19-2 (2014) s03e09 Episode Script


1 - Previously on 19-2 - I lost my mommy.
- What's your name? My name's Ben.
- Brianna.
There's something about target practice, clears your head.
If you wanna make that shot, you gotta let go of everything.
Take in a deep breath.
Don't shoot until there's no air left in your lungs.
I need you to listen to me.
Can you do that? - Yes, I can listen to you.
- Good.
It's about time you acknowledge what you've done.
Martine, where are you? [I'm gone, Nick.
I already bought my ticket.
Don't fucking look for me.
Have a shit life! - (choking) - Dad! Dad! Yes, yes, Lloyd, I need the ambulance right away.
My dad drank acetone.
- I'm gonna go now.
- Ah Tight little bitch.
(screaming) Ben Chartier? What, um My watch broke, I don't, um Had it for ten years, I got it at an airport.
It was self- winding.
It broke, so I don't know what time it is.
Where's Theo? He's with my mom.
They're gonna meet us there.
We're gonna stay with her for a few days.
How about you? Your dad holding up? He's got three more weeks left in rehab.
And then what? They'll go back to Morin Heights.
Are you sleeping? Do you have any sleep? Not much, no.
I think I need to go back on shift.
Need something to do.
Don't think I'm ready for that yet.
I fucked up, Ben.
You need to hear some stuff.
Not today.
We should go.
Go on.
[Copy, 19-2.
(cell phone buzzing) Yeah.
[I'm outside.
Did you find Martine? [No.
[I have something else, though.
- I don't care.
- Nick I need to see you.
I was gonna go to the funeral, but I For what? You didn't fucking know her.
He's back.
Hey, Chartier.
Welcome back.
- Thanks.
- At least they got the guy, right? - Hey, hey, hey, Chartier's back.
- Richard.
- What's going on? - You know what it is.
Good to see ya.
Hey, Dickie, maybe you won't be so lonely now that your twin brother's here to look after you.
Yeah, maybe.
You got an extra bootlace? No, I do not, blondie.
- I got one.
Heads up.
- Thank you.
You see that? Boy scout got to be prepared, my man.
Chartier's showing you up, son.
Just saying.
- Nick? Back on too? - I am.
Hey, change your mind? Yeah, well, someone's gotta keep you out of trouble.
I'm glad you did.
- Pretty messed up.
Nick's sister.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's like the squad is cursed.
- Hey, don't use that word.
I can say what I want to.
It sounds like you're trying to put a jinx on us.
The jinx was here before I got here.
Hey, my man, if you ain't happy where you are, - why don't you ask your daddy - Would you stop it? To drop you down in Westmount or something.
You'll be a little more comfortable.
I'm just saying you got advantages, man.
You got the advantages.
- Don't complain.
- I'm not complaining! Sounds like you are to me.
And you're being defensive.
What you should be doing, young fella, is make yourself a plan.
- I have a plan.
- (chuckling) You have a plan, huh? Alright, Dickie, let me hear your plan.
I'm gonna put in maybe four years here, and then I'm gonna fast-track to detective.
And then I'm gonna tell patrol vets like you to stand in the corner.
Way to stand up for yourself, Dickie.
I like it.
- Yeah, you're gonna like it a lot.
- I love it, actually, I love it.
But until that time, I'm still the one that's telling you which corner to stand in and how long to stand in it.
[In 19, we have a missing child,.]
- [1242 Durocher.
- 19-4, we got it.
The TV was on, I thought I thought she was in the basement.
And she left the house? I said I'd take her to the store for a treat.
I was working, I lost track of time.
Can you think back to the last time you did speak? - What's the story? - Eight-year-old girl.
Down syndrome.
Yeah, Brianna.
She got lost before.
We know her.
Yeah, that's right.
- Brianna McKay.
- How long has she been gone? Up to two hours, but her mother doesn't know.
Media alerts are going out right now.
- You know what she was wearing? - Her red glasses, flowery pants, an owl t-shirt, blue jean shirt.
Mom says she wanted to go to the store.
What store? Some candy store in Ville St-Laurent.
- She said they drive by there.
- Alright, we'll check locally.
- Is there a father? I can't remember.
- No, she's on her own.
- OK.
We'll go on Chateauguay, head west.
- Let's do it.
[All units, coordinate with me.
[Copy, Sergeant.
Have you seen this girl? Her name's Brianna, she's eight years old.
Anything? He says she comes and asks for candy sometimes, but not today.
- Someone will have seen her.
- Yep.
[19-40, what's your location?.]
[19-40, we're on St-Denis heading north.
[Copy that.
Got this, boy? Got this? Search.
Joseph, Dulac, join the K9 unit, starting now.
Heading east.
- [Copy, Sarge.
- [19-7.]
How you doing? Take a look at this picture.
You seen this girl? No? Thank you for your time.
Excuse me, ma'am, have you seen this girl before? - (speaking in Chinese) - Yeah? You've seen her? You've seen her today? - (speaking in Chinese) - What are you saying? Come here.
She in there? 19-33, we're gonna need a Chinese translator at Jean-Guy Restaurant.
What's going on there? - What's going on? - Uh, just Can you tell me what she's saying? (speaking Chinese) She's saying you're looking for the mongoloid girl? That's right.
You seen her? - Yeah, we've seen her many times.
- Have you seen her today? - She's missing, we're looking for her.
- (speaking Chinese) Sorry, she's hasn't seen her today.
Didn't see her today? Thank you very much for your time.
[19-33, cancel the translator.
False lead.
(Nick): Brianna! Brianna! - Worst case, somebody grabbed her.
- No.
No, she's good with strangers.
She's shy around people.
- I think she's hiding.
- Why? Same thing happened to me once when I was a kid.
Had to go into Lachute to get something from the library and they got a park right by the river there, so my dad left me, said he'd come pick me up at sundown, said I could do my reading there as well as anywhere.
Met this kid and we started to go down to the river to catch crayfish.
The sun started to go down, I knew I was in big shit and so was this kid I was with.
- I don't even remember his name.
- How old were you? Seven.
And your dad left you in a park? But we hid.
It was summertime.
There's cops looking for us everywhere, going up and down the river bank.
- Hid for a long time.
- Yeah.
It's winter now.
- Brianna! - Brianna! Sun's gonna be going down soon.
And the temperature's gonna drop with it.
19-2, we're all clear from Clark to St-Joseph.
Continue south.
(radio): The Montreal police are looking for a lost child.
Brianna McKay is eight years old, she has Down syndrome and police are asking everyone to keep an eye out for her.
(sobbing) (radio transmissions) - [Where do we go now?.]
- [Head west.
- [Door by door.
- [You got it.
Beatrice: [That's every dep on St-Patrick.
No sightings.
[Alright, head north.
[The neighbour just got home.
Hasn't seen her.
- [She's gonna look inside.
- [OK, let me know.
- (barking) - He got something? Keep back, please.
He's got a scent.
19-4, we're in a tunnel heading towards the canal.
[Dog's got a scent.
Dog's got a scent.
Coming up the bike path near Canal Street.
[19-2, we're right there.
Suarez: [All units, keep looking, we'll let you know.
[Yes, sir.
On Clark heading south.
Alright, somewhere in there.
- What? What do you got? - Somewhere in here.
- Good boy.
Good boy.
- Brianna? Brianna? - Brianna? - I'm not ready for this.
I got a coat! "Brianna McKay".
[19-2, we've found the girl's jacket.
We need to start.]
- [section searching from here.
- We're on our way.
Where'd she go? Which way? He lost the scent.
He was flagged on the coat.
So what? So what? - It's not gonna happen.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- Shit.
- Come on.
Come on.
(both): Brianna! - Brianna! - Brianna! Jesus, Bear, I don't wanna find a dead kid.
- Better us than them.
- Maybe they shouldn't be in on this.
Well, you wanna try and tell them that? No, she's gotta be here somewhere, I mean, how far can a kid that age go? Suarez: [Let's go, people.
- [And it's freezing out here.
- [Tell me something I don't know, Brouillard.
Whoa! Jeez! Hey, excuse me! - Have you seen a little girl? - She's about eight years old.
- No.
- What about you? - Shit.
- Alley off Laprairie's clear.
19-2, we'll keep moving.
- [We'll come with you.
- We got it, Bear.
- What are we, a couple of cripples? - It's getting colder.
Check that out.
- Brianna! - Brianna! - [We are clear to Sherbrooke.
- [Turn around and do it again.
[Copy that.
Brianna! Jesus.
What the hell? - Brianna! - (clanking) Shh.
- You hear something? - You don't hear that? (clucking sound) - You don't hear anything? - Back here.
- Brianna? - (clucking) - Jesus.
- (clucking) No.
Game cocks.
Look at the scars.
Look at this.
You gotta be pretty sick in the head to do this shit.
Brianna? - Hi, Brianna.
- Oh, thank God.
- Hi.
Look at me.
Do you remember me? - Yes.
- Remember me? Wanna come out of there? - Yes.
Come on.
Watch your head.
Atch your head.
Are you OK? Are you OK? Yes.
Are you OK? You cold? I'm gonna put my coat on you, OK? You alright? There.
Take this.
Is that better? You know we've been looking everywhere for you? - Yeah.
- Well, we've found you.
Got a booboo on your finger.
How'd you do that? I was trying to feed them.
- You tried to feed them? - Yeah.
Ah, jeez.
Well, no more hiding.
We've found you now.
OK? - Yeah.
- We'll get a band-aid for your cat.
We'll get a band-aid.
- And one for me too? - We'll get one for you too.
Just put your arms around me, I'm gonna pick you up, OK? Put your arms around me.
Hold on.
Now we've got ya.
Now we've got ya.
19-2, we found her.
She's OK.
Look at me.
I am so sorry.
It'll never happen again, I swear, OK? OK.
OK, we gotta get moving now.
- Say thank you to the policemen.
- Thank you, policemen.
No worries.
Just make sure you don't wander off again, OK? - OK, policemen.
Bye, policemen.
- Thank you.
Bye, policemen.
Glad she's OK.
Alright, we're done.
Nice bit of work, boys.
Go on home.
I agree.
Well played, gentlemen.
So are we gonna celebrate or what? - Not tonight, man.
- Need to count your wins, man.
I am.
- (Audrey): Is she OK? - (Nick): Yeah, she's good.
(conversations fade away) You hear anything about Martine? What do you mean? I just tried to track her down, see if she - What? - I don't know, see if she knew anything.
Doesn't matter, though.
She took off.
Talked to the place in Sherbrooke.
She's gone.
I know.
What do you know? She's a witness, Ben.
She's been in protective custody.
For Lucas Ciarelli? - You told me that didn't pan out.
- You didn't wanna know.
She took off, I don't know where she is now.
Your girlfriend do this? Yeah.
How does Ferney fit in? He doesn't.
He didn't know.
Nobody did.
I guess it doesn't matter then, does it? (raining) Are we talking again? Have you found her? No.
I have people looking.
People I trust.
Looking for her? You don't even know where the fuck she is.
Yeah, I think I do.
- What is this? From the truck stop? - Just listen.
- [911, what's your emergency?.]
- [She she she's dead!.]
- [There's a dead woman here!.]
- [Can you tell me what happened?.]
- [She's dead, Jesus Christ!.]
- [Ma'am, just calm down.
[I'm gonna help you.
Tell me what happened.
- [Hello?.]
- It's Martine.
(sighing) She found the body.
She was here, in the city.
Was she there when it happened? I don't know.
Forensics doesn't think so.
Is is that what set him off? Did did she say something? I don't know.
(sighing) - We did this.
- No, Nick.
- No? - No.
No? If you hadn't put her in hiding, my sister would still be alive! For Christ sakes, how could I see? How could either of us see? He killed her.
He lost his mind Because you drove him to it, Elise! You drove him to it! You brought your sister into this long before you brought me! Please.
Fuck Fuck you.
There's enough blame to go around.
- OK? - Yeah.
Why did you show me this? She may try to reach out, I don't know, contact you.
Nah, I don't think so.
Or your partner.
She stayed with them for a while, didn't she? I am trying to protect her, Nick.
- To protect her? - Please You mean use her.
OK, then find her.
- OK.
- At least do one fucking thing right.
If she contacts your partner, I need to know! - Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
I'll go start dinner.
Oh, I already made you grilled cheese and tomato soup.
You didn't have to do that.
What about you? I ate at Mom's.
Come here.
(phone ringing) Hello? No, Amélie's not here.
No, I don't know when she'll be back.
Who? No, I'm sorry, André, I don't know how to reach her.
You trying to make an impression? - Fall in ain't for another half hour.
- Sarge wanted to see me.
- In uniform? - He wanted advice on the duos, - who should ride with who.
- Hmm.
Aren't you special? I was sergeant, Tyler.
That's true.
And you still should be.
You and Audrey a permanent thing? - Yeah.
- Good for you.
I told them - I wanted to ride with you, though.
- Really? Mm-hmm.
But he says I'm good for Audrey, so I'll stick with her.
Well, I got the rookie to take care of anyway.
Lucky him.
He don't know how good he's got it, girl! (both laughing) All rise.
Please be seated.
I understand the Crownhas a proposal.
Yes, Your Honour.
My colleague and I have reached an agreement.
The prosecution will withdraw the current charges and replace with a charge of voluntary manslaughter.
To which my client will plead guilty.
- What is this, a fucking joke? - What are the next dates for sentencing submissions? Three o'clock, Thursday the 20th.
Reconvene for sentencing at 3 o'clock 2 weeks from tomorrow.
Ferney, you are remanded to custody.
- Next case.
- They're not ready.
- Adjourned.
- All rise.
What are you doing? What are you doing, you're giving him a deal? - He killed my sister.
- And he's getting convicted for it.
That is not your call.
No, no, no, that's your- Listen, the guy was stoned out of his head.
He has two psychiatrists saying that he was in emotional distress.
Do you want me to take a chance he walks, here? - I want him to get what he deserves.
- So do I.
Look, I had to make the call.
- I'm sorry.
- It's not - It's in the books now.
- It's not right.
How do you sleep at night? Excuse me.
What are we doing? What's the point? What's the point? There's supposed to be a system.
There's supposed to be rules.
- There's supposed to be justice.
- No such thing.
The first time she went to see him, she asked me to come with her.
She had a bad feeling about him.
When Martine asked me to do her a favour, get rid of her drug dealer, I did it.
- I gave him hope.
- Stop it.
Just stop it.
- That's what happened! - Just stop it! I got my sister involved in this shit, OK? Not you.
Then fuck you too, then! Martine's in the city.
You've heard from her? She made the 911 call about Amélie.
What, she was there? I don't know.
I don't know.
- Elise thinks - Elise.
- She might go see you.
- This girlfriend of yours, man.
This fucking girlfriend of yours, she knows it all, doesn't she? Look, it's not about her, it's about this kid being out there.
Oh yeah, there he is.
That's you.
You're just one big bleeding heart, aren't you? - Jesus, Amélie would want - Don't you dare.
- What? - Don't you dare.
- You know she'dtake care of the kid! - Shut the fuck up, man.
Don't pretend this is about her.
- She's my sister.
- And she's dead.
- She'd want us to look.
- Get the fuck out.
- What are you doing? - Get the fuck out.
- Get the fuck out! - Alright, alright! - Get the fuck out! - Jesus.
I should never have come to this fucking city.
- Never would've happened.
- It had nothing to do with you.
No? Started when I was twelve.
After school.
I never looked back.
Well, now you can look back.
I should've died.
Listen to me, you miserable son of a bitch.
For once in your selfish life, you can do something right, and you are going to do it.
Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Tell me you fucking hear me! I have so much to undo.
(kids talking) Hey, guys.
Sorry, um - Have you seen this girl? - You a cop? She's a friend.
She needs some help.
Just take a look.
She look familiar to you? I don't know.
Last few days, um Every night, I'm dreaming about it.
Living the dream.
I wake up thinking, "Man oh man I done fell off this wagon again.
" And I don't know where it's coming from.
Chloe, hold it together, OK? Sure, Jerry.
Yes, Jerry.
Whatever you say, Jerry.
So yeah, the thing is I realised I didn't.
And it made me feel good, made me feel like I'm gonna step outside for a bit.
Excuse me.
You can't do this.
I'm trying, Jerry.
You can't show up drunk.
You can't kick me out.
Look, I can't sponsor you anymore, Chloe.
I can't.
This is supposed to be a support group.
Nice fucking support.
Call me when you're ready to do the work.
Hey, stranger, wanna buy me a drink? - So you're just gonna cut her loose? - She didn't give me a choice.
They're kicking her off the force.
You don't think she needs you? I have to think about the people who want this, T.
The people who are trying.
She is trying, you just don't fucking see it! Chloe! (knocking) What the fuck? Nick.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You alone? Yeah.
Yeah, come in.
- You look like shit.
- Yeah, what else is new? - You fixed up your place.
- Yeah, it's - yeah, it's getting there, you know? - Looks good.
Would you like coffee, or ? - Sure.
- OK.
I got this, uh, this pod thing, you know, but I don't have any pods because it kills the environment.
- Don't wanna do that.
- Hm.
How about tea? You call yourself a cop, and you don't have coffee? No, I have coffee.
I have coffee.
Would you rather have I'd much rather that.
Why are you here, Nick? To tell you I'm an asshole.
- That's not news.
- No.
- It's still overdue.
- I'm way past it, Nick.
Are you? I fucked you around, Audrey.
I need to face up.
Now? I gotta start somewhere.
Totally forgiven.
You can scratch me off your guilt list.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's OK.
(Atmospheric guitar music) (moaning) Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
(laughing) - It's OK.
- For fuck's sake.
- (laughing) - Don't worry.
It'll be better next time.
It felt really good.
It's not Rockefeller Plaza, but I don't even know if people live in Rockefeller Plaza.
I don't know.
It's nice.
It's downtown.
Can I get you a drink? Do you want a ? I don't really wanna come in.
That's that's OK.
Um I mean, I could've come - to your house, if you - No.
You can't.
What do you want, Jean-Marc? I wanna get better.
I really I am.
I'm better, I Good for you.
(sighing) I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Is there anything else? Yeah.
I love you, Justine.
Don't you dare.
I'm sorry.
For the rest of your life.
(softly): And you love me too.
(Suarez): OK.
Ah, yes.
Everyone, don't forget to stop by the garage, get your snow tires on.
Pouliot, Hamelin, 19-7, lunch at five.
Joseph, Dulac, 19-4, lunch at seven.
Extra solos today.
Barron, 19-2, lunch will be at four.
Chartier, 19-21, lunch at six.
(voice fades out) That's it.
Watch your backs, everyone.
[19-21, we have a mailbox break-in.
[19-21, do you copy?.]
19-21, copy.
[De Bullion north of Rachel.
You want something? Look, you wanna ride solo, knock yourself out, alright? - But we still gotta work together.
- No, we don't.
Shit, man.
Would you just hear me out? I put in for a transfer back to the SQ, back to Morin Heights.
So we're done.

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