19-2 (2014) s03e05 Episode Script

Protest Pants

1 - Previously on 19-2 - Squad, I'd like you to welcome our new sergeant.
Roy Suarez comes to us after 13 years at Station 10.
I have a request for a female volunteer for Vice.
- Gimme some fuckin' head! - Get your fucking hands off me! - (siren wailing) - You out of Vice? Yep.
I'm back.
Suspension's over.
Done my six months.
- Ready to go.
- I want you to do something for me.
I need you to screw up an arrest.
We brought our suspect in last night.
Organized crime is looking for him.
- See you around.
- No, you won't.
My apologies, sir.
I guess you'll just have to put it on my file.
It's your cousin.
We found him.
- He was tortured.
- Pretty badly.
I could hear best from the vent.
Like a grown man screams.
Sounded like some kind of animal after a while.
(Nick): Did she ID someone? What about the girl, Martine? She can stay with us for a couple days.
I don't know what your cousin was thinking.
That's breaking code.
- You trying to say something? - Look at this shit.
We just opened.
Can you believe it? - And you already got enemies.
- Maybe I got a name.
About what happened to your cousin.
- Where'd you hear that? - I'm gonna need something in return.
- (whistle) - Your dry cleaning's in the closet.
Look at you! You picked it up? Yeah.
Just trying to be a good little wifey.
Oh, yeah? 'Cause it's got nothing to do with turning my socks pink, right? OK, well, maybe you should do the laundry, then.
- You seem to have that gift.
- That's sexist, Am.
You're sexist.
What, did the dry cleaner mix up the order or something? I don't know, did he? It's a little tight.
Hold on a second, ma'am.
I got a couple questions for you.
You're not in any trouble.
You recognize this shirt, ma'am? OK, I'm sorry, Ben.
Think you could identify this shirt in a lineup? - Mercy, please.
- And, uh you're saying that the former occupant of this shirt is known to you, ma'am? I don't think comedy's your strong suit, Ben Chartier.
- Oh, no? - (ripping) - (laughing) - OK, OK, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't keep the clothes of ex-lovers lying around.
- Wanna make it up to me? - Yes.
Very much so.
- OK.
- Oh! (phones ringing) - You gotta be shitting me.
- Good to see you, Nick.
Let's get this done, folks.
As you will have noticed, Patroller Jean Marc Brouillard has been reinstated for duty.
Hold the applause, folks.
Raring to go, Sarge.
Who am I riding with? We're behind on some data entry.
You can catch us up today.
Duos: Chartier-Barron 19-2, launch at 2.
Julia (distant car honking) No arrests on the shakedown.
There haven't been any more firebombings.
- Guess everyone paid up.
- (police radio chatter) - Surprised J.
's back? - I wish I was.
- Shoulda been charged.
- Fucking department protects its own.
Look at this.
What's this all about? Where's mom and dad? - Hi there.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Is everything OK? You all alone out here? Uh oh.
- I lost my mommy.
- Oh, no.
You know where you live? I lost my mommy.
What's your name? My name's Ben.
- Brianna.
- Brianna? That's a pretty name.
- It's a beautiful name.
- Thank you.
Alright, Brianna.
Why don't you come with us and we'll find your mom, OK? - OK.
- Uh oh, I'm stuck.
You gotta help me up.
Oh, thank you.
OK, you come with me, here.
We're gonna help you find your mom.
You know what your mom's name is? - It's Mommy.
- It's Mommy? That's my mom's name too.
(theme music) Um, she had a black coat on with, um, black With purple hearts, and she wears glasses, red, red glasses.
And, um, - long, she has long brown - So you come in here, - we'll find your mom, OK? - Brianna! Where did you go? Oh, my God.
I was waiting for you.
We found her wandering.
Look at me.
You can't do that.
- You can't wander off, OK? - OK.
No more.
Where was she? St.
Dominique and Duluth.
- Don't be mad, Mama.
- Of course not.
Thank you so much.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm hungry.
You wanna go get a snack? Get you a snack? - I'm gonna get a snack.
- Come on.
- Thank you! - You're welcome.
- (buzzing) - Everyone.
- Patrols, gather in, please.
- What's going on? - Unofficial meeting.
- Union shit? - We're still on the job.
- I'm the union rep, and I got news.
You're back one day and - you gotta pull this rep shit? - You know what? - Hey, just - He's got something you need to hear.
- (PA announcement) - Whatever.
Everyone listen up.
We got some bad news.
Legislature voted today to cut all public sector pensions by 20%.
- What?! - Yeah.
- What about our contracts? - They are ripping them up - as we speak.
It's bullshit.
- I thought - you were supposed to be the rep.
- Not anymore.
- Who gives a shit? - I do.
- Sorry.
- Did you hear about this? Yeah.
It's ridiculous.
So we're on work-to-rule as of now.
Full slowdown.
No citations, no arrests unless you absolutely have to.
You see someone blow a red light, let 'em slide.
You have vacation days, take 'em now.
If you don't, I don't know, call in sick.
I don't give a shit - and that's that.
- Chartier! Phone call.
- Who is it? - Some hospital.
OK, are we done here? - Yeah, that's it.
- Let's go.
(baby crying) (PA): Jenna, physiotherapy.
Chartier? He's pretty banged up from the fall.
What was he doing? Your mom says he was doing some work on the roof.
- Gust of wind took him.
- Right.
In the middle of the night.
We can keep him here until the swelling goes down.
The bigger issue here is that he gets a safe detox.
Bottom line is, he keeps drinking, he's gonna die.
We're talking about a matter of months.
It's important that everyone understand that.
- You OK? - Yep.
Um You told him the same thing you told me? I've been telling him the same thing for years.
I tried talking to your mom, too.
I didn't get very far.
Yeah, OK.
(PA): Can we have a cleanup on third floor, please? - Cleanup on third floor.
- (baby crying) (man coughing) (indistinct conversation) - Hey! - What are you doing here? Here to pick you up.
Favour for your fairy godmother.
- Is she here? - Amelie! - Hey.
- Hi.
You're early.
- First time for everything.
- Yeah.
- Where's Ben? - He hasn't called yet.
Why? - He knows how to drive.
- Come on.
Cut him some slack.
OK, I gotta go.
Don't rile him up, you're gonna regret that.
- Where are you going? - Going to a union meeting.
You wanna come? - You guys gonna strike? - Yeah, that's the talk.
At least you have the option.
Well, the other side of that coin is they don't consider what we do an essential service, so, - think about that.
- Cops should definitely strike.
Seen The Purge? - It'll be like that.
- (door closing) So these are just for show, huh? Hm? - Come on, let's go.
- After this show.
- You weren't even watching it.
- It's almost over.
Now! This is not a limo service.
If we go now, I'll be early.
My uncle might not be there.
- We'll make a stop on the way.
- What for? Let's go! Grab your bag.
Come on.
How's your uncle? Really good.
He's taking me to the Biodome.
That's cool.
My kid used to love the Biodome.
Uncle Ferney's into that stuff.
He studied horticulture in college.
Horticulture? - He graduate? - He would have.
- Can I smoke in here? - Nope.
I'll dangle my arm out the window.
- Negative.
- Already reeks like you smoke in here.
Yeah, well, when you get a truck of your own, you can smoke in it all you like.
Where are you taking me, anyway? You'll see.
(Nick sighs.
) You recognize any of these guys? - Yeah, the guy in the apron.
- Yeah? - You've shown me his photo.
- Besides that.
Did you see him anywhere else? - Sure.
- Where? Mm It's gonna come to me Maybe you could give me a hint.
Forget it.
What? I'm just trying to be helpful.
What about these other guys? Did you see any of these other guys at the abandoned house? - Tell the truth.
- No.
Who are they supposed to be, anyway? (Nick sighs.
) - (keys clinking) - Nobody.
(engine revving) 'K, now I'm going to be late.
Think he'll be mad? Not at me.
He doesn't do that.
Nobody's gonna tell you this, and maybe I shouldn't either, but, um What? I wouldn't get your hopes up about living with your uncle.
- What do you mean? - Well, you're almost an adult.
You just need to wait it out.
Easy for you to say.
No, I'm just telling you the truth.
See, the system - it'll let you down.
- No shit.
Where did you grow up? Around Castro Towers.
Blake Street.
Yeah, I know Castro.
- This is it? - It's nicer on the inside.
- Hi! - Hey! - How are you? - Good, you? - Pretty good.
Sorry we're late.
- Hey, it's OK.
(indistinct conversation) (woman): Let me know if you need backup.
It's kind of nice to have somebody else driving.
- (man): Copy 56.
- You put in for a partner yet? Not yet.
I will.
They might give you J.
Then again, maybe I won't.
(Nick laughs.
) Speaking of partners, what's up with yours? Yeah.
Family crisis.
He never talks about his family.
No, not much.
Why is that? Is there a story there? You should ask him.
His dad's a drunk.
He had to go deal with it.
You know you're very cute when you get protective.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up.
Kind of like you used to get with Harvey.
- (engine roaring) - Hey! Dude! Pft.
Fuckin' moron.
Well not a slowdown if you don't slow down.
- (man): What the fuck! - (woman): Get out of the (man): [1700 political prisoners.]
[being held without charges!.]
Look at this shit.
We can kiss our retirement goodbye, but can we strike? Can we protest? - We're an essential service.
- Oh, yeah.
It's essential that we provide an escort to every goddamn loser with a grievance.
I don't even know what these guys are upset about.
Do you know what they're protesting for? - Don't have a clue.
- Of course not.
Why would you? Hey! You guys are blocking traffic all the way to the main, - for Christ's sakes! - They have a permit! - You guys are unbelievable! - And we get blamed.
They could at least put some clothes on.
That one's got a nice ass.
- You don't think so? - No, not especially.
[Oppression cannot stand!.]
[Oppression cannot stand!.]
(PA): Dr.
Levin to the ER.
Ben? You're here? I talked to the doctor.
We have to talk to him.
We have to make him stop.
- The doctor will talk to him.
- He has to hear it from us.
Oh, I brought food, but they're feeding him and it shouldn't go to waste, so Mom, Mom.
- He won't listen, Ben.
- He has to.
Look at me.
Otherwise, we're killing him ourselves.
I know it's, um Sorry.
I'm glad you're here.
Are you ready? I'm not gonna pull any punches.
Either you make some major changes, or you're not gonna live through the winter.
You put him up to this? - There are good places you can go.
- I don't think so.
Francis, please.
You have to listen.
- We can talk about this later.
- No.
We need to talk about this now.
What is this?! - An ambush?! - Mr.
Chartier The nurse said I was free to go.
- Isn't that right? - That's correct.
Francis, no! Don't you dare.
You're not going anywhere.
- Watch me.
- Just get back into bed, - please! Listen! - Stop, stop, stop.
Oh, suddenly you care.
Suddenly you're back in our lives.
You're the one walking out.
Hey, hey, stop, stop.
No, no, no, let him go.
- He's gotta hit rock bottom.
- Oh, and this isn't it? - Let him go.
- He's gonna get hit by a car Nothing's gonna happen to him.
He'll be fine.
Just stay here with me.
That's not fair.
You're not making this fair.
I'm here, Mom.
What else can I do? What else can I do? (indistinct radio) Morning.
OK, folks.
Listen up.
This is the strategy, implemented across the department today.
We are hoping to get the firemen on board, but it's probably a lost cause, 'cause they're pussies.
But either way, everyone will wear these every shift, every day, no exceptions.
So the big push back here is wearing these funny pants? One more thing.
We have these pretty little hats! But the pants are the pièce de résistance, yes.
- They get the public's attention.
- Is this really the kind - of attention we want? - And they stink, man.
I don't know where you got them, but bring them back.
- I got them at paintball.
- (laughing) Are you retarded? No, you're retarded.
It sends a message, Tyler.
That's what it does.
It sends a message without disrupting service.
It doesn't matter.
You gotta fucking wear them.
I'm with Tyler.
These things are rancid.
I don't care.
I don't care, Nick, alright? If you don't like 'em, then go get your own.
I thought I'd be a nice guy and get some pants.
You don't wanna wear 'em? Fine.
That's fine with me.
But hey, do you have a union card, Nick? How about you, do you got a union card? Tyler, you got a union card? We know baby boy's daddy bought him one.
So then you all owe it to your brothers to wear the pants.
And do I need to remind any of you of what is happening today at 11 o'clock? No, I don't.
You know exactly what to do.
So put your fucking pants on.
Ooh, pretty ragtag force today, Sarge.
Must be a serious bug going around.
- Four people called in sick.
- Good.
Sorry I'm late.
Good to have you back.
- You're gonna need your pants.
- Yeah, new dress code.
- Is this a joke? - Yeah.
On us? It's union shit.
We're protesting.
Uh, you can change later.
Brouillard, I'm putting you back with Pouliot.
19-7, lunch at 3, foot patrol at 4.
Talk to the Sarge, that's bullshit.
I can handle it.
I can handle it! Chartier-Barron, 19-2, lunch at 5.
- This work-to-rule shit - 25-4 on our way - it never works.
- Except when it does.
Just pisses people off.
You got a better idea? People want cops to just do their jobs and shut up about it.
See, now, come on.
Pull over.
He's out of it.
Eh he'll be alright.
Since when are you such a big union guy? Since my contract got ripped up.
You know what it is? It's mafia tactics.
It's mafia tactics, that's what it is.
It's like, um like, like, like, nice city you got here.
Be a shame if something happened to it.
And you don't have a problem with any of this.
Sounds like you're saying it works.
Just left Notre-Dame, heading north.
13 P at the motel now.
On the fifth floor, room You still gotta do that anger management bullshit? It's not bullshit.
13-45, I'm on it.
Yeah, I know.
I'm just bitchin'.
I'm going twice a week.
You? Mm-hmm.
Painful as shit, ain't it? Bringing stuff up all the time.
- It's 10:59.
- Yep.
(sighing) One thing I'm realizing, they should have made Justine go to this.
Shit, man.
She's got a temper of her own.
What, you want me to defend your fucking wife now? She didn't punch herself.
No I fucking punched her.
- Let's do this.
- (siren wails) (cars honking) (wailing and honking) I worked with him before he went into Narco.
Always something wrong with that guy.
(indistinct PA announcement) Where's the remote for this thing? - No one seems to know.
- Is that the inspector? Boys.
Give us the room? We're not getting good coverage of the noise protest.
The guys are pissed off, sir.
I get it.
I'm not unsympathetic.
I'm getting cut too.
We're cops.
We get out of hand on the job, it's magnified.
I can't stop them from protesting.
I know that.
I'm just asking you to be a voice of reason.
This is 19.
We don't have many.
- I hear you.
- Thank you.
(phone ringing) - (beeping) - Thanks.
Yeah? - Was that you I just saw on TV? - Who, me? Congratulations.
Looked like a big deal.
- All in a day's work.
- Right.
Wouldn't have anything to do with my little errand for you the other day, would it? - Looks like I owe you a drink.
- Mm-hmm.
Looks like you do.
- Alright, boys and girls.
- (distant cheer) Once again, 19 draws the shit end of the stick.
What's he know about 19? In their infinite wisdom, our collective unions have decided to protest city council while they're in session.
In their infinite malice, the department has decided to put us in charge of keeping the peace.
Nobody wants to police our fellow cops, but such is our sworn duty today.
So let's keep it simple and keep it calm.
All you gotta do is keep the protestors away from the councillors.
- Shouldn't we be in riot gear? - Very good question.
Not the message we wanna send.
These aren't the black bloc, here.
They're public servants voicing their anger on our behalf.
- Behave.
- Looky, looky.
- Yep, those are firemen.
- I'll coordinate the command post around back.
Brouillard, Pouliot, you escort the councillors as they arrive.
Be cordial.
The rest of you are at the door.
Let's go.
(hubbub and clapping) - (woman): Let's go! - Yo.
- T! - What's up? - You're looking good.
- Same to you, bro.
- Been wanting to talk to you.
- Mm-hmm? You're pretty quiet at the meetings, there, bro.
- That's how it goes sometimes.
- Yeah, well, you need to speak up, T.
Get that stuff out there.
Get the weight off.
- It'll come out.
- It helps the other guys to hear it, too.
Surprised to see you on duty today.
- Shoulda called in sick.
- (Tyler laughs.
) That wouldn't be honest, would it, Jerry? (loud conversation) (yelling and chanting) I don't even know why we're protesting.
The union had their chance to fix this and they screwed up.
- They got too greedy.
- Is that the story your daddy tells you before he tucks you in? Step aside! Let them pass, come on! Please keep with us.
Come on.
Back off.
Hey! Back off.
Back off.
Move aside.
Move aside.
(Suarez): [19 squad.
All good?.]
We're all good here.
Councillors are moving inside.
These are the politicians, folks.
Let 'em know how you feel! (booing) Scamper inside, little weasels.
Whose pension are you taking from now? Give it a rest, Brouillard.
- I got a right, Nick.
- (Jerry): Come back out here and face the people you're screwing! - (various): Yeah! - Yeah, course not! Who is that asshole? Is he one of ours? That's Jerry something-or-other.
He's a motorcycle cop.
Total flaming wreck, as I recall.
Sobered up now.
- Yeah! Come on! - (Beatrice): We got trouble.
- We want to go inside.
- It's not happening, man.
You want to step aside, friend.
- You think I'm joking? - Back off.
You want to tell this guy to stop being a dick, T? Hey! You stop being a dick.
We got orders here.
- No one goes inside.
- Whose side are you on, altar boy? Back up.
Back up.
You want me to use this? It's a democracy, isn't it? - Our elected representatives - You want a photo op? Need to hear from their serves! - Yes! - Back up! Back off, Jerry.
Back off! You fuckin' deaf? Back off! - (groan) - Jesus Christ! (yelling) Man, screw this shit.
I'm out.
Tyler! Help us! - Step back! - Tyler! - Dulac! Go after him! - Tyler! What the hell! Back off! You alright? (Suarez): [What the hell's going on?.]
[I've got councillors coming out of the building.
- Where's the council room? - Hell should I know? - Where's the council room? - Upstairs! [We need backup, Sarge.
(indistinct radio calls) Ah, shit! Well, this is going to be on the news.
FUCK! Tyler! Tyler! - Where are you going? - Away from there.
Tyler! Tyler! Officer Joseph! What the hell do you want, rookie? - They told me to bring you back.
- Lesson for you there.
(radio): We have a carjacking, corner of Bonsecours and Champ de Mars.
All available units.
- That's a block over.
- Is there a hostage? No hostage, just the stolen car.
Yellow sedan.
Heading east on Champ de Mars.
Confirm you can block the route.
Negative, we don't have access to our vehicle.
We do not - have access to our vehicle.
- No, we are pursuing on foot.
- No, we are not.
No, we are - Yes we are.
All units, I have a stolen yellow sedan heading east on Champ de Mars.
Jesus Christ! Put your gun down! Hey! Hey! - He's getting away! - He just passed us going west.
Stand down, Dulac.
They didn't teach you anything? We can't even chase these suckers no more.
- He just passed us going west.
- Goddamn, Tyler! This is your fault! I am not upset because public employees stood up for themselves.
I am not.
I am on your fucking side.
I am upset because this squad was tasked with keeping the peace.
And what did you do? You let them trash City Hall while it was in session.
Are you out of your fucking minds? Do you know how hard I have worked to redeem this station's reputation? Do you know how much this sets us back? Congratulations.
There is no competition for this year's fuckup award.
(chairs scraping) Dulac.
Why did you walk away from City Hall? I need an answer.
We were caught in the middle, sir.
My information is that it was Officer Joseph who abandoned his post and as his partner, you attempted to convince him to do his duty, but were unable to.
Is this correct? - Is this correct or not? - That is correct, sir.
Stop beating yourself up, man.
You did the right thing.
- Still feel like shit, though.
- Why? She can't change any more than he can.
It's their life.
I come along and I tell her she's killing him.
You know what? This is not on you, bro.
You're the kid here.
- Remember that.
- Yeah, well who else is there? Exactly.
That's why you gotta hit him with that tough love.
If it weren't for that, man, I'd still be hooked on the fucking bottle.
Doesn't matter, anyway.
Didn't change anything.
(car beeping) Just tell me what happened.
Don't sugar-coat it.
He was attempting to recover his partner.
The black guy.
An officer already on probation for substance abuse.
And you made him my son's partner.
I'll split them up immediately.
No, you won't.
You won't do anything.
The last thing I need is people talking about special treatment.
- Sir.
- He's 23 years old.
What does he know? I want his file kept clean.
- Understood.
- Don't screw it up.
I hear you put in for a promotion.
Yes, sir.
I didn't know that you were involved.
I am now.
- (zipping) - (short siren) T, what are you doing here? I got the call on the radio.
Another organ donor, huh? Dickie, get some flares.
- So you come to apologize? - Apologize for what? Turning your back on me.
Thought you had more balls than that.
The guy you kicked is a friend of mine.
You're gonna catch flack for that.
- Oh, I already did.
- Good.
Going in front of a review board.
Conduct unbecoming.
They'll stick me behind a desk till it blows over.
If it blows over.
Oh, it'll blow over.
Still, gonna miss my bike.
- So what's up? - You tell me.
Let me ask you something.
You drink today? No, I did not.
OK, this is great news.
- And why is that? - Today is a good day, period.
You had every reason in the world to go get loaded, and instead you came out here in the middle of the night to talk to your sponsor.
This is huge.
- Yeah I guess.
- Yeah.
- [70-12, you got an ID?.]
- Yeah, one sec.
(distant car honking) "Jarrod Lebrunt.
634 St.
License: Sierra-53353-61.
" - [Copy.
- Look at this shit.
We are not gonna leave this for the morgue.
- I'm good.
- Come on, T.
Take it.
Count your wins.
You deserve it.
Alright, look.
I'll split it with you.
You gotta stop fuckin' thinking and listen to your sponsor.
Only way this works.
Take it.
(distant siren wailing) That's my man.
What are you having? - Uh, beer is good, thanks.
- I'm buying.
I know.
Just a beer.
- (indistinct chatter) - (man): You're very welcome.
- You ever been here before? - Actually, I have.
It's my ex-wife's favourite.
You want me to order? Take the night off.
You're making me sorry we didn't do this sooner.
- Oh, yeah? Why's that? - I'm done at 19.
No reason to go back.
Thank you.
- So that thing with Jim? - Mm-hmm.
That's the reason you were in the station? - You sound disappointed.
- I was kind of hoping you were going to stick it to the Commander.
Just 'cause he's a dick doesn't mean he's dirty.
I don't do station-level politics.
So you gonna fill me in? - About Jim.
- Not allowed.
He's in witness protection, right? - What makes you think that? - He involved with Houle? You've given this a lot of thought.
Come on.
Why else would you want him flagged in 19? I mean, that is what you wanted, right? Raise a flag, - then make him disappear - I can't talk about it, Nick.
I'm not wearing a wire, Elise.
Jim's a money launderer.
He makes dirty people look clean.
Flipped him a couple months ago.
- What's the idea behind flagging him? - To see who'd come looking.
- Not that complicated, really.
- It's a little risky for Jim.
No harm done.
He's long gone.
So what are we having? The tasting menu.
With wine.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
To Jim.
To Jim.
(heavy breathing) - Roll over.
- No, I like this.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- What, you like it like this? - I like it a lot.
I like it like this.
Glasses? Cupboard.
Over the fridge.
Want some water? Sure? Have you ever heard of a guy named Charlie Figo? - Maybe, yeah.
- He owns a few bakeries.
- Gotta be mobbed up.
- (wine pouring) Rings a bell.
Not a big player.
What about him? - Thanks.
- Welcome.
My cousin got killed.
Guy's acting like he knows something.
Concrete guy? Should we be fraternizing, Nick? You are way above my pay grade.
It is all legit.
Not if you're associated with criminals.
Not associated.
And he's dead now.
What does he want? Figo? A relationship.
I'm sure.
Criminals approaching you; that's an opening.
- An opening for what? - Whatever you can get.
Guys like that, they're vulnerable.
- How? - I don't know.
Find out.
- (glass clinking) - I'm going to, uh, take a shower.
Let me know what happens.
I'll be right behind you.
- (indistinct talking) - I found a home for Martine.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
It's a solid foster.
One drawback.
What? It's in Sherbrooke.
She doesn't want to go that far.
You know, I really don't mind having her around.
- If you want to keep looking.
- Me, I was hoping we could have more you and me time.
- We can go to my place.
- Oh, right.
- You still have that place.
- It's furnished and everything.
Could arrange a viewing.
I don't know.
Maybe it's time you gave it up.
(liquid pouring) Hey! Look who's here.
(speaking in Portuguese) Officer Barron! What brings you around this hour? I was thinking over our last conversation.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Thought maybe I was a little too harsh the last time we talked.
I was feeling the same way.
You know something? All is forgiven.
Is there a place we could talk in private? - Of course.
- (speaking in Portuguese) My apprentice.
Don't worry; it's all brick in here.
No one can hear us.

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