1983 (2018) s01e07 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES We don't have the gear.
What do we do? We have to strike.
Show that we won't just sit there as they roll over us.
- Daddy! - What's that? It's his daughter, Ofelia.
A troublemaker.
And the names? So that's it? One never stops defending one's country.
But I'm done? We'll see.
I'm doing this for my family.
For my son.
Stop! It's kind of shallow.
Pull it back.
Where's the body? What if it's not just her parents but ours, too? First of all, calm down.
What do you actually remember? Do you remember funerals? - Bodies laid in the ground? - Mac, I was six.
Fuck! Effy, what if they're still alive? This changes everything.
We let them fool us like kids.
Like fucking kids I know who can find out.
- Kajetan.
- How? By demanding the exhumation of his parents' bodies.
What if they're not there? Imagine people's reactions when they see empty coffins.
A worker pulled them from the burn pile for her son to play with.
- Thank you.
- I hope it helps.
If the people are not with us when the time comes, the Soviets will crush us.
need a helicopter.
We have to look.
We have sympathizers around the world.
- So what do we do? - We have to strike.
Show that we won't just sit there as they roll over us.
- Daddy, look! - What's that? Show me.
You've been lying to me this whole time? I wasn't lying.
I was just not telling you certain things.
- Right, that's what they teach lawyers.
- Karolina! Who am I to you? - This is not about that.
- A minister's daughter? Is that it? I want to know why we went to that lake.
How did you even know about it? This is exactly what I'm talking about.
You treat your grandma the same way.
- How do I treat her? - Where do you go at night? You talked to her? I did, because I love you and I love you, too.
That's why I'm trying to protect you.
From the truth? No.
From him.
Kajetan! Don't get involved.
They'll straighten it out.
He knew the Żurawskis, the Fioleks Who? The Fioleks.
They were murdered.
It was covered up.
Fuck I was so blind, so naive.
I was a dumb, blind kid.
They've given me everything, except I think you know why.
This wasn't about compassion.
It was about control.
Kajetan, do you even hear what you're saying? You're one of them, too.
I just love you.
Did you have a choice? Get out.
You hear me? Leave! Kajetan, wait.
These things happen sometimes.
Don't worry.
I know that every every issue can be resolved.
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not, but everything can and should be resolved.
Do you understand? Regardless of what happens remember that you're family now.
You're one of us, OK? - Goodnight, sir.
- Goodnight, Kajtek.
The Party has announced plans for a visit by the President of the USA in June of this year.
During this historic trip, Al Gore will visit Warsaw.
It will be the first visit by a sitting US president since 1977, when Poland was visited by Jimmy Carter.
The President will meet with the State Council.
The two sides will discuss the disarmament of the Middle East in the wake of the devastating attack of 9/11 and the rise of Islamic extremism.
At a time when American troops are still stationed in Iraq, President Gore's visit is seen as an attempt to defuse tension between the West and the Warsaw Pact, which opposed this invasion.
Yes? Anatol Janów, BBI.
I'm looking for Kajetan Skowron.
Don't be alarmed.
He hasn't done anything wrong.
Is this about his professor? Żurawski? Yes, it is.
Kajetan isn't here but, please, come in.
- Husband? - Yes, he was an engineer.
- The Palace of Culture? - Yes.
Before he died, he built a number of magnificent things.
And this is Kajetan's mother? Why is the BBI investigating a murder? We're not sure it was a murder.
Kajetan said that it was Żurawski's former student.
That much is true.
Then why the BBI? Isn't this outside your purview? You have a visitor, Kajetan.
We found Wybraniec's body in a forest near Bydgoszcz.
He was murdered by two men dressed in Milicja uniforms.
What was their motive? Revenge? I don't know.
We're trying to find out.
This is Maciej Mac.
He killed Justyna Fiolek and her husband.
His adoptive parents.
What? Żurawski deliberately convicted someone else.
And you were right all along.
One more thing.
Wybraniec wasn't just Żurawski's student.
He was also his adopted son.
He was lying from the start.
I need to talk to Sara.
That's not a good idea.
I wonder what else they lied about.
Żurawski wanted me to find something but it wasn't just this.
- He was ashamed of renouncing his son? - No.
- This had something to do with me.
- Because? I don't know.
You were his protégé.
Maybe it was some sort of test.
On the day of his death he told me that only truth will bring justice to those who have never had it.
- He meant the Fioleks.
- No.
He meant my parents.
Listen, the whole country wants justice for your parents.
You don't get it.
He wanted me to secure justice for them.
"Those whose justice has been denied.
" That's what he said.
There must be something more.
- Sara must know more.
- Don't go there.
Or? It's pointless.
It won't lead you where you think it will.
- I don't care.
- Kajetan! Leave me alone.
- Don't go there.
- Or what? You want to know the truth? Then come.
Sometimes it's best to leave the past alone.
Your motto for today or your whole life? OK.
But I'm doing the interrogating.
You just listen.
What do you think could have been the motive? I don't know.
We hadn't seen each other for over a year.
He hasn't contacted you? No.
Maybe your husband? Not as far as I know.
Piotr was a difficult child.
Why did you lie? Please tell me why someone might have wanted to kill your son.
Why did he give me the files? I don't know.
- What was I supposed to find? - Could you stop that? Why the wedding photo? I'm sorry.
You're sorry? - What does this have to do with me? - Sit down.
For what we did to you.
Sit down, I said! For what? For all of us.
We're leaving.
And for what we did to your parents.
All of your parents.
Let's go.
We're leaving! What was she talking about? - What did they do to my parents? - I don't know.
- Hey! - Fuck! What? What? - Well? - What was she Forget about it! Forget about me.
Live your life.
Forget about all these fucking people.
I'm adopted, yes? - Like Piotr? - No, you're not adopted.
Who am I? 5 MARCH 1983 Begin.
Milicja! Against the wall! You son of a bitch! Paweł! Take her! - Mom! - Leave her alone! Leave her alone! - Get him here! - Leave her alone! - Mom! - Effy! Effy! Mommy! They won't hurt us.
- What? - We're safe.
What have you done? Maja.
- Leave me alone.
- Majka.
Majka! What are you doing? - Come, baby.
- Where are you taking him? - We have to disappear.
- They promised to leave us alone.
You believed them? Quickly! Wait.
Go to Purski.
Wait for them to leave, then run.
- Here.
- Give me his things.
I did what you wanted.
This was to be the end.
The end? It's just the beginning.
- God, Maja! - You have to take him.
What happened? You just have to stay with him.
Don't say a word.
I need to go.
- Where? - I need to find him.
He got arrested again? Not Wiktor.
Mom, I think I did something terrible.
Maja If you leave now, stay away from us.
I beg you, not now.
Treason is genetic in this country.
But I will cure it.
Cure your disease.
Never come back here again.
Maja, are you alright? My husband It's OK.
Tell me what happened.
I can't go back there.
If they know what I did and if they find me Over here.
You can tell me.
Your friend, I need to see him.
That could be difficult to arrange.
I can't do what he asks.
I can't do it.
You have to tell him that I'm sorry but I can't do it.
Just hold on, hold on.
I can try and get a message to him.
I don't know what to do I don't know what to do.
You're safe here.
There's a place for you to sleep.
We'll figure it out tomorrow, OK? Follow me.
You have the documents? They are not doctors, are they? You were foolish to come here.
I didn't know where else.
The rendez-vous spot is marked.
A fishing trawler will drop them a few kilometers offshore.
A small boat will take them to the beach where you will meet them.
- Daniel will arrange for a van.
- I can't do this.
You'll drive them to Gdansk, they'll take trains to the arranged parishes.
You're not listening.
A week later, you will meet them at the rendez-vous point and return them to the same spot on the coast.
They will take my son.
Your son will only be safe if you complete this task.
Do you understand me? I need to know that you understand me.
Then I will make sure that your son is safe.
Give me your hands! Hi! Your father was a member of the democratic opposition in the early 1980s.
Apparently he was recruited by the SB and agreed to work for them.
His entire group was arrested.
He betrayed them? Or performed his patriotic duty.
Depends whose side you're on.
You must know it was a crazy time.
Over 80,000 people collaborated with the SB.
Denouncing their neighbors, co-workers, even family members.
Some did it out of fear, others out of cynicism.
Others did it just to survive, like your father.
- Did you find anything on my mom? - No.
We know she wasn't in the opposition.
Her office was near ground zero.
Why my parents? It was a good narrative.
The boy with a lily.
They wanted to hide the purging of the democratic opposition behind the story of an innocent boy whose parents were killed by terrorists.
- Did Żurawski want me to find this? - It would seem so.
- Why? - I don't know.
Guilty conscience? Maybe he was looking for absolution.
There has to be more to this.
The people in the photo knew about it.
I think you have your answer.
- Not quite.
- What else do you want? I have proof that they covered up the Fioleks' death.
So? It's not about me now, it's about justice.
What am I supposed to do? Huh? Arrest the Minister of Economy? - It's over.
- If you chicken out.
I hope you're not about to do something stupid.
I'm looking for Effy.
- Don't know her.
- How about Ofelia? Not really.
Are you sure, man? I told you, people come here to get lost, not to be found.
Stay here.
Are you fucking crazy? Everything is wrong.
Everything is wrong since you came back.
Everything's fucked up.
No, Kajtek.
What do you want from me? I don't want to be alone.
That's all.
After the explosions the SB arrested thousands of people.
Including my parents.
They all just disappeared.
Some were probably killed, but we don't know for sure.
It was all covered up perfectly.
They even buried empty caskets.
I was adopted by a family out in the country.
They never talked about my parents.
Like they were programmed.
I would run away.
Go back to the city and stand outside your house.
I just had to see you.
Your grandma would chase me away like a dog.
So I finally gave up.
And had to learn to live without you.
"The Mother we share.
" I know it from somewhere.
Is that you? It became me.
Maciej found me several years ago.
He said he found something out about his adoptive parents.
And he killed them.
For the first time I felt like I wasn't alone.
That there were others like me.
That was our goal, to find people like us.
Some were adopted by high-ranking families, ministers, generals, judges We would recruit them.
To get revenge? For various reasons.
"Truth is the only weapon mortals have to fight the Gods.
" That's what Żurawski said.
If people knew the truth If they got proof that the Party manipulated them, using the attacks, you, me, everyone who died in them they would have to pay for this lie.
Once people start questioning one lie, more questions follow.
The Party won't be able to stop it.
But how do we tell them? There is a way.
They held him for several more hours after I left.
- What do you think? - And you? You know him better than I do.
The SB is still at the precinct.
They're tailing me.
Relax, I lost him.
We're talking about Suchoparski.
If he can still be trusted.
He was there.
Looked a bit lost, was reading Mein Kampf.
- That doesn't reassure me.
- Did he ask about us? Since when are we spying on each other? We're not.
We're handling the situation.
No, he did not.
But if he had told the SB what we're doing, I'd be detained, too.
And you weren't? Do you want my help or not? We'll have to face the Light Brigade.
This won't end without a fight.
That's why you'll call in SPAP squads.
May I ask how you intend to locate them? OK, then tell me one thing.
Is there a reason why you're doing this without the SB? Or is it just about glory? We're more merciful than the SB.
I never would have guessed.
If you're getting something out of this, I want something too.
A table full of communists! Easier to aim when you don't have to worry about the response.
Great shot.
You practiced? What about the Light Brigade? Any progress? Kamil, Lieutenant Kamil Zatoń has reached their command.
We're waiting.
And our man on the inside? Think he'll make it out alive? He infiltrated them to rehabilitate himself.
We have to try.
He was a good soldier.
We owe him a lot.
You should have waited with the news about Gore's visit.
We should have notified Moscow first.
We haven't taken orders from them in twenty years.
That's true.
But our position, thanks to you, is far more complicated.
If the weapons transfer goes wrong Świętobór will cooperate.
One way or another.
We knew at my wedding that some of us would have to be sacrificed.
Don't be sentimental, Mikołaj.
I know it's you without looking.
What are you drinking? Aren't they paying you enough? A matter of taste.
Go on! For liberty, equality and fraternity.
Welcome to the club.
Work, home, work, didn't talk to anyone didn't use his Traszka.
So he's either a great SB agent, or he's not one.
Either way, thanks.
And now to the point.
What about her? I want to give her a chance to rethink her ways.
And if she won't? Then I'm taking her out.
And you want my permission? That would be nice.
I have enough enemies as it is.
She's taking a delivery of assault rifles tomorrow night.
Maybe then? No.
I want them all.
Complete the deal, don't alert her.
You admire her? In general? She's fighting, even though she's doing it wrong.
But at least she tried.
I think that's to be admired.
I'll modify the guns a little.
I don't want you getting hurt.
Eternally grateful.
Recognize her? Ofelia.
And her father Paweł Ibrom.
Next to Wiktor Skowron and his son.
Kajetan? I told you, the boy's got an interesting story.
6 MARCH 1983 This way.
OK, I'm taking you to Gdansk.
You have trains tomorrow morning.
And then we'll meet at Torun train station in a week.
- Any questions? - No.
OK, so that's all.
Technically it's doable.
I can write the code and put it into the operating system.
When ULTRA publishes an update, Traszkas will install it automatically.
- When's the next update due? - In three days.
The problem lies elsewhere.
We need to disable the emergency shutdown, or they'll cut us off once we start broadcasting.
How do we do it? There are three switches we need to secure so we don't get locked out.
- OK, but where are they? - One is in ULTRA HQ.
We don't have Benjamin anymore.
Second, the monitoring center.
Where we have to deal with Uncle.
And one at the SB HQ.
I don't know where exactly.
- Maybe Kamil? - Fucking Kamil! - Come.
- Then he'll know the safeguards.
Either way, we need more people.
Adrian has them.
Trained, too.
Will he agree? He's been waiting for a chance like this.
Effy, we have to try.
- It's Uncle.
- What does he want? It's about that cop.
You shouldn't go alone.
I'll be fine.
Start the planning.
- So we have to bring Kamil in.
- Yes.
And you think that's a good idea? We have no choice.
We have to finish this.
Nothing stops you, does it? Keep him out of this.
Who is he to you? Someone who deserves a life without you.
Or your fucking crusade.
I don't know how you want to end this.
But I guarantee it won't end the way you wanted it to.
I'm not forcing him.
He'll decide.
Like Łukasz did? Let him live his life.
With her? As long as it's not you.
Or? I'll end your game in a second.
You? No one's taking you seriously anymore.
This is your last chance.
You have no idea what's about to happen.
Get up.
Get up.
What do you want from me? Redemption.
BBI MONITORING CENTER Will they do it? Yes, you can send whatever you want to every Traszka.
After that, it's up to the people to believe.
They'll believe the truth.
Are you sure we'll see it? I irradiated it with a rare isotope.
We'll see it from a mile away.
So yes.
And what's this? CT scan machines in hospitals.
The system is calibrated quite well but there still might be glitches.
Nice tattoo, shithead.
He's one of us now.
- He's a murderer.
- Come on, we all are.
Done sniffing each other's butts? Then get to work.
Got him.
There are no hospitals there.
Can you zoom in? You'll have to give up everything, Kajtek.
Your whole life.
Including her.
What could it be? The stadium.
The old stadium.
It has to be perfectly synchronized.
All three switches need to be destroyed at the same time.
Each one can completely shut down ULTRA's system.
SB HQ looks normal at first glance.
In reality, it can withstand a nuclear attack.
It's really well defended.
The guards are the least of our problems.
The main issue is the motion sensors outside.
Independent power supply.
You can't just shut them down.
But they are linked.
Got you.

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