19-2 (2014) s02e06 Episode Script


Previously on 19-2 Our original theory was that Jean-Pierre Harvey was the mole.
Job's not like it used to be.
Nobody trusts us.
Now the most likely suspect is Nick Barron.
- Cassie Clement? - They're cousins.
They're in some kind of business together.
- Took care of your thing.
- Our thing.
All you have to do is make them happy.
- The fuck you're doing? - Go, go, go! Look, I just need to know that I'm doing the right thing.
You know you are.
- This is your father's file.
- Where'd you get this? - An old friend at the SQ.
- Says my father was a rat.
You think you know someone.
Things are in flux.
- What things? - What do you think? I'm going silent for a while.
Until a decision is made.
What do you mean, like a decision on Nick? An arrest? - I can't tell you that.
- Bullshit.
I've cooperated.
I have a right to know.
Our investigation is intersecting with a larger one.
- We're deciding how to respond.
- What does that mean? That's all I can say.
Just stay close to him.
We'll be in touch.
If you do anything, I need to know.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
OK, new assignments.
Brouillard, you've been doing too many solos, I'm putting you with Pouliot.
Someone's gotta watch over him, and vice versa.
I'm counting on you two to be a positive influence on each other, if you understand what I mean.
- Yes, sir, I do.
- I am so sorry for you.
- It's fine.
- Thank you.
Have we found a replacement for Vince yet? We have not.
Now, if we come up short, Station 47 has offered us a duo for support.
Pff! Screw 47.
Outremont pussies.
Yeah, keeping the parks litter free.
Alright, Pouliot, Brouillard, lunch will be at 1PM.
Barron and Chartier, 19-2, lunch at 12.
So you just kicked her out? Wasn't being fair to her.
But you're being fair to Amélie? Showing up at her house unannounced, telling - her boyfriend to hit the road? - I'm trying to be, yeah.
Wow I always liked the guy.
Well, that's good.
Thanks for telling me that.
- That's good.
I'm glad.
- It was never gonna work out.
Well, then what are you saying? She could always do worse.
Yeah, what's up? - We need to talk about Mom.
- Do we? Yeah.
I'm tired of being your go-between.
- About what? - Nick, just talk to her, please.
This about Theo? Nick, this is exactly what I don't wanna do! Can you please just ah!! What what are you - The sink just exploded! - Hold on, hold on.
- Shit! - She OK? Just take it.
- Hello? - The sink just exploded.
- There's water everywhere.
- Um uh there's there's a knob underneath the sink to turn the water off.
It's got, uh it looks like like a fat little airplane propeller.
- I can't hear you! A what? - Airplane propeller.
Do you see it? - I'm looking.
I don't see anything.
- She ain't gonna find it.
Shit! No, this is I can't find it.
Can you just OK, OK, just We gotta go by my place.
This is gonna take a bit.
Do you wanna get lunch? - Squished Chicken? - Yeah.
Rice, though, not potatoes.
- You want? - No.
- I'll talk to Mom.
- Thank you.
So it's gonna take a while, then? No, it's shot.
I gotta get a new one.
- What? - You're soaking.
- We should get you out of those clothes.
- Are you serious? Squished Chicken's what, - Plus ordering.
What? - Really? Really? - 14 minutes, that's your selling point? - Always worked for the girls back home.
- Oh, really? - Really.
- Really? - Really.
You should really get those pants off.
You should really go lock that door.
You're a beautiful woman.
Here you are.
- Sorry, line was stupid.
- No prob.
Worth the wait.
- You fix the sink? - Nah, I need a new part.
That's not your problem, make the landlord do it.
Like he's gonna fix it.
- It's easier if I do it myself.
Let's go.
- Aw come on, don't be a sucker.
You're a cop.
He'll fix it.
You know, I can be a good fucking partner.
You know that? Well, so can I.
Knock, knock.
- OK, who's there? - Police! - Police who? - Then we kick in the fucking door.
Boom! - Very good one.
- Alleged theft at strip club, 955 Clark.
Plaintive and suspect are on scene.
- 19-4, we got that.
- This is 19-7, we're half a block away, we'll back you up on that.
Don't step on my call, J.
No intention, 19-4.
I feel this particular establishment needs a clear signal that they're on our radar - and they should be.
- Oh, really? And why is that? Free lunch buffet starts in 15 minutes.
Come on.
You don't like free? So her story is the guy's been on a binge for two days and was waiting for her when she came on shift.
Stripper stalker.
Not unusual.
His story is she lifted - 100 bucks right out of his front pocket.
- And he didn't notice? Says she was rubbing his dick with the other hand, so he didn't realise - until he tried to pay her.
- He says, she says.
There's a wrinkle.
Her ID's fake.
Database had her prints.
Two busts for prostitution, and Immigration has her flagged down for an expired visa.
Where's she from? - Wisconsin.
- Oh, refugee? - Ha ha.
Did you call Immigration? - Yeah, they're calling me back.
Beatrice? Oh, my God! Bear! Uh - How come we don't see you anymore? - Hey, Charlotte.
- Ooh, who's your friend? - Was gonna ask you the same question, Bear.
How you doing? I'm J.
Keeping the world safe for pretty ladies like you one day at a time.
- Well - OK, yeah, madam.
Yeah? Speaking.
I don't understand why you're calling me directly.
Why isn't the union involved in this? I most certainly will.
No, I'm afraid that doesn't work for me.
No, why don't I talk to my lawyer and call you back? What's that about? SQ wants me to come in, says I have the right to bring a lawyer.
It's not right.
If I was you, I'd be all over this roast beef.
That seafood over there look, but do not touch.
- I don't mind a bit of grab.
- N-19, we have complaints.
A man and two women drunk and disorderly in Johnson Park.
- You go ahead and grab that, man.
- No.
You can grab that.
- I don't wanna.
- I don't wanna either.
I'm your backup.
- I mean, I was here first.
- I don't need backup.
Yes, you do.
- 19-8, we'll take the drunks.
- Nice.
Caprice is her work name.
- And you know her from? - I had a stripper phase.
A stripper phase! Huh! How many strippers add up to a phase? Well, think about it.
Who else works our hours? So, what, you dated her? - Charlotte? - Yeah.
- No! She was just around.
- OK.
OK! Oh, shit.
- What? - I dated her.
Beatrice? - Mary Louise.
- Why? Oh my God, have I missed you.
What do I need a lawyer for? You think you could help me out? - With what? - Your friend there, the guy who got my dad's file.
No, not likely, man.
What are you talking about? The guy got his hand on a CI file! That's high level.
- He's retired.
- Well, who is he? He's obviously got clearance.
He was my CO for a little while when I was starting out.
I don't need to know who it is, I just need you to ask.
I'll ask, then.
I'll ask, I can do that.
You know something about this? No! Jesus, Nick, I'm dating your sister! I know that.
The hell does that have to do I can make a call.
I'll make the call.
I can't make any promises.
We've gotta go.
- I'm buying you dinner.
- Yeah, I don't think so.
Bear, I'm in a better place.
I'm clean.
- Easy to say.
- I'm clean.
Just got my real estate license.
Give me a chance.
- We had fun together, remember? - We did.
- I just got sick of this whole scene.
- Yeah - Tell me about it.
- You are free to release Ms.
Her lawyer talked to Immigration.
Get back on the goddamn road.
- I know what you're doing.
- Dinner.
Come on.
You won't regret it.
- President? - Helps with the loan.
I'm buying a fourplex.
- Seriously? - Same gig.
Tease the rich guys out of money they came to spend.
Instead of a lap dance, they get a condo.
- Is that all they get? - All they get from me.
Are we on? Bear.
Yeah, what the hell.
What? - Should be able to manage.
- They sure stuck you with me, didn't they? Sorry? I mean, think about it.
You walked off the SQ and into that seat right there and nothing could shake you.
How many times have you been riding a desk since you came on? And not just the school, right from the beginning.
What are you talking about? You can call a guy in a fucking file room and get a confidential informant's file.
SQ gave it to you.
- You working for 'em? - No.
Or better yet, did you ever stop working for 'em? Nick.
Come on! You never quit the SQ, you've been a spy since the day I met you.
- That's not true.
- Bullshit.
That's not true! What the hell are you doing? Where are we going? You make that phone call.
What's his name? Huh? It's Gerard.
- You're a terrible liar.
- No, that's the truth.
Yeah? It's the truth that he's a retired small town cop in a file room? That's the truth? Stop, stop, stop.
Stop right there.
- Are you fucking serious? - Well, you weren't coming for me? Not with my gun, I wasn't! Lower your weapon! - Lower your weapon! - You need to go see the SQ.
Whatever we're doing out here, this is not smart.
Whatever we're doing here? What, do you think I'm having you hit? Well then, what are we doing? What are we doing here right now? You think I'm dirty.
What's so special about me, huh? What's so fucking special about me? - What is it, Harvey? - I don't know.
- Don't know about Harvey.
- Then what do you know about, Ben Chartier? Huh? What are you doing with the SQ? There's a mole! In 19! You understand me? It's gotten cops killed.
Was my partner one of them? Maybe.
And you think I did it? I don't I don't know.
You ride with me! And you don't know? - What are you, fucking blind? - It's about your cousin.
They say it's about your cousin.
N-19, we need traffic control in the Old Port.
What'd he do? They think he's your link to the mob.
They think you're the mole.
- We have road blockage, unit is required.
- Are you? Are you? Answer me! Are you? Highway 10 underpass, - south of Decarie near the exit.
- 19-2, we're on it.
N-19, all patrol cars return to the station immediately.
- All confirm.
- 19-7.
We're a good 20 minutes.
Use your lights, get your ass here.
is en route from 17.
- Do I have to repeat myself here? Move it.
- Copy, sir.
Five minutes.
These guys from SQ are gonna escort you to your interview.
- I gotta see my lawyer first.
- He'll meet you there.
Let's go.
Bootlicking greeners on your own turf.
- Way to represent, Chief.
- Hey.
Good luck.
- Where's Nick? - I don't know.
OK, everybody, grab a seat, please.
- Detective.
- Thank you, Sergeant.
Alright, this squad has been tasked with supporting a raid as part of Project Hercules.
This is Lieutenant Commander Paré of Tactical Unit 7.
You will be providing support under his command.
Today's operation is one part of a major coordinated crackdown, codename Project Hercules.
If things go well, we'll execute more than 60 warrants - in the next few hours.
- How many raids are we talking? I haven't been privileged with that information.
The role of this squad is to provide close support to an operation in Ville St-Pierre.
We'll rendezvous at the first parking lot on Ouellette, north of St-Jacques.
Officers Chartier, Pouliot and Brouillard, you'll follow the insertion team.
The rest of the squad will secure the perimeter.
- Aw, man.
Any questions? We're on full radio silence as of this moment.
That means no chatter in the cars.
I'm gonna have to take your phones.
- What? - What the hell? It's OK, you'll get them back.
It's protocol, OK? This is a big goddamn deal.
Let's go, guys.
Your cousin's name is Cassie Clement.
You've been spending a lot of time with him lately.
- So? - He's got quite the record.
And? You involved in some kind of business with him? He owns a body shop.
I inherited an interest in it from my father.
- What kind of interest? - 20%.
- There's no record of that.
- Yeah, well, my dad wasn't big on paperwork.
See, what interests us is that there is a record of your ex-partner ruining that 20%.
I needed something as collateral to get him into a decent place.
After he got shot.
How come that didn't come back to you after he died? I didn't set up the paperwork.
I was preoccupied.
- It went back to my cousin, so what? - I fail to see the relevance here.
You don't see a problem in a police officer being in business with a known criminal? - It's his inheritance.
- Gotta be a paper trail.
Someone put up collateral to look after a wounded cop.
It wasn't by the book, that goes nowhere.
There's nothing connecting my client to anything illegal.
- We're not in court here.
- Yet.
We're not civilians, Detective.
Stay focused.
This isn't about 19, it's about us.
Let's do it.
Watch out for each other's backs.
Just stay behind us, cover the rear.
I'll tell you when to move.
- OK.
- Yes, sir.
They think they're so cool with all their gear.
- You all good? - Oh, yeah.
Who's Robert Sizemore? - Who? - Robert Sizemore.
Three convictions, intent - to distribute.
Robert Sizemore.
- Oh, Bobby the Snail, yeah.
He's a mid-level dealer.
He started having guineas.
What's your relationship then? - He's an informant.
- Not numbered.
I'm supposed to put everyone on the government dime? What about - Louis St-Pierre? - What about him? Well, you do know he's a convicted sex offender? And he's also a dangerous prick in general.
What Why are you coming up with this shit anyway? You have three of his numbers in your phone, including his mother's.
- What, you broke into my phone? - Got a warrant for that.
It's sealed.
Of course I've got criminals in my freaking phone, it's my job! - This is pure fishing, gentlemen.
- Who are you assholes anyway? - Where'd you come from? - You requested the personnel file of Paul Frederick Peak.
Why did you do that? I'm sorry, I don't know who that is.
- He was a cop.
- Was? His car blew up.
He was working undercover.
Why did you request his file? I didn't.
I've never accessed anything like that.
We know you didn't.
You were denied access.
- No.
Not me.
- So you're saying someone else has your access code? No.
Unless you're setting me up.
It changes every month in 19, - doesn't it? - Yeah.
Yeah, I write it down on a little piece of paper and leave it in the cup holder right next to my partner.
What the fuck is going on here? - Someone's setting me up.
- We're gonna need you to go through your notebooks with us.
We had them brought over from the station.
- Now! Go, go, go! - Check your blind spots! Cover the left side! - Clear! - OK.
Clear! Clear.
Clear! Clear.
Guys? They were tipped off.
Fucking 19.
Yeah, place is clean.
No, they knew we were coming.
Yes, sir.
Hey, - I need my phone back.
- You kidding me? I got a call to make, gimme my phone.
We're done here.
Who you need to call so bad, - the guys you tipped off about the raid? - Yeah? What about your crew? - Go fuck a fireman.
- Who the fuck are you? Back off.
Hey, question, guys, question.
Who were we following the last time a bust went wrong, huh? Oh, that's right.
Fucking Tactical, that's who.
- What a coincidence! - OK.
Everyone off site.
- That means you too.
- What, you want us to hand this over to 19? Project Hercules is taking it.
They want us all out.
So clear the site.
Let's go.
Yeah, hurry it up.
Where the hell are you guys? What did you do? Pick up your phone! Ben! Ben? Hello! Babe? Ben, open the door.
Come on, I can hear you.
Ben! Hello? Hi, yeah.
Come on, I'm outside, let me in.
Where are you? I'm outside! Can you not hear me? I can hear you! Amélie, get away from there.
That's not me in the house.
I'm not home.
- Jesus.
Ben, are you with her? - Amélie, get away from there! Get away from the house right now! Go! Go! I'm going.
What's going on? Just get away from there, OK? I'm gonna come get you.
OK, well, find me at my place.
- Is anybody following you? - No, nobody's following me.
- Do you see anyone right now? - No.
Look, we need to talk, OK? - Just just stay close.
- Ben, who the fuck is in your apartment? Jesus, shit.
Hey! Turn that off, we need to talk.
- What's up? - Uh, listen, you gotta clean up the shop, OK? Now.
Clean up anything that could bite you in the ass.
- I got you in trouble, I'm sorry.
- The fuck are you talking about, man? My partner.
He's SQ.
What's that in English? He's Internal Affairs, alright? They think I'm dirty, and now they're looking at you.
So what? So what? It's all good.
I've been cleaning up the shop ever since that last problem that we had.
The shop's clean.
- You sure? - Come on.
Alright, good.
I gotta sell out.
Cutting off.
Good to know.
Look, I gotta go.
Keep it clean.
Yeah? Somebody just broke into Ben's apartment and I nearly walked in on it.
- What? Where are you? - I'm at home.
Ben's gonna come and pick me up.
Do you know what the hell's going on? Alright, don't move, alright? I'm on my way.
You gotta hear from me first, OK? - OK, well, are you coming - I'm on my way.
Don't move.
Hey, keep it clean.
- Hey.
We gotta talk.
- Yeah, I know, you said that.
Hey, what the hell Ben, what the hell is going on? There's something I haven't been telling you.
Oh my God, you've gotta be fucking kid No, it's not it's not that.
It's not that.
- You need to not be here.
- She needs to hear it from me.
What do I need to hear? Could somebody please tell me what the fuck's going on? I've been working for the SQ.
I've been investigating Nick.
He's not my partner, he's a liar.
He's been ratting on me since day one.
- That's not true.
- No? Since when, then, huh? Since when? He only got with you to get to me.
No, Amélie, that's that's not fucking true! - OK, you need to go now.
- Amélie You need to go! - Amélie - Now! Go on, get outta here.
Now! - I told you to wait here.
- Yeah? You tell me why I should listen to you.
- You bring him in without telling me? - Questioning, that's all.
- Shouldn't have affected you.
- Well, it did! I'm blown! - A lot of things got blown today.
- Oh yeah? Spit it out! It's been a shit day for everyone.
Fucking raid Yeah, the raid.
So you brought Nick in so he couldn't leak it, right? Right? But it leaked anyway.
- Apparently, yes.
- So then he's clear.
He's not the mole.
We're re-evaluating.
You're you're a piece of work, man.
When we determine what we want from you, - we'll be in touch.
- Don't bother.
I'm done.
Ben I don't trust you.
Oh the guys in my apartment, that was you? What are you doing here? They really ripped the shit out of this place, didn't they? SQ.
They find what they were looking for? Yeah.
I wanna know what I'm supposed to have done to get this level of shit coming down on me.
I just I just can't put that part together.
What did I fucking tell you? There's a mole! Meaning? Meaning three dead cops, half a dozen major payroll robberies, three organised crime cases tanked.
It's one of us.
Someone in 19.
Running controlled leaks for months.
It's one of us.
- Our shift? - Looks like it.
Why me? Hm? Why? They won't tell me.
But you're cleared.
After the raid today.
That's why they pulled you off shift.
No, I'm not fucking cleared! - What's with this computer shit? - What are you talking about? They said I logged on to some shit that I didn't.
You never log on, even when I'm driving.
No, 'cause you're good at it! I have no idea what they're talking about, Nick.
- They didn't tell me about this.
- For fuck's sake, Chartier! You admit you're spying on me, and you can't even say what makes me the suspect? Now, you said three dead cops.
Two Tactical in the meth house.
The guy who was in the car that blew up under the bridge turned out to be UC.
Didn't even get a cop funeral.
Well, neither did Harvey.
Who does he work for? The mole.
- Italians.
- Which Italians? They don't know, they keep killing each other.
Or maybe they do know.
Didn't have a choice.
Ha! Thought you cut me off.
I know I'm nothing but trouble for you right now.
So what brings you out? You know some of those boys out west? - Run drugs in the St-Jacques strip there? - Asians? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
What about 'em? I wanna know what capo they're pissing off these days.
How the fuck am I supposed to know? You're supposed to find out.
So I'm your stoolie now? Come on.
Help me out, cuz.
It's personal.
- That was a great restaurant.
- That was lovely.
Definitely going back there again.
You know, I can really see you in real estate.
Thank you.
What about you? You got a long-term plan? I've got the next ten years figured out.
- What about after that? - I don't know.
I'm right here.
Glance over at me once in a while.
I will.
I need to lighten up, I know.
I love that tattoo.
Where'd you get it done? A guy from San Francisco.
He was here for a couple of years.
Yeah, I remember you showed me some sketches.
- Boyfriend who was in a band.
- Yeah.
- But I've never seen it in the flesh.
- Is that a hint, Mary Louise? More of a proposition.
Oh, shit, shit, shit! Shh! Oh, my God! - Sir? - Come in.
Close the door.
We have a formal complaint from Tactical alleging that we have a leak.
Maybe we do.
Maybe they do.
We don't know.
We need to find out.
I'm willing to take point on it.
- I can write up a plan and - It's it's not necessary.
- With all due respect, sir - It's not appropriate.
You're part of the squad.
Yes, sir.
- What are we doing? - We're waiting.
We're not 19.
I'll need backup to We're gonna need a safety warning.
- The driver lives there, 4930.
- OK? Wake me if anyone comes in or out.
Wake up.
- Hm - Wake up.
- You recognize him? - No, who is it? - The hotel.
- Oh shit.
With the girl.
Don't muck this up.
Excuse me, sir.
Have you been in an accident? - I'm sorry? - There's some damage to the back end of your car needs to get fixed.
Did you get in an accident? No, I don't know what you're talking about.
Your taillight.
- It's pretty severe damage.
- Maybe you should step out and take a better look at it.
Yeah, of course.
What the hell? - Somebody must have hit me.
- Could be vandalism.
I strongly urge you to file a complaint.
We need people to report these things.
Yeah, you know what, thank you but, uh I'm late already and - Am I free to go? - Yeah, yeah, sure.
We just wanted to help out.
- Thank you.
Step away from the car.
Step away.
- Sir, step back.
- Why? What are you doing? What? You wanna tell us what this is? No, that's bullshit, that wasn't in my car! I'm afraid it was.
Hands on the car, sir.
Put your hands on the car.
Pop the trunk.
I do not give you permission to search my car.
I'm afraid you just did.
- There's a gun back here.
- Fuck, - this is bullshit.
- Put your hands behind your back.
Why the gun, sir? You like to play with guns? This gun's been used.
Look at all the residue.
How about that.
So what's the game here, boys? You're wasting my time.
- We're just doing our job, sir.
- Right.
So who the fuck's behind this, huh? 'Cause I'll find out.
Don't think I won't.
How about you just shut the fuck up? What are you doing? Nick.
What needs to be done.
That's right.
What needs to be done.
No one gives a shit about this guy.
You don't have to explain yourself.
It's all good.
He's a bad guy.
- You got your call.
- My lawyer? No, your girlfriend.
What do you think? Yeah.
I'm gonna need some help from my friend in 19.

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