19-2 (2014) s03e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on 19-2 Let's not kid ourselves.
We're tainted.
We're gonna rebuild this station on three pillars: community relations, carbon footprints, - and productivity goals.
- Audrey! Audrey, enough! We will comprehend the word 'serenity' and we will know peace, no matter how far down the scale we have gone.
You're a good boyfriend, Ben Chartier.
We're still on for that date, though, right? Her mom hates me.
We broke up.
I have family.
Why can't I be here? She'd have her own room.
I want to do this right.
I don't know what your cousin was thinking.
He was breaking code.
Anybody does something like that, there's gonna be a price to pay.
You trying to say something? Did you look at a guy named Charlie Figo? - Excuse me? - F-i-g-o.
Owns the Fortuna.
Oh, I know who he is.
OK, OK, I got it.
I gotta drop it, walk away.
You're full of shit! - No, I know! - You're full of shit! Gimme your gun! Gimme your fucking gun! (laughing) - Get down! - So you gave him your gun.
- And? - He shot a cop with it.
(sobbing) You gotta try flat white.
- I'm fine with what I have, thank you.
- No, I'm telling you.
- What's going on there? - Nothing good.
- Hey! - Hey! Jesus! She's alive.
19-7 at dispatch, we need paramedics, corner of Sainte-Catherine and Panet.
- [Copy that, 19-7.
- Miss? Miss? Don't touch me! No, no, it's OK.
It's OK.
We're with the police.
Alright? We're gonna help you.
Just lie back down.
Just - Nobody called it in.
- We need that bus stat.
Look, I'm just close this, OK? You're gonna be fine, OK? We got you.
You're gonna be OK.
Let me just close this, OK? [Copy, 19-2.
- Alright, you got your game face on? - Game face on.
- Game face on.
- You know we need that W.
- Officer Barron! - How's it going? - Go ahead.
That your son? I sponsor a team.
Building goodwill.
You know how it is.
- Something you want? - Yeah, actually.
I was hoping - we could talk for a few minutes.
- Sorry, I don't.
Hey, come on, I'm being friendly here.
- I need to talk to you.
As a cop.
- I'm off duty.
If you have an issue, you can take it up at the station.
Think it might be of interest to you.
- Nick.
- Hey.
- You playing with the cops? - Yeah, Tyler talked me into it.
- You, uh, you good? - Yeah.
Our friend here has a hearing problem.
You're gonna want to talk to me here, Nick.
I'm telling ya.
He's the guy from the bakery, right? He still baiting you? - You gonna do anything about it? - Yeah.
Enjoy my weekend.
[We have an anonymous call .]
Hamelin, this is Sergeant Suarez.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.
Again, I'm really sorry.
This is absolutely my fault.
Squad, I'd like you to welcome our new sergeant.
Roy Suarez comes to us with an impeccable record after 13 years at station 10.
We're lucky to have him.
One more body, we'll be a full roster.
Sergeant? I'll leave you to it.
Hey there.
I just wanna start by saying I am proud to join 19.
I put in 18 years on patrol before I got this posting, so I've been spit, pissed and shit on same as all of you.
- Welcome to the crapper.
- Alright, well, today's business.
I have a request for a female volunteer for Vice.
They're running an op out of 19.
Cabbie is assaulting street workers.
- They want someone to play hooker.
- 50 bucks for anyone who nails him.
Yeah, me too.
Let's make it 100, then.
- You wanna volunteer? - Uh, no.
Not to play rape bait, no.
Also, there's a pickpocket working Laurier Park.
Male, thirties, brown hair.
Keep an eye out.
OK, duos.
Pouliot-Dulac (voice fades out) 19-7, lunch at 12.
- What's up? - I'll volunteer for Vice.
I'll let them know you're coming.
Report to Detective Chapelle.
Sorry you didn't get the post.
That's all right.
Didn't expect to.
We should go for a beer.
I could use any tips you have on the squad.
I've heard stuff about the new sergeant.
Oh yeah, what? He's been waiting for a post for years but no one wants to touch him 'cause he's out.
My dad calls him the Sergeantina.
And you knew this was happening? The commander asked for him specifically.
(sighing) Fucking Gendron.
You know what he's doing, right? He's covering his ass.
He's wrapping up 19 in a rainbow-coloured condom to look progressive.
That's typical political bullshit.
- It's not Suarez's fault.
- No, I did I say it was? (sighing) I feel like shit.
Bear losing her stripes.
It's my fault.
She could've gotten you killed.
(honking) Yeah, yeah, screw you.
- You know where Amélie is? - She had to go to the Townships.
- Something with a client.
- What about the girl, Martine? She's gonna stay with us for a couple days.
You must love that.
Bleeding heart Amélie.
- My idea.
- Really? The things we do for love.
(cell phone ringing) Barron.
Tonight's good.
Tonight's very good.
(laughing) Alright.
I'll be there.
Well, that sounded like a date.
Sounded like a hot date.
Going out on a hot date? [In 19: we have a report of arson near Fortuna Bakery, .]
- [corner of St-Dominique and Duluth.
- [19-33, we're right there.
19-2, we'll back up.
- New Fortuna, that's the guy, right? - Yep.
Let's check it out.
(siren) Start here and then walk out! Look at that.
I guess he pissed off the wrong people.
Listen, don't go in there pushing buttons.
Don't worry, I got this.
Officer Barron.
Good to see a familiar face in a new neighbourhood.
I didn't know you worked this district.
Now you do.
Look at this shit.
We just opened.
Can you believe it? - You already got enemies.
- What can you do? - Sir, you give a statement? - Yeah, to those cops.
- We're not needed here, then, right? - Hold on.
There's a few things I didn't tell 'em.
What's that? You mind giving us a second? Yeah, I do, actually.
You got something to say, you can say it.
This guy comes in, tells me I need insurance.
A grand a month.
Welcome tax, he says.
Who? Sorry, I didn't ask for his ID.
Is this what you wanted to talk to me about at the park? Yeah.
Guess I should've tried a little harder.
Look what happened.
Hey! You guys are gonna need to bring this guy in.
He says he was threatened.
The fuck is that? I'm talking to you here, come on.
You need to talk to them, sir.
Can you, uh can you tell me what happened to that kid's hands? Kid put out the fire.
He's a goddamn hero.
- What's this? - Guy claims he was being extorted.
- Didn't say anything to us.
- That's funny.
You ready? (Dramatic rock music) [Hi, you've reached Amélie De Grace.
Leave a message.
Hey, Am, uh, I got your message.
You don't have paprika, do you? No, you don't.
That's OK, I'll get some.
Um, everything's good here, hope that everything's good there.
Just just gimme a call when you can.
OK, love you.
Can I have a beer? Hmm nope.
- It wouldn't be my first time.
- No beer.
Set the table, please.
Um, Amélie's not gonna be home until tomorrow night.
- I could stay with my uncle.
- No.
No, you can't.
And what do you know about these? They're beedies.
It's herbal and legal to buy them.
- Not in my house, OK? - It's not your house, it's her house.
- (laughing) I don't smoke inside.
- Oh yeah? Yeah, you have those right there so you could smoke out here.
It all flies in here if a window's been opened.
Gimme my lighter.
It's mine.
It belonged to my mother.
If I tell you something, like as a cop, you have to do something about it, right? - What, like a crime? - Yeah.
Did, uh, did something happen? There's this shithead upstairs from my uncle's.
He's dealing drugs, like hard shit.
That's why Social Services won't let me stay there, I know it.
So maybe your uncle should move.
He can't afford to.
Place is rent-controlled.
(sighing) How come some drug dealer gets to fuck up my whole life, huh? How's that fair? Hey! Come on.
We'll talk about it when Amélie gets home.
- Don't talk like that, OK? - Can't you just do something? What's the point of being a cop? You arrest people, that's what you do! Take it easy.
Take it easy.
What did I say? (sighing) When Amélie gets home.
- You got any brown sugar? - We've got maple syrup.
We put that on ham back home, it's really good.
You should try it.
Trust me.
That's just gross.
You Hamelin? Chapelle.
Follow me.
Here, put this on.
Well, it's either this or a miniskirt and a short cropped halter.
Come on, patroller, let's see what you've got.
What's the case? Five hookers assaulted in six weeks.
We got a vague descript.
Male, fifties, heavyset, thinning hair, drives a cab.
Gets his victims to ride up front, starts with insults, then turns violent.
Ugh, I can't breathe.
This is how you wear it.
- Jesus.
- Grab a pair.
Let's go.
- Those are stilts.
- Really? Here.
- Where do you put the wire? - We don't rig you.
This is a panic button.
- How close by are you? - We got you covered.
No, no.
No room for a side, I'm sorry.
(soft music and conversations) - Hey.
This seat taken? - Officer Barron.
- Ah, call me Nick.
- Let's keep it professional.
- Oh, so this is work.
- I'm afraid so.
- Would you like a drink? - What's that? Chablis.
That's good for me.
So what's up? I want you to do something for me.
I need someone to play a bit of a fuckup.
So you came to me.
I see you as the kind of guy who wouldn't care too much if he pissed off his commander.
Am I wrong? What exactly are we talking about? I need you to screw up an arrest.
Thank you.
I'm listening.
I want you to meet my friend Jim.
- Is this the guy I'm supposed to arrest? - Mm-hmm.
Then he's gonna disappear.
Sit down.
One time we pull over this Hollywood guy, he's in town filming some comic book movie Anyway, he blows like double, so I ask him to assume the position, and he starts talking like he's out of Law and Order.
Hey, Chloe, you remember that guy? Yeah, he was a real little shit.
Anyway, he's so hammered he thinks he's home in LA.
- (laughing) - I gotta rock.
Thanks for the meeting, everyone.
Hey, Chloe, where you going? Walk.
Me and Tyler here were gonna hit a late meeting.
Tyler, this is Chloe, out of 37.
Tyler's in 19.
- I don't think so.
Not tonight.
- You haven't talked in a while.
Didn't feel like it.
How long you been drinking? Couple weeks.
If you wanna walk, we could just walk.
I'll go to the meeting tonight.
Come on, smile, sweetheart.
Hey, I'm just being friendly! (laughing) - Beatrice? - Khoa? - Coz! - Oh my God! (laughing) Hey! How are you? How's your PhD? Ah, not done.
I'm milking it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Whoa! This Vegas bling is messing with my visual.
I'm having a shitty week.
- And you're high.
- No.
- (laughing) I am so high.
- Yes, you are.
- Let's put you in a taxi.
- I'm fine.
Hey, so, what baddie are you catching in your sparkly web? - Some cab driver.
- And you wanna shove me in a cab.
- He's not after gaysians.
- Hmm.
Listen, I gotta work.
Are you ever gonna show up for a family dinner? Maybe.
- They're getting better.
They are.
- I said maybe.
- You be careful.
- I will.
Love you, slut! (laughing) I love you too! [14-21, backup.
I could've taken the bus.
You got a free coffee.
Come on, you said you were raised on the stuff.
I'm just not sure Amélie's gonna be thrilled about that.
- Chill, it's caffeine, not crack.
- Pipe down back there.
Pull over, I need to get out.
Pull over! I'll drop you off at the door.
Pull over! Like I really wanna be seen getting dropped off in a cop car! Just what I need.
- No skipping.
- Are you gonna check out that dealer? Get outta here, someone's gonna recognize you.
- [28-9, copy that.
- I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed that Am left you alone with a client.
Her line of work, you don't leave teenage girls alone with anybody.
- Oh, so I'm anybody now? - Oh, for fuck sakes, Bambi, take a compliment, alright? For once? Am trusts you.
It's a good thing.
What was that about a dealer? She's got one living upstairs at her uncle's.
I'll have Narco go by and check it out.
What's she care? She wants to live with him.
Drug dealer in the building's not gonna help.
- Neither's calling the Narcs in.
- Why not? Guy might be charged, but that doesn't make him move.
Probably take a year till he's facing conviction, year and a half.
You wanna do her a solid, you scare the asshole out.
- That's more your style, partner.
- Hey, does the job.
[19-2, we have a report of vandalism, .]
[Café Central, corner of St-Dominique and Duluth.
That's near Figo's.
- (siren) - 19-2 responding.
What a coincidence.
I was cleaning in the back before the breakfast rush when I heard this crash.
Turns out it was only a rock, - but it scared the hell out of me.
- Has anyone threatened you? No, nobody.
This is a quiet neighbourhood.
Nothing like this ever happened before? Never.
I've had the place fifteen years.
So you weren't expecting this at all.
How the hell could I expect it? Subtle.
- Probably kids.
- No.
No, that's not kids.
Look, I gotta get this cleaned up.
You guys about done? You good? You sure nobody came by offering you protection? 'Cause that's what happened across the street.
You know Charlie Figo? New Fortuna Bakery.
You need to talk to us here, sir.
I don't need to do shit.
How long do you think Bear's gonna be on Vice duty? She didn't say.
Do you think it's 'cause she can't face the squad? - I'm really not judging.
- I wouldn't if I were you.
Maybe you should volunteer.
I'm sure you'd look killer in a dress.
(laughing) Well, duh! I mean, I think I got the legs for it.
(men yelling) Oh, sidewalk.
I didn't do anything, goddamn it! Stop! Stop it! - Let me fucking move! - You're not going anywhere.
Why don't you look where you're going? Hey! Hey, can you tell these people to get out of my way? Arrest him! - OK, calm down.
Let go of the bike.
- They attacked me! - Liar! We feared for our safety.
- They drove me off the road! - You biked into my child! - OK, everyone shut up, alright? You go with him.
You take him.
- Yep.
- Let go of the bike, sir.
- Over here.
- I didn't touch his kid.
OK, you just tell me what happened now, OK? What's your name, sir? - Sir, I'm talking to you.
- Shame! Shame on you! Hey, hey, no! She assaulted me! You can't do that! You can't touch him! You guys need to calm the fuck down.
I'm gonna press charges! - Back off! Back off! - Did you see what she did? Did you see? This is unacceptable! Dulac! Back off! 19-7 requesting backup.
Hey, back off from the city officer.
That's the bad man, not us! OK, you all wanna go downtown, is that it? No! Hey, hey, hey! You talk to me! You talk to me, OK? Just tell me what happened.
That man.
He was driving his bicycle on the sidewalk! - OK.
- And look at him now! Hey, where you going? - Put the bike back.
- We're gonna talk to you next.
OK, just keep going.
Keep going, sir, please.
Figo did it to himself.
The firebombing.
- That's what I figure.
- And that kid threw the Molotov.
That's why his hands were all burned.
Baker's taking over some new turf.
It's not stupid.
Hit your own place first, cover your ass.
Nice car, too.
- Yeah, it is nice.
- Nick.
Nick! Officer Barron, what brings you around? - Another place got hit.
- I know.
You're not worried we're gonna figure out who did it? I talked to a detective from Organized Crime.
He said it's probably just kids.
- So you didn't see anything, sir? - Afraid not.
He didn't have to.
So, you're gonna tell us who's gonna get hit next? You're a funny guy, you know that? Excuse me, Officer? You're gonna be here for a while, right? What's the problem, sir? Yeah, I gotta go see my cheese guy and I can't leave it like this.
It's like an invitation.
What are you afraid of? You don't have to worry.
You got the best protection money can buy, don't you? What the fuck is that? Baker here will look after it.
What the fuck is that? Him and me! Him and me got attacked! You're gonna stand in the fucking street and talk like that? That's what you do? That's what your job is? You gonna let him insult you like that? I'm not insulting you.
You're a good puppy.
It's a compliment.
- You're a witness to this.
- Must've missed it.
See? This is what you can expect from the fucking cops in this city! Stop shouting.
No respect! No respect! Look at this guy! Have a good day.
- Look at him! Drive away, that's it! - Nice work.
- Help him play the victim.
- Fuck him and his fucking egg tarts.
You're all witnesses to this! (loud music) Yo, Theo! You been working on your game? Let's go shoot a few.
I see you have.
Hi, Allie.
You guys thirsty? Yeah, sure, Mr.
Water would be great.
Water it is.
Theo, kitchen.
What's going on? You two officially back together or what? I don't know.
It's not like back in your day.
Why don't you invite her to stay for dinner? I'll grab some takeout.
- Nah.
- Take her to a movie.
My treat.
Dad, it's cool.
We're just gonna finish studying.
Studying? - More like studying her tonsils.
- (laughing) You got some condoms? - Dad, butt out.
- What? Well, I'm gonna step out.
You, uh kids be good.
(knocking) - Hey.
- Hi.
- You're the you're that cop.
- Mm-hmm.
Shit, is Martine OK? Oh no, yeah, she's fine.
You here to check up on me? Come on in.
- You've been cleaning up.
- Hell yeah.
I got, uh five weeks left in that family care course, cleared parole All we need is a little help from Social Services.
- You wanna see her room? - Uh, sure.
Already got the first coat on.
She'll she'll like it, huh? You understand you may not be granted custody, right? Why not? Come on, I'm the only family she's got.
- I know.
- You could put in a good word, right? - It's not up to me.
- No, it's up to your girlfriend.
You'll need a fire alarm.
- Right here, in the kitchen.
- You should put one in her room.
Alright, I got it.
I hear you.
You want me to Wanna take a look at the rest of the place, give me some tips? OK.
I got nothing to hide, Officer.
I'm doing this right.
Thanks, I I appreciate it.
You're an okay guy.
- What's the problem? - Well, uh you.
Hey, some jackass spilled his latte back there.
Come on up here with me.
You're beautiful.
St-Michel and Beaubien.
Yeah, sure.
So what's your name? - Crystal.
- Oh, Crystal You're a liar.
I hate liars.
I was I was trying for a real connection, you know? Person to person.
Why don't we try that again? Hi.
My name is Joe.
- Kelly.
- (groaning appreciatively) Kelly.
I, uh I sure could use your help tonight.
- You're strong.
- Hands off.
What? I thought you liked guys touching you.
Well, you gotta pay to play.
Lazy bitch.
Lie on your back, do nothing, take a guy's money, huh? - Huh? - Hey! Fucking whore.
- Just take me to my paying customer.
- What? You think I can't afford you? You're street meat.
You deep-throat? Huh, Kelly? Yeah.
- Yeah, I bet you do, huh? - Where are we going? What's it to you? I got money.
Fucking whore.
Don't worry.
No one ever comes through here.
- Go on, suck it! - No.
- Gimme some fucking head! - Hey! Get your hands off! I said, - get your fucking hands off me! - What's your problem? OK, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Let go of me! Maybe maybe just jerk me off a little? - I'm a cop, you asshole.
- (siren blaring) Fucking bitch! Alright, other side.
The four fingers.
Alright, good.
Stand over here.
- See you around.
- No, you won't.
You were right.
Wasn't him.
Still still a fucking creep, though.
I did my share of slut duty.
We all have to.
Guys don't.
He looked like a little dick fucker.
Was he? I'm sorry, I gotta put you back out.
Guy's still out there.
They ever gonna actually do any work around here? Probably not.
Fucking city, corrupt to its bones.
- What the fuck? - (tires screeching) - Whoa! - Shit! No, no, no, no, no.
Look out, dude! Look out, dude! - What the fuck are you doing? - What are you doing? No, fuck that.
You're well out of your playpen, sister.
Gimme the keys.
Gimme the keys.
What are you, drunk? - No.
What's your problem? - She's drunk? Yeah, I can smell it.
There's something wrong with my stomach.
You're gonna have to punch out, patroller.
She takes a Breathalyzer.
- Very funny.
- Get out of the car.
Do you see me laughing? - She's on shift! - I'm not I'm not right.
I got something seriously messed up.
I gotta go to the clinic.
- What do we do? Come on.
- 37-21, I gotta punch out.
I'm sick as a dog here.
[Copy, 37-21.
You coming in?.]
I can't drive.
Car's on, uh De Maisonneuve and De Lorimier.
I got I gotta find a fucking can.
What are we doing? Yeah.
19-2, we got a car from 37 unable to finish her shift.
We're at De Lorimier and De Maisonneuve.
We'll bring her car in.
[19-2, is Chloe OK?.]
- [She's under the weather.
- [Copy that, 19-2.
You're really gonna make me sit on this? No, we're gonna have to talk to her sergeant.
You're damn right we will.
- I'll take her car.
- What about her? It's not our squad.
That's bullshit.
You and Barron, Commander's office now.
What's pillar number one? - Sir? - Pillar number one.
There are three.
Community outreach, sir.
Very good.
So I'd like you two geniuses to explain to me how harassing business owners in public is consistent with that.
- Sir, that is not - Shut up.
I have three complaints from eyewitnesses who saw you, Officer Barron, harass and belittle the owner of the Café Central.
- Sure, they'll - Shut up.
These are small businesses that are being extorted.
It is not our job to solve that.
It is Organized Crime's job.
Our job is to keep the peace and to build community fucking relations! You're gonna apologize to the café's owner and you're gonna deliver this personally to the owner of the New Fortuna Bakery.
What is it, sir? It's the report on his firebombing.
I expedited it - to help with his insurance claim.
- Sir, do you know - who this asshole is? - Charles Ignatius Figo.
His business was attacked.
You boys waiting for something? Barron.
- You dyslexic? - Sir? - Do you have difficulty reading? - No, sir.
You brought a suspect in last night.
He was flagged.
He was not to be processed.
- Sorry.
- Organized Crime is looking for him.
Don't they have him? I gave him to some detectives.
- Which detectives? - The ones that came to get him.
- You kidding me? - My apologies, sir.
I guess you'll just have to put it on my file.
Get the fuck out of here.
- What'd you do? - Ah, I just messed up some paperwork.
This is everything, OK? And this Officers, I'll be with you in a minute.
This is for little Clarisse, OK? On the house.
Make sure you say hi to Harry and I hope his back is feeling better, OK? See you.
- You have something for me? - We do, sir.
The police report for your insurance.
You have a good day.
Looks like I'll make out OK on the window.
- Gee, what a surprise.
- Nick.
Hey, you mind giving us a minute alone, Officer? I'll wait outside.
You really think you're somebody, don't you? I'm finding the same thing about you, Nick.
Listen, I get it.
You think I'm some sort of wiseguy, but I'm just a man of the community.
It used to be the community and the police was the same thing.
You running for mayor? - I'm trying to do you a favour.
- Oh yeah? Maybe I heard something about what happened to your cousin.
And where'd you hear that? - Rumours.
- Rumours? You know how it is.
Is that all you got? Maybe I got a name.
Well, maybe you should tell me where you got it, 'cause the only people that know about my cousin are the people who killed him.
Yeah I'm gonna need something in return.
Fuck you.
No, I don't think so.
Out of the way, dick.
I'm, uh looking for Sergeant Hamelin.
She's not the sergeant.
- You're Brouillard.
- Pleased to meet you.
Dropping off hard copies.
It's all there.
Suspension's over.
Done my six months.
Ready to go.
Welcome back.
Thank you, sir.
You gotta find that sweet spot.
- It's the only place to live.
- Chloe.
- Where have you been? - I got suspended.
Well, at least you're here.
I want a fucking drink.
Hey! You going in? - Rookie's buying.
- Who's here? Um, Dulac, the new sarge I don't think I'm in the mood.
- You out of Vice? - Yep.
I'm back.
Did you catch the guy? No.
But I did my bit.
You know what? Let's get out of here.
- Really? - Yeah.
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