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Previously on 19-2.
Gang colours? Purple.
These guys are small-time.
Drop the weapon! Show your hands! - Drop it! - Hey, hey! Put it down.
Walk away or die.
How's it gonna look? Hmm? I just had a gun to my head! There's nothing but trouble waiting for us if we call this in.
Nick, we-- we didn't do anything wrong! You said you'd come with me.
You hate it there.
I would too.
It's strange.
What? Gendron blocking your transfer to nights.
It's like he's going out of his way to keep you on me.
What's your problem? Usually, you get in here, you start up right away with the observations.
You know, comments about people at the bus stops, reading street signs.
Not today? What's that about? Just enjoy it.
What's the cross street? Look at these guys.
No, no, no.
We're on it.
Ooh, badass! Hey, you got a problem? You want one? Tough guys.
Smack that kid.
- You got a 10.
- Yeah? Now you got a 7.
You got 5 bucks already.
That's 10 bucks! Look at this guy.
Agro! Sixers in the lane.
D-Crew in the park.
It's usually the other way around.
Still too close for comfort.
Yeah, call it in.
requesting additional unit.
Stand by, Car 2.
Oh! Oh, shit! Nice! Yo, Christo, 5-0.
Hey! Hands up! Let's see those hands, guys.
Put 'em up! - Come on, man! - Fuck this! Let's go.
We can't have you around here.
Move it.
Take this shit someplace else.
Get out of here! Hey! Where are you going? You told him to leave the park? He's leaving.
Now! We don't have a problem here.
Let's move.
Come on! We ain't doin' nothing, man! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Hey, you! Come here! I said come here! Let's go! Let's go! You heard the man.
Come on! Don't sit down, boy.
Move it! What did I say? Move.
Let's go.
How old are you? - 13.
- 13? What you got in your hand? Your father know you're hanging out with these clowns? - I don't know.
- You don't know? You being a smartass or are you actually that stupid? Turn around.
Put your hands on your head.
You too, big boy.
Turn around! Spread 'em.
How's your uncle doing? Locked up.
Listen, Mo, you know, me and him, we go way back.
You shouldn't be out here.
Yo, officers! Goddammit! Gun! White hoodie! White hoodie heading north.
I'll be watching you.
Whatever, po-po.
Black male wearing a white hoodie and a ball cap! In pursuit in the alley off Tupper! Motherf-- Suspect is in the building, east of Tupper.
Shit! - Shit! - Tyler! Tyler! Jesus Christ! Shit! Give me that! Yeah, that's good now.
Oh, shit! Hey! Whoa! We're not doing anything! Tyler? Tyler? Tyler! Can you believe this shit, man? If I hadn't dropped my flashlight, none of this would've happened.
Keep that in the circle of trust.
What? It was pitch black in there, and I dropped my flashlight.
I didn't say anything! My man! Tell me you got the kid, at least! What the hell happened here, huh? Where's the perp? Now, the kid that put the gun in my face that we let go? He's D-Crew too.
I guess that makes you a Sixers booster.
I bet he was in the park when we came up there.
Don't worry.
We'll have plenty of other opportunities.
You can count on that.
Oh, yeah? Until then, what? Kid gets to walk around bragging about how he put a gun in a cop's face.
Fucking prick! There's no way this guy's clean.
What are you doing? Let's see what he does, shall we? Bernard Boucher! OK, 3 years for drug trafficking.
He's been out 6 months.
No warrants, nothing.
This guy's trouble.
Doing 30 in a 30? Fucking badass! So, what, are we just gonna follow him all the way to Repentigny? Is it just me or do those window tints look too dark? You're kidding! No, I think they're a little on the dark side, my friend.
Let's let him know Hey, the guy didn't make a stop.
Get over! Get over! Oh! Fuck! You OK? Oh, fuck! You fucking-- Fucking pig! Hey, stop! Hey! - Get out of the car! - Fuck you! Hey, hey, hey! Stop, stop, stop! You fucking-- You fucking-- Bernard Boucher.
What about him? Why did you arrest him? Well, he was carrying Yeah, and Narcotics is on the dealer who's selling to him.
You guys just screwed up the entire operation.
We ran his plate.
Nothing came up.
Bullshit! He's flagged.
I'm telling you, there was no flag.
He's right.
We ran him.
Nothing came up.
Why were you on him in the first place? Window tints.
Window tints? What am I supposed to tell Narcotics? "My patrollers ended your whole investigation over some window tints?" Patrollers? I'm not your patroller.
In my office.
Jesus! Don't talk to me like that in front of another officer.
Chartier doesn't give a shit.
He knows our deal.
That doesn't matter! I won't have you undermining me with your little goddamn comments, Nick! OK, OK.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
I am! Come on! Ream me out! I'm your patroller.
I'm listening.
Did you, for one second, think of picking up your radio? We didn't have time.
We ran him.
We chased him.
The next thing you know, he dragged me for about Window tints? Your instincts were always bullshit, but they were usually right.
Well, you were once somebody's patroller, too, don't forget.
Oh, I won't.
How'd that go? Whatever.
You OK? Eye drops for 3 days.
Been crying like a baby.
Officer Clark, please take Line 4, please.
D-19, landlord at 1550 Beaudry East called in 2 juveniles alone in an apartment.
Copy, 19-2.
Hey, there! Is your mom home? She's sleeping.
Sleeping? Mind if we step inside? All right! Great! Thank you! Thank you very much.
What's your name? Xavier.
How are you doing, Xavier? I'm Nick.
This is my partner here, Ben.
Hi, buddy.
And who might that be? Juliette.
Juliette! Aw, look at you! Is there anybody else who takes care of you, Juliette? Shhh, shhh! That's OK, darling.
That's OK.
Don't cry.
Your mom's not here, is she? Shhh, shhh, shhh! - No.
- She needs a diaper change.
Hey, pal, where does Mom keep the diapers? Shhh, shhh, shhh! Hi, there! Uh, oh! Last one.
Well, they're fine for now, but how soon can someone be here? OK, well, how about the neighbour? Do you have any phone numbers for a mother or a relative? Shhh, shhh, shhh! Yes, please.
All right.
OK, thanks.
One hour.
All right, big guy.
Where can I find a pot? Shhh, shhh, shhh! - In here.
- Thank you very much! You must be starved, so I'm gonna fix this up for you, and you can go back to watching TV.
How does that sound? OK.
All right.
Now we got a new one! I think she's hungry.
Hey! Oh no, I'll never break your heart What did your wife say about our MDMA dealer? Don't get your hopes up.
What, she's just gonna let him go? He's probably back in Repentigny as we speak.
Well, everybody's got their own agenda.
No shit! What about Cabot Square? What? Cabot Square.
Where does that fit in? It doesn't.
That park is nobody's agenda.
How do you think it got this way? It takes decades of neglect.
Well, someone's gotta do something about it.
You got that right.
It smells ready.
If there's one thing I can master, it's macaroni and cheese.
Xavier, come sit down.
All right, sport! Here you go.
Bon appétit.
What are you looking for? Well, we're out of diapers, and she needs changed again.
Oh, great! All right, I'll go out.
You good here? Yeah, I'm good.
That policeman looks pretty tough.
Is he winning the fight? No, he's the strongest.
Oh, yeah? You want him? All right! Pal, why don't you go pack up some clothes for you and your sister? Why? Just do it.
Be a good boy, OK? Don't forget your toothbrush.
Hi! Hi! Amelie de Grace.
OK! Family Services.
Right! Right! Yes, Ben Chartier.
Come on in.
Where's Nick? Nick? Yeah.
He's, uh, out getting diapers.
Oh! You gonna introduce me to your girlfriend? Yeah! This is Juliette.
Oh, she likes you! Yeah, she's a cutie, isn't she? All right, I'm back.
Someone order diapers? Oh! Look at that! Hi! They brought their A-Team! - Muah! How are you? - I'm good! You never call me, so I had to come visit.
I saw your name on the call.
Good! I'm glad you came.
OK, I can take her.
OK, sweet pea, let's get you changed! Oh! Diapers? Yeah, there you go.
Thank you.
Where's Xavier? He's just playing in the back room.
It's OK.
Where's your brother? Where is he? Oh! Where's your brother? Do not tell me you and her.
She's my sister.
You're full of shit.
Oh, man, she's way too cute.
Well, she's my half sister, but Hey, don't even think about it.
It's all good.
I'm no longer thinking about it.
No, seriously, you need to stop.
I'm trying! This is it! Miss Amelie will take care of you for a little while, OK, Xavier? Why? Don't worry.
It's just until we find your mom, OK? Hey, can I borrow your truck this weekend? Mom's doing some redecorating.
She wants some furniture cleared out.
Yeah, sure.
Great! Well, she was kind of hoping you'd help.
Yeah, right.
Oh, come on! When was the last time you visited? All right.
Bring Theo.
Nah, he's with Isabelle.
Well, can't you pick him up? Mom would love to see him.
We'll talk.
It can't be easy working with that guy.
No, it's not, but I can't get rid of him.
Don't forget these! That little one, she packs a punch.
Thank you! Mm-hmm.
All right, big man, you're gonna take care of your little sister, right? Shake on it.
Look what I got for you.
Thank you.
Wait here.
Nice to meet you, Ben Chartier.
And you too.
Wait for me just inside.
Love you.
Love you too.
I'll see you at Mom's, OK? Bye-bye! Say bye? Bye-bye! Say bye? Bye! Don't.
Hey! Don't.
I heard you the first time.
We have reports of gang violence in Montreal North.
We're on it.
Another kid flashes a gun at us today.
It's getting worse.
I'm gonna come clean about the kid who put the gun to my head.
Now, why would you do that now? I'll say that you wanted to call it in.
It was my idea to cover it up.
You know they're not gonna buy that, right? We gotta report it, Nick.
Yes, it's 1201 Ouellette.
I figured I had him cornered, right? Uh-huh.
When all of a sudden, bam! I get it straight in the face.
Really? Oh, yeah! Eyes burning, coughing, all of that! And still couldn't take down the big dog.
Is that true? Mm-hmm! Kid looked up and had a big old Frosty the Snowman coming after him! I was like Sorry, guys, I can't stick around.
My date's picking me up.
Ah, you seeing someone from 19, Bear? Bear went out and got herself a foxy paramedic.
Oh, really? Mm-hmm! You know, paramedics are like a whole other species, right? They were specifically designed to get fucked over by the po-po.
I'm sorry about your girl, man.
That really sucks.
Who told you that? Oops! Tyler.
Can't tell her nothing, man! We're in a car all day.
We gotta talk about something! - Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Well, it's early, so who knows what's gonna happen.
Hey, sorry to hear about Catherine.
Plenty of fish in the sea, am I right? Thank you, Marie.
Anyone you didn't tell? Let's see, who didn't show up for work today? Hey, Bear Where'd she go? How are you? I'm good.
How are you? Good! So, do you wanna stick around, meet everybody? Not really.
All right! Let's go! Let's get out of here.
Come on, Mo, what are you doing? Shit! Shit! Sixers.
Hey! Get back here! What the hell are you doing? Nothing.
Huh? You dumb, little shit! I should haul your ass in right now.
You better haul my ass in, or else everybody's gonna think I'm a rat! Relax, all right? I'm not in uniform.
Think they don't know you? Think they didn't run your plates? I'm gone.
No, no, no, no! You come here.
You working in the park? With those thugs? You wanna end up like your uncle, hmm? Did someone pressure you, Mo? No.
Which one are you running for? I'm not saying shit.
You see? This, this is what I get every day.
Listen, I'm not here as a police officer, OK? I'm here as a friend of Tarique and your father's.
But you're still a cop, and I'm no snitch.
Do you realize that if I didn't show up, there were half a dozen Sixers ready to beat your ass? You're just a runner, Mo.
You think you really matter to the man in charge? Christo runs the park.
Everybody knows that.
Christo, huh? Well, you can bet that Christo is just another idiot looking to impress a long list of idiots.
He ain't scared of you! Is that right? He put a biscuit in a cop's face, and the cop didn't do shit.
And you believe him? Sit yourself down! I gotta use the washroom.
I tell him one thing, the street tells him something different.
It's not easy.
Yeah, well, I-- I do what I can.
Nick, I know Tarique asked you to keep an eye on him, but, uh, you coming around here makes things worse.
I don't want anybody getting the wrong idea about Mo.
I got it.
I think your friend timed out over there.
Yeah, he's had a rough day.
And how was your day? I've seen better.
It's not over yet.
No, um, I guess not.
You could meet a nice girl, but not too nice.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Um it's, uh, not a good night.
You sure? It's your loss.
I've seen many a soldier fall on that one.
Hmm Another beer? No, I should get going.
But, uh, what do we do with him? Ah, he'll let himself out.
I'll leave a light on for him.
Yeah, Tyler doesn't do too well in the dark, does he? He told you that? Well, don't spread that around.
A cop scared of the dark is no good to anybody.
Good night! Good night! Hey, it's your dad.
I know it's late.
I just, uh, I just called to say hi.
Listen, we should get together sometime soon, you know? Go for a bite or something.
What do you say? OK, well, you take care.
I love you.
Except that I have to get a new blender.
You don't have one? I have one, but I might just want a new one.
What's wrong with your old one? So, where you been hiding? Nice to see you too, Mom.
OK, we have a desk we have to move from upstairs.
What desk? Your grandfather's.
Amelie's getting it.
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you talking about? Grandpa left that desk for me.
So how come it's been in my house for 20 years? It's OK.
It-- If you want the desk, you can have it.
I didn't know.
But what is he gonna do with an antique roll-top desk? I don't know! The point is he left it for me.
But you hated writing in school.
It was like pulling teeth! I'm surprised he can still fill out a parking ticket.
No! Besides, your place is too small.
Amelie, you get the desk.
Nick! Nick! Why do you have to say stuff like that? If the desk was left to him, then he should have the desk.
'Cause he's not gonna use the desk.
I know he's not gonna use the desk! Hello, Dad? Listen, I need you to come over here now! I can't find Nick.
Playing hide and seek, but he neglects to tell anybody that he's hiding! Oh! I said first thing in the morning.
At the latest, tomorrow night.
Nick! Nick! And you're telling me this now? I'm giving you the heads up.
I don't wanna know.
Chartier feels the need to clear his conscience, and you know he's probably gonna clear it to Gendron.
- OK.
That would be a mistake.
- Oh, I know! You got enough problems with the commander, for Christ sakes.
Get your partner in line! He put his old man in jail.
You think he'll listen to me? I won't clean up your mess, but if you bring in some random gangbanger, you better have a good reason.
I'm happy to tell you that violent crimes have dropped in our district for the first time in 4 years.
I used to work patrols, so I know you people don't hear it enough, but good work out there.
Yeah! That mean we're getting a raise, boss? No, these pamphlets are to be distributed throughout the 19th.
They show the areas where we are succeeding.
We are not succeeding in Cabot Square.
My guys are seeing an increase in gang activity.
There are 349 city parks.
You can't win 'em all.
I'm just saying that the pamphlets may not be as effective there.
The community doesn't get to use that park 'cause it's full of drug dealers.
I hear your concern, and you can clear the park of gang activity when you see it.
But when you have something specific, send it over to Guns and Gangs.
They just kick it back to us.
Today's not about gangs.
It's about public outreach, which brings me back to the pamphlets.
Look, you guys probably work the toughest district in the city, and I agree, there are areas where we could be doing more, but if you want to improve a neighbourhood, you have to show the people that you're on their side, and these, believe it or not, is one way to do it.
Make sure they get the rest of these.
You heard the commander.
Pass 'em down! All right, hit the streets, guys.
Be safe.
This is dog shit! First, we let the kid go, now we're handing out picture books to make him feel better.
Yeah, well, I got a name.
Since when? Christopher Belmont, aka Christo.
He lives with his grandmother, You got something for me, huh? Spit it out! Spit it out! Come on! Spit it out! Spit it out! Come on! Ah, jackpot! Ooh! Ah! Fuck! I got one! I got one! I got one! Up you go.
Up you go! You're gonna have to change your diet, partner! That's 4, maybe Yeah, plus whatever else he shits out downtown tonight.
You're gonna go through my shit? Oh yeah! We're gonna be all up in your shit for the next 12 to 15 years.
those little pebbles? How about resisting arrest and armed assault on an officer? I got no idea what you're talking about! That's all right.
We got witnesses who do.
Maybe you shouldn't have been chirping about it all over town.
Your boy, little Mo? He witnessing? Mo? I think Officer Chartier here would make a stronger eyewitness than a black 12-year-old drug lookout, don't you? Fuck, man! Right through this door and to the left.
I want a lawyer.
That's a good idea! I got rights! Of course, you do.
Boss man wants to see you.
Right now? Mm-hmm.
Only you can prevent forest fires.
Pow! See, I don't get it.
Were my instructions this morning unclear? Sir, if Nick wasn't there to talk the kid down, I'd be dead right now.
And I appreciate that, but it doesn't change the situation! He held me hostage at gunpoint! And you neglected to report it! And then you swapped a service bullet to hide the fact that he had overpowered you and that you had fired your weapon.
Look, that was a mistake, and I'm good to face the consequences.
But we need to get this kid off the street, plain and simple! You're right.
He should be off the street! And the both of you should be under indictment for obstruction of justice! But you know what? Neither one of those things are gonna happen if I have anything to do with it.
You two are very lucky that the commander here is gonna go to bat for you.
You're gonna book the kid on simple possession, and then this whole Pandora's box of shit stays closed! He'll be back on the street in a week! Probably less! And the two of you can share credit for it.
Now, get the fuck out of my office! All right, let's go.
Where am I going? Straight to booking.
What, no interview? You're being charged with minor possession of crack cocaine.
Get your ass up.
Ah! Lead the way, officers.
Where are my kids? Where are the fucking pigs who took my kids? OK, whoa, ma'am! You need to calm down! Who said you can just come into people's homes and take my children? My babies are all I have! Of course not! You need to calm down.
Ma'am, your kids are OK.
No, they're not OK! I don't even know where they are! Your children are just fine.
They're safe with Family Services.
Your kids were alone and half-starved when we got there.
You were nowhere to be found.
Who are you? I'm one of the officers who helped place them.
Place them? Place them where? What goddamn right do you have to place my kids anywhere? Hey! Marlene, calm down, all right? This is only gonna get worse.
He was supposed to go check on them.
Who was? My boyfriend.
Son of a bitch! Just tell me where they are! OK, come with me.
Mommy! Oh, honey! Are you OK? I'm so sorry! I missed you! I missed you too.
My Juliette? She's inside.
You guys need to come in too.
Xavier, come here for a second.
Mommy? It's OK, honey.
It's OK.
That's, uh, that's quite the ring your guy's got on his neck there.
Do you think I could get it back? OK.
Thanks, pal.
The yelling has started up again.
D-19, all units.
We have shots fired at Cabot Square.
A black male was in the street.
Copy, 19-2.
Oh, Jesus Christ! Man, it's Christo.
Forensics here yet? Word on the street is that he flipped, 'cause was out of there so quick.
Step back, folks.
Behind the line, the man said.
Did he flip? No.
We're on our way.
There's a good spot over here! Forensics guys are here.
We're trying to do our jobs.
Thank you.
No, no, no, no.
Just stay away from him, OK? Please! Sir, behind the line, please.

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