19-2 (2014) s03e10 Episode Script


1 - Previously on 19-2 - I fucked up, Ben.
You need to hear some stuff.
Is that him? The bald guy? Lucas Ciarelli is a prime source of corruption in the police department.
I want to take him down.
Lucas Ciarelli's attorney He's looking for you.
You came to tell me I've been declared unfit for custody? - I already heard.
- When was this? Like you don't know.
I know what you did, you fuckin' asshole.
- Martine, where are you? - Don't fucking look for me.
- Have a shit life! - (phone hanging up) (grunting) I'm all she has and you gotta take that away from us? (screaming) (Martine): She's dead! There's a dead woman here! - Can you tell me what happened? - We did this.
My colleague and I have reached an agreement.
The prosecution will withdraw the current charges and replace with a charge of voluntary manslaughter.
To which my client will plead guilty.
I got my sister involved in this shit, OK? Not you! Then fuck you too, then! (tires squealing) Put in for a transfer back to the SQ.
Back to Morin Heights, so so we're done.
(gurgling) (creaking) (toddler babbling) (indistinct police radio) (woman): [31, information?.]
(unintelligible voices) - (indistinct police radio) - (man speaking on phone) - (indistinct police radio) - (sighing) All rise.
Please be seated.
In the matter of the Crown versus Francesco George Ferney, this court accepts the plea of guilty.
In accordance with the terms of the agreement and the bond posted, I will suspend sentencing and grant you release for a period of 10 days to get your affairs in order.
- Do you understand, Mr.
Ferney? - Yes, Your Honour.
Thank you.
Sentencing is scheduled for 3 p.
on the first of next month.
At that point, you will proceed directly to incarceration You gotta be kidding me.
- (car honking) - (sighing) (distant tires screeching) You believe this shit? (car honking) You're not the only one who lost her, Ben.
Yeah, I don't know how you live with it.
(door squeaking) (car honking) (theme music) [Copy, 19-2.
(rain falling) (keys clinking) Ferney made bond.
Did you do it? I have an observation unit on his place.
I need to find her.
So you're using him as bait? Charlie Figo's dead.
- Yeah, I saw.
- It wasn't suicide.
So what, am I supposed to cry? I've been trading him to other forces for their files on Ciarelli.
If I can find Martine, I still have a case.
I don't give a damn about your case.
You put this guy back on the street? - After what he did? - I know what I've done.
- It's messed up, Elise.
- I am trying to save her! (indistinct conversation) Sergeant.
(sighing) - (thumping) - Big day today.
Sir? - Promotion lists.
- Oh.
Good luck.
It's not about luck.
(phone ringing) - Change is in the air, indeed.
- (beeping) Officer Dupré, you are needed in Interrogation Room 5.
(keys clinking) - Where is he? - Home.
You didn't do anything? Elise has a team watching him, in case Martine shows up.
Is that how he made bond? Wow, nice company you keep.
- Just giving you a heads up.
- Got it.
(indistinct man's voice) - (car door shutting) - (engine starting) (intense music) (sighing) (soft music) (kissing sounds) - Fuck off.
- (chuckling) - Hi, there.
- Shh.
- (buzzing) - Thank you.
Good morning, Commander.
Close the door.
(phone ringing) - Don't know if you've heard.
- Sir? Oh, your father didn't tell you.
My promotion didn't come through.
I'll be commanding 19 for the indefinite future.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Indeed, you should be.
You're the reason I didn't get it.
I don't know how that's possible.
I'm sorry; I haven't talked to my father.
Maybe you didn't.
But I was on the top of the list until you got hazed.
From now on, I'm your knight in shining Armour.
I can do no wrong.
I have a guiding hand on your career.
You understand? That is the message I want you bringing home, every single fuckin' day you're under my command.
(indistinct conversation) - Goddammit! - What's up your ass, bro? - Don't ask.
- Alright, I'm not.
Yeah, you just did.
(man): Guys, you shouldn't talk like that a lot.
The Commander didn't get his promotion.
Aw, poor baby.
- Yeah, he said it was my fault.
- (chuckling) Our Commander's always got to have somebody in the doghouse.
You're in good company, my man.
[In 19, we have a report of kids.]
[setting up a skateboard ramp in the parking lot.]
[at the Allen Institute.
Oh, so we're arresting kids for playing now? 19-7, we can take that.
(man): [Deez Nuts!.]
Did someone just say "Deez Nuts"? - [Deez Nuts is hot!.]
- [Cancel that, 19-7.
- [The kids are leaving.
- [Woo, Deez Nuts hot!.]
- What?! - This is ridiculous.
[All units switch to restricted channel.
(Suarez): [Joseph, Dulac.
Swing by the technical section.
(laughing and talking) [19-2, 19-7, 19-33,.]
[rendezvous west end of Carrie Derrick, .]
[short of the Champlain off-ramp.
[19-2, copy.
- Speed trap? - Stop and search.
We're looking for a load of sex workers coming in from the New York border.
Isn't that what the border's for? The vehicle may have already crossed.
We have a tip that it's coming into the city.
Some kind of RV or camper van.
Barron, you flag them down and we'll search them here.
You guys get some vests on, OK? Kind of surprised they're spending the resources.
Hookers don't usually get much attention.
They're not hookers, man.
They're fuckin' slaves.
Hookers, slaves Still surprised.
- Mm-hmm.
- (engine starting) - So where do we go now? - Hold on.
It's gotta triangulate.
[32-6, on our way.
(beeping) OK, turn left.
(Tyler): [19-4, we're trying to figure out.]
[what to have for lunch.
Any suggestions?.]
[Deez Nuts! They be hot.
- Right there.
- Yeah.
(children yelling) - Deez Nuts - Mr.
Nuts, I presume? Put your hands up.
Step out of the car, please, sir.
Now put them behind your back.
(boy scoffing) Like to play with radios, huh? How do you like deez nuts? 19-4, we have the radio and the suspect.
(Suarez): [Everyone back to normal channels.
(beeping) What the hell? Jesus.
19-2, I got a man covered in blood.
- Man, are you OK? - I don't know.
- What's your name? - I don't know.
What happened to you? You don't know what happened? Just right here.
Lean right here.
Right here.
- Is he OK? - You don't remember anything? (woman): [No accident reports.
Anything that could get him covered in blood? [We've got a nasty crash on the 40 at Hudson.
Long way from here.
I'll need an ambulance.
Forensics can meet him at the hospital.
[They're backed up.
Half an hour unless it's an emergency.
Yeah, it's not urgent.
We can deliver him.
Forensics will meet you there.
19-4, you clear? No, we're still at booking.
19-21, rendezvous at Carrie Derrick.
Need you for transport.
On my way.
Hey, hey.
I can take him myself.
No solo transports.
(woman): [32-5 to base.
Where'd the blood come from? I don't know.
[Please call back so you know what's coming.
They find Martine yet? Oh, suddenly you care again? Any word on your transfer? I figured they'd want you back.
Hope they do.
Sooner the better.
I'm done with this place.
What about Ferney? You done with him too? - I can see right through you - Just stay out of my way.
Can't you cuff me at the front, at least? Not while you're in transport.
What transport? We're just sitting here.
That's a judgement call, my man.
I understand.
Alright, thank you.
- (beeping) - (indistinct PA) So what's the deal? The kid's mom works in tech support.
Radio he took's supposed to be decommissioned.
- Legacies.
- He's not a legacy, OK? - He's not a cop.
- I bet you he still thinks he's going to get a slap on the wrist.
Yeah, well, at least we can put a scare in him first.
Let's do it.
(throat clearing) OK, sir.
We're taking you to Major Crimes.
Major Crimes? How is trolling you a major crime? Well, technically, it's terrorism.
You're kidding me.
Afraid not.
Let's go, numbnuts.
- (various hospital sounds) - 19-2? You got my suspect? We don't know who we got.
No ID, no memory.
- Where is he? - He's down there.
(incomprehensible woman's voice) - What's up? - Vlasic.
I'm looking for Arnold Lipis.
I don't know who I am.
I do.
You know who this is? Mr.
Lipis, you killed your wife.
Then you walked out of the house and onto the highway.
Were you planning on killing yourself? Cuff him.
- I don't remember.
- Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
She was six months pregnant.
- How? - Shot her.
Point blank.
This asshole is working a psych defense.
Don't let some shrink put him on a form.
Lock him up.
(sighing) She was pregnant.
Turn around.
Turn around.
You know what you did.
Look at me.
You're not fooling anybody.
Look at me.
Good afternoon, sir.
I'm afraid we're going to have to search your vehicle.
Would you mind shutting off the engine, please, and stepping out? - Aw, fucker.
- (J.
chuckling) There's supposed to be somebody hiding in here? Well, we gotta check.
There's nobody here, OK? No one here.
- (knocking) - It's hollow.
Well, what do you want? Solid mahogany? (knocking) You know what? They're coming from New York, they're gonna be Eastern European.
They're Chinese if they're coming from out west.
That's the way it seems.
'Cause you're an expert on the subject, aren't you? - It's just basic common sense.
- Oh, yeah, that's common sense.
- For everybody around here - Shh.
Shut up.
- That's common sense.
- Shut up.
Shut up! You don't hear that? - I don't hear anything.
- Shh, shh! - (woman crying) - You don't hear that? I hear crying.
You hear the crying? We got something.
Lift it up.
Lift this thing up.
- What the fuck? - There's a screw.
Look for a Look for a screwdriver.
- You got it? - Yeah, yeah.
- OK.
- Hold on, hold on.
- (woman crying) - Holy fuck.
- Go get him.
Get Sarge.
- Sarge! Sarge! - Come on out.
Come on out.
- You get her.
Get her.
- I'll hold it.
- It's OK.
- (crying) - Come on out.
Come on out.
Alright, alright, alright.
(sad music) (music fades) (intense music) - (rock music playing) - (woman laughing) Jesus Christ, Chloe.
What are you doing? Messing up.
I waited a half hour but you didn't show up.
Oh, well, coming here is a great choice, then.
- It's my regular.
- You killed a guy - right outside, remember? - I didn't kill him.
He died.
How'd you find me? I called your sergeant.
Not my sergeant anymore.
How'd you know about that? The dead guy? The cops who brought you in are friends of mine.
Did you all have a good laugh about that? No, we did not.
You know why, Chloe? 'Cause we don't talk about group and you know that.
You don't need this anymore.
Screw you.
You don't own me.
It's not about owning you.
It's about helping you.
What's it to you? Why do you care? If you want to give up, Chloe You want to give up? It's not going to be on me.
(crying): I'm a fucking mess.
I'm taking you home.
- (crying) - It's OK.
(man): [Affirmative, 19-28.
[ETA understood as 45 minutes, over.
(woman): [19-21, report to base.
[We need to deliver a warrant to Valleyfield.
We're done.
Chartier, you can call it a shift.
Barron, you're here till the tow truck arrives.
Have a good night, gentlemen.
Hold up.
Don't do it.
Are you going to? (car starting) (knocking) You're lucky I was up late.
I need something.
- What's that? - You don't get to say no.
You owe me.
(car engine starting) Fuck you.
Come on.
Come on.
Sit down.
I don't have anything to eat.
I'm not hungry.
- You want pork rinds? - (Martine grunts.
) Sorry about Amelie.
Were you there? (whispering): No.
He was gone.
She She was on the floor.
Why'd he do it? 'Cause of me.
Did you Did you say something to him? - No! - You didn't say anything? They had him declared unfit.
He got a letter.
He couldn't have custody.
She had him declared, I told you.
- Who did? - The bitch! The Inspector! Who do you think? (sighing) What did Amelie have to do with it? Nothing.
It was about me.
Nick was involved.
He's the one who promised.
He promised I could be with Ferney.
Stay here.
- I'll be back.
- I'm not going back there.
- I won't cooperate! - I'm not gonna make you! I'm not gonna This didn't Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
This didn't happen because of you.
This did not happen because of you.
Stay here.
(sighing) (banging) You fuckin' asshole! You fuckin' liar! I found Martine.
She told me what you did.
Oh, forget it.
You're not worth it.
I'm putting an end to it.
Martine! Oh, thank God.
I've been looking for you.
I'm moving you out of province.
You have no idea how worried I've been.
Sure, Mom.
You want to get yourself killed? Come on.
You're smarter than that.
- I'm not helping you.
- Fine.
There's nothing here for you.
Thanks for that.
Martine, I don't have a choice.
We're meeting them here.
- Where am I going? - Regina.
You can't try to run again.
You know what's best for me.
You're getting screwed.
I know that.
- You got her killed! - No, Martine, your uncle did that.
When this is over, I'm gonna get you a payment.
I'm gonna get you into school, if that's what you want.
I wanna be a cheerleader.
I'm so sorry.
I know you don't believe me, but I am.
I've been screwed over too.
(whispering): We survive.
We're tough, people like us.
- (screaming) - (splashing) (continuous yelping and splashing) (splashing fades) Are you happy? Anyway, it's done.
It looked like a suicide.
Hope it was worth it.
It's everything I promised.
Complete files on you from both the Feds and the SQ.
Marcello is a fucking informant? He's a Fed.
They also have two snitches in the longshoreman's union.
SQ has one in your house.
What about the cop? Barron? He's not worth it.
You said so.
That was before you started fucking him.
I'm not some love-struck teenager.
He knows nothing.
So we're good? (high-pitched): We're good.
I'll be in touch.
- (car door shutting) - (engine starting) (whimpering) (shaky breathing) (bang) (slam) Where is he? His bond was revoked.
He's back in custody.
You did it? - (yelling) - The fuck you If you want to do this Fuck you! Fuck you! Come on! (grunting) (groaning) - (coughing) - (heavy breathing) (continuous silence) (groaning) (quietly): Oh, God.
- Why'd you do it - Fuck you! Fuck you! I know what you did to Ferney.
- I didn't do shit to Ferney.
- Set him off like a lit fuse aimed right at your sister.
What the fuck? - I never even met the prick.
- You didn't have to.
What the fuck are you talking about? Shut the fuck up! Martine told me what you did! Told you what? You had him declared unfit.
He thought that Amelie did it.
Like, did you not even fucking think? Who had him declared? Your girlfriend.
Elise? (whispering): Oh, shit.
Oh, shit! Ah! (soft piano music) (shaky): Ben! (crying) Martine? Martine! Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
Hold onto me.
(Martine crying) (muttering): For Christ's sake, Martine.
- (faucet squeaking) - (water running) Here, I got the bath running.
Just put this on when you get out.
I'll dry your other clothes when you're ready, OK? What happened? - I told you to stay here.
- I got freaked out.
It was like Amelie was just going to walk in the door.
I'll be right out here.
She threw me off a fucking pier.
What? Who did? Who did? The Inspector.
I don't expect you to believe me.
I do.
I do.
I do.
I believe you.
(Martine crying) (indistinct radio chatter) - (knocking) - I'll ride with Barron again.
- He's good with it? - Yep.
(phone ringing) (indistinct chatter) (phone ringing) - What happened to you? - This asshole sucker-punched him.
- How are you, Bear? - Um I'm OK.
Hey, Tyler.
I'm driving.
I bet you ain't.
- Oh, I am.
- Mm-hmm.
(indistinct chatter) - [19-49 to base.]
- (Ben): Yep.
- Let's do this.
- All set.
I thought those two were done with each other.
Shows what you know about love, girl.
(dog barking) What? Nick.
Your girlfriend's mobbed up.
What? - Says who, you? - It's true.
The Inspector picked up Martine last night.
She tell you that? Nick, you could have called.
No, I couldn't.
What happened to you? - Can we come in? - I have a dinner I'll cancel.
Nick, you're saying this about an Inspector.
Not just an Inspector.
Yeah, even better.
You're making accusations against Internal.
She tried to kill me.
He was there to watch.
- Who? - Lucas Ciarelli.
We, um We need help.
I want her, Nick.
(sighing) Me too.
Me too.

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