2 Weeks (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Go to Busan. Tomorrow night, there will be a boat going to the Philippines.
There's only one boat that's leaving for the Philippines today.
And, it's departing from Busan.
Take them and go, without Detective Im.
Because his emotions are involved, he could overturn everything.
Jang Tae San! I arrest you for the murders of Oh Mi Sook and Go Man Seok and escape.
That bastard Tae San is still alive.
You have to stay alive, Jang Tae San.
To that bastard,
let's not lose out to him, Tae San.
Once upon a time, long, long ago, the Mountain and the Sun loved each other.
But the truth was, even if the mountain was not able to sleep for 100 nights, the mountain loved the sun.
Park Jae Gyeong was captured and brought here.
Kill her.
Daring an unreasonable investigation to avenge her father's wrongful death in the past, murdered.
That headline is fine.
Park Go Sik's daughter. Don't you remember?
Make a choice
Kill her, unload the digital camera and leave.
Or, be buried side by side with that bitch and rot.
Instead, I will kill this woman, and
As for the digital camera
I will go out and get it.
Okay. Let's do that.
Stupid bastard
If you kill this woman, you won't find the digital camera!
You think I didn't know?
Who is Moon Il Seok to put a gun with live ammunition in my hand?
He is someone who doesn't trust anyone.
And, Moon Il Seok, who even knocks repeatedly on stone bridges, would disarmingly
What would you have done if I really shot her?
Even in this head of mine, there is still something called a brain.
If I kill this woman, you'll save me?
You probably just wanted to put my fingerprints on this gun naturally.
Just like how you framed me for killing Oh Mi Sook. And, afterwards, shoot this woman with that gun.
Then, find the digital camera by torturing and killing me.
Finally, in my hand, you would place this gun to rest.
Are you being like this, knowing in whose hands the digital camera might be rolling around now?
Seeing how Moon ll Seok is growing his business, the bastard connected with him is an important figure.
You and that important figure
I'm talking about that digital camera that contains evidence of that connection.
How did he know? Has he seen the digital camera?
Although I didn't get to watch it, I know what's in it.
There's something I heard from Mi Sook.
What are you doing not greeting her?
"If there's no contact from me, I was murdered because of that digital camera,
so please tell the world," she said and entrusted it with me.
What did she entrust with you?
Regardless of whether I do this or that, I still die.
Then, did you think I would die by myself?
Even a rat, if bitten, will turn and bite back.
Even a sparrow will peep before it dies.
So, if you don't do even this much, then you're an insect.
Don't think that what you've seen of me is my all.
So where were you planning on sending it? Is it the police or the prosecutors?
Why do you think that I would send it to the prosecutors or the police?
All over the place are broadcasting companies and newspapers.
And the number of internet cafes where I can upload the video are countless.
- Hyungnim - Keep your mouth shut.
You guys are bastards I have not seen before. So, where were you mobilized from?
Are you small frys from the Dae-Appa of the old days?
Oh, that's not it.
You must be Jieppa bastards, aren't you?
Hey, you guys don't know how big of a situation you have become involved in, do you?
How much did you agree to get? 1,000? 2,000?
You can't with just that.
This person here is someone who will become the Chairman of a major conglomerate soon.
You should get at least 3 hundred million.
Ask him to give it to you as stock shares.
Ah, this won't do.
You guys have seen too much. This woman is an active prosecutor
If he kills this woman in front of you guys,
do you think this bastard will leave you alive?
Will these guys either shut their mouths and die like me,
or be framed and go to jail like me?!
Did they say they would act like an idiot as I did?!
Shoot. Try and shoot!
You don't have the digital camera.
I don't know why I didn't think of this before and tried to catch you.
Don't waver. Jang Tae San.
A bastard who was going to stow away because he got scared and who barely survived with only blood.
You, little punk. Would a bastard who possesses the digital camera stow away?
Who says that?
Someone said that I was stowing away to escape to the Philippines just to stay alive?
Did the your informant say that?
Whether I got on that boat to go to the Philippines,
whether I got on to meet someone who was on that boat, or
from a domestic line, change boats and go to China,
to meet with an ethnic Korean who will unlock that password.
Without knowing even that you captured me?
Do you want to die right now?
No, I don't want to die.
It's because I don't want to die that I'm doing this, no?
As I just told you, if I were to die, I made it so that I wouldn't die by myself.
let's return to exactly where we were, and negotiate just as it is.
I'll leave here to go get the digital camera,
so let me leave nicely.
Even if you were to break my spirit and bones,
I'm not going to tell you where or who I left it with.
If you're going to live, so will I.
If I am going to die, then
you will die too.
Shut him up in another room.
Why is this getting twisted again, the way twisted bread stick gets twisted?
Hyungnim, if what Tae San was saying is true, then,
what do we do with Prosecutor Park?
We'll let Tae San go to find the camera, and
it'll be fine if we send the two of them together.
Also, those guys are not ours, so at any time
they can get hold of secrets whenever.
And also Mr. Kim could go find out something at least from Po Cheon.
Shut your mouth!
Ah, my stomach!
Ah, this bastard.
Hey hey, wait, wait
Hey, tie this up a bit to stop the bleeding.
Didn't you hear a little earlier?
Do what?!
Since Chairman Moon's meeting is going to take long,
tie up my bullet wound before I die of blood loss.
If I fall over backward, you guys also can't leave here alive.
Let's tie it.
Tie it with what?
It'll be fine if you tie it up with that, the necktie.
What is this noise?
I will go check.
What are you punks doing? Go catch him!
Go find him!
What are you doing? Chase after him!
Find him!
Get on quickly!
Jang Tae San!
What are you all doing?
He's not here.
Go search over there.
Hurry up, you bastards!
Yes, hyungnim! What are you doing? Hurry up!
If you go straight towards Don Rang Ri's Community Hall,
you'll come to the main street where Prosecutor Park's car had stopped.
Dong Rang Ri Community Hall
Step on it!
Oh! Oh!
What is that bastard?
You idiots! Catch him and bring him here!
You lost him?
They lost him?
Hyungnim, we need to leave this place.
If Park Jae Gyeong reports this, then the police will gather here.
The police. . .
Hyungnim, at least this time. . . somewhere abroad. . .
We were trying to kill an investigating prosecutor.
Let's go.
When we find somewhere to hide, I'll stop the car and let you go.
Did you find the Prosecutor?
Come in the direction of the dam. Jang Tae San went that way.
Hey, Jang Tae San, remove this tape, you idiot!
That way I would be able to tell you not to run away anymore.
Without the digital camera, I can't trust anyone.
I'm the one who planted the digital camera.
I'm sorry about your father.
I understand, so take this off!
Take this off quickly!
Where is the digital camera?
First, let's switch in driving.
I understand.
Hey, Jang Tae San! HEY! HEY! JANG TAE SAN!
It's not yet time to be caught.
Isn't that Prosecutor Park?
Detective Im, how did you. . .
Just a while ago, were you the one in Jang Tae San's car?
Go quickly. We have to catch Jang Tae San.
What is this?
Were you caught by someone?
What happened?
It's nothing.
Contact the police first. It's the end if we lose him this time.
What on earth really happened?
What happened?!
Just hurry and go, I said!
Prosecutor Park.
Prosecutor Park!
Prosecutor Park!
Yes, Prosecutor Do. Where are you right now?
Stop the car. I'll drive.
Excuse me?
There will be an accident, an accident, you bastard!
No, that's okay, Hyungnim. It's just there might be an inspection on the road.
And hyung-nim, if they even try to run away
Just find out what happened.
Yes, it's me.
Did you take care of Park Jae Gyeong well?
Both of them escaped?
You must be crazy, Moon Il Seok.
There are only nine days left now!
Nine days are left!
If Jang Tae San and Park Jae Gyeong are together, the game is over, isn't it?!
What if the two of them talk about the digital camera?!
The problem right now isn't the digital camera. It's me!
I'll be arrested for kidnapping an active prosecutor and a murderer!
If you are arrested
We What are we going to do?
It won't be us.
I'll be the only one getting arrested, since you weren't at the scene.
Since I'm in an urgent situation, I'll be hanging up.
No no
You can't! Catch them!
Catch them and kill them both!
No no no!
What did you say?
Alright punk, I got it. Hang up for now.
Director Im.
What time did I leave the office this morning?
Find the CCTV and erase the recording.
Park Jae Gyeong and Jang Tae San both escaped.
Hyungnim, I just heard that Park Jae Gyeong and Jang Tae San split up.
Also, Tae San got on a boat alone at the Soyang River.
-Is that so? -Yes.
Tell him to search for the black box file from the car and send it.
Tell them to find the black box recording from the car.
Don't move!
Don't move!
Jang Tae San, where are you?!
That person Isn't he Jang Tae San?
The escapee?!
This is Soocheong-gyu and this is Pyeongchon-dong.
The motorboat that Jang Tae San rode was found here.
And we are searching all over Pyeongchon right now.
What happened to the ones that were chasing him?
They couldn't catch Jang Tae San. I heard they just returned on another motorboat.
All traces of them were gone before we arrived at the scene.
How is he this good?
Let's just go for now. The Chief is telling us to come up quickly.
You've worked hard.
Let's go.
There wasn't any information leaked from our side, right?
We barely had been able to get our hands on our cell phones.
How could they have prepared that entire incident in the next four hours?
So it wasn't on our side, but a hole from Prosecutor Park's side, right?
I'll go after I meet Prosecutor Park.
I heard that her head was bumped, is it okay not to do thorough examination?
It seems she was just drained from chasing them.
I heard she hasn't been able to sleep, at all, for days.
Yes, that''s true.
Once she rests enough, she'll be better.
What happened?
Were you caught by Moon Il Seok?
From what Detective Im said, you were with Jang Tae Sa-
J-Jae Gyeong
How long have I been here like this?
It's been thirty minutes since we arrived here.
Did you catch Jang Tae San?
No I heard he escaped.
What are you doing right now?
Hurry and call Moon Il Seok's company
and ask that the phone be given to Moon Il Seok.
Moon Il Seok
2013 Real Estate Disabled Welfare Center in Ancheon. Sites for an international school.
Say that you've called to find out about the international school lot.
Ask them to put him on the phone, quickly!
Yes, this is the front office.
Ah, this is Incheon Real Estate.
I would like to talk to the Chairman about the lot for the international school.
The Chairman had a meeting overnight, so. . .
He's sleeping for a bit right now.
I will tell him to call you when he wakes up.
Yes, I understand.
When someone calls looking for the Chairman, tell them that he is asleep.
I knew he would do this.
Moon Il Seok, that slimy bastard.
He couldn't have arrived in Seoul, but he's sleeping?
About Jang Tae San escaping. . .
He's making an alibi
Even though, this isn't right.
This is not something we should just let go. How dare he try to kill you.
I didn't die, so it's alright.
Just call the police and send them to raid the chairman room.
I'm not doing this because we are one step too late.
What are you going to report to the Chief?
Now, spill out everything, Prosecutor.
About the weird thing I saw earlier.
I'm investigating the case that there's only suspicion and no proof.
So how am I supposed to tell you the content?
You. . . were in the same car with Jang Tae San
You were captured bu someone.
I was in the car with Jang Tae San,
And was captured, do you have evidence of those?
Playing with words. . . let's stop that now.
That's just what you're intuition is saying, but that means it's a situation in which there's no concrete evidence.
Don't you know that it's useless when you don't have any evidence?
How did you know he was going to run away?
You want me to tell you what I didn't even tell Detective Yang?
Why did you leave me out when you went to catch Jang Tae San?
What's the reason for leaving me out and even confiscating the cellphones of the other detectives?
Do you have some sort of grudge against me?
Because you are chasing Jang Tae San with your emotions in tow.
That's why we lost Jang Tae San twice, because I didn't want to lose him this time.
Because I couldn't lose him this time!
Although we lost him in the end.
What do you mean?
Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye.
You. . .
I know about the connection between the three of you.
Are you mad because Jang Tae San is alive
or is it because we couldn't catch him?
How did you. . .
What is the relationship of Jang Tae San with your case?
There is only one thing I could say,
throw away your feelings about Jang Tae San.
Since he could have been framed.
You're saying he was framed?
Whoever looks at it may see that evidence points at Jang Tae San as the culprit,
But that is what I know.
Don't say such ridiculous things.
What evidence do you have to say that?
As a detective, find out the reason about why I'm saying this.
Even if you beat me to death right now, I can't tell you.
Jang Tae San,
is being framed?
But then that Ahjussi didn't do anything bad in our house,
It's something my mom and I can't forget.
He even put up the alarm before leaving.
He was just happily talking with the strong grandmother
in that grandmother's house, and they were just eating chicken.
If it weren't for that person, in the rain and on the ground. . .
I would have died giving birth.
And. . . he also cooked seaweed soup.
He didn't look like a bad person at all.
I was alone and I needed to deliver the baby. . .
Jang Tae San must be affectionate.
I'm sorry but I'm really in a hurry.
Please take me to Eun Sae Won. I'll give you money.
Oh! I'm right. You're the person from before.
I need to get there in 10 minutes.
At first I thought the was rough
And didn't think of other people.
But the sound of his heart
Little by little, the world
I heard it.
So this person is so naive.
I felt it.
I will engrave deep in my heart.
I want to be beside you,
But if I hold your hand, if I see you in my dreams,
I'm afraid I might lose you.
Run Run Running to you.
Always my heart. I'm running towards you
Jump jump jump around. I promise you.
I won't ever let you go again.
I'll do everything with you.
Run, run, running to you. Always my heart.
I'm running towards you.
Jump jump jump around. I promise you.
I won't ever let you go again.
Run, run, running to you. Always my heart.
I'm running towards you
Jump jump jump around. I promise you.
I won't ever let you go again.
You're a really strange person.
Why did you leave this?
How did you come here?
Il Seok Liquors. Since I saw you last time.
You're telling me to just go?
Can't you just go?
Because of you I could study in America, how could I just go?
I should at least buy you a meal? Let's go!
Instead of paying you a fare, I'll treat you to something delicious.
It's really delicious. My mom is a regular here.
She told me yesterday that there's going to be jumbo shrimps today.
You must like shrimps.
So much that I could eat it three times a day!
I was really thankful to you that day.
I was going to go early but then a child slipped and got hurt during my part-time job.
I was late because I treated her.
After that,
I couldn't catch a taxi.
Aren't you going to eat?
I. . . I am.
Don't you like shrimps?
I like them.
But then, you're really silent.
But why did you leave your helmet that day?
You should have followed me inside to get it.
I forgot.
What happened the other day?
The day when I was posing over there.
Did I really appear as a statue to you?
It said "performance" on the side.
Didn't you know that I was only posing?
You didn't know I was performing? Come on, how could you not know I was performing?
I'm going.
Tae San?
He's sick so he's not coming today.
What's wrong with him?
He ate a bunch of shrimp when he shouldn't . He must have lost his mind!
Is he allergic to shrimp?!
What's with you? What is it!?
What's with you?!
Why are you such a weird person?!
Why did you eat something that you're allergic to? Don't you realize how dangerous it is?
Why would you be so ignorant and eat it?!
Why didn't you say anything?! Didn't you realize that you could die from that?!
Get out.
Eat this porridge.
It was like that back then.
He had no calculations, and he was bright,
and he was really naive.
He was like that back then.
Why would a person like that
be so cruel to you and your daughter?
his feeling must have changed.
You know one can't control your heart.
I'm saying such odd things considering that you're Seung Woo's friend.
There isn't a person alive who doesn't have someone in their past.
Jang Tae San should be doing well about now, right?
He said that he would call when he gets here.
Breaking news
The fugitive Jang Tae San sneaked into the Kwaeryongho ship, which leaves from Chungchun to Yanggo.
He escaped after the questionable chase.
This is the video that was recorded at the scene.
Departure early this morning and returning just now
in the parking garage and in the elevator.
I erased the CCTV recordings and took care of the emergency expenses.
As you can see,
from last night, up until now, you stayed here the whole time
and spent the night.
This is the best I could do. I took care of it so that no one else can find it.
And this, this is the recording file.
Please keep this safe, just in case something occurs.
Park Jae Gyeong.
Why haven't we heard from her by now?
Why? Why hasn't she come to get me yet?!
Since President Hwang is looking into it right now, we'll receive a call soon.
Jo Seo Hee.
After this woman listens to the blackbox file her heart will be at so much ease.
It seems as though Jang Tae San doesn't believe Park Jae Gyeong.
You'll feel better after you've heard this.
I'll find some place for you to hide and untie you there.
Where's the digital camera?
Hey! Hey!
It's not yet time for me to get arrested by you.
But why
don't I hear anything about Moon Il Seok getting arrested?
Park Jae Gyeong, you're better than I expected
Director Go, I need to ask you for a favor.
Moon Il Suk, attempted murder of Park Jae Gyeong at a factory in Chooncheon
Jang Tae San, framed
Moon Il Seok will surely attend
Director, I was just about to go to the police department.
I don't think this is right.
There isn't a single alibi on this side.
Even though Jang Tae San doesn't have a motive
I can't leave a criminal who had intentions to murder and active prosecutor.
Without Jang Tae San, there's no point in arresting Moon Il Seok, Director.
Jo Seo Hee will escape.
We'll lose the chance to catch Moon Il Seok!
What are you going to do if he cleans up his properties and flees to overseas?
Once we arrest Moon Il Seok, he'll need to explain why he tried to kill me.
Then I'd need to find the connections and the secret meeting between Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee.
Who would believe me?
I don't have any evidence.
It's useless until we find the digital camera.
Then you, more than the fact that you could have died,
catching Moon Il Seok is a bigger deal?
Jang Tae San
will come to the hospital before his daughter's surgery.
There are 9 days left.
I've waited 8 years,
I can wait a mere 9 more days.
Excuse me.
I'm a detective.
Were these antibiotic purchased from here 2 days ago?
This isn't from our pharmacy.
I see.
Do you know anyone else in this area who dispenses medication?
This can't be happening.
I have to keep my promise.
I have to find the digital camera.
It should be at Man Seok's auto center.
I'm suppose to take Yeong Ja out on my days off.
It's a waste of money to buy a new digital camera.
It will look lame to use a phone camera during our first vacation.
I'm sorry.
Towards you and Yeong Ja too.
It's embarrassing for me.
It's alright.
Hyungnim is good looking and you're pretty too.
Oh, what should I do?
My girlfriend. Say hello.
Hello, I'm Jang Yeong Ja.
Man Seok.
Wasn't he really so good looking?
He was a kind hearted person.
He didn't even know what a terrible guy he was and even allowed him to live there at his house.
It would've been nice if we recorded a video.
Man Seok.
Give it to me. I'll go throw it away for you.
Even if it was an internal investigation by a prosecutor,
she went to go catch an absconder without notifying even the Chief. Does that make sense to you?
If she was able to talk about the case, then it wouldn't have been an internal investigation.
Either way, I apologize for causing unnecessary chaos and confusion.
Director and Superintendent.
If you, the head of Prosecution, know about this case, it must be a huge case.
Internal investigation requires prodding around for evidence
to see if we've caught a big or a small fish.
Jang Tae San is an important witness so that's why it was kept a secret.
The rest is the same way.
Detectives, please don't ask about responsibility
I've made a difficult request.
Ahh, I feel uncomfortable.
So we're suppose to keep our mouths shut and to follow orders going forward.
I guess Jang Tae San is really tangled inside of a huge, important case.
Whatever it may be, let's get some sleep.
Our whole team will probably die of exhaustion first while trying to catch Jang Tae San.
Let's sleep and fix the cellphone.
Come back later tomorrow.
But still, we haven't caught Jang Tae San.
Detective Jin.
Leave all of Jang Tae San's files.
Autopsy files on Go Man Seok and Oh Mi Sook too.
Subaenim you aren't tired?
Why do you want his files?
Go and rest.
You should get some rest.
Aigoo, aigoo.
Throw away your bad feeling towards Jang Tae San.
He might be framed.
It's not me. I'm telling you it's not me!
What kind of investigation is this!? It wasn't me!
What did Jang Tae San say while he held you captive?
That he didn't kill the Mi Sook girl.
That he had hit people in the past but he had never stabbed anyone.
I want to save Soo Jin.
Even if I die, I want to save Soo Jin.
He's going to call. He's going to call to say that he's still alive.
Mom, you know the story I told you yesterday?
Do you know what happened to him?
He escaped well, so he must be alive. He has to be alive.
In Hye, it's me.
Yes what's the matter?
What's wrong with your voice? Is Soo Jin hurt?
I can't talk right now because I don't want to wake her up.
- I'll call you later. - In Hye
- Mommy, you just lied. - What?
Why did you say I was sleeping when it was Ahjussi calling?
But I'm not sleeping.
It's because I have an important call coming.
An important call?
Then, it's an important person.
He is an important person.
Who is it? Who is it, Mommy?
Once you're done your surgery I'll tell you who that person is.
Your name is Tae San?
My name is
Seo In Hye.
Seo. In. Hye.
It's Seo In Hye.
Get up.
Get up quickly.
Until when are you going to sleep?
Soo Jin.
If it's going to be this hard, you should have followed that lady yesterday.
Why did you run away?
They know that you're framed.
They're going to take Moon Il Seok ajhussi away too.
That's why I didn't follow her.
I have to go inside the holding cell with Moon Il Suk,
but that's walking towards my grave.
Moon Il Seok
thinks I have the digital camera.
I thought Uncle Man Seok's girlfriend had the digital camera.
You're right. Yeong Ja
You're right. Yeong Ja.
Yeong Ja has it?
That probably is it.
Man Seok was such a careful guy.
He never left anything expensive at the shop.
If it's not at home, it's got to be with Yeong Ja.
Do you think you'll be able to get to all the way to Seoul with that?
I should eat some antibiotic pills and disinfect first.
You don't have any water. The medicine is bitter.
The medicine's not bitter. It really isn't.
I can take it without water.
Come quickly. We have to pick the peppers before the sun sets.
Congresswoman, what did you just say?
Even though I'm lacking if you ever need such a person like myself
I will run for the mayor of Seoul.
Aigoo! Congresswoman!
There wasn't any suspicious activity?
Any meetings with unfamiliar people?
Other than her house, political events and the auction, she didn't go anywhere else.
Prosecutor, what's wrong with your face?
I lowered my beauty because I had to go through a life or death situation.
Was there anything from Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee investigation?
But I found out that Jo Seo Hee is extremely consistent.
The lights go out at 12:05 every night.
Instead of shadowing Jo Seo Hee today, go directly to the hospital now.
Jang Tae San is going to call Seo In Hye again.
Prosecutor, you're wanted at the Prosecutor General's office right now.
Prosecutor Park, you should say hello.
Is this Prosector Park Jae Gyeong?
Yes, I'm the prosector.
What brings you here?
Congresswoman Jo wants to ask some questions about the escapee.
By any chance, are you involved with Jang Tae San's case?
What is she up to?
The fact that I'm the prosecutor in charge of the case involving Jang Tae San's escape,
you already know.
I heard that you're helping Jang Tae San escape.
What did
what did you just say?
I heard that you're secretly in contact with Jang Tae San.
it's not true?
What is this?
What are you doing?
how are you going to explain that?
Detective Im!
You didn't go home?
Why are you making such a big deal regarding Jang Tae San's case?
that you didn't even go home.
Journalist Kim, it's been a while?
Yeah, that's right.
Is that true?!
Detective Im, they say that Jang Tae San and Prosecutor Park are on the same side.
Both of them were caught on CCTV together!
Where? Who caught it?
Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee brought it.
Congresswoman Jo?
Looks like Prosecutor Park could be fired!
Uh, okay. Hang up now.
I'm going out for a little.
Detective Im, where are you going?
Hey Detective Im, where are you going?
Why is he like that?
- Hey, what's wrong with Detective Im? - Aigoo.
Yes, this is the Special Investigation Force.
You are looking for Jang Tae San now, right?
Who are you?
It's Jang Tae San.
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