19-2 (2014) s04e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on 19-2 Your cousin pissed some people off pretty badly.
- Did you see him? The guy who did it? - Yeah.
I'll do whatever you want, be a witness, whatever! I promise.
- Elise Roberge.
- Nick.
She's an eyewitness to Lucas Ciarelli personally torturing a man to death.
She's worried about her uncle.
She wants me to reach out.
No, you can't.
I'm keeping her off the books.
She's safe here, don't fuck with that.
Well, she's got an uncle.
If he didn't get custody, there's a reason.
You're the new social worker? - Amelie de Grace.
- Frank Ferney.
A while ago, yeah.
I'm just finishing off my parole this month.
Been on the straight and narrow 100%.
You're a good boyfriend, Ben Chartier.
(screaming) I love you.
- Don't you dare.
- I'm sorry.
For the rest of your life.
Fucker! (screaming) So what, I'm just hung out to dry? Is that what this is? Absolutely not.
You have the department's full support.
If the officer's found to have shown wilful misconduct, her contract with the Montreal Police will be terminated.
Fuck you, I know what you did to Ferney.
I didn't do shit! Sent him off like a lit fuse aimed right at your sister.
(grunting) (screaming) Martine! I'm sorry.
I know you don't believe me, but I am.
No! No! (screaming) - So we're good.
- Good.
- Your girlfriend's mobbed up.
- What? She tried to kill me.
He was there to watch.
Lucas Ciarelli.
We need help.
I want her, Nick.
Me too.
(cell phone buzzing) Sorry.
- I have to leave early in the morning.
- What? Nothing.
It's just a little snafu with a CI.
Come to bed.
(sorrowful jazz music) She's leaving now.
She had a new phone again.
- [Did you get into it?.]
- No.
I just saw it now.
Do it as soon as you can.
No shit.
- She in there? - She left early.
- Something about a CI.
- When are they moving on her? No idea.
What are they waiting for? They should've done it by now.
They're not telling me shit.
You know how this stuff works.
I don't.
Neither do you.
- Not taking the Champlain? - No, it's closed for the weekend.
Better to take the Jacques-Cartier.
Of course it is.
Human GPS.
Why did Theo go to Bishop's? Always struck me as a city kid.
It's where he got in.
(cell phone ringing) What's up? - You need to come in.
- [Why? What's going on?.]
She ran.
- What? - [Just come in.
Elise took off.
- Jesus, how could you lose her? - She's a pro, Nick.
Why'd she run? Why now? Judge signed off on her arrest warrant last night.
She was tipped.
Jesus Christ, Izzy.
We think it was the court clerk's office.
Anyway, she's gone.
I don't care if you got five or ten people on it.
I'll call you back.
What's he doing here? He was with me when I found out you blew it.
How'd you let her slip? We thought you had her under wraps.
Are you sure he didn't know about the warrants? Maybe he let it slip.
You're out of line, detective.
- Jim.
- Nick's done good work on this.
Sorry, you said "warrants"? How many? It wasn't just her, was it? Nine others.
Four cops, five crooks.
They're going down now.
Roberge was the only one that blew.
- Un-fucking-believable.
Nice work.
- We'll find her, Nick.
- You better.
- Either way, you're done.
Thanks for your hard work.
Let's go.
Half of those warrants wouldn't have happened without you.
Just get her.
Thank you.
Where am I going? We have a place near Whistler.
For how long? Probably a long time.
- When is the plane coming? - Soon.
Why'd you help me? Thought I'd testify? No.
I owe you.
For what? Which one, Lucas? For the girl.
There's no plane.
(motorboat approaching) (indistinct radio transmissions) (gasping) (smoking) Don't wanna think I did this shit for nothing.
You didn't.
(sighing) At least I don't have to fuck her anymore.
(cell phone ringing) Yeah.
What? They got her.
She was with Ciarelli.
Did they get him too? She killed him.
She's getting charged for it.
Maybe there's some justice after all.
Maybe there is.
[Copy, 19-2.
- Brouillard.
- Don't touch me.
- What? - You sleeping here? I had a long shift and had a nap before I went home.
What's your problem? You got off shift nine hours ago.
You're back on in forty.
I told you I was tired.
I gotta Hey, man.
Big T.
- Chartier.
- How you doing? - Another day, another dog.
- Good man.
(laughing) 'Sup? What? My shower's broken at home.
You buying that? If it was the truth, he'd lie about it.
- (laughing) - A reminder about gas quotas.
I dunno where you guys are driving to, but cut it out.
And on that front, we have a roster adjustment.
Commander has decided to assign a new solo foot patrol, one shift in six.
That's instead of bike duty? That's in addition to.
Barron, you're up first.
Here's your route map.
- I'll go with him.
- Uh, solo.
Commander said solo.
You'll ride with Pouliot.
Lunch at two.
Hamelin, you're with Brouillard.
Lunch at six.
The rest of you, same as yesterday.
Watch your backs out there, please.
Welcome to the next stage of the Green Regime, boys.
Don't laugh.
Gendron's getting copied all over the city.
Is that true? That's excellent.
That's wonderful news.
For everyone.
- Brouillard.
- Commander.
You can move that seat up.
Yeah, like half an inch.
No, maybe an inch.
It's okay, I'm used to it.
I should've gotten my seat thing.
I have a I have a seat thing.
- You don't have to drive.
- No, it's okay.
I like to.
Bear always wants to drive, so - Yeah, Nick too.
- (Audrey chuckles.
) I bet.
What do you wanna do for lunch? Hmm Schwartz's.
'Cause they have a new dumpling place under PVM.
It's, like, six minutes from 19.
- Dumplings? - Yeah.
Like, big ones.
They got soup in them.
I'll try anything once.
(jackhammer pounding) How come you never put in again, Bear? You know, for sergeant.
Maybe I did.
No, you didn't.
(chuckling) You wanna know what your thing is? You wanna be liked.
You wanna be friends with everybody.
- Really.
- Yep.
Is that my problem, JM? I wanna be friends? - Yeah.
- (laughing) I mean, not with me.
But yeah, that's your problem, Bear, - as you put it.
- Well, it's not something you'll ever have to worry about, is it? No, you're right, I don't worry about it.
But you do.
Hey there! Hey, how's it going? Hey.
Hey listen, I got a problem with my downstairs neighbour.
The guy's ripping his whole place up.
Him and his jackass cousin start banging at six o'clock in the goddamn morning.
You're gonna want to contact the city about that.
Guy's got no permit, nothing.
He's got live wires all over the place.
I wake up every morning expecting to be dead from a fire.
Come by the station, we'll give you a number.
You can see right through the window.
I'll show you.
Won't take five minutes.
Just past the light, sir.
Come on, man! Alright, okay.
Where is it? Down here? - Where's your ride? - Foot patrol.
Just you? - Just me.
- (explosion) (screaming) Barron in 19, I got an explosion on Parc, 1200 block.
East side.
Out! Everybody out! Let's go! (alarm ringing) - (man): Help! - I got wounded! Blast at a restaurant.
I need fire and ambulance here, stat! Let's go, move! Everybody out! [Place is called Chez Gautier.
I don't smell gas.
I'm heading inside.
- (people screaming) - Everybody out the building! Let's move! Come on! Let's go! (people screaming and moaning) Blast is in the middle of the room.
Suarez: [Barron, do you smell gas?.]
(man shouting) It's a bomb.
Blast went off under a table.
It's not gas.
dispatch: [We have a code 1 event.
[All units.
Repeat, we have a code 1 event.
- Come on! Come on! - (warning siren) Come on, go! Fuck! - (screaming) - Jesus Christ.
I need backup here.
Goddamn it.
Suarez: [I need units to seal the area:.]
[Jeanne-Mance, Sherbrooke, Hutchison.]
[and Prince Arthur.
- We're too far.
- [Box it off.
[Officer Barron, how many wounded?.]
- (screaming in pain) - [Barron?.]
- [Nick, do you copy?.]
- Just hold on! - I got seven wounded at least.
- [How many dead?.]
I see two.
[Nick, look carefully and get back to me.
(moaning) I got a woman here with half her arm off.
I got a waiter with his legs chopped up.
I got two ladies with their legs messed up too.
And one of them in the back and the arm.
(heavy breathing) (piercing scream) (sirens and radio transmissions) This is it.
This is fucking terrorists.
This is happening.
Okay, this way.
Alright, everybody, back off, please! - All of you, back away now! - Kid, I got this.
Go inside.
Ma'am, please back away.
Back up, back up.
- Alright.
- Dulac, with me.
Let's go, rook.
Get your shit together, rook, let's go.
Nick? Nick! - Over here! - (woman moaning) - Over here! - Sir, I'm gonna need you to sit down.
I got him.
Okay, so, did anybody here see what happened? I saw a car.
It drove away.
- When did that happen, ma'am? - Right after.
The bomb went off and the car drove away but, like, really slowly.
I mean, that's weird, right? Okay.
Can you describe the vehicle? dispatch: [This is top priority.
Bombing suspect.]
- [is driving a grey hatchback.
- [19-3,.]
[I got a grey hatchback turning into an alley just north of Rosemont.
19-2, we're north of Rosemont, moving to intercept.
[He's flooring it.
Turning onto D'Iberville.
19-2, we're coming onto Rosemont now.
Right here.
Go right here.
dispatch: [Units needed to block the intersections.]
[on D'Iberville and Masson, and De Lorimier and Rosemont.
[Let's lock this down.
19-2, we're approaching D'Iberville now.
Come on.
Come on, Audrey, you have to drive here.
Yeah, I'm going, Ben.
- 19-85, I'm on site.
- [Copy, sir.
- [Take over channel 6.
- Copy that.
[Got him.
He just blew by me heading north on De Lorimier.
- Got him! - There.
19-2, we've got a visual on the suspect.
He's heading north on De Lorimier.
Audrey, you're going to lose him.
Go, go, go.
It's a grey hatchback, two-door, maybe 2010.
Go, Audrey! Audrey, fucking go! (thud) Fuck.
Stop, stop, stop.
19-2, we've hit something.
We're ceasing pursuit.
The grey hatchback is heading north on De Lorimier.
Suarez: [We have De Lorimier blocked.
[36-14, we're stuck on Papineau.
ETA three minutes.
Suarez: [Goddamn it, do not lose this guy!.]
19-2, we've hit a pedestrian.
We're gonna need an ambulance right away.
I've got no vitals.
Black male, maybe eighteen years old.
Come on! - Jesus Christ.
- Fuck! He's fucking dead.
- He's fucking gone.
- dispatch: [19-2,.]
- [ambulance is on its way.
- No! Jesus Christ.
Look out.
Look out.
Look out.
- Do we have the car? - [No.
No sign, sir.
(man): Just gimme a second.
- (sirens) - Need some bandages over here.
Is that your guy? How long for more ambos? (siren) - I did it.
It's gotta be me.
- What? What are you doing, Ben? What the fuck? He just jumped out right in front of me.
Right there in front of the car, - he just jumped right out.
- (ambulance siren) Watch out.
- You were driving? - Yeah.
I was driving.
I did it.
(solemn music) [19-7, parking lot south of Jean-Talon's clear.
- We're moving west.
- [Copy, 19-7.
You Suarez? I need the perimeter pushed back.
Joseph, Dulac, push back to the corner.
- We know anything? - Too soon.
- [Copy that, Sarge.
- What's the chatter? One of the deceased was Sal Frazella.
Capo in the Ciarelli family.
Bomb went off - under his regular table.
- Oh shit.
This happened because Ciarelli got killed.
See what forensics says about the bomb.
Barron, you're with me.
We'll close off the other side of the street.
- There it is! There it is! - Yup.
Aw, shit.
19-7, we've found the car.
Driver's long gone.
They're gone.
- Whoever did it, they got away.
- We're still looking.
I hate to dump it on you, but someone's gotta do the notification for the kid Chartier hit.
- He died? - Yeah.
I can't spare any duos.
I'm sorry.
- What do I tell 'em? - Nothing.
Well, it's gonna be news it was cops.
So tell them that.
Have they identified him? Devon Miller, eighteen years old.
First year at Vanier.
I don't know what I could've done differently.
- Broken off pursuit.
- That wasn't an option.
It's protocol.
You know that.
We were chasing a terrorist.
We don't know that.
So, what happens to us? No decision on charges yet.
You're active, unless you need medical leave or No.
No, um They'll just be charging me, right? - You're worried about your partner? - Yes.
Whatever it is, it's on you.
(sighing) (ringing doorbell) (boy): I'll do it later! No, you'll do it now, Antoine.
Farah Miller? Oh, my God it's Devon.
There's been a serious accident.
- He's at Montreal General.
- He's okay? I'm sorry, ma'am.
He died.
I'll take you to him.
- I have to tell Antoine.
- I can do it.
- Or if you want - I'll do it.
I need to see Devon first.
I can ask for a female officer if you want someone - to stay with Antoine.
- Just wait here.
Antoine? - I'll be back in a bit.
- When? - Just be here.
- Can I use you iPad? Go ahead.
What'd you tell her? You were driving.
- How old's Antoine? - Thirteen.
Devon just turned nineteen.
My son's at college.
Tell me what happened.
There was a bombing this afternoon.
Suspect being chased.
Your son was hit by a vehicle.
What vehicle? It was a police car.
And they sent you to tell me? They told me he died instantly.
Were you there? Do you know the officer who did it? Can't answer that.
Of course you can't.
Someone killed my son.
I would like to hear it from them.
We're not allowed to do that, ma'am.
That's us.
- Back to 19? - Tomorrow.
- I can drop you off if you want.
- Maybe I should drive.
No, it's okay, you've done plenty, thank you.
Just offering.
Hey, you know what? Fuck you, Ben.
Who made you my big brother all of a sudden? Who gives you the right to decide shit for me? You did.
Your record's a shit show.
I didn't do that.
- You didn't even talk to me.
- I didn't have time.
- That's bullshit.
- Oh no, no, no.
No, that's not bullshit.
I wait ten more seconds, your career as a cop is over.
The department would love to get rid of you.
- So what, you're better than me? - My record is.
- (scoffing) - You are such an asshole, holy shit.
(beeping) I killed the kid.
I was yelling at you when he jumped out.
I was driving.
It doesn't matter.
I was screaming at you, saying: "Go, go, go, go, go".
I didn't think about protocol Oh, fuck protocol! I was trying to do something good.
I didn't even see him.
I was looking at the car.
I just felt the thud.
And I'm a good fucking driver.
It was an accident.
It's done.
Maybe they'll kick you out the force, did you think of that? Stupid fucking headphones.
Do you have any alcohol at your place? Some bourbon.
Yeah, that'll do.
Sorry about my place.
- Just moved in.
- How long? A few months.
Can't, um can't decide on furniture.
Just go to IKEA.
So what, I'm just supposed to keep my mouth shut now? You could talk to a therapist.
Are you going to? You just got all the answers to everything, don't you? Yep, I got it all figured out.
- (phone chiming) - Nick's here.
- He's got a key? - Yeah.
I keep the chain locked, though.
- You good? - Yeah.
- You get charged? - No.
Well, - they haven't decided yet.
- They do like to drag it out.
- Audrey's here.
- Oh yeah? - Hey, Aud.
- Hey, Nick.
- Shitty day.
- Yeah.
How long are you gonna live like this? I'll get a couch.
- Well, I'm gonna go.
- No, no.
I barged in.
- Don't worry, Nick.
- I'll see you out.
We've made our statements.
It's done.
We just have to stick together on this.
With everyone.
I promise you I will never tell anyone.
Is she okay? How about you? It was an accident.
The bombing was about Ciarelli.
It was one of his capos that got hit.
So it happened 'cause of Elise.
Pretty directly, if you think about it.
She killed the boss.
She's going down for it.
She left a pretty big mess, though, didn't she? - I'll see you in the morning.
- Yep.
Sarge? Did you talk to your rep last night? I got a card, I haven't called yet.
You need to.
They're opening an internal file on the thing.
Kid was an honour student.
Commander's getting calls.
What about Audrey? She's clear.
This is on you.
- Well, I'll take what's coming.
- No.
You'll get a fucking lawyer.
Don't be stupid.
This is political now.
Sarge says I could get charged.
PSIU's opening a file.
Doesn't mean you're getting charged.
No, I'm just telling you what he told me.
Kid was wearing headphones.
- That's what killed him.
- What? (sighing) I did the death notice.
- (dispatch transmission) - Alone? Yeah.
They couldn't spare anyone from the bomb thing.
What was the family like? - Come on, Ben, you don't need this.
- No, tell me.
(sighing) Tell me.
Single mother, two kids.
- He was the oldest.
- How old? A year younger than Theo.
- What about the brother? - He's thirteen.
- How'd she take it? - How do you think? - She's strong.
- What's her name? Why are you doing this? Because of what I did.
What's her name? - Tell me her name.
- Farah.
She's a good mom.
Does she know that it was cops that just ruined her life? I told her.
Did she did she blow up at you? - She must have.
- She just asked who was driving.
Why'd she want to know who was driving? So she could hear it from them.
Have you seen Bear? Uh, she left.
Why? You wanna go grab a beer? Uh, no.
No, I just I I gotta go home and make dinner, - pick up some food, you know.
- Hm.
- Lucky Owen.
- Oh no, he's away.
I'm just treating myself.
I thought I'd swing by the organic place in Griffintown.
Uh, actually, do you mind if I come with? - Sure.
- Cool.
- I need some milk.
- Well, they only have organic.
Well, this is Québec.
All our milk is organic.
Yeah, well, the stuff is like nine bucks a carton.
- What?! - Yeah.
What kind of world are we living in? So, uh, that's messed up about that kid, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You all good? - I guess, yeah.
That's good.
They coming down hard on Chartier? - I think they might.
- Fuck.
Politicians, man.
Well, it was an accident.
How can they blame him? What do you mean, how? Come on.
He's the cop.
Department better save his ass, that's for sure.
- They better back him.
- Well, they will, right? They didn't back you.
What's up? Come on, what's up? I was driving.
- What? - I was driving, not Ben.
Holy shit.
He just he just took the fall for me.
He just stepped up and he said it was him.
- Good for him, I guess.
- Fuck him! Audrey, you know that he just saved your ass, right? You know that, right? Psycho cop kills a black kid.
That's how they would've spun that.
Hey, come on.
Come on, look at me.
You did not kill that kid.
The job killed that kid.
It was a fucking accident and that's it.
Piece of shit job, not us.
That's it.
Alright, maybe let's go for one drink.
Yeah, now that's a wise woman talking right there.
Milk! (dog barking) Are you sure you wanna do this? (cell phone ringing) Isabelle.
I'll call her later.
- (sighing) - That's her? Yeah.
- What are you doing here? - This is Officer Ben Chartier.
I was driving.
I killed your son.
We were in pursuit.
He stepped off the curb He was on a city street.
How could you drive like that? - He was in pursuit.
- I was driving too fast, ma'am.
- I'm sorry.
- And what happens to you? Nothing, right? You were driving too fast.
What were you doing? Why would you do that? Why? You're supposed to make him safe! - Shouldn't have happened.
- It didn't happen, you killed him! - Yes, ma'am.
- You killed him! You killed him! - Yes, ma'am.
- Okay.
Okay, Ben.
It was my fault.
- (sighing) - I'm sorry for your loss.
It was an accident.
You know, he's breaking the rules by doing this.
Thank you.
You know you're not supposed to say that stuff.
Well, it was the truth.
Least I can do is face it.

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