2 Weeks (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Where is Oh Mi Sook's digital camera?
If you don't tell me this time, you will die.
You lost him? You did?
Until you bring me the digital camera and Jang Tae San's neck, don't even come near Seoul.
If we capture Jang Tae San and get the digital camera,
I'll send the video clip inside to you as a present.
No matter what happens, on Soo Jin's surgery day, I will be at the hospital.
I'll definitely be there.
Why did In Hye
call Jang Tae San?
We've located Jang Tae San's whereabouts.
The digital camera, Yeong Ja, please hold on to it for a little bit.
The digital camera Man Seok?
Hey, Man Seok, let's meet up.
Go home first and wait.
It can't be at the house.
The house is the safest.
Go Man Seok.
Man Seok.
Man Seok!
Man Seok, come to your senses, you bastard!
Who are you?
Why are you here? What are you doing there?
Ahjussi Didn't you see someone here?
Here Oh?
Did Jang Tae San kill Go Man Seok?
What bastard calls a cell phone during a stakeout?!
When Jang Tae San went to jail in 2008,
it was because he couldn't kill Han Chi Gook.
So, he's going again?
They say it was Hwang Dae Joong who stabbed Kim Si Jeung, who was Han Chi Gook's right arm.
Han Chi Gook.
Because he couldn't kill him?
Who is this person?
He was the boss of Cheonggaepa who dominated Gangbuk in early 1990s.
But after he lost his son, he declined rapidly.
This is Il Seok Town that Moon Il Seok built in Sangsi-dong.
To take over Han Chi Gook's building that was originally on this site,
they allied with Jiheppa and struck down Cheonggaepa.
And, he must have heard about the Sangsi-dong road-widening plan from Jo Seo Hee.
After that Han Chi Gook voluntarily disappeared.
He took away and wiped out the organization, yet that wasn't enough.
Why did he attempt to kill him, too?
I'm more curious about Jang Tae San.
No, he must be the biggest idiot.
As if twice wasn't enough, he tried murder for the third time?
Even if they forced him to?
That's why
For a guy that lived like that, what could he be thinking of doing with the digital camera now?
I know, right?
He's never gone back to Busan.
After being released from prison in 2010 til now, he's been living raggedly like that, so
He's a weird fellow.
Besides Mi Sook, he had no other relations with women.
And the woman he met in Busan
Allegedly a female student who used to work at a ballet academy?
Section Chief Do.
Find out immediately who that woman is!
Do you really think he went to find a woman he dated eight years ago?
Didn't they say that there was a woman from Seoul who'd asked them to find Jang Tae San, no?
If she went search for him in Busan, it means they met only when he was in Busan.
So, she's a woman who doesn't know he's in Seoul now.
Then, that means she was the woman he met when he was in Busan.
If that woman did find Jang Tae San, other than Go Man Seok,
there's a person he can seek out in Seoul.
I will go through all the ballet academies in the Busan region right away.
Are you really the Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong I used to know?
Even if you can't get used to it, please bear with it a bit.
At least until this secret investigation is over.
Yes, this is Park Jae Gyeong.
Jang Tae San killed Go Man Seok?
Man Seok
Hyungnim, when are you going to start living like a human being?
I'm sorry, Man Seok
11:15 pm
Where is Detective Im?
Detective Im, are you out of your mind?!
Why didn't you request assistance? Why didn't you?!
Because of you, we lost Jang Tae San.
We lost Jang Tae San, I said!
Yet another innocent life was cruelly murdered, and Moon Il-
Do you know what you've caused?!
You should just stop. Detective Im must be disappointed, too.
We lost the Jang Tae San that we should have caught!
By requesting support,
he feared he might lose Jang Tae San if Jang Tae San caught sight of the police mobilizing. That's why he did it.
Detectives don't always just play by the rules. They go with their intuitions, too.
Detective Im trusted his intuition and did that.
I will take responsibility.
Jang Tae San
I will catch with my own hands for sure.
So what you're saying is,
you didn't request assistance because you wanted to catch him with your own hands?
Are you some sort of lord?
Did you get the title of detective with the no.1 rate of arrest in this way?
From now on, don't ever trust that intuition.
It's the worst one I've ever seen.
Detective Im, why did you do something you don't normally do?
I'm sorry, Squad Chief.
Hey, hey, Detective Im.
H-Hey, you punk! Where are you going?
Are you following me to kill me?
You killed Man Seok too, didn't you!?
I said I won't die because of you, you son of a bch!
Oh, how did that fall out?
Hey, did you not tie it up properly?
I did tie it!
Over there, that car. What are we going to do about that car?
Let's go see it first if a person got hurt.
Oh, that car.
That car is just leaving.
Right now, don't say anything else, and
we need to record it.
We tried to get the accident under control,
but it seems he's got to go.
Did you record it well?
Let's hurry and go, too.
Soo Jin went into pre-operation treatment.
I'm saying there's no going back now.
I said, what's the pre-operation treatment?!
So that she can receive the new bone marrow,
they empty all of the bone marrow.
If she can't get her surgery on time, then Soo Jin, who doesn't have any immunity,
will die just like that. She'll die!
Until Soo Jin's surgery date, I won't die for sure.
And, I'll give her my bone marrow,
so wait for me, In Hye.
In Hye!
You believe Jang Tae San?
It's not that I believe Jang Tae San, but those words sounded honest.
That, because of Soo Jin, he's on the run so that he can let her have her surgery.
Soo Jin's surgery is important to Seung Woo, too.
Whether Jang Tae San really was framed or is in some situation,
who can help him more than Seung Woo?
He said that, if word gets out that he's Soo Jin's dad, Soo Jin will be in danger.
Strangely, those words are bothering me.
Then, what if something goes wrong with Jang Tae San?
What do you mean something wrong?
He's being chased for escaping, no?
Meanwhile, if he is injured or di-
If something goes wrong for Jang Tae San, something will go wrong for Soo Jin too, In Hye.
You know that we can no longer stop the pre-operation treatment now.
The fact that that person is Soo Jin's father,
is it so difficult to tell Seung Woo?
No, it's not because of that.
It's because of Soo Jin's surgery. Besides Soo Jin's surgery, nothing else is important.
Then tell Seung Woo.
Do you not know how much Seung Woo loves Soo Jin?
Seung Woo will safely protect Jang Tae San, and will allow Soo Jin to get the surgery safely.
And me, I'm Seung Woo's friend.
I can't pretend not to know indefinitely.
Until you tell him, I'll act as if I don't know anything.
I understand.
Please, just catch
Local City Bus Stop
Why are you doing that?
Because I don't know what to do.
Man Seok had the digital camera,
but Moon Il Seok killed Man Seok and took it.
For sure, in there must have been the reason Moon Il Seok killed Mi Sook.
Then, now, that means you don't have the evidence to clear your name.
Then, what are we going to do about my surgery?
I have to be there for your surgery.
I'll definitely be there.
How? Where will you stay before you come?
For now, I'll have to hide, then think some more.
You're not going to turn yourself in?
If I turn myself in, I can't be there on the day of your surgery.
Did you not see the last time?
They even sent someone to the jail to kill me, didn't they?
Now that they've found the digital camera too,
all there is left to do is to kill me.
I guess they think that I looked in the digital camera.
That's scary.
Seriously, I
Why do I keep on living just being wronged?
By Moon Il Seok
It's because they think you look like a fool.
That's it, right?
That's what it is, right?
It's that I look like an idiot, right?
Right, right. You just figured that out?!
I knew it from the beginning.
I knew it.
But at that time,
it didn't matter at all.
You can't clear your name and you can't turn yourself in.
There's nothing you can do.
Whatever I do
Whatever I do
I'll stay alive definitely.
That, I must do.
That, I must do!
Ey! What would you have done if the car had hit you, with you stopping a car in the street?!
You lost him again?
It wasn't enough to lose him once, you had to lose him again?!
Shut your mouth.
How can I shut my mouth, Hyungnim?
He couldn't get the digital camera and he couldn't get the neck of some bastard.
Then you catch him, you bastard, instead of just running your mouth!
Stand up now,
unless you can't catch Jang Tae San and are giving up.
Are you alright?
Yes, Father.
Jang Tae San, this bastard.
As soon as I catch him, I'll pull out both his eyeballs and play pool with them.
Really, that bastard,
how does he shake off a first class French Foreign Legion and go crazy?
Hyung Jin, has Jang Tae San, this bastard,
not seen all the contents of the secret conversation between Congresswoman Jo and myself?
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong probably did not make the digital camera so that anyone could look at it that easily.
If Jang Tae San already saw the video, he probably would have already gone to the police or the prosecutors.
Since it is evidence to prove his innocence.
You said there definitely wasn't a digital camera at Go Man Seok's, right?
I went there ahead of time and searched, but it wasn't there.
One kilo here.
Here 500 grams each, again 1 kilo.
All together 2 kilograms.
Do you think that this will pass drug-sniffing dogs and x-ray inspection?
To facilitate avoiding customs inspection, from staging your purse-snatching
to the heritage auction event, wasn't it something that took a whole year and a hundred million won?
If Jang Tae San sees that, everything's over.
Somehow, by catching Jang Tae San alive,
we must take the digital camera from him.
You definitely mustn't let the police get their hands on him first either.
Yes, Father.
You, quickly, go find all the guys that might exchange messages with Jang Tae San.
What happened to that woman?
That woman who came to the pawn shop looking for Jang Tae San?
We've been searching for her, but
all we know about her is only her appearance. So
we can't disseminate a composite image either.
Even if you must draw it up, go around with a composite image, find her!
If she came to find Jang Tae San first,
she'll be a bh plenty capable of being someone to lean on.
What did you just say?
I had no choice, Hyungnim.
That you squealed what to Jang Tae San?
That it was the Chairman who sent him to Oh Mi Sook?
That Moon Il Seok was the one who killed Oh Mi Sook?
I really would have died if I hadn't squealed.
It's because you, Hyungnim, didn't see him that you're this way
You idiot! Are you a blockhead!?
Is Jang Tae San a bastard capable of killing a person?
He's a bastard who went to prison because he couldn't stick a knife, wasn't he?!
Go explain this to the Chairman.
If I do that, I'll die, torn to a hundred pieces.
Instead, you should have made Jang Tae San tired.
How can In Hye, with someone like Jang Tae San there must be a connection for it to make sense.
Doesn't make any sense.
Doesn't make any sense.
They say I'm going to live.
They say they're going to save me, Seo Soo Jin.
No way
No way, Jang Tae San?
Will it work if I dig an underground tunnel and dig up and eat at least lawn grass?
With that stuff, think I can't endure 12 days?
I just need to stay alive. I must stay alive.
On the day of the surgery, go to the hospital, turn myself in and donate my bone marrow.
After that, whether I die by Moon Il Seok's hands or not
Who is that?
Is it a ghost?
G Ghost.
Come to your senses, you bastard.
Ghosts don't exist.
There's no such thing.
Ghosts do exist.
Over there, over there, over there.
Please take me to the hospital.
The baby
The baby is about to come out.
Please help me.
You should go to the hospital if you're going to have a baby.
Even the phone doesn't work
My husband's gone to
Please take me to the hospital.
No, I
That is
At the moment, I
I can't go to the hospital.
I'm sorry.
Here, here, I brought some hot water.
sterilized scissors and a towel.
That's everything, right?
Since I've brought everything as you've asked me to,
I'll be going now.
Good luck having the baby.
Ahjumma, are you alright?
where and how are you in pain?
Say, say something!
I've never once seen a woman deliver a baby!
Is this what it's like to have a baby?
At this rate, can she possibly die?
A doctor, I'll go bring a doctor.
Try to hold out for a little.
One more time.
Put strength in your lower abdomen!
One, two, three
You did well.
You're doing great. You're the best.
A little more.
For the last time, just once more. Let's do it just once more.
Gather your strength, and
Okay, 1 , 2 , 3! Push!
You're doing well! Ahjumma, you're doing well!
You're the best! Okay, now for the last time,
one more time! Let's just go one more time!
Okay, take a deep breath.
Okay, okay, let's go.
1 , 2 , 3!
Push hard! Okay.
Just a little more, okay? Just a little more.
You're almost done now. Ok, ahjumma, once more again!
-Push -Honey
You're saying that this child is a burden?
The child and you, I said you're both a burden.
After I found out you were with child,
I was happy for one or two days, uneasy for three or four days,
and then after I met your father, I was disgusted.
You met my father one week beforehand.
Last night while we were having dinner, we decided to register our marriage today.
Because you were so happy and jumping around.
I just pretended to be happy.
A father at my age?
I don't want to.
Since I don't like the child, I don't like you either.
I've become tired of you.
You also don't like me, do you?
Why are you like this all of a sudden?
Why are you like? Why are you like this, you?!
I'm getting on the ship tomorrow.
So you,
get rid of the child and immigrate with your parents.
You can't believe it, right?
Then, come to the front of the Ob/Gyn clinic tomorrow.
Whether it's for real or not, I'll let you know.
What are you doing? Hurry up and take her in!
Oppa Oppa!
-I said, go in! -Oppa
In Hye
Let's go, Tae San.
We have to go to the police to turn yourself in.
Right now, you
are being hunted by all the police as Park Ho Sik's murderer.
But if you get caught in front of this Ob/Gyn clinic,
that wench inside,
I don't know if she'll be alright.
Right now,
I'll go to the police station directly.
Is it a son or a daughter?
It's a son.
Even finger nails already
He even has finger nails.
鈾?Your shining eyes are transparent 鈾?
鈾?Giving a calm break. 鈾?/i
鈾?Your coming to me on a warm day
鈾?Live falling under a spell, like a dream I dreamt 鈾?
So this is how she came out.
Our Soo Jin
This is how she came into the world.
This exhausting
This painfully
This lonely
This exhausting
In Hye.
In Hye, I'm so sorry.
Soo Jin.
鈾? You, coming to me on a warm day鈾?
鈾?iI want to welcome you with delight . 鈾?
鈾?The day you come to me 鈾?
As if the escape wasn't enough, again a murder?
The whole country must know now, who Jang Tae San is.
Jang Tae San, I will definitely catch him.
You have to.
If you don't, that will not be right.
This is something we've prepared however much?
Morever, this is my last project.
If you dash this charity auction, Chairman Moon,
you will die at my hands.
Did you think I would just babble with my mouth,
and only you would take care of work with your brawn?
Before I die at Congresswoman's hands,
I will slit my neck with my own hands.
I'm saying, being parched with thirst during a drought, whether a dog or cow, everyone's the same.
For you, Congresswoman, it's over if you pack up your money and leave this country, but
for me, aren't I a person who'll be putting down roots as a businessman in this country?
They say that even a worm will turn if you step on it.
Chairman Moon, you stepped on Jang Tae San too much.
Three times even.
A worm.
That's what I'm saying.
This time, really, I'm experiencing a great deal alright. I am.
That said, would I let you be hobbled by a worm and be unable to leave?
Stop nagging and open the door, you punk.
What are you doing in my house at this time?
Why has this problem gotten so big?
I heard Jang Tae San committed another murder.
You came here because of that at this time?
This mindless
As soon as I came to work and was called to the Chief Prosecutor's, what do you think I heard?
He's a bastard that went from a fugitive to a brutal criminal.
This is the situation, so how I am supposed to take your side?
You said all would be solved if we just caught that escapee with the digital camera who lived shabbily off Moon Il Seok.
Did you live like this all this time?
When I went to pay respects to your father, he supposedly was done in by Moon Il Seok or Jo Seo Hee.
Park Jae Gyeong, shake it off properly.
Summer 2005
Trying your best, sincerely,
and honestly, that's all you need.
Yes, Ms. Lawyer, I will definitely.
I will definitely become someone like you!
-Mom! -What is it?
-Mom! - Yes, what is it?
Mom, look at this!
What is it? A scholarship?
Oh, right. Did she buy you dinner?
Yeah, meat.
Mom, now you don't have to worry about my college tuition.
Ms. Lawyer told me that if I just maintain my grades in my third year of highschool,
she said she'd give me a lot for my college tuition too!
Aigoo, really?!
Yes, really!
And Father?
Your father?
Is he still over there?
Not one bastard came down.
Let's just catch those bug-like bastards.
If I were you, tomorrow, I'd gather all the kids,
That shopping center,
it's been about forty years since it was built, right?
The negotiations are going to go well.
Excuse me?
Set a fire to get those bug-like bastards out, a fire!
There's gasoline in the car. Turn on the electricity again.
What did you say you're going to turn on?
New lessees are not a person but bug-like bastards? Uh?
Oh, Mr. Park Ho Sik. It's been a while.
Moon Il Seok! You dirty gangster bastard.
Don't go face to face with him.
You said you have gasoline in the car?
You guys, keep a good watch.
I'll go quickly and bring that union representative.
What are you going to do if you block the road?
To you three gentlemen,
I'll give you three times more.
Three times?
Look, you bastard,
you think I'm doing this only to fill my own stomach?
You just still right here.
I'll report you to the police, first.
Then I'll call all the announcers, the press, and reporters, you got that?
What? A gangster bastard a president of a company?
You With whose backing you came in,
I'll reveal it all, you got that?
Hey, Park Ho Sik.
You said you had two daughters, right?
Dae Joon.
Bang Yong Joon, you, you have two sons and one daughter.
Whether you go to the police or not, there's no point in doing useless things.
You two,
giving the excuse that you went to buy gas, you came out of the sit-in and went home.
Receive compensation at times like this.
Dae Joon!
Escort Mr. Park Ho Sik to the car. We have to take him to the hospital.
You two, don't make a peep.
Just follow Dae Joon.
Ms. Lawyer!
I definitely saw her go this way.
I'll give you Su-yeong-dong shopping district.
It's worth 2 billion won.
I'll call another lawyer to clean this up for me,
so find someone clean around your area.
Thank you.
Ms. Lawyer! Ms. Lawyer!
That person! My father, he stabbed
is something wrong?
That person! That person
You, what's your eyesight?
What do you mean, that person?
I was on a walk, alone.
You, you have really bad eyes, don't you?
Ms. Lawyer!
Instead of Moon Il Seok, Jang Tae San turned himself in.
And my saying that I saw Jo Seo Hee,
I was treated as a schizophrenic.
For three months, I suffered from aphasia [ the loss of the ability to speak or understand speech ]
And my father,
after a year died of Hwa-byung (Anger Syndrome).
It must have been hard.
There was never a time I was more scared than that.
People were all scary.
And you, Chief,
are still scary.
So that's why Jang Tae San is the answer to you.
The rope that will grab Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee is Jang Tae San.
But I don't understand what Jang Tae San is trying to do with the digital camera.
Whether he's trying to make a negotiation with Moon Il Seok,
or if he's thinking about clearing his name, he can just take that and turn himself in.
But he's not turning himself in either.
There's no use in looking at his behaviors. You have look at his heart.
Excuse me?
It's not why he escaped, but what was he feeling inside that he escaped.
Don't think about it from your standpoint but look at his heart.
I don't really understand what you're trying to say.
He's a strange guy, isn't he?
The bastard, who'd volunteered to live as an ex-convict forever due to something he didn't even do,
is after so long struggling like that.
Doesn't it look like there's something there?
Alright, I'll just a eat a lot while I can.
Now, I don't even know when I'll be able to eat again.
Now, I just have to be here for only twelve more days, right?
It'll be so nice if I got better quickly.
If I'm imprisoned, Soo Jin can't get her surgery.
Because I'll die.
I'm saying I'll die!
Do you not know how much Seung Woo loves Soo Jin?
Seung Woo will protect Jang Tae San, and will allow Soo Jin to get the surgery safely.
Mom, today, you don't have to worry about me one bit and go to the store.
Today, I don't think the radiation treatment will be tiring at all,
and I don't think I'll be frustrated all day.
I played really hard. In my dream.
I had a really good dream. A dream where three of us, with mommy, went playing.
With Ahjussi?
Was it Ahjussi?
Regardless, it was three.
Im Seung Woo, what are you doing here at this time of the day?
Just. Because I wondered if there's anything going on with Soo Jin?
Nothing is going on.
Didn't you meet with In Hye?
No, not yet.
Omo, you came to see me first at this busy time?
Ji Sook,
who is the person giving the bone marrow to Soo Jin?
Why are you asking that?
Don't you know that the bone marrow donor is secret information?
You can't tell me something like that between friends?
So ignorant of the kid who looked over the gate during medical school!
I have principles to protect as a doctor.
I wondered, perhaps, it might be someone related to Soo Jin.
Someone related?
Is it someone related to her, or is it not?
Tell me, clearly.
In Hye's parents have let the country so there's no contact.
I was told that Soo Jin's father had died.
In Hye would tell you if it was someone related.
That's true.
Ask her directly if you're curious about something.
I got it.
Because an urgent call came, I'll get going.
Put it in the freezer before it melts, Jeong Ho.
Although we've expanded the inspection to the Gyeonggi-do region, we still can't figure out Jang Tae San's whereabouts.
9:17 A.M.
There was nothing captured on the CCTVs near Go Man Seok's house.
Did you find the woman who was looking for Jang Tae San?
There was nothing at detective agencies within Seoul. Maybe she's from beyond the area, or
No, it could also be that it wasn't commissioned through a detective agency.
Then, are we sending that young woman into the fog?
It's supposed to be usual for whichever man's life to be entangled with a woman's story.
Prosecutor, the investigation results from the Go Man Seok crime scene came out, but
the knife doesn't have any fingerprints.
It's clean.
There aren't any prints?!
What is this?
That means Jang Tae San might not be the culprit!
Jang Tae San is the culprit!
He wiped all the prints and ran away.
Evidence isn't the only thing missing, there isn't a motive either.
I've thought it over. There isn't any reason for Jang Tae San to have killed Go Man Seok.
Go Man Seok allowed Jang Tae San to live in his room and
is his younger orphanage brother.
He killed him, knowing that Go Man Seok lured him.
That's not enough as a murder motive.
Who killed him then?
It hadn't been 10 minutes since Go Man Seok went in.
I bumped into Jang Tae San while he was coming out of the room. I did.
Detective Jin was at stakeout outside.
We saw Jang Tae San come out of that room.
After that, there was no one who went in that room.
Jang Tae San is a bastard like that.
He's a bastard who doesn't know anything like friendship or loyalty.
Even if they'd lived together not just years but decades together,
a cruel bastard who can kill ruthlessly, who's dirty even to his ribs!
Detective Im,
do you know Jang Tae San that well?
Yes, In Hye.
Wait a minute, I'll answer when I get out.
Please excuse me.
Yes, This is Park Jae Gyeong.
Prosecutor, I have found out about the woman who was looking for Jang Tae San.
Excuse me for a while.
What was that?
You can tell me now. I was in a meeting.
What is her name?
Seo In Hye, you said?
Seung Woo
When is that meeting going to end? I have something to tell
Sunbaenim! His whereabouts seem to have been located! Please hurry in!
9:50 A.M.
Dispatch them quickly!
Go quickly!
I gave him a ride until Daejon,
but, when I watched morning news, it was Jang Tae San.
It's right. It's right. It's right. What I said was right?
This is awesome! Blockhead!
Now I've survived, Hyungnim.
Aigoo, he's sleeping again?
That kiddo, really, it's just eat and sleep.
This How did you?
If women give birth, they eat seaweed soup, no?
I can't guarantee the taste though.
It's my first time cooking this.
Thank you, Ahjussi.
But what about you?
I ate first in the kitchen.
This kid, he really does poop often.
That's alright, Ahjussi. You can get going now.
You must go to your Noonim's house.
President, didn't you said that you got lost on your way to Noonim's house?
Oh, right!
I'm always like this.
When I'm stuck on one thing, I can't think of anything else.
While you're on your way, please just leave word at the village foreman's residence that I gave birth.
Then, the ahjumma at that house will help you.
I'll just wash this and go.
You should eat now.
Ah, Ahjussi's clothes.
It's alright. I can just wash this and wear it after letting dry a bit.
In the room across are my husband's new clothes. For now, please wear that.
Even newborns do poop too if they eat.
I wish I could stay hidden like this until Soo Jin's surgery.
Washing diapers, cooking seaweed soup,
being like that.
11:40 A.M.
From the point where Jang Tae San went off,
we've ranscked.
The only thing that's left is this neighborhood.
It's total 6 families, and since this village's electricity was disconnected yesterday,
the chances are very high that he is hiding here.
Now, hurry. Let's go.
Baby, when you grow up,
you should be a good person like that ahjussi.
By the way, I need to tell your dad about your news.
The phone doesn't even work, so what should we do?
Really, will the electricity too come on only at night?
Oh! Facing the fourth day of escape as of today
Electricity came on.
because he's committed an additional murder, the citizens are being driven by shock.
The police, in the meantime, have disregarded even when Jang Tae San's whereabouts have been discovered.
Jang's elusive escape and
-Hmm, - one step too late
Looks-wise, he's good-looking.
So scary.
-Oh? -The southern U.S. encompassing Atlanta is completely submerged in water.
Many who live farming are included, so
Are the phones working?
The highways are
It's right there.
Is anyone home?
My husband must have called the police since he couldn't reach us.
We've come out to check a case of escape.
Is anyone home?
It's not me, the murderer.
What's the matter?
There has been a report that a fugitive is hiding here.
Did anything happen last night?
Nothing happened.
But why did it take you long to come out?
Because I was breast feeding my baby.
Have you seen a suspicious person?
I haven't.
It seems like it's not this neighborhood.
At this house, we ransacked everything, even the kitchen, but
there's not even a whiff of Jang Tae San.
Mouse-like bastard! After we contact the other village's search team,
if there was nothing fumigated even on that side, this village
Ah, do you think he would have been in the mountain through the night in the rain?
It was like that at Woon Gyeong too, so we have to search house by house.
That house
there was a gold rope hanging.
What do you mean, a gold rope?
In this rain, a mother who'd just given birth came out herself.
12:35 P.M.
After you pass this much, there are trees, and
to the side of that tree, there's a sloping road.
If you go down that sloping road, at the bottom, there's a cave.
If you hide there, no one can find you.
Jang Tae San!
Capture him, Detective Im! Capture him!
Jang Tae San!
Jang Tae San,
you are being arrested for the murder of Oh Mi Sook and Go Man Seok.
If Soo Jin doesn't get the surgery she will die.
She will die just like that.
Don't think of anything else.
~ Preview ~
You murdered someone after you promised to give a bone marrow to your daughter?!
The bastard who agreed to give his bone marrow to his daughter
Get out.
As ordered and killed?
You've worked hard.
You, do you want to save Soo Jin?
Do you think I escaped because I was bored and
do I look like I'm playing hide and seek while getting hit with a gun?
If Detective Im knows, then the police will know too.
If Moon Il Seok finds out through a secret agent in the police
The child could be in danger.
What? Found whom?
We found Jang Tae San's wench.
I'm not at all scared of dying.
I don't have longings or the like, even.
I can't kill the child that I once killed with my own hands again.
Just ten days will do!
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