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Previously on 19-2.
You're pissing away your best years on patrol.
You know that.
You should be frigging tactical.
- It's strange.
- What? Gendron blocking your transfer to nights.
It's like he's going out of his way to keep you on me.
It was just a thing, Izzy, all right? It's over! Whatever, Nick.
It's your life.
You asked me to leave, remember? - Are those two separated or not? - Define "separated.
" Bea got herself a foxy paramedic.
Oh, really? Paramedics are a whole other species! - Hi! - Hi! She's my sister.
Oh, man, she's way too cute! Nice to meet you, Ben Chartier.
And you too! 33-6, we just spotted 2 individuals, black males.
They're running down the stairs.
Oh! Fuck, it's freezing! Get my egg rolls? Yeah, should be in there.
All right! Ah, smells great.
Oh shit! of a pale-green Chrysler 300 on La Gauchetière.
Richard Roche, from Laval.
Oh, Christ! What? It's the mayor of Laval.
Let me handle this.
Can you kill the engine, please? Gentlemen, you gave me a fright! Gonna need you to shut your engine off, sir.
Of course.
What's the issue? Well, your vehicle ran a red, going 70 in a 40.
You apparently changed lanes in the intersection and you're not wearing your seatbelt.
Those would be the issues.
Well, I was just moving my vehicle off the street to a parking lot.
Have you had anything to drink tonight? We had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner.
That's why I was moving my car to a parking lot, so I could leave it overnight.
I'm gonna need to see your license and registration, sir.
- I only went 2 blocks.
- It doesn't matter.
I was trying to do the right thing here.
All right, I'm gonna need you to step out of the vehicle please, sir.
You know, I could leave it right here and pick it up first thing in the morning.
No problem! Afraid that's not how it works.
Christ! I had a couple of drinks over an hour ago, and I was just moving it to a parking lot so I wouldn't have to drive.
Give me one full blow.
I'm getting shit for doing the right thing? For telling the truth? Are you gonna make me ask you again? Huh? We've got plenty of room in the vehicle, all right? Now, blow! Hey! It's OK! Leave it! Your friend's fast.
He got a name? Yeah, just a friend.
Just a friend.
Well, if you don't blow, your night's gonna get a whole lot worse, OK? Now blow.
Harder! Harder! Harder! Come on! Seems like you've had more than a couple glasses.
You know who I am, correct? Sure.
I've seen you on the news.
So, I would bet we have a lot of friends in common.
I bet we do.
Hmm! Officer Barron, this is one of those moments that could affect the rest of your life for worse or for better.
That wasn't far off.
Maybe a block or two.
fired near Haig and Marseille.
19-2, Stand by.
Confirmed, yes, shots fired at Motel Le Marquis.
You guys are closest.
All right, we're on it.
What do we do with him? You heard it.
We gotta take it.
Copy, 19-2.
Seems like this is your lucky night.
No, we can't let him go! All right, wait here.
You get your keys from Station 19 in the morning.
We'll deal with you then.
Yes, yes! Of course.
Thank you, gentlemen! Wait, I-- I need my house keys! Backup's here.
Last door on your right.
Hey, hey! Get back inside.
I got every right to film you! - Get back inside.
- Hey! Guys, stay inside, please.
Police! You OK in there? Police! Ready? Good! Police! Gun on the floor! Clear! It's clear, guys.
Look! _ Are you up, man? I can't hear you.
Get a radio check.
I'm not picking up over here! Probably because of the generator.
Oh, right! What channel? Aw, man, we're gonna be here all night! I thought only horses could sleep standing up.
I wasn't asleep.
Turn to channel 4.
OK, that's enough.
Got everything you need there? Not yet.
Did you happen to film the guy that was staying there before the gunshot? No, why would I do that? Would have been helpful.
Can you please put that down, sir? No.
Let me get your badge number real quick.
Coolio! Gotcha! When my dad was a teenager, he worked at a sawmill, ripping bark off the logs.
He'd stand on this platform-- it was about shoulder-width apart right over top of the saw-- He saw a guy fall asleep on his feet one time.
Lost both his legs and an arm.
That's a very interesting yet depressing story, but I wasn't asleep.
I was thinking.
About what? That I'm glad I don't work in a sawmill.
Jeez, how about the Mayor? The guy should buy a lottery ticket.
Don't worry, he'll show up tomorrow.
What's taking these guys so long? What, are they walking? That's great.
That's a great thing.
Officer Tremblay, you are requested in room 606.
I, uh, saw your exam.
Really? And? Well, I'm not supposed to tell you, but Don't even.
Top 5 percentile.
Bravo! I'm sure you'll ace the interview too.
I hope so.
It's Monday morning, but I'm scheduled the whole weekend.
Where you heading now? Possible suicide, Motel Le Marquis.
- Oh, fun.
- Hmm! Hey, how about this is your last call? But I'm on the schedule, though.
I'll get someone to cover.
Take the weekend.
Thanks! Mm-hmm.
See, um, the interview, it's a big charade, right? But it's important.
The brass needs to be assured you're not gonna make their lives any more difficult.
Of course.
They just want their own ideas bounced back at them, all right? So don't get fancy.
OK, gotcha.
All right, so, uh, call me, if you, uh, want to run it through or anything.
Thank you.
Great, finally! Sorry.
I got held up.
Yeah, well, knock yourself out.
Hey, thanks for taking Theo this weekend.
Yeah, no sweat.
I'm gonna take him up north to the cabin.
Good luck with that.
What? He loves it up there.
He's all yours.
Could Det.
Turgeon please come to the examination room 2B? Hey, don't move.
Stand still! Got him? Hey! Have a nice weekend, man.
Hey! You good? Yeah, why? You need an escort to your car or something? Fuck off! Well, just tell me if I need to be worried about you.
You don't need to be worried about me.
All right.
Have a good weekend! You too.
Hey! Hi! You heading out this weekend? Yeah, I got my son.
Heading up to the cabin.
Male bonding.
That's too bad.
I'll see ya.
That's your boyfriend? Shut up! Hey! Mayor come in for his keys yet? No, not yet.
He's probably still shitting his pants 'cause of his little dinner date.
Who, Usain Bolt? He wasn't black.
Officer Barron! - Yeah.
- Hi! I'm Richard Roche's assistant.
I'm here to collect his keys.
The Mayor can come down and collect them himself.
He apologizes, but he's got an extremely busy day today.
He still faces a citation for driving while intoxicated.
Of course! This is a delicate matter for everybody involved, and rather than kick up a fuss with your sergeant and commander, we'd prefer to clear this up with you directly.
Sure, rather than use up all your favours.
You tell me, Officer.
How do we make this right? If your boss doesn't come in, in person, and sign off on the citation, we'll be forced to put out a warrant.
Jeez! Perfect score! Don't see that too often.
Well, it better be good.
I've been shooting my whole life.
Oh yeah? Oh man, my dad had me cleaning his rifle before I could walk.
You, uh, ever thought about going tactical? I mean, you got rock-star potential.
Yeah, I've thought about it.
Well, if you want, I could write you up a reference, pass it along.
To who, Houle? No.
That's how shit gets done around here.
You gonna guard me or what? Huh? Shut up! OK! making it rain, son.
I can make it rain too.
- You can make it rain too? - I can make it rain too.
Make it rain, then.
Let's see what you got! Come on, man, play defence! Oh! Oh, foul, foul! It's not a foul! Not a foul? Ha! 5-2.
How come I have to go to the cottage tonight? Because I wanna go and it'll be fun, that's why.
If you wanna go so bad, you can go.
I could stay here.
Ha ha! Nice try! Come on, being at one with nature will be good for you.
Besides, it'll only take an hour.
We'll be up there in no time.
A little quality father-son time will be good for both of us, don't you think? Don't you think? Huh? Can we at least go tomorrow? I told Guillaume I was gonna go to his house tonight.
Nope! I'll tell you what.
You make that shot, you get to decide.
All right.
No, no, no! From where you were.
I ain't making it easy on you.
That's bullshit! It was gonna go in.
You just cheated! If you don't agree to the rules, don't cry about it.
Annoying! OK, OK! You can go to Guillaume's tonight, but no sleepover.
We're hitting the road first thing in the morning.
Thanks, Dad.
All right, go on.
Oh, he gets through! Hey! Oh! Superstar! 5-3.
_ _ What's with the backpack? I just talked to Mom.
She said I can go over to Guillaume's tonight.
She said so, did she? Yeah.
I'll be back first thing in the morning.
I promise.
Go on.
Thanks, Dad.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Have fun! I will.
Bye, Dad! What's the matter with you, girl? You bring a hot date to the bar and then ditch her? I think she's doing just fine on her own.
Oh, it's my turn now! Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm! You know, don't get comfortable.
That's what they all say.
Not at all! Here we go.
Ready? Another one.
Down the hatch, baby.
Whoo! Hey, Bear! Come on, babe! Looks like I gotta catch up.
That's right.
Oh yes, you do! What are you doing? Get up! Next round's on me! More tequila please! Hello? Hey! Amelie! It's-- it's Ben.
Hey, Ben! What's up? Where are you? I'm fine, how are you? Oh, you know, working late.
Yeah! I like this song! Oh, uh, sorry.
I can, um I-- I can call you-- I can call you back.
That's fine.
No, no, no, no.
I'm glad you called.
Sorry? Nothing.
What's up? Uh, so listen, I-- I was wondering if you might be free for lunch or something tomorrow.
No, actually, I gotta be back on shift early tomorrow.
No problem.
That's, uh, that's fine.
Hey, I just thought I'd call and say hi.
Well, how about my place in an hour? Uh, did you hear me? I, uh, I did that time.
Yes, um yeah, that sounds good.
I'll see you at your place in an hour.
I'm gonna text you the address.
What? Help me up.
I don't know what you're doing.
What's she doing? - Ready? - Whoo! There you go, baby.
That's good? Get out of here.
That's not how normal people drink.
- That's gonna be weird! - Oh! Shut up! Do it.
Oh yes! I had a dream about this last night.
Oh yeah! I remember this! Oh, thank you, God! Yes! Did you see this? Oh, I love you two! All right, Marie, shots! You wanna get out of here? Sure.
Can we go to your cottage? No, I gotta pick up Theo in the morning.
We can come back.
It's romantic.
Oh, you're a genius, Bear! Yeah? Yeah? I'll wait for you outside.
What's going on over here? Hey! - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
This is, uh, this is a quiet neighbourhood.
It's kind of boring.
I like it.
OK, tell me.
What excitement did the day bring you? Ah! Well, um, a guy blew his head off in a hotel room.
Eww! Yeah, he, um, he did it in the bathtub to cut down on the mess, I guess, but, um, it didn't help.
Hmm! Well, you know, it's the thought that counts.
The strange thing, though, he, um, he wrote something on the motel stationary before he did it.
What? Just one word.
" I wonder what he was referring to.
Yeah, I know.
It could've been anything.
Hmm! Well, was he married? Didn't have a ring.
Hmm I'm sorry.
We don't have to talk about work.
We'll figure this out, you know.
It's OK! What's the biggest lie you ever told? Well, I try to never lie if I can help it! That's great! Actually, that's a lie.
Yeah! OK, let me think of something here.
Oh, wow! You got something big cooking.
Yeah! Mm-hmm! OK, um, when I was 11, my dad hit a dog with his car.
It wasn't my dad's fault.
The dog just ran out, but I still lied for him.
I even helped the kid hang up posters all around town.
Why? My dad's a drunk.
Your turn.
Um, well, I did a lot of lying for my mom too.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
She was a child in the body of a grown woman.
It's not a lot of fun being the parent of your parent.
Yeah, tell me about it.
We don't talk anymore, and they blame me.
Who blames you? My mother, my brother, the neighbours.
The whole town, come to think of it.
And your ex? What makes you think I have an ex? Come on, you're not the type to be single, and you're not the type that cheats.
You wouldn't have called me if it wasn't over between you.
Hmm! Whatever it was, it was big.
You're good.
It's my job! So, what about you? You, um, divorced? No! No, I'm a little different.
I don't do monogamous relationships.
Never? No.
I know from experience that they don't work.
Cool! That's, uh That's, uh, that's cool! Wow! You scare easy.
Oh yeah! Oh my God! Oh! Open your mouth.
Shhh, shhh, shhh! I said open your mouth, you little whore.
Jesus Christ! Hey! That's it! What's wrong? Hey! Hey! No, no, slow down, slow down! Listen, I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
I'm freezing! Ah, me too.
Let's hurry.
Let's try this one.
Come on! Jesus! Bingo! Yes! All right, let's see what we got here.
Kleenex, gum.
What is all this bullshit? Dude, cop! Get down, man! Cops! God, did they see us? Holy shit! Dude! Dude, calm down.
It's probably just a friend of your pop's.
You sure? Yes, calm down.
All right.
Hey, man, check this out.
What are you doing? Oh my God! Oh my God! Holy shit! Just-- just run! Beatrice! Let me call you a taxi, at least! It's fine.
I'll walk.
Come on, don't walk! It's dangerous.
And it's raining! It's fine! Hey, stop! Stop.
Come on, look at me.
Hey, stop! Stay with me! Look, I'm sorry! OK? Come on.
Forgive me? OK? OK.
Friends again? Yeah.
Don't! Hey, this is what you care about? I'm serious! Give it back to me! Come and get it from me! No! Oops! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Holy shit! Oh! Sorry! So, this is the famous cabin, huh? Yeah.
It was worth the trip.
I don't know.
You tell me! Mmm! Mmm! I like your style, but I gotta find the key, baby! OK, go in.
Go in now.
I should go.
I understand.
Well, you gotta work early in the morning, so Sure! I don't want this to be a 15-minute thing either, so OK.
Call me in the morning? I can make that work.
You know, your brother and I are already on the rocks.
This isn't gonna help our working relationship.
Would anything? Don't you dare! Goddammit! No, Nick! I gotta take it.
It might be Theo.
I'm sorry.
Hello? Hey.
Guillaume's mother just called.
She's looking for him.
Guillaume? Yeah, he's supposed to be with Theo, who's supposed to be with you.
No, Theo said you said he could stay at Guillaume's house.
- Aw, shit! - Jesus, Nick! Look, I'll take care of it.
I'll put a GPS trace on his phone.
I'm sorry.
It's Theo.
We gotta go.
Hey, you little hog! Oh shit! Guillaume! Dad? Give me that.
Brandy? You gotta be kidding me! You should bring him home.
Hold that.
Get up! Very disappointed in you, Son.
Very disappointed in you.
You drank this? What's wrong with you? There you go.
Get it out.
There you go.
That's it.
Get it out.
There you go.
You feel better? See, that's what happens when you steal brandy from your dad's cabinet.
Not so much fun, is it? Am I going away? No, you're not going away.
I think this counts as time served, son.
You don't have to stay.
Ah, just let him sleep.
I'll stay here on the couch and take him home in the morning.
No, it's OK.
I can keep him.
What about work? Turns out I have tomorrow off.
And how did you swing that? Mom! I'll get it.
No, I'll get it.
Coffee? Yeah.
There you go.
How's Theo? He's still sleeping it off.
What are we gonna do about him, Nick? It was bound to happen sooner or later.
It's not the end of the world.
It's not that he got drunk.
He lied to us.
Yeah, well, I'm not ready to push him away right now.
He's been through a lot already.
We all have.
This was supposed to be your weekend with him.
He didn't wanna leave town.
So you went up to the cabin by yourself? Yeah.
Look, I'll punish him.
No practice for a month.
No practice, no games.
You got it.
It's not funny, man! You gotta admit, it is a little bit funny.
Stupid bitch! Paramedics are crazy! You ever think that maybe you just have bad taste in women? Now I gotta tell Houle what happened.
Well, you know, I know a guy who works for the city.
He might be able to pull that grate for you.
That is, if your gun isn't already in the St.
The Mayor hasn't come in yet.
Yeah, he's not coming back.
Well, I'm gonna issue a warrant.
Got the citation.
Forget it.
It's not worth it.
The guy blew over! It was just over the line.
If we issue a warrant, the media's gonna be all over this, over that rent-boy in the car.
The guy's got a wife and kids.
You really wanna ruin his life? Is that your thing? All right, fine.
Forget it.
Burke, please take Line 1.
Tactical squad? Is this what you want? I just wanna know if it's an option.
Well, of course it's an option.
Obviously, you can shoot and you're not an asshole for the most part.
Thank you, sir! That's notwithstanding your failure to report the hostage situation with Barron.
However, I went out of my way to keep you on this shift because you wanted to make it work with Barron, so what is it? Is this just a stepping stone for you? No, sir.
So there's nothing to discuss.
Maybe someday down the road.
Thank you, sir.
All right, pal.
I'll be right back, OK? We had to pull a lot of strings to get your friend in here.
I mean, this place has a wait list that you wouldn't believe.
It looks nice.
Laval's nice.
Maybe you should think about moving.
The future's here.
I'm sure it is.
Who is he to you, anyway? If you don't mind me asking.
My partner.
So? Keys? Right.
See ya.
See ya.
19-2, you there? Tactical is staging an operation at 1226 Nazareth.
We need all available units to assist at 13:00 hours.
What is it? You'll be briefed on-site.
What's the 20? Give us that 20 again? 1226 Nazareth.
You got that? I got that.
I don't see shit except shit.
It's gone? It might be down there, it might not.
I'd have to pull the whole grate to find out, and then it might be long gone.
How long will that take? Well, that's no, uh, small job.
Our friend Nick says you wanna keep this on the DL? How much? Well, just the union wage for a few hours' work.
JM and Vince are on the south side.
Tyler, I need you to lock it up with them.
Yes, sir.
What's happening? Once we get the go-ahead from tactical, I need you guys to lock up the north end of the perimeter, corner of Inspecteur and William.
It's 3 blocks in that direction.
That address, what is it? A house, an apartment? It's a big old brick shithouse.
You can't miss it.
Who we going after? You're not going after anybody.
We're holding perimeter till tactical does their thing.
Wait for my word.
Let's go.
Come on! Come on, eh? Officer? I was looking for Sgt.
Well, he's out on a raid.
Can I help you? Would be kind of nice to know what we're getting into here.
Guess they figured we didn't need to know.
Team One is a go.
Repeat, Team One is a go Team One, are we all clear? Team One? Shots fired! All 19 cars, into position! Go, go, go, go, go! We have 2 armed suspects inside, possibly more.
- Shit! - They've got us pinned! What the hell is going on? Where's that backup We need fire and ambulance now! Oh sh-- Christ! You two stay back! Hold position! Hold the perimeter! What the hell happened? The place was booby-trapped.
The guys inside started shooting.
We got cops down.
What are you saying? I don't know.
Just hold the perimeter.
Hello? Hello over here! What the hell happened in there? Someone fucked up.

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