2 Weeks (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

When Jang Tae San went to jail in 2008,
it was because he couldn't kill Han Chi Gook, so he took the fall instead again?
After he lost his son,
he supposedly disappeared voluntarily.
The woman who came to the pawnshop to look for Jang Tae San,
find her, even if you have to draw up and go around with a composite sketch!
Yes. Father.
I found the girl who was looking for Jang Tae San.
Her name is Seo In Hye?
How would In Hye know someone like Jang Tae San?
Whatever I do, I will stay alive.
In place of Moon Il Seok, Jang Tae San turned himself in.
So, for you, Jang Tae San is the answer.
It's useless to read Jang Tae San's actions.
You have to read his heart.
I will capture Jang Tae San definitely.
It wouldn't do for you not to (capture Jang Tae San).
Chairman Moon, you will die at my hands.
Jang Tae San, I will capture him with my own hands, definitely.
Jang Tae San!
Jang Tae San!
Jang Tae San,
I arrest you for the murders of Oh Mi Sook and Go Man Seok.
If she doesn't get the surgery, Soo Jin will die. Just like that, she'll die.
Don't think of doing anything.
Gun shot!
What's with the gun shot?!
Did you shoot?
You shot?!
What about Jang Tae San? Did he escape?
I'm asking if he got shot and escaped?!
I told you to capture him alive!
T-Those crazy bastards!
What are you doing not jumping in?
(You don't mean) I-In there?
Yah! No!
What happened? Our Detective Im!
Detective Im!
What about P-Prosecutor Park!
Aigoo, aigoo, aigoo!
Down there!
He's not here, so he probably went down the river.
Detective Im,
was Jang Tae San shot?
Where did he get shot?
Detective Im, what are you? Did you not hear me say to capture him alive?
I told you not to shoot him!
And why do I have to do that?
I warned him beforehand. But for a heinous fugitive that still ran away,
why should I not shoot?!
This time Detective Im didn't do anything wrong, Prosecutor.
We already had permission to shoot and we were supplied with ammunition.
Where exactly was he shot? Where did you shoot him?
I don't really know.
What do you mean you don't know? You're the one who fired the gun!
Where were you aiming?
I aimed toward the thigh,
but somebody fired a slingshot and hit my hand, so I too don't know where I shot.
There's something you're not telling us, right?
Chief, request assistance to this side quickly, and
please search around this area first.
Do you think he could have escaped during this time, while suffering from a gunshot wound?
Tell the search team to block downstream right now.
As for us, we have to search from here onward.
Hurry, get a move on!
From now on, along with Jang Tae San,
if you see anyone unfamiliar to our search team,
capture them, regardless, and confirm their ID.
Don't let Jang Tae San be captured by the police.
Don't kill him before finding the digital camera, and
absolutely don't let your identity be discovered.
Dae Poong!
By the way, why are both Detective Im and Prosecutor Park acting like that?
Seriously, both of them,
do they have some kind of debt to collect from Jang Tae San?
Section Chief Do, because Jang Tae San's whereabouts were discovered, we're on our way now.
Please investigate that woman immediately.
Occupation, family relations, phone number, anything and everything.
What brings you here?
Ah, yes, th-that, um
If you're waiting for someone, please wait inside.
Is the president here Ms. Seo In Hye?
Seo In Hye? She's our manager.
Are you here to meet our manager?
No, it's not that
Is Ms. Seo In Hye perhaps married?
As for that, why?
Well She left a good impression on me.
This mister, where do you
Ahjussi, if you let your eyes be drawn rashly toward our manager, there will be big trouble.
Her fiance is a detective. A detective!
A detective?
In Hye, I have to mobilize now, so I'll call you later.
Are your worries Tae San? (Tae San = Big Mountain)
What does "Tae San" mean?
Tae San?
I'm asking what "Tae San" means?
Suddenly why are you asking about Tae San or something like that?
"Ti kkeul mo ah tae san," (A little makes a lot) "guk jung ee tae san." (Full of worries)
But I don't know what Tae San means.
It means a big mountain.
A big mountain?
Ah~ if it's a big mountain, even the story behind it is probably big.
Soo Jin, I need to go to the lounge for a moment.
So you can call Ahjussi?
If you're calling Ahjussi, why are you going out to do it so I don't know?
If you go out, then you have to get sterilized again.
I'm doing it because I want to get some air for a bit.
I'm here everyday except for during the radiation treatment.
Today, Soo Jin is not letting mom budge even a little.
It's a bit of a frustrating and exhausting time.
Sorry, sorry. I won't go out.
It's ok if you call Ajusshi
From here.
I'll say this again, even if you're sent by the prosecution office.
The name of the bone marrow donor is confidential information.
It's Jang Tae San, right?
Does Detective Im know?
This is a very important matter regarding the investigation of Jang Tae San.
That Jang Tae San is Seo Soo Jin's bone marrow donor,
does Detective Im know too?
Detective Im doesn't know.
Hmm, he doesn't know
Then if Jang Tae San dies, the kid
Does the kid die too?
Save Me!
Stay still!
This is a medicine that eats up the blood quickly where the bullet was taken out, and
gets rid of the pain.
While I was taking out the bullet, I fed you some medicine that made you lose consciousness.
Get it out of the way.
Excuse me. . . that. . . Elder. . .
My getting shot with a gun
At that time, why didn't you kill me?
Excuse me?
You, I heard that because you couldn't kill me, you went to jail in place of Hwang Dae Jeon.
Ahjussi is. . .
Seoul 2005
Jang Tae San! He went in your direction! Catch him!
You brat!
I'm Han Chi Gook, who lived thanks to you.
After you disappeared at that time,
you've been living here like this?
Why didn't you kill me back then?
I brought you here to ask that. Otherwise I would've left you to die in the water.
Since the TV has been noisy everyday with your news, I instantly recognized you.
I thought I was going to go crazy because I've been curious about that.
Back then, why didn't you kill me?
Because of my mom.
Mom! I bought fruit bars,
so I could eat them with you.
Your mom left you behind and committed suicide?
At that time, the blood
The smell of that blood
I still can't forget it.
Then, how did you kill that woman?
And even the guy you lived with?
A bastard who's that scared of blood?
Man Seok too They're saying I killed Man Seok too?
No. I didn't kill anyone.
Then who did?
Moon Il Seok.
Moon Il Seok killed them and framed me.
Moon Il Seok?
At first, he was just planning to frame me, but
now he's trying to kill me.
I don't know what on earth is the connection between Oh Mi Sook and Moon Il Seok.
It seems like Mi Sook filmed something with a digital camera.
But then she left it with me
- Get out of here! - Excuse me?
Since I've repaid you for my life, get out of here! Quickly!
If I'd known that you were entangled with Moon Il Seok,
I wouldn't even have brought you here. Get out, quickly!
- Chairman! - Here, get out!
- Ahjussi! If I get captured, I'll be killed by Moon Il Seok! - Come out! Come out quickly!
Then, my Soo Jin..!
Did you disinfect here properly?
If my wound is infected, then my Soo Jin will die!
Who is Soo Jin? Your girl (friend)?
Inspection: Please reduce speed.
From here to Young-dong-ro,
it's 5 km via the rafting course.
Normally, it takes two or three hours.
It seems like Jang Tae San jumped off right about here.
If we consider that the river's velocity may have increased due to the inlet,
in one hour, he could have been pushed down to Yeon-lo-gu.
Then, we will have to expand the search to this mountain here.
That's only if he's dead.
In addition to the inlet river current being very turbulent, he's also been shot.
It's extremely hard to get out of the current.
Although we don't know where he was shot,
the canyon is rugged.
Let's assume that he got out, then where are the closest private homes?
Installed here are rafting businesses and some private homes.
They're doing street corner inspections unquestionably, right?
We're blocking all the routes that can be used to shake us off, even cultivation rows.
Jang Tae San cannot get out unseen via any road on which wheels can roll.
Secure the local resident registry, and
allow entry only after verifying one by one.
We must do ID-verifications of tourists and overnight travelers also, even more thoroughly.
Since he's been shot, he won't be able to hold hostages.
He'll try to get help no matter what, so do thorough investigative questioning.
We must also check the quantities at places that provide emergency medicine.
If he interfered with the gun being fired, it's certain that it's a bastard Moon Il Seok sent
Who exactly did he send?
Could he be caught already?
Section Chief Do, among Moon Il Seok's kids that Hwang Dae Joon is supervising,
you said there was no kid who'd left his place vacant, right?
Detective Im shot at Jang Tae San,
but someone obstructed him with a slingshot.
Detective Im shot Jang Tae San?
It's to be expected that there are Moon Il Seok's informers within the police.
I can't guess who is chasing Jang Tae San.
By the looks of it, I think he's a hired professional
Just a moment. Prosecutor, listen to what I have to tell you first.
That Ms. Seo In Hye is Detective Im Seung Woo's fiancee.
What is that you are saying?
Why would Detective Im's fiancee come looking for Jang Tae San?
The birth father of Ms. Seo In Hye's child is Jang Tae San.
What did you just say?
That Jang Tae San has a daughter?
Yes, but
Ms. Seo In Hye, the mother of Jang Tae San's daughter,
is presently Detective Im's fiancee.
He's a cruel bastard who's dirty to the bone!
Jang Tae San
I will catch him with my own hands definitely.
Then, Detective Im knew. The connection between Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye.
That's why he chased Jang Tae San so emotionally.
Aside from that, there's something else.
Bone marrow transplant?
Finally, I know the reason for his escape.
So, he killed Mi Sook, but he escaped in order to save his kid.
The 26th is the day of the bone marrow transplant, but
if Jang Tae San doesn't give his bone marrow, they tell me the kiddo will die too.
Even though he knew that, Detective Im still shot Jang Tae San?
She says Detective Im doesn't know who the bone marrow donor is.
Anyway, why didn't the child's mother tell him?
She probably knows that Detective Im is chasing the child's father who'll save her daughter.
Might she not be in contact with Jang Tae San?
Section Chief Do, go immediately again to the attending physician, and
make her shut her mouth so that she can't tell Detective Im.
If Detective Im knows, then the police will come to know.
Then, if Moon Il Seok comes to know through the informant within the police
The child could end up in danger too.
Meet the doctor,
and meet the Chief right away.
Usually, he cultivates medicinal herbs.
During the rafting season, he's someone who does odd jobs, like managing boats at night.
He's kind of deaf.
But does he live alone?
Just a minute.
Yes, Chief.
I'm in the middle of questioning the area residents, but there's no unusual disturbance.
Ah, Im Sunbaenim?
He is inside the house. Because it's a bit remote here, cell phone signals don't go through well.
By the looks of it, it would be a bit difficult, right?
Do you think I can do that for you?
Under what pretext can I accept that warrant? Do you think it makes a sense?
Then how about if you were to do it like this for us?
What!? What!? What!? What!? What!? Aigoo.
Park Jae Gyeong, this kid, is simply a swamp. A swamp. ( She gets us bogged down in a swamp.)
Well, I'm telling you that we can't tell you the Chairman's schedule.
This is something where every minute and every second is urgent.
If you leave a memo, I will pass it onto him tomorrow morning.
Excuse me! Tomorrow morning?
The Chairman isn't coming back into the office today.
What should we do, Hyungnim?
I don't know, you blockhead!
There's something here!
You're right that it's Jang Tae San's clothing.
How much must he have bumped into boulders, heeled over, and thrashed about that Aigoo.
If his clothing is in this state, his body must be a wreck.
If it's the back of the shoulder. . .
it's not critical, right?
Exactly where's the spot it was discovered?
The t-shirt was here, and the shoes were here.
Then, the body must have floated down quite a while.
The things recovered are just the clothes and the shoes.
We can't conclude that he's dead.
Can't you see that the t-shirt is turned inside out?
Around here, you have a lot of drowning accidents, right? What do you think is likely?
Without resistance from the body, the force of the currents takes off the clothes by itself.
Then. . .
Like this? Like this?
At about the middle of the valley, he was probably dead.
To try to live,
he seems to have held onto every boulder he was caught on somewhat.
It's in tatters.
Let's send more search parties and find at least the corpse quickly, yes?
Jang Tae San, are you really dead?
You died, leaving behind your daughter?
You worthless bastard!
Hey, you pathetic bastard!!
Did you die here, or did you die captured?
What are you going to do about your daughter?
Crazy bastard!
Does a bastard who was going to give his bone marrow to his daughter commit murder?!
Does a bastard who was going to give his bone marrow to his daughter
commit murder, as ordered?
Come up.
Excuse me. . .
You didn't bring the police, right?
That place was, in the past, a place used by a snake handler to hold snakes.
There are still one or two that come and go, thinking it's their house, so do as you please.
S. . . snake?
You said you were going to get antibiotics, so why did you come back so late?
Were you not able to get some?
Thank you.
Since I set up an illusion that you, bastard, are dead,
change and leave.
To find your body, all have gone down below as ordered, so there's a break in the inspection.
How can I get out of here in this physical condition?
Since your fever came down and the bullet didn't bother the bone, you'll be fine as long as the bleeding stops.
It's a week's worth of antibiotics. Endure what's painful whatever way you know.
Ahjussi, you heard all of my woeful story a while ago.
But how
You think someone who set off a bomb and killed Go Man Seok with a single stroke wouldn't search here?
If he learns they don't have your body, he's someone who'd ransack even this village's toilet, that Moon Il Seok!
Don't be like that
Exactly ten days. Hide me for just for ten days. Yes?
I'll hide under that storage as if I'm dead.
Though I may look like nothing, all busted up, and
I may have nothing left,
but I don't want to be killed by Moon Il Seok, for the sin of helping you.
I'll be in a corner down there, so who would know and look in?
This bastard, why get all knotted up?
Who are you that you clump up with me?!
When you escaped, did you escape relying on me?
No matter though, I saved you, Ahjussi.
How can you tell me to leave with this body?
Whether or not you had Moon Il Seok's digital camera in your hands,
whether or not you saw what's in it,
Moon Il Seok will kill you.
Because you're someone who knows that, he'll kill you.
Even though you know that, you tell me to get out?
If I go out and get caught, my child will die too!
Whether or not your child dies.
What did you say?
This bastard!
Get out!
You idiot who was had three times because even twice wasn't enough!
Isn't Jinyang Headquarters Building a building that's already completely filled with collateral (fully mortgaged)?
With something like that,
if you're asking me to give 8 million won in two days
Wow, this is really
That's why I'm asking Chairman Moon to look at my face and give me a break.
What is it?
You should be alright if you sell the Yujin Gas shares that you possess.
That is, because there's a relationship between Yujin Chairman Kim and me.
He's Chairman Kim Tae Hweon's cousin by a maternal aunt.
Chairman Kim has to protect the shares.
Then, let's use those Yujin Gas shares as collateral.
What, due to Chairman Kim Tae Hwyeon's embezzlement case,
there's a rumor even that President Oh also will be subpoenaed soon.
Where did you hear that sort of talk?
Faster than wind or horses are rumors.
Do you think President Oh's company would be different and not have tax weaknesses?
Aigoo, President Oh, what should we do about this?
Less than 10 kilos?
Hey, this bastard, this. He went, tumbling along for a very long way on the road to the afterlife.
Then what about the digital camera? You weren't able to dig up where the digital camera is, right?
I'm sorry.
If ever, just in case since we don't know,
don't leave that place until you find Jang Tae San's body.
I understand.
If Jang Tae San is dead, the digital camera How do we find this?
Don't worry too much.
Because it's a special digital camera, its videos can't be seen easily.
If it's a special digital camera, does it say that it'll hide its video forever?
Codes are to be deciphered that they're codes.
If Park Jae Gyeong locked it with a code, someday in somebody's hands, can't it be deciphered by chance?
Now that I've blocked, drilled, and hung it on President Oh's nose
Did President Oh say that he'd put his house as collateral?
It's not at his house,
and there's no bastard around him who said he took it on.
Neither can we open a dead bastard's mouth and ask where it is.
Who on earth is the bastard that fired a gun on Jang Tae San!?
If Jo Seo Hee leaves, that's it for her, but
I have to live always stepping on a bomb that might explode anytime.
I'll investigate people around Jang Tae San more thoroughly.
I will wrap things up and come out, so call President Hwang immediately.
Hyungnim! Hyungnim! Hyungnim!
I found her.
Did you find the person who made the digital camera for Park Jae Gyeong?
No, it's not that.
Jang Tae San, I found his girl.
What? Found who?
On Mount Taehwae in Yeonggungmyeong, Pocheon District, Gyeonggi Province, the fugitive Jang Tae San
after being shot by the police
-Gun? -is now missing.
Mr. Jang, on this past 11th, as the suspect in the murder case in Yeongdeungpo-gu
escaped during transport to the prosecutors
and after murdering even his junior, Mr. Go, continued to flee.
Even if Jang Tae San did really die,
it's not the end.
Moon Il Seok, Jo Seo Hee,
or I must die for it to end.
You must die for it to end.
I will not end it like this.
After eight college students who'd drunk alcohol,
to get air, divided up into two passenger cars and came riding out,
on a winding, two-lane mountain road,
as soon as the car behind signaled to pass,
the car in front sped up, and the car behind again crossed the median to pass
and smashed into the Hancheon pier.
Next piece of news.
The police, presuming the fugitive Jang Tae San to be in fact dead,
have launched a search for the body.
On the day of the incident, the velocity of an inlet exceeding 60 meters increased hourly, and
rafting area's particular characteristic that there are many boulders.
The possibility of survival for Jang Tae San, who had a gunshot wound
is slim, the view holds.
In addition, because the clothes and shoes he was wearing
were discovered 10 km downstream from where he fell,
it is adding even more weight to the possibility of Jang Tae San's death.
Yes, I understand.
It's the Chief District Prosecutor's office.
It's probably a robocall.
They called here because you weren't answering your phone.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Get up quickly, and call Detective Im!
Yes, I understand.
Detective Im, why don't you remain and come up after you settle things.
That's what I'm thinking of doing.
Do that.
The body of Jang Tae San, whom Detective Im killed. You'll have to come after fishing it out.
Sunbaenim, do you really plan to stay behind?
Detective Im, you shot fairly, so why?
You have to go up with us and wash and get some shut eye too.
That way we can wrap up this case too.
Escort the Squad Chief back well. And don't do any mocking.
Please go back up.
Children's Art Competition Done Together With Fathers
Why did you bring those? Didn't you bring your car?
I brought it to brag about it to Soo Jin!
Soo Jin, look at me having prepared things for camping.
What's with her expression?
Our Miss Seo Soo Jin, who draw well, is like that because you want to go there, huh?
When is that? I'll just take vacation, then.
Oh, that's today.
Let's go there! Let's go there. Why not?
This is something you go to with your dad.
Ahjussi, you aren't my dad yet, are you?
My real dad is dead and gone.
That's right. I'm not your dad yet, and
your real dad is in heaven.
That's right.
Soo Jin must be very upset inside.
I can't do anything about that. I like camping too.
Then, how about we do this?
Go there with Ahjussi, and draw your dad.
But I don't even know my dad's face.
If you draw it, that's your dad.
Since he's inside your heart.
What if they ask who you are?
I'm the bodyguard, who escorts Soo Jin on an errand from Soo Jin's dad.
Of course!
Since I promised your mom to protect you while she's getting training for 1-night and 2-days.
So I'm your bodyguard.
Once you get married to my mom, I will call you dad.
That sounds nice!
Yes, Father.
Where are you now?
Come immediately to the police station and report!
Seung Woo Ahjussi is a very nice ahjussi.
In your place, Daddy, he does everything for me and treats me very well.
Whenever he looks at mom, all he does is smile,"heh heh."
He likes mom a lot.
If I knew you were alive, Daddy,
I would have told him not to like mommy.
Do you know how I found out you are alive?
Because of this picture.
On the day when Mom decided to marry Seung Woo Ahjussi,
Mom tore up this picture and threw it out.
But for a dead person's picture,
it is supposed to be burned, not torn up. That's what they do in the dramas.
But what did you do wrong to Mom?
Whenever I ask about you, Dad,
on that night, she would always cry.
I guess Mom hates you.
But still, I really like you.
Inspection for a moment. please.
There's no problem, right?
Thank you for your cooperation.
No problem, thank you for your effort.
I didn't know the type of man Moon Il Seok was. I suffered because I couldn't fathom the depth of the matter.
You knew and still suffered.
Even though you knew, you still served him.
Because of a bastard like you, I don't like that I can't die properly.
You take care of your own problem.
If I had stabbed you back then,
I wouldn't have become like this.
I also didn't suffer through it, with my eyes open.
Because of In Hye They told me if I didn't go to jail in place of Moon Il Seok
They said they'd kill In Hye.
And, you know what Moon Il Seok is like, right?
If he says he'll kill, then he'll kill.
Ahjussi, you said living is meaningless, right?
But you said you didn't want to die in vain.
I'm like that too.
Living is meaningless, it's just meaningless
I let go of In Hye because of Moon Il Seok.
I lived as if I could die any day.
I lived like that.
At that time,
I didn't think of anything aside from In Hye.
I didn't think of my Soo Jin.
I just wanted In Hye to live well.
If In Hye had Soo Jin, I was afraid it would be too much for her to handle, like my Mom.
I pushed her into an operating room to abort Soo Jin.
The child that I killed once with my own hands, I can't kill her again.
Just ten days will do! Can't you give me that much?
When I come out of surgery, Moon Il Seok will be waiting
Then I will die.
Just because you gave me ten days, you think Moon Il Seok will kill you?
After the surgery,
will you look for Moon Il Seok and die?
I should die. Otherwise, what should I do then?
It will be alright for me to die.
A bastard like me,
I'm not a bit scared of dying.
I have nothing for which I long.
But then,
that kid not being able to save her
I'm so scared.
At the snake storage, I will stay just ten days.
Just ten days.
I will live hiding like a snake.
You don't even need to feed me.
Get your hand off!
Go to Busan. There is a boat leaving for the Philippines tomorrow night.
Go there and stay still about 10 days.
You said the surgery date is the 26th, right?
At dawn on that day, come to Incheon.
You're saying that I have to stowaway?
You won't be able to survive in this country while Moon Il Seok is searching for you.
Looking at how expansive Moon Il Seok's business has become, his connection is probably an important figure.
Drowning accidents occasionally happen in this area.
It takes them three or four days to find the dead body.
Meanwhile, inspection will not be tight, so just take the bull by the horns.(take the initiative)
Sleep here tonight and leave at dawn tomorrow.
I will give you my truck.
You're telling me to drive?
What if I get caught?
I will ensure that you won't be caught.
Mr. Jang, who had been located by the police,
fled to the top of mountain, in an attempt to avoid arrest.
Police reported that there was an inevitable shooting,
in the process of the pursuit.
The police stated that after being shot and falling from the cliff, Mr. Jang
is probably dead.
In order to search for his body
They really do think I'm dead.
What should I do?
What do we do? Is there no other way?
In Hye. You know that we can't stop the conditioning regimen right now.
They said he might be dead.
How can we continue with the conditioning regimen on her.
If we stop it now, she may quickly be infected.
I'll try and search for another bone marrow donor just in case.
Just stay calm.
I can't. I can't, Doctor.
Just like this My baby
I I can't live without Soo Jin.
You know that. I've spent my life depending on Soo Jin.
My little one You know how she's like an adult.
That's why if you had told Seung Woo earlier,
we could have prevented this from happening.
I shouldn't have believed in myself, and told Seung Woo.
If only I had done that
He could have prevented that person from being shot.
What should I do? It's my fault.
It's my fault! What to do?
My Soo Jin, if something happens to my Soo Jin. . .
My..Soo Jin
In Hye! In Hye!
This time you couldn't even stop from shooting a gun?
It's so unlike you to lose a prisoner who escaped twice!
I'm sorry.
Were you really paying attention when chasing him?
Because you had distracting thoughts.
Because your mind was somewhere else you couldn't concentrate, is that right?
What are you trying to say?
Because of In Hye's daughter Soo Jin,
that's why your head is so out of it.
It's not like that.
Don't you know how many people are watching you?
You quit medical school to become a police officer,
and you raise a daughter whose father we don't even know.
You even decided to get married with her mom. Then
You agreed to my marriage.
You promised to not talk about it again.
True. I made a mistake.
Because there was talk whether the gun shot was perhaps an excessive move,
I've become a bit sensitive.
It was not an excessive move.
We would have lost him again if he'd jumped off the cliff.
For now, I've decided not to announce at the shot fired.
Turn in a report quickly so you don't get misunderstood.
How is the preparation for Soo Jin's surgery?
This weekend your mom and I will go and visit.
Ting Tingy Unni, hurry and get ready to go to radiation treatment.
I'm already wearing them.
Let's go.
Yes, Joelmo Sepo transplant ward.
Can I please talk to Seo Soo Jin's guardian, Seo In Hye?
Soo Jin is going to into radiation treatment right now.
Yes, I understand.
It's juice from a poisonous herb. It's not life-threatening.
If you wash it with this, you'll be normal in 10 minutes.
Soo Jin!
I'm sorry, Soo Jin.
Mom, my shoe.
Let's go.
I want to see your face as we go.
Soo Jin, don't jump. You'll be tired if you jump.
Mom, you have a call. Answer it.
It's me. I will call you again in five minutes.
He's a fugitive that made the whole nation nervous.
How can you lose him again and again?
Please let me find Jang Tae San's body,
and finish Go Man Seok's death report at least.
The police will take care of the case.
Give us one week more.
Chief Han!
If she gets fired for going out as the prosecutor-in-charge of the fugitive case without wrapping up the investigation,
how could prosecutors look at police under their jurisdiction from now on?
Prosecutor, a signal came.
Oh, you were worried a lot, right?
You're alive? What happened? They said you were shot.
Do all that get shot die?
I told you I won't die.
Your body? What about the gunshot wound?
It's okay. It's been treated and I've taken medications too.
I already told you.
That I'll be keeping my promise this time.
You said you would surrender when you found the evidence. Did you find it?
I wasn't able to find it.
Then surrender now. Where are you now?
If I surrender then I'll die.
- So - I will make it so you won't die.
There's a person who would help. I have a person that I will get married to. . .
I was almost murdered when I was detained.
That's why I escaped. I can't surrender empty handed.
There's no one I can trust and I shouldn't trust anyone.
I got caught by that person.
What do you mean. . . by all of that?
That's why I'm pretending to be dead.
Taking advantage of everyone thinking I'm dead,
I'm getting on a ship going to the Philippines today.
I will return on the day of the surgery. So don't worry.
Right now. . .
Wait for a while
Please don't go
You'reyou're going to do what?
What if you can't return? What should I do if you can't return?
No, where are you? Where are you now?!
You, do you want to save Soo Jin?
You! How could you say that?
Then I do you think I was bored, so I escaped?
Do I look like I'm playing hide and seek while getting shot by a gun?
It's not like that.
Then close your mouth and wait.
To the person you're getting married with, or whoever
Don't say anything about me and Soo Jin.
If you want to save Soo Jin.
Is there no other way than that?
I want to save Soo Jin.
Whether you believe me or not fine.
Even if I die, I want to save Soo Jin.
Living like this,
I'm sorry.
Please take care of Soo Jin. Go in now.
Wait. . .
Soo Jin's Dad
Don't die.
Taking advantage of everyone thinking I'm dead, I'm getting on a ship going to the Philippines today.
I will return on the day of the surgery. So don't worry.
Il Do Jin
- Hello. - Hello.
A day felt like a year, I think it's been ten years. . .
Three cold beers and a bottle of cola.
As for snacks, fried potatoes or croquettes?
A glass of cider too.
Yes, Prosecutor.
We came for a glass of beer. What's the matter?
Why are you doing pointless things? Get ahold of yourself.
Now I feel like I can live.
I'm so sleepy to death.
No, why do even I who can't drink even one glass have to come along?
Hey! Sit properly.
Squad Chief, you have something to say, don't you?
Jin Il Do, you, have you heard anything from Detective Im, have you not?
These days, is there something going on? Like something with his fiancee or something?
Squad Chief, for five days, we only went around chasing Jang Tae San.
Where was the opportunity for Sunbae Im to take off?
So sleep for 2 hours, then go to the hospital to meet In Hye.
Detective Kim, go find out any connection between Oh Mi Sook and Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
I understand.
Squad Chief, you are suspicious about something?
I find it strange too.
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong came in when Oh Mi Sook died.
What about Detective Im?
You asked where we were and came here to meet Detective Im?
Who's the one who threw away Detective Im in Hantang River?
I'll offer first that I'm really sorry and that you'll have to excuse me.
After 30 minutes, your face will swell up.
Ting Tingy
Big Mountain
Ting Tingy, now if we sleep 10 more nights we will be able to meet each other.
And Dad too.
Who is it?
Is Soo Jin in there?
Yes, it is me.
So you are Soo Jin.
Yes, who are you?
Is your Dad's name Jang Tae San?
~ Preview ~
So go, except Detective Im.
Since he could overturn everything because his emotions are mixed up.
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong and Detective Im's team all disappeared.
A long, long time ago. . .
I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry. . . Oh?
The mountain and the sun loved each other.
They loved each other so much.
Hey there! This! This!
But they broke up.
The truth is the man liked her even if he couldn't sleep for a hundred nights.
No. . . No. . . No. . .
Catch him! Catch him and kill him!
Jang Tae San, you're under arrest for the murder of Oh Mi Sook and Go Man Seok and for escaping.
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