19-2 (2014) s04e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on 19-2.
I owe you.
- For what? - For the girl.
(GIRL SCREAMING) She was with Ciarelli.
- Did they get him too? - She killed him.
- She's getting charged for it.
- Maybe there's some justice after all.
Maybe there is.
I love you, Ben Chartier.
A tough act to follow.
- She's my sister.
- And she's dead! Suspension's over.
Done my six months.
Ready to go.
(EXPLOSION) It's a bomb! One of the deceased was Sal Frazella.
Capo in the Ciarelli family.
The bomb went off under his regular table.
- Got him! - 19-2.
We've got a visual on the suspect.
Audrey, FUCKING GO! Fuck! Stop, stop, stop! 19-2.
We've hit a pedestrian.
We're gonna need an ambulance right away.
- I did it.
It's gotta be me.
- What?! - What are you doing?! Ben! - You didn't even talk to me.
- I didn't have time.
- That's bullshit.
I wait 10 more seconds, your career as a cop is over.
The department would love to get rid of you.
- Maybe they'll you kick off the force.
- Did you think of that? They're opening an internal file on the thing.
The kid was an honours student.
Commander's getting calls.
- I'll take what's coming.
- No, you'll get a fucking lawyer.
This is Officer Ben Chartier.
I was driving.
I killed your son.
We were You killed him! You killed him! - OK, ma'am.
- OK, Ben.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry for your loss.
(SERENE PIANO MUSIC) - (THUMP!) - Stop, stop, stop, stop! Stop! Stop! (GASPING) (CHAMBER MUSIC WITH PIANO) (BANGING) What the fuck?! (CLANKING) - Yo! - I can't drive.
Good decision.
Did you get a damn couch or anything? Take the bed! (NICK GROANING) What happened? (NICK SIGHING) She cut a deal.
- What are you talking about? - She's a material witness What are you talking about? No way, she's a murderer.
- She's gonna be testifying for years.
- No way.
- Isabelle told me.
- She's a murderer.
That's what witness protection's for.
No fucking way.
No fucking way! She's in jail! - She's in jail! - No, she's not.
We gotta let this go, man.
I can't fucking do this shit no more.
Peeling my skin off and for what? Trying to tell me how many bad guys this will take down.
I just wanted one.
(THEME MUSIC) (SIREN) [Come in, 19-2.
Good news.
Word is P.
is gonna close your file.
Accidental death.
Fault of the victim.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Sorry, I His tox screen came back positive.
The department's gonna put out a press release right away.
- For what? - Deceased was no angel, that kind of stuff.
Anyway, good news is you're clear.
Go get changed.
(BUZZING NOISE) (TOILET FLUSHING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (WOMAN LAUGHING) - (PHONE RINGING) - (MAN): every holiday! (WOMAN): I'm gonna say that I'm not going.
Did I miss a patch? Wearing your shirt or something? - Rookie sitting here.
- Not a rook! I don't give a shit.
Sit with your girlfriend.
What? Hmm! Sorry, sir.
This won't take long.
Just wanted to let the squad know that the traffic incident involving officers Chartier and Pouliot has been resolved.
No blame will be assigned, so - Sergeant.
- Well, that's some good news.
- For once.
- Right? Chalk another one up for the Golden boy.
OK, to business.
In the aftermath of recent incidents, the department is aiming to increase surveillance on certain elements of organized crime.
Anyone wants some overtime, - they're looking for bodies.
- Is this related to the death - of Lucas Ciarelli? - I guess.
They just give me the posting.
You want in? Uh, yes, sir.
I think I do.
Anyone else? Detectives can get their own coffee.
) - Alright.
Call the OC desk sergeant; he'll assign you.
(MAN): Yeah, we'll get there in 5.
Call in backup.
Ben? What's up? We were cleared.
They're smearing the kid.
They're saying that he had drugs in his system.
- Well, if they're saying it.
- Come on! Look, I'm just happy you got off.
Come on.
(WOMAN ON DISPATCH): [Unit 19-31 and 19-36,.]
₋ [Return to base.
- I gotta do it.
I gotta look at the press release for the kid.
The kid's dead, man, right? What's the point in beating yourself up about this? Oh no.
I'm good, Nick.
I'm walking away clean.
It's the kid we killed that they're beating up, not me.
"Toxicology reports indicated the presence of an illegal substance.
" - Pot.
- It's for sure pot.
- They'd say if something else.
- Could have been in his system for weeks.
(NICK SIGHING) It was a fucking accident, Ben, alright? What can you do? I could have stopped it.
I could have stopped pursuit.
- A lot of things I could've done.
- You were doing the job.
"The deceased was known to police.
" "His father, "August James Ruddy Junior is a serial offender with convictions for drug violations.
" Fuck me! They're smearing him.
They're they're smearing the kid that we ran down and killed.
That's our job now? It was a black kid.
Makes it easier.
It's a fucking joke.
They're just trying to protect you.
The father has convictions.
She's a single mother.
You told me that.
- How do you think she feels right now? - She's feeling we're tearing - down the memory of her kid.
- This will be everywhere.
Listen, listen, I don't agree with it either, OK? It's it's the department; it's not us.
Yes, it is! It is us! We went to her.
I stood in front of her, and I said, "This is my fault.
" You can blame me as a cop.
"Victim was known to police," No, he wasn't.
That is a lie.
He was just some kid.
We're supposed to be better than this.
We are, Ben.
Don't forget that.
My dad said it's Calabrians moving in.
The bombing.
Oh yeah? Yeah, from Toronto.
Ciarelli was Sicilian.
- Making a statement.
- Hmm.
- My dad thinks we'll be - Shh, shh, shh.
(ON DISPATCH): [Lights are out on Sainte-Catherine from Parthenais east.
We are available.
- For traffic? Seriously? - DISPATCH: [COPY THAT, 19-4.
Officer Tyler Joseph at your service, ma'am.
She's probably, like, 300 pounds.
What's the matter with you, boy? Didn't your daddy ever teach you it's the inside that counts? Learn to appreciate something, man.
She's 300 pounds; she got a lot of insides.
DISPATCH: [In 19, we have A B and E on fortune.
[Robbery's short.
Passing it off to us.
We got that.
WOMAN: [903, Upper unit.
They broke some glass on the kitchen door.
You weren't home? I was in the store downstairs.
I help the owners out sometimes.
They took my wedding ring.
I keep it in the freezer; I thought it was safe.
Does anyone else know it was in there? I don't No one.
Anyone else been in the house recently? You had any repairs done? Mm.
The landlord does things himself.
- Anything else missing? - My iPad.
They took my little radio too.
I had it in the bathroom.
They were pretty thorough.
You live here alone? My husband died six years ago.
Kids? My son.
He went out to Fort McMurray.
- What's his name? - Lawrence.
I'd really like to get the ring back if there's any chance at all.
There's an inscription inside with our initials and the date.
Alright, well, I'll talk to someone at the robbery squad, see if they can make it a priority.
- Well, that was fun.
- I'm betting the kid did it.
She said he was in Fort McMurray.
The thief knew where the ring was.
What's his name again? Lawren ? - Drapeau.
- Lawrence Drapeau.
(COMPUTER DINGING) (NICK SIGHING) Oh, he used to be out west.
Looks like he's back.
Two heroin busts since March.
Do we pick him up? It's better she doesn't know.
Feels like I woke up wearing shit-coloured glasses today.
I can't get 'em off.
At least, you slept.
Do some overtime; maybe you'll get a bust.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - What are you doing here? - Can you, uh, can you - tell me what happens to Martine? - She's in witness protection.
Ciarelli's dead, so she's not a witness anymore.
So what happens to her? We're not supposed to know.
(PHONE RINGING) Can you, uh, make sure that gets to her, please? Just in case she wants to contact me, I figured that - I'll ask.
- Thank you.
Can't promise.
(PHONE RINGING) (WOMAN): Just back it in so they don't see you.
(BEN): Alright.
And so now we just wait? Until the target shows.
Maybe Ciarelli's guys? Ciarelli's dead.
I can't talk about cases.
Is there anything that you can tell me? - Like, what is the job here? - We're pretty much street O unit.
You know, I take pictures, you drive.
Well, is it leading anywhere? Meaning what? Meaning are there any busts on the horizon, I guess, is what I'm asking you.
I told you we're observation.
There's a van incoming.
Yeah, it's a warehouse; that'll happen.
You're looking for a white sedan.
- People walking slow - Nice! You get it on and you get in low You try to run but you got too slow Aw, who invited the sourpuss? - (NICK): Hey, guys.
- Hey, Nick! - What's up?! - What's his problem? Who knows? He hardly talked all night.
Awww! But what about you? What's up with you? What's wrong? Me? No.
What? Nothing.
'Cause you never come by anymore.
- Good to see you.
- You too, Bear.
- Grab a seat.
Come on, join us.
- Yes! - Shots are up! - Oh, wow! Nick, this is Dan.
Dan, Nick.
- Shit, I'm one short.
- Daniel.
Dante actually.
You were at the bombing? - Yeah.
- Here.
Roy doesn't need one.
Oh! There you go.
I don't need one.
Haha! - Alright.
- So, Nick, - what brought you out of a cave? - Save it, - J.
, I'm not in the mood.
- What a shock! Nick's pissy.
- (WOMAN): Let it be, J.
- (J.
): OK, OK.
Hey, did you hear that Justine got herself a new guy? It's good for her.
Oh, come on.
Toast, huh? To the shit we do.
- Amen! Good to see you, Nick.
- Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Thank you.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) I got a fever I got a fever You got a fever for working You got a fever You got a fever You got a fever for - (AUDREY CHUCKLING) - Oh, Jesus.
So how's Theo? He's in Lennoxville.
Yeah, he went to Bishop's.
Theo's in college? Fuck off! Yeah.
First year.
Oh, my God! He was like this tall! Like, this tall.
Now he's, like, this tall.
- He's taller than his old man.
- Damn! It's crazy.
Hey, um, I'm glad you and Chartier got cleared.
He really didn't tell you, huh? What? Something going on? He wasn't driving when we hit the kid.
I was.
What?! What the hell is that? What are you talking about? I guess he did it to protect me.
) Good for him.
That's all right, let him go.
Do we know where they're going? I'm pretty sure.
Right there.
(CAMERA CLICKING) You can circle around; we got a little while.
- What are they doing? - Delivery.
That's what that guy does.
Stop asking.
Something's up.
(DOOR CLOSING) (GRUNTING) - Jesus! - (INDISTINCT YELLING) Jesus Christ! Are we just gonna watch this? (WOMAN): OK, let's go.
No, no.
We gotta do something about this.
- Target's the guy in the car.
- Are you serious?! Come on, eyes on the prize, - Patroller.
- Fuck sake! (CHARTIER YAWNING) (WOMAN ON DISPATCH): [19-21, report to base.
- Pick a lane already, will you? - Yeah.
- Want me to drive? - I'm good.
[19-26 to base.
We're down in Westmount.
I'm good.
What? You lied.
You weren't driving.
You didn't kill her kid.
You could have told me.
I told Audrey that I wouldn't.
And you know what would have happened to her.
I get why you did it, but why didn't you tell me? Why did you have to lie to the kid's mother? I didn't lie.
Just taking responsibility.
I killed that kid as much as Audrey did; I just wanted to say I was sorry.
Yeah, well, you could have told me.
I guess it's done now.
? Fill me up, uh, the top of the - Pour me a coffee, please.
- [19-26, tow truck is needed.
[Driver is under influence of alcohol.
- Out with the dicks all night? - No.
[19-31 to base.
We're on it.
- Anything happened? - No.
Just following around some drug dealer, taking photos.
Anything to do with Ciarelli? Wouldn't tell me.
Did we ever get an address for the kid? - Uh - Who? Uh, Lawrence Drapeau, the junkie.
The wedding ring, maybe he still has it.
[Unit 19-41,.]
[10-52 is on the way.
Eta four minutes.
Last known in a halfway house on Tupper.
It's worth a try.
Alright? Well, there he is.
Here's our boy.
Don't you run, Larry.
(NICK): Lawrence! Lawrence Drapeau? Don't run.
Don't run.
Don't run.
You're alright, Drapeau.
I need you to come with us.
- What did I do? - Anything in your pockets? Anything sharp? No.
What did I do? Why don't you tell us! (NICK): Calm down.
Tell us right now.
The night before last, you broke into your mother's apartment.
Don't bother lying about it.
We know you got a ring; where is it? - Just want the ring.
- Shit me.
I wasn't gonna take that.
I was Just gonna keep it for a while.
I don't care, Larry.
Where did you pawn it? I traded it for a rock.
I don't even know the guy.
Hey, come on, you can't tell her.
You can't tell her that, OK? Calm down.
Calm down.
It's OK.
We just want it back.
Tell us where we go.
I don't know.
Some guy's place somewhere east.
I don't know! I wasn't gonna take it, but she didn't have anything else.
- It was worth a shot.
- (BEN): Let him out.
- (NICK SIGHING) - Alright, Lawrence.
Come up.
It's alright.
(INAUDIBLE) So, the trucks come in from the port, and shit gets cut up in the warehouse, and this guy takes the pieces to his dealers; is that it? - You talk a lot.
- I'm not asking about your investigation; I just want a general picture here.
What's the big picture? What investigation? There isn't even a task force yet.
Bomb went off; they just put a few extra cars on the road.
Do they know who set the bomb? New player.
That's the chitchat.
Nobody knows shit yet.
- So what are we doing? - (WOMAN SIGHING) Looking busy.
Satisfied? You know the drill.
(CLICKING) (CELL PHONE RINGING) What's up? When? I'm way out east.
I'll call you back.
I gotta get out.
Next good chance.
- What? Why? - Do you know how to use this thing? Like, you take him 'til he goes home.
And if you lose him, don't sweat it.
OK? - And don't push it.
- What's going on? He's turning.
You got this? Yeah.
Pull over.
(BEN): Jesus! Great.
That's great.
(CAMERA CLICK) - (CAR DOOR CLOSING) - (CLICKING) You're supposed to be taking pictures.
You look like shit.
How did you never let it get to you? How come it never ate you up? Who said it didn't? When you see the same shit that I do over and over again, - You don't make a difference.
- Yes, I do.
I don't.
Sometimes, there's a kid you can help, one good thing you can do.
You just gotta look for that thing.
And when you find it, you call it a good day.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry.
This is stupid, - it's way too late.
- No, no, no.
No, I was up.
- Come on.
- Thanks.
Did you finish that bourbon? - No.
- (CLINKING) You've killed someone before.
- Yeah, it hits you pretty hard.
- That's the thing, I don't want it to.
I just I can't let it bring me down again, you know? - (POURING DRINK) - I just can't.
- So how do you do it? - What? You always seem like you're OK.
- Do I? - Yeah, you do.
Come here.
What the fuck, Ben?! What did you do? I was following a drug dealer.
The detective wasn't going to do shit about it.
They left me alone.
- So you just robbed him?! - Yeah.
- Completely off the rails, Ben! - What am I supposed to do?! We just watch it happen?! We're watching it happen now?! - Yeah! Shit! - That's the job?! - Who knows? - No one.
No one saw me do it.
I broke into his car.
Oh, my God.
Well, we're gonna we're gonna take care of this, right? You should stay out of this.
This isn't your mess.
Well then, you shouldn't have shown me.
- I'm not thinking straight.
- No shit.
(MELANCHOLY PIANO MUSIC) I just wanna fuck.
(PANTING) Oh, shit.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep.
Hey, take it when you can.
So what happened tonight? A few mistakes apparently.
You and me one of 'em? I guess it depends what you expect.
What do you expect? I don't.
- We gotta get rid of 'em.
- No.
No, listen.
Look at me.
You can't be a part of this.
- There's no reason for it.
- Plenty of reason for it.
- Mm-mm.
- You stepped into my shit.
If this comes back, you never looked in the closet.
Ok? Does your head always work like this? Only since I moved to Montreal.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Come on, let me help you.
Make it even.
I got myself into this; I'll get myself out of it.
(SIGH) Alright.
Just get rid of 'em.
(PIANO MUSIC) No regrets.
(WOMAN VOCALIZING) [19-42 to base.
We need more .]
BEAR: So, how's Owen? Uhhh Not as good.
"Not as good"? As what? As it was? It's fine, Bear.
Just rip off the Band-Aid already.
You're so done with him.
He's nice.
SUAREZ: [19-4, I got a request from organized crime.
[Some old gangster is having a birthday party at Fletcher's Field.
[Show a presence.
Let 'em know we're watching.
Copy that, Sarge.
Where's Fletcher's Field? Dickie, Dickie, Dickie, Jeanne-Mance Parc is right beside the damn mountain, Dickie.
When are you gonna learn some history? (BEN YAWNING) Maybe you should take a break from the overtime.
Yeah, I'm done.
Let me drive.
Yeah, right.
It's probably better I do.
Playing detective's still not all it's cracked up - to be, is it? - No.
Hard no.
Well, you were right about that.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Ah! Sarge wanna show a presence? Here it is.
We show a presence.
- This is not what they meant.
- This is exactly what he meant.
Besides, the Big Dog's hungry.
I'm sure they got some ribs up in here.
Good afternoon, everybody! Oh, that's right, it's us again.
Hey! I know you.
Tony! Tony Two Fingers! How are you? Are you still ratting on your friends? You should watch out for this guy.
So where's the 4? He's supposed to be showing a presence.
Well, they are.
(AMUSED): Oh! - [Tyler, what are you doing?.]
- Frontline police work, Mama Bear.
You should try it sometime, Bear.
Hey, you got any, uh, Scotch bonnet? Yeah? Alright! Dickie, they got Scotch bonnet! Come get it! Mama, come get some too before it's too late.
No, man.
Thanks, I'm good.
Yeah, that's right.
You got some ribs, right? Huh? No ribs?! Bear, 4 o'clock.
- - Gun! Gun! Get down! - (GUNFIRE) - (PEOPLE SCREAMING) Shots fired! Shots fired! - [They're shooting at us.
- Fuck! (SIREN BLARING) - [Code 1.]
- Oh, shit! 19-2.
Three minutes.
Just watch! Just watch! (GUNSHOTS) (GUNSHOTS) 19-7, you OK? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good.
- You hit, Dickie? - Yeah.
- Are you hit? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
This is 19-4.
Three men fleeing on foot.
- Go-go-go! Go-go-go! Go! - All units, we have two men - running north on Clark.
- They split up.
- What the fuck was that? - No idea.
SUAREZ: [Hold the scene.
Nobody leaves.
What the hell were you thinking?! They were gonna get away, Bear.
- Are you OK? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- I'm fucking Shit.
- SUAREZ: [Brouillard?.]
- Shut up.
Shut up.
- SUAREZ: [19-21, where are you?.]
- [Where are you, 19-21?.]
- Don't got time for this shit.
Not today.
What's J.
doing? What the fuck is J.
doing?! Good question.
? Right there! Right there! Right there! Right there! (SIREN CALL) Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! 19-2.
We got the suspect crossing Marianne south.
Hey! Hey! - Stop! Stop! - (SIREN BLARING) Stop! Stop! Stop! On the ground! Do it! On your knees! Down! - Get on the ground! - Down! On the ground! - Fuck, alright! - Hold it right there! - Don't move! - Argh! - Shit, man! - 19-2.
We got the suspect.
SUAREZ: [NICE JOB, 19-2!.]
[Suspect apprehended.
You are stupid.
- Boy, you are stupid! - (SUSPECT): Whatever.
(INDISTINCT CHEERING) - I got shot! - Ow! OW! Ow! Wow! Yeah, the vest stopped it.
They gave me one of the bullets.
Not the same one that hit me, - but the same gun.
Sick souvenir! - Must have been a ricochet.
No, I said it's not the same one.
This is from the tactical rifle that they use.
One of these hits you direct, it goes through your vest like a pair of jeans.
You got lucky, man.
I guess I got lucky 'cause there's an angel on my shoulder! Third time's a charm, Dickie.
- Santa's little helpers! - Yeah! - You run that by the sarge? - Hey, he's at an all-stations meeting downtown with the commander.
- You good? Cool? - I'm good.
We're good.
Since when do people use their tactical weapon in the park, right? - Hey, not in my time.
- Cheers.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Dude, you missed some serious action.
What happened to you? What happened to you?! Had my radio off.
I was on the phone.
What are you doing, man? You were parked two blocks away, I saw you.
You weren't there.
North side of Marianne.
They were getting shot at, and you were sitting in your fucking car.
(BEAR): Audrey had a gun two feet from her face.
- I had my radio off.
- Right.
- Bullshit.
- Yeah.
- Fuck you all! - Yeah, fuck you too! Thanks for the beer, bitches.
- We'll be at Marie's.
- Yeah, I'm coming.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I'm looking for Chartier.
Yeah? What happened last night? What do you mean? The guy we were watching disappeared today.
As far as we can tell, you were the last to see him.
So, anything you forgot to put in that report? No.
Umm, he made his stops and he went home.
Fuck! Shouldn't have left you alone.
It's not your fault.
I sort of screwed up.
Are you asking me to cover for you? (SCOFFING) No.
It's not gonna come to that.
It's not your problem.
And what the hell are you supposed to know anyway, right? Just forget I was here.
You're gonna tell me what that was about? It was the task-force detective I was riding with.
The guy we were following disappeared today.
No end of shit going on.
- You know something about her? - Yeah.
- What? - Told her I didn't though, - and she bought it.
- Whoa, slow down.
Guy that we were following is a dealer.
Straight from the port.
And a shitload of drug on him.
She told you that? No.
No, I took 'em from his trunk - and I got rid of 'em.
- God.
I lost it.
I just snapped.
- I I don't know.
- And the detectives don't know? She left me alone on the job.
Sounds like she wasn't supposed to.
And she was gonna ask me to cover for her.
- Say yes.
- No.
- She's your alibi if you do.
- No, it won't come to that.
It's just another mobster; they're dropping - all over the place.
- God.
Where the fuck is your head, Ben? I don't know.
I just don't see any point to it.
To what? What we do.
Alright, let's go.
Where? Look for a ring.
Are we really gonna go look for some junkie kid's wedding ring? - Are we really doing this? - It's not his ring.
When did you go soft? Same time you went crazy.
Where do we look? His dealer's in HOMA.
I figured we should start on Sainte-Catherine's.
There's no harm trying.

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