19-2 (2014) s03e07 Episode Script


- Previously on 19-2 - How the hell do we spin that? The public sees what the media tells them.
It's bullshit, we know that.
Stop! Dad? - Everything OK with Dad? - He left.
- He was drinking.
- Think he could've gone to the city? - Not likely.
- Thought I saw him.
He's gonna die though.
The doctor's giving him a couple months.
Your cousin pissed some people off pretty badly.
I could hear best from the vent.
Like a grown man's screams.
Sounded like some kind of animal after a while.
- What's in his mouth? - Concrete.
Maybe I got a name - about what happened to your cousin.
- And where did you hear that? I'll need something in return.
Criminals approaching you, that's an opening.
- Opening for what? - I don't know.
Find out.
Is that the guy? The bald guy? - Is that the guy with the concrete? - Yeah.
(engine starting) (moaning and grunting) - You're so hot.
- (loud moaning and grunting) (long, orgasmic cry) - Roll over, bitch.
- (laughter) (whimpering) (gasping) What the hell you still doing here? I'm leaving.
I'm leaving right now.
Oh my God.
(thunder) Not much of a turnout.
People are afraid to criticize the police.
What are we doing here, Am? His name was Jeffrey.
He was sixteen.
- He was a client? - [Can I have your attention, please?.]
- He was a client of yours? - Yeah.
[I'd like to start by asking a minute of silence.]
[to honour the dead.
[My son was killed.
They called him a bad apple.
[But what about the police? They don't have any bad apples?.]
[Many people have lost their lives.]
[to police violence (end of sentence unintelligible).]
[and not one officer has been charged.
They are comfortable.
[It's not enough to honour their victims;.]
[we need accountability.
[In less than two years, .]
[eight people murdered by the police.
(theme music) [Copy, 19-2.
- You ready? - I guess.
What am I supposed to tell them? Nothing.
I'm just making a gesture.
If they ask, you don't know anything.
So why am I really here? I want you to know I'm being straight with you.
Martine stays out of it.
Let's get started.
We have a lead in the death of Cassie Clement.
Why is Internal involved? - If you don't mind my asking.
- You'll see.
This is the house where Cassie Clement was killed.
- (KAZ screaming) - That's him screaming.
We have reason to believe that Lucas Ciarelli committed the murder.
- Are you shitting me? - Do you have any proof? We're working on it.
What we do have is a witness that definitively places Ciarelli at the scene.
- Is this the girl that he brought in? - No.
She was a dead end.
The witness is unrelated.
- So who is it? - You don't need to know.
If we reach a point where you do I'll bring you into the loop.
In the meantime, your Commander has seconded you to my staff.
From now on, you report to me.
Lucas Ciarelli is a prime source of corruption in the police department.
I wanna take him down.
- Yeah, I think that'd be best.
- OK, Thanks.
- How's he doing? - Well, I I spoke to his physician.
He's as good as you can expect.
You know what, let's step outside.
The next few days are gonna be hard on him, but things will get easier after detox.
- Until he starts drinking again.
- He's gonna need help, yes.
James thinks we should take him home, stay with us.
I don't think it'd be smart to send him back to his normal environment.
Not right away.
OK, um OK, we'll find him a bed somewhere.
Look, you see the most important factor in this kind of recovery can be family support.
Amelie says you're the best option.
- It's not fair to you.
- It's not your call, Ben.
You don't know him.
What, you just gonna ship him off to Morin Heights? Amelie and I will talk about it.
You have some time.
He's booked in here till Friday.
Mom wants to see him too, so we should arrange that.
I'd give it a day.
They're keeping him sedated, so - I have to go.
- OK.
Thank you so much for doing that.
You're lucky I have pull here.
- The fuck is he doing here? - Stop, he's here to help.
He's helping.
He's not even his doctor.
Why is he here? He shouldn't be here.
I'll see you at home.
Why would a guy like Ciarelli kill this lowlife himself? He's got plenty of people to do it for him.
Antony Tremblay was Ciarelli's cousin by marriage.
Cassie Clement killed him.
Apparently, Ciarelli took that personally.
Hold up.
We don't know that my cousin killed anyone.
- Yeah.
We do.
- It's moot.
He's dead.
What I want from you is a complete file on Ciarelli.
Everything we have.
So what's he got to do with this? Officer Barron is available for questioning if you want him, - since his cousin is the victim.
- No point.
He's not cooperative.
Your call.
Thank you for your time.
Get to work.
OK, everybody listen up.
Clown show's over.
- Back in regular unis starting now.
- Oh, come on.
- We got our pensions back? - No, but the pants are done.
So what you're really saying is that we're rolling over and taking the cuts.
- We're not just rolling over.
- Says you.
So what's the plan? The plan is we're gonna start dressing like real police officers.
Does anybody have a problem with that? Are you complaining? - This is - You'll have to get over it.
It's just that you seemed pretty on board with it before.
Yeah, well, that's because I'm the union rep, so I gotta sell whatever shit they give me.
Saves you from having to think for yourself.
(laughter) So this is the part where I say "Fuck you, Nick".
And this is the part where I say "You are such a child".
Whatever, and you can put those on and everyone - can wear their pretty new pants.
- Whoa! The hell? Oh, no.
I would love to do that, boss man, but uh (laughter) Shit.
OK, these are the women's pants.
Ha ha, funny.
Give 'em back.
- Here you go, boss man.
- Give them back.
Hey, hey, think about - what you're doing right now, Rookie.
- Think about it, Rookie.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Whoops.
(whistling) Keep your little bitch pants and put them in your closet with your skirt.
The rest of you guys can fuck off.
- (chuckles) - Aw, get out of here.
Saw Homicide this morning.
- Elise is taking over my cousin's case.
- She's a briefcase, - that's not her department.
- That's why she brought Homicide in.
I'm out of it.
They didn't want to talk to me.
I offered.
- Is there something going on? - There's a witness.
- They fingered someone for it.
- Who? Lucas Ciarelli.
No shit.
- Yeah, no shit.
- No shit.
Apparently, the guy KAZ killed is his wife's cousin or something.
The concrete shit, the torture - Ciarelli did it all himself.
- Then he probably knows, Nick.
- KAZ could've told him.
- Yeah, probably.
If they were gonna take me out, they would've done it by now.
- Shit, man.
- It's out of my hands, though.
They're working it.
Elise thinks they can take him down.
I hope they nail the fucker, after what he did.
What about Martine? - Nothing to do with her.
- You sure? Isn't she up in Eastern Townships or something? Yeah, Sherbrooke.
Good for her.
[19-2, we have two noise complaints for the same address.
[722, St-Zotique.
- 19-2, we got it.
- [Copy, 19-2.
(Jingle Bells playing loudly) Make him shut it off, for Christ's sakes.
- Speaking of.
- Sir? - Sir! - Sir! - Two minutes! - No, now.
Shut it down.
It's almost done! The music too, please.
(He turns the music off.
) - It's Christmas! - No, it's not Christmas.
- It's October.
- Sir, you can't play music that loud, it doesn't matter if it's Christmas or not.
This is religious intolerance.
We're just giving you a warning here.
No, no.
We're giving you a ticket.
- A ticket? - This is 200 dollars.
200 dollars for Christmas decorations?! You can have all the decorations you want.
Just keep it quiet.
- I'm gonna fight this in court.
- That is your right.
Have a nice day now.
Got something against Christmas? Yeah, my stepdad used to do this shit.
Lights flashing three months a year.
- Drove the neighbours crazy.
- And you're gonna take it out on this guy? Maybe next year he'll wait till after Halloween.
- The whole department's going granola.
- Yeah (crash sound) - Ah, Jesus.
- Shit.
- What the hell are you doing? - Is everyone OK? - I'm fine.
- This is his fault, you saw it! Well, you did stop in the middle of the street.
For the fucking cops, idiot! Alright, alright, look, no one got hurt.
Let's just move the vehicles off the road.
Everyone's fine.
OK, first, I wanna establish that this is this asshole's fault.
- We don't do that.
- He rear-ended me! It's only an insurance claim.
We don't assign fault.
This is bullshit, alright? You walked into the middle of the street, you were riding on my ass and you hit me, - so how is that my fault? - He's right, I did hit him.
But we don't assign fault.
- Really? - Really.
What the fuck are you talking about? Look, just, both of you, move your vehicles off the road, please.
Yeah, I'm going.
No, no, nobody moves, OK? I want a picture of this.
Sir, you're blocking traffic right now.
You should have thought of that before you caused an accident, huh? Look, I asked you to move your vehicle.
Move it now.
Right, so you can cover up what you did? You fucking jerk.
- What? - OK, settle down, settle down.
Dude, I'll fill out the forms, alright? I'll sign off and own half of it, OK? - No, it's not! - Alright, well then, please, continue being a flaming dick to the cops.
I'm gonna move my car.
- D'you hear what he called me? - Yeah, that would be a flaming dick, sir.
Sir, you need to move your car, otherwise we're gonna have to get it towed, I'm sorry.
You guys are unbelievable.
- Fucking civilians, man.
- Um, I get cute guy - and you get Flaming Dick.
- Whatever.
Let's do this.
Let's go.
Don't hit him.
Follow the Flaming Dick.
(laughing) Alright, Chartier, Barron, you are the lucky winners of wedding duty.
Reception hall downtown Sorry, sir.
Just haven't been sleeping well lately.
Not an excuse, Brouillard.
- Won't happen again, sir.
- Better not.
Reception hall downtown has been hit twice this month.
Big cash weddings, - two guys in masks raided it.
- That's pay duty.
Not this time.
Friend of the borough mayor's getting his daughter hitched.
- What the hell, Sarge? - Stop whining.
You sit in your car for half a day, you catch up on your reading.
These assholes show up, you get a good bust out of it.
They don't, maybe you get a piece of cake.
- I'm a pie guy.
- (laughter) - Bear, you still good solo? - Mhm.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's go, people.
Watch your backs.
(knocking) You wanted to see me, sir? Yeah.
I, uh I have some bad news.
It appears I'm being promoted.
Slot opened up on the policy staff.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Smarmy little cocksucker.
- Jesus! - Who, Suarez? - No, the other one.
What's he got to be so happy about? Maybe he's getting rid of you.
- Stop that! Brouillard! - (laughter) (laughter) (radio chatter) Coffee, sir.
What happened to your little blue rocket? - Is that what you call it? - Your precious thermos.
Started to stink inside.
Got to get a new one.
- Looked around, they all suck.
- Something special about it? Well, it's a good weight, but the wind wouldn't blow it over or anything.
Good size.
Should be able to hold like an extra-large and then a large to-go cup.
- Hmm.
- Glass interior, not the shitty double-lined plastic stuff.
Good-sized cup on top, and good colour.
Not too loud.
(laughing) Oh, God.
You're pulling my dick right now, I get it.
What's this? You are pulling my Johnson right now, for real.
Hey man, you spend 16 hours in a deer blind on a weekend, and trust me, you get to know you get to know your thermos.
Yeah, the lesson to me is not to waste my weekend doing nothing on the chance of killing - a poor innocent animal.
- And he's an animal rights activist, now.
- Look at this guy.
- No, I'm just saying it's stupid and boring, a'ight? It's also pretty damn cruel.
Well, you ever tried venison before? - Probably, yeah, I don't remember.
- Venison carpaccio, venison osso bucco, venison steak and ram burgers.
- There's nothing like it.
- Yeah? And how does it taste? Like deer, Nick.
Like deer.
Oh, incoming.
When does the lucky couple show up? It's a couple hours yet.
(sighing): Great assignment.
I'm gonna stretch my legs.
Do that.
- You alright? - Yeah, all good here! Twenty cents a pop for this shit.
Wedding guests go through them like, uh - What goes through shit? - Well, you are! (laughter) Hey, don't tell nobody, - this is my spot, OK? - Very good.
- Do I know you? - Yeah, maybe.
- I ran into you once.
- Yeah, well, don't spread this around.
Wedding row, here, - nobody picks it but me.
- I got you.
- So, you're alright then? - Ah, yeah! It's a friggin' gold mine! - Twenty cents a pop! - Yeah, you said.
Ah! Hey, there! Is everything OK? Yes, sir.
My friend's just had a little too much to drink.
- It's a bit early, isn't it? - That's what I told him.
Uh, no, we already called a taxi, so - Is there a problem here? - I'm trying to figure that out.
- You alright, sir? - A little woozy.
You need someone to drive you home? Just hold on a minute, sir.
You need someone to drive you home? - What's your name, sir? - Do we have to do this, really? I have a wife and 3 kids.
I'd really rather they didn't know.
We should see some ID.
- My cab's here.
- Let's see some I.
- Please.
- Forget it.
You wanna maybe take it a little easier next time.
I'll make sure he does, Officer.
(dog barking) - Somebody call for the police? - Yes, me! Look at this! Look at it! It's a little early for Christmas, don't you think? That's supposed to be funny?! This is my house! Yeah, and uh who do you think - might have done this? - Ha! All of them! Any of them! They just wanna ruin everything! Hey, hey, OK, OK, sir, calm down, please, that will be enough, thank you very much.
How long have these decorations been up? Uh, Santa and the manger, they just came out this week.
Are you gonna take this seriously? We're gonna need to get forensics on this right away.
Look! Look at the baby Jesus.
This is religious intolerance.
This is a hate crime.
Yes, that's just not right.
We're gonna need to take some photos, sir - for evidence for the file.
- OK.
- Grab it into you with a - Just get one of baby Jesus.
(click of the shutter) Can we have you, please, by Joseph and Mary? Yes.
I'm the victim.
And the lamb, it would be nice to get the lamb in there.
- If you could.
- If you could grab the lamb? - Yes.
- Forensics will be here, sir.
- They'll take care of it.
- This is evidence.
Ah! Here comes the bride! (Whistles the wedding march.
) (announcement on radio) (Now, both whistle.
) (tires screeching) - Holy shit! - (sirens) - Stay right there! - 19-2, we got a robbery in progress at La Belle et Le Beau Reception Hall.
- (bride): What are you doing? - Why are you doing this? - Is it because he's rich?! - Benjamin, you are such a loser! - I'm married! - 19-2, cancel that.
Back up! - What's the problem? - HE'S the problem! Settle down.
Let the police handle this.
- Just go inside, Gregor.
- I'm not gonna go inside.
Just go inside!! - Just do what she says, get inside! - Benjamin, FUCK OFF!! - You shouldn't be here.
- Ow, you're hurting me! - Hey, Gregor, do NOT do this! - Back, back! Please, stop! - Inside! - Is he being arrested? - Hey, we'll take care of this.
- What did I do? Put your hands on the hood.
That's better.
You don't have to hurt him.
What's the matter with you, huh? Why are you ruining the poor girl's wedding? She doesn't love him.
She's such a whore! I guess it's a good thing she didn't pick you, then, huh?! Just don't ruin your wedding, huh, let's go inside.
Let us handle this.
- You wanna take your wife? - Come on.
Thank you, everybody.
Thank you for cooperating.
Back inside now, please.
Everybody inside.
Thank you.
Have fun! Enjoy yourselves! (chatter) Hey, if we let you go, you think you can behave yourself? - Yeah.
- He's just heartbroken.
- Right? - You go near that woman again, I'm gonna get you put away for 5 years, you understand? OK.
I'm not gonna do anything stupid, I promise.
- What about my car? - We towed it, you can get it from the impound.
Get out of here.
Thank you.
I'm an idiot.
If you say so.
- Can I ask you a question? - Shoot! - Why did you become a cop? - (chatter on the radio) - What's that supposed to mean? - Serious question.
I didn't wanna be my dad and uh, well kinda wanted to piss my mom off too.
(sounds of horns nearby) What? You like that, huh? Yeah, a little bit.
A little bit.
[19-2, channel 4.
(radio beeps) 19-2.
[You're needed at the shooting range.
It's the end of the shift, for Christ's sakes.
- What's this about? - [I'm sorry, .]
[did you think this was a conversation? Get your ass.]
- [to the range, thank you.
- W-whoa!! - Whoa! - Whoa! Sarge! Who pissed in HIS Froot Loops this morning? Damn! (Both are laughing.
) - Hey! - Hey! - What's going on here? - Apparently, the Commander's getting a promotion, so we are celebrating in his honour.
- Woo! - Ah, is that right! - Alright, let's do this! - We also have the, uh, minister of justice right here; asshole! - And tons of beer! - You in on this too? Pink pants are a nice touch.
- Thanks.
- You know, if this gets out, you're flunking next time you get certified.
Ears on, everybody! - (gun being armed) - This one's for you.
(multiple gunshots) Hey! To the Commander! (laughing): To the Commander! - Anyone knows where he's going? - Out of 19! - Out of 19!! - (cheering) You watch, we'll probably get someone worse.
- Not possible! - Water for the big man! - Where's Chartier? - Family trouble.
That's a lame ass excuse, the fucker should be here.
What, you're the morality squad now? Go beat your wife.
(silence, only music in the bar) Nick, Nick, Nick.
Ever the charmer.
Since when did you start giving a shit about him, huh? Since he moved in with Nick's sister.
Oh! So, the Golden Boy and the Dark Avenger starting a little happy family together! That's fuckin' sweet.
Fuck you, Nick.
And cheers to everyone else! Don't listen to him; (laughing): Golden Boy and the Dark Avenger! I don't care who you are, that's some good shit right there.
Hey! You're the cop! From outside the station, the fender-bender.
- Yeah! I remember you.
- You cause a lot of those? Oh, that's cute.
Yeah, tons! Well, thank you for letting me off.
Well anyway, he caused it, so Don't look at me.
- Who's this? - A bad driver.
- Owen.
- Owen.
So, you guys, all cops? - Yeah - Yeah, it's a cop bar.
Yeah, I - I I heard that.
- Do I know you from somewhere? - Uh I'm in a band.
Vile Beauties? - Never heard of them.
- That's nice.
It IS nice and, yeah, no one HAS heard of us; it's weird, I don't get it.
Anyway, uh you're with friends.
Um - it's nice seeing you.
- You too.
- (laughs) - Mmhm.
I think that boy likes you, girl! - Don't they all? - It's enough to make me puke! Seen better legs holdin' up a turkey! Shut up! He's super cute! - He's not that cute.
- No, he really isn't.
Oh ho ho! Poor man, did you get your hopes up? Well, I'll be back.
Looks like half-man, half-rat! (laughs) (voices around) - (loud breath) - How are you feeling? (vocal sigh) Shit! I'll be up on my feet soon enough get out of your hair.
Gotta quit drinking.
Tell me something I don't know.
Is your mother here? She's coming.
I don't belong here.
Doctor says you'll be out of here soon and, um says this is the worst of it.
Doctors what the hell do they know?! What?! What are you doing here? You brought me here! In Montreal.
What are you trying to do? - Answer me, please.
- Don't tell me what to do! I find you drunk in the streets, you don't think you owe me that much? - I hate this city.
- I know.
A hundred bucks a week for a shit hole! So, why are you here? What do you think? If I had a fucking answer, I wouldn't be asking, would I? You want me to find you in the morgue? You want me to find your body in the morgue? Yeah? Better you than your mother.
Yeah, you're a piece of work, aren't you.
I didn't want to die at home.
Hey! How's your dad? Shitty.
Doesn't matter, he's just gonna start drinking again anyway.
- You don't know that.
- I do! So do you, you work with alcoholics.
Actually, I mostly work with their kids.
Well, it's a good thing your boyfriend says he's doing OK.
- "Ex" boyfriend.
- You're still open.
It must suck to lose to a lowly cop.
James is a good guy, he's just not you.
(moaning) Ah Aah Sh-sh - What's going on? - Neighbours.
You realize I'm not making any noise, right? I know.
You're making me make noise.
(moaning) Oh Gaw Oh shit! Ah! (panting) (hubbub and music) - Are we doing this or what? - You're set? - Yes sir! - Good.
All set for what, what are you talking about? You haven't told Nick? We're doing the rookie tonight.
Please, please don't ruin this for everyone.
Yeah no.
Aw, come on Nick, stay! I'm not in the mood.
You kids have fun.
Good riddance to bad vibes.
Come on, you know if he'd stayed, he was gonna - kill the buzz.
- You're sure? - Good to go? - I believe we are.
- Atta boy.
- Guys.
- Guys.
- Ahem! Busy.
- Where's my beer? - Oh, Jesus! No way! Shoot! It's my favourite necklace! Fuck, - I think it's stuck, do you see it? - What happened? - I dropped it, can you see it? - No.
- Now, can you see it better? - No.
- OK, forget it.
- I I almost Alright, cheers! Good riddance to the Commander.
Let's drink it up (cheering) Bottoms up! Drink it all, Dick, you got it in ya! Attaboy, - attaboy! - Woo!! (hammering on table and applauding) That's it, buddy, you got it.
(sniggers) Oh yeah, this is gonna be a surprise.
(sighing): We take it from here, ladies.
- (snigger) - Why do I have the feeling - that this is a really bad idea? - Hey, rookies gotta get hazed.
- Trust your partner.
- (laughing): That's-that's reassuring! What I wanna know is what's going on with that musician? I don't know, there's something sexy about a guy - and a guitar, what can I say? - Still A friggin' trannie gets a place like that and then, right at the end of the goddamned hall! What number is it? Ah, it's around 140 145, I think.
Aw, you're gonna get yours, you little bastard.
See if your daddy can get you out of this little pickle, huh!? (snickers and knocking) Oh yeah! It's about time.
The camera's set up over there.
Good God! Good.
Wow, he's so cute! (cars outside) (conversations inside) - (buzz of the door) - Thank you.
(phone ringing) Hey, Rook! Hey everything OK? You tell me! (laughter nearby) What the fuck did you do to him? We were really drunk and might have got a bit carried away.
- I was not drunk, for the re - He was not drunk.
Aw, for fuck's sake, guys, it's not the 70's! - You can't do this shit.
- We didn't do anything, - it was the trannie - It WAS the trannie and she was just plowing and plowing and plowing! (chuckling from both) OK, OK OK, guys, forget the trannie, let's just let's just haze the kid one more time, but this time, we keep it clean.
- That's a great idea.
- Yeah, I have great ideas OK, enough, enough! What are you guys, the trauma twins? (conversation trailing off) What the hell did you do to me? Me, I never touched you, man.
What kind of a perv do you think I am? The kind that sticks butt plugs up my ass.
The kind that takes money off dead guys.
(chatter on radio) I didn't touch that dead guy either.
Yeah well, your buddy did; motorcycle cop.
I was there, remember? Yeah, well I gave it back.
- Hear it? (Pop!) - (laughing): Holy shit! That's bad even for me.
I almost feel bad for him.
- What did you do?! - Nothing, nothing, it's a fraud, it's a scam, it's like whatever.
- What scam? - It's nothing.
It's nothing, sir.
It's just a rookie - Let me see it.
- (huge sigh) Alright.
Jesus Christ! Do you know whose kid that is?! Look, it's it's not what it looks like, we just we were bouncing him around - on the bed, that's - We?! - I wasn't there.
- Nice! Erase it immediately.
I can't.
It's online.
I mean, I we didn't post it, OK?! The trannie that we hired posted it on his, or her, or whatever site So - anyone can see this? - Yes, sir, I mean, it's all fake; we didn't actually rape the kid, but (Takes a deep breath.
) it's online.
Fuckin' idiots.
- I'm so sick of riding solo.
- Maybe they're gonna - put us back together.
- That'd be nice! You know, anything as long as it's not - in the fucking Sergeant's van! - Oh, ha ha ha! (message on radio) - Hey, w-w-wait, hold on, stop.
- What? Just a sec.
Just What is it? Oh my God! (starting to laugh): - That's crazy! - That's creepy.
Jesus (airy sound of blowing machinery) (dog barking in the distance) - We should ring the doorbell.
- Nah.
Let it just be a miracle.
Ah, fuck me! (siren on) Stop! Stop.
Come here.
Come here! - Put your hands on the hood.
- Look at me.
- Spread your legs.
- Alright, easy.
What the hell d'you give him? - Nothing, he had too much to drink.
- Nothing in your pockets - or anything sharp? - No.
What's this? 19-2, I need an ambulance at the corner of St.
Catherine and Alexandre-DeSève.
What have you got? - [OK, 19-2.
- Quaaludes, that's old school.
- Credit card reader.
- That fits.
So, tell me; do you steal their credit cards before you molest them or after? I told you: I'm married, not fucking gay.
- Let's go.
- Ah!! Watch your head.
- Now watch your feet.
- Ah! - Hey! - Hey! Ah, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
- No, it's OK.
- You should've come in! No, I I liked all the evil looks I was getting out here.
Yeah, you know, guys slinking around a cop station - makes folks nervous, so - I've noticed! - Yeah? - Come on, we can walk.
- OK! Where are we going? - Griffintown.
New place.
Cool! Is it a surprise? No, I-I just can't remember the name.
- (laughing): OK! - It's new, it's supposed to be good I don't know, I'm not really a foodie.
Thank God.
You know, actually, I grew up in Shawinigan, so it's not exactly hipster heaven.
(chuckles) - Cool! - Ever been? - No.
- Not that cool.
(chuckles) (sound of brushing teeth) (sigh) Where are you keeping Martine? Hm? She's safe! Where? You know that saying: "Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead"? (She clicks her tongue.
) I brought her to you, Elise.
She's in a hotel.
Three full time guards.
Her name won't appear anywhere.
Until she testifies.
I know what I'm doing, Nick.
Does homicide have anything? They're not getting anywhere with it.
That's clear, not that I expected anything different.
They think you were there.
When Tremblay got killed.
They don't have anything to back it up.
(He sighs.
) - I didn't kill him.
- I believe you.
The kid's six inches from the streets.
What's her word worth? She's an eyewitness to Lucas Ciarelli personally torturing a man to death.
- Is that enough? - Not by itself.
She's part of the bigger picture.
- And what's that? - (She breathes in.
) I wish I could tell you.
Did you see your dad? Mm-hm.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm OK.
- (birds chirping) - Shit, - the sun is about to come up.
- (She laughs.
) Oh shit Yeah, I gotta get home.
I I didn't even kiss you.
I guess it's too late now.
(She laughs again.
) - Well, no regrets.
- Uh-uh.
- I'll see you.
? - I'll walk you.
No! No, no, it's fine.
I got it.
(traffic sounds) (She laughs to herself.
) (She sighs contentedly.
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