.
I saw him puking his guts out this morning.
The guy's a mess.
He almost got you shot! Hey, I'm not arguing.
So what are we gonna do about it? Don't count on him to have our back, I guess.
We should file a complaint.
Nah, it won't stick.
He was hungover.
He wasn't drunk.
As long as he was sober, the union's gonna have his back.
Hell, he'll even probably get a medal for it.
It isn't right.
It's the job.
Theft in progress.
19-81, we're on it.
Hey, can I talk to you? I'm off.
Two minutes.
My office.
No, you're off.
We'll go to my office.
You wanna talk? It's my office.
Are you on your period or something? So, did you think about it? I already told you, Dougy.
No! Look, I've got 4 women who weigh less than 150 pounds.
What's that in kilos? Who gives a shit? The form here, right here, it says "kilograms.
" Screw you.
Close enough? No.
I'll go upstairs.
Do that! Oh, come on, Julian! Jesus! I need a man! I've got 5 women and 2 men, and I'm going into nights.
In 6 weeks, it'll be my turn! I'm not giving you anybody! - Give me the rookie.
- No.
Then give me the guy from the country.
- No.
- I'm not taking Nick.
You're not taking Nick.
Hey! You back home? Why don't you ask Justine? Oh, I will.
You can count on it.
I've known her a lot longer than you have.
She'll tell me.
We're taking a couple of weeks.
That shit ain't gonna happen again, man.
- Hey, sweetheart! - Hey! I hate this passing-in-the-night stuff.
I wanna see you! Come by after.
We'll have breakfast.
- Really? - Yeah.
So, apparently, I'm going to night shift.
Oh, yeah? Yeah! Dougas asked for me specifically.
Well, it's good to be wanted.
I figured he'd want you, though.
We're both rookies.
I'm not a rookie.
Right, exactly.
You're not even really a rookie.
You've got years in.
I don't wanna switch, man.
I just got here.
Well, good, 'cause he didn't ask you.
He asked me, baby.
Why are you so stoked on this? You actually wanna know? Yeah! You know Audrey Audrey Pouliot? No.
- Redhead on the other shift.
- Redhead? Yeah, you can't miss her.
She's smoking hot! You mean the one that's coming on with us? Wait, what? What do you mean? Yes.
Someone's gotta switch over.
We've got too many men.
It's a quota thing.
Well, that ruins everything.
Thank you! Five minutes, bro.
Really? Are you-- What are you doing? You wanna come? Ben should come.
I'm sure he's busy.
Yeah, not tonight, man.
Let Bambi get his beauty sleep.
You should try getting some.
You, uh, pass the baseline test? Skull as thick as a brick wall! - Well, you're lucky.
- Mm-hmm! Come on, one drink.
You guys go without me.
I give up.
Get me drunk.
Let's go.
Don't rush me! The license is good until an hour after sunset.
OK, so the gun is part of you.
It moves when you breathe.
You have to feel it.
OK, you do it.
It's getting dark! Take it! No! I don't understand.
He's stabilized.
There's no sign of progress.
Okay, but you said recovery can be unpredictable, he could go a year and then suddenly-- - He can't stay here for a year.
You need to start planning for that.
Zoe! Hi, Harvey! Hey! Zoe! Harvey had a visitor yesterday.
He wants Harvey to come to his party.
Uh, I don't know about that.
Well, Harvey's friends are gonna be there.
Right, Harvey? Who's your friend? Doug Dougas.
Mm-hmm! It would be a good thing for him to do.
Hey! I need you.
Come here.
You have to promise to help me.
I promise.
For you.
That's for me? Yeah! It doesn't need much.
Come in.
Thank you.
Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm.
Should I get that? OK.
Hello! You have been selected as a finalist to win a free cruise! Let's go! Let's go! You ID the 4th rapist yet? Brother of the tenant.
You'll get a bulletin on him.
This guy's wanted for 2 other assaults.
He's violent.
Anything else? Your exams going OK? Good so far.
Thanks for asking.
You'll make good brass.
Yeah, I will.
Hey! Hey! You switch shifts yet? Nope! But hopefully.
Why are you here? Nick? Hey, shut up! Nobody knows.
Knows what? You guys are back on, aren't you? Don't even talk about it, OK? Fine, fine! Do you need a lift to the sarge's party? I don't think I'm going.
Oh, screw you! You're going! Apparently, he's got some sort of mansion.
It's not a mansion.
You know what? We'll go shopping.
Saturday morning, you and me.
Mm-hmm? OK! What the hell, Tyler? You calling in sick or what? I'm not signing in late! I'm coming.
You going to Houle's party? You RSVP? You gotta RSVP? Yeah! Houle's a control freak about his house.
You never been there? Mm-mmm.
Oh, me neither, but I heard things about it.
Heard it was crazy last year.
- How do I RSVP? - On the website.
You don't know about the website? Nah! The problem is Nick doesn't tell you shit.
We're still at the first-date stage of our relationship.
How soon do we get to the breakup? OK, people, fall in! Can I ask about the party, chief? No.
Is it, um, open bar? No, it is not.
There gonna be any girls? Night shift is coming.
Who's on patrol? Afternoon shift is taking a double.
Nice! Looks like me and you will be in competition, huh, Bear? Hey, chief, the doctor says you're making arrangements for Harvey to come.
Yeah, it's all set up.
You don't need to worry about it.
Yeah, I do.
You gotta talk to me before you do something like that.
I'm his guardian.
Nick, people wanna see him.
Yeah, they think they do.
I gotta go home for a couple days, sort some things out.
everything's OK.
Do it.
An unidentified male had approached them It's not really home anymore, is it? Right.
We have a call from Our Lady of Mercy church for vandalism.
Rachel and Papineau.
Finally! You wanna show us the damage? I'll take you to the Father.
People used to show respect.
It's a church! It's not a shelter.
This way.
Look at that! I mean, look at that! Do you know who did it? No.
I don't know.
Do you have any ideas? No, I told you.
You know, even if it's just a suspicion, we need you to tell us.
I work with people in the community, you understand? Listen, we can't help you if you won't let us.
I have relationships with my parishioners.
If I start turning people over to the police Whoever did this needs help.
You know that.
If I knew who it was, I would certainly try.
Has it occurred to you that you might not be what they need? I'm sorry, officers.
I wish I could help.
He wishes he could help.
You know, we should be taking it to the SPCA.
That's protocol.
For the cat, anyway.
The cat stinks.
Hey, hey! You don't have to move it! Hey! Whoa! Easy, Rocket, let's go! We're still on the clock.
All right.
We gotta get one of those little tree thingies, pine-scented.
Smell like home for you.
19, we have a collision.
One of ours.
Car 4 hit a civilian vehicle at 2212 Ontario.
We got it.
Copy, 19-2.
You OK? Yeah.
What happened? Jesus Christ, this is serious, Tyler! Ben! How hungover are you? Could you pass a breathalyser? Ben! Why did you let him drive? I didn't.
I was driving.
This asshole hit me.
He's plastered.
Sir, how much have you had to drink? Just a little bit.
Just a little bit! Yeah! - So what? - So what? We're gonna find out just how much you've had, all right? Blow into this for me this as hard as you can.
- I don't have to blow into this.
- You don't have to into this? Yes, you do have to blow into this, all right? Yeah, funny.
Come on, come on! - My man! - Bring your own.
I'm just trying to be friendly, bro.
Yeah? So, I'm definitely overdressed.
You look amazing! Everyone here is underdressed.
Thanks! Let's cover that up, huh? OK.
Hey, ladies.
Hey, anyone on my shift you got an eye on? Because they're pretty much all gay.
- Hey! You made it! - Of course, we did! Doesn't Bear look great? Yeah, yeah.
She looks amazing.
- Mm-hmm! - Shut up! All right, buddy.
Look at this! Lawns are manicured.
The guy lives in a palace out here.
How the hell does he afford it? You don't know? He's the Sprinkler King.
He does the entire West Island, Beaconsfield, Pointe-Claire.
Never seen his trucks? The Sprinkler King.
I remember when he first started out.
I could've bought in.
Idiot! I want you on my squad, Ben.
I want you working with me.
How do you feel about that? Well, I-- I'm honoured, sir, of course.
Yeah, all right! You're my guy! - All right! - Huh? Yeah! Oh, look! Hey! Harvey! Hey, how you doing? Harvey, it's good to see you! Hooray! Hey, hey! Harvey's here! - Dougas.
- He recognized me.
You hear that? He recognizes Dougy! Of course, he does.
Harvey and Dougas were like this back in the day.
- I don't remember that.
- Yeah, you weren't around.
Hey, one of the best, folks, right here! - Yeah! - Harvey! Way to go, man! Hey, somebody get this man a drink, huh? He can't drink! He can have a lemonade.
Look, relax, all right? Just chill out! We got this.
Come on.
At Jean-Talon and des Écores.
The caller is waiting to tell you what happened.
Where is everybody? It's Houle's party.
We're on skeleton.
Get me a patrol unit.
Yeah, that looks pretty bad.
No, no.
Come here.
Here! I've got this.
You're welcome.
There! There we go.
Now you're-- Oh! Getting' gorgeous, ladies! You know, ladies, we could really have ourselves an interesting combination here.
What do you think about that Bear, huh? Swinging both ways! We're in the bathroom, for Christ's sake! Ah, come on! The door was open! Besides, I was trying to give you a compliment.
Just ignore him.
You dress up real nice, though.
Is that Chanel? You're such a fucking asshole! Just joking! Tyler! I gotta talk to you.
I'm sorry, man.
It's not my place to judge you.
I got a-- I got a thing about drinking.
So do I.
And I need a refill.
Look at the ribs! That's amazing! Have you seen this man? Does he live around here? Yeah, 205.
You want me to show you? Yes, please.
We'll wait.
You take the front.
I'll be out in the back.
This guy has 3 warrants.
Fuck, it's raining! Shit, if it's raining, let's make it rain! Yeah! Harvey! You, my man, need to have some fun.
Here you go, buddy.
Yeah! Bottom's up! All right! Nice! Huh? Cheers! One more, huh? Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing? Let him have some fun! He's on medication.
You don't pour gin down his throat! Come on, Dougie! It's not gin! All right? It's vodka! And Harvey hated gin! You think you know him! Turn it on Turn it up now Turn it on Turn it up now Thank you.
I got it.
I got it! I leave you for Harvey looks OK, huh? Compared to what? I can't take you back like this.
- Hey, let me help.
- No! Thank you.
Joey! Joey, come on! Over here! Hey, listen, if that happens to me, do me a favour.
Don't bring me to a party.
Bring it.
That's what I'm talking about.
Hey, Nick fuck you! It's time to go, buddy.
OK? You'd look better without it.
Fuck off! Come on! What's your problem? I got a question.
Serious, though.
How did you decide you were, like, I don't know, gay and shit? How did you know you were straight? Well, I guess I'll have to show you, baby.
Yes, you will.
You're gonna hammer some sense into me? Hmm? - You wanna play? - Yeah! - Huh? - Yeah.
Let's play! Fuck! You fucking prick! I wasn't even gonna touch you! Suspect approaching.
Copy, 10-4.
Requesting backup.
10, 15 minutes.
Police! Freeze! Put your hands up! Keep your hands up.
Turn around slowly.
Freeze! Police! On the ground! On the ground now! Hands behind your head! OK, you got him? You OK? Yeah.
OK, don't move! Don't get up.
I hurt my foot.
This was a great party! Mm-hmm! Talk to you? Shoot! This shift-change thing.
Do I get a say? - Why? You wanna go? - No.
Then you don't go.
Hey, where's Harvey? - He went back to the home.
- What? I put him in the transport.
I'm taking off too.
All right, thanks for coming.
Why did you do that? I didn't get to say goodbye! The party is winding down.
You his mother now, Nick, huh? You treat him like a baby! Yeah, Dougy, I am, and his whole fucking family! You you just show up at a party! That's the only time you let him out of his cell! You know where he is.
Go see him, huh? Hmm? Maybe leave the vodka at home this time, you son of a bitch! You know why I did that, Nick? He's gotta live his whole fucking life in a wheelchair with half his face blown off.
He could use a drink.
I want you to explain something to me right here right now in front of everybody.
Let's talk about how Harvey got shot.
Where was the backup? Harvey said you were a hotshot! He said you'd get somebody shot! Well, congratulations, you did! That's your bullet in his head! Your bullet! It's definitely one of these two.
Shit! Take your time.
I'm sorry! It's just I don't know! It's just a fog.
Sorry about that.
Després, please call extension 522.
We have a potential fire affecting traffic at the corner of Bernard and Parc at 11:05.
Nick! Nick, uh, I'm sorry.
I had too much to drink, and I don't even remember what I said.
I was doing shots at lunch, and I can be a real asshole when I drink.
No hard feelings, all right? Not just when you're drinking.
We have a confirmed dead body.
Our Lady of Mercy church.
Apparent suicide.
Copy, 19-2.
Walk around.
Don't step on anything.
She came to confession.
She said, uh painful things.
Did she say she was gonna kill herself? No, never.
Not in so many words.
You knew.
I was protecting the sanctity of the confessional.
If you would've talked to us, she'd be in the hospital right now! I have a duty.
To what? Protecting your church? Because you sure as hell weren't protecting her! Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
No, no, no! Blessed art-- - Stay off the altar until the coroner releases the scene.
Go do that somewhere else.

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