19-2 (2014) s03e06 Episode Script


1 - Previously on 19-2 - Everyone will wear these, every shift.
- No exceptions.
- So, we're wearing these funny pants? We got orders here.
No one goes inside.
Don't ever touch my partner! (screaming angrily) Audrey, enough.
You still gotta do that anger management bullshit? It's not bullshit.
I came to talk.
There's no place for you here.
Go back to Montreal.
He keeps drinking, he's gonna die.
He won't listen, Ben.
He has to.
Otherwisewe're killing him ourselves.
Suddenly you care.
Suddenly you're back in our lives.
You're the one walking out.
Another organ donor, huh? We are not gonna leave this for the morgue.
I found a home for Martine.
Drawback: it's in Sherbrooke.
She doesn't want to go that far.
You recognize any of these guys? Did you see them anywhere else? Maybe you could give me a hint.
Have you ever heard of a guy named Charlie Figo? Criminals approaching you, that's an opening.
- An opening for what? - I don't know.
Find out.
Officer Barron.
Is there a place we could talk in private? Sure.
Don't worry, it's all brick in here.
No one can hear us.
(dialing) [Narcotics.
Yeah, this is Officer Barron.
I got a food truck at the corner of St-Laurent and Place Du Marché.
It's pretty obvious they're dealing drugs.
[You said the corner of St- Laurent and Place Du Marché?.]
- [What are they dealing?.]
- I'm thinking heroin.
- [Alright, we'll follow up.
- OK.
Nick! Good to see you so soon.
Look at us.
Working day and night.
- You try those tacos I mentioned? - Yeah, I swung by.
What did you think? No luck.
They shut down.
Turns out they were dealing drugs.
How about that.
You want an espresso? I make the best.
You know what I want.
I'm a man of my word.
See how it works out for you.
Then we'll decide how much more you owe me.
- I'd rather lock that down now.
- Lock what down, Nick? This is a relationship.
It evolves.
Do what you gotta do, then we'll talk about it.
I'll be seeing you.
[Copy, 19-2.
Hey! They're blocking the intersection! Are you gonna do something about this, or are you too busy - drinking your coffee? - I can call - traffic enforcement.
- That's ridiculous.
- That's how it works, sorry.
- Oh right, I get it.
This is all just part of your protest, right? Like your pants? Honestly, you dress like that, how the hell's anyone supposed - to take you seriously? - Sorry you feel that way.
That's it? You're supposed to be the police! I will call parking, alright? No, it's not alright! Nothing about this is alright! [In 47, we have two men panhandling at the 20 off-ramp.
That's bright.
Hear that? Two guys panhandling on the highway.
Yeah, Inuit.
They were kicked out of Cabot Square.
How? Didn't they just go back? They closed the park.
What's your deal today? The baker.
- Charlie Figo.
- Awesome.
- He offered me a name.
- When? When? When d'you talk to him? Elise She said to play it out.
Is that why is that why you're sleeping with her? She's an Inspector.
Makes it legit.
- You wanna see a name or not? - No.
You're a manipulative bitch.
Who? - So who is he? - Read it.
Alfonso Batista.
16 arrests, - 4 convictions.
- He's a pimp.
- Think he's connected to Tremblay? - I don't know.
He's running strippers, it turns out.
There's already a warrant out on him.
He skipped bail.
Aw man, that's way too obvious.
You know this baker's yanking your chain, right? I figure, yeah.
What's the high and mighty girlfriend say about it? Haven't taken it to her yet.
I thought I'd run it by you first.
- Why'd you get me involved in this, man? - Ah, I figure you're stuck in the car with me, you got a right to know what it is I'm doing.
Well, I think that's bullshit.
You want my in, I get a say.
You say walk away.
- That's right.
- Can't do it.
Then leave me out of it.
I'm doing it right, though.
There's no way Homicide can come down on us.
- You gotta admit that.
- Two o'clock.
(men grunting) (siren warning) He's getting away.
He's getting away.
- Go, go, go.
- Police! Police! Stop! Stop! Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! Against the fence.
Against the fence.
Hands up! Jesus Christ.
Stay right there, sir! You got anything in your pockets? Anything that's gonna hurt me? Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! Chartier! The fuck? Where the hell are you going? Dad? Sir? Sir, you OK? - I'm calling an ambulance.
- No, I'm fine.
I just stopped for a drink.
- What got into you back there? - Nothing.
- Hey, Mom.
Just checking in.
- [Hey, Ben.
- It's good to hear from you.
- [Everything OK with Dad?.]
No, not really.
He, um he hasn't come home.
- What do you mean? - [He left.
- When? - [Last night.
We had a fight.
[He was drinking.
No, it wasn't last night, .]
- [it was the night before.
- Why didn't you call me? Ben, could you come home, please? Marc's on the road.
Yeah, I will.
I'm at work right now.
So [Well, he'll turn up.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Bye!.]
- Everything OK? - Yep.
Just, uh gotta go home.
Stupid pants.
It's policy.
Everyone's gotta wear 'em.
At least it's getting us some attention.
Oh, come on, we're a fucking mockery and you know it.
Nobody's mocking what happened at City Hall.
No, they're just calling us out of control thugs.
Union's really lost it this time.
We gotta do something, no? Look at that.
Pretty lousy parking job, huh? - That ain't right.
Look at the plates.
- Yeah, the mud.
What's that about? They're out of province, man.
You got a feeling? Let's check it out.
19-7, we have a secure deposit armoured car in Square Victoria.
[Copy that, 19-7.
We'll contact their dispatcher.
New Brunswick plates.
New Brunswick plates, Golf Bravo Oscar Six One Zero Seven.
- [Copy.
- Hey, you need to stand back.
We're on a pickup here.
You in from New Brunswick? We're gonna need to see your license and registration, sir.
I said you need to stand back! Hey, an officer just asked you for your license and registration.
- Back the fuck off! - Hey, calm down! Calm down! - Lower your gun.
- You put the gun down! Lower your weapon.
Vehicle 26, we're being held-up.
We need the police right now.
- Just calm down, relax.
- Drop it! Drop the weapon! You drop it! - Back away from the vehicle! - Fucking drop your gun! - Put it down! - 19-7, we need backup.
- We have a robbery in progress.
- (all yelling) Motherfucker! - (gunshot) - (screaming) - OK! OK! - Drop your gun! - Drop your gun!! - Back off! Back off! Drop your gun! Do what the fuck she says! Do what she says! (gun clicking empty) [19-7, armoured vehicle checks out.
This is a legitimate pickup.
I repeat.]
Get in the goddamn truck! (panting) What the fuck is going on? What's happening? Nothing.
- What do you mean, nothing? - Nothing happened.
(loud rap music) - Lap dance for half price? - What a bargain.
Listen, maybe you can help me out here.
I'm looking for this guy.
Have you seen him? No, I see you.
- Another time, sweetheart.
- OK.
I'm looking for the manager.
Back here? Thank you.
- Hey, you the manager? - Yeah? I'm looking for this guy.
Have you seen him? I don't know, maybe.
You're gonna want to help me out here.
Look again.
You sure? - His name Al? - Al Batista.
- Alfonso.
- Yeah, he used to hang around.
Ain't seen him in a while.
Look, he was running girls.
- You sure you wanna take his side? - He doesn't come here anymore.
- Couple months at least.
- Where can I find him? Some other strip club.
- Ben.
- Hi.
- You're wet.
- Any word? - No.
I called the police.
- OK.
I'll talk to Jerome.
I should go look for him.
Well, you wanna have some coffee first? You drove all this way.
I'm alright.
Well, it's good that you're home, Ben.
- No one's seen him.
- He's probably crashing on a Legion buddy's couch or something.
- Think he could've gone to the city? - (scoffing) Montreal? Not likely.
- Thought I saw him.
- Seriously? Nah, couldn't have been him.
No, he's around here somewhere.
You try the hunting shack? Went by this aft.
No one's been there in a while.
Don't worry, we'll find him.
- Whole Station's on him.
- Thanks, man.
We look out for our own.
You wanna tell me what happened? Nothing happened.
Couple of rent-a-cops lost their heads and it almost got them blown off.
That's what happened, sir.
Not how they're telling it.
Oh, you're gonna take their word over ours? One of these assholes fired off his weapon.
You gonna come down on us for that? Do you know how close you came to fucking your careers? You called for confirmation.
Why didn't you wait till you had it? Because the guy pulled a gun on us! You both got enough shit on your file.
You don't need more.
OK, you know what? Next time there's a robbery, we're just gonna step aside.
How about you make sure it's a real robbery first? OK, the bottom line is nothing happened.
They fucked up.
Not us.
- Period.
- Don't kid yourself.
It happens again, you're off the street.
- Do you hear me? - Oh, sir yes sir.
Get out.
- (Audrey): Big man.
- (J.
): Fuck him.
(gunshot) (screaming) Shit.
Oh, fuck me.
Oh, Jesus.
Stand back! Don't come near me! (screaming) You talk on the phone, huh? Who you talking to? Fucking pussy.
(laughing) - You're up already? - Yeah, I gotta get back, I got a shift.
- You're up already? - Yeah, I gotta get back, I got a shift.
You could call in.
Nah, we're already short bodies.
It wouldn't be right.
I've, uh I've done everything that I can do here.
And Jerome says he's got the whole squad on it, so OK.
Let me make you some breakfast.
Mom Maybe you could, uh come back with me.
- To Montreal? - Yeah.
Oh! (laughing) Don't be ridiculous.
You don't have to be alone.
And when he comes back, what will he think? Maybe you need to stop worrying about what he thinks.
I can't, Ben.
I need to be here.
Will you will you come back tonight? I'll call you later.
(humming) Joseph.
Can't forget that.
- Don't spill it, please.
- Mm-hmm.
That's me.
Sure shot Tyler.
Oh, look who it is! It's Officer Chartier! - What you want? You want a sip? - Get that shit outta here.
(laughing) So why are you looking at it then? Hmm? Huh, Chartier? D'you ever wonder if you got a buzz off a drunk guy's piss? - Not even once.
- Hm.
Yeah, me neither.
Gotta wonder, though.
How much longer you gotta keep doing that? As long as they keep asking for it.
I'm clean, so it's all good.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Were you two lovebirds having a moment? Shut up, Dickie.
Show some respect.
Can't make a joke? Hey.
How's things up north? - My dad's missing.
- Shit.
- What happened? - He walked out or something.
- And you're here? - You look like shit.
Got any sleep last night? Hey, fellas! Look who it is! It's Wyatt Earp! Freeze! Who you drawing on today, big boy? Fuck do you know about it? I know you and Audrey got into a little shoot-out.
Must be the combat pants giving him new ideas.
Now the rookie's being funny? This is hilarious.
What am I missing here? Oh, apparently Audrey and J.
, they tried to hold up an armoured car.
- (laughing) - Alright, you know what? You guys can make all the dumb little jokes all you want, alright? We'll see how funny you think it is when you get a gun in your face.
And you don't even know who Wyatt Earp is.
Oh yes, I do, boy.
I sure do.
Freeze! (laughing) - You got him.
- Dickie! There we go.
You sure you haven't seen him? OK, thank you.
It's going nowhere.
You sure it was your dad? No.
No, he'd never come into the city.
I don't know what He came in once, when I was a kid, to go to a hunting show at the Big O.
Oh yeah? Said he'd never come back, and he hasn't.
Maybe you should look back home for him.
It's not home anymore.
It is to him.
You talk to Amélie about it? What's she supposed to say? Well, knowing her, I'm sure she'll have something.
She's been busy.
She find a place for Martine? Found something in Sherbrooke, but it's not gonna work.
Alright, well, - keep me in the loop, will you? - Why? - Why do you care? - I might have to show her a lineup if I can find that Batista guy.
You don't you don't quit, do you? You don't quit.
Alright, alright.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
My bad.
No shit.
I'm leaving you out of it like you asked.
Right, but you're dragging Amélie in instead.
That's exactly what you're doing.
I'm not dragging Amélie into anything, alright? She's not even the kid's worker.
Good, so if you need something from Martine, talk to her fucking social worker.
- Don't go near Am.
- Alright! Easy! Back off.
Back off? That's funny coming from you.
It's hilarious coming from you.
- [Yep?.]
- Hey, Jerome.
Just checking in.
[Ben, sorry, no news.
[Looked as far out as St-Adolphe-d'Howard, but we got nothing.
Yeah, I know you would've called if you had anything for me.
- [We're all looking, Ben.
- OK.
[We'll find him.
Yeah, thanks, pal.
You know, you never talked about the guy, ever.
Your dad.
Suddenly you're calling home twice a day, checking rooming houses? - None of my business.
- No.
He's gonna die, the doctor is giving him a couple months.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's Hey, do we have any aspirin or something? - How many do you want? - All of them.
(chuckling) - Tie one on last night? - Mm-hmm.
I'll take a few of these.
I don't need that.
I ain't been sleeping well myself.
- (shrieking) - Whoa.
What the hell was that? - (shrieking) - Oh, no Aw, please.
I don't want any part of this.
- Sophia! Stop it! - I will.
Dammit! You're gonna stop it right now, OK? You're gonna stop it! Hey there, buddy.
That was a loud scream out there.
And you dropped your ice cream cone.
That's too bad, eh? (shrieking) Oh my God, that's loud! Look what I can do! (shrieking) OK, you win, you win.
You know what, you win.
High five.
You're a scream queen.
Oh, my God.
Maybe you can win another ice cream for that, huh? - Thank you.
- OK.
Airbag, one o'clock.
- This? - Broken glass.
92, we got an airbag theft on St-Dominique and La Gauchetière.
There's no sign of the owner.
You know they get 200 bucksa pop for these? - [Copy, 19-2.
- Crackheads.
There's your Plan B.
License plate Foxtrot November Oscar Three Three Two Three.
- Another one.
- [Copy.
- They picked some fine vehicles.
- (explosion sound) (car alarm) (siren blaring) Come on Don't you run, cowboy.
I'll catch ya.
Don't you run.
Freeze! Stop! Police! - I love it when this happens.
- (screaming in pain) Don't worry, they'll fix you up downtown.
Hands on your head.
I broke my fucking nose! Yeah, well, you know what? I think you'll be just fine.
- Guy's a bit banged up? - (laughing) Got anything sharp in your pocket, sir? I got nothing.
Anything that's gonna hurt my partner? No.
- Who's up for a beer? - No, thank you, Richard.
Not tonight, Dickie.
Tyler? What am I, chopped liver? - Why, you wanna come? - No.
Bunch of old ladies in here.
- Hey, Audrey.
- What? Wanna go for a drink? - No, I don't think so.
- My treat.
Well, why don't you make it a boys' night? Well, I would make it a boys' night, but the boys are being Debbie Downers today.
- Next time! - Great.
- What's the rookie want? - Buy me a drink.
You look like you need one.
Yeah, I just don't feel like going out with the squad tonight.
I'll take you out.
I'm buying.
- It's gonna cost you.
- I figured.
Come on.
How'd you stop? (chuckling) I got shot, remember? There's more to it than that.
Yeah, well, that's what woke me up, I'll tell you that.
What about your dad? You ever talk about it? About his drinking? Yeah, once or twice, when he was drunk.
- What would he say? - "I'm sorry.
" - I bet he is.
- No.
No, he's sorry for himself.
I missed you.
- We alone? - No.
She's in her room.
She's pretty pissed.
I told her today.
- When's she going? - Tomorrow morning.
- Sherbrooke or bust.
- Yeah? - You think she's asleep? - No.
Five to one she's got those headphones on, though.
Oh my God, you are such as Puritan.
You have no idea.
Hey, come here.
I love you, Ben Chartier.
(texting signal) Theo? How the hell did you get in here? You should really fix that back window.
(man sobbing) What is that? Your cousin.
(wailing) (groaning in pain) Oh, shit.
Oh, God I don't understand.
You had this all along? Why didn't you show me before? Because you were just gonna take it, and then I'd have nothing.
She's putting me in fucking Sherbrooke.
- Give it back, it's mine.
- I can't do that.
You can't even see anyone! I got scared.
Give it back.
Did you see him? The guy who did it? Did you see him? - I wanna be with my uncle.
- Jesus Christ, Martine He's my family! The guy's messed up.
You don't even know what you're doing.
- What the fuck did you ever do for me? - What did he? You don't talk about him like that! (sighing) Look I don't know if there's anything I can do.
I'm just a cop.
It's not what you think.
Yes, you can! I'll do whatever you want, be a witness, whatever! Alright, I'll do what I can.
You have to promise.
Otherwise, give it back.
I promise.
No one else here.
They had better things to do.
And not you? Need to get yourself a girlfriend, son.
How do you know I don't have one? Do you? Not at this moment.
Way you moon around Pouliot.
Oh, Dickie Please don't call me that.
Be a pity if that stuck, wouldn't it? So, what about you? You got a boyfriend? Actually, I'm married.
- You don't wear a ring.
- No, I don't.
Pisses him off to no end, too.
- Why not? - Causes people to ask questions.
Is he a cop, your husband? His name is Dan.
And no, not a cop.
What's he do? You see, this is what I mean about questions.
I'm just trying to make conversation.
He's a paramedic.
Paramedic? They're crazy.
Yes, they are.
Love's a funny thing.
This is OK, OK, OK.
It's, uh it's not happening.
OK, well, you still gotta pay.
I know.
- It's, what? - Sixty.
Yo, T.
What the hell's your problem? I ain't got no problem.
You've been staring at your feet all night.
You gotta stand up, T.
- At least you're not drinking.
- You got that right.
So what the hell crawled up your ass and died? Nothing.
I just don't feel like talking, that's all.
So get off my back.
- What? (clicking tongue) - Nothing.
Is this about the money? The dead guy? Are you kidding me? You know what, Jerry? You always talk about honesty, right? But the truth is you're full of shit.
OK, precious, give it back.
Cough it up.
You don't want my dirty money, I'll take it.
I don't have it on me.
What, you spend it? Look, I know what you're doing.
What am I doing? I see guys do this all the time right before they go out.
They start picking at their sponsors, finding fault.
You wanna fire me, have the balls to say it.
It's the best excuse in the world to start drinking.
- I'm not gonna start drinking.
- You sure? 'Cause I think you are.
You just gotta stick with it, T.
Stick with it, - or stick with you? - OK.
Look, you got my number.
Don't be shy to use it.
You got a cigarette? Anybody got a cigarette for the big dog? Fucking Jerry thinks his shit don't stink.
(laughing) Oh! Holy shit, Jesus on a stick.
Look at that! Oh my God, I wanna climb it! - What? - Oh, I wanna climb it, yeah.
Not an option.
I always wanted to climb it.
Like, when I was a little girl, there's actually two things that I wanted, and one was to live in a giant apartment building where nobody would know my name or which little window I was in, but the second one was to climb that fucking thing.
- Audrey - Yep.
No climbing the cross, OK? It's not an option.
(laughing) Come on! You know that apparently, when the Pope dies, - it turns purple? - I have heard that, yes.
- Fucker should pop off right now.
- Hey, I like him! Wouldn't it be awesome? He's old, it wouldn't matter! Yes, it would! I actually wanted to shoot him.
The guard.
I wanted to empty my entire clip on him, - like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! - Stop it, Audrey.
I still have bullets.
I saw it.
And I couldn't stop.
- Stop what? - Shooting.
I couldn't stop.
But you didn't shoot him.
But if I had, I wouldn't have stopped.
I'm not crying.
(sobbing) OK.
It's actually good, you know.
This fucking shit has to come out.
Audrey You didn't shoot him.
I know.
I know.
It's a fucking good thing.
Alright, let's go.
Where? You tell me.
Wherever you're going.
He's in there.
Put this on.
- Subtle.
- Just put it on.
OK, last call's coming, so he can't be too much longer.
Who can't? A guy.
This is dope.
Ever wonder what it'd be like - to be one of those? - No.
The footwear's pretty awesome, you have to admit.
What did he do for you? Your uncle.
A guy raped me.
At this group home I was in.
The guy your uncle assaulted.
And who goes to jail? Shit is fucked up and bullshit.
That's him.
Is that the guy? His name's Al.
- No.
- Just look at him.
Is that him? What? What, the other guy? You know him? The guy with the concrete? Is that him? Martine, is that him? Can we go now? Please.
I don't know why we're even doing this.
I'm sorry.

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