19-2 (2014) s01e05 Episode Script


Previously, on 19-2.
He's your father, Ben! He's your father! Hey! Another day, another message.
I miss you.
I miss hearing your voice.
You do it again, I'll kill you myself.
I want you on my squad, Ben.
I want you working with me.
Nick, people wanna see him.
You've got to talk to me before you do something like that.
I'm his guardian.
- He's on medication! You don't put gin down his throat.
- Come on! Harvey said you were a hotshot! That's your bullet in his head! Your bullet! A Montreal cop fires his weapon, the province investigates.
I was cleared.
You wanna know what they're saying about you? I have a problem.
Nick Barron.
He's not fit for duty.
That man is not in control.
Hey, this is Catherine.
Leave a message.
This voicemail is full.
Please try again later.
34-6, we're coming up to De Lorimier.
OK, copy that.
I'm taking a sick day tomorrow.
You don't look sick.
No, I gotta go home to tie up some loose ends around the house.
What's home, again? Lachute? Morin-Heights.
Ah, right.
When are you going to the other shift? I don't know if I am.
Look, I didn't ask for a transfer, OK? They just need a guy.
Yeah, they just need a guy.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna cry about it.
Hello? Hey! Get off your goddamn cell phone! When? All right, wait.
We're coming by.
We've done everything we can for him here.
You said he'd keep showing improvement, up to a year.
Mightshow improvement.
He's stabilized, and that's good news.
You call this good news? There is a certain amount of irreversible damage done to his brain.
Barron, I think you need to realign your expectations.
- Where are you sending him? - Violette Duguay.
We'll continue to work with him as an outpatient, but he doesn't need a bed here and others do.
Violette Duguay is a graveyard.
He was lucky to find a spot anywhere in the city.
Lucky? Hey, pal! Your girlfriend says you're making good progress.
You'll be up and out of here in no time.
7385 Sanguinet.
Report of, and I quote, "A really bad smell coming from an elderly woman's residence.
" Copy, 19-2.
I don't see anybody in there.
All right, ma'am, go ahead.
Oh! All right.
Just go back down and wait.
Is there anyone here? Hello? Hello? Police! Hello? Police! Hello? Chartier! Jesus! Oh, shit! We need an ambulance, Hey, hey! OK.
You're gonna be all right.
Ambulance is on its way, all right? Copy, 19-2.
Officer Hamelin.
What's thatBstand for? Beatrice.
Nice! Doesn't look like a caretaker's been here in a while.
Shit! Chartier.
Yeah, copy that.
Gendron wants to see me.
Nice knowing you.
How do you know I don't have a girlfriend? She doesn't bother me.
Bring her along.
Use it.
Dougas here wants you on his shift.
Well, what can I say? I'm flattered.
It's true.
They need some size on that shift.
Better believe it.
What do you say? Well, if that's where I'm needed, that's where I'll go.
Loyal and obedient.
It's like a human canine.
I hear things aren't too rosy with you and Nick Barron.
Well, Nick and Ben are not exactly soul mates.
It's nothing I can't handle, sir.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
I think you've been a positive influence on Nick, and I'd like to see it continue.
Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute.
I need the farm boy, the farm boy needs me.
Everybody's happy.
How about you, Chartier? Where do you wanna go? Well, with, uh, all due respect, sir, I'd prefer to stay where I am.
I don't like to give up.
Ah, he's too perfect.
All right, Chartier stays where he is.
Melancon goes to nights.
Unless there are any objections? No, if those two get along, I'm happy.
Thank you, gentlemen.
We could have been something! Sorry.
Ah! Sir, uh, I gotta take a sick day.
Got some things to take care of.
Fill out a sick-day request.
It's on your desk.
Thank you.
So, what's the deal? Gonna make Chartier your new helper monkey? He's a reliable officer.
I wish I had more.
Hey! You get a name on the caretaker? What caretaker? You know, the old lady who nearly starved to death.
Caretaker stopped showing up.
Oh, right! No.
I got a name from Social Services, but it's out of date.
Apparently, someone new took over 3 months ago.
Who? Still tracking it down.
What's it to you? It pisses me off.
Is the old woman OK? She's still in the hospital, but she's gonna be fine.
They're trying to place her somewhere, hopefully.
She's on the list.
Yeah, Harvey too.
Well, that's good.
Yeah, it's great.
You find the caretaker, I want the bust, OK? OK.
I need you to fill these out, please.
But I don't have all of his information.
Just fill in what you can.
Cleanup on 3rd floor, please.
Cleanup on 3rd floor.
They put one in you too! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Yo, man! The cripple? You can't move him in here.
Yeah, I know.
I need a bigger place.
How big? Three bedrooms, at least.
What else you got in the building? Nothing right now.
What about the Haitians on the 5th floor? They're moving out.
This is no place for a wheelchair! I got no ramps, no access! No problem! A chair fits in the elevator.
It's a liability! If there's a fire, I am a dead man, not to mention the man in the wheelchair! What about your other buildings? Well, what can you afford? Come on, man! You know what I can afford.
Give me a day.
Let me think it over.
Whoa! It just got super less ugly here.
Hey! Hey! Welcome! Thank you! Ah, don't worry about him.
You'll find out on this shift, there's the good and the bad.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh-huh.
You need anything, you just phone me.
- All right, JM.
- Atta girl! She wants it! Listen up! Bourassa, Nadeau, 19-9.
Lunch will be at 11:00.
Vince, you will be 19-6 with Pouliot, lunch at noon.
What? Rookie luck! You know I got it, baby! Beatrice, Tyler's expected back tomorrow or the day after.
I'm keeping 19-4 for you.
JM, traffic, solo.
You know what? That's all right.
It'll give us a little time to let tension build, let things just simmer, you know what I'm mean? OK, OK.
Barron, due for qualification on the range.
After that, That's it, folks! Take care of each other out there.
Sergeant, I need Santorini in the office, so why don't you put Barron with, uh, JM? No, Barron and JM do not play nice together.
Is there anyone that Barron gets along with? He works for you, remember? Not the other way around.
I'm putting you out with Brouillard, all right? I need Santorini.
What? JM? Man! Shit! Chartier's got some short-ass legs, huh? Just quit dicking around with it.
In 14, 19-42 Hey, you're drinking in uniform, huh? Look at this! How are you doing? Ah, good to see you, man! You too, man.
Yeah, I just got off.
Yeah? What are you doing here? I'm just back for the day.
Yeah? How's Catherine? She doesn't know I'm here yet.
Why not? Figured I'd surprise her.
Oh yeah? Women do love surprises, don't they? Hey, these targets don't empty themselves, you know.
Oh yeah? You gonna show us how big-city living has affected your long game, huh? OK, then.
You know, you're pissing away your best years on patrol.
You know that.
You should be friggin' tactical.
Nah, I like patrol.
You get to talk to people, at least.
Yeah, people at their worst.
Ah, at their best, at their worst.
You get more calls in the city.
You like it down there? Yeah, sure.
I miss it here sometimes, though.
Yeah? So welcome back.
Whenever you're ready, Nick.
Let me go again.
Is this the first time you've fired your weapon since? Since when? Since Harvey.
Yeah, why? Just asking.
Just let me go again.
It's all right.
I'm not gonna put this in the record.
Take a minute.
I'm sorry.
Hey, shut up, sorry.
Don't worry about it.
We'll get you back into shape.
Fuck! Hey, officer! Do you wanna see a dead body? What are you talking about? Give me 5 bucks.
I'll show you.
Come on, lady! Don't waste our time.
All right.
This one, it's on me.
Come on! I'll show you.
Christ! A fresh cup of coffee! Let's see what she's got.
Here we are! OK, where's the body? It's not far, it's not far.
Come on, come on, come on! Shit! That's Johnny Appleseed! You know him? Everyone does.
The guy's sleeping! Oh, no, no! He's dead.
He's dead.
down at 2000 Ontario East.
Who the hell is Johnny Appleseed? Copy, 19-2.
The man's a legend! He's the godfather of all tweekers.
OK, honestly, just forget I asked, all right? No, no, no.
Educate the man.
All day, every day, Johnny, he was scoring.
Every corner, every crack, every stairwell, he could tweek over ground that had been tweeked over Big crumbs.
He had, like, 2nd sight.
But the most amazing thing was he wouldn't toke a grain till he got set up for the night.
He'd go, like, 16 hours just saving up.
All for a You gotta admire it.
The man was pure Zen.
That's wonderful.
I'm glad you two shared a moment.
Look, I'm gonna check his vitals.
You're not gonna find any.
Guy's always sitting around, smoking crack and whatever, huffing! Oh shit! - Oh! - Jesus Christ! Oh, man, Johnny! Well, at least we know he's dead.
You're an idiot.
What? What are you doing here? Well, I've been trying to get ahold of you for 5 days.
I was working! I was on a training course in Rimouski! There's no cell coverage in Rimouski? Are you really gonna make a big deal out of this? You don't even think to call and let me know what's going on? That doesn't even occur to you? OK! I'm sorry.
I'm stuck in the city.
I have no idea what's going on here.
Why are you making me feel like I've done something wrong? I haven't.
I was worried.
I was driving myself crazy.
You're here now.
Who was that guy who dropped you off? - Shhh! - Who was he? Stop it! Shhh! Get back.
There's cops coming.
28-9, copy that.
What do we have here? Relax, I know that guy.
36-8, we need medics at 218 Flaubert Lex! You're quite the menace up in that thing, huh? Looks like the chair got away from you, huh, buddy? Ah, get off me.
Get off of me! Come on! We gotta get you off the side of the street first, all right? You need to get your hands off me and go find my dog, man! What happened to your dog? Some fool just rolled up, revvin' their engines.
Shit backfired, she got spooked and ran off! Is that right? Hey! Don't touch my chair, man! I'm trying to help you! Just don't touch my shit! - Fine.
- Ah, come on! That's an expensive piece of machinery, man! Yeah, yeah, whatever! OK, boys, let's see some identification.
Damn! This supposed to be you? You guys got any drugs? Knives, guns? No? You know this guy? You don't know this guy? Are you gonna stand there or are you gonna look for my dog? If we don't get you off the side of the road, I'll have to write you up for jaywalking.
- Jaywalkin'? - Mm-hmm.
Does it look like I was walkin', motherfucker? Keep talking back, we'll see what else I make up.
- Let's go.
- All right, all right.
What's your dog's name? Dimp-Dimp.
All right, boys.
That's right, Dimp-Dimp.
DimpDimp? Turn around.
Let's go.
Against the wall.
You understand I'm gonna frisk you? This is your spot, right? My what? This is your spot.
You know it.
I know it.
Dimp-Dimp knows it.
She'll be back.
Don't worry.
Yeah, sure.
JM! I'm in the middle of something here.
Let's go.
Now! If Dimp-Dimp doesn't come back, you can come down to the station and we can write up a report for the SPCA.
How's that sound? SPCA kills dogs, man.
That's all they do.
What? We're done here.
We're done? You're not gonna run this piece of shit? He's got a whole operation here! That's not what we came here to do.
Not what we-- Oh, that's right.
I forgot, Nick.
You got a real soft spot for cripples! Good police work.
This is your lucky day, boys, I gotta say! But now that I know who you are, you see my face? You don't wanna know me, OK? I come back around, you guys are-- What the fuck? Hey! Hey! You have got to be kidding me! At least I got wheels, fool! I'm still waiting on the caretaker.
I'm working on it.
How long does it take to get a name? Social Services screwed up the paperwork.
What do you want me to do? The woman nearly died! She was supposed to have someone taking care of her! You find a place for Harvey yet? I'm gonna move him in with me for a while.
In your apartment? Are you serious? I'm gonna find a bigger spot.
Nick, you can't! What about Theo? What about him? Just find me the caretaker, will you? You're giving me orders now? Please.
Izzy? Are those two separated or not? Define "separated.
" They used to roll together back when she was patrol, didn't they? Five years.
I need a smoke.
Did he apologize at least? Yeah, yeah.
He's still a dick, though.
Well, looky here! What? What's going on? Don't ask! Jeez! Nice ride, JM! Yeah, yeah! Ced, what a gwan? Nick, man, I got a place for your friend.
Does it have wheelchair access? Yes, man, it does.
Great! Come and see it.
Yeah, I can come right now.
- All right.
- All right, cool.
Good one! I thought of that joke.
Thank you, sweetie! Appreciate it.
Thank you! - Hey! - Hey, buddy! What's up? Nothing.
Move down.
Pretty sure I'm sitting here.
- Get up! Let's go, rook! - JM! All right, you big baby.
I'm gonna give big daddy his seat.
Atta boy! Hey, where's Nick? Probably slanging rock.
In case you haven't noticed, JM's full of shit.
Oh yeah? I used to partner with him.
I know what kind of shit he's into.
Oh yeah? What's that? Nick came up in the Little Burgundy projects, right? We all have to come from somewhere.
OK, well, he used to run with all those clowns.
Burgundy Massive, the whole thing.
Now, you ever wonder why, when we raid those buildings, nobody ever finds nothing? Maybe, maybe somebody tips them off.
Think about it! I'm serious! Where did you grow up, JM? Me? Côtes-des-Neiges.
Oh! Is that why you're such a delicate, little snowflake? The mouth on you! Muah! Oh, take it easy on JM.
He's a pre-cum baby.
That's hilarious! Oh! Come on! Aw, did we hurt your feelings? Not bad, you bitch! It's so good to have you home.
I'm gonna go see my dad.
Really? Yeah, I'm gonna try to make things right.
I don't know if I can.
He's your father.
He'll forgive you.
Thank you.
OK! OK, that's that! That's that! OK! What? What's what? We can all go back to our separate lives now.
Please! I'm tired.
You're not sleeping over.
I just wanna lie here for a while, if that's all right.
Yeah, just as long as nobody knows, right? It was so peaceful a minute ago.
What are you so afraid of? I told you.
I don't wanna hurt you.
Oh, please! How long did you and Isabelle keep it a secret, huh? When you were partnered up? A very, very long time.
That's what kept it fun.
Fuck off! Ow! Hey! I'm serious! Stop saying you don't wanna hurt me.
And why is that? Because I know it's a lie.
I already know what you're like.
Oh yeah? Mm-hmm.
And what am I like? So, how's that rookie working out for you? Hmm He's sweet, dumb.
Eating up all the rumours about you.
Rumours about me? What rumours about me? Well, you know, all that stuff JM's talking about you and the boys from your old neighbourhood.
Who? Gangsters from Little Burgundy.
And what's he saying, exactly? I don't know.
Nothing really, you know.
He's just talking shit.
Say anything about Harvey? About the shooting? No! What? Yeah.
Where are you going? You want me to leave.
I'm leaving.
Oh, come on! You know, nobody actually listens to JM! What can I do for you, sunshine? I want you to talk that shit you've been talking.
To me.
Your little groupie been whispering in your ear? Come on, say that shit to me.
All right, Nick.
See, what I can't get out of my head is the guy who shot Harvey fits the same general description as some homeboys you used to roll with.
Oh yeah? Describe them for me.
Looks less like Harvey, more like you.
Simple police work, Nick.
You wanna talk simple police work? How about the fact that you nearly punched your wife into a coma? Oh yeah? You mention my name behind my back again, and I'll haul Justine in here and force her to type up a statement.
You know what, Nick? When Harvey got shot, internal came in here asking me questions about you.
Yeah? And what did you say? Nothing, 'cause I ain't no rat! What? Huh? You want a sandwich or something? Good job! What's the latest on Harvey's shooting? There's nothing to hear.
The investigation is done.
Well, I hear the SQ is still looking into it.
Looking into what? The shooter's dead.
I don't know.
If you want, I can ask around and see where they're going with it.
Yeah, you got it.
Oh! Come in.
Ben! I don't have time to fill out any goddamn forms! I just wanna know if somebody found her or not.
How the hell am I supposed to know, hmm? Do I look like the patron of east-end dogs? Yep, you do! Yeah, I don't have time for this shit.
Here, fill this out and get out of my face, all right? That's bogus.
Bullshit! Sgt.
Berry, you are requested in Room 7A.
What did this machine cost you? More than your whole damn salary in a year, that's how much.
Besides, this is just my weekend chair.
I got two more thrones back home.
And receipts, I'm sure.
The department would be very happy to seize all of those and return them to their rightful owner.
Oh, they're legit.
You'd be surprised how many out-care professionals are good customers of mine.
We have an anonymous call How do you spell "shepherd," as in German goddamn shepherd? Twelve.
Brouillard! Commander! Good day, today? Always.
I heard there was an incident with Barron.
Ah, no big deal.
Nick's Nick.
Hmm You know, normally, we don't like our guys catching a cab in uniform.
Gotcha! Hey, if you ever have problems with another officer, you know, my door's always open.
Yeah, um, no disrespect, sir, but I'd prefer to work it out with Nick, you know, man-to-man.
Of course.
Després, call extension 522.
He's coming.
He's just washing up.
It's really good to see you.
You too.
Where is he? - Marc! - Mom, Mom! What do you think you're doing here? Stay out of it.
Stay out of it? You want me to stay out of it? Calm down! What do you think is going to happen here, Ben? You gonna fix everything with an apology? I wanna talk to him.
No, you wanted to make sure that everybody know you're a great cop! - You did it! - That's not what this is about.
You're not allowed to set foot in this house and I'm dead serious! Would you rather he killed somebody, - spend the rest of his life in jail? - Come on, Ben! Come on! You didn't need to do it the way you did it! No one else was gonna do anything about it! - Ah! - Not you! Not Mom! I work like a dog, and you got it all.
He paid for your school.
He took you to hockey He treated you like a prince, and you put him in cuffs! That's it! That's it, Marc! That's enough! Come on! Stop! Dad.
You tell him right now, Dad.
Tell him he's not welcome in this house.
Marc! Mom! Tell him, Dad.
There's no place for you here.
No, I came to talk.
Let's talk.
Get out, you piece of shit! You think you can just crawl back? I'm a piece of shit.
I'm a piece of shit? You hit a kid with your car and left him for dead and came home for dinner like nothing happened.
I'm in the wrong? Fuck you, you coward! Go back to Montreal! Physio, pick up extension 2, please.
Physio, pick up extension 2.
He shouldn't be too long.
Then you can see him.
How often does he have to do this? Twice a week.
It won't be long.
A nurse to room 6, please.
That's fine.
I was just leaving.
This is Cedric.
Leave a message.
Hey, Ced, it's Nick.
Turns out I'm not gonna be able to move my friend in with me after all.
So, uh, I'm not gonna need that apartment.
I tried.
He won't listen.
He's a stubborn old man! You knew what would happen when you arrested him.
Jesus Christ, Catherine! I had no choice! Why is this up to him? I don't want you running away again.
I'm not.
You said you'd come with me.
You hate it there.
I would too.
Well, then, let's go someplace else, start over.
I can't.
Of course you can.
Ben, my whole life is here! Ben! Oh, Ben! The SQ ID'd Harvey's shooter.
Oh yeah? Who is he? Dominic Smith-Ward.
And what's his story? Well, there's no story to be told.
There's no priors.
Never been arrested, not even as a juvenile.
He's just some kid from the Little Burgundy projects.
Did he run with the Burgundy Massive? I checked.
He's not on the list of known affiliates.
But if he grew up there, that's not a stretch.
Family? Yeah, grandmother.
Says he was, you know, framed and all the usual bullshit.
The gun is where the story is.
The SQ have linked it to a few incidents around those buildings, a couple of robberies and a murder in the courtyard from 2 years ago.
The same kid? No, it was other guys.
They're operating under the theory it was a communal weapon.
So how did he get up in the factory that night? That's what the SQ's trying to figure out.
I thought you were gone up north.
Yeah, looks like I'm back.
You hear Gendron quashed your transfer? Mm-hmm.
Any idea why? Thinks we make a good team.
Gendron's an idiot.
Hey! Got a name for the caretaker.
Solange Dubois.
Address in NDG.
It's about time.
Thank you.
I'll get changed.
Police! Open up! Let's go around back.
Take a look down here.
I'll check upstairs.
Chartier! Oh God! and a coroner.
Look at this.
Copy, 19-2.
What a stench! She's been dead a few days.
Home invasion? Looks like she was going for the phone there.
No sign of a weapon.
Wallet's here.
What do you got? Her inhaler.
19-2, coroner and "ident" will be on-site in 15 minutes.
Oh shit! Look at this.
There was no intruder.
It was just a freak accident.
She was going for her inhaler, she couldn't get the drawer, she collapsed trying to get to the phone, cracked her head and bled out.
Yeah, we got a problem.
She's got other clients.
I'll call Social Services.
Dimp-Dimp! Girl! Hey, girl! Give me the leash, man.
She knows who's boss.
Where you been, girl? Man, you stink! Where'd you find her? At the shelter.
She was on doggie death row till I got her a reprieve.
I owe you, big time.
How can I repay you? All right, just keep it straight, Harv.
You're doing great.
Not too bad! Ah! If you need some time, I can sign you out.
It's OK, pal.
We'll get the hang of it.
Why don't you put me on the curb with the garbage? Come on, Harv.
Time to go home.
I'll take him from here.
This way!
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