2 Weeks (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

If you're going to live, I'm going to live too.
If I die,
you die too.
The two ran away together? What are you going to do if the two talk about the digital camera?
Didn't you say that Uncle Man Seok's girlfriend had the digital camera?
That's right. Yeong Ja.
Give it to me. I'll go throw it away for you.
What does Jang Tae San have to do with your investigation?
Throw away your feelings towards Jang Tae San, since he might have been framed.
I said it's not me! That's all fabricated!
It was done by the finest expert. He took care of it so that no one can find it.
This woman Jo Seo Hee
As she watches the blackbox file, she must have her heart completely at ease.
I heard you're helping Jang Tae San escape.
What are you doing right now?
Then, how are you going to explain this?
Prosecutor Park, offer your greetings.
Is this person Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong?
Yes, Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee.
What brings you all the way here?
Have a seat.
Congresswoman Jo
said she has something to ask you about the escapee case.
Are you perhaps involved in Jang Tae San's escape?
What is she up to?
The fact that I'm the prosecutor in charge of the case of Jang Tae San's escape,
you already know.
I heard you're helping Jang Tae San escape.
Now, what
What did you just say?
I heard that you're secretly in contact with Jang Tae San.
Is it not true?
What is this?
What are you doing right now?
How are you going to explain this?
She fabricated the picture?
Congresswoman Jo, where did you get this from?
Someone sent it anonymously just a while ago.
Prosecutor Park, how did this happen?
Why is she doing something like this?
This is fabricated.
At that time, my mouth was taped shut.
I had been kidnapped by Moon Il Seok and almost killed.
I escaped only after Jang Tae San saved me.
Killed? But why did you not say anything?
Why did you not arrest him?
Because I wanted to get this woman at the same time!
Are you in your right mind? Do you know who this is?
She's Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee.
You came knowing that I won't be able to say anything, right?
Prosecutor Park, why are you not saying anything?
Because I'm at a loss for words. I have no excuse to offer.
Congresswoman, if you receive a video sent by someone you don't even know,
do you believe it immediately?
You should confirm the source first.
Can't you see this is fabricated?
There seem to be weird tracks.
Of course, it's possible that it's not real,
but, no matter who looks at it, doesn't this person look like you, Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong?
If it looks like, is it me?
Do you have evidence that it's not you?
What are you're going to do if I reveal it's a fabrication that you're driving at me like this?
Then, it'll be enough if you provide an alibi as to who you were with and what you were doing.
I was kidnapped by Moon Il Seok, wasn't I?
You and Moon Il Seok were trying to kill me!
Prosecutor Park,
were you really with Jang Tae San?
If you're also suspicious of her like that,
Prosecutor Park will feel too offended.
Excuse me?
I didn't bring it here because I really thought this was Prosecutor Park.
I brought it because it will get too noisy if it becomes known to the media.
A special announcement will be made this evening, but I made some time to come here.
The media? What does that
Do you think the person who sent this
sent it to me only?
If there is a smoke rising up on a far away mountain,
everyone believes that there is a fire.
Would they go as far as to confirm it?
Congresswoman Jo!
I hope you act wisely.
If the original copy of the CCTV is revealed, Moon Il Seok will have manufactured an alibi by then.
And since you weren't there,
It will look like I was abducted by Jang Tae San.
Oh, Reporter Kim! It's been a while!
Is that true?
Detective Im, they say that Prosecutor Park is on the same side with Jang Tae San.
A CCTV recording that has the two of them together was nabbed!
Where? Who saw it?
You know Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee, right? They say she brought it in.
Jo Seo Hee?
Looks like Prosecutor Park will be fired!
Yes. I got it. I'm hanging up.
I'll be back in a little bit, Squad Chief.
Hey. Detective Im!
Detective Im, where are you going?
Why is he like that?
Squad Chief, why is Detective Im like that?
Yes, this is the Special Investigation Force.
Jang Tae San.
Just a moment ago, I saw Jang Tae San.
He was wearing dark grey pants and a black top.
And he was hiding the fact his top was torn with a backpack.
He was blood-stained and was wearing mismatched shoes,
but one shoe was a hiking boot and the other was a slipper.
He said he went into a sauna house right in front of him and his shoes were mismatched also.
The passengers from the passenger ship said that he only had one shoe on.
That Hong Gil Dong. After creating an illusion,
he appears in the east suddenly. Then, the west suddenly.
He seems to know that we came back in several days after getting sleep, Jang Tae San, this bastard.
Move! Move now!
- What about Sunbae Im? He just went out. - Leave him be.
This is a ridiculous fabrication, Prosecutor General.
They were attacked while escorting Jang Tae San who was caught trying to stow away. Even the detectives all know that.
Whether that's the case or not, suspend Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong
Department Chief Han, investigate the facts into this.
Prosecutor General.
If you erase the traces of this that have been fabricated
I fell into the trap.
Until the investigation ends, take your hands off the Jang Tae San case.
How many prosecutors run around at the scene that you set out and cause trouble!
What are you going to do about this?
Prosecutor General,
a detective named Im Seung Woo asks to see you urgently.
Who is that?
Ah! The son of the Police Commissioner.
Tell him to come in.
I'm sorry.
I came in to meet Prosecutor Park but heard an absurd rumor,
so I very rudely came to find you
At that time, Prosecutor Park was together with me,
chasing Jang Tae San.
- She was with you? - Yes.
In truth, I got some information about Jang Tae San's stowing away,
so I had asked Prosecutor Park to help me.
On the way, a Jang Tae San posse that we don't know took him.
so the Prosecutor and I chased him all the way to Chuncheon.
I'll investigate the CCTV for now.
It seems someone is trying to entrap Prosecutor Park.
I made you face an attack because of me.
I'm really sorry.
What happened? No.
Why did you do that?
Shouldn't you say thank you first?
I'll say thank you, but I can't tell you what you're curious about.
If it weren't for me, Prosecutor,
you probably would have no choice but to take your hands off this case by now.
You helped me because you too can't find out what you want to know if I'm taken off the case.
Is the subject of the investigation you're secretly making progress on
Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee?
That person is tangled up with Jang Tae San?
Why do you want to learn about Jang Tae San so much?
He's someone who was done with Seo In Hye 8 years ago already.
Are you scared that Jang tae San and Seo In Hye's relationship will become public?
The Police Commissioner's and Detective Im's reputation. The impact thereafter.
Do you want to block that in advance?
It would be a lie if I said there was nothing like that at all.
Even if we catch Jang Tae San, there's nothing that will get known because of me, so you don't have to worry.
If In Hye
doesn't know that I know about Jang Tae San, it would be great.
If I said that was the case,
would you be able to believe me?
Don't you think there's a reason that you might not know? Why I'm being like this?
In any case, Jang Tae San is an opponent that entered into my life.
Is it that weird that I want to know the inside story?
In addition,
it isn't a normal case. This.
Your father ordered to send Jang Tae San to the prosecutors quickly.
Are you suspecting my father right now?
I don't suspect anyone for one outwardly act.
Instead, I don't believe anyone either.
I have no plan to share my case with you for your personal life, so please stop.
Our shared goal is to catch Jang Tae San.
If you really won't tell me, I'll find out myself.
Starting from Oh Mi Sook's case to Go Man Seok's case, I'm going to re-investigate Jang Tae San's case.
If Jang Tae San was falsely charged, then why he was falsely charged and who are involved will come out.
No matter how, I'll find it out.
Yes, Prosecutor General.
What do you mean Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong's alibi was verified?
Who came and verified the alibi?
Detective Im Seung Woo?
Yes. Yes, I will mobilize immediately.
Yes, I'm going.
You can't get any more injuries, Jang Tae San.
The spa entrance is sealed off.
What are you?
I'm sorry.
Hurry and check the steam room and bathroom.
Excuse me, we will have a brief investigation.
- What is this? - We're police.
3. Savings
Here, I got my salary.
Let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see. It's 100,000 won.
100,000 more.
What's left if you are giving me lots of allowance.
Hey, you rascal, why do you put it in there again?
Like a grandma.
Yeah, my grandma did that.
I heard if you sleep like this with your face on your money, you'll become rich.
Hey, hey, that's my pillow.
I know.
That's why I said to leave 100,000 won more.
Hyung-nim, you should also sleep with this and become rich later.
Hey, what's the point of earning a lot of money?
You should at least build up some to do something.
Hyung-nim, you should hurry and make me a sister-in-law (to Man Seok) you love.
Since there's no one living with you, you live without knowing the importance of money.
Man Seok.
Here, it's what you like.
Don't just eat flake by flake from now on, and just stuff yourself.
Wow, it's ham.
Out of all the food in this world, this ham is the most delicious to me.
Hyung-nim, do you remember? When we were in the orphanage,
we fought a lot because of this ham.
At that time, because I was small, whenever the kids tried to take my ham
you slapped the backs of those kids' heads and said, "That's Man Seok's. Hand it over!"
Saying that, didn't you stop them for me?
At that time, Hyung-nim,
you were really cool.
Man Seok, I'm sorry.
After my mom died, and other than In Hye,
you were the first person that treated me like family.
Because I was bad,
I wasn't able to say "thanks" to you properly even once.
Do it now.
Do it now, at least, to Uncle Man Seok.
"I was really thankful. I love you."
Man Seok
I was thankful and I loved you.
It's not "was", but "I love you."
Dad, just because love dies, does it end?
I love you.
And also,
I'm sorry.
If I could turn back time, I would want to turn back everything,
but when I die and I meet you, I'll repay you then.
I'll catch Moon Il Seok and prove my innocence, and I'll catch the bastard that killed you, too.
If we are able to meet in the next life again, be reborn as my younger brother, for real.
Then, I'll
try to be a decent older brother.
Dad, are you going to find the digital camera, now?
I'll find the digital camera, and I'll prove my innocence, too.
Don't you prove your innocence if you find the digital camera?
I don't really know what's taken on the digital camera,
but I have to reveal that Moon Il Seok is the real criminal for me to really and properly prove my innocence.
But why aren't you going with the Prosecutor unni?
Once Moon Il Seok was arrested, I was going to call the prosecutor,
but I guess the prosecutor got scared.
In the newspapers, there aren't any articles about Moon Il Seok's arrest.
Then, let's hurry and go. You have lots of things to do today.
Jang Tae San came to this neighborhood?
Yes. After receiving a report that he was at a spa near by, everyone mobilized there.
Aish, what is this? This bastard.
What happened?
Did you catch Jang Tae San?
We didn't catch him.
But, Prosecutor, why are you ?
I heard you were out for real this time. Is that not true?
False rumor sure spreads quickly.
It was a prank call.
When we checked the CCTV, it turns out he never even entered at all.
Those clothes, the backpack, and even the mismatched shoes sounded just like Jang Tae San.
You have a recording of the report, right?
Just ago now, I saw Jang Tae San.
He was wearing dark grey pants and a black top.
He was hiding the fact his top was torn with a backpack.
He was blood-stained.
He was wearing mismatched shoes,
One shoe was a hiking boot, and the other a slipper.
Don't think that what you've seen of me is my everything.
That's Jang Tae San's voice.
He even showered here.
Jang Tae San deceived us all.
Since Moon Il Seok didn't get arrested, could it not be that he's more scared?
The bastard who's scared is performing memorial rites for Go Man Seok even.
For a fugitive, he goes about doing everything.
The more I know of him, the stranger a bastard he is.
Where was he trying to go to shower and change his clothes?
Seo In Hye.
Section Chief Kim Min Soo
Did a signal come?
Don't get distracted and wait until you get a signal.
Let's go.
Since he might contact her, we'll have to persuade Seo In Hye.
The fugitive Jang Tae San continues his elusive flight for the eighth day.
Since yesterday afternoon, not a day
Yeah, even if I die
I want to die after I've saved Soo Jin.
If he was alive, he would call Why isn't he calling?
Today, why are you praying all day?
God will get mad.
Why would God get mad?
God does have a conscience, but
he already gave me my bone marrow.
If you keep praying, that means you don't believe God.
If you said you'd believe him but you don't, he'll get very mad.
That's right.
If I said I was going to believe, I should believe.
Of course.
It's me, Jang Tae San.
Call me back 5 minutes later.
No. I don't have time to do that.
Soo Jin is next to you, right?
Listen and answer only.
I understand.
Please talk.
I'm really sorry, but I have to ask for a favor.
Is your body okay?
I have to get something from someone, but I need your help.
Tomorrow, 3 pm, at Shin Ha Department Store.
ok, let's meet at the children's clothing store.
Trying to find what?
That evidence you where talking about?
I'll tell you that in person, so please come out. Can you come?
okay, I got it.
It's tomorrow, 3 pm, at Shin Ha Department Store, children's clothing store.
If you keep going about there, I'll go find you.
Also, look carefully to see if someone is following you and come out.
At 3 pm. Come exactly at 3 pm.
In our village lives a Mr. Han who cultivates medicinal herbs.
Oh Ahjushi, this is Jang Tae San
I know. I ran away well.
You ran away?
Thanks to you, I had to leave that village.
Don't ever call again.
Ahjushi! Ahjushi!
That's fortunate.
I came here to meet Seo Soo Jin's guardian, Seo In Hye.
Prosecutor, we got a signal.
I'll connect Seo In Hye for you.
Please wait.
I need to get something from someone , but I need your help.
Tomorrow, 3 pm, at Shin Ha Department Store.
ok, let's meet at the children's clothing store.
It's tomorrow, 3 pm, at Shin Ha Department Store, children's clothing store.
If you keep going about there, I'll go find you.
Also, look carefully to see if someone is following you and come out.
3 pm. Come exactly at 3 pm.
If he's getting something from someone, it's probably the digital camera, right?
I was thinking just maybe, but as expected, the digital camera wasn't in Jang Tae San's hands.
Then, Jang Tae San really waged psychological warfare with Moon Il Seok as his counterpart.
If he really left it to someone, he wouldn't need Seo In Hye's help.
He just needs to contact that person.
He has guts, Jang Tae San.
When he was arguing with Moon Il Seok saying that he left the camera with someone,
his hands were shaking noticeably.
How scared must he have been? He too is human.
Let's go. We need to make a plan.
What about meeting Seo In Hye and trying to persuade her?
I think it'll be better to not meet her.
They decided to meet tomorrow, but Seo In Hye might get scared,
and something might go wrong.
I found out the person who helped Jang Tae San but he's hidden himself already.
He already ran way?
Who was it?
The villagers say he was a Mr. Han,
but the hospital prescription came out as Kim Hyung Soo.
He seems like a person who has laundered his identity and was living in hiding.
I got it. Come up.
Mr. Han?
If he already ran away, don't you think he might have bounced with the camera?
I got fooled.
If there really was someone whom he had left the camera to,
then he would have found the camera and handed it over to Park Jae Gyeong probably.
But seeing that Park Jae Gyeong was quiet all this time,
I fell for the show Tae San fabricated.
Then, where on earth is this digital camera?
Are you making fun of me?
If I knew that, would I be sitting here like this?
Since when was Jang Tae San such a mystery?
That my connection is a bigwig,
he claims that there's something he heard from Mi Sook but doesn't have the digital camera in his hands.
In such a position, acting as if he has the digital camera in his hands.
He had me foole. That bastard.
Me. ME!
ME! This bastard.
How dare he? Me?
He made me into it?
What happened? Did you find out the situation at the police station?
Chairman, Congresswoman Jo took the Chuncheon CCTV, and
she tried to get Park Jae Gyeong's uniform removed. Did you know that?
Chuncheon's CCTV? What do you mean?
ok, I knew he'd manufacture an alibi and get away.
Really, he's unscathed. Son of a bitch.
This bastard
Ahjussi! This.
Oh Mi Sook
was Moon Il Seok's woman?
What happened?
Find out about Detective Im Seung Woo.
I heard you went to the police with a CCTV that Jang Tae San and Park Jae Gyeong were captured on.
If we're to remove Park Jae Gyeong, what other means are there?
There's only 8 days left now.
"Ah! This won't do. Let's arrest Moon Il Seok at the least."
Chairman Moon, if you get arrested,
on the day of the auction, who'll win and receive our articles?
In Japan, only by confirming the moment Chairman Moon appears through the real-time video,
will they rendezvous secretly and make payment, didn't you say?
Rather, so that she can't even dream about arresting Chairman Moon,
I made a play first.
After the charity auction finishes and after Congresswoman departs,
at that time, Park Jae Gyeong can arrest me with that CCTV as basis!
You already made all your alibi, what's the worry?
Do you think that Park Jae Gyeong is not arresting me now because she's scared of just my alibi?
She's saying that she won't see just you, Congresswoman, cut off your tail and run off.
Why are you like this?
Chairman Moon, are you someone who can't take care of something like that?
Because of Chairman Moon who failed to take care of one thing after another,
should the charity auction fail too?
If you had gotten rid of them properly in Chuncheon, there wouldn't have been further trouble like this either.
You said that there was no way you would let an earthworm grab onto your ankle.
You sent those two off in a car, chummy chummy with one another.
Chairman Moon, you've become a person who's not even as good as an earthworm.
Your words are harsh.
Was it?
It's because I'm a bit sensitive.
Even to the extent of hurting Chairman Moon like this,
I made it so that Park Jae Gyeong went on probation.
Detective Im Seung Woo only got Park Jae Gyeong out.
He even lied about being together with Park Jae Gyeong in Chuncheon.
Did you just say Detective Im Seung Woo?
That's right. The police commissioner's son.
Detective Im Seung Woo.
What's wrong?
Something's changed with our Congresswoman Jo.
Find out the reason Im Seung Woo is helping Park Jae Gyeong.
Father, ordering Jang Tae San to be transferred to the prosecutors quickly.
By any chance, did you do so after getting a request from Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee?
What request?
She's a volunteer service member. She came to give me an invitation to the charity auction.
And requested that the violent criminal be taken care of quickly, in consideration of the people's feelings.
In listening to her, what she said was right, so I ordered the immediate transfer.
With a prominent figure like Jo Seo Hee,
what might be there that would entangle Jang Tae San?
Throw away your emotions regarding Jang Tae San.
Because he might have been framed.
I went
only because Mi Sook called to say she was sick and asked me to come over!
And I have an alibi even.
He told me to go to the storage in Pa Ju to find a watch.
It's been over a month since we moved the Pa Ju storage.
When it has even rained a lot, isn't it too new (clean)?
That storage on the 704th street
I heard it's vacant. Who's the owner? I'd like to buy it.
Just a moment.
Let's see Ah.
It's Kwon Hee ok.
Kwon Hee ok?
Jin Il Do
Ehh, huh?
Ah, I'm sorry.
Study numbers again.
If not Uh?
Get a bit smarter.
Because of you, I took losses.
Ah, I Hyung-nim, I will treat you to a massage today.
I can forgive you.
When I went there, it was good that time.
Service - It's good? -- Yes, Hyung-nim.
You are going to catch Jang Tae San again tomorrow?
Please help me so that tomorrow can be the last time.
Where exactly are you getting all this information about Jang Tae San?
For that also probably,
this time will be the last time.
It's me, In Hye.
Soo Jin hasn't gone to sleep yet today, has she?
She's making a fuss about sleeping.
I'm thinking of going to the hospital tomorrow afternoon.
Are you going to be at the hospital?
I need to go to the store tomorrow.
It's the day of organizing the inventory.
Ah, right. I see.
I got it.
You should sleep soon, too, In Hye.
You know that In Hye doesn't lie
You fool
You specialized in internal investigations.
You have a bad habit.
To Detective Im,
I have many things for which I'm sorry.
If we catch Jang Tae San tomorrow, will you tell me what case he's entangled in?
Jang Tae San is just the beginning.
You asked me why I want to know about Jang Tae San so much.
Jang Tae San.
Do you know what kind of bastard he is to me?
Ow, really!
Ah. Ow.
Stay still.
I got you, you bastard.
It's over. Relax. Get up!!!
Keep going!
This jerk.
Hold him tight.
No, Mister! You can't!!!!
You can't do this, Mister! Give this to me!
Give this to me, Mister. I can't live without this.
Please give it to me.
Check on your money.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
It's right. When I bought appIes earlier, I used one 1,000 won bill, and there were exactly 3 bills.
Aigoo, Because of 30,000 won of money, did you get beaten and kicked?
I chased after him thinking it was 1,000,000 won or something.
I'm sorry.
I'm a detective. A detective at the Yeong Deung Po Police Station.
I just did what I'm supposed to do.
Thank you.
Why are you putting away what's all smashed?
To eat.
Do you know it was the next time I saw In Hye?
Over the past few days, it's already been the third false report.
Really, are you sure it was that guy?
A young lady is walking around fearless at night.
That was the case. But, because he wasn't the suspect, I was on my way back empty-handed.
She was still walking, even though 40-50 minutes had passed.
Excuse me.
Miss. It's me, me. That bag
I saw you earlier while passing by.
You are still walking? It's a remote place.
It's because there are no more buses.
Then, you can just take a taxi.
I don't have enough money to get home on my transportation card.
Yes, Director.
I'm sorry. I will be there in 15 minutes.
Yes. I'm sorry.
Hop in.
Thank you.
Thank you.
She always runs. Busy.
Then, I thought she was just a kindergarten teacher.
The one who made In Hye live like that is Jang Tae San.
Getting her knee skinned for just 30,000 won, walking for 2 hours because she didn't have money to take a taxi,
working at a ballet studio during the day,
and taking care of children all night.
in exchange for a room to sleep to raise Soo Jin. Jang Tae San was the one who made her like that.
There could be a reason too that he may have had no other choice but to make her live like that.
What reason?
Abandoning her like that
Look at how he's been living.
That's why
I hate that bastard.
No matter what kind of reason there is,
I just hate the fact that he came back again.
If he's been framed, I will clear his false accusation and
send him away so he doesn't ever come back again.
Yes, just leave it there.
There is one more plastic bag.
Jang Tae San!
I almost didn't recognize you.
The hives got all better.
Thanks to you.
This neighborhood is rough. Go home quickly.
This won't do.
"Oh, what a surprise!" I was going to pretend we met coincidentally like that,
but that won't do.
Why aren't you passing by our dance studio in time for my work to end?
When did I do that?
You kept coming by in time for my work to end.
Riding your motorcycle, vroom.
That won't happen again.
It's because I'm a female student and you're an alcohol deliveryman, right?
Because I have a mom and a dad, but you're from an orphanage.
Be thankful that I won't be going by again.
I thought about that sort of thing a lot, too.
The thought that you an I are really different.
But more than that thought, I think of you more.
I'm hungry.
Let's eat something.
Not shrimp, but budae jjigae. I heard you like that.
Don't do something you'll regret, and go when I tell you to go.
If I go when I'm told to go,
would you not regret it?
Let's go eat.
You should have listened to me when I tried to stop you.
If I were you, I would have thrust a knife into me before I killed that woman and you.
The minute we gain assistance from the police, this information will go into Moon Il Seok.
But there's no other way but this method. We have to catch Jang Tae San.
Fortunately, Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee
won't be able to kill Jang Tae San before they get the digital camera in their hands.
Since it seemed they would send that bastard again, so for now, I notified people of what he looks like.
By that bastard, the one who stole away Jang Tae San most fantastically? That bastard?
He's a bastard we haven't seen once around Moon Il Seok,
I don't know who it might be.
A bastard who's dreaming of becoming a conglomerate is training a secret weapon too?
How are you deploy at the department store?
At the the children's clothes section that's the meeting place, detectives whose faces Jang Tae San won't know
will be disguised as workers or customers.
Three entrance to the department store.
At each floor of the underground parking lot,
and at entrances and exits, they're going to place police in disguise.
Special Investigation Team detectives who know Jang Tae San's face
will be placed at emergency exits.
What about Detective Im?
We placed him the floor below, next to the emergency exit.
Since he can't see Seo In Hye.
More than the arrest, escorting him will be more important. Clearly, they will target the time you're escorting him.
We have placed a camouflage car in every underground parking garage.
Which car we will use to escort,
after we catch Jang Tae San, I will immediately make a call through the radio and
have him get in a car at random.
Hey, Park Jae Gyeong.
If he's a bastard that good, he will be able to read that sort of plan and more.
Not the parking lot, but isn't there a parking lot for the department store distribution separately?
Get a distribution truck that has gone in and out all the time ready.
They will be escorting him from the distribution parking lot.
At the customer's parking lot, they will have police cars in disguise.
Right after the arrest, they will take him down the freight elevator to the distribution truck.
Has everything been prepared properly?
We can't lose him today, at any cost.
Whether the digital camera is in that bastard's hands or not,
catch that bastard no matter what.
And don't kill any more people.
And don't show your face like with Go Man Seok the last time.
Your identity must not be revealed and you shouldn't be captured.
I understand.
I've told you to move, you brat.
2:15 PM
Absolutely do not give yourselves away, and act naturally.
And people at the meeting site should be especially more careful.
Detective Park and Detective Jin are at emergency exit on the third floor,
and Detective Im, you should station yourself at emergency exit on the second floor.
The Section Chief and I will watch out for Jang Tae San in the control room.
After arrest, do not come outside. Rather just stay right there.
I will do the transfer personally.
Don't make any mistakes and prepare yourselves.
We definitely cannot lose him this time.
She came fast.
Just walk around the children's clothing stores on the third floor.
I'll go and find you.
In Hye!
It's me, Detective Kim.
Hello, what are you doi-
We're working undercover right now.
Go over there. Things will get chaotic here soon, so don't stay here.
What do I do?
Jang Tae San you can't come here. Don't come!
The eighth camera.
Jang Tae San is trying to ride the elevator from the first floor.
Jang Tae San got off at the third floor.
Excuse me!
I'm sorry!
-What's with her? -What is this?
Excuse me!
This is the police.
-Pick something pretty from these. -Yes.
Dad! Dad!
Yeah, Eun Cha?
Buy me this.
-Oh, do you like this? -Yes.
Oh, pick some other things too.
Ahgassi, how much is this hairclip?
It's three thousand won.
Pick some other things out slowly.
Oh, let's try this one on too. Hey, it's pretty.
Dear customers, we will be regulating these entrances.
You must not come inside.
Please leave.
Number one.
Number 2.
-Hello? -Go to the hospital right now.
Hello? Hello?
Please go, first of all.
It's now.
Stop right there!
Don't move.
Don't move. Stay there.
Stay there!
Get him!
What is this?
What is this?
That isn't Jang Tae San!
Evacuate the mall immediately and go out to search for him!
Let's talk a moment.
Your skills don't seem average, where did you come from?
Are you someone that works and gets money?
You chased me here to get the digital camera, right?
Were you ordered to kill me after taking the digital camera?
When did you come into Korea?
I've never seen someone like you around Moon Il Seok,
so I'm asking when you came in.
The reason I'm asking this is because Moon Il Seok
Hurry up and move!
Stop the bus!
Your identity must not be revealed and you cannot be captured.
You're a worker at the errand center?
After receiving a call, I put the clothes and the envelope with money in the shopping bag,
and walked here from the office!
Then putting the hat on as soon as you entered the first floor,
and wearing the mask, when on the third floor, was all ordered?
We searched the entire mall, but Jang Tae San wasn't there.
He was suspicious of the wiretapping.
Tae San!
I'm sorry. You were really surprised, right?
What happened?
Why did you come to the mall so early? Thirty minutes early, at that.
I told you to come after three. You almost got hurt.
It's just because my heart wasn't at ease and the roads didn't have any traffic.
But your face
Come here.
I'm sorry for making things so frustrating for you.
Is your body really okay?
You know you can't get any infections, right?
It's fine, nothing has been infected.
I disinfected the wounds well.
You want to see it?
It still hurts a little, but there's no infection.
I'm serious. I seriously didn't get infected.
But I saw it on the news
How did you escape with your body in that condition and come here?
I heard you hid in the mountains. How did you hide and how did you come to Seoul?
I need to come to Seoul on Soo Jin's surgery day anyway.
You've had lots of heartaches, right?
I mean
I don't mean because of me,
but because you thought Soo Jin wouldn't be able to get her surgery.
I heard you were going to stow away. Why didn't you do it?
The information must have leaked from somewhere.
I think your cell phone was also being traced from that time.
My cell phone?
I told you to come to the mall, so I could check on that.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, In Hye,
but the only person, who I can get help from now, is you.
I also need to go out to the store tomorrow because it's the day when we organize the stock.
How did you know that he was trying to stow away?
What I didn't even tell Detective Yang, you want me to tell you?
Jang Tae San, Seo In Hye
and you I know the relationship between you three.
In Hye!
Seung Woo
Where are you coming from?
Were you coming here from the shop?
No, I'll just ask you.
Did you go to the mall today?
Yes, I did go.
Did you go to meet Jang Tae San?
Have you been keeping in contact with Jang Tae San all this time?
You knew the whole time?
Since when have you been in contact with him?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for not being able to tell you earlier.
How could this
How could this even happen?
Since when did you figure it out?
Since when did he contact you?
Why didn't you tell me?
I couldn't tell you.
I know you found Jang Tae San because of the bone marrow.
The thing I don't understand is, why did you continue to contact Jang Tae San,
and meet him while he was escaping?
The donor for Soo Jin's bone marrow
is Jang Tae San, that person.
Jang Tae San
is the person donating his bone marrow to Soo Jin?
I need to give this to In Hye before she goes into the hospital room.
Were you unable to trust me?
It's not like that.
Then why exactly did you not tell me?
What about Soo Jin? She's like a daughter to me.
She's also a daughter to me!
To me, too! She's also a daughter
Those are people who are willing to kill an incumbent prosecutor.
In order to kill Jang Tae San, they are people who are willing to kill people like Soo Jin.
In this world,
Do you take everything else as a joke, you son of a bitch?
Jang Tae San entered prison eight years ago.
He must have threatened to kill all the people that were around him and important to him.
Mother, until you leave,
there are only seven days left.
It's me Jang Tae San. Can we meet today?
Since he's someone that's saving you, he's someone very, very important.
Go to very front door of the third car and stand facing the windows.
There are two stops left.
Alright, it's now!
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