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Previously on 19-2 Chartier, why don't you let us worry about the big picture? - You focus on Barron.
- You said the mole could be anybody in 19.
I would like to welcome back Audrey Pouliot.
I just don't want any special treatment, you know? You won't get any from me.
Oh, for f You go to meetings, random testing.
- How many meetings? - Three a week for a year.
- Get up! - Get off! I had an accident! I know what you did.
He's your father! Hey there.
Good morning, beautiful.
Good morning.
You don't remember me, do you? Oh, I remember.
And yet you don't.
Think back.
A long time ago.
Okay Phyllis Linrose.
- I'm her sister.
- Phyllis linrose - How do I know that name? - Phyll The Thrill? You're Phyll The Thrill's sister? You've been in my house! You really don't remember.
- What happened? - Ah, we caught a murder.
Homicide didn't, um didn't show up till 5 in the morning.
You could've called.
I know, my stupid phone died.
Just go back to sleep.
I gotta shower and go right back in.
Ben You need a new battery.
I know.
I'll get one.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What are you doing here? You okay? I'm not loving the attention.
It'll pass.
The general meeting - will start in 15 minutes.
- It's a reminder.
- You really need one? - I gotta get dressed.
Chartier, Barron, 19-2, lunch at 12.
Brouillard and légaré, 19-7, lunch at 11.
Hamelin and Pouliot, Riding together again.
You turn her gay, bear, and I'm coming for one of yours.
If anyone's gonna turn me gay, J.
, I'm looking at him.
One taste, you'd be coming back for more.
Pouliot, you're due for recert at the gun range.
You guys can go after lunch.
Looking forward to it.
- Uniform quotas.
- Commander? Squad's over again.
You got replacements - for the rest of the year.
- So they're just supposed - to go out in stained shirts? - That'll be good for optics.
Was I talking to you? Keep 'em clean and make 'em last.
"Keep 'em clean and make 'em last".
Sure, boss, no problem.
I'll think about that next time I see someone bleeding.
New batch of bulletins, speed traps this week, downtown core.
Ran into Amélie the other day.
Had to go back in over my statement, she was doing follow-up with the kids at the school.
Does Catherine know? Alright, I just gotta see what's up.
Five minutes.
- What's up? - Family shit.
- So what's this emergency? - Look at this shit.
- What is it? - Some zoning bullshit.
Talked to a lawyer, he says I'm screwed.
Yeah, okay.
"Yeah, okay" what? Someone's being a dick.
Says your building isn't zoned for industry.
- What industry? It's a body shop! - Yeah, well, - it's not zoned right.
- Okay, so why is it coming up now? I don't know, maybe some bylaw officer trying to make good.
- Okay, so what we gonna do about it? - We? It's your money too.
- What the hell am I supposed to do? - Nick, come on, man.
The lawyer says if we go to court, they can open up the books.
So what was that about? Ah, nothing.
It's just business.
You in business with your cousin? - It's complicated.
- Looked like it.
- Oh, ten o'clock.
- Five bucks she was flashed.
- I'll take that.
- Step back, ma'am.
You okay? - What's the problem? - Oh God, there's this guy over there, he's really creepy.
What's going on? I don't know, he tried to attack me.
He's killing squirrels.
- Did he touch you? Did he hurt you? - No, but I ran away.
- Is he still here? - He's over there.
Want me to collect now or later? Get your coffee.
How you doing, sir? - Piggies in a blanket, piggies in a blanket! - How many squirrels you got there? Eight, eight, I got eight.
Cock! - You're not allowed to hunt squirrels, sir.
- Got a small game license.
- Cock! - Do you have Tourette's, sir? Never heard of it.
- How'd you manage to bag eight squirrels? - With my disability? No, with your slingshot.
The ticks go away when I'm hunting.
My dad figured it out.
Cock! Sorry.
The woman over there says you threatened her.
'Cause she was being a cunt! Hey, come on, don't don't say that.
It's a condition.
She wants to press charges.
- Well, fuck her and fuck you too, asshole! - Alright, guys, - let's move away.
Give us a little space.
- Titty titty tata! I got a diagnosis, okay! - Cock, cock, cock, cock, - Why don't we cock, cock, cock, cocksucker! Alright, how about we leave the park for those who don't wanna get sworn at? Do you have a place to go? Huh? I'm eating squirrels, what the fuck do you think? - We can get you a bed at a shelter.
- I hate shelters.
- They won't let me in with my food.
- I'm afraid - I'm gonna have to take that.
- Hey, screw you! Calm down, sir.
- You don't take my shit! - Hey, calm down, calm down.
Calm down.
Put your hands in front of you.
Put 'em in front of you.
Right in front of you.
Be still, okay? Sure, arrest an old man! Don't arrest the real criminals! What are you waiting for? Slow, slow, slow.
two suspects, dépanneur - corner Rachel and Fabre.
- 194 responding.
- That's Audrey.
I'm gonna swing by.
- There'll be four other cars.
- We're almost there.
- So they took the cash register.
Yeah, I couldn't open it, so they just took - What did they look like, sir? - Bear.
One tall guy, one short guy.
He had Look at these guys! Look at these guys! Look at these guys! register on Notre-dame and St.
Anne stop! Stop! Stop! They're right there! Stop! Stop! Stop! Put it down! Hands! Hands! Against the wall! Get against the wall! You good? Got 'em? Get 'em outta here.
Please report to room 515 for a general meeting.
I got eight! Eight, and they're good! - Don't ask.
- Don't tell me.
I won't even ask.
It's alright.
You're alright.
I gotta take this shirt from you, alright? Help me out here.
I'm gonna take it off, put it in the bag and give it back to you after, okay? Fuck, I hate that.
- What? - Turd the size of a cantaloupe and she's just walking on.
Excuse me? I believe that belongs to you.
Oh, I'm so sorry, I ran out of bags.
Well, let me help you out.
Pop it.
Here you go.
- Excuse me? - Hey, leave her alone! Why are you bothering her? Don't you have anything better to do? You're just being bullies! - This doesn't concern you, sir.
- Why don't you - go get yourself a donut, dyke? - Hey, watch your mouth! Do you have a problem with our doing our job, sir? I think you provide a very valuable service.
There was a jaywalker here a moment ago, you just missed him.
- Can I see your ID? - What for? I'm giving you a ticket.
- Drinking in public.
- This is my property.
Well, feel free to contest it.
- What's your name? - Ronald McDonald.
- We could take you into the station, make it a lot worse.
- What for? I haven't done anything.
Fucking pigs.
- What'd you say? - You heard me.
- That is not acceptable.
Put your hands behind your back! - Fuck this! - Come back here! - 19-4, we need backup.
George! George! George! George! Let go of me! - Shut up! - You're hurting me! Hands behind your back.
You're fucking crazy! - Why are you doing that? - He's harmless! Stay back! - Please, just stay back! - I didn't do anything! - I wanna know why you're doing this! - Just let him go! - Stop! - Let me go! What are the charges? Get off of me! - Hands behind your back! - Fucking asshole! - Get back in there! - What is wrong? You get the fuck back in there! - I have a right to know! - No, you don't! Tell me! It's police work! You shut that off, okay? Do you hear that? You get back in there! Back up, okay? Come on, come on, just back up.
- She's crazy! - Let's go, let's go.
Let's go, alright? Get out of here.
It's time to move.
- Make a move.
- I'm gonna make a complaint about this! Yeah, well, you fucking do that, asshole! Fuck! - I think it's time for you to leave, sir.
- Get out of here, okay? Thank you.
Thank you, folks.
Thank you for cooperating.
Go back to your jobs.
It's done, alright? - Hey, what happened here? - She lost it.
Rammed it up against the old guy and then freaked out on the crowd.
- Is this the first time? - She's been totally fine up until now.
Nothing wrong.
- She does not need this going around.
- You're right, she doesn't.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Where are you? I was supposed to pick you up 15 minutes ago.
Sorry, mom, I My class got sent to the library for some research assignment.
- Theo, I'm on a shift! - I said I was sorry.
What library? Uh, it's fine, I can I'll take the bus.
Okay, just make sure you're home in time for dinner.
- Yeah, okay.
- Bye.
- Did she buy it? - Of course she did.
Guess cops aren't that smart after all.
- What could you possibly be looking up now? - You.
Attempted break-in at 765 Pontiac.
Why did you just do that? We have 40 minutes left on shift.
You said the cut-off time was half an hour.
You, wait at the car.
- See? - So you didn't see anything? No, I told you, I heard them.
And you didn't bother to look out the window? I didn't want them to know that I was home.
Okay, well, I mean, it looks like it could be a squirrel or a raccoon - or something, I don't know.
- I know what a raccoon sounds like.
Alright, I'll file a report.
Look, Ms.
Renaud, we both know this just reeks of bullshit, so let's make a deal.
I won't charge you with making a fraudulent 911 call, and you'll agree to leave my partner alone from now on.
You think I called 911 so that I could see your partner? - Abso-fucking-lutely.
- How would that work, exactly? Would I just call 911 and tell the operator which cop I want her to send over, like ordering a pizza? Lady, I don't know.
Rationalize all you want, okay, you fucked a guy in a St.
Denis shitter while he was on the job.
I heard a noise at my back door, okay? Okay, okay.
- I told you, I will write a report.
- Thank you.
Is there anything else, ma'am? Officer.
Ma'am? Say I did want to see your partner again, how would I do that? So? Idiot.
This one is my file.
The shoplift the other day.
We forgot to attach his extradition papers.
The judge needs them.
- What papers? Extradition where? - Manitoba.
Call the RCMP.
Is this the, uh Lieutenant's application? Yeah.
You'll get it.
I'm not putting in this year.
- Why not? - Nick Come on, that's bullshit.
You should've made it last year.
It's your life.
The thing today with Audrey, you were there? Yeah, we saw most of it, why? Apparently, the guy's some kind of folk singer.
He has friends.
There were complaints.
It was by the book.
Audrey tried to make an arrest, guy's friends crossed the line.
Ask Bear.
Leon? - What happened to him? - He got into two fights in holding.
He should be isolated.
And I'm sure he will be.
He's been charged.
The guy sang at the mayor's inauguration.
How could you not have recognized him? - I like RNB.
- He said you entered without permission.
- He was fleeing.
I was in pursuit.
- Fleeing from what? - He spat at me.
- Did you use excessive force? Not even close.
She was by the book; His friends escalated.
You fucking shut this thing off! Do you hear that? Fuck that! All of you, step back! This is going to your file.
I'm sorry.
Goddamn white shirts.
One minute she's trying to be my new best friend, - and the next she's writing me up.
- She's just doing her job.
Yeah, so let me do mine.
Oh I was not expecting you.
Need a favour.
No, that's good.
Okay, yeah, thanks.
- Well, your guy has clearly got some issues.
- Mm-hmm.
His file's a mess.
He's clearly living with coprolalia, the swearing, but I think it's a mask for something.
OCD maybe.
- Either way, he hasn't been diagnosed.
- So there's nothing you can do? Well, no, um I've got a guy who can get him on a psych form, and they'll evaluate him, and then I can probably get him into a group home if he's open to that.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
So what's so special about this guy? He's not gonna do well in prison.
I just couldn't be responsible, you know? Yeah.
How you doing? One of those days.
- Do you wanna go grab a drink? - Yeah.
I can't, though.
I've got, um - A thing? - It's not Catherine.
It's just Just a thing.
- Where's your partner? - Taking a personal day.
Which I hope includes a hot bath and a therapy session.
You and I, we've got stones around our necks, Chartier.
So, uh, Nick this is who he's been spending all his time with.
Cassie Clement.
Assault, possession, possession with intent, - weapons - They're cousins.
Is that all they are? They're in, uh some kind of business together.
- What kind of business? - I don't know.
Well we will find out.
Get the password from Nick's phone, unlock it, stick this in.
Five seconds, light will turn green.
Right, I'll just, uh I'll just get his password.
Nick's a good cop.
Well, if he's clean, you're not really doing him any harm.
Sir? Is this, uh What is this about? My daughter hasn't come home in three days.
Did you have a fight? Doesn't matter.
What matters is you can help me find her.
Did she have a fight with somebody else, a boyfriend or something? I don't know.
I, uh I don't know if she If she has a boyfriend.
She's an addict.
- What's she on? - She's a junkie.
Whatever the hell she can get her hands on.
Tell me what I can do.
Tell me what you need.
I need you to go look for her.
- If she sees me, then - Sure.
- And keep this between us.
- Of course.
I, uh I know some of the places that she hangs at.
This is, uh - This is a photo of her.
- How old is she? She's 16.
I've never seen her before, okay? Why don't you have an actual look and tell me if you're sure.
Why? You a cop? It's my friend's daughter, she's been missing for a few days.
- Help me out.
- Like I said, I've never seen her before.
Give us a minute.
Isaac, you playing with my partner? Nick, man, I didn't know you were a part of this.
This girl we're looking for.
- You give him a name? - No.
He doesn't need one.
He just needs to tell us who her dealer is.
Look, she almost never buys from me, okay? So where does she go? Hey, come on, take it easy! Take it easy, alright? She's buying at a motel.
Ville D'anjou.
Harder stuff than this.
Let's call a narcotics buy.
We'll bill Gendron.
Let's get out of here.
So you saw Amélie.
Yeah, at the command post, I told you.
- And? - We went for a drink.
- What'd you talk about? - You.
- It's not as romantic.
- No, it wasn't.
She told me about your dad.
- What'd she tell you? - That he took off when you were a kid.
That's how my mother tells it.
That he's probably in Jamaica surrounded by a brood of bastard kids.
And you don't believe her? Your dad's gone, he's gone.
It doesn't matter why.
Sure it does.
Don't you wanna know what happened to him? Word in the neighbourhood is someone put a hit on him.
Really? I believe it.
He was a crook.
It caught up with him.
Just 'cause they couldn't find the body doesn't make it a mystery.
You ever wonder who killed him? Sorry.
I don't think that's her.
Wait here.
All you have to do is make them happy, okay? Here.
Go like this.
Take that shirt off.
I got a surprise for you.
Grown-up shoes.
There we go.
- The fuck you doing? - Ah! He's got a gun! We saw the girl, we had to act, there was no time.
You understand that.
You got the girl out, so that's what matters.
- Did she say something? - Not yet.
We've got the gun you took, so maybe that'll lead somewhere.
What's gonna happen to the girl? No ID, no missing persons report, so She'll go into care.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- I wanna talk about something.
- Sure.
I think Theo needs help.
His marks.
I wanna get him a tutor.
I'll pay for it.
- And science.
- And science.
Does that help? With your - exam? - I'm not taking the exam.
- I was just thinking if I - It's not open for discussion, Nick.
Why not? What's stopping you? Look, I'm just trying to help you You know what, Nick? You wanna help me? Stop acting like we're still married.
Give people a chance to stop thinking about you when they look at me.
Is that why you didn't get promoted? Just drop it.
It's because of me.
There's an open file.
I think it's 'cause of Harvey.
We were married and - What open file? - I don't know.
They just told me to wait.
She with him now? Have you got a name? - Yeah.
- What's up? Apparently, Gendron's daughter is with some scumbag name of Cray.
Goes by Big C.
Alright, got his address here in the pointe.
Well, hello, Gloria! Who's Gloria? Uh, nobody.
I need I need you to come home.
It's not home.
I can't I can't keep doing this.
I want my daughter back.
I'm not a child.
I know.
I know.
But you're in trouble and - And I'm here for you, okay? - Bullshit! Bullshit! Do you think I'm ever gonna trust you? Am I going to the station? No.
No, but Will you listen to me? - You laughing at my follow through? - I'm laughing at the shoes.
You laughing at this? Zero toe-heel drop, baby, fresh out the box.
Kid at the store said this is the shit.
Gotta look the part of you wanna fit in, know what I mean? And what part is that? I'm your new bantam basketball coach, baby.
- Oh, yeah? - Forging a new generation - of globetrotters.
- Well, I'll say it again, - man, you look good.
- Thanks a lot, man.
That goddamn bullet gave me my life back.
I'm glad to hear that someone's seeing our school shooting in a positive light.
Thank you, Chartier, I'll take that as a compliment.
What about you? - I'm fine.
- You don't look fine, dog.
I'm just saying, if you wanna go for a drink, anytime.
I knew that would get your attention.
Asshole in my meeting says humour is the best remedy.
- Oh yeah? How's that make you feel? - I punched him in the nutsack.
You wanna catch one? - Hmm - "Hmm" You missing the boat, baby! Work on that follow through, I tell you! Hey, it's me.
Tyler Joseph's been cleared for duty.
He's quit drinking.
So anything that you wanna Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Leon! It's time for you to see the doctor! Commander.
Can I have a word? What's this about? You got a friend in the zoning board, isn't that right? Uh-huh.
What do you want? It's my cousin.
He's got this business and, uh He needs to change his zoning.
Are you serious? The place has been in business for 40 years, no complaints.
It's a bullshit violation.
It'll put him out of business.
No more favours.
That's just bullshit.
A folk singer with clout.
I lost it.
No, you didn't.
You just got wound up.
Shrink told me it would happen.
She said either that or fear, so - You got the job done.
- I know.
I'm fine.
Kind of got a kick out of it.
And you know, the only thing I regret is not bringing in his asshole of a friend there.
Clark? - George.
- George! George!! Help!! George! What an asshole.
Oh, no That scar It's beautiful.
- I could've gotten it fixed.
- Who's George? A dick.
I hear Tyler's doing great.
Good to have him back.
- Did you hear he stopped drinking? - Good for him.
It's not gonna last.
Oh! Gotta make those, son! Hey Nicky, what's up? You call me? Yeah.
- Took care of your thing.
- Our thing.
Come on, get back on D! So, just like that? It's done, alright? Never happened.
- I knew you had pull.
- I don't.
It's a one-time thing.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
You owe me.
Who was that guy? He's my cousin.
How come I haven't met him before? You probably don't remember.
We just sort of lost touch ever since my dad Took off.
We don't know that.
- Grandma says - Grandma doesn't know either.
He was killed.
Figure the cops did it.
Come here.
Come here, boy.
The one thing in this life that you don't wanna do is make enemies.
You wanna get loved, do you hear me? Yes, sir.
You liked him.
My dad.
Was he a lot like you? Nah.
I don't think he was.
Ah, it's all good.

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