2 Weeks (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Don't let Jang Tae San be caught by the police.
Don't kill him before you find the digital camera.
Don't let them find out your identity.
Go to Busan. There's a boat leaving for the Philippines tomorrow.
Are you saying I should stow away?
You won't be able to hold out in this country with Moon Il Seok looking for you.
Seeing how Moon ll Seok is growing his business, the bastard connected with him is an important figure.
Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee are not the end.
It won't end until I die. It won't end until you guys die.
The mother of Jang Tae San's daughter is
Detective Im Seung Woo's fiance.
Even if I die, I want to die after saving Soo Jin.
Soo Jin's Dad, don't die.
I'm taking a boat to the Philippines tonight.
I'll be back before the day of the surgery, so don't worry.
We found her. We found
Jang Tae San's girl.
Who is it?
Is Soo Jin here?
Yes. That's me.
You're Soo Jin, I see.
Yes. Who are you?
Is your dad's name Jang Tae San?
I see.
You're Jang Tae San's daughter.
Are you my dad's friend?
You're way older than my dad though.
You look a lot like your dad.
I look like my dad too?
I thought I only look like my mom.
Where's your mom? I have something to say to her.
Mom is with the doctor
Oh by the way, Ahjussi,
you can't tell my mom that
I met my dad.
Mom doesn't know that I met Dad.
What do you mean your mom doesn't know?
You said you were close with my dad. How come you don't even know that?
Your dad came to see you without your mom knowing?
Yes. He came today too.
Tell me again.
Tae San came here today? Today?
He came just a while ago.
You call my dad Tae San.
Just a while ago?
But Ahjussi, why are you asking?
Did my dad send you?
Did he send you to tell me something?
By the way, what does my dad do?
I'll see you again.
Dad's friend won't tell me anything either.
Why did he come?
I just saw a cute child.
I'm getting silly since I don't have a child.
Yes. The hospital ward manager is waiting inside.
Let's go then.
This way.
If you want to save Soo Jin,
not just your fiance, don't tell anybody about the link between me and Soo Jin.
Thank you for
making such great donations.
After looking around, Secretary Im is praiseworthy since he recommended this hospital.
See you later.
Seong Woo.
The bone marrow is mostly received from the bone marrow bank.
In Hye.
Looks like Jang Tae San--
Why are you here?
I I came to see Soo Jin,
and I have to something to tell you too.
You probably haven't slept for days. What did you want to say?
Did the child's father go to the military?
I really didn't want to talk about
Soo Jin's biological father until I die.
I'm taking a boat to the Philippines since everybody thinks I'm dead.
What happened to the escapee case?
The news said that he escaped after getting shot.
He seems to be dead.
In Hye
Then you can rest a bit.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You look too comfortable.
Soo Jin's biological father died,
but you look so normal.
I just need to wait for Soo Jin's operation.
Why would I not be comfortable?
Why did you call me?
You said you had something to tell me.
It was about
Soo Jin's dad.
Soo Jin's dad?
But I've decided to tell you later.
I'll tell you
after Soo Jin's operation.
Thank you.
Thank you for not asking me about that person even once.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you first.
Director Im.
How does that woman seem to you?
She looks happy.
Her face looks like she doesn't care if Jang Tae San is dead or not.
If it's Tae San's bone marrow, there's no way she could laugh and talk carefreely.
I don't think he would give the digital camera to a girl whose lover is a detective.
Otherwise, she wouldn't have let her lover chase Tae San and even shoot him.
Why are you saying that?
Tae San is alive.
He's alive?
Call Jang Tae Joo.
Why is that brat not doing his work properly?
It would be great if Jang Tae San was alive.
Soo Jin, sorry for coming late.
What are you doing? You vomited a while ago. Are you having a hard time?
Mom, can I ask you just one thing?
It's about what you hate most. But can I ask you just one thing?
Hello. You got prettier since I saw you 3 days ago.
Mom said you're really busy.
Did you catch the bad guy, the murderer?
Why is this? It feels like I haven't seen you in a long time,
but there's still 10 days left. Why does it seem so long?
That's because you want to marry Mom soon, right?
Ding dong ding.
Do you like Mom that much?
That's Deng.
I was wrong? You don't like my Mom anymore?
It's not because of your mom,
but because I want to hear you call me Dad soon.
You said you would call me Dad when I married your mom.
You promised me.
Oh, I did?
Oh yeah, that's right.
I'm sorry,
Soo Jin.
How can that little thing
smile like that?
Even though she's in pain.
Who does she resemble that she's so thoughtful?
Ah, yes, it's Im Seung Woo.
Have you found Jang Tae San's corpse yet?
Please let me know right away when you find it.
Where did everyone go?
This customer's phone is off
Ji Il Do, this kid. He's sleeping with his phone off?
This customer's phone is off
Hey, Kim Soon Kyung!
Did our whole team all go home to sleep?
Ah, no.
Squad Chief Yang had an urgent operation, so he's gone to stake out.
So he said they will keep the phones off.
If it was an urgent situation, why didn't they call me at all?
I only know that much.
Aigoo, I'm so frustrated.
My mouth smells unpleasant.
Chew gum to freshen your breath.
Yeah, let's just chew gum.
The mouth that should talk isn't opening up at all. And the mouth that would ask questions isn't allowed to open.
That mouth!
Let's just use it to eat.
It's me, I'll call back in five minutes.
Prosecutor, there's a signal.
There's only one boat that's going to the Philippines today. It's departing from Busan.
Taking Section Chief Do and Section Kim along with me, we three can quietly
Three won't be enough.
What if you guys lose him that way?
If we request police cooperation formally,
the information will be leaked immediately.
Do it unofficially the way you like to. Unofficially.
You are a punk who's good at using unofficial means. Why wouldn't your brain turn in these situations?
You mean the wiretapping that you don't know about?
Thanks to that, we found Jang Tae San.
when you take your team of detectives, leave out Detective Im and go.
Because his emotions are involved, he could overturn everything.
The detectives might contact him. How will I leave him out?
We're out to capture a fugitive, how can we contact each other without a phone or walkie-talkie?
We don't need a phone or walkie-talkie.
Okay fine, but you have to keep your promise.
Once we catch Jang Tae Sang, you'll just know.
We don't have time. Hurry and get in the car.
Wait, wait, you even rented a car?
The news, from that side, is they're out of their minds because
they're still looking for Jang Tae San's body.
You mean that the police don't know that Jang Tae San is still alive?
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong's team disappeared without Detective Im.
You've changed a lot, Busan.
Taxi, taxi!
Ah Ahjumma!
Excuse me! Please wait!
I'm sorry, but I'm very late.
Please give me a ride up to Eun Sae Won Dae. I'll pay you.
It's because I can't seem to get a taxi
Oh, you are that person!
I have to be there in 10 minutes.
Thank you!
Excuse me, my helmet
What do I do? Hey!
This, this, this, this. Ah I don't know.
You crazy bastard.
Why are you thinking useless thoughts?
I have someone I'm going to marry.
Soo Jin thinks of him as a father.
I know someone who can help. The man I'm going to marry
The person she's going to marry
seems like a good person.
That's good.
Did you call for a driver?
If they ask, "did you call for a driver?", give them the car key and just say you're going there.
Yes. I'm going to DalMatYi Hill.
It's really Jang Tae San.
Once we confirm that he's aboard the boat, then we move.
Yes, I understand.
How did you know that Jang Tae San was going to board the boat?
If we disclose the identity of the informant, who would become an informant?
Isn't that right?
Hurry and move!
What is he doing? Go get him!
Jang Tae San! Jang Tae San!
Come in.
Go inside.
There might be an inspection before we depart so stay there and keep quiet.
Here's water and bread.
It would be better if you settle things with this.
Excuse me, wait!
So that I can clean my wound, could you close it after five more minutes?
Ahjussi! Ahjussi!
The medicine is effective.
Having them believe that I am dead,
I will board the boat bound for the Philippines.
I will return on the day of the surgery, so don't worry.
Should I tell you about the story I'm writing?
A long, long, long time ago a mountain and the sun were in love.
They loved each other so so much, but they broke up.
Why did they break up when they loved each other so much?
So, the sun always came to see the mountain.
Because the sun liked the mountain so much that the sun didn't go home.
So, that's why
The sun was always next to the mountain.
The trees weren't able to sleep,
and the flowers and the birds couldn't sleep.
That's right.
So what happened?
So without a choice, the mountain
was hot, warm and was sweating.
And got mad at the sun, wanting to go to sleep.
But the truth was, even if the mountain was not able to sleep for 100 nights, the mountain liked the sun.
So the sun was so mad that they broke up?
Right? That could be what happened, right?
Did the sun leave? Where did she go?
She probably went to the moon.
The story is so sad beyond words, right?
They said going there would take three days.
If I sleep and eat for 3 days,
everything will get better.
I'm Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong of the Southern District.
Jang Tae San, you are being arrested for the murders of Oh Mi Sook and Go Man Seok and for escaping.
What should I do? What should I do?
Don't move. Don't move, let's go quietly.
Be careful!
Don't make a move!
Stay still, bastard!
Let go of me!
Seriously today, I'm receiving without asking.
You have the right to request a lawyer and to remain silent.
You have the right to refuse to make incriminating statements against yourself.
Slowly. Slowly.
Careful. Be careful.
Be careful.
Hold him tight, tight!
Hey there
Hey, hold him tight!
I told you to hold him tight!
Convoying him separately, we can find out in advance whether he's seen the digital camera and where it might be.
As soon as we come back to Seoul, we'll go find the digital camera immediately,
and we will arrest Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee immediately.
You have to make Jang Tae San believe in you. He went through a lot so he won't be able to believe anyone.
Let him know that we know about his daughter's surgery.
You've worked hard.
We will do the questioning.
See you in Seoul.
Because you're a prosecutor at a young age, you're meddling too much.
While one person drives and the other person escorts,
what are you going to do if he escapes again?
I'm not that reckless.
Was I brought here because I'm being nominal?
Even though I wasn't sure, but to catch Jang Tae San,
I just shut my mouth to come here.
Do we look like hunting dogs that bite when told to bite and fetch when told to fetch?
If you were that confident, you should have came alone to catch him.
Howhow could you say such things?
What are you doing? Hurry and take him.
Instead, don't ask Jang Tae San anything.
Why don't you give us that cellphone?
Give it.
I understand.
Here you go.
Put him in. Here, move out of the way.
- Detective Kim. - Ah, yes.
Hey, Jin Il Do, you kid. Where are you right now?
I'm sorry, sunbaenim.
The prosecutor took our phones, so we had no choice.
Who? Prosecutor Park?
Yes. She said never to let you know.
Ah! And we caught Jang Tae San!
Hey! Did you take some drugs or are you drunk?
How could you catch Jang Tae San, who's dead?
He's alive. We caught him as he was about to stow away from Busan.
Jang Tae San is alive?
I already said so.
We're taking off now, I will talk to you once we get to Seoul.
He was alive and was about to stow away?
He wasn't dead.
Not to let me know?
Detective Im Seung Woo
How did you know that I boarded that boat?
I knew cause I could, so keep your mouth shut.
Other than from In Hye
How else did she find out?
Go to Busan. Tomorrow night, there's a ship leaving for Philippines.
Son of a bitch!
What do I do now?
Getting scared? Don't worry.
It's all finished now.
To stay alive, he seems to have held onto every boulder he was somewhat caught on.
It's ragged.
This jerk does a good job hitting people on the back of their heads.
No one is
Stop trying to contact us. In just two, three hours, we'll arrive in Seoul.
Hey, Park Jae Gyeong!
She told me not to inform you for sure.
She left me out. Why?
Don't even dream of it.
About 5 km ahead, I heard there was an accident at the traffic barrier 20 minutes ago.
It seems like it'll take a really long time to clear.
-Then let's go through the national highway. - Just go through the national highway.
Yes, I got it.
Ahjussi, please lower the window.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Section Chief, let's pass that car.
Yes, I got it.
What is that?
What is this?
Please hold on to Jang Tae San!
This jerk! What is this? This jerk!
Get out, you bastard.
Is it an accident?
- I'm police. - Excuse me?
Look here! Look here!
What's with this guy?
They're all broken.
He tied our hands and feet. He did everything he could so we couldn't chase him.
Hey, Jin Il Do! Stop and get any car!
Borrow the cell phone and call 112!
You must not. We have to wait for Prosecutor to call.
What the heck are you saying?
We received a blow and had the fugitive got taken away!
This is not only about Jang Tae San's escape, but
it's also involved with the Prosecutor's secret undercover investigation. This can't be revealed yet.
Secret undercover investigation?
Then you mean Oh Mi Sook and Jang Tae San are involved in some situation?
I can't say more than this.
For today's operation, only you, Prosecutor, me, the 4 people here knew about it.
Then what are you saying? Do you mean we have a mole along us?
We can't rule out that possibility.
All of our phones were taken by Prosecutor Park.
But, after we caught Jang Tae San, she gave them back.
I don't know where you people got the information that Jang Tae San'll stow away, but
do you think that information was know only to Prosecutor Park?
Also, Prosecutor could have been followed.
That's right.
She could've been followed.
If so, that's more reason why we have to keep it as a secret that prosecutor is chasing someone.
Are you sure that Prosecutor Park went after them?
Chief, what should we really do about this situation?
Exactly what kind of people are they, that
they can do an operation that is out of a Hollywood movie and made a mess.
All of our phones are messed up, how can Prosecutor contact us?
I have my phone here.
Section Chief, don't say anything.
You can't say anything.
Thanks for your trouble.
We have two flat tires on the driver's side.
Please take a look, it's badly dented.
Yes. I understand.
Sunbaenim, how did you know how to get here?
What happened here? Was there an accident?
What about Jang Tae San?
So, without seeing the model of the car or their faces, six people went down?
Don't even say anything. That skill, who in five minutes
What am I saying, five minutes? More like three.
It was like we were spellbound by a ghost.
Hey, Jin Il Do.
Starting from here, look for the first CCTV, both up and down lanes.
Meantime, look for a side road.
Side road?
A tear gas gun that I've never seen, a gun with a silencer, and cell phone.
If he's someone who's careful with evidence, he would have chosen a street with no CCTV cameras.
ButI don't have a car.
Okay, then I will
Excuse me. Earlier, when the accident happened
There's a woman claiming to be a police officer who took my car.
What are you saying?
Well you see, earlier when the accident happened, there were gunshots
and it was really chaotic. I
I drove off for a while then came back.
Wait a second. Did you report it?
I did not. -When was that
Ajusshi, were you drunk driving?
No, I did not.
Do you have a blackbox camera in your car?
I'm a police. Hand over your phone.
There's no digital camera in here.
Look through Jang Tae San.
Where did they go?
Once they get the digital camera, they will kill Jang Tae San.
I have to find him before they kill him!
In order for them to find Jang Tae San and take the digital camera, it needs to be a location people wouldn't notice.
A location where they received a call from Busan, planned everything in four hours, and were able to find quickly.
A location that people wouldn't notice. A location that people wouldn't notice would be
That kind of location
Moon Il Seok Cleanup Operations
She going towards Chungcheon right now.
What about the Squad Chief?
He's tailing our car from behind.
I get it. Keep on looking for anything that stands out.
Yes, I understand, sunbaenim.
But why is Prosecutor Park just keep on going without even calling us.
Find a payphone in the area and call us at the least!
If she's in a situation where she can't call, she's tailing them well.
It's been a long time, Tae San.
This bastard.
Why do you go around stealing other people's things and cause them so much trouble?
Hand the digital camera over.
Digital camera?
Why is he asking me for the digital camera?
Was it while finding the digital camera that they killed Man Seok?
You son of a bitch! Where do you plan to use your busted-up mouth that you're keeping it shut?
And why are you staring a hole through the gun with your eyeballs?
The digital camera that you got from Oh Mi Sook,
where are you hiding it?
I don't know
If you say you don't know, I'll grab your tongue and pull it out.
So they still haven't found the digital camera?
They can't find the digital camera.
If you left it with someone, give me the name. If you hid it, tell me the place.
I'll make your leaving very easy for you.
As if twice isn't enough, you get fooled a third time, you stupid bastard.
You must get out of here alive, Jang Tae San.
Let's not be struck again by that bastard, Tae San.
Flea ran away and goby ran away, so you wanted to run away too?
Stow away?
Since you've lived in Busan for 20 years, it seems there are still people willing to help you, eh?
Why was me?
Why are you doing this to me?
The first time, I did as I was told.
The second time, let's just say it was because I can't do what you ordered me to.
Let's just say?
Although I haven't done anything wrong,
this time, what is the reason?
This time?
Why are you being like this to me? For the third time.
Because it's the third time, is it my fault? Of course it's yours.
It's my fault?
The first time, you did as told. Same goes for the second time.
You didn't say anything against it.
You threatened me. Instead of me,
you threatened to kill someone else.
So, did I kill that woman?
If I didn't go to jail for you, you would have killed her.
That's why I'm asking. Did I kill that woman?
Did I kill her?
I didn't even cut a finger.
You said with your own mouth that you would gain courage and that you would walk into the cell yourself.
Then, if that time I said I definitely won't do it,
if I said I don't want to do it, what would you have done?
I would've killed that woman. And you too.
If you would've done it like that, what nonsense are you saying now?
If I was you, I would've pledged my allegiance before killing you and that girl.
While you got into fights to get rid of your anger at being abandoned by your mother, you came to work under me.
I am someone
who took the corn and potatoes from my older brother, older sister, and younger sibling
and lived without starving when I was seven.
You don't even have an axe to protect your stuff, who are you to blame?
You're saying it's my fault?
You were scared of me and you were soft-hearted.
You cannot run away from my threats and you were a coward.
You were the one who made the choice, you good for nothing brat.
Then, why didn't you ask me this time?
Jang Tae San, you. Can I kill you?
Can I frame you for murder?
Can I kill you, can you die?!
Why didn't you threaten me earlier this time around?
Because you were that kind of guy.
Someone who can't do as told.
Someone who can't do anything.
Because you just did what I told you to, twice.
Hey, brat. If you lived like a person, would this happen?
Look at the way you lived, brat.
A so-called man doesn't have any ambitions or venom in him.
You went around saying it with your own mouth. It's okay if I die today or even tomorrow.
To someone like you, why would I let you choose and give you a chance?
Was I that laughable?
Fine, do you have any more questions?
If I give you the digital camera, what will you do?
Are you trying to negotiate with me right now?
If you can't find the digital camera, you can't kill me.
If you let me live, I'll give you the digital camera.
This little bastard thinks he's all that.
You think you're a match for me because I'm talking to you for the last time, huh?
If I give you the digital camera, it's obvious you're going to kill me. Would I really give it to you?
Our Tae San got some courage after he's been shot with a gun.
Alright, let's see it. Where did you get shot?
Whoever did it, treated it well.
There's nothing wrong with the wound. Who did it for you?
This, who did it for you?
I did it.
Bring this bastard's backpack.
Why isn't the car here? Is it perhaps not this place?
Did we target the wrong place?
Aren't these antibiotics?
Wow, even antibiotics?
You can't buy antibiotics without getting a prescription.
That's what I'm saying.
That's what I'm saying.
That's what I'm saying.
Who is it?
I said it's me!
Why do you think it can't be me?
While escaping for six days, I broke through Seoul.
Then came back to Seoul, to Pocheon, and to Busan!
I went to the hospital with my own feet and got treatment and a prescription.
Is that so?
Come here.
Search all the medical care centers, hospitals, and pharmacies around that area and find out who it is.
You must figure out whether the bastard is from here, or if he went up to Seoul to help him.
Hyungnim, what's the point of sending Teacher Kim up? It just makes it more chaotic.
After taking the little kid, can't we just make a bargain?
Would he lay down his life for a kid he didn't even raise?
The digital camera is his life line.
He may have left the digital camera to that bastard.
And you, you bastard, by trying to open that guy's mouth,
do you think I would use the kid?
Before he figures it all out, tell me.
Where's the digital camera?!
Hey! Hey!
This little
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong is right outside.
Congressman Choi Wook Knok, himself was exempted and his son was also exempted from military service.
Congresswoman will most likely check up on that, but there's so much real estate left.
That's why we thought you could be in charge of the chairman fleet,
and use some of your strength.
The chairman fleet?
There's no reason for you to retire right after the charity auction.
No, I will do it.
It seems like an urgent call, why aren't you picking up?
Do you know you've called at the wrong time?
We've caught Park Jae Gyeong here.
Jang Tae San was alive and he tried to stow away,
so you took him when he was being transfer.
But Park Jae Gyeong chased him?
She's already captured him?
For not telling you earlier,
She was probably trying to capture and settle things with Jang Tae San without me knowing.
You can get angry later. What would you like me to do?
Chairman Moon, you first cause all the trouble and then you just come to me for questions, don't you?
Fortunately, she didn't see my face,
so we can just quietly leave her in front of a house.
There was no one behind, either.
So what if you leave her there? Would the now mentally stable Park Jae Gyeong quietly overlook this?
What are you going to do if she catches you and investigates you?
There are only nine days left until the charity auction.
Do you not know what will happen if you don't attend that day?
Kill her.
She's a current investigator.
Current investigator
Trying to avenge her father's wrongful death, challenging an impossible investigation,
and murdered. The headlines will be fine.
Find the car that Park Jae Gyeong came in,
and throw it in the river.
You really have no fears, you little flower.
You also really have no fears.
You dare kidnap a prosecutor of The Republic of Korea?
You're only a prosecutor as long as you're alive.
You're saying you're going to kill me?
A current investigator?
Do you think I came alone?
Ah, you're so noisy.
Who told you I was going to Busan?
I'll go after I learn who told you and how they figured it out.
This, this, this
Look at this little flower's guts.
From leaving Busan at 12:12,
if you take the bus and come up this way, it takes four hours.
One dump truck, one normal truck,
two jeep cars, two cars. Prepare five license plates, as used cars.
Prepare five specialists and four assistants who are not related to you.
Bring them over by 2:30.
Funny, isn't it?
Escort her.
You have to tell me who you got the call from, too.
You're going to kill me anyways. Let me know that and then die.
I don't like wagging my tail even to a ghost.
Yeah, Jin Il Do. Where did Prosecutor Park go before coming here?
Yeah, twenty minutes ago.
Okay, look for her again.
You've both said your greetings already, right?
You punk, does she still look like a prosecutor in your eyes?
Park Ho Sik's daughter. Do you not remember?
Park Ho Sik
Please pay attention that the defendant Jang Tae San, as a day laborer for the first time on the day of the incident,
was on the Yangji Prada reconstruction site.
The fact that he first learned about the strike of the Tenant Union when he arrived at the scene,
By looking at the fact that the laborers gave up their work and
returned home because of the Tenant Union's strong opposition.
For the defendant Jang Tae San to murder the victim Park Ho Sik,
a reason could not be found.
This screen shows the evidence.
The defendant Jang Tae San,
received this scar from the knife he suddenly held out in front of Park Ho Sik.
If you look at the location and direction of this scar, after receiving the scar,
you can assure yourselves of the fact that the defendant stabbed Park Ho Sik.
This is an animated simulation of the event occurred, and was seen in the eyes of the defendant's witnesses
Kang Yong Joon, Kim Moon Soo, and Hwang Dae Joon.
The one that is white and to the right of the screen is the victim Park Ho Sik.
The one on the opposite side in blue is the defendant Jang Tae San.
As you can see, the victim Park Ho Sik
wounded the defendant Jang Tae San's shoulder and fell on his front side.
Although the defendant Jang Tae San did stab Park Ho Sik and killed him,
it is seen as something any human would do instinctively out of fear to protect oneself.
And because he knew of that fact, he turned himself in in four days after the incident.
That's not it! The person who stabbed my father
was not that person!
It was that person!
I saw it.
I saw it!
My father also said it was Moon Il Seok!
Wait a minute, attorney
Jang Tae San! It isn't you!
You weren't the one who stabbed him!
You didn't stab him!
Say something!
That's why she's chasing you like this.
To catch you and throw you back.
To avenge what happened to her father.
Tae San
It's been really disgusting all this time, hasn't it?
You suffered a lot.
Shoot her.
If you do that, then I'll save you.
The only reason I had to kill you was because of her.
Because the bitch was chasing me.
But as long as she goes away,
well, there's really no reason for me to kill you.
That woman is a current investigator.
You're telling me to kill a current investigator?
I'll let you get on the boat you couldn't ride today,
so whether it be the Philippines or anywhere else, live outside of this country.
You were going to leave to live, weren't you?
I can only send you off with a reassured heart if I see you kill her.
That's the only way you can live like you're dead, quietly with your mouth shut, right?
This is the last present I'm giving to you.
Make your choice.
Kill her, leave the digital camera, and leave,
or slowly rot to death with the bitch.
Once I kill this woman, the digital camera,
I will go out and find it for you.
Go ahead.
Are you angry because Jang Tae San is alive,
or are you angry because you couldn't catch him?
Throw away all the emotions you have about Jang Tae San. Since he could be framed.
If you had Park Jae Gyeong and Jang Tae San together, the game should be over!
There are only nine days left now! Only nine days!
Why are you thinking that I'm going to send it to the police station or the prosecutor's office?
There's plenty of broadcasting companies and the press. Also countless of internet cafes to upload the video.
You don't have the digital camera, do you?
Is your name Tae San?
Seo In Hye.
I'm Seo In Hye.
That person, isn't he Jang Tae San
Escaped fugitive?!
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