19-2 (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

Property Line

Previously, on 19-2 - I don't think that's her.
- Wait here.
All you have to do is make them happy.
I love that tattoo.
Is that a hint, Mary Louise? Oh shit! Probably run out of gas by the time they get here.
Tyler! Why don't I talk to my lawyer and call you back? What was that about? - What are you doing with the SQ? - There's a mole.
In 19.
- Somebody must have hit me.
- Could be vandalism.
- There's a gun back here.
- The fuck is this bullshit? Hands behind your back.
- OK, you need to go now.
- Amélie - You need to go now! - Amélie, listen.
You got your call.
I'm gonna need some help from our friend in 19.
What's the story with Antony Tremblay? What story? You happened to see his taillight's been smashed, then you happened to notice coke in his car, and then you happened to find a gun in his trunk.
That's correct.
I had to cut him loose.
- No hits on the gun? - It's brand new.
Registered to Tremblay's brother-in-law.
He's coming to get it.
It's barely been used, which does not match your report.
- May I see that? - Sure.
You described it as well used and recently fired.
I thought you were a gun guy.
I'm sorry, I, uh must have gotten carried away.
- What about possession? - Barely three grams.
- Come on, what's going on here? - Nothing.
No, I, um I apologize.
I'll be more careful next time.
Yeah, you do that.
- The gun was switched.
- What are you talking about? The gun that we brought in was an American-made Beretta 92FS.
Yeah, isn't that the one she just showed us? No, the gun that she showed us was Italian-made.
It's got a rounder trigger guard and different markings.
The gun was switched.
After we put it in evidence, before it went to Ballistics.
- Tremblay used the mole.
- Mm-hmm.
- Shit.
- Fall in.
- We gotta take this to the SQ.
- No.
This is serious, we don't have a choice.
- We have to take it to the SQ.
- No, not yet.
- Let's go, guys, fall in.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, guys.
- Nick.
- Not yet.
Pouliot, Brouillard, you'll be riding 19-7, lunch at 12.
Hamelin and Joseph, 19-4, lunch will be at 12:30.
Barron, Chartier, 19-2, lunch will be at 1PM.
As for assignments, today is a very special day.
I will let Detective Latendresse tell us all about it.
- Detective? - Thank you.
As you may know, the city sold a block of community housing to developers.
Residents were given notice five months ago.
Today, you'll be escorting the bailiffs around the site while they give their final notice.
Tomorrow, you'll provide support for the evictions.
How many evictions? That's what you'll find out today.
Most tenants'll be gone.
Does it at least count as a day's community service? - It does not.
- Oh, come on, Sarge! What are we doing here? Are we working for the city or are we working for developers kicking people out of their houses? Place your fingers together and put them on your belly button.
Now take a nice big breath, and as you breathe, you wanna think about breathing down to the baby.
And as you do, your fingers will come apart.
And breathe in and now, exhale.
Breathe in Exhale.
- Natalie Richard? - Yes.
This is your third and final warning that your lease is up.
The building has been sold and is scheduled for demolition.
If you do not vacate today, you will be evicted tomorrow.
I know that.
Thank you.
- See you then.
- Ma'am, ma'am It would really be best if you left today.
Ha! Best for you, you mean.
Well, if you leave it to the last minute, then we Put your stuff on the street.
- We don't have a choice.
- Really, we don't have a choice here.
You know what? You two should be the ones protecting me from this.
Do you have a place to go? Sure.
Social Services has found me a spot in a family shelter.
They even take newborns.
Lucky me.
Well, I'm sure that we can help you find a place.
Yeah, I'm not looking for help from you.
I have one more night in my home.
I'd like to spend it in peace.
Thank you.
I hate this fucking job.
Hi hi.
I I need your help.
Can you help me? - What can we do for you, sir? - It's my wife, we Where is she? - We need you.
- Alright, alright.
Come here, please.
TV Ma'am, do you need an ambulance? No, no, no.
It's the TV, it's not working.
Sir, I thought you said it was your wife.
I need to pack.
She gets upset.
Since the stroke, TV keeps her calm.
- TV - It's OK.
Nina, Nina, it's OK.
It's gonna be fine.
Can you can you look at it, please! It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
We'll get your TV back.
Are you folks set up to go somewhere? Everyone's going to the shelters.
It's OK You're gonna have to pack up.
You can't stay here tomorrow.
I understand.
Can you fix it? - Calm down.
- It's just a loose wire.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- There you have it.
See? See? It's OK.
It's OK, honey.
- You're welcome.
- I'm not going anywhere.
Sir, this isn't right.
As I was saying, you are gonna have to pack everything up, - otherwise you're gonna lose it all.
- No.
No, we're not.
It's all it's all OK.
Police! Police! - It's empty.
- Yeah, looks like it.
Aw, shit.
Junkies like cockroaches.
Where there's one Alright, on your feet.
Come on, let's go.
And what do we have here? Tampons, lipstick, condoms Oh, and a little bit of smack.
The modern woman's essentials.
You keep a little pick-me-up in your purse, do you? Oh, yeah.
A picture of you from high school.
I pull it out when I feel blue, and right away I feel so much better about myself.
Line 'em up outside.
- We'll take 'em in for possession.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Alright.
- Guys, get up.
You heard her.
Get up.
- Wake up.
That's right.
- Come on, come on.
Be quick about it, man.
Won't wait around all day.
You can sleep when you're in jail.
Let's go.
Against the wall when you get outside.
Shit! Come on! Ugh! God.
- Uh - Anything else we can do for you, sir? Uh I can't leave Nina and That's alright, we'll take care of the TV.
Oh, boy If there's one thing I can't stand, it's criminalizing the public.
No one's criminalizing anyone.
I bet you'd feel different if it was you.
Why don't you kids go play something more productive? Like basketball.
Oh! - That kid remind you of you? - Not even close.
You ever see that stripper again? - Yeah.
- How'd it go? Three years you've been my partner, this is the first time - you show any interest in my love life.
- What can I say? Maybe these damn meetings are finally getting me to open up.
This is opening up? Well, it is in a way, 'cause, you know, I lost a couple since I've been off the sauce and I was wondering if, you know I could set you up with a stripper? - I could buy that, you know.
- Don't be like that.
You're not J.
It's good enough for you.
What? You don't know where it's gonna go! I am gonna see her again.
Good, good! Face those fears, girl.
- That's how you do it.
Hey! - Hey! What are you, stupid? Stop running! Little shit! Hey! Stop running! Hey! Watch it! Fuck! Little shit! Oh, fuck! Gimme your hands! Tryin' to run from the big dog? - What's going on? - You know this piece of shit? Never seen him before.
- It's OK, sir.
You can step back inside.
- Let's go.
What you runnin' for, huh? What you runnin' for? Come on, it's private.
Shit This is nice work.
Alright, Alpha 2-6-7 Bravo 8 Delta 9-9-4.
The gun's been logged into evidence just after 1PM.
- The SQ could access this.
- Would they show it to us? Hey, guys.
What are you still doing in here? Genius here raised our paperwork.
And you got him to touch the computer? - Hey, easy.
- Don't work too hard.
See you soon.
So OK.
There's the gun being dropped in evidence.
So we know it went in.
- What happened? - Cam - The camera's on motion sensor.
- Right.
Only switches on when something moves.
- Then the next action's at 2:10PM.
- The gun's still there.
Then again at 7PM.
What the fuck? - What? It's still there.
- It moved.
Go back.
Look at this.
You're right.
It's been moved.
Not moved.
It's been switched.
Right there in lockup.
How come the camera didn't turn on and catch it? Well, whoever switched the gun must've turned it off.
This is over our heads, man.
This is way over our heads.
- Absolutely not.
- I need to see the girl, alright? She was with this guy when we found her.
Nick, not in a million years.
You're fishing.
I'm not I'm not fishing.
You don't even know who you're looking for.
You're hoping she can tell you? We need to know.
It's important.
Then you should've asked her when you rescued her.
That was the window.
- You know how this works.
- Jesus, Amélie, this is a special situation! I need your help! Well, she's not doing well and I'm not gonna let you open that up for her again.
Go talk to a judge.
Hard no.
- Well, we gotta go with the SQ.
- No.
It's not up to you, man, I'm sorry.
No, we're not going to the SQ, alright? They're setting me up.
There's something fucking wrong with what they're saying about me.
- We got a good lead here.
- I know.
What, you got a better idea? Don't worry, I'll I'll think of something.
Just give me a little time.
Don't trust them.
I hate this.
I hate everything about it.
What, do we work for developers now? Is that what we do? Walk in, take people out of their homes, knock their doors in? - It's bullshit.
It's spit duty.
- Hey, Brouillard! - It's spit duty, Sarge! - Zip it.
OK, guys, it's time to move 'em out.
Now, we are expecting media presence today, - so I wanna take things slow and easy.
- Oh, that's great.
Drag it out.
- When are we doing the big one? After we've cleared these.
Any questions? OK, let's go.
Let's move it.
Come on, guys, let's go, let's go, let's go.
, get it together, please.
I can't work with you like that.
Natalie Richard, you are hereby evicted from these premises.
I refuse to cooperate.
Really? Is that good for your baby? You know what would be good for my baby? Not being homeless.
- Ma'am.
- This is my home.
I've never been late with my rent, you have no right to kick me out.
- The building is condemned.
- The building is fine.
The only reason you're here is so some developer can get rich stealing my home.
You want me out, you're gonna have to drag me out kicking and screaming.
Alright, have it your way.
No! No! Ow! Don't touch me! No! Leave me alone! - Calm down! Calm down! - Fuck you! This is my home! Let me go! No! - Let me go! - Last thing you want is for us to drop you.
Let go! Let go of the wall, ma'am! Let go! Let go of the wall! Calm down.
- No! - I don't wanna drop you! No! Stop! No! No! Ma'am, let go of the wall.
Let go of the wall.
Don't make this any harder than it has to be, OK? Ow! No! You're hurting me! No! No, you're hurting me! Ah! Ah! I'm putting you down.
Hold on to me, OK? - Hold on.
- Put your arm around me.
Put your arm around me! Oh, Christ! No, take me back inside! Please! - Just rest right here, OK? - Hey, talk to me.
What's wrong? I'm in labour! - Shit.
Alright, stay calm.
- 19-2, we need an ambulance - at 1204 Fortune, we have a woman in labour.
- Look at me, look at me.
You're gonna be fine, OK? We're gonna get you to the hospital, the ambulance is on its way.
No! I wanna go to my aunt's.
She's a midwife.
- OK.
- Alright.
Why are you doing this? You could've just left.
Why didn't you leave? My mother was born on this street.
Someone has to acknowledge what's happening here! It's gonna be fine, alright? Jonah saw him looking through our windows, and then he went over there.
He's still there.
I've got it.
And did you see him do anything else at all? Not that we know about.
Hey buddy, come on, let's go.
Get out of there.
- Nice place you got there.
- Thanks.
Alright, we'll take care of this, OK? - Play nice now.
- Yeah, yeah.
Come on, let's go, get out of there.
Leave me alone, I'm sleeping.
- You need to come out of there, sir.
- Go fuck yourself.
Go fuck myself? - Yeah.
- Hey! Listen, get your drunk ass up and get your ass out of here and don't make me get physical with you.
- No! - I told you I didn't want Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Ah!! Bees!! Don't move, J.
! You gotta stand still! Ah, shit.
- Can I come in? - Jonah is allergic to bees.
- They're wasps.
- Can't take that risk.
Don't come here! - Isn't this the place we cleared yesterday? - Could.
Hey, stop right there! Stop! Stop! Hands behind your head.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Hands behind your back.
- We got another junkie in here.
- 19-2, we have a dead body, - female, overdose.
- Hold the scene.
Where's the drugs? Her friends took 'em.
Everybody knows it's only the good shit that kills you.
- 32-6, on our way.
- Stupid bees.
I hate those little suckers.
- How many did you get? - One.
One?! It's your cologne.
Justine makes me wear it.
I hate it.
It stinks.
Actually, it's 'cause you panicked like a little boy.
You know what? - You face down a wall of bees.
- Wasps.
And yes, I just did.
Yeah one wasp.
Look at me.
- It's not funny! - I'm sorry.
I think you need mine too.
It's like I just hit puberty.
I'm sorry.
OK what? We gotta go to the SQ.
Yeah, it's me.
We gotta talk.
Just ask her.
Well, ask her again.
Call you back.
Well, well, well.
What's this about? We've connected someone to the mole.
His name is Antony Tremblay.
- We picked him up a couple days ago.
- Wait, you did what? We found a gun in his trunk, it was pretty heavily used.
We put it into evidence, the mole went into evidence and switched it out.
- What about the cameras? - Didn't show anything.
- Sensor didn't go off.
- We'll look into it.
What are you doing here, patrolman? Making your damn case, apparently.
You do understand that we have some major issues that you have not answered, right? This is when they start making shit up.
Antony Tremblay.
No H.
- Yeah, we'll follow up.
- Yeah, do that.
- They're gunning for me.
- Well, what have they got? I told you, I don't know! They say I tried to run some cop who got killed, it's bullshit.
- Never even heard of the guy.
- I don't know what to tell you, man.
I'm the fall guy.
Look, if they put surveillance on Tremblay, they're gonna find the mole.
I believe that.
Sure they will.
- So what are we looking at? - Someone I'm interested in.
- The Italian guy? - He works for him.
What's this about, anyway? You don't wanna know.
I'm a curious guy.
Looks like he's going to bed.
I don't think so.
Ah Alright, I'm going inside.
If he comes back, you get out, set the car alarm off and walk away.
Yeah, right! In Outremont? Nothing's gonna happen.
There's no crime here.
So what are you doing inside this guy's house then? No crime on the street.
So wait here.
To hell with that.
I'm coming.
Hey, who is this guy? I think he's a pimp.
- Ran into him with a kid once.
- No shit? Yeah, no shit.
Hey, hey! I got something.
- What? - USB key.
- Stuck under a drawer.
- Oh, nice.
Good work.
I'm guessing this is the passcode, too.
OK, so K, R, V, Oh, shit I don't wanna look at this.
Aw, fuck, Nick! OK, that's enough.
You already know what's on there, man.
And he's gonna walk.
Fuck that.
Put it back.
Frame up a warrant.
I can't.
I got nothing.
He's connected high up.
He'll walk.
That's not right.
Ah!! Fuck! Hey, hey! Recognize me? Recognize me, you piece of shit? Huh? Yeah? Good.
So you know I'm not exactly on the job then, right? Meaning you're fucked.
You do understand that, right? You see The only way that you're gonna get out of here intact is if you give me the name I want.
Otherwise I will be the last thing that you ever see.
Believe it.
I know what you are.
And I don't give a damn how good your lawyers are or who your connection on the force is.
You're fucked.
That was funny? Hm? You don't give up your friend in 19, then I'll give you to him.
My friend here he's got a thing about kids.
I'm gonna give you one free chance.
Then we're gonna go play with your face on the gas stove, how's that sound? Hm? Are my terms acceptable to you? Good.
- One chance.
- Ah! You want a name? Isabelle Latendresse.
What'd you say? What the fuck did you say to me, huh? Are you saying she's the mole? Huh? She's your ex.
Audrey Pouliot, she's your girlfriend.
Amélie de Grace, your sister, currently dating Ben Chartier, your partner.
Yeah, I got all kinds of names, man.
You think you can threaten us? You want another name? Cassie Clement.
You set me up once already.
Now I know everything about you, Officer Barron.
I know where you live, where you work out, where you eat, where you drink.
You fuckers think you are in charge here? Let me tell you how things are gonna play out What the fuck did you do? He knew my fucking name.
I'm not taking a bullet for nobody, not even you, cuz.
- Oh, fuck.
- Come on, buddy.
Oh, fuck! You got me into this fucking mess, I'm getting us out of it.
- Gimme the flash drive.
- No, this is fucked.
This is fucked.
Gimme the fucking flash drive! Yo, he gave us no choice, man, it was either him or us.
That's the way it was going down.
You're late.
Doesn't look like there's much to be late for.
Where is everyone? Bear and Tyler are around back.
and Audrey are up the block.
And we're here because? Wanna make sure no one moves back in overnight.
So we're security guys.
Just gotta make sure people don't get back in.
You getting' sick or something? You look like shit.
Didn't get much sleep.
- Look at this.
- What the fuck?! Looks like a knife.
We got a woman with a knife in front of 1343.
Ma'am, drop the knife.
- Calm down and drop the knife.
Hey! Drop it! - The new condos.
Drop it! Stop! Drop the knife! - Motherfucker! - Calm down! Hey! Let me help you! Calm down! Look at me! - Hey, hey, hey! - Ma'am, let us help you.
- Hey, back off! - Fuck you! - Back off! Back off! Stop! Step back! Drop the knife! Hey, drop it! Fucking pig! Ma'am, look at me! Look at me! - Let me help you! - Fuck you, you fucking pig! Let me help you! Stay on me! Stop! Stop! - Put down the knife! - Get the knife! Tyler? You see the knife? Where's the weapon? Where's the weapon? Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me? Oh, Christ.
Oh, Christ.
Oh, shit.
There's no pulse.
- Copy, 19-2.
- It was an accident.
Wasn't your fault.
I mean, she could've hurt someone, right? Is everybody else OK? Everybody's OK? - Everybody's good? - Yeah.
- We're all OK.
- You good, man? I'm good.
I'm good.
Valerie Favreau's death was a tragedy, but the officer in question was under threat and we believe his actions were justified.
Now, I'm afraid I can't comment any further due to the ongoing investigation.
Thank you.
That's all for now, folks.
Thank you.
- Could've been a bigger turnout.
- And that's a bad thing? It's an excellent thing.
Sorry that you had to do this whole dog and pony show, - but you do it well.
- Thank you.
- It's a tough situation.
- Well, we should talk.
Possible ramifications, public relations - You'll be handling that.
- OK.
D'you want to grab a bite to eat? You got some time now? - Yeah, sure.
- I'll see you out front.
Now, I'm afraid I can't comment any further due to the ongoing investigation.
Thank you.
Man, I don't even know why they're having an investigation in the first place.
They need to cover their asses.
- Brass.
It's just for show.
- You're gonna come out just fine, Tyler.
- Oh, I'm not worried.
- You shouldn't be, man.
You didn't have a choice there.
What are you gonna do? You've got a woman swinging a knife at police officers.
Yeah, this is one of those freak accident things, whatever.
- I've never heard of anything like it.
- You were just doing your job.
That's all there has to it.
We all were.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Yeah, but seriously, what the fuck was he thinking? Jesus, he was trying to save her! Yeah, but it's just like the van shit.
One of these days he's gonna run off a building.
- Shut the fuck up, man, it was an accident.
- Yeah? You think so? Think you'd have my back if I pulled some hero stunt like that? - Shut up! - Fuck you.
- You OK? - I don't wanna agree with J.
Then don't.
- You going to Marie's tonight? - I got a date.
Tyler will be there.
Maybe after.
Why a phoenix? It fits.
- The yin to your dragon's yang.
- That's right.
Well, it really is beautiful.
Yeah, I'm not sure.
Do you need a few minutes to think about it? I might.
I'll give you time.
I'll be right back.
What are you talking about? You said this guy's a genius.
Yeah, he's big in Thailand.
He does all his colour packing by hand.
Meaning what? Meaning it hurts, - but it's worth it.
- Eh, beauty is pain.
My mother used to say that when she brushed my hair.
Yeah, I'm just not ready yet.
You said the guy's gotta go back to Thailand.
Yeah, next month.
Maybe I'll go there.
Sure you will.
I might.
Anyway, I'm not having this done today.
They really are beautiful.
- Maybe you should get one.
- Maybe I will.
It'd be good for business.
Oh yeah? Business? You know, sometimes I wish you always wore your uniform.
Yeah, why is that? Because you have no pulse when you're out of it.
Yeah? So? What'd you got? Tell him.
Antony Tremblay was found dead at his place this afternoon.
- Staged to look like a suicide.
- Never should've fucking picked him up.
Tipped your hand.
Now whoever runs him will make sure you're gonna talk.
So now we are back to square fucking one.
All that fucking work.
Nice job, Chartier.
Hey, partner.
How you holding up? I've had better days.
You should go home.
Probably right.
One game? Sure.
Can somebody get my partner a beer, please, while she racks it up? - Coming up.
- Thanks, Marie.
Someone killed Tremblay.
We shouldn't have picked him up.
You don't know what happened.
- A guy like that, he - No.
No, we fucked up.
Nick's a good cop.
Your riding with him is not an accident.
We want you close to him.
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