2 Weeks (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

You have a daughter, and she needs a bone marrow transplantation.
A daughter?
You had the child?
I have someone I'm getting married to.
So you, Tae San. Check if your blood matches the child's.
Next time, please return this. Please!
The 26th. Is the day you can transplant it.
No matter what happens, I'll come. So don't worry.
If we don't want all of our work to be nothing at the end,
this has to have arrived two hours before the event starts.
Unni, Congresswoman Jo and CEO Moon came by my house.
I filmed the way you told me but I'm not sure if it came out right.
Jang Tae San?!
No need to mind him. He's just trash.
Ajusshi! Please take care of this. Hurry!
Oh Mi Sook asked of you hurry to her house.
Oh Mi Sook! Mi Sook.
Episode 2
What the?
How did this happen?
Mi Sook.
Mi Sook, Mi Sook.
Mi Sook!
Put your hands up!
Wa-waitI'm just
Put that knife down.
That that's not it . . .
Wait. It's not me!
You jerk!
I said it's not me!
They said I'm able to live!
God has a conscience so he decided not to take me.
Ahh of course.
Say "ah".
But who is our savior, the transplant donor?
They aren't supposed to reveal that information.
The doctors said that I was going to live!
If you say that again, It has already been a hundred times.
Hey, hey, Ajussi will listen to it a thousand times!
After the surgery,
ice cream and chocolate and hamburger What else, Mom?
Candy and ramen!
I can eat all of those! My mom said she would buy all of them for me!
I'm also going to become a soccer player, an author, an artist, and a toy seller.
I'll also buy you a soccer ball, take you
to the amusement park and the aquarium!
Wait a sec.
You can give her to me.
Yes, this is Im Sang Goo.
What do you mean I have to come back in?
They told me to rest for a few days.
Whatever it is, handle it by yourselves.
What? You're too muc-
Murder case?
I'm going crazy!
It's not me!
Look here. I got a call and I went there . . .
Some bastard hit me on the back of my head and ran away after putting the knife in my hand!
Why aren't you listening to a person's words?
Sunbae, shouldn't we take off his socks?
--You can take them off. -- You mean me?
Yes, that's right. Then what you think I should smell stinky socks?!
No! Not that! Leave that alone
I'm talking about the doll! There's nothing strange about it. It's just a stuffed animal.
Ah then touch it and see if there is any metal hidden in it!
This guy, you know a lot.
Tear it open to see if there's anything inside.
Give it to me!
If you're the police, does it mean you can just touch other people's possessions without permission?
And, I
I haven't even been brought here on drug charges!
Why are you trying to tear an innocent doll? Can't cops do that?
All you have to do is just touch it!
This jerk.. Who does he think he is talking rudely to?
This right here is my personal item!
And i'm only just a suspect,
but how can you just cuff me like this? I won't stand still!
What are you going to do about it?
I'll report you to the Commission on Civil Rights!
Sunbae, could he actually report us to the Commission on Civil Rights?
This guy, he's totally crazy.
Sorry for calling you back after I let you go on a break.
What's the gender of the victim?
A female. Name, Oh Mi Sook. Age 26. The suspect was arrested at the crime scene.
He's already been to jail twice for assault
The accused!
-Was he caught? -Why? Are you disappointed that he's already caught?
If he was already caught then why did you have to call me?
Well he kept saying it wasn't him so we never even had a chance to talk.
Sunbae, what's the first thing to do on murder investigation site?
Did you not pay attention at the police academy?
No, it's just that this is my first murder case.
You brought your camera right? Yes.
This guy's temper is scary. I mean how many times did he stab her?
Il Do, come closer to take the pictures.
No, I said closer.
Since the neighborhood police are patroling, you take care of the case.
Yes I will
Your partner is a bit of a wuss, but since the suspect has been caught, just give him some easy tasks.
I'm sorry, Sunbaenim.
I have a strong stomach so usually I'm not like this in front of blood.
So like my friends would like spit in my ramen and I
Stop it, that's enough. I'm feeling queasy.
Then how were you able to approach that blood-stained corpse so easily?
Blood is like the victim's tears.
The victim's last cry to shed them of their misfortune.
What's the name of the guy who is no better than a monster?
Jang Tae San, 8 years ago because of violence he was in prison for two years and 5 years ago for a years and half
What kind of guy has such nerve, let's go see the guy.
Go gather some information on the case
Yes, sir.
Look here.
- It's not me. - Name.
It is Jang Tae San.
--Age? -- 32 years old 8212410251056
But, how is Mi Sook?
Did she die? Did she?
--Occupation? --But, has Mi Sook died?!
My occupation is pawn shop owner.
I wonder if you even know my pawn shop.
It's located at the Yeongdeung
Even if this is your job, you're being too harsh.
Why won't you tell me whether she has died or not to a person worrying?!
Why are you asking me?!
Then, who should I ask?! I would ask the person who has been there.
Why did you kill her?
Has Mi Sook died?
I didn't kill Mi Sook!
Why won't you listen to what someone is saying?!
I, for me Mi Sook
told me she was sick, therefore asked me to come by over the phone.
--Did she phone? --YEAH she called me!
But, I'm telling you, you guys
are you really a cop?!
Right now I am just a suspect, but if you want to catch the real killer-no
you can't treat me like a killer!
I have an alibi.
A phone call came?`
What do you mean? How can I pick up Oh Mi Sook's phone?!
Tae San went out at 11 am and didn't even come in.
He didn't go in?
Please look at our pawn shop CCTV.
You told Jang Tae San to go to the storage.
Ajusshi! Here.
That girl
What happened?
Really, what kind of jerk did that?
But, what's taking so long?
What did he say?
Is your IQ one digit?
You thought that if you spilled some sort of story then Jo Dae Ryong and Jang Seok Doo
would somehow figure out what you'd say
and go along with your lie?
Did they really say that?
Dae Ryong and Seok Doo said I never came to the store?
They said Mi Sook never called?
They came to make a statement,
and affixed their thumbprints to the documents.
Get them back. Tell those punks to come back!
Those bastards are lying right now!
I'm telling you the truth! They told me she called so
that's why I went to Mi Sook's house.
I.. Detective I have an alibi.
The storage in Pa Ju?
There is CCTV's there. Check that.
That storage has been moved last month.
What do you mean moved? Today-
I just went there earlier today. What do you mean moved?
Detective Kim, did you check that storage on the 744th street?
It's a vacant storage. There is nothing.
Are you sure it's vacant? There's really nothing?
Check the CCTV outside.
There are no CCTV cameras.
I asked the neighbor and they said it's been vacant since last month.
Okay, work hard.
You heard, right?
That can't be right . . .
Didn't he go to the wrong area?
I'm saying Dae Ryong ordered me to go there for certain!
Oh, my phone. Check my calls.
He said he called you because you were absent for a long time when you went out without a permission.
To tell you to hurry and come in.
Go to the Pa Ju storage right now and find something for me.
Why don't you go there?
She was crying. As if she was dying.
Jo Dae Ryong
It's Dae Ryong. That bastard Dae Ryong killed her!
Dae Ryong did it and blamed it on me!
Then, what about Jang Seok Doo?
You Do you think a murder case is the same as other cases?
Just because someone asked, you're going to blame someone else?
how could Seok Doo lie too?
Hey, Jang Tae San!!!
Between 11AM when you left the pawn shop
and 3:30PM when you were caught at Oh Mi Sook's house,
where were you, and what were you doing?
I went to the hospital.
I killed Oh Mi Sook?
Do you know what day it is for me?
Which hospital? Why did you go?
Till what time were you there?
It's kind of complicated but
actually, to me
The only one who can control both Dae Ryong and Seok Doo at the same time
is Moon Il Seok
8 years ago, in Busan
If you go, it's going to be 1 year at the most but
if Hyungnim goes, it would be 7-8 years.
You don't have a girlfriend, right?
I heard there's a girl who's crazy about you, following you around.
After having the last meal with Song Do sea water tonight,
should I bury you two together in the sea?
N- No
I will go.
Me again?
So, you're sure, right?
Have you got a call from Detective Park?
What happened to the CCTV in Jeon Dang Po?
He said they haven't changed the tape for a month.
A month?
I changed the tape yesterday!
Stop lying, you bastard.
The number of fan club members for an incumbent congresswoman has become 20,000 in 6 months
We should look at this as a syndrome, right?
Why isn't he calling me?!
Congresswoman Jo has been living in an old, 18 pyeong (72.2 sq. yds) house in Hong Jae Dong,
which is leased on a deposit basis.
She was well-known as a lawyer for low class people
At the end of this month, she plans to hold a charity auction
to fund rehabilitation centers for the handicapped.
are going to decide the direction of investigation.
This was Reporter Soo.
This afternoon, there was a murder at Yeongdeungpo-gu Yeongdeungpo-dong.
The victim was 26-year-old Ms. Oh and died instantly
after being stabbed in several areas.
The police arrested 32-year-old Mr. Jang on the scene.
Few days before Oh Mi Sook died.
I will stay outside.
Director Oh, it's me.
There's something you need to find out.
The day of the killing.
Expansion of a pawnshop?
Hey, President Hwang.
Since when have I been in charge of small businesses?
Hey, your crazy bastard!
So, the reason you begged me for a meeting with the President,
to request an expansion of
that mere pawnshop?
No, that's not it.
Jang Tae San.
It's because of him.
Jang.. Tae San?
Yes, Chairman.
I want to own a pawnshop but, because of him, I can't.
Since you, Chairman, are in debt to him,
I can't say anything.
A debt?
From which bastard's mouth did you hear that?
Do you know how long time ago that is?
I don't know if it's because of that, but he's not interested in shops.
Everyday, he is always gambling.
Among The Pleasure Dome girls.
There's this girl named Mi Sook. She's head over heels in love with Jang Tae San.
Mi Sook. The innocent looking one.
I don't know how he seduced her, but she visits Jang Tae San every day.
What did you say?!
Hey, President Hwang!
Pull that nonsense tongue out!!!
You see..
It's Jo Seo Hee's call.
Then, could you leave a memo?
This is really important. Please pass on the memo when she contacts you.
The memo is
I want to see her.
Yeah, I want to see her.
Please tell her.
Moon Il Seok.
It wasn't enough that you fell for Park Jae Gyeong's spy,
but you took me there too?!
Where are you going right now?
Wait . . .
Are you running away after selling me, Moon Il Seok, to Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong? Eh?
did you know that I gave a piece of my heart to you or not?
I knew it.
You knew?
Then, meantime, were you my woman or not?
You pretend to be my woman all this time to be informer for the prosecutor?
I had no choice.
You dared to play with my heart, this Moon Il Seok's heart.
My feelings.
My feelings . . . my feelings . . .
My feelings!
My heart! My feelings!!
My feelings.
What are we going to do? Aigoo, Budda.
is she dead?
Yes, Hyung-nim, what are we going to do now?
D..Don't worry.
I'll choose someone as a substitute for you
Jang Tae San.
Jang Tae San?
I told you to take care of it quietly.
But out of jealousy and betrayal, you lost your mind
and made it into a case that the whole nation is interested in?
I made a trouble, but I took care of it cleanly so don't worry.
Framing someone, is that all?
What are you going to do if Jang Tae San mentions your name?
A rigged game, do you think he's going to fall for that again?
If you think for 5 minutes, anybody can know who lied for whom.
Even an idiot can figure it out.
Even so, he is alone in the world with only himself.
Even if he mentions my name, no one will believe
What about Park Jae Gyeong?
Don't you know who Park Jae Gyeong is?
She's digging around every business we do, did you forget?
Once she smells something,
she's the type to make it her business to find out whether or not it's rotten herself.
To that bch, if Oh Mi Sook left a memo about you meeting me,
for that alone is a proof to Park Jae Gyeong!
Added to that, her informer was murdered.
Jang Tae San again!
If Moon Il Seok's name comes up, what do you think Park Jae Gyeong will do?
Jang Tae San,
shut his mouth.
Even if there's hundreds of accusations,
if there's no evidence then it's useless thing.
Thankfully, Park Jae Gyeong went to a seminar in the US.
She couldn't have contacted Oh Mi Sook.
If Chairman Moon, you get involved
this project can not proceed.
When fingerprint results come out, everything will be revealed,
so confess everything now.
Detective Im, let's eat something first.
You're remaining silent after since your lie was blown, this bastard!
What do you want to eat?
He said he doesn't want anything.
Take him.
What do you want to eat, Jajangmyeon(Black-bean noodle) or Jjamppong(Spicy seafood noodle)?
Sister-in-law. (They're not related, but a friendly way of calling a friend's gf/future wife)
What are you doing here?
This.. I heard it was a murder case. I thought it was going to take all night.
Eat it together.
Wow. It smells really nice.
Look at Detective Im, smiling broadly.
What about it?
I heard about your daughter's news.
Thank you.
This bastard is a total trash!
Gambling places, night clubs, part-time jobs as a host,
and recently he was stalking Oh Mi Sook
It's been a while, Il Do.
You're always on time when there's food involved.
Let me see.
Chief, I'll see you next time.
I have to go back because of Soo Jin.
After this case, I'll give him few days off.
I can take a break for a bit.
Hey, Jin Il Do. Don't eat anything and wait until I come back.
Let's go.
I'll eat this gratefully!
If this is Moon Il Seok's doing,
This means for me to go to jail.
He just covered it up, without even a warning this time.
That bastard.
If it wasn't for Jang Tae San, there would've been no chance for Soo Jin.
Take care yourself until the surgery date.
Then what happens to the surgery?
What do I do? What do I do?
No, no, no. I should think.
You have something called thinking.
You have to investigate all night long, right?
Aigoo. We got a tough case.
In this state, he's remaining silent. I'm just going to let him sleep tonight.
I saw the news.
How can he kill a person?
A person's life is so precious.
This is scandalous homicide case, and that guy intentionally killed.
Well.. Do you think those bastards really know how precious life is?
They just make trouble while acting upon their emotions and their desires.
From what I heard from Il Do, that person seems to live recklessly.
The criminal with two previous convictions.
I told you before. That people's personalities are determined when they're born.
You go back in, the food is going to get cold.
I guess Soo Jin really is your lifeline.
Since the surgery was decided, you thought about making me a night snack.
Sunbae-nim, the identification of fingerprints results came out.
This is the result of fingerprints from Oh Mi Sook's house,
Your fingerprints are all over the house.
A knife, suitcase, cup, front door knob,
Do you think that's all?
You tested positive on the drug test.
Just confess everything.
It's not me. It's not me!
That's all fabricated!
It's not me!
Sit down, don't drain your energy.
Sit down. Sit down.
Even if you say you didn't do it, the fingerprint says you did it.
There were no other fingerprints except
you, Jang Tae San's and Oh Mi Sook's.
That day, you did drugs and went to see Oh Mi Sook.
But this woman was ready to leave,
so you were asking for drink and tried to persuade her but this woman did not listen to you.
You couldn't control yourself after seeing her refusing to yield because you were under the influence of drugs.
'You dare to refuse me?'
You thought you could stop her from leaving.
You held a knife and swung it around.
After doing that,
the drug already took over your body.
So you collapsed down next to her but wondered if she was really dead.
You opened your eyes to check, but that's when the police came in.
Isn't that it?
Let me go first!
Keep him quiet!
This bastard, isn't he trying to get out
by saying that it was because of the drugs and that he can't remember anything because of it?
Don't even try that bsh.
What are you drawing, instead of sleeping?
This main character from a novel.
Which novel is it?
Why is he crying? An adult, too.
He has a story.
What is it?
A story is when you can't say it.
Mom said that.
Good for you then. I would find out later on but you always act hard to get.
Where did you meet Daddy for the first time?
My person was a good person, right?
Like ajusshi, a good person, right?
Stop drawing and go to sleep. It's past your bedtime.
Eighteenth Busan National Film Festival.
Tae Sang!
Where is that bastard?
He didn't open his store yet.
Come here. There's something to die for.
What? Where are we going?
Look at that.
She's really slim!
Look. It's a person, right?
She hasn't been moving for 47 minutes. She didn't even blink.
Whether it's person or a statue, why do you care? Let's go already.
We need to get that money by today.
If that's a person, she would feel the urge to pee, right?
Let's go a little later.
Wow. That line is to die for.
Come after you see it pee.
You should go with me. How are you going to do it alone?
If we don't do it by today, we die by hyungnim.
Are you really that curious whether she's a person or a statue?
So, after she's done peeing, a little longer.
Wait. What are you doing now?
Aren't you coming down?
Let me go. Come down already.
Let me go.
Is she a person of a statue? What is it?
A statue.
Oh, wait.
I'm sorry.
What if he already ran with the money from his mom's store?
Get it away.
I will catch him no matter what.
Where did he go, really?!
I will hold both of your hands.
Are you crazy? That bitch.
It's the mermaid that your friend touched the boobs of.
You. Did you touch it knowing or not knowing?
You already got hit so answer truthfully, okay?
Did you touch it knowing I was a person?
If I knew, would I have touched them?
So you are saying you didn't know?
So you are saying I looked like a real statue?
You heard it?
He said he didn't know. I didn't look like a person.
The day you came
On a warm day, as if I'm under a spell,
As if I were dreaming, I'll greet you happily.
I will hold both of your hands.
On the day you come,
On a warm day, as if I'm under a spell,
As if I'm dreaming, I'll greet you happily.
I will hold both of your hands.
On the day you come to me.
Here. 200,000 Won. Take the rest from my salary.
Did you sell your body last night?
This son of a b!
Moon Il Seok, on purpose,
He picked me as his scapegoat.
Fingerprints and drug
He trapped me with no exit to escape.
Then, what about my surgery?
Your surgery
I'm going to ask the prosecutor and I am going out.
Then, the prosecutor is going to let you out?
Of course.
Wouldn't they allow me time for taking my bone marrow out when you are dying?
I am going to ask.
and tell them about Moon Il Seok too.
Would the prosecutor clear your false accusation too?
That's probably going to happen, right?
Fingerprints did come out as mine,
but I can't rot in jail forever.
No matter what, don't worry about your surgery.
What are you!?
Save me!
Why are you here?
What are you doing?
This jerk.
That jerk . . .
He's crazy. Crazy!
I felt someone touching me when I was asleep,
so I woke up to this bastard trying to take the rubber band from the waist of my pants.
Then he started choking me. I was scared and was trying to stop him, but he started beating me up.
You jerk!
Let go! Let go!
Save me.
Can you take me out of here?
That's not it. This guy tried to kill me!
He tried to choke me with this string!
Look at this!
Why don't you just put on a show for us?
You don't believe me?
Why don't you believe me?!
Jang Tae San, come out.
You bastard! Who ordered you?
Chairman Moon sent you, didn't he!
Ahh! Let me go!
Contract unsuccessful
He'll kill me if I talk.
Even if I don't, he's going to kill me.
No matter what, he plans to kill me.
Man Seok, this came out really well.
Did it?
What should I do with these pictures?
I have to return the camera to Tae San.
There's a photo studio next to the nail shop. So I'll ask them to print these for me.
Okay. Look over there-
Stop it.
What should we do?
I'll print them tomorrow and return this to your store.
So just give some excuse for today.
Alright. Tae San will probably be back late anyways.
I should just sleep before he returns.
You're so smart!
This is Go Man Seok's cell phone, right?
This is Yeongdeungpo Police Station, Special Investigation Team.
The police?
You jerk, what happened?
I don't have long to talk. Man Seok, let me ask for a favor.
A favor? What is it?
Oh Mi Sook, who I supposedly killed,
and President Moon. You know them right?
Find out how they're connected for me.
Oh Mi Sook and Moon Il Seok?
Oh Mi Sook worked at a place called The Pleasure Dome.
it's a hostess bar owned by Moon Il Seok.
Go in there as if you're there to drink, and try to get some information out of the workers.
The Pleasure Dome?
The hostess bar?
What am I saying? Okay, Hyung. I'll go,
and I'll make sure to find out.
Man Seok, please. I really need your help.
You're saving two people.
She'll be going into pre-operation conditioning.
The procedure is a bit difficult, so Soo Jin will get sensitive.
As a mom, you have to be constantly with her.
I already took time off from work.
Doctor Park, what does pre-operation conditioning consist of?
She'll go through chemotherapy so that the cancer cells in her body will be eliminated and empty out the bone marrow.
It's to make room for the new bone marrow.
If it's that harsh, then shouldn't her immune cells die out too?
That's why she'll be going into the aseptic room, since she won't have an immune system to support her.
But what if in the process,
something happens to the donor?
He can get sick or get into a car accident.
Then does Soo Jin have to live
in the aseptic room?
That can't happen since her bone marrow will be empty.
Then what?
Then she'll die.
Then we already
saved the date with enough thought and care
with the donor, right?
Of course. You don't need to worry about that.
Congresswoman Jo, what brings you all the way here?
I came to give you an invitation to the charity auction.
I have something to tell you too.
Please sit down.
I miss you. Unnie, I miss you. -Kim Tae Hee-P.S. Prosecutor, it's a very important message!
What is this?
I miss you. Unnie, I miss you?
Oh that?
A couple of days ago, a lady left a message.
Why do two females miss each other?
What's wrong with that?
It's kind of weird.
What's weird? Lesbians tell each other that they miss each other and that they love each other.
What did you say?
I've returned.
Listen to that. Is that a voice that a girl should have?
She's probably the male role in the relationship.
You want to die?
Yet still you like her.
Nothing happened while I was gone?
Prosecutor, is there an email from someone you miss?
it's because I can't check this email when I'm not at the office.
I'm dying because I haven't been able to get my emails from my lover.
Unnie, I finally did it.
Congresswoman Jo and President Moon came to my house together.
Yes, yes, I knew it.
I took a video like you asked,
but I don't know if it came out well.
Call me as soon as you read this email.
Prosecutor, did something good happen?
Yes. Something that's madly thrilling. I told you I'd be on to you guys.
Ah, Prosecutor, this.
This is a bit weird,
but there is an important message.
Yes, who is it from?
Someone named Kim Tae Hee.
Kim Tae Hee?
What? You need to leave without even giving me a report on your business trip?
I'll explain later tonight when I return.
Park Jae Gyeong, did you get into some trouble?
I'm not too entirely sure yet.
You, what is that look on your face?
I'll report back once I return. I'm sorry.
What's wrong with her? Did she drink bad water in Chicago?
Are you really not going to talk?
If you remain silent,
do you think your crime will disappear?
Even if you remain silent,
due to clear evidence, it'll eventually be submitted to the prosecutor.
If you weren't going to talk, you shouldn't have killed her.
Why did you strangle yourself?
What trash, this bastard.
Did he say he really strangled his own neck?
In my opinion,
since the evidence came out clear cut, well, he'll die trying to avoid having to go to prison
Who ever dies trying to strangle his own neck?
Detective Jin, can you hold your breath and die?
During the trial, through a psychiatric evaluation, he's thinking of getting his prison term reduced.
Ah, there was that! As expected, Detective Im!
What if the guy with the sweat pants really tried to kill him?
There definitely is no correlation between the two.
Jang Tae San is a gangster from this area,
and sweat pants' home is Gang Nam, but he came to meet a friend and had a fight.
And why kill Jang Tae San? What is there to gain by killing him?
The chief's meeting today is going on long.
-Detective Im, draw up the Jang Tae San case quickly and send it off to the prosecutors within the day.
That vile murderer.
Even the fingerprint is clear evidence,
so why keep wasting energy on a bastard who won't open his mouth being silent even up to now?
Still, it'll be refreshing only if we send him after getting the confession.
Why do you need a confession? If he ends up not confessing, are you going to release him?
I think I'll have to send him after getting his confession.
It's your father's orders. The Chief of the National Police Agency.
Public sentiment is chaotic, isn't it?
He's trying to show the vicious bastard getting tried and receiving his punishment quickly.
Kim Tae Hee. Please confirm just once more.
There's no hotel guest named Kim Tae Hee.
Then, Oh Mi Sook. What about Oh Mi Sook?
There's no one named Oh Mi Sook either.
Yes, I understand.
What's happened? Why is she not here?
Who is your favorite actress?
Kim Tae Hee.
In my next life, I want to be born with everything
parents, brains, and face - everything like Kim Tae Hee.
In case, what if you feel yourself in danger?
Sera Hotel. Kim Tae Hee.
What about the secret code that you're pulling out?
"I want to see you, Unni."
Jo Seo Hee. Moon Il Seok. The two of them both are snake-like people.
Moon Il Seok's like a red banded snake, and Jo Seo Hee, a viper.
If you get caught, you're going to die either by being choked or bitten.
So, first, be careful; for the second and the one hundredth time too.
Be careful, okay?
do you think Moon Il Seok will really like me?
Even with a wife, a woman who happens at least once a year.
That woman is you precisely. An innocent woman.
Why like a dumb woman like me?
You can't contact me on my cellphone or my personal email.
There's a time I've been hacked by Jo Seo Hee. Be sure to send messages to the prosecutor's mail account.
I got it. I absolutely won't.
Did you transfer it to internal investigation without telling me even?
I'll tell you about that later, so please go over to Mi Sook's house right now. She's not where she'd promised to hide.
If perhaps she's home, please bring her with you directly. I too will be heading over that way.
I'll go over there now, so please send over the address.
How did it go?
Miss Oh Mi Sook was murdered.
are you saying?
I'm saying that Miss Oh Mi Sook . . .
. . . was murdered.
That whenever I come over, you intentionally cover that up, don't you?
What is it?
Is it something that I shouldn't see?
The reason I live.
The reason I became a prosecutor.
People I have to catch before I die.
Ah, your enemies. Who are they?
Let me have a look at their faces.
If you see that, you will have to give me your life though?
I'll give it to you.
Don't speak so simply.
Put my life on the line for someone else?
Who would? A person would?
If you see their faces, they're dangerous people.
It wasn't just simple talk.
You saved me who was nearly dead from being hooked on drugs.
I would have been dead without you, Unni.
Why wouldn't I be able to use it for you, Unni?
You sure do calculate things simplistically.
Just show me and give me the word. Since I'll do everything.
A human being's has to know gratitude to be human.
Hey, stop it.
Then, then just show me.
You can't trust me even that much?
Hey, hey! Oh Mi Sook! Hey, hey!
My daughter.
From tomorrow on, let's wait patiently for just 14 days.
My Soo Jin will withstand it well.
But Mommy.
Who is the person donating bone-marrow for me?
I already said that it's something they don't tell you to begin with.
He's like Santa Claus.
Santa Claus?
Yes, "Soo Jin, since you have done a lot of good things, live a long, long life."
"Live a long, long life together with your mother."
He's giving you a big gift. He's a summer Santa Claus.
I'm really curious who it is.
Please return it to me later for sure. For sure!
was trash.
Born trash, I lived as trash.
I didn't know that my heart that died as it sent In Hye away
would start beating again.
Until I met that little child.
Surgery Day
Just once in my life,
just once,
I would like to live as a human being.
Chief, it's the criminal investigation section, and they say Jang Tae San escaped.
You're saying Oh Mi Sook's murder suspect is Jang Tae San?
Catch Jang Tae San before Park Jae Gyeong. This time, I'll take care of it without a hitch.
Since I've taken care of Park Jae Gyeong, just do as you see fit with Jang Tae San.
Although an hour and a half has passed since he entered the intersection, we've yet to find even the motorcycle.
Expand the inspection nationwide right now!
Supposedly, the prosecutor woman came to the pawnshop and found the digital camera Mi Sook entrusted, but
If there's a certificate of custody, why isn't the item itself here?
A murderer is a person who kills people, but if you write my letter for me, you're a nice ahjussi.
You found Jang Tae San? Where?!
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