19-2 (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Rock Garden

Previously on 19-2 - Cassie Clement.
- They're cousins.
They're in some kind of business together.
What are we gonna do about it? - We? - It's your money, too.
Get the password from Nick's phone.
Hey! You're doing great work.
- (man): Not gonna do it again.
- He's gonna get help.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I don't know what happened.
My class got sent to the library - for some research assignment.
- What library? - She bought it? - Of course, she did.
- Yeah! Spread 'em! Spread 'em! - Ugh! We would like to welcome back Audrey Pouliot.
I just don't want any special treatment, you know.
Ben? - I want to be with you.
- That's not fair.
If I'm wrong, you tell me I'm wrong.
You're wrong.
(Knocking on door) What are you? Like, 15? I thought I was trying to be honest.
Yeah, I know.
I'm in.
He's gone.
Well, he's not gone, he's he's still trying to find a place, and I was just wondering that maybe I could stay here.
Look, I just need to know that I'm doing the right thing.
You know you are.
Am I? You know you are.
- Where's your stuff? - It's in the car.
I'll go get it.
Go inside.
- You want keys? - Yeah.
(keys dropping) Get the hell away from here.
We need you.
Yeah, and I'll let you know when I'm available.
(car starting) (woman):Come in, 19-2.
(children talking indistinctly) - What the fuck are you doing? - Calm down.
What if Nick would have come by? - We've got something for you.
- Yeah, what do you got? We need you to focus on Cassie Clement.
He's the cousin.
- Why? - We're pretty sure he's a link between Nick and his masters.
- And who are they? - Italians.
- How do you know? - It's not important.
Yeah, well, it is to me.
This Cassie, he's in it up to his neck.
The body shop, it's a front.
Money laundering.
Same thing with the nightclub, - which he supposedly co-owns.
- He's a link.
We need to know who he meets, who he's taking orders from.
I know he goes by Cass.
We already know that.
Thank you.
Hey, was that Nick's sister.
(He whistles.
) That's some good work - you're doing there.
- Easy! Easy! Easy! Hey! Stop! Get off! Easy! Ben! (laughing) (jackhammer drilling) (man):18-5, we're close by.
Everything work out OK with your cousin's girl? The trouble she was in? It did.
It's love that makes him crazy.
I don't know if you should be hanging out with a guy like that.
- What? You're judging me now? - More looking out for you.
Don't worry about me, alright? I grew up with guys like that.
If my dad didn't die, I'd probably be one.
I'm solo.
I'll need backup.
(woman): 19-4 arriving on the scene.
Man: Copy, 19-4.
- (woman): What the hell? - (man): Ohhh, fuck.
- Is anyone in there? - It's mine.
Fucking thing got stuck in reverse.
Couldn't get it out - or nothing.
- So you just jumped out? I was getting dizzy.
(woman scoffing) Now what? Guy says it's stuck in reverse.
(woman laughing) I guess we could shoot the tires off.
And do paperwork all afternoon? No, thank you.
We could call a spike strip.
Probably run out of gas by the time they get here.
Tyler! Ah! Ugh! Crazy son of a (Tyler grunting) Ha ha ha ha! (grunting and panting) The fuck is he doing? - Goddammit.
- He did it! Ah Oh! What the hell were you thinking? What did you put in your coffee this morning, my man? - Just coffee, my man.
- Hahahaha! - Are you OK? - I'm good, Bear.
- I feel like Superman.
- You scared me.
- It's all good.
- So how did you release it? I jammed my knife in the gearbox, baby.
Just like shucking oysters.
(blond man laughing) Where's the driver? Hey, where's the goddamn driver?! Shit! Contraband cigarettes.
This is gonna look fucking awesome in the report.
I was solving a thing, I wasn't watching the driver.
Hey, man, you guys took the call; I was just here for support.
(Tyler laughing) I remember the day.
He didn't show up.
I was waiting for him.
Right there.
Your dad? Woman: N-19, we have a minor under distress at 2218, Villeneuve East.
(police siren blaring) woman: Copy, 19-2.
(dramatic piano music) (indistinct, muffled talking) (woman): I don't know.
She said she wanted to take a bath.
- (Ben): What's her name? - (woman): Renee.
(Ben): Renee! Renee! Renee, we need you to open the door right now! If you don't answer me, I'm gonna have to break down the door, you hear me? Renee! (Renee gasping) (woman): Renee! Open the door! (knocking on door) Go away! Renee, this is the police.
We're here to help you, OK? - You're not in any trouble here.
- I don't want you here! Stand clear of the door! Back away from the door! - (woman): Renee! Jesus! What - (Nick): Hey, hey! - What are you doing? - Get her out of here.
Get her out of here.
Renee, Renee, look at me.
Renee? Did you take these? possible overdose.
" Hey, hey, look at me, look at me.
- It's OK.
How many did you take? - Woman: Copy, 19-2.
How many did you take? Renee? - None.
- Renee, you need to tell us the truth here, alright? You're not in any trouble here.
Tell me how many you took.
- Talk to me, please, Renee.
- I wanted to (Renee shivering) (Renee crying) Hey, hey.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK, Renee.
She just said something terrible happened.
She wouldn't talk about it.
And she went to her room.
Why aren't you asking her? We have a female officer coming.
Maybe you wanna ask her? She won't talk to me.
Have you looked at her computer? (Renee crying softly) Hi, Renee.
I'm Audrey.
Look, I know you don't want to talk about this.
And how do you know what I want, huh? Did someone hurt you, Renee? They had been passed around the school; she just found out this morning.
Oh, Christ.
It's not just her school, it's social media.
- She knows who took the photos? - No, she told Audrey she was passed out.
She doesn't even know who was there.
What are you gonna do about it? Can you please? Pouliot.
Well? What's gonna happen to them? If they're over 18, they could be charged with distribution - of child pornography.
- What if they're not? What if they're juveniles? - The courts take this very seriously.
- We'll see.
Why do you have to do anything? - It's the law.
- I had too much to drink! Alright? - It's my fault! - Renee That's what everyone says.
(Renee sobbing softly) (whispering): It's gonna be OK.
(sad music) Unbelievable! You have 4000 hits already.
(laughing) Who uploaded this? One of my peeps.
Don't be hating.
You're like 2 steps away from a Darwin Award right there.
- Jesus! - Insane! - Brouillard? - Sir! - This is Detective Fontaine.
- How are you doing? She's gonna need a uniform to help round up high school kids.
It's like 20 minutes left on the shift.
You'll get paid overtime.
- Is there a problem? - Well, yeah.
I mean, I kind of had some plans or whatever.
No, sir, there won't be a problem with that.
Detective, this officer will be happy to assist you.
- Great.
- Sir.
- Right this way, please.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- OK - (Bear): Just turn it off.
(Tyler): Don't be hating.
(woman): So you lived here when you were a teenager? Yeah.
Hated it.
Doesn't look so bad.
(Nick): I can't believe you talked me into this.
- Haha! - But I've got to warn you about my mother.
She ain't easy.
No worries.
"Nick, I have an urgent engagement.
"Please wait for me.
I'll be back by one o'clock.
We need to talk.
" Typical.
It's only 11 o'clock.
I know.
(moaning) (car alarm system beeping) (woman laughing) Just a sec.
Ha ha ha! Ah! (door closing) (girlfriend moaning) (other woman): Nick? Nick? Nick? Oh You got to be fucking kidding me.
(girlfriend laughing) It's not even one o'clock.
What are we gonna do? Get up.
- (Nick's mother): Nick? - Ha! Just like fucking high school.
Is that you? (Nick): Yeah! Just a minute, Mom! (birds singing) Oh, my God! My mom and dad used to bring me here when I was a kid.
Oh, yeah, with Nick? No.
Nick wouldn't come.
What did it used to be, originally? These buildings were fortifications - for the war in 1812.
- Ah, I see.
Park's a lot older than that though.
- Ugh! - Oh! Ugh! - I wanna show you something.
- Which way? Which way? - Uh, that way.
You know.
Come on! - Which way? Which way? OK, don't look.
Don't look.
Step forward.
You've got to trust me.
- You trust me? - OK.
- Hang on, a rock.
Step down.
- Ugh! - Good start! - Step down, step down.
- OK, keep walking.
- OK, I'm holding on right now.
- Good.
Keep walking.
- OK.
You know, Samuel de Champlain named this island - after his wife? - Hélène? - Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- When was that? - 1611.
- Wow.
- There it is.
(soft piano music) Aw, it's beautiful.
Reminds me of home.
- It's my secret place.
- Yeah? Mm-hmm.
(duck quacking) I like to think that Samuel de Champlain used to sit here and write letters to his wife.
How did I not know you were such a history buff? I don't know.
Why? Does that bug you? No.
Not at all.
I love this place.
(birds singing) Hey, Nick, Nick! Hey, yo, Nick! - Nick, you seen my video? - Yup.
- It's cool, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- Marie, you've seen my video? - Oh, I did.
What the hell were you thinking? I was thinking I could do this, and that's what I did.
- (Marie): Mm-hmm.
- Oh, that's right.
Magic elixir.
(blues music) Let me down, let you in Who ain't seen my YouTube yet? Huh? - Change your mind - Ginger ale.
Give me a sip.
My man.
You seen my video, Dog? Yes, I saw your piece-of-shit video, man.
I was there.
Come on, get away with it.
Yo, who pissed in your cereal, bro? I spent the night scaring the shit out of teenage assholes, watching their mothers cry.
- And why are you taking it out on me? - I'm not.
Shit duty.
I've got to do it again tomorrow.
- Sorry.
- That's better.
(sighing) - I've got to go home.
- Yeah.
You should do that, bro, 'cause you look boring right now.
Excuse me? Hi.
Would you like to see my video? - Marie! - Hey! How about we get out of here and go somewhere beautiful? - Sounds great to me.
- Can you settle up for us? - I can do that.
- Thank you.
Have fun, ladies.
- Hey, where you're going? - (Nick): Better places.
Better places? Man, this is Marie's! It's sacrilege! What are you doing here, Tyler? I'm trying to have a good time, man.
Four weeks.
Four weeks since you got shot.
I prefer to call it 29 days of being sober.
Matter of fact, I'm getting my red sobriety chip tomorrow.
Oh, so what, is that the magic one that makes it just go away? (woman laughing) Man, it's bullshit! The group is bullshit, man.
I go 'cause I have to.
I don't need it.
I've been saved! You know what I'm saying? I've seen the light, bro.
And I ain't going back.
I even love my job now, man.
Imagine that.
- Imagine that? - Mm-hmm.
Marie, I got the table.
- Uh J.
got it.
- You got to be kidding me.
I know.
And you say miracles don't happen.
Now, you've got to watch the video.
I told you, I already saw your video.
- What happened in the video? - You were trying to be a superhero.
- I saw the video.
- Just play the video.
- I saw the video.
- It's good, man! Listen, I got you something.
This is from Japan.
I'm just happy it came.
So I couldn't afford a whole pot.
So this is just a piece of a pot, but it's about 400 years old.
It's called kintsugi.
And the story is that there once was a prince who broke an irreplaceable vase.
And rather than hide the cracks, the idea was to repair it with pure gold, so that the vase would be more beautiful - for having been broken.
- Hmm.
Which is completely condescending.
No! No, not at all! - Really? - Really.
I love it.
It's pretty amazing.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
And look, Bear, we've been out all night and you're like a guy looking at my chest.
I get it, you're hot for my scar.
Ha! I am so hot for your scar.
And yet we're not going there.
- I know.
- Because I'm going over there.
- What?! - Suit.
2 o'clock there.
(Bear laughs a little.
) Eggplant? (both laughing) - Come on! Yeah.
- Seriously? Keep this safe for me.
- Wish me luck.
- Like you need any.
- Hi! - Hi.
You're so hot.
(Pouliot moaning) You know, we could just fool around if you want - Uh-huh? - What, are you not hard? - You want me? - Fuck, yeah! Ugh! (Pouliot moaning) I want I want you to cum.
- You're sure? - Yeah, yeah! Yeah! - Right now? - Yeah, please cum.
Please cum.
(Pouliot moaning) (stifled crying) I'll be right back, OK? Are you OK? Yeah.
That was great! (gasping) (crying) - Hey.
- Hey.
- You guys close down the bar last night? - Tyler did.
- What the hell's up with that? - I have no idea.
At least he's sober.
Barron, you are not on patrol today.
The commander will explain in his office.
Let's go, guys, grab a seat.
Chartier, you'll be flying solo, 19-2, lunch at 12.
Joseph, 19-4.
- It's Theo.
- What happened? - Is he okay? - This is Detective Fontaine - from the Child Exploitation Squad.
- Hi.
This isn't about something happening to him.
Aw, shit.
What did he do? This is his profile page.
He was tagged on the original photos.
And then he sent them to almost his full contact list.
Not to you, obviously.
Wait a minute.
What are you saying? - Theo didn't do this.
- We're not saying that.
- How many people got them? - We don't know.
- Guess.
- Maybe a dozen.
We're still working on it.
- Maybe a thousand.
- You don't know.
- Right.
The point is, we have to bring him in.
What? No.
No, he needs a lawyer.
- We need him to cooperate.
I'll protect him.
- Yeah, sure you will.
- You know how it looks if you bring a lawyer into it? - Let's keep this friendly.
Not without a lawyer.
So, you take him home last night? - Everything go okay? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, you little slut! Yeah, it's Ben.
Nick got pulled off shift this morning.
Or did you already know that? Anyway, I need to know why and I'd appreciate if I could get a phone number that's gonna get answered, thank you.
- She was drunk.
- So you took pictures of her? - No, I wasn't even there.
- Then how'd you know she was drunk? 'Cause I was there earlier.
She was dancing, doing Sex on the Beach shots, flashing her bra.
- Who sent you the pictures? - Whoever took them.
So you're saying you don't know? That is exactly what he's saying.
- Why don't we give him a little time with his parents? - I don't see a need.
I do.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I don't know who took them.
- But you could find out.
- So you want me to rat out my friends, huh? Jesus Christ, Theo, the girl wants to kill herself! - So it's my fault she got drunk? - Hey! - Why are you upset with me? What did I do? - Hey, that's enough.
I've just never seen her like this, you know.
(paper crumbling) It's Nick.
Theo's in trouble.
- Sorry, what did you say? - I'm here with him at the station, and you know, I just can't believe he's in this situation.
He he posted some pictures, explicit pictures of a girl from his school on his Facebook page, and he said he didn't do it.
I'll catch up with you.
Hey, J.
I know you, uh you picked up my kid.
Well, it wasn't my call, man.
- I understand.
I'm not blaming you.
- Okay.
Thanks? I guess.
Uh Is there anything else? Is everything okay with Justine? Yeah.
Never been better.
I'm glad to hear.
You know, I should probably swing by and see her sometime.
- It's been way too long.
- You do that, Nick.
You do that.
(siren blaring) Yes, it's 1201 Ouellette.
- Heard about Theo.
- Copy.
Fucking kids.
The shit I got into when I was that age Yeah, well, at least Theo has his dad around.
He wasn't really around even when he was, you know? He was that kind of dude.
You liked your dad? Yeah, he was alright.
You? No.
Not me.
You know, Theo, he wants to come live with me.
That's why he's acting out.
Is that a good idea? No.
Where we going? I wanna show you something.
Everything okay? See that pillar right there? It's my father.
He's in it? How do you know? My cousin.
He asked around for me.
Could be bullshit.
You should really keep some distance from that guy, Nick.
I know.
But it's family.
You're stuck with them.
It's a Jamaican thing.
They, uh pour white rum at the grave.
Sign of respect.
I feel so stupid.
No, no, it's Can't hurt.
(chuckling) Come on.
For my father.
For you, Dad.
(cell phone buzzing) (loud music) Theo! Theo! Did the cable guy come? (turning music off) (sighing) Theo! (cell phone beeping) - Mom! What are you doing? - Who sent this? Sent what? - I don't know.
- I'm not joking, Theo.
It says "Anonymous".
Maybe put your glasses on.
*** - Do you think I'm an idiot? - I don't know! - You're lying! - Fuck you! Ah! - What are you doing? - You think this is funny? Mom, stop, stop! Leave me alone! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Pot? You got pot? - I'm gonna teach you what you need to know.
- Mom, please - Shut up! (groaning) - Hey.
What are you doing? - He's a part of it.
What do you mean? He's a part of what? He knows who took the pictures.
- That doesn't mean he took them.
- But he needs to understand.
He doesn't have to be fucking charged.
Yes, he does! He had pot.
I got rid of it, but he's off course, Nick.
- We have to wake him up.
- Jesus, Izzy, he's our son.
- You wanna put your own son in the system? - I didn't put him there.
- He's black.
- I know that.
But he needs to understand the consequences, - and better he does it as a juvenile.
- It'll still be on his record.
- It's sealed.
- And we check those records every day.
Nick, we spent our whole lives telling him the law matters.
We let him slide now, we're hypocrites to him.
We don't have a choice.
(sighing) Okay.
- We have to.
- Okay! You're gonna be charged.
You understand that.
I didn't do anything.
- You know who did.
- So I'm supposed to point the finger at my friends? I can't do that.
You have to, Theo.
They'll just get it from your phone.
Do the right thing here.
Do the smart thing here.
I thought you'd understand.
- What are you doing, Chartier? - Thought it was okay to make a personal visit.
Malloy's an asshole.
You don't have to be.
- What is it? - I think you got it wrong.
- What? - Nick and Cass.
- Ben - No, listen to me.
Maybe there's something going on, maybe Nick isn't clean, I don't know.
- He's not.
- I said maybe.
The point is, that doesn't make him the mole.
- Ben, we've told you - No, you haven't told me shit.
You haven't told me a damn thing.
You said to look for the dirt, and none of the dirt says that he's the mole, - says anybody's the mole.
- We have a source.
What source? We have direct evidence that Nick Barron is the mole.
Look, just stay on the cousin.
And Ben Don't come here again.
(knocking) Come in.
Have a word? Yeah, come on.
(clearing his throat) - My wife is having my son charged.
- Ex-wife.
She's his mother.
I can't get involved.
Theo's gonna suffer and she's gonna blame you - for not stopping her.
- Why don't you stop her? I have no stripes.
You did this with your daughter, didn't you? This is not about that.
But you did.
You came down like a cop, you drew the line, you had her charged, and you let her face the consequences.
I read her file.
You had no right.
- I had to find her.
- I didn't ask you.
But I found her.
The point is, Isabelle is gonna regret this the same way you do, and she's gonna hate you just like Theo'll hate her.
So as a father, I'm asking you.
- Nick, you got a sec? - Yeah.
- I'll see you in there.
- Alright.
They've offered a plea.
Six months' probation, no record.
- Nothing? - Nothing.
Wiped clean.
Well, that's good news.
- I guess you were right.
- No.
No, I wasn't, but it worked out.
(cell phone ringing) (sighing) - Hey, babe.
- Justine, - I'm on the job.
- I know, I'm sorry.
I just I have to book today to get the discount.
I told you already, babe, I don't have the days.
You could get someone to cover.
Rowe said we really need to do this.
Look, I told you already, I can't do it right now, alright? It doesn't matter about the discount.
It's okay.
N-19, we have a noise complaint on St-Hubert, 3500 block.
I gotta go, I got a call.
This is 19-21, I'm on it.
- J.
? - Look, I gotta go.
I told you, we will talk about it later, alright? (woman screaming) It's about time.
What are you waiting for? - How long until backup arrives? - 19-6 is en route, still five away.
(loud clatter) Get in there! What is your problem? (sighing) Go back inside, sir.
(glass breaking) (knocking) Police! I'm coming in.
(woman sobbing) (woman screaming, loud crash) I told you how many fucking times? Why do you make me do this? - You're a coward.
- It's not my fault! Ah! Ah!!! Fucking pussy.
Ha, ha, ha! AH!!! J.
, what's your twenty? J.
? Hey.
(woman sobbing) Pull over up here for a minute.
- What's up? - Nothing, I just need you to pull over.
- Where you going? - Get the trunk.
What's this? This is your father's file.
What are you talking about? What are you talking about, my father's file? - Where did you get this? - Pulled a favour from an old friend at the SQ.
He says he's not gonna press charges.
I don't know what happened, man.
Everything just went black.
- I completely lost control.
- Well, he got what he deserved.
Yeah, he got what he deserved.
You seen this? Says my father was a rat.
You think you know someone.

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