19-2 (2014) s02e04 Episode Script


- Previously on 19-2 - They're cousins.
They're in some kind of business together.
Get the password from his phone, unlock it, stick this in.
- You look good.
- Thanks a lot, man.
That God damn bullet gave me my life back.
- Did you hear he stopped drinking? - Good for him.
- It's not going to last.
- Say I did want to see your partner again.
How would I do that? The one thing in this life that you don't want to do is make an enemy.
You want to get along.
Do you hear me? Yes, sir.
Fight in progress at Parisian Nails, - a black woman and a white male.
- 3610 en route.
- Copy.
- 19-2 responding as well.
That's in 36.
- Copy that, team two.
- Backup.
I didn't do anything wrong, don't be coming around my place! - I didn't do anything wrong! - Sit down! - I didn't do anything wrong! - Don't you dare touch her! Everything ok, here? Yeah, I got it.
You're from 25, aren't you? - 19, heard the call.
- All the way from 19! - Good.
You call me an ambo.
- For what? For what she did to my face.
Look! - Yeah - I didn't do anything wrong! - Copy, 19-2.
- We were minding our damn business in there! I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't do anything wrong! - Rita! Rita, calm down.
- I want to talk to you.
- Calm down.
- This is some bullshit! - You're making matters worse.
- He comes into my place and our business and he coming around me and I stop him and I'm the one in cuffs? - Just calm down, just listen - This is bullshit! - Just tell me what happened.
Talk to me.
- He came in to use the toilet, we said we don't have a public toilet, and then he tries to steal the tip jar off the counter.
- She's lying! - Rita blocks the door and they start wailing on each other and pulling each other's hair, and he tries to give the tip jar back and that's when the cops showed up and put Rita to the ground.
- Just calm down, ok? - This is bullshit! - Fucking bitch! Rot in hell! - You try to steal from my business? Right there, stay there, please.
I'll be right back to you, ok? Just calm down.
- Jesus! - Take it easy, ok? Things are going to be fine.
- I got it from here.
Let's go! - Don't touch me! - Rita, relax! - Stop touching me! - I didn't do anything wrong! - I don't know what happened Stay there, please.
We need some units to do a sector search.
- This is a bit much, no? - A bit much? - See what she did to my face? - I think you'll survive.
Did you come up from the 19 just to give me a problem? - Just trying to help.
- Fuck you! So how do you know Officer Barron? Gonna put me in the back of a cop car in front of my place of business! A degradation, this! Alright, I'll talk to Kaz, he'll meet you at the station with a lawyer.
A lawyer? You need to get these damn cuffs off of me.
Rita, you attacked a guy.
- He attacked me! - There's not much I can do - right this second.
- This is bullshit! - Nick! - Let it go.
It's unnecessary.
Mm! What do you want? Vince, you hear yet? - Yeah, I'm walking up.
- Yeah? Come in the back door.
- Your friend's here.
- What? Why? No, no, no Ma'am? - Waiting for somebody? - Not you.
Look, um You don't want to do this.
- Do what? - Vince is just one of those guys, ok? I mean, yeah, sure, he'll fuck a badge bunny, whatever, but he doesn't really have any respect, so to him it's just kind of like, um slumming.
Fuck you.
You wearing anything under there? You can have them back I'm sorry, officer, what did you say about my panties? Alright.
You know what? Forget about it.
And you can forget about Vince, too, - ok? - What did he say about me? What did he say about you! You don't want to know what he said about you.
How about I go in that station and tell them why you have my fucking panties in your pocket? Ok.
You want to know what he said? He said he was already in the bathroom so he figured, you know, might as well just go.
Ma'am I'm back with Tyler.
It's too bad we can't still ride together.
The nurses at St.
Mark's were so fine, I was getting to dig deep in every nook and cranny.
I was coming up with medical issues I didn't even know I had! And there she is! The light - at the end of my tunnel.
- Did you get a near death experience from that little scratch? I sure did, baby, but you know what brought me back? The thought of you.
I told the Grim Reaper, "wait! My partner needs me.
" - What? What up, swag? - What up, baby? - Good Yes sir! - Are you good? - Well, welcome back.
- Thank you, thank you.
You know what time it is.
- You in? Let's do it.
- Let's do it! You sure you should be doing paintball? You just took a shot in the neck.
- It's two for one, baby! - Don't take any stupid injuries doing that.
- Sarge, it's two for one! - I'll pass.
- Tough crowd.
- Fill it up.
I'll wait.
You've got to be kidding me.
I told you it was random.
That means it can happen any time.
- I've been back 5 minutes.
- End of shift you're doing a breathalyzer.
Let's go.
It's a stupid situation.
- Who is she? - Rita.
My cousin's girl.
- She's a handful.
- Yeah.
Kaz is always getting himself into trouble, including her.
A guy in a tree at the corner of Beaumont and De I'épée.
Copy, 19-2.
It was a loud club, so I couldn't really yell or scream or anything No! Fucking firefighters! With a cat, they'd be here by now.
Sir, come on down from there so I don't have to shout at you.
Leave me alone, please! Looks like you got enough sleep last night.
I can get up there.
I can get up there! No.
Not a bright idea.
See, he's got the higher ground.
Let me get a ladder.
Hey, Marcel, how you keeping, man? Shitty, man.
Pretty shitty.
- What's up? - They took my kids way, man! decide to take my kids away? Does that make any god damn sense to you? - Not really, no.
- Shit's topsy-turvy! You remember the guys I told you about on Hogan Street? The pharmacy hold-ups? - Yeah, yeah, that was some good info.
- Of course it was.
I just need you to hear me out, man! - Is it a long story? - Hell, yeah, man! She's making a complaint.
Who is? The girl from the bathroom.
Fuck! Witch! - Ok, she's crazy.
She's crazy.
- I told you.
She was outside the station with you, right? - I told you that.
- Alright, she's stalking me.
That's the story.
You have my back.
- Legare! - You got my back.
Yes, sir? - My office, now.
- Yeah.
I just want a bite! Detective Kimball is requested at the reception desk.
Listen, man, I don't want money.
Money's bad for me right now.
But if I need you to write me a letter for me for family court, - you can do that? - Yeah, of course.
- You got my number, right? - Yeah.
Alright, give me a call.
- I'm counting on you, man! - Alright.
- No ladder? - Negative.
You see, the Buddhist guy there lent it to the Muslim over there, and he's not willing to pick it up for reasons complicated and unclear.
- Is that guy an informant? - Yeah.
So you're really going to vouch for a guy like that in court? Naw, man, he's a hope-to-die smackhead.
Custody's the last - thing he needs.
- Christ.
Sir, get down from there right now before I have to charge you with public mischief.
- Leave me alone! - Jesus, shit! Told you.
Higher ground.
I'm going to kill these guys! Ah! Well, here you go.
Yeah, I mean, we've had a bunch of run-ins with her, sir.
I mean, - she's nuts, you know? - Really? Based on what? Well, I mean, she was at the station, uh, today.
saw her.
She came to file a complaint.
About events that happened in a public bathroom.
Correct? I keep talking about You believe her? I mean, come on.
Did you fuck her? Did you fuck that girl? No.
Ok? Nothing happened.
Ok Write it down.
All of it.
You forget something, that's one thing.
You write down a lie - Thanks for coming out, boys.
- That's an hour and 12 minutes.
If it's a fire, the whole block's gone.
- But it's not a fire, is it? - It's a guy in a tree.
You know, Mickey Mouse calls like this actually take us away from other business.
- Other business like what? - You have a ping-pong tournament? Get him out of the tree! - Did you try shooting him down? - Shut the fuck up, man.
I'll do it myself.
Where the fuck do you think you're going? - Whoa! Hey! - Want some? Huh? Everybody loves firemen.
We do not punch firemen.
Yes sir.
Do I have to put that in writing? - No sir.
- Do I have to put that up on the bulletin board? "Do not beat up the fire department?" No sir.
Get out of here.
Hey, hey, what's happening, baby? What's the matter with him? Some red-haired chick filed a complaint.
- Sexual misconduct.
- Shit! - What's that? - Against who? Your partner.
What happened? Vince fucked some broad in the bathroom on duty.
God damn rookie! I'm putting you down to Velcro pending an investigation.
The alleged victim lives in 19, so you'll be going elsewhere.
Sir, please - Jesus Christ - I'm sorry.
Leave your tools on my desk.
You're going to have to sign this.
Will you look at that thing? I know, huh? I wonder if it's ever going to fall down.
- Oh, it's just a matter of time.
- Yeah.
Most towns have a monument to freedom, or to God.
Us? We just have a big old monument to corruption.
It's the bridges I worry about.
That special mafia concrete That's right, but that's why I love this crumbly old town.
Just when you get complacent, a big giant piece of concrete falls from the sky to wake your ass up and say, "smell the roses, mofo!" Ah, speaking of waking up, uh-oh, look what we have here.
Ha ha I love it! - What you got in that mug, sir? - Water? - Hey! This is it! This is it! - Alright, alright.
You can't have that on the sidewalk, ok? Let me hold that for you.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey, brother, look at me, look at me.
- Right here! Right here! - I'm looking at you.
This is it! Oh, I know what you're going through.
Huh? Boom! Clarity.
It's all coming together, right? Alright, you have a good one.
Off you go.
This is it! This is it! This is it! He's drunk.
Yeah, I know he's drunk.
Why'd you keep the mug? - It's for my collection.
- Why would a guy who doesn't drink anymore have a mug collection? - You have it, then.
- That's not the point! You know, Bear, sometimes a mug is just a mug.
Yo, hello? Hey! Rita doesn't have her immigration papers yet so if this trial goes to indictment, she's deported.
- Naw.
She won't get deported.
- Yes! Yes she is, man, I've seen it happen.
Trust me.
Well, I tried talking to the arresting officer now that he's cooled down, but I can't be interfering.
- Why not? - 'Cause we're family.
That looks bad.
That's right.
We're family.
No, no, no, no.
Remember when your pops had a tab here, and we used to come in and get the chocolate bars and then we sell them on the street for Spent it all on Street Fighter in the back.
- Double Dragon.
- Oh, Double Dragon.
My bad.
- See, when you pumping gas - Pops.
I want to know what happened to him.
- Nobody knows, man.
- Somebody knows.
I want to know who disappeared him.
I was just a kid when it happened.
Plus, you never came back around after you left.
- 'Less you needed something.
- Hey! - That's not true.
- I took that shit personally.
Don't take it personally.
Don't don't guilt trip me.
I'm not.
It's good to have you back, man.
Maybe we can ask questions.
About my father.
Rita, though Is the future mother of my kids.
You feel me? Yeah.
What the fuck? No favours.
I'm not asking for a favour, just making a polite suggestion.
Yeah, I don't need any of those, either.
That girl didn't do anything wrong except try to stop a thief.
She didn't do anything wrong? I'm sure you've seen worse, working such a hard district.
- 36 is no joke.
- No doubt.
Wouldn't be hard to rack up a few excessive force complaints around here.
What are you at? 4? 5? My friend, they've all been dismissed.
And how many were white? You're barking up the wrong asshole, my friend.
- Am I? - I've been working Montreal North for 22 years.
These are my people.
I've done more for these folks than you've probably ever done at the 19.
My mistake.
Why don't you back off down to the 19 where you belong? Believe the balls on this guy? - What's going on, baby? - Hey! Not much.
What's going on, bro? What up, rookie? You know what's up.
Sure do.
- Please tell me she was worth it.
- No! Should have put a ring on it, my man! You know if it's true love, all is forgiven.
I want to fucking shoot somebody right now.
Yeah, well You don't have a service weapon.
See, this is my career, right? It's over before it even began.
If you want to shoot some shit up, my man, I got just the thing for you.
What have you got? Farewell shoot-up for the fuck-up rookie.
- What's this? - Paintball, my man.
Paintball, paintball! Oh, yeah, I'm in on this.
- Party for Vince! - Yeah! If you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication, you cannot play paintball.
This is not an issue, my friend, this is a non-issue.
Goggles on at all times and no head shots.
Yeah? And what about neck shots? Looks like you took a couple up here, or something.
No head shots.
Go ahead, choose your teams.
We'll get some equipment set up.
- Alright! - Alright, here, uh Mr.
Barron, who you got, who you got? Well, think I'm going to take the woodsman.
- Chartier.
- Alright.
Alright, that's a good pick.
- You won't regret it.
- Alright, I'm going to take J.
Wisdom, people, you see that? That's wisdom, right there.
- Mama Bear.
- There you go.
- That's right.
- Get over here, girl.
Come on, man, you know, I need this! I'll take Audrey.
Ha ha, let's all have fun.
You pick Audrey before you pick me? Really? - Big Jim! We need you, man.
- Jimmy! - Alright, now I got you.
- Yeah, now you got me.
- Yes sir.
- Good evening, Ophelia.
Easy, easy there, day of the jackal.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah! Have fun shooting straight with your $7 rental.
My man! We're a good team.
Easy does it! First game is capture the flag.
Both teams will participate.
After that, last man standing.
- Keep your head down.
- Everyone on their own.
Shit! Alright, man, we're good here.
Put it down.
Put the flag down! We're good here, we can protect it.
You can't put it up there! What are you doing? You can't hide it.
It's not hidden.
You can still see it.
I know, it's borderline, man.
You can't do that.
Trust me.
You want to win this, or you want a sportsmanship award? - We'll win it, don't worry.
- We're gonna win this.
Hoo-ah! Aw, I've got to piss.
- You alright? - Yeah, I'm good, man.
- You know what? - What? I'm going to set up camp right here, man.
I'm going to stand guard.
- This is terrible.
- No, it's good.
No, you're a sitting duck here.
Are you nuts? Well if you don't like it, big boy, get to moving, man.
This is my own private stowaway.
- Alright, see you later.
- Yes sir.
Blessed be the lord who giveth me strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight, my goodness my fortress, my high tower I've got you, you motherfuck.
Ow! Where did you come from? - I'm sorry, were you praying? - Yes! - We're supposed to be on the same team.
- Oh, team! Unh! Ow! Stop it! Damn it! My man! Last man standing! - Oh, you got shot up! - Woo! Oh, come on! You're going to do me like that? I'll give you 60 seconds grace.
I'll give you 60 seconds grace.
- Good.
- 59.
- 58 56.
- 57.
- Good.
You can count.
- 55.
- 54 52.
- 53 51.
Where you going, huh? You want some of this? Ha ha! Blast you fools.
Oh! - Oh, shit! - Audrey I thought you were Chartier.
I'm ready to light his ass up.
- I totally shot you first.
- Oh, no, no, no, I don't think so.
Not even close.
I so lit you up first.
That felt so good.
- You got me in the hand.
- Did I? How did you do that? Oh, man.
How about we pretend this never happened.
Huh? Ok.
Oh! Ok Turn it inside out.
He went the other way, right? Ugh Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't give a shit, - alright? - Hey! I just shot you in the chest.
You're dead, retard! Did you know that I actually thought that you were on my team.
Man, the guy just said.
Every man for himself.
No, no, yeah, you proved that, didn't you? I should have never partnered with you.
- You wanna talk about his, huh? - Yeah, I wanna talk about this! I was the only one defending you, rookie! Oh, you really? What did you say? Huh? - Nothing! - Yeah, you said nothing! Not a word! I bet you said nothing.
Know what? I'm going down, you are going down, too.
Why are you dumping your booze, man? It looks like your little tree fort is thirsty.
- What are you doing? - What's that? Here we go whoa! What the shit! Whoa! It's getting hot in here.
- What have we got? - Whoaho-ho-ho! - Man, you're crazy! - Yeah Hey! What the hell? Get the fire extinguisher, now! Only time I have problems is with damn cops! Come here, I want to say something.
Come here.
- What - Unh! - Yeah yeah! - Yeah? Come here! - No! Easy, easy! - I know you said something! Rip your head off and shit down your throat! Everybody back out of the way! - Move out of the way! Come on! - Aw, shit! - Hey, look who it is! - Back off, now! Great response time, boys, as always.
You starting fires on purpose now? Why don't you just do your job and put it out? Oh, I wanna know which one of you fucking assholes started it! It was an accident, like you.
- Not an accident - Who did this? You thug boys just can't stop playing with guns, can you? Drop it! Fuck! Fall in! Barron, want to tell me why the sergeant from 36 is calling me screaming about you? Ed Narcy? - God damn rat.
- What's the story? - The story is he's an asshole.
- Maybe.
But you don't go sticking your nose into another shop's arrest.
Look, sarge, I didn't do anything.
I was just asking him to take another look at it.
- Who is she? - My cousin's girlfriend.
Got to back away from it.
Fall in! - Yes sir - You see this shit? Self-righteous sons of bitches! You carry so much anger! I thought those hose-monkeys were supposed to be sacred heroes, saving the world one kitten at a time.
They get in one little scuffle, they go ratting out to big daddy fire chief.
So the arresting officer, he's not budging.
- So that's it then? - Listen I'm going to tell you one thing, then I'm stepping away.
- What, man? - Rita's got one chance to play the race card.
She needs a lawyer to countersue for discrimination.
So you have a pit bull in mind? Yeah, I'll get you the name of the guy you want.
Cops hate him.
You gotta act quick.
Get the paperwork in his hand before the arraignment.
I got you.
Lick this shit in the ass.
That's right.
But you should probably stand clear.
You're not the best association for her right now, you know what I'm saying? - Yeah, yeah.
Thanks, man.
- Alright.
at 4848 10th Street.
What the fuck? Are these guys for real? Fucking kidding me? - Fucking losers! - What the fuck are they doing? Second bedroom inside the basement door, a male and a female, about 30 years old.
Copy that, team two.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, my God You alright? - I lost one.
- One what? Student.
On a field trip to the museum.
What happened? Uh, she was missing for over an hour, hiding in the fossil collection.
They were all in on it.
Whole class.
Trying to play a prank on the dumb substitute.
I almost called you.
What's going on with you? Ben, what is it? I'm in love with somebody else.
I'm sorry.
I knew there was something wrong with you, but Are you having an affair? Oh, no Oh, no Come on Come on.
Good boy! - Watch your tail.
- He's so good! - Em! Em! - Ben? Jesus - We gotta talk.
- Now? Right now.
- I'll give you a minute.
- No, you can stay.
You should hear this too.
This this is ridiculous.
I love you, and I know that you love me, so what are we doing? Yeah, you're right, this is ridiculous.
Can we talk tomorrow? No, we can't talk tomorrow, I don't want to wait - Shut up.
- Come on, dude I want to be with you.
I don't want you to be with him.
What are we waiting for? - That's not fair.
- If I'm wrong, you tell me I'm wrong.
You're wrong.
Come on.
I'd like to acknowledge that the time on the wall is now officer is not present.
I'll give him another minute, and then we proceed.
Given the circumstances, I understand that the crown is willing to drop the charge of assault on a peace officer down to disorderly conduct? If everyone's in agreement? Wonderful.
Thank you, lord! Thank you, lord! Thank you.
Girl! This is great! You can stay here, I'll get a hotel.
No, I don't want to stay here right now.
- So, is she going to come here? - I don't know.
Is she just waiting for me to leave? It's not like that.
- Catherine - Please.
Hey you're doing great work.
What's up? What are you doing here? Hop in.
Naw, I'm taking the night off.
I got a surprise for you.
I don't need any more of your surprises today, Kaz.
No, no, no, this is different.
Trust me.
What's going on? What are we doing here? Follow me.
What have you got going on out here? Your pops.
He's in there.
What? That's his tombstone.
How? How'd you find him? Just asked around.
Who put him in there? Kind of people who build bridges.

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