2 Weeks (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

It's not me! I'm saying it's not me!
That's all fabricated! It's not me!
No matter how much you say it's not you, the fingerprints say that it's you.
Oh Mi Sook was murdered.
Don't ever contact me through my cellphone or my personal email.
Please return this to me later. Please.
Are you alright?!
Are you going to do it or are you not?
Have you been raising the child by yourself all this time?
How. . .
At that time, I
I definitely
Then, you should have stood watch outside the operating room, like a real gangster would have.
What about your parents? The emigration?
You didn't end up emigrating, following your parents?!
Jang Tae San, I didn't come here because I wanted to talk to a person like you.
Are you going to take the blood test or not? Just tell me that.
If you are, then by tomorrow 4 o'clock,
come here.
And if you don't want to do it,
call this number.
"If I don't want to do it?"
If you don't want the child to live.
"If I don't want the child to live?"
Detective Im, shake it off.
Just shake it off.
Will the crap on your bottom fall off if you didn't wipe after taking a dump just because you're shaking it off?
Sunbaenim, was there no toilet paper in the bathroom?
Is this the time to tell stupid jokes?
Hey, Im Seung Woo. What did you just say to me?
'Stupid jokes?'
No. . . He wasn't saying anything to you, Detective Park. He was saying it to me.
Are you the only one who's bothered because we couldn't get a confession?
Are you the only homicide detective in the Republic of Korea?!
Why are you being like this? You know that Detective Im is a perfectionist.
I'm sorry.
You know, a homicide detective isn't a hunting dog that just retrieves.
I was like that because I'm frustrated by that brazen bastard going after shamelessly holding out.
Then, go complain to your father instead.
Are you bragging because you're the son of the Police Commissioner or what?
Sunbae-nim, draw a distinct line between public and private matters.
These imbeciles Now,
are you disrespecting me or what because I'm a Squad Chief whose retirement is near at hand?
Dudes just wagging only your tongues
Go outside and fight, you bastards!
Who is Oh Mi Sook's murderer?!
Where is he?!
Who, yourself, are you?
This is Homicide's Jin Il Do.
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office.
Southern District Prosecutor's Office?
What A little while ago, we just sent over the case.
You already sent a case report?
Do you know the victim?
C-Chief! That was the investigation team. They said Jang Tae San escaped!
What do you mean escaped? From where?!
Jang Tae San?
A-About twenty, twenty minutes ago, there was a car accident at the Mokdong station intersection,
they say he ran away at that, at that time.
How did he run away in the time a car accident happened?
And, the bastard was even handcuffed! What was the escort team doing?!
M-Motorcycle. They said he took a motorcycle and escaped!
Ah, and Squad Chief, you're being told to report quickly to the Chief's office .
Aigoo I'm going to go crazy.
Hurry and check the CCTV first!
Who did you say just a moment ago?
Jang Tae San? You're saying the suspect for Oh Mi Sook's murder is Jang Tae San?
No! The person who killed my father [Name Tag: Park Jae Gyeong]
is not him! It is that person! [Name Tag: Park Jae Gyeong]
I-I saw it.
These need to be closed down. Hospitals, backroads and backwater
Yes, it's the situation room. Yes.
Yes. There's nothing we've discovered.
Yes, I think I found it!
At the Mullae intersection, he turned left toward the Mullae subway station.
Five minutes ago, Jang Tae San escaped from the transport vehicle and
from the Mullae intersection, came in toward the Mullae subway station.
You mean he crawled back into this neighborhood?
What about the handcuffs?
They said he has the handcuffs on.
He came back to get his handcuffs off, this bastard!
Got it!
If he left Mullae intersection 5 minutes ago Then, here, here, here
Block off the alleys on Yeouido, North Riverside Road, Olympic Road
Block the on ramp on Mokdong-bound Seobu Road,
and begin road search! Put out a warrant on the motorcycle!
He'll have to remove the handcuffs. So, from his home to hardware stores,
search any place that may have saws,
and check the taxis.
Thank you.
Hurry up and stop it.
Check everywhere thoroughly and carefully. Especially the motorcycle. Find the motorcycle first!
-Whoa, what is that? Awesome! -A motorcycle!
Hey, the key's in it. The key's in it.
Take good care of it.
Yeah, good work.
What's this? You sound like a maiden ghost dozing off and then yawning.
Mi Sook was a girl I thought of as a younger sister.
Oh Mi Sook, who was like your younger sister, was murdered.
And the suspect, who was caught at the crime scene, escaped?
So you're asking me to entrust you with the authority over the escape investigation. Is that all?
The criminal who killed Mi Sook, I want to catch him with my own hands for sure.
Hey, Park Jae Gyeong.
Do I look like water to you? Do I look like a little kid who'd just nod if I'm beaten with words?
Are you a worm-head?
What's this accident you've caused? For you to mention as soon as you came back your trip?
You won't sing properly?!
If you were me,
would you entrust an escape investigation to a frivolous prosecutor, who's been slow and laid back all that time?
And who whined because she couldn't solve even one complicated case?
Get out.
Oh Mi Sook
died because of me!
What is that supposed to mean?
I was doing a secret investigation.
Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee have been forging a connection from the time they were in Busan.
In 2005, Moon Il Seok first,
then afterward, Jo Seo Hee too, after becoming a congresswoman, moved up to Seoul.
After moving up to Seoul, Moon Il Seok
developed Sungshil Capital, Ilseok Construction, even MC Global all into listed corporations.
All in 8 years. Without someone's help, it would have been impossible.
If you mean Jo Seo Hee
Isn't she the woman who became a congresswoman for the disabled because her son is disabled?
A person who has integrity and who's like a spokesperson for the alienated class.
To establish her own connections, she is thoroughly manipulating her own image.
Thanks to that, she's now even mighty enough of a person for the citizens to select voluntarily as Seoul's mayor.
I have responsibility for Oh Mi Sook being murdered. I ordered the infiltration.
And to top it all, she was murdered by Jang Tae San.
If I don't catch Jang Tae San with my own hands, I won't be able to breathe properly for the rest of my life, Chief.
Why did you hand it over to the prosecutor so quickly?
You said you thoroughly searched Oh Mi Sook's house?
I dusted it off completely, wiping it down with a high performance bug detector.
It's certain that she reported only that you and I met.
What about the 'lips'?
Even the lips of the taxi driver that drove for Jang Tae San,
I sewed them all shut.
If you finished cleaning without further trouble,
it's better to make the trial go forward as soon as possible.
Since that child, Jang Tae San, received a death threat while at the police station,
do you think he'll trust your district's police station?
It'll just drag on if he remains silent.
And, reporters, out of curiosity, will jump on this case.
He's probably thought about confessing everything to the prosecutor after going to the prosecutor's office, right?
"It's Moon Il Seok, for sure."
So that's why I'm saying!
What are you going to do if Seoul Southern District's Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong suddenly grabs onto this case?
I'll take care of the prosecutor in charge.
You figure out and put in the public defender.
I understand.
I get it now. Of course, Congresswoman
Hyungnim! Hyungnim! Hyungnim
No, Chairman. Aigoo, Congresswoman.
Uh, they say Jang Tae San has escaped.
That's what they're saying. And Park Jae Gyeong
has been chosen as the prosecutor in charge of the investigation.
There's a saying that goes "Someone unlucky will break his nose even if he falls backwards."
And, another that says, "The one who's meant to die will die by drowning even in a plate full of water."
What is this What is this What do you mean escaped? What do you mean escaped?
How I worked like a dog when I signed up for this case, but again it's an escape!
If they let me retire quietly, will something bad happen somewhere?
How long do you think a guy in handcuffs can come in and hold out in this neighborhood?
He'll be caught soon enough.
Do you really think, just because he can't go far, that we'll catch him quickly?
Fugitives are willing to take any risk. People who chase them are careful about taking risks to catch them.
What happened? Has Go Man Seok been contacted?
Go Man Seok, because he was on vacation yesterday, didn't go to work at the car center and isn't at home.
His cellphone is also off.
I came back after ordering Detective Jin to stake out in front of Jang Tae San's house.
What is this then? Could he have met Jang Tae San already?
He also visited him a few hours earlier. In case the breakout was planned also, we're reviewing the CCTV
For the Jang Tae San escape case,
I am the prosecutor in charge of the investigation.
And this is Detective Do Sang Hoon.
You're responsible for Jang Tae San's escape investigation?
The Prosecutor will also direct the investigation?
It is because the incident occurred during the transfer to the Prosecution.
You sure are fast.
Please update us with the latest information on Jang Tae San's investigation thus far.
He's definitely within this area.
There's not enough time for him to escape by acquiring a saw through Go Man Seok and undoing the handcuffs.
Who said that Jang Tae San met Go Man Seok?
If you were Jang Tae San, who would you ask for help?
I wouldn't ask Go Man Seok because he would be the very first one under surveillance.
Fugitives eventually all get caught at their kith and kin.
Parents, siblings, friends, lovers. It's because they need help.
And if it's a situation where he's handcuffed, then even more so.
An hour and a half has passed since he entered the Mullae intersection.
But we haven't even found the motorcycle yet.
He's probably moved into an alley without CCTVs and hiding somewhere for sure.
Because he's a gangster from this neighborhood, he knows this neighborhood like the back of his hand.
Detective Im, you said you investigated Jang Tae San, right?
Was the evidence that Jang Tae San is the culprit indisputable?
He was caught at the crime scene.
His fingerprints were on the weapon, and he'd done drugs before the crime. He had no alibi.
I'll come back after investigating the scene of the crime. Expand the inspection throughout Seoul immediately.
Make sure he can't get out of Seoul!
Good - bye SEOUL
You came?
Oh, yes.
I wish I could have a sip of water.
If they do a search, there's nowhere to hide.
I can hold my breath for a minute.
But would the search be over in just one minute?
Yes, please come in. Please sit down.
For calling you so suddenly, delaying you from leaving work
and for making you wait, I apologize truly.
No, it's nothing! If someone like Congresswoman Jo
has something important to say, of course I have to wait!
It's just that the women's organization is asking so earnestly.
The women's organization? What do you mean by that?
The oversight for the escaped murderer's investigation
has been entrusted to some female prosecutor?
Oh, yes. Her name is Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
But what about that?
I'm sorry to say this sort of thing
But that Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong?
Her career experience is still limited.
And are her abilities to conclude an investigation lacking as well?
What do you mean by that?
That this kind of a heavy-weight case
is left to an incompetent, rookie prosecutor,
is it because the victim was a low-class escort
that maybe you're trying to take care of this halfheartedly without sincerity?
But then,
how did the women's organization know that the prosecutor in charge is Prosecutor Park?
The victim wasn't murdered a little cruelly, was she?
Stubborn Mi Sook, although Moon Il Seok seemed to have smelled a rat,
while waiting for my call, was killed by Jang Tae San.
Without knowing that this was the case even, I
went to America, saying I'd try to find Jo Seo Hee's son.
You didn't know that this would happen.
There's no way he'd reveal this quickly to Mi Sook his connection to Jo Seo Hee, I thought arrogantly.
From the Judicial Training Institute up until now
no matter how much I tracked their trail, I couldn't catch Jo Seo Hee meeting Moon Il Seok.
There's even a time when I hired someone to tail them for three months.
Disgustingly, I even had her seduce him.
You wait here. Let me search to see if there's a digital camera first.
I'll find it.
It's not here, Prosecutor.
I wondered but it seems even the digital camera was discovered.
He killed Mi Sook,
and even took the digital camera?
What should we do now, Prosecutor?
We need to catch Jang Tae San!
If we can just catch Jang Tae San, as we reinvestigate Mi Sook's murder case,
we can snare Moon Il Seok. At least by the charity auction day.
Then Jo Seo Hee will come out yoked to him also.
What do you mean charity auction day?
Never have those two ever attended any event together.
Yet, for the first time, Moon Il Seok is attending the charity auction Jo Seo Hee is hosting.
I don't know the low down yet, but there is definitely a reason.
Yes, Chief?
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong,
drop out of the escape investigation.
What do you mean, drop out of the escape investigation?
It's the head prosecutor's order.
He said, because it's a case that's drawn the public's attention, you won't do.
This is the capability you've demonstrated thus far, isn't it?
Prosecutor Song will go there from tomorrow morning, so pull out immediately.
Chief. Chief. Chief!
Is he telling you to drop out of the escape investigation?
He said that it was because I'm not capable enough. I was in the way of my own foot too.
No, it can't be like this!
No, it can't be like this! It can't!
Congresswoman Jo, fighting!
I thought he was a bastard who would just lay there silently and be buried. But he runs away?
Where the heck is this bastard?!
I'm very sorry, Congresswoman.
Even if I had a million mouths, I would have nothing to say. But, using whatever means,
I will catch Jang Tae San before Park Jae Gyeong and will make sure this goes according to plan.
I already took care of Park Jae Gyeong,
so just take care of Jang Tae San on your own.
This woman
She said they already took Park Jae Gyeong out of the escape investigation.
Up to now, that woman has never requested anything before.
She has no reason to protect her image any longer.
Jo Seo Hee.
She's throwing around her authority everywhere because it's her last, huh?
Even if it kills her, she will do the charity auction , is that it?
Oh Mi Sook!
Regarding Oh Mi Sook, really.
Don't you know anything?
This oppa. He drags me out to drink!
But why do you only keep talking about a dead person unluckily?
Forget that and just have another drink, okay?
The Oh Mi Sook that I supposedly killed and Moon Il Seok. You know him, right?
Sungshil Capital Chairman. Look a bit into what relationship those two have, for me.
I heard this from somewhere
That Oh Mi Sook and the Chairman here
Moon Il Seok?
I heard that she had some relationship with him.
If you order one more bottle, then I'll tell you. Okay?
For real?
Seal. Good.
Bring it here. One more bottle.
Oh Mi Sook and Moon Il Seok dated.
But then, he killed her.
And he blamed that on Tae San Hyungnim.
Hyungnim, I figured it-
Oh right Tomorrow's visit at the police station.
I wonder what time it is?
Oh Man Seok?
You really didn't know?
I didn't know. Tae San Hyung really escaped?
Why didn't you pick up your cellphone? Were you perhaps drinking with Jang Tae San?
I was drinking with Secretary Jeon and two other co-workers.
That was Dae Pil and Jae Ho
Check for yourself.
Also, about my cellphone
I turned it off because I thought Young Ja would misunderstand.
-Hey, Detective Jin. -Why are there so many videos?
Hey, did Jang Tae San run a video shop?
-We like videos. -Go to The Pleasure Dome and check this guy's alibi.
Who are the people that regularly contact Jang Tae San?
There are no people that Tae San personally meets or contacts.
If you hide a criminal and stand up for him,
you'll be in big trouble.
There really isn't anyone. Tae San rarely talks about himself.
Then, write down all the names that came out of Jang Tae San's mouth even once.
You said you're from the same orphanage.
In alphabetical order
Jang Tae San didn't meet Oh Man Seok?
We checked the alibi. He came to visit Jang Tae San and became upset,
so he just went to a bar and drank all he wanted.
Coincidentally things happened at the same time. This guy led us to believe the confusion in the investigation.
Chief, they said they found Jang Tae San's motorcycle.
They found it? Where?
A couple of high school students came to sell the motorcycle at the motorcycle store.
They said it was just left in front of their school with the keys still in it.
He enticed us, so he could divert our attention.
Expand the search nationwide right now!
We need to do a brief search.
Please lower the ladder.
This is a sand truck.
It's loaded to the brim with only sand that a person wouldn't be able to breathe through.
I'm busy.
Then, thank you.
You sure do work diligently.
Why don't you just spill it out and break it all up to check, huh?
Break apart. Please, just break apart!
Why? You can't fall asleep?
Is your arm still numb? Do you want me to massage it?
I can't go to sleep because it's noisy.
I'll turn the television off.
Thump. Thump.
The sound of my heart pounding is loud.
Even if you like the sound, sleep.
Next news item. An escape occurred.
Around 4:30 pm today,
the murder suspect Mr. Jang, being transported from Yeongdeungpo police station to Seoul Southern District Court
escaped by seizing the opportunity created by a traffic accident.
Let's hear more details, Reporter Yeom Gyu Hyun
They said it's Yeongdeungpo police station?
It'll probably get busier for Ahjussi.
Mom, you're going to be bored. What will you do?
Is Mom a kid? Getting bored because Ahjussi isn't around?
Did that person escape?
There's just someone; a bad person that Ahjussi captured.
A murderer.
The man who killed a person.
Even a while ago, it was on the news.
Soo Jin.
I know a good word.
A nice Ahjussi who is donating the bone marrow to me.
What do you mean Ahjussi?
Ah, I'm feeling that it will be an ahjussi.
It's an ahjussi, right?
I told you several times that mom doesn't know.
Go to sleep now.
Please let it be here.
6:10 AM
Prosecutor, did you stay here all night?
Jae Gyeong.
Stand up and let's go in.
Mi Sook's face
How can I look at it when I'm so sorry?
It's a case already out of your hands.
You have no choice but to wait for Jang Tae San to be caught.
From the neck,
the chest the abdomen.
He stabbed repeatedly, brutally
Doctor, usually for involuntary manslaughter,
the knife doesn't go in from above, like this, right?
That's right, involuntary manslaughter usually
heads toward the lower abdomen.
He intended to kill her.
And, he stabbed her until she died. Jang Tae San, that son of bitch.
Her face looks better than before.
What's the use of her face looking better?
I saved her, then, I killed her again.
If she had just continued to live as a drug addict,
she probably wouldn't have died yet.
Other than the victim's blood, there's no other person's.
Why do you want to hold on to this?
When I sent Mi Sook away
I'll have to send this with her.
Prosecutor, what's wrong?
Oh, what in the world!
On her birthday last year,
this is what I gave her as a present. Mi Sook!
Mi Sook! How can you just go like this?!
What is this?
What is that?
It's a receipt from the pawnshop.
She left the digital camera.
By the digital camera, could that mean?
Dabada Pawnshop?
Her digital camera must not have been stolen!
Park Jae Gyeong.
Hey, hey, hey. What is this?
From the inside of this,
I found a storage receipt for a digital camera that Mi Sook left behind.
A storage receipt for the digital camera?
Mi Sook
This is the evidence that Mi Sook protected as she died.
Inside of this, a secret conversation between Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee
has been recorded.
Please just let me catch Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee, Chief.
If I don't investigate this case,
this digital camera will get into the hands of Congresswoman Jo.
Then Mi Sook's death will be nothing more than a dog's death.
And my efforts in which have persisted for 8 years since my father's case to now, will also come to nothing!
Your father? Then you-
That's why I became a prosecutor!
I deceived you by acting incompetent, so I could leave early, by any means,
and dig around about Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee.
You became a prosecutor so you could dig into Moon and Jo?
I'm sorry.
This is something I have put my life on the line for.
You can put your life on the line.
If I can just catch those two,
I, who doesn't deserve to be called a prosecutor, will leave my position.
Not that, you rascal. I mean your real neck. Your neck.
You could even die!
No hardware stores have reported any missing saws.
There isn't even a report of a man wearing handcuffs.
There hasn't been any disturbance all night.
This guy Isn't he hiding somewhere with a hostage?
If only we hadn't prepared the report so quickly, really.
Let's start the investigation up again, Chief.
How should we move?
Team 1, go to Busan and search there.
And team 2, take care of Seoul.
Origin from orphanage, then, elementary, middle through high school, whether his time as a gangster,
the bars, the billiard rooms, relationships with women!
Don't miss a single detail and bring it all!
I understand.
Yes, I understand.
Pull Jang Tae San's phone call log first.
Search the club houses, night clubs, and casinos that Jang Tae San supposedly goes to every day.
Oh, then what about you?
I'll take care of some business and follow behind.
Oh, to sister-in-law?
You have to check everything to see if anyone called overnight.
Yes, I understand.
Mom, it's Seung Woo Ahjussi.
Seung Woo.
I thought you would be out of your mind with the escape investigation. So, what brought you here?
Ah, you are too much.
How can you think I wouldn't come?
Soo Jin, am I right or not? Is your mom making sense or not?
Ahjussi says he came here to see me, Mommy!
But why are you standing there like that?
I really, really want to hug Soo Jin right now,
but I'm dirty. I couldn't wash up.
It's okay for now.
Oh yeah!
Aigoo our little polka-dot, how's your condition today?
I'm a little scared.
Yeah, they said when you go into the aseptic room, it'll be very, very hard.
Still, if we wait 13 days, what did Ahjussi say he'll do with you again?
Soccer, the amusement park, and ice cream.
And so?
I have to endure it well.
Correct answer!
Kiss! Aigoo!
I feel so sorry.
I said I'm okay.
Not to you, to Soo Jin.
We were watching the news and then suddenly she said, "Ahjussi will get busier."
"Mommy, you're going to be bored. What are you going to do?" That's what she said.
She really said that, that kid? Aigoo!
In Hye. . . just give me the boot.
Ah, what is this?
I can't even be with you when it's the toughest for you.
I know, right? So, why did that guy have to escape and cause everyone so much trouble?
Aigoo, that son of a bitch. I'm going to catch him, even if it's as a dead body.
Oh, how terrible.
Surely, you don't think I'd really kill him.
I'm saying I'll catch him some way.
But that bastard, he's not human.
You shouldn't get hurt.
Be careful.
Whenever I have the time, I'll call and report that I'm okay and I'll get a report of Soo Jin's condition.
Here, let's put on your clothes.
There we go.
At last, entering the aseptic room!
Mom, wait a little bit, a little bit.
When I come out of there, I'll come out alive, right?
Of course! Don't worry, and
just think about the promise you made with Mom and Ahjussi.
You like Ahjussi, right?
Ahjussi really likes Mom, so
you also came to like him, right?
Why are you asking that suddenly? You said you liked Ahjussi too though.
Did I say I hate him?
I do like him too.
Is this really everything?
Yeah. I think that's everything.
There's a receipt, so why is the item not here? It's a digital camera Oh Mi Sook left here on the day she was murdered.
You guys. If you take one step out of line, I won't leave you alone with destruction of evidence!
I didn't write this one!
Tae San wrote this! It's Tae San's handwriting!
Jang Tae San?
Why Jang Tae San of all people?
Why Jang Tae San of all people?!
Concerned the digital camera might be taken if she got caught by Moon Il Seok as she ran away, she probably left it.
Without even knowing that Jang Tae San was Moon Il Seok's underling.
Because she left the digital camera with Jang Tae San,
may be how she could have been caught.
During all this time, you didn't know of Jang Tae San's whereabouts?
After I saw Jang Tae San go to jail for the second time in 2008, I folded.
With Moon Il Seok's dogs! The ones who do everything as they're ordered to do.
Even so. He's a criminal with two previous convictions, now adding murder.
Do you think he really didn't know that he'd get a life sentence?
He must have been promised a huge amount of-
He doesn't even have family to share it with.
Jang Tae San came from an orphanage.
Please find out about Jang Tae San's activities after 2008.
I'll look into it again from the days when he was in Busan.
Also the charity auction that Jo Seo Hee will host.
Some place rotten is stinking, but
we haven't yet found the exact location.
I understand.
But Prosecutor.
The fact that you came here, Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee too will get to know soon.
It doesn't matter.
Now, I won't do any digging up dirt from behind.
Until I die, I will catch Jang Tae San. I'll pull out their rotten guts or die.
Yes, this is Park Jae Gyeong.
You found Jang Tae San?
A prosecutor named Park Jae Gyeong came to the pawnshop?
Digital camera?
They say the prosecutor bitch came by the pawnshop looking for the digital camera that Mi Sook left there.
It was indeed a receipt that Jang Tae San signed, but he says the digital camera isn't in the vault.
Oh Mi Sook left a digital camera there?
If it's a digital camera, then. . .
What is this?
Then does that mean Mi Sook recorded us from outside the window that day?
It was closed from the outside.
If Prosecutor Park went to find it, it's probably not just a digital camera.
If it's to catch you and Congresswoman Jo,
there must have been a recorder inside of it, at the least.
I miss her.
Yes! I miss her. Like that.
Please leave it for her.
Then. . .
"she missed her" was a secret code meaning she got the evidence?
Aigoo, Chairman.
If that digital camera isn't at the pawnshop,
that means it's in Jang Tae San's hands.
Yes, Father.
Yes, I understand.
11:30 A.M. The stolen bike was found at Noahnmyeon, Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk.
The saw was found at Wangreung, Gahn a place 20 km from Noahn.
According to the workers, they were working until 2AM.
So we can assume that Jang Tae San stole the electric saw after 2AM.
It's an electric saw, so he would need an outlet for power.
Accounting for the probability that he could find a quiet place to work,
plus the time it would take him to cut off the handcuffs by himself,
we can assume that Jang Tae San used the saw after 4AM.
The people who were camping around the factory reported that their camping gear and shoes went missing.
Handcuffed, on the motorcycle and even the bicycle.
He went all the way to Gyeongbuk (Gyeongsangbukdo) in only 8.5 hours?
We thought he'd be in Seoul. At most, the edge of Yeongdeungpo.
From 4:00AM to now, which is 11:30AM,
it's been over seven and a half hours.
That's more than enough time for him to escape from there.
I don't know how he got all the way there with the handcuffs on.
But he's a bastard who couldn't even sleep properly during the 8 hours we held him in the cell.
Are you suggesting he must have hid and slept somewhere?
Jang Tae San. He didn't eat one meal here either.
Prosecutor, can you endure without eating or sleeping for two nights?
There are still check points on the national highways, so he wouldn't have been able to escape by car.
Identify all the roads within a 30km radius and start a search process.
At every village, have the village head visit every single house to investigate.
Also, look for anyone who may have heard the noise of a saw.
We have to ask for reinforcements from the Ministry of Defense to search the hillsides too.
He's moving faster than us even right now.
If his two arms are free, there won't be much he can't do.
Okay, let's go.
Prosecutor, are you planning to come too?
Can't I go?
What kind of prosecutor runs around at the scene?
You, this bitch, girl! Stop there right now!
You girl! If I catch you, you're dead!
Aigoo, this bitch. Hey, hey!
Hey, hey! Look at this. Look at this. Hey, hey!
Hey! This bitch, this bitch!
Aigoo, aigoo, aigoo!
Aigoo, this bitch, where are you going?
You won't come back here?
Aigoo! Aigoo, aigoo! Oh my. Oh my. Aigoo! Aigoo!
That bitch too knows that she's dead if she's caught.
All she knows how to do is run away.
Hey you bitch, you bitch.
Do you think I give you rice and barley for breakfast and dinner simply for nothing?
Hey you, for me to go through this mid-summer heat, I need to eat well to gain some strength.
There's no husband who's here to protect my body. And there are no children too!
I'm just someone who holds on by eating!
This little!
That grandma sure is fit.
It's probably been more than an hour.
Since it's broad daylight, I can't even leave!
Seriously, what time is it right now?
Let's see if I win or if you win!
Today, even if I eat lunch in the middle of the night, I will definitely catch and eat you, just see.
Is this a time to be smiling right now?
Ouch, I'm hungry.
I'm so thirsty.
Where should I hang out?
I have no money.
The police are probably spread out on every side.
Right? So what to do?
Right. What should I do?
I don't know. What should you do?
I just I wish I could just stay hidden and live here.
If only I could eat something, at least until your surgery day.
There could have been serious trouble. I promised to return this to her.
We even swore pinkies and promised. How are you going to return it?
I'm asking what you're going to do because you ran away?
It's not that I meant to do something that I ran away.
I did it so I wouldn't die.
I can't die, can I? Not until your surgery.
But since Moon Il Seok is trying to kill me, I just ran away for now.
Since I have to live.
How will you live until the day of my surgery? You're so hungry.
We came to inform you residents here of something.
Last night, in Seoul, a murder suspect escaped,
and seems to have escaped to somewhere here in our neighborhood.
Just why are they trying to kill me?
No matter how much I think about it, I just can't figure it out.
The fingerprints, even fabricating the alibi, they framed me perfectly.
So, why? Why are they trying to kill me?
And just what is the relationship between Moon Il Seok and Oh Mi Sook?
Did Man Seok figure it out?
Is there a phone in this house?
Hey, you little-!
You little bitch! Where do you think you're going?
What the!?
I went to the mountains. . .
I lost my way and have been wandering all night. I've suffered an ordeal.
You. You look like you've wandered enough to get your spirit sucked out of you.
Hey, Grandma--
There that, should I catch it for you?
That girl?
-You must have been really hungry. -Pardon?
This rotten bitch.
Because she kept playing hard to get, we're eating lunch when the sun's about to set.
That girl, because she went about running away every day,
her meat became plump, so the taste is to die for!
You're right.
No, but,
did you go up to that mountain without taking even a backpack? Without any fear?
Grandma, you're also without any fear. Aren't you scared being here alone?
My nickname is a "strong man."
Scared? Scared of what? Are people scary or ghosts scary?
Come on. You aren't scared of ghosts even?
What do you mean ghosts are scary? What's so scary? Humans are the scary ones.
Humans are the scariest things in this world.
That's right.
Humans are the scariest.
Me, too.
Grandma! "Strong man" grandma!
Who is it?
It's me, the head of the village.
What brings the head of the village here?
Hurry, come in!
No, sit down. Eat more.
Aigoo. Is your son here?
What the?
The stolen bike was found at Yongahm and the saw was found in Wangreung.
For now, search around where the stolen items were reported.
We found Jang Tae San!
Where is he?
Check all the way up to there.
Yes, I understand.
We don't know from where he would make his escape, so Chief, request that people be stationed on the other side.
We haven't found him here yet. What about on your side?
We haven't found him here yet either.
It'll get dark soon. So, he could be hiding in the bushes.
Check carefully and then come up.
Rebirth of Seo Soo Jin
It's Jang Tae San!
~ Preview ~
Why did you go meet Jang Tae San?
What's going on between you two?
He's Soo Jin's biological father?
If I catch Jang Tae San and get the digital camera
There's a digital camera? Was I recorded?
Confess. Confess and save Soo Jin.
Soo Jin already moved to the aseptic room! There's no going back now!
If she can't get the surgery, Soo Jin will die.
She's going to die just like that!
If I'm arrested, Soo Jin can't have the surgery.
Because I'll die. I'm telling you because I'll die!
Right Man Seok.
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