1983 (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Are you alright? - Do you need an ambulance? - No I'll help you.
No need to.
Did she cut you? Are you OK? Let's go.
Fuck, the briefcase! What the fuck happened? Are we clear? Yes, but hurry.
- Who was that? - Do you have it? Inbound train.
Ninety seconds.
What the fuck is this? I need to get out.
He's overthrowing the Party and the SB.
You're planning a coup? It already started.
Incoming train.
I'm taking the asset with me.
- That isn't the plan.
- It is now.
Dana! Come in.
The door.
Wait here.
What the fuck was that? - I don't know.
- You realize you put us at risk? I had no choice.
What do we do with him now? We have to get the Minister here.
The operation is done for.
Do you really think he'll come? He will, to stop a war.
FB Beryl rifle.
Standard military grade with an extra magazine.
Are they traceable? To the factory.
Otherwise they're clean.
Posing for a new propaganda poster or do you actually plan to shoot? What do you care? It's not your style.
So personal.
Five thousand rounds of ammo? So the target will fight back? What's this? Remorse? Dollars.
I know.
SB ARSENAL - ACTION PLAN Your General is prepared to sacrifice Israel.
To overthrow the Party.
How much longer? Be patient.
Her name was Justyna Fiolek.
She was the chief scientist of a team working on advanced weapons under Colonel Świętobór.
She was murdered five years ago.
Along with her family.
He said I remind him of her.
He's no madman.
But it doesn't matter.
His actions count.
"We thought we could change the world " The two of them wanted to change it together.
They did back then.
He's not a madman.
He's a patriot.
Not for Israel.
You want guarantees of safety.
I understand that.
We owe you for what you're doing.
I assure you that we will do our best so that you're safe.
But first I have to ask you a favor.
You have to go back in.
You can't just disappear.
We'll need your help.
THE EARTH WILL TAKE US ALL 28 JUNE 1974 What's that? Our initials.
And Anatol.
Four brothers.
I don't know how we survived.
I don't understand.
What does it mean? Mother It wasn't the management's fault.
They told the truth.
Does that mean your father killed his own sons? It means that Dad "That foreman Dominik Janów demanded permission to go underground despite knowing that the methane concentration was four times over the norm.
" - But - Mom.
A bonus for the whole crew was at stake.
That's Dominik for you.
We're alive, Mom.
We just need to remember them.
Anything on the second camera? Yes.
Zoom in on the stadium.
OK, so this is how they get inside.
- Since when can you do this? - We can't yet.
But the very next system update will allow for data to be transmitted to all devices.
Eighteen million Traszkas will get it.
And once you reach the 18 million people, what will you tell them? Me? Nothing.
He will.
They lied about his parents.
His father died in a Vietnamese prison.
Do you know who his father was? - A resistance member.
- No, he was a snitch.
He betrayed us all to the SB.
Your father, too.
So the whole operation depends on a traitor's son? Effy.
He's not his father.
You don't know that.
We've turned into our parents.
We're much worse.
They'll never forgive us.
Mac, whatever happens, we're fucked.
We never cared about that.
You know this guy best.
Only you can decide.
Do you believe in him? I have to believe in something.
Are you ready? Give me your Traszka.
Come on! Move it! Quick! Fucking hell! We need to know the target.
That's our whole squad? - I can call another precinct.
- No, forget it.
- So what is the target? - An old stadium across the river.
OK, but who's inside? Harry Potter? The Light Brigade.
Let's get going! - Hi.
- Hi.
Squad in position.
Are they shitting themselves? I think they're excited to aim at something other than a copier.
Two more are coming in.
Give me those.
It's Ofelia.
Remain alert.
Zoom in.
- Withdraw the squad.
- What? - What do you mean? - I said, withdraw! Orders? Hold your positions.
- What's going on? - Fuck.
- Anatol! - Who was he? Tell me, for fuck's sake! - Anatol, we're going in.
- I fucking said no.
I don't want the kid to die because of this.
I told them to stand down! That's not us.
It's the SB.
- Son of a bitch! - It wasn't me.
It wasn't me, boss! Move! Once Thahn establishes a connection, we attack all three units.
This should distract them until we send out the transmission.
Kajetan, Kamil, Magda, Filip, Thahn, Maciek.
Maciej Fiolek? I used to be.
- You're Maciej Fiolek.
- How do you know? Why did you kill your parents? Why did you do it? You know what they did.
For revenge? Or was there another reason? Why did they sentence someone else? The Party covered for you.
So did Żurawski.
- Oskar! - Fire up the explosives! Come on! Effy, come on! It's not working.
Fucking not working! Fucking Uncle He chose sides.
Come with me.
The cabinet.
Stop! It's my operation.
This is a matter of national security.
Fuck! - It's not worth it.
- Fuck off! Go ahead.
The exit's there.
I'll stall them.
- You have to come with me.
- Do it.
I beg you.
- No.
They'll kill you.
- Get the fuck out.
I can't leave them but you must be safe.
I won't leave you.
You're more important now.
Do what you can to uncover the truth.
I already did.
Come on.
I saw your mom after the bombings.
She didn't die.
12 MARCH 1983 Jesus, Effy! Effy! Are you OK, honey? Tell me, was Kajtek with you? No? Sir? Help her, please.
Take her.
Where is Kajtek? Where is Kajtek? Mom.
Mom! Who is it? A dragon.
Mom? A huge lady dragon.
Mom! Where is Kajtek? Where is Kajtek? Kajtuś.
Where is Kajtek? Where is Kajtek, Mom? And the big one? Jupiter.
Great! You're so clever.
You won't take away my son.
And where do dragons live, Kajtuś? She didn't die.
I wasn't sure before, but I am now.
Effy! Let us pass.
Great! Someone to clean up this mess.
Let them in.
That's enough, Inspector.
I insist.
Congratulations, Inspector.
Quite a success.
Even for the BBI.
And for you personally.
I see a bright future ahead of you.
You should thank him.
He did it to save you from yourselves.
We'll need the likes of you in the future.
Boss Did you learn anything? They didn't give me a list of casualties.
I went to the morgue.
Wouldn't let me in.
They claim everybody died.
We're definitely screwed.
Excuse me.
Could I borrow one of your Traszkas? Sure.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
Kajetan? Kajtek? Hey what happened? Kajetan Hey.
GENERAL STAFF HEADQUARTERS Northern Lion awaits your approval.
Anything else? The Kashubian wants to see you.
Now? She's inside.
Don't keep her waiting.
Your work is almost done.
Yes, we ship out tomorrow.
And what will you do? Go back to Kuwait.
Then Iraq, most probably.
And what will you do? I asked myself that.
Is there a place for a man like me in the new world order? For a man in my position there's no one to give me the answer.
Who can I ask? God? The people.
The people? If you trust them.
I've seen how easily they can be manipulated.
I must protect them from themselves.
If you don't trust them, trust us.
Trust me.
May we meet again.
Would she want this? All resistance members were orphans, just like me.
Their parents were arrested after the bombings.
Some were murdered some were taken away, like my father who died in prison in Vietnam.
Kajtek, I don't know if I can believe all this.
Why? Because your father did it? They wanted to create a new country.
They had to get rid of the people from the opposition.
Do you understand? They used the bombings as an excuse.
- We wanted to reveal it.
- How? We were going to use Traszkas to show people that it was all a lie.
About our parents.
You have to go.
Leave the country somehow.
At least for some time.
How do I leave the country? I'll arrange it.
Just give me some time.
But how? Don't forget who I am.
They served their purpose.
You lied to me.
You lied about my parents.
I've done much worse.
Are they still alive? Their sacrifice allowed us to create a new nation.
Did they have a choice? No, but you did.
When you killed Justyna and chose the path of revenge.
- You mean your path.
- No, mine never led to revenge.
But you still have a chance to help me fulfil my dreams and those of your parents.
This is just the beginning.
That's it.
For now.
This could have been us, 20 years ago.
There's a huge difference.
They were motivated by hatred.
And we by love.
Of power? Of Poland.
When did we lose it? Best breakfast this side of the river? Someone has it seriously fucked up.
Junior! It's hard to kill a lawyer, huh? You know what happened.
I know, I was there.
What do you mean? I was there, but it wasn't the Milicja.
It wasn't me.
This guy.
Did he see you? Try to remember.
It's important.
- Who is he? - Some fucker from the SB.
Could he have seen you? I don't know.
Don't remember.
You have to leave the country.
And I have help.
Your life insurance? And then what? Then I need to find out where my mother is.
What? She survived the bombings.
How do you know? Someone saw her that day.
Someone I trust.
Will you help me? How? You saw what happens when you ask me for help.
- OK, I have to go.
- Hey, junior! You know where to find me.
13 MARCH 1983 Fuck.
Go get them.
Stay calm.
For Christ's sake! Good evening.
Here's my ID.
Those are members of a team that's playing a game tomorrow.
OK, guys.
Let's go.
The orders.
The commanders have accelerated the timeline.
I authorize Operation Northern Lion.
The Party gave us no choice.
Klemens Yes? How do you think history will judge this act? History is written by the victors, so however we want it to be written.
When we created these weapons, we were desperate.
We needed some counterweight against the Russians, something to push them out.
We never suspected that this maneuver would work.
Desperate people have nothing to lose.
But even these weapons won't protect us against our greatest enemy.
What enemy? Another empire.
Not an obvious one.
You would welcome it with open arms.
Seduced by promises of wealth and freedom.
And then, before you knew it, your identity and sovereignty, your cultural identity would be taken away.
Sold a thousand times on all the world markets.
Then Poland may again find itself standing alone.
I'd rather die a Pole than live under this empire.
Your passport and visa.
And all the dollars I managed to collect.
America? Come with me.
- I can't.
- You can do anything.
Everything will be fine.
Just get on the plane.
Remember I love you.
I'm doing this because I love you.
Kajetan We were getting worried about you.
Come on, sit down.
We were all wondering if you would get on the plane or not.
But I bet that nobody would give up the opportunity to meet the U.
Sit down.
I see you have your passport.
Don't worry.
I was nervous, too, when I met President Carter for the first time.
Nice work with those little shits.
I hope you got them all.
Let's hope.
Just take a seat, please.
I remember meeting your mother for the first time.
The pride and the exhaustion of every young parent.
So very young and innocent.
I saw something in her eyes.
A determination to make her world a better place.
I can see it in your eyes, too.
But only if I look past the fear.
It was easy to manipulate her.
I don't think she yet realized the danger of the world.
You weren't so easy.
You can take comfort that she did it for you, for her love for you, and I fulfilled my promise to her.
Don't make me break that promise.
The survival instinct runs deep in your family.
You have gained the confidence of some very powerful men.
This is a very valuable thing for an ambitious young man to possess.
What happened in 1983? What happened at the wedding? These are the questions you should be asking: Do I want to shape the future of my nation or do I want to see it all burn down? DRAGON You are late! I expected you days ago.
Well don't just stand there.

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