2 Weeks (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

They said Jang Tae San escaped!
There was a car accident at the Mokdong station intersection. They said he ran away at that time.
We need to catch Jang Tae San!
If we can just catch Jang Tae San, as we reinvestigate Mi Sook's murder case,
we can snare Moon Il Seok.
They say the prosecutor bch came by the pawnshop looking for the digital camera that Mi Sook left there.
If that digital camera isn't at the pawnshop, that means it's in Jang Tae San's hands.
We even swore pinkies and promised. What are you going to do that you ran away?
I did it so I wouldn't die. I can't die, can I? Not until your surgery.
But since Moon Il Seok is trying to kill me, I just ran away for now.
When I come out of there, I'll come out alive, right?
We found Jang Tae San!
We don't know where he may try to escape from, so Chief, request that people be stationed on the other side.
It'll be dark soon. So, he could be hiding in the bushes.
Check carefully and then come up.
It's Jang Tae San! There's Jang Tae San!
Get him!
They say, right now, he's running toward the top of mountain again.
He's going toward there along the ridge.
He'll come along the ridge, so go up while keeping the distance between the sides.
They said he's coming this way! Quickly, quickly! Spread out!
Go! Go!
No! No! It can't be like this! It can't be like this!
What should I do?
Please help me.
Help me.
I'm begging you.
Please . . .
Hand it over.
Who are you?
Oh Mi Sook's digital camera . . . Where is it?
Oh Mi Sook?
If you don't tell me this time,
you will die.
The digital camera . . . Where is it?
What do you mean by digital camera?
Please pawn this for me.
Where did that bastard go?!
He's not here.
Where is he, Jang Tae San?
I think he escaped during the bomb explosion a bit earlier, seizing the opportunity while we were scattered.
What do you mean escaped?
What do you mean escaped?!
Has the Korean War started?!
Because of that little explosion, you lost the bastard who was right in front of our noses?!
It isn't even the Korean War, but a bomb exploded.
That bastard, there's someone helping him.
Ah, mister, you've working hard. This is nothing serious. But,
I came out here to work, barehanded,
but I got a call that my mother was sick. So, I was about to go home,
but I don't have any bus fare.
Oh, I had heard even a group of young adults had been mobilized. Get in. This is the last bus.
Thank you.
Lost him?
You lost him?
I mean, how could you?
Don't come back, you bastard!
Until you have the digital camera and Jang Tae San's neck, don't even think of coming near Seoul.
Wait, did Teacher Kim say he lost him? That Teacher Kim did?
Jang Tae San is stronger than we thought.
They say that even a rat will bite a cat when cornered.
This bastard.. He's going all out, as if he doesn't care that it's life or death.
Jang Tae San, this bastard.
Are you saying you want to go against me because you have the digital camera?
If he was thinking about negotiating with you, he would have contacted you right after he escaped.
He already knows that you're going to kill him, that Jang Tae San.
Then, what is this?
Is he trying to find inside information so he can clear his name?
He must be looking for a way to do that.
He must have escaped with the confidence that he had the digital camera.
Hey . . .
Hey, with that happening . . .
What if Jang Tae San falls into Park Jae Gyeong's hands? I heard that bch is still in charge of his case.
Congresswoman Jo, why did she handle it like this?
I'll call her right now.
Just stop it.
There's nothing good that will come of her knowing about the digital camera.
I'll get ready and predict where Jang Tae San will go next.
Investigate his connections again.
Just investigate all of that bastard's connections.
Then, just decide on the reserve price for the items on auction and finish up.
Oh, right. There was a call from Shinsung Group.
Shinsung Group?
Yes. For their employee resort that is going to open in the winter,
they want to bid for item numbers 3, 11, 21, 29, 39.
They said they'll bid the price that we want and acquire it by prior reservation.
Number 39?
Yes, the bronze Thai statue.
Tell them that it's not possible.
Excuse me?
Did you forget we excluded the large companies?
Were you able to set up a dinner meeting with Incheon customs officer and his wife?
I've asked him to let me know after he determines an agreeable date.
If it's by next Monday
Book it for lunch tomorrow.
We have lunch scheduled with the president of NBS tomorrow
We're setting up the welfare center in Incheon.
A person from Inchon is more important.
I have to know how many people are sleeping before I do something.
You hapless little bastard.
What if I go in and it's a house with 5 brothers
It's okay. I told you that it's really okay.
It's okay, I can do it.
Hurry! Go inside.
I said that it's okay!
I have to hang this, at least! Dad's not even here, so if we don't have this,
when you're in the yard, you won't know if someone has come here or not!
Don't, your hand will get hurt!
I will ask our next door neighbor ahjusshi to do it.
I'm doing this because you keep putting it off and isn't doing it!
Who are you?
Let me rest, and then I'll leave.
What does this ahjumma see me as?
Ahjumma . . .
Just because a person runs around like this, doesn't mean that person is a thug, you know?!
There can be unavoidable situations and circumstances, you ahjumma!
Hey, put these on properly.
Hey, ahjumma!
Even if I am a criminal . . .
There are women all over the street.
I'm saying that I don't touch women forcefully!
I've never done that before!
Wouldn't you put on the clothes already?
But, you have to untie me if you want me to wear them.
He claimed to be a person from a young adult group, rode the last bus and got off at the town.
Search house by house.
Search all construction sites, schools, and even the school bathrooms.
Yes, I got it.
Since he could be holding hostages, gather all the young folks in the neighborhood and bring them along with you
To see if they're frightened.
Hurry and get ready to leave.
Yes, sir.
The explosion . . .
If he was able to prepare all of that, won't he have had help to escape?
Who might that be?
We don't know for certain who did it or why, but he's definitely connected to Jang Tae San.
It was made to explode at the perfect time.
Right now, Go Man Seok should be working overtime.
Who might help him?
This is a mystery.
Moon Il Seok . . .
Did Moon Il Seok . . .help Jang Tae San?
Please gather around.
Hey . . .
From now on, you guys have to move quickly.
And check every single house carefully!
Since he could be holding hostages,
you must check to see if something's different from the norm! Alright?
- Yes! - Hurry. Hurry.
This way.
Let's check the end first, shall we?
-Which way is it? -It's this way.
Hello. Have you seen this person?
No, I haven't.
Did you happen to see this person?
AM 00:15
Please take care of this.
Hurry, hurry.
Why did she give that digital camera to me?!
It should be at the pawnshop.
You just have to make sure that you don't get any injuries which can become infected.
I'm in big trouble.
Mirror, mirror.
Hey, do you have disinfectant in your house?
You don't have any?
Do you have it or not?
I don't have that . . .
But I do have ointment that you put on wounds.
That won't work. I need to disinfect this.
This won't work.
What kind of house doesn't even have disinfectant?
I have to disinfect this and put on ointment so it doesn't get infected.
With that kind of cut, as long as you wash it clean and put on ointment, it won't get infected.
They framed me as much as they wanted, so
why did they kill her?
Why did they chase me this far?
What's so great about that digital camera?
Seriously, I-
I was really going to stay quietly hidden until the surgery date.
Really . . .
What am I going to do? Really . .
He has no fears! How can he just shower like that?
This kind of people, you have to be good to them, so they won't hurt you.
In the movie "Holiday", Ji Kang Won (a prison escapee) and his crew were like that too.
One law for the rich and another for the poor?
That ahjusshi doesn't really look like a bad person.
Because he thought you would be scared, he even tied us facing each other like this.
Soo Mi! Soo Mi!
Oh, Oppa.
Hey, why did you come so late?
I was sleeping. I had to put clothes on.
Oh, this is a detective. Oh, you saw the news, right?
There's a murderer who escaped around this area.
Oh, yeah. I heard about that.
Were you really sleeping?
The lights were on the whole time.
Oh, I fell asleep while I was watching TV.
Soo Mi, if there's something wrong right now, blink twice.
It's just me.
I'm serious.
Don't worry.
I didn't send them any signals.
Are you serious?
But, we'll have to turn off the lights.
Everyone in this neighborhood goes to sleep before 12.
I'm sorry.
Later, please return this to me! Please.
She must be waiting.
For this, and for the surgery.
She must be waiting.
That little kid.
I really should have taken a picture of the little kid.
Hyungnim, hyungnim. Should I buy a digital camera or not?
I promised to go somewhere with Yeong Ja on our day off.
If I buy the digital camera, then the money goes to waste,
But taking pictures with a cellphone,
it'll be our first vacation and I'll look like I don't have much.
The digital camera . . .
It's a digital camera!
- Man Seok? - Hyungnim! What's with this digital camera?
Did you borrow it from someone?
Right. Man Seok!
7:35 AM
Roasted pineapples taste really bad.
When the surgery is over, I'll let you eat sugary foods.
You can go to the shop now, Mom.
I can go?
Of course you can! Our dinner was simple.
Seriously Seo Soo Jin, can you be so well-mannered, kind, and have so much sense, too?
Is there a daughter like this? Huh?
Hurry and come back, Mom.
Of course, I've run 100 meters in 17 seconds.
I'll just prepare some things and come back. Just wait 2 hours.
The hardest thing is not being able to give you kisses.
Soo Jin said to come here?
The little one, she sure has an adult's heart, right?
I'm telling you, she's much more mature than I am.
Even if the orders get pushed back,
to the customers who ask about the ingredients, you must tell them in a way that's easy to understand.
Kindly, alright?
I will do so.
They canvassed the area but were unable to capture Jang.
Jang Tae San is a prime suspect of the murder that occurred on the 12th,
but he escaped during prosecution.
News of the police's failure to recaputre the suspect has brought stress to citizens in this area.
This is the picture of the fugitive, Jang Tae San.
He is 180cm tall, and as you can see, looks pretty decent.
At the time of his escape he was wearing black
Police are speculating about possible future assaults by the suspect
has brought stress to citizens in this area
This is the picture of the fugitive Jang Tae San.
the fugitive Jang Tae San .. the fugitive Jang Tae San
Soo Jin . . .
What to do . . . My Soo Jin.
Just because a bastard like me is wearing your fathers's suit, don't look at me so haplessly.
Your father . . . will probably understand everything.
Oh, and these glasses, too.
Where . . . are you heading to?
Hey, if I go somewhere, would I tell you that I'm going there?
I'm a fugivitve.
And, even more than that, a fugitive who can never be caught.
While I'm borrowing this and that, let me borrow some money, too.
I will surely pay you back at some point.
I'm serious.
Also, when I leave and you meet the police,
please tell them,
that I didn't kill Oh Mi Sook.
You didn't kill her?
If you didn't kill her . . . then why?
Even though I've hit people lots of times,
I've never stabbed anyone.
I . . .
am scared of human blood, more than anything in this world.
How is mine the only one that tastes bad?
Did mine come from a different place?
Just eat, bastard. You don't know when you're going to start running around again.
Take some kkakdugi (radish kimchi) broth.
And put in some shrimp.
Yes, I will eat well.
Moon Il Seok ordered Jang Tae San to kill Mi Sook.
But then, Jang Tae San escaped.
Moon Il Seok is a bastard who never forgives a betrayal.
That kind of bastard . . . saved Jang Tae San.
Prosecutor . . . The food could go in through your nose.
Because he can't be captured by me?
What are you thinking about like that?
Oh, I'm thinking about Jang Tae San.
Let's go to Seoul, Prosecutor.
As Detective Im said, Jang Tae San has already left this neighborhood.
Could he have left, or could he have been caught?
In the old Shin Chang Won's case, his escape route and method
were beyond the police's imagination.
Jang Tae San, this bastard, he's not your average guy.
You're right.
He suddenly changed from being lethargic to being too wild and energetic.
He's gone way past our expectations.
That jerk,
Yeh, I made the mistake of thinking that the handcuffs would limit his escape
yes, I admit that. But if we start a man hunt to chase after this guy
whose running away like an escape artist,
we'll end up chasing after his tails forever.
Whether there's someone else other than Go Man Seok that can help him,
if not
then whether there is a different case related to this
We need to re-investigate Jang Tae San's connections.
Let's go.
Boram Daily
9:30 AM
Mom, let's report him a little bit later.
We will begin our searching.
Aigoo! Home is definitely the best!
Squad Chief, you must be utterly exhausted.
This isn't your home.
Since Squad Chief hardly ever goes home,
he sometimes forgets the password to his front door.
The number that shows up when you dial '0' on his speed dial is his password.
Then, do you not go home, even now?
Even if I wanted to go home, where do you suppose I'd go now?
What about you, Sunbae-nim?
No, I mean, you have to wash a little, change your underwear, and sleep a little.
You couldn't even sleep for the past couple of days!
Go print out Jang Tae San's call history.
Yes . . .
I told you to fire Park Jae Gyeong. Why haven't you fired her yet?
Since it's a case you left to our department, please trust me.
Park Jae Gyeong will not disappoint you this time.
This case is receiving pressure from the Women's association.
How bad must if have been that someone like Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee would personally take care of this matter?
Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee?
My appearance is a little . . .
You're covered in dirt from head to toe.
Did you chase Jang Tae San to the mountains?
I . . .
my energy is quite strong, isn't it?
I need to run around like this once in a while, or else I can't fall asleep at night.
So, why couldn't a tough girl like you catch Jang Tae San?
I did lose him because of the guy that Moon Il Seok sent,
but I obtained something because of that.
The digital camera . . . I think it's in Jang Tae San's hands.
I also obtained one thing.
The certainty that complying with your stubborness was a good decision.
Excuse me?
The one who ordered you to be dropped from the escape investigation
was Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee.
Jo Seo Hee?
She did that?
Jo Seo Hee . . . was the one who ordered me to be dropped from the escape investigation?
I hear you eliminated large corporations from the charity auction.
Don't you think the support from large corporations will be more helpful?
It's not like large corporations don't have places to support,
nor is it that they don't have the funds to purchase artwork.
What does that . . . ?
I have been thinking that
small to medium business owners who don't have the luxury to spend huge amounts on artwork
dedicated citizens who have been making donations
I guess I wanted this event to reflect those people's dedication to charity?
Are you saying that the charitable mindset behind the construction of the welfare center is important?
I don't mean a particular 'mindset'
Congresswoman, Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong from the Southern District Prosecutors' Office,
is asking you to accept her call.
A person named Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
Don't you know that I don't take care of other things when I'm doing an interview?
Write down her phone number.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead and call. He said she's a prosecutor.
So what if she's a prosecutor?
Getting calls without even knowing the caller, it's quite uncomfortable.
I'm sorry.
Please, answer.
A reporter's phone should always be busy.
Yes, this is Reporter Lee Dong Myun.
Excuse me?
Yes, that is the case, but
Alright. Please wait a moment.
Would you please answer the phone?
Your phone? Who is it?
She says it's Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
She says it's important and urgent. Is she someone you know?
No, she's not someone I know.
Yes, this is Jo Seo Hee.
Hello, Congresswoman Jo.
I'm Park Jae Gyeong.
I have heard of your name.
I don't know what this is about, but you are taking this a little too far.
I'm doing an interview at the moment.
Then will you tell this to the reporter?
It'll be good if you hear it for yourself,
since the point I'm trying to make is short.
If that's the case, then go ahead.
Firstly, for you not to worry,
I will surely capture the fugitive, Jang Tae San.
Secondly, when I capture Jang Tae San and I obtain the digital camera,
the recorded conversation, I'll send it to you as a present.
What does . . . What are you . . .?
You're curious about the digital camera's contents . . . aren't you?
We can talk later.
Since I'm busy right now.
It's not there.
In Jo Seo Hee's hands . . . Mi Sook's digital camera isn't there.
Prosecutor.. How did you think of checking on Jo Seo Hee?
I was wondering why Moon Il Seok would save Jang Tae San. It was this.
The digital camera . . . it's in Jang Tae San's hands.
Who did you say came here?
There's a digital camera?
Was I recorded?
T-That . . . H-How did you . . . ?
Over that, how did you come here?
This is my company.
The digital camera that recorded me and you is right in front of Park Jae Gyeong. This is nothing.
You're going to take responsibility, right?
Chairman . . .
Chief Secretary Um,
That . . .That . . . Is that really Jo Seo Hee?
She came into my company as if it was nothing.
Jo Seo Hee did.
Jo Seo Hee . . .
They look even better after printing them out, right?
I think they look better than when they were in the digital camera.
You told me to come here because it was urgent,
to show me this?
Man Seok, after the last time we went on our vacation,
we didn't meet once.
I've lost my mind nowadays because of Tae San.
Then until he gets caught from his escape,
I guess you were thinking about not seeing me?
It's not necessarily like that.
Forget it. Just take this.
This digital camera. Yeong Ja, you take care of it.
When I look at this digital camera, I think of Tae San,
so I think my heart will hurt.
Sunbae-nim. Ah, Sunbae-sunbae-nim!
Sunbae-nim, please wake up!
How can you fall asleep here?
This. This is Jang Tae San's call history.
Squad Chief, just a moment.
I can go and change my underwear now, right?
Call all of the numbers on this,
and find out what their relationship is with Jang Tae San.
And look especially at the numbers that called often.
In Hye
I'll check up on it so go in (home) and come back
No. No, it's fine! I'll do it.
I don't want to change my underwear!
I can just wear the inside-out! Sunbae-nim!
I've been targeted
Once . . . It was just once.
Why would In Hye . . . call Jang Tae San?
Prosecutor Park came.
You rascal. With that kind of thing you should just call my cell phone. What's the point of following me out here?
You weren't picking up your cellphone.
Did I not?
This is the report from Busan.
After Jang Tae San went to jail eight years ago,
Orphanage, middle and high school classmates, people from work
He hasn't contacted any of them, and he hasn't been to Busan since then.
There can be someone who lied.
With the help of local authorities I checked them out.
What about the research on the cellphone's call history?
We're doing that right now.
What about persuading Go Man Seok? You are watching over him, right?
I assigned someone to watch over him, and I'm going to meet him again today.
A while back, there was a man that searched for Jang Tae San.
Why are saying that only now?!
Who's that man?
We don't know who he is for sure.
But they said he was looking for him because a woman asked him to.
A woman?
Yes. They just said 'a woman.'
Oh, and they said she was from Seoul.
Right, a woman. Of course, there has to be a woman.
Detective Im. Find that woman immediately.
But we only know that she's just a woman.
If they're searching upon request, they will be a private investigator
which means you can search all the private investigators in Seoul and find them.
Oh, you can do that.
Get me that list of private investigators.
I'm going to out to question more people.
Mom, I'm okay.
I can endure it.
So, don't cry.
It's really tiring, right?
Radiation therapy is supposed to be difficult.
Come here.
Mom, answer your phone.
It could be Ahjussi. Answer your phone.
Hey, Seo In Hye.
I'm . . . Jang Tae San.
Yea . . . You were really surprised right?
Hey! Jang Tae San!
How can a human do this? How can you be like that!
If you were going to live for yourself, then you should at least live properly!
Like trash! What are you!?
Hey . . . In Hye . . .
How can a human . . .
How can a person who's giving his life to his child, kill a person?
How can you escape!? How can you!?
What About Soo Jin! What about her!
Don't Worry! I escaped because of the surgery!
What . . . ?
It's true . . .
So that Soo Jin can get the surgery, I escaped.
You're seriously the worst human being.
In Hye . . . listen to me . . .
Say something that makes sense! You're afraid that if you're stuck in jail, they won't let you do the surgery?
Right. Right!
There is something like that.
If I'm stuck in jail, Soo Jin can't get her surgery.
Because I'll die. Because I'll die!
If I die, Soo Jin dies, too.
You don't think I'd really . . .
No matter how trashy I am,
she's my daughter whose name I'll never be able to call.
And even though I'm a dad who'll never hear her say 'dad,'
if it's not me, a child would die. Would I really run away by myself?
What exactly are you saying right now?!
I can't explain it right now.
And also,
I didn't kill a person.
Never, never, I never killed anyone.
You didn't kill anyone?
If you didn't kill anyone, why'd you get caught?
If you didn't kill anyone, why did your fingerprints come out?!
Though I can't explain it right now,
whatever happens to me, I'm going to the hospital on Soo Jin's surgery day.
I'm definitely going to go.
I called to say that.
To tell you to not worry. To tell you that I'll definitely be there.
Hey, Jang Tae San!
but never tell anyone that you know me
Never. You can't tell anyone, okay?
Then, you and Soo Jin will be in danger, too.
Doctor Park,
you block that Doctor's mouth.
Do you think I'll be able to answer 'okay', right now?
I know you'll be confused. Still, you have to do as I say.
No. No. Confess.
Confess and save Soo Jin.
Soo Jin went in the aseptic room.
There's no going back now.
If she can't get the surgery, Soo Jin will die.
She'll die just like that!
A-Aseptic room?
What's that?
If you're human, give Soo Jin your bone marrow. Give your bone marrow!
Save Soo Jin, oppa . . .
Save her. Save her, please.
I said, what's the aseptic room?!
Okay. I understand what you're saying, so I'll find evidence and confess.
I think I'll be able to find evidence to clear my name.
I'll find evidence, and then I'll confess.
If you have evidence, you can just confess and just ask to have your name cleared!
I said I'm in a situation where I can't do that!
Even if I can't find evidence, I said I'll promise.
That until Soo Jin's surgery, I won't die and I'll give her my bone marrow.
Wait for me, In Hye. Okay?
Promise? Did you just say promise?
A person like you!
It's not a promise I made with you.
This promise, it's a promise I made with Soo Jin.
I . . . ended everything with you eight years ago.
I haven't said anything about you to anyone.
No one can connect you and me together.
So, just keep your mouth shut.
Whether it be the police, or anyone else; you can't let them know the relationship between me and Soo Jin.
I'm begging you, okay?
I'm begging.
Whenever he has free time, he goes to the casino. Then works part-time at night clubs to gamble some more.
Is that all?
It's not like we live stuck together 24-7.
about his private life how are we supposed to know?
You knew that he chased Oh Mi Sook around and bothered her.
That. We knew that because he said it himself and the rumors had spread around.
A short while back, a strange civilian woman appeared.
A civilian woman?
Oh, yeah!
She was a woman who would never get along with Hyungnim.
Tell me.. Their relationship, name, age, etc.. everything.
We don't know the relationship, name, or those kinds of things.
But her age, maybe middle to late 20's?
She also had double eyelids.
Her hair was..
about up to here?
She wore a long white cardigan, and what is that?
The . . . mint colored.
Ah, a mint one-piece and white pants.
Wasn't she pretty?
Ah, I don't know if they met for the first time in a while or something,
but as soon as Tae San saw her, his face got so red and said,
'Let's go." And just took her right outside.
Just why did In Hye . . . Why Jang Tae San?
but as soon as Tae San saw her, his face got so red and said,
Ah, the person who's saving Soo Jin, who's the donor?
Normally you aren't supposed to know.
Im Seung Woo, what are you thinking right now? That trash-like bastard.
It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense.
I forgot that Jesus's birthday is the day of our funeral. (Meaning around Christmas, there's a lot more crimes.)
It's not enough that he dies, but he's killing us too.
I saw it.. the dance academy.. Hang up
What is this?
This is Detective Im of Yeongdeungpo Police Station.
Hurry up and open the door.. I came after receiving a call for someone breaking the law so hurry up and open it
If you make me call the janitor to open the door you guys are dead GOT IT?!
You won't open up?!
Ah, this agassi.
It's you again?
She's not an agassi. She's my mom.
How did you get in here?
This is where I work as an instructor in the afternoons.
There was light from the outside yesterday, too. Did you happen to sleep here yesterday?
Are you in your right mind to keep the child here in this cold?
There was nowhere else to sleep.
Then, what was that nursery you were talking about last time?
It was a place we stayed in return for taking care of the babies at night time,
but the director of the nursery decided to quit and move to the countryside.
The moving date was moved up..
Then where's your original home? I-
Do you not have a home?
When spring comes, there will be one..
In 15 days, I can take out my savings and will be moving out of here.
Please let us stay here until then.
Then you could go to a motel or anywhere else. Why here, when it's so cold?
Since I have to send Soo Jin to the nursery in the afternoons,
I don't have money.
It isn't cold here.
Mom holds me tight during the night, so it's warm.
This is my friend's house but he left for some volunteer work and won't be back for another month..
Didn't you hear me talk to him on the way here? He said you can use the house
You can't stay at the dance academy. You can't because of the law and you can't because of the child.
I mean, if I get caught, then I can just buy this guy a meal when he comes back or something.
and if there's a bill I can just pay
Although its rude and shameless, I'll accept your kindness..
Sure.. It's just for the spring.. whatever
The child, put her over here.
Thank you.
Has the child's dad gone to the military?
oh.. uhh.. I'll turn up the boiler for you
Jang Tae San
It's not a promise I made with you.
This promise, it's a promise I made with Soo Jin.
In Hye!
Seung Woo.
In Hye, why did you look for Jang Tae San?
What's your relationship with that jerk?
Jang Tae San . . .
Is he Soo Jin's biological father?
Seung Woo.
What is it? All of a sudden, like this . . .
Why . . . are you looking at me like that?
You just look really tired.
How's Soo Jin?
She's enduring it well.
I should go see how the devilish angel is doing then.
Let's go.
Oh, I didn't wash.
I smell, right?
Yeah, what is it?
Sunbae-nim, we found Jang Tae San's whereabouts.
You found him?! How?!
We got a report from a family that was held hostage in Dongkyung.
Then when did they say Jang Tae San left?
The East Seoul Terminal? Then you mean he's back in Seoul?
Okay, I got it. I'll call you when I leave.
What should I do? I guess I'll have to leave without even seeing Soo Jin's shadow.
I'll tell her . . . that you came.
I'll call you.
PM 07:00
Oh~ What's your name? What's your phone number?
Aish. What do you mean second in command?
Yeah. Yeah.
Who's the bastard that killed Oh Mi Sook?
It's Moon Il Seok, right?
Then it's you. Since you're the one that sent me to Oh Mi Sook, it must be you.
-It's you. -No . . .
You're the bastard that killed Oh Mi Sook and framed me for it.
It's you, right?
Then you're the one who should die.
I had no choice because it was the chairman's order.
Talk, then why are they try to kill me?
I don't know about that. Really.
I just followed the order and sent you to Oh Mi Sook's house,
and got rid of the CCTV.
That's all I did, really.
Moon Il Seok.
Moon Il Seok killed Mi Sook and framed me.
Where is Oh Mi Sook's digital camera?
The digital camera, where is it?
And now, they're looking for the digital camera that Mi Sook left.
Inside of that digital camera,
there must be something in it.
Man Seok, it's me. Don't say a word and just listen.
Okay. Hyungnim. Just talk.
-Right now, is there anyone who's watching you? -No.
There's none. Hyungnim, where are you?
Then, you have to meet me.
I'm going to go home after work, so first, you go to my home and wait for me.
It can't be at the house.
It's the most secure place.
Detectives went to chase after you.
Hyungnim, just trust me and do as I tell you.
I have many things to tell you.
Okay. I'll meet you at home.
PM 07:45
Jang Tae San is going to come?
Yes. He said he'll wait at home.
Act naturally as you normally would.
Hold him well.
But Detective, what you said a while ago is for real right?
Tae San, you have to clear his name for real.
If he's really falsely accused then we'll definitely try to clear his name, but if not . . .
Anyway, this is what's best for Jang Tae San.
Sunbae-nim, you have really good senses.
How did you think of that right after you heard he's back in Seoul?
How many people should I order to move?
Don't do it.
You're not going to request for assistance?
Do you want to lose Jang Tae San?
If he notices that the police are surrounding the area while he's coming, then we're done.
Then only the two of us go?
Before he arrives, we're going there first to stake-out and wait.
A stake-out? Why am I getting so nervous?
PM 08:49
Tae San, he probably got arrested by now.
Hyungnim, I'm sorry.
Those detectives told me that they'll definitely clear your name.
Why . . . did Go Man Seok arrive first?
PM 09:05
It's been a while since he went in, why is he not turning the lights on?
Aish . . . Did they meet already?
Man Seok. Hey!
Go Man Seok.
Man Seok! Man Seok!
Man Seok! Go Man Seok!
Get your senses together, you bastard!
~ Preview ~
Jang Tae San is that kind of bastard.
Someone who can kill mercilessly despite being locked up for not years, but tens of years.
He's a bastard who's cruel to the bones!
It's a woman that Jang Tae San met when he lived in Busan.
Find out who that woman is right now.
Who is Soo Jin's bone marrow donor?
Then tell Seung Woo,
Seung Woo will protect Jang Tae San and he'll make sure that Soo Jin gets her surgery.
That's why I escaped, and that's why I can't turn myself empty-handed.
I can't trust anyone, and I shouldn't trust anyone.
Even if I die, please take care of Soo Jin for me.
I'm not a murderer.
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