2 Weeks (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

It wasn't me. It wasn't me!
Keep Jang Tae San from telling the truth.
If you see that, you'll have to die.
God isn't helping me today.
I fold too.
Hey you little punk, don't mix your cards with those.
- What are you looking at? - What the hell?
That's not good manners, guys.
Anyway, I bet you don't have to open your store for days since you won the money.
How much is all that?
Little shit, you were bluffing?
But all that matters is that you won the money this time, right?
Here. This is for you.
Give me some more.
I lost so much money yesterday. This isn't going to do anything.
Hey, dude!
Damn it.
What's up, Godori?
- Hello, sir. - Keep working hard.
Welcome, sir.
Hye, you
There's a customer who's only looking for you.
A customer?
Come here.
Hey, I'm just a part-time pretty face. Am I a host?
Do I look like a host?
She ordered a 30-year-old whiskey and is looking for you. What am I supposed to do?
Pay me then.
Pay me now.
She's going to pay you later. Are you stealing money from me too?
Pay me? Yeah right!
Fine. Fine.
I didn't make that much money today.
Tae San, then
make her order one more whiskey.
She's going to black out with half a bottle of whiskey, you idiot.
He's such a bastard. Maybe I should take his position.
- You came. - Why are you so late?
Why did you come alone tonight? You came with your friends last time
What's wrong with you? You know I came here just to see you.
Do I live in this club? Why do you keep coming here to see me?
I have something to give you but you don't call me and I don't know your number.
What's this?
This is
It's Gioberni.
How did you know my size?
She was about to run away to Japan on an airplane but we caught her.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, President Moon.
Madam Jeong, how many years have you been working for me?
Ten years
Was the money you made for ten year not enough for you?
That bastard took all of my money and ran off.
I didn't know what to do to support myself.
You know how people in this field aren't interested in me anymore
That might be true, but I gave you the same amount that I gave to other prettier madams.
But you betrayed me just because you were betrayed by your pimp?
You betrayed Moon Il Suk.
How dare you stab me in the back?
Please forgive me just this once, President Moon.
I'll do anything for you.
Spare me! Please spare me, President Moon!
Spare me! I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry!
Give her good treatment after that and make her do the dishes.
Hey, you get out!
You got kicked out again?
They asked me to sing my favorite song so when I did, they said I was ruining the mood.
I told you to put her in a room where only gentlemen stay.
There was no choice. I was the only one left.
I'm sorry, sir.
What song did you sing?
Hey, that's
Which room is empty? I want to hear you sing.
You're good at singing too, Tae San.
Let's call a taxi. Why do we keep walking?
We're almost there.
That's not my house.
I don't know where your house is.
Do I?
Let's go, baby. We're almost here.
This isn't good.
You said you want to open a bakery if you make a lot of money.
I'll open a bakery for you so quit working at the club.
Then should I call you Mrs. Moon?
I said I should go home!
- What was that? - I'm sorry, sir.
That bastard just ran into the car.
- Go check. - Yes, sir.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
You bastard, do you want to die?
Don't bother. He's just garbage.
Wow, you're Jang Tae San!
Hey, just let him go.
Watch where you're going!
Oh my God. Tae San, are you okay?
Get up.
What kind of person does that? Are you okay, Tae San?
Are you okay?
Whiskey is my enemy.
- That woman really now - Good morning, Boss.
Did you just finish your work?
Get some sleep.
See that? He checked the money as soon as he got out.
He's insulting all the gangs in the country.
Why aren't you guys doing something about him then? He's insulting all of us.
Because he went to jail twice instead of President Moon.
Hangover soup!
You're the best, Man Suk.
You're dirty. Go take a shower.
I already did.
Give me that.
I don't understand why you don't have breakfast with a woman who spends the night with you.
Because I don't want to have breakfast with her.
How do you sleep with women you don't even love?
That's why I never sleep with them twice.
Bro, I'm just curious. What is your identity?
Are you a gangster or a good-for-nothing bastard?
They say I'm both.
That's why even button men are treating you like that. Do you want to keep living like that?
You know I have some loose screws.
If something has one loose screw, people call that a defect.
But I have two loose screws.
This is why I live like this.
It's all wrinkled now!
How come a man with two loose screws is so crazy about clothes?
Nobody knows who they're going to meet and when they're going to meet them.
Is there anyone that wants to meet you?
Hey, on the way out, take this to the dry cleaning store.
Have a conscience, Tae San.
I can pay the rent with your dry cleaning fees.
You're driving me crazy. When are you going to live like a normal person?
You came again?
She's here to pawn her necklace.
Mister, you look so cool today.
It's not for you.
Give it to me.
Did you buy a new suit?
Now go.
Suk Doo, where's the newspaper?
I'll see you again later, Mister.
What's wrong with you? She pawns and redeems her rings and necklaces just to see you.
She's our regular!
What do you mean 'regular'?
Bring that out.
Bring what?
Come on you bastard! That thing.
The gold pig.
You gave the person 5 million won for pawning this?
You think everything that has a golden color is real gold?
How did you know it was fake?
That bastard tricked other pawnshop owners in Seoul like he did to you!
That's right! So it's obvious that I got tricked too, isn't it?
The weight is exact and he plated the copper with gold real thick and good.
It looked like real gold.
So you're saying you did good?
If the same thing happened to you, you would have done what I did.
Other shops probably gave him 8 or 9 million won for pawning it.
But because of me, you only wasted 6 million won, you know?
That's not even funny.
Why would I waste 6 million won? You should take the responsibility for that.
What do you do here except for writing receipts?
I don't know either
I told you several times to study how to valuate all the brand name products.
But you only go to night clubs and gamble!
Come on.
Do you think I'm a philanthropist who takes care of people who have nowhere to go?
Hey, anything else to say?
I wasted so much money because you got that fake watch last winter.
I can't believe you took the paycheck for that month.
- Alright you asshole. I'll pay for that gold! - Pay for it!
Here, 2 million won.
The rest you can take from my paycheck. Okay?
Did you prostitute yourself last night?
- You bastard - Tae San.
How did you
I came to ask you for a favor.
A favor?
From me?
Take a blood test.
A blood test?
That's I'm sorry but
I don't really know what you're talking about.
I have a child. It's a girl.
She has acute leukemia.
She needs a bone-marrow transplant.
But there's no donor.
I understand what you mean
but there's something I don't get.
So you're asking everyone you know to take a blood test?
I see you got married
The child is
eight years old.
Eight years old?
She thinks her dad is dead.
This baby is
a burden to you?
I said that you and a baby are a burden.
Just to make sure, don't even think about seeing her.
You know you don't need to nor deserve to see her, right?
you had the baby?
Just because you're her biological father doesn't mean you can be her donor.
I asked if you had the baby!
It's none of your business, Tae San.
I have a fiance.
Soo Jin treats him like her dad.
So all you have to do is take a blood test.
Your fiance?
Are you going to do it or not?
You've been raising the baby alone until now?
Go inside.
Tae San.
What are you doing? Hurry up and take her inside!
- Tae San. - Go in! I said go in!
Tae San..
Why did you have it!
Why did you have the baby? Did I tell you to do that?
Who said you could do that? Why? Why!
I told you I don't want you to be her dad.
Even though she's dying
I didn't look for you because I don't want her to know you're alive.
Soo Jin!
Soo Jin! Seo Soo Jin, you shouldn't be running like that.
Soo Jin! Soo Jin!
That's enough!
Come on Mister.
'Come on Mister'?
How could you do that?
You promised that you would play soccer with me when you leave the hospital.
God says I can do everything here.
I heard that I should do everything I want to before I die.
Who said that?
Myung Jin died this morning!
His mother said
'If I knew he was going to die like this
I would have let him play soccer and baseball and eat pizza and ice cream and everything.'
Soo Jin, that's
Since nobody is donating bone marrow, I'll die soon.
So that's why I'm going to play soccer, wrestling, and one-legged fights.
And I'm going to eat ice cream, patbingsu, cotton candy, and whatever I want.
As far as I know
- you're not going to die. - How do you know that, Mister?
Does God have a heart or not?
He has one.
Right. Since he has a heart, he would never take a girl like you from us.
A girl like me?
What am I like?
You're as cheerful as a bouncy ball.
You're more lovely than a flower.
So if God takes you, the social order there will be destroyed.
So he will never take you from us. Never.
What are you doing here, Seung Woo?
This should be a secret to Mom.
Then what about you? Where have you been?
Seo Soo Jin.
Why don't you listen to me? Don't you know you aren't supposed to play with a doll that has fur?
Mom, I'll throw it away.
How many times are you going to say that?
I didn't do the ceremony for parting with that doll yet.
Mom, would you like it if I went away without saying good bye to you?
Here, In Hye. Let's calm you down with this.
But you know
even if you feel torn by anxiety, you shouldn't make that obvious to Soo Jin.
Is it that obvious?
A bit. You look very nervous and impatient these days.
If you look like that, Soo Jin will feel the same way.
I didn't know.
The person who suffers the most is Soo Jin.
And what makes her endure is her hope.
I don't know why but I have the feeling that a donor will show up very soon.
I do.
Don't worry.
It's none of your business.
I have a child.
It's a girl.
She has acute leukemia.
I told you I don't want you to be her dad.
Even though she's dying
I didn't look for you because I don't want her to know you're alive.
- Hey, good morning. How are you? - Hi, good. How are you?
- How are you? - Good. Thank you.
- Hello. - Hello!
Come this way, ma'am.
No. A lady shouldn't cut in line.
- Of course she shouldn't. - You see?
Ma'am, you gave me rice cake flavored with mugwort, didn't you?
You remember that?
How could I forget that taste and warm heart?
I heard that you don't use a credit card. Do you really carry only 3 thousand won?
But that doesn't mean I don't spend money. I have a debit card.
What's the meaning of that?
Don't you watch the news?
A few days ago, a thief took her wallet and he got caught.
A thief?
But in her wallet, there were only a debit card and 3000 won in cash.
Her son is disabled so she wants to send him to America.
I guess she's saving money so she can send him overseas.
That's not true.
She's been working really hard for single moms, disabled people, and the poor.
What, the Mayor of Seoul?
No, I can't. I'm not good enough.
People in the country and the party will decide that.
Netizens are even making a fan blog for you to make you the Mayor of Seoul.
And even in our party, you're the right one to beat our rival candidate in the other party.
I don't intend to be a politician.
I heard you're expanding your welfare work to Incheon too.
After this welfare center fund-raising event
I'm going to retire from politics.
After this event, I'm going to go stay with my son and simply live as a mother.
I have to get going now. I have an appointment concerning the welfare center.
I'll talk with you later.
This is a list of people who are invited to the event.
We're beginning to see daylight finally.
[Incheon Welfare Center Guest List]
How's it going with Mr. Kim's embezzlement case?
An article about his cryptographic suspicions will be published tomorrow.
Keep controlling the media. We have to make sure he's found guilty.
- Don't worry, sir. - President Kim, it's time to go.
When the shares are released
make sure Shinga Industry doesn't cut in on this business.
Yes, sir.
We spent so much on this business and those bastards are trying to get something for free.
On a day like today, you should've driven here.
He can't hear anything.
Even if he wants to hear, he can't.
Even if he wants to see, he can't.
President Moon.
He's my son.
You might miss the plane.
Okay! Stop talking to me.
Why isn't there any report about Jae Kyung leaving yet?
I'm sorry.
She's a bit late because she investigated an extra testifier.
We have the CCTV footage of the assault case between the money lender and the debtor.
The criminal act was charged as attempted murder.
Prosecutor Park, are you
A push stick on the concrete pavement is suspicious in this situation.
Hey hey, the plane departs at 4'o clock.
Maybe I shouldn't have told you I would go.
You're the one who begged me to make you attend that seminar.
I didn't know I would have such a tight schedule. I was surprised when I checked it.
You should stop talking and
please finish. Hurry.
I'm almost done.
- So Young, please print this. - Sure.
O K.
What happened to your shirt?
Min Soo spat food on me.
I can change before I go.
Did you bring your suitcase with you?
No. I left it at home.
What's wrong with you? I'm the one who's going to Chicago.
Don't worry. I won't miss the plane.
I'm going.
This is a safe meeting room.
I guess she just woke up.
- Why aren't you greeting her? - Huh?
Oh, yeah.
Please continue your discussion.
Why am I in some girl's house?
Don't worry. Have a seat.
Has anything bad ever happened since you met me?
- I'll be out. - Sure. I'll call you.
Jae Kyung, I finally did it.
Today, Senator Jo and President Moon came to my house.
I filmed the video just like you taught me.
But I don't know if it's working.
Please contact me if you check this email.
1 kilo is here.
500 grams here at each side. So 1 kilo.
2 kilos total.
What's the object manufacture?
What do you think?
We even copied the track of the time on this.
Would this pass a sniffer dog and radio graphic inspection?
That's your
To pass inspection at the custom house
we hired a fake thief to snatch your wallet and sold assets as an auction to make a good image of you.
It took us many billions of won and one year to do that.
What about the ship?
The ship set sail yesterday from Thailand with this.
If we don't want all this time and work to be for nothing
this has to arrive two hours before the event.
You also have to come up with a good reason as to why it's late.
That way, we can pass inspection without any trouble.
You have to make it pass without any trouble.
Of this 400 million won project, half the share is yours.
You never know what's going to happen.
Even if this event is supported by all the people in the country
what if a manager there tells you to postpone the event time and regulates the rules for inspection?
The director of the custom house is crazy about her daughter.
She's a 10th grader and goes to Sunmi High School.
Put a tail on her the day before the event.
It's an education center for disabled people in Chicago.
His name is Daniel Kim.
He's the same age as Kim Sung Joon who you're looking for now.
And he kind of looks like Kim Sung Joon.
The features here are just like a normal digital camera. Use it in front of him naturally.
But the video function will hide when you turn it on.
She was right.
That's interesting.
If you're going to do it, come to this place by 4 o'clock.
Today's vegetables are so fresh.
I know.
Manager, you said you have to go to the hospital by 4 o'clock.
You should go.
Are you coming?
Who is
In Hye?
I asked if you're coming.
Are you not coming?
I am. I'm leaving now, I'm on my way.
You can leave now.
That's it?
We need to check histocompatibility antigens in your blood first.
If I'm eligible to do that, how does a bone marrow transplant surgery work?
It's not that simple.
Even if you're a biological parent
the match probability for bone marrow is lower than siblings.
Even if I'm the biological father?
Yes. She wanted you to take a blood test since there's no eligible donor for her child.
She can't be a donor since she's an infection carrier.
- How bad is she? - You can leave now.
When will it come out?
The results.
If you're eligible for this, I'll contact you.
If I don't, just think that you can't be the donor.
You're quite spiteful, Seo In Hye.
Hey, don't act all tough like that.
Are you that scared? Are you?
You think I'm just going to show up now and say she's my daughter?
I'm not going to do that. I would never do that.
Yes, you wouldn't do that.
And you can't do that.
What made her change like that?
Don't even think about seeing her.
You know you don't need to nor deserve to see her, right?
Yeah. She's right.
Can you pick up the ball, please?
Here's your ball.
Hey, what did you just say?
You're pretty funny. Why am I your daddy?
Then why did you come here?
I'm just passing by.
I'm just a man passing by.
You're so funny.
Mr. Passing By.
I have a favor to ask.
A favor?
Seung Woo thinks Tae San is dead.
Seung Woo doesn't have to know.
I looked for him as if I was clutching at straws.
I know.
Let's hope the straw becomes a strong rope.
But In Hye, you were acting so nasty to him.
How bad was the wound that a scab hasn't formed even after 8 years?
She's my best friend.
But I can't play with her anymore.
I have to send her away even though I don't want to.
Since she's not a human, I can't tell her about my story.
Your story?
Mom said that everybody has at least one story that they can't tell others.
But I can't just throw this away like it was nothing to me.
So are you going to give this to me?
I'm just lending it to you.
If you lend it to me, then I have to return it.
Of course.
- When? - Soo Jin.
Seo Soo Jin.
Please give it back to me later.
Promise me.
I should handcuff you. This won't do.
Can't you please stay in your room? Is it that hard for you?
I said good bye to Ting Ting.
Did you just throw Ting Ting away?
I lent it to someone for a while.
- Who? - It's a secret.
Why did she call me Daddy?
I thought I was dead to her.
Is she just calling anyone Daddy since she was raised without a father?
How can this happen to me?
I have a child?
But she's sick?
She was so pretty.
Are you drinking in the daytime?
Tae San, should I buy a digital camera or not?
I have a date with Young Ja this weekend.
We're going to the beach. She might wear a bikini.
Wake up, Man Suk.
Anyway, I feel like I'm wasting money if I buy the camera.
But if I use a cell phone for taking pictures, she might think I'm cheap.
Man Suk.
Am I dreaming?
You're lying down on your suit.
Why is my heart hurting so much?
Heart? Do you have a heart disease?
There he is again.
Why isn't she checking my email?
She's on her business trip now.
When is she coming back?
What do I do?
Then can you leave her a message for me?
This is very important. So when she calls you, please give her this message.
The message is
I miss her.
Yes. I miss her so much. Please tell her that.
The straw has become a rope.
Soo Jin can live now.
Jang Tae San's bone marrow is eligible for the surgery.
How can I explain this? I would say it's a miracle.
Hello? This is Park Ji Sook.
Hello, Doctor? This is Jang Tae San.
Ah. One moment, please.
It's Jang Tae San.
It's Seo In Hye.
Hey, I was just
I was just wondering
Can you come to the hospital now?
Did the results come out? Can I do it? Am I eligible?
- You are. I'll tell you - Sure. Okay.
I'll go there right now.
I'm eligible.
Wait the shop.
Suk Doo. Where is he?
- Hey, keep this for me. - No, I'm busy.
Yes, you can. You have to. Come on.
I need money!
- Stop joking around. - Please!
Fine. Give it to me.
How much? How much you need?
50,000 won.
- What are you doing here at this hour? - Hey, you're home.
I told you I'm going to the beach with Young Ja.
Why did you come?
Don't talk to me. I'm in hurry.
Is he a cicada or something? It's like he's shedding his skin.
It's a digital camera.
Tae San, what's this camera? Did you bring this so I could borrow it?
So I can donate my bone marrow?
Honestly, I didn't expect this but Soo Jin is very lucky.
It would've been very bad if you hadn't found him, In Hye.
Was she that bad?
You didn't tell him?
If it wasn't for you, it was hopeless for her to live.
Tell me a date for the surgery.
I can do that today.
Soo Jin needs to have a preparatory period.
How long?
She has to undergo an examination and other procedures.
So the date would be the 26th, is that okay?
Sure. The 26th.
What should I do until then?
- Make sure you don't get any wound infections. - Don't get infected?
Okay. I'll keep that in mind.
I'll contact you the day before the surgery.
No. Don't do that.
Don't call me.
Hey, I know I'm an asshole but I wouldn't forget the date for her surgery.
- No matter what happens, I'll come. - [Soo Jin's surgery]
So you don't have to call me.
Don't worry.
Take care of yourself until the surgery.
Don't worry about that either.
I'm going.
I'm on the way.
Where are you right now?
I called you several times. Why didn't you answer the phone?
I'm at the hospital. I had to meet someone.
I just got out.
Then go to a storage in Paju and get some stuff for me.
It's urgent. Take a taxi.
There's nothing for you there.
There are only household goods.
It's a watch. The owner really wants it back so bad.
Why would he want a wedding watch back? So stupid.
[Dae Ryung]
Hey man, I've looking for 20 minutes and I don't see the watch anywhere.
Then just come back.
Hey, are you kidding me?
There you are.
Oh Mi Sook wants you to come to her house now?
- She said she's sick. - Oh Mi Sook?
- Yeah. - Why the heck does she want me to come?
- I heard you know where she lives. - That's because
I helped her go back to her house when she fell over and broke her ankles.
And on that day she fell in love with you.
Shut up.
So are you not going to go?
How sick is she?
- How sick is she that she wants me to come? - Why don't you just go and check up on her?
She was crying on the phone. She must be really sick.
Okay. Fine.
I, Jang Tae San, am saving some people today.
Oh Mi Sook.
Mi Sook.
Mi Sook.
Mi Sook.
Oh Mi Sook.
Soo Jin, you can get a bone marrow transplant now.
We found the right bone marrow for you.
Really, Mom?
Seo Soo Jin, enjoy your free time while you can.
When you get the surgery on the 26th and leave the hospital
Soo Jin, why are you crying?
I don't know what heaven looks like.
I got so scared because I had to go there alone without you and Seung Woo.
Were you scared?
You were scared I didn't know that.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What the heck?
What happened?
Mi Sook.
Mi Sook. Mi Sook!
I didn't do that. I didn't!
I didn't do that! It wasn't me!
I'm going to live!
- Who is the donor? - I'm not telling you.
What about Park Jae Kyung?
Looks like you got the wrong person.
Make Jang Tae San shut his mouth.
What if the donor got in trouble or something?
What if he got sick or got into an accident?
Then she will die.
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