2 Weeks (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

I'm really sorry, In Hye. But at the moment, there's no one but you from whom I can get help.
I hate that bastard. I hate the very fact that he came back again.
I made it so that Park Jae Gyeong was placed on probation.
Detective Im Seung Woo only got Park Jae Gyeong out.
Find out why he is helping Park Jae Gyeong.
I found out the person who helped Jang Tae San,but he's hidden himself already.
The villagers said he was a Mr. Han.
Mr. Han?
"I was really thankful. I love you."
I was thankful and I loved you.
Dad, would the love end just because a person dies?
Have you been in contact with Jang Tae San all this time?
The donor for Soo Jin's bone marrow is Jang Tae San, that person.
Were you not able to believe in me?
It's not like that.
Then, why on earth did you not tell me?
Soo Jin
is a daughter to me too.
She's a daughter to me too.
To me too, a daughter.
Did you not know?
Go, hurry!
Please let him go, Seung Woo!
I'm sorry, Seung Woo! He's really not a murderer.
Believe me.
Just now . . .
Did you ask me to believe you?
But how has that bastard treated you
for you to be like this in front of me?
I have someone I'm going to marry.
Soo Jin follows him like a father.
I arrest you for the murders of Oh Mi Sook and Go Man Seok.
Soo Jin is a daughter to me too.
Let go now. Jang Tae San
probably has run away far enough already.
I'm a detective and Jang Tae San is
a murder suspect and a fugitive.
If you tell me, who's a detective, not to catch him, what am I supposed to do?
That person's not a murderer.
Whether he's a real murderer or not, for now, he's a fugitive.
He will come on the day of Soo Jin's surgery.
Since you can catch him then, until then, please wait.
He said if he is caught he'll die.
In the lockup, he said he nearly died in the lockup.
Jang Tae San. You've met him?
We've talked on the phone.
And, that he had escaped because of Soo Jin's surgery.
That if he's caught, he could die in the lockup, so he said he can't turn himself in.
Did you believe that?
I had no choice but to believe him.
Then, why did you not believe what I said?
Perhaps, did I seem like I'd let the person, who is going to give his bone marrow to Soo Jin, just die?
It's not that I couldn't believe Seung Woo and believed Tae San more
It's not like that. Don't talk like that.
The person who's going to give the bone marrow to Soo Jin is Tae San.
It's because I believed that person's situation, which was for him not to die.
No, did she die, Mi Sook?!
My occupation? Manager of a pawn shop.
Dabada Pawn Shop. I don't know whether you might or might not know it.
Garbage of a bastard.
What are you doing there?
Embarrassingly, what are you doing? As an adult too.
In Hye
How embarrassed she must have been.
How ashamed she must have been.
To that person who had embraced you too
The truth that I am your father How embarrassing it must have been.
The fugitive that her fiance was pursuing was me.
I told her not to say anything to anyone.
But, I've made it so that she can't lean on the one person she could depend on.
Really A bastard like me Why?
Why did I live like this?
Right? Why did you live like that?
Busan, 8 years ago
Jang Tae San, do you know?
A poisonous snake never lets go of its catch once it has bitten into it.
If you're still, you'll be swallowed nicely.
If you struggle, it will rip you apart with its fangs, then swallow.
If there are arms and legs attached, it'll tear those too.
If there are offspring,
it'll tear up those babies, too.
So if you don't want to kill your girl too, don't think of doing anything else.
Even when you're in prison, don't open your trap!
A poisonous snake
never lets go of the catch once it has bitten into it.
Even if its head is chopped off, it'll definitely eat before it goes.
I . . .
lived just like that.
I was scary because you were weak. And,
you weren't able to run away from my threats because you lacked courage.
I'm saying that you were the one who made the choice, you pathetic bastard.
That's right.
It was all my fault.
I was fearful and
submitted to your threat.
Then, now?
I don't want to die. And, I also don't want to be caught by the hands of In Hye's fiance.
You . . .
I don't want to make you live as a murderer's daughter.
Moon Il Seok, I will reveal for sure that you're the real criminal.
Instead of you, I should have raised Tae San.
Dae Joon,
did I really not have a good eye for people?
Tae San, this bastard.
Now, he even suspects wiretapping so he, himself, lays a trap first?
And then, he even engages you in a conversation before giving you the slip?
I knew that this bastard Tae San was quick with his body, but I didn't know his head was this extraordinary.
The fact is that Teacher Kim made a mistake, not that Tae San, that punk, is bright.
You made a mistake too.
You didn't find out properly and
you couldn't keep up with the bastard Tae San's head (thinking).
However much, Jang Tae San also did spin his head well.
He said what I knew of him wasn't everything.
With the digital camera in hand,
he will be able to implicate me as the real criminal and then some.
After the Busan stowaway attempt and now this, it's the second time.
How does Park Jae Gyeong know of Jang Tae San's movements every time?
Seo In Hye came to the department store.
The person Jang Tae San was trying to meet was the kid's mother.
Why has a girl who's going to marry a detective come to meet Tae San?
No, no, no, no, no.
Aren't these antibiotics?
Director Im.
On the day that Mi Sook died, you said Tae San went to the hospital, right?
So, Dae Ryong sent him directly to the Paju warehouse.
The hospital . . .
The hospital?
Your dad came to see you without your mom knowing?
Yes, he came today too.
Director Im.
Find out when the date of the surgery for Tae San's daughter was decided.
Why the surgery for Tae San's daughter?
During the time Tae San was shot and running away,
he came to the hospital and left after seeing his daughter.
He left after seeing his daughter . . .
Soo Jin, are you not feeling well today?
Why is the drawing like that?
Mom, my story about the mountain and the sun is a long story.
But why is the mountain like that?
It became like this because the sun left.
After the sun left, because there was no sun,
it became dark and cold.
That's why even the birds don't come
and the flowers also don't bloom.
But the mountain, because it is a mountain, cannot move.
That's why the mountain alone is unable to budge from that place.
Everyday, in the dark and the cold.
It's sad, right? The mountain must be really lonely, right?
That's right. It's too bad for the mountain that can't move.
How did my Soo Jin become so smart?
Mom couldn't even think of a story like this.
You are Seo In Hye, right?I'm Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
I'm Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong, the one in charge of Jang Tae San's escape case.
Today, you came to the mall to meet Jang Tae San, right?
I know it all.
That Jang Tae San did not commit murder.
That he ran away because of Soo Jin's bone marrow.
I even know why he can't turn himself in.
He's being threatened with death.
That's why he's decided to run away until the day of the surgery.
- I don't really know about that.- You are aware of it.
Don't you get worried?
Soo Jin needs to have the surgery,
but with him going around like that, he might not make it to the day of the surgery.
That person doesn't listen to me.
He just said he'll surely come on the day of the surgery.
It will be more dangerous if he runs around like that and gets caught.
- He said he can't trust anyone. - Of course he'd be like that.
He's gone through too much affliction.
Whether I sleep in the detention with him, or place steely guards,
I will ensure Soo Jin to safely receive the surgery.
So, please tell him to turn himself in, with the digital camera.
Digital camera?
If we have the digital camera, we can catch all those who threaten Jang Tae San.
Can you really make it safe for him?
I will promise you.
If he calls again, I will try to tell him.
Jang Tae San
went to prison eight year ago.
He turned himself, saying he stabbed my father.
It was in August 2005.
Eight years ago.
Did you say eight years ago?
He went in place of the person who is threatening him now.
He was probably threatened that people precious to him would be killed.
Even Jang Tae San's asking you to not say anything now,
it's probably because of the same reason as back then.
You and Soo Jin, to protect both of you.
He was probably threatened that people precious to him would be killed.
Be a child's father at this age?
I hate it.
I don't like the baby, so I don't like you too.
No, it's because I started to be tired of you.
That's why I probably hate the baby too, right?
Detective Im Seung Woo.
Hey, Park Jae Gyeong, what are you? What's the meaning of this?
You hid the fact that Soo Jin's bone marrow donor is Jang Tae San?
From me?
Did you hear that from Seo In Hye?
It's a situation in which Soo Jin's life hangs by a thread.
If you had told me that, I wouldn't have shot Jang Tae San.
Do you have any idea what a terrible thing you have done?!
I didn't know then. I didn't know before you shot him.
After that? Why didn't you tell me after that?
Because Seo In Hye didn't tell you.
The part about Soo Jin's bone marrow is for Seo In Hye to say, not for me to butt in.
There's a person wanting to kill the Jang Tae San, who will save Soo Jin's life.
But I musn't know?
I don't know if In Hye couldn't tell me because she was afraid, but that doesn't apply to you, Prosecutor Park.
I even asked you so many times.
You You kept quiet for the sake of your investigation only.
If I told you, what would you have done, Detective Im?
- Guard - You probably put guards.
If you want to put guards, you have to talk within the police about the case.
Then, Soo Jin will be in danger too.
You would have let those bastards know why Jang Tae San was on the run.
Those bastards?
I've confirmed it. There's no connection between my father and Jo Seo Hee.
Don't worry and just tell me.
It's not just one person, Jo Seo Hee, who framed Jang Tae San for murder?
Then, that day, the people who nabbed you
I almost died in Chuncheon.
They are the kind of people who are willing to kill an incumbent prosecutor.
Soo Jin? To catch Jang Tae San,
they wouldn't hesitate, for a second, to kill Soo Jin!
I, who was in the car, came out alive because of Jang Tae San.
But how can I reveal that?
Jang Tae San escaped and I don't have any evidence.
My own testimony? If they could have been caught with something like that, I would have caught them 8 years ago.
I have many boxes filled with investigation files on those people.
But they never leave traces or evidence enough to catch them.
That's why I still haven't caught them.
Didn't you see what she did to me yesterday?
Besides Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee,
who else is it?
Just tell me the name.
The day they decided on the surgery date was the day Jang Tae San went to the hospital.
The day of Oh Mi Sook's death.
Are you sure?
On that day in the lobby, I told (security) that I was pickpocketed.
I checked the CCTV.
Then it fits.
There was a reason when that guy, who is like an earthworm, became as tough as rubber.
The day of Seo Soo Jin's surgery is on the 26th.
The 26th?
If it's the 26th, Chairman, isn't that our D-Day?
Jang Tae San, this bastard. He probably was robbed by me many times in a previous life.
So he is planning to let his daughter have her surgery.
Then, with the digital camera, he wants to have my neck.
Anyway, we have to find Jang Tae San quickly.
Since he is in contact with Seo In Hye,
should we smash that girl to pieces?
Her fiance is Detective Im Seung Woo. Don't you think it's too dangerous to mess with her rashly?
Her fiance is Im Seung Woo.
The guy who made Jo Seo Hee fail and rescued Park Jae Gyeong.
It's that Im Seung Woo, you're saying?
Then, don't you think that Detective Im Seung Woo knows something as well, Chairman?
You are Moon Il Seok?
He looks strangely familiar.
You called for me?
Have you ever seen this kind of knife?
We were all wondering where he would have gotten this kind of knife, when he was in such a bad state.
It looks like a killer knife from movies.
Find out where he got it.
Send a photo of the knife by fax to the knife manufacturer.
Oh, and. . . this girl. [Kwon Hee Ok]
Family relations, property ownership, anything that is registered, dig them all up.
There are all documents related to Jang Tae San's case.
Are you going to re-investigate?
Even to his hostages, he said he was not a murderer.
If he was framed, we have to reveal it.
Move quickly.
Autopsy Report
In one blow, he hit a vital spot precisely.
It's not the work of the same person.
Where have I seen him?
Soo Jin? To get Jang Tae San,
they're the type of people who can kill Soo Jin without any hesitation!
Yu Il University Hospital
Yes, it's Detective Im Seung Woo with the Yeongdeung-po Police Station.
I have something to ask. . .
If you, Hyungnim
If we had brought in Tae San's daughter early on, as I had suggested,
it would be basically game over.
Why, you! You are the type who would waste away your life, worrying about the meal you missed yesterday!
So, I'm saying, at least the child's mom
Detective Im is already suspicious of Congresswoman Jo.
If we touch his girl, it will become too big of a problem.
On top of that, he is the son of the Police Commissioner.
He is not an easy opponent.
If you exclude Cha and Po (Korean Chess Pieces), then how are we going to win this game?
Let's take a pawn.
A pawn?
Chairman, Detective Im from the Yeongdeung-po Police Station is here.
Im Seung Woo?
Seon Jam Lo 2 Da Road, 29-3
Seon Jam Lo 2 Da Road, 29-3.
I'm Detective Im Seung Woo.
Please sit.
Though I don't know what brings you here.
A few days ago, you donated to the Il University Hospital Children's Cancer Ward, didn't you?
Ahhh . . . I saw a pretty child.
That's my daughter.
I know that you think of her as your daughter.
Chairman Moon Il Suk,
in this world
other than you, Chairman, does everyone look like a pushover, you son of a bh?
You're a day-old pup that's very full of spirit, befitting the son of the Police Commissioner.
I don't know the reason why you wasted your money on sponsorship.
With Soo Jin
"If you touch Seo In Hye, just know you'll die by my hands, you son of a btch."
Are we done with business, Detective?
Then I would like to satisfy your curiosity as towhy I suddenly wasted my money on sponsorship.
I'm not done with my business, bastard.
If you lay a hand on Soo Jin or In Hye,
I'm going to devote the rest of my life to ruining your life.
What I want is the digital camera that Jang Tae San has.
The digital camera that contains the connection between Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee
is in Jang Tae San's hands.
Mi Sook also died because of that digital camera.
Digital camera?
What are you talking about?
I just want that one digital camera, Detective.
There's nothing else.
If you persuade your woman nicely, and bring the digital camera,
I'll let Jang Tae San live.
I want to kill Jang Tae San,
but I heard that our Soo Jin's lifeline is Jang Tae San's bone marrow.
This chocolate has a calming effect.
Take one.
Are you asking me now to be a mole?
In the language of high quality, it's called a kind of "deal."
I find the digital camera that I want,
and you save the life of our beloved Soo Jin.
Crazy bastard.
You're properly crazed.
You should threaten those who can be threatened, Chairman.
Because there's no evidence, you're being audacious.
But you messed with the wrong person.
From today on, your life is done, you son of bh.
Before Jang Tae San is caught by your hands,I will catch him first.
And then I'll catch you next.
Detective Im. Detective Im?
Jin Il Do, go to the hospital immediately. Right now!
What's wrong?
Jil Il Do. From now on, don't move an inch from here and guard it.
Don't ask what's wrong. Don't try to know.
Don't even go to the bathroom.
This is a list of people who come and go regularly.
Memorize all the names and faces.
If someone says they came to visit the aseptic room, sterilize and follow them in.
Until that visitor comes out, guard the front of that hospital room.
Let's talk.
In Hye, let's
Let's talk about us later.
Because getting Soo Jin's surgery safely done is more important right now.
If Jang Tae San calls again or comes, please tell him to turn himself in to me.
I'll do whatever I can to investigate and prove his innocence.
Seung Woo. . .
You have to do precisely that.
You understand?
It's Jang Tae San. Do you remember?
Hey, Seok Do! Hurry over here. Hurry and come over here.
She also sings.
Wow, awesome!
Tell her to undress everything, except for her underwear.
You be quiet.
You've no manners.
Which dance are you best at?
Ah, are you going on a blind date?
Yes, yes, Hyungnim.
Tae San? He went out.
I'll go ask where he went.
Yes, yes, Chairman.
Send him on an errand to Paju storage? For what?
Whatever it is, tell him to bring it?
A taxi?
Hurry and turn it off.
What's wrong?
It's not the time to be doing this.
I said we got a call from Chairman Hwang.
Why, this was going well. You saw it, too, Hyungnim.
When are you going to come to your senses? Do you want to lose the pawn shop?
Find out where Jang Tae San is.
Tae San Hyungnim?
I said to find out where Jang Tae San is!
Seung Joon, how many hours did you draw today?
Six hours.
How many days are left before Mom departs?
The days left for you to depart . . .
Seven days.
That's right.
After you sleep for seven more days, Mom will go to Seung Joon.
When you come, Mom, will you live in the room next to mine?
If Mom goes, we're going to take Seung Joon's house the way it is
and go to Switzerland.
If Mom comes, are we moving?
Let's move to Cyprus.
That's right, Cyprus.
Mommy, I have to go study now.
Departure: Korea, IncheonDestination: San Francisco
Departure: San Fransisco; Destination: Finland, Helsinki Departure: Finland; Destination: Switzerland
I heard that you had declined the offer to be a mayoral candidate.
Is there a reason why you've decided suddenly to run for office?
In front of my house, there are dozens of post-its every day.
From grandmothers to powerless citizens
The wishes of people wanting to rely on me, who is worthless,
I cannot ignore them anymore.
There was a rumor that after finishing the Incheon Charity Auction, you had intended to retire from the political world.
Rumors are just rumors.
Congratulations on entering the race to become the Mayor.
- Yes, thank you.- Congratulations.
Yes, please go ahead.
Congratulations, Congresswoman Jo.
Thank you.
What made you do this, Congresswoman Jo?
In your question, a pivotal word is missing.
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
Ah, so it was like that.
Let me ask you again. In six days, on the day of the charity auction
Isn't it possible for me to attend instead of Chairman Moon Il Sook?
As for the event invitation selection process, please consult the administrative team.
Well then
Why is she that confident?
Chairman Moon's attendance
Did she know about it?
Those who want to rely on me, who is not worthy
Without consulting you, Chairman, she is even running for the office of mayor.
She will hold the biggest power for 6 days
Even if Park Jae Gyeong finds the digital camera before the auction,
she will, by using power to buy time, hold the auction at least, then leave, wouldn't she?
Then I, who will be left alone,
whether I go to jail or get beat up, she doesn't care.
It was that, right?
Without distinguishing means or method, she's thinking of leaving after making the auction succeed.
Find out when Jo Seo Hee will be leaving.
Soo Jin's mother? Okay, just for a moment.
Oh, it's me. Jang Tae San.
What happened? Why didn't you come yesterday?
I thought that your phone is being wiretapped, so I called you through the hospital.
My phone?
So that's why the police were in the mallWill this phone be okay?
This is not the direct line, but one that was redirected by the operator.
It should be okay.
Putting that aside,
do you think you can meet me again today?
Before that, Tae San,
a prosecutor called Park Jae Gyeong came to me yesterday.
She said that she'll help you, if you surrender.
I can't do that.
Don't go around and be in danger. Just turn surrender and receive help.
She says she'll clear your false accusation charges. She seems trustworthy.
That, I'll think about after I find something first.
Then, let's meet and we'll talk about it.
Well, let's meet at Gwangumcheong Station.
In the lobby in front of the station, where we rested when we traveled to Seoul before.
Let's meet there. I'm heading there now.
They might have put you under surveillance.
It will be okay as long as I enter the store, then leave later.
I'll go at 3 pm.
Okay, I understand.
Department Chief, what do you think?
Prosecutor Park, you seem to persuade people quite well.
It will be better if all of this would end today.
You're going to tell the detectives to stay out of this, right?
If I don't want the information to go to Moon Il Seok, I'll have to do that.
Without letting the police know, I am thinking of having only prosecution team's criminal investigators accompany me.
Still, you will have to have a person tail Seo In Hye.
Kim Min Soo. Seo In Hye doesn't know Section Chief Kim's face.
From the moment she comes out, put a tail on her.
Mom has to go to the store.
I might be late today.
You're lying.
You don't have to go there until my surgery.
My really, really pretty Soo Jin
I won't be pretty Soo Jin.
Just because you don't want to, you're not pretty? Even when you are already pretty?
Mom, are you really my mother?
Why do you always leave me and go out for a long time?
Where are you going? What is it about?
I'm sorry.
My kind daughter, can't you just let this go for today?
Is it that important?
Then it's about someone really important?
He's a person who will save you.
So he's a really, really important person.
After your surgery, I will tell you everything.
Even the thing I want to ask, you're going to tell me everything?
I will do that.
So, let Mom go, okay?
Enjoy your meal.
Manager, is it okay for you to be out at this hour?
Jung Woo, I'm going to ask you for a difficult favor.
Go to the very first door in the 3rd car and stand by the door.
She got on the subway to Donghwa.
Yes, I understand.
Is this tiresome chase finally coming to an end?
The real chase begins now.
But do you think that Seo In Hye still has feelings left for Jang Tae San?
She seems to persuade him to turn himself rather well.
Jang Tae San called through the aseptic room, right?
In front of her daughter, she continuously asked him to turn himself in, right?
What about it?
It's a bit weird.
He's the child's father. Would she say such things in front of the child?
It's 1 minute to arrival.
Let's go.
Get off then quickly get back in again.
I have a reservation.
Ride the number 5615 taxi.
I'm the one who made the reservation.
I'm sorry. I'm in the middle of doing my official duty.
So, she gave you the slip?
It was like an espionage activity.
Ms. Seo In Hye is not a civilian, is she?
She got off,
turned like this, and got on again.
She must have gone to find the digital camera after slipping away from us.
I can't understand Ms. Seo In Hye.
That means, Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye already met yesterday.
Hi. Are you Ms. Jang Young Ja, by any chance?
Who are you?
I'm sorry that you've had a tough time, but
I came to get back a digital camera that Mr. Go Man Seok borrowed.
A digital camera?
Didn't you go on a trip with Mr. Go Man Seok?
But, who are you?
How do you know my Man Seok?
Say that you are a regular customer at Man Seok's car repair shop.
I am a regular customer at Mr. Man Seok's car repair shop.
Ah. Oh!
Man Seok said it was from Jang Tae San-
He told me that he borrowed it from a Hyung he lived with.
If she says Man Seok borrowed it from me, then
When I left my car at his shop, there was my camera inside.
Man Seok asked me if he could borrow it for the trip, so I said go ahead.
It's a digital camera with a convex lens.
I see.
But what should I do? My friend said she was going to throw it away.
What do you mean throw it away?
I'm sorry. We thought the owner would not be able to use it again
I will ask her where she dumped it.
I'm really sorry, In Hye,
but you are the only one that I could get help from right now.
Tell me. What is the evidence?
It's a digital camera, but Man Seok's girlfriend would have it.
But, Yeong Ja knows my face.
What digital camera? What's in there to make it "evidence"?
That digital camera is
the reason why Oh Mi Sook died, the reason why I was framed for murder, and
the reason
why they are trying to kill me.
If you find the camera, can you clear yourself of false accusations?
I'm not sure if that would clear my false accusation of murder, but
if I want to do that, I need to reveal the true culprit.
I need to look at the camera to know.
Who are those people trying to kill you exactly?
You don't need to know that.
Asking you to do this kind of thing is already
Do I just go see Ms. Yeong Ja and ask for the camera? That's all?
Before that,
you need to do some acting for me.
Tell me what, and how should I do it.
Thanks, student.
The student has to study and will finish at 8,
so come to school after that hour.
Here's the address and this student's phone number.
Thank you.
When you leave, give this to Yeong Ja. - Ah.
This is what Mr. Man Seok had left with me. He was going to give it to you, Ms. Yeong Ja.
He even left something like this with you?
Hard working Seo In Hye.
In Hye. Seo In Hye!
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.
What are you doing?
What is this? Your girlfriend is celebrating your birthday
It's not my birthday today.
It's not?
I peeked at your driver's license and it was today, no?
The day when my mom asked the neighbor
to register my birth was today.
I see.
Then, when is your real birthday?
Since you are not telling me your birthday
You celebrated my birthday last year
Why wouldn't you tell me when your birthday is?
What's so important about a birthday?
I said I'm fine.
I made seaweed soup and some dishes all day and brought them here.
Then, let's celebrate Christmas Eve and eat.
Do you know how delicious the seaweed soup I made is?
I'm sorry, In Hye, but
I hate seaweed soup.
I'm sorry.
How come?
Okay, then.
What is this? This is for me?
I have your birthday gift, too.
Since you said it's not your birthday, let's say it's for Christmas.
Open it.
What could be this small?
It's a ring?
Why did you buy the ring first?
You can't wait.
The ring is something extra. This is the real gift.
What's this?
Is it a letter?
I hold you tight in my arms, fearing that I might lose you.
What kind of magic gave the treasure of the world into my slender arms?
My precious person Jang Tae San, thanks for coming into the world.
This is the first time.
A person said it was alright for me to born,
it's the first time.
What are you talking about?
My real birthday is September 22nd.
It's the day my mom passed away.
Your mom passed on your birthday?
She committed suicide.
She was abandoned by my father when she had me,
she always tired of
me and her life.
She made seaweed soup and Japchae for my birthday, and
she left.
Ei, that can't be.
Your mother just forgot.
The fact that it was her son's birthday,
she just forgot at the moment.
It must be really tough for her to forget that.
Excuse me.
Some lady came here just now, right?
What did she say?
In front of Yeong Ja's shop, take the 3840 taxi and come to the coffee shop at Shin Wol intersection.
I don't know if you remember, but there's
The cafe that we went when we came to Seoul for a trip.
That cafe has some laptops for customers.
I will reserve that spot, so go there
and contact me here.
Excuse me, sir, could I borrow your cell phone for a second?
Why isn't she coming?
I think I'm going to be a little late. Wait there until I contact you.
Here's what you asked for.
Thank you, Jung Ho.
Why are you so late. Is there something wrong?
You're looking at me right now, right?
After you see this, come out to the back.
Thank you.
In Hye. . .
Get in.
What's going on? You didn't find the camera?
Yeong Ja's friend said that she sold the camera on the internet.
I got the time and location to meet the college student who bought the digital camera.
Oh, I thought something was up.
But why were you so late?
Just tell me where and what time you decided to meet and stop the car.
It's at a college. What are you going to do if you go alone and someone catches you?
I'll go and get it for you.
I can just put on a disguise, it's okay. I'll do it.
Just tell me where and what time.
Seo In Hye, I said to stop the car!
I don't want you to get involved.
You said it was at a college. Why did you come here?
Are you scared that I might take you to my fiance?
The time is at night.
Can you walk around in the light until then?
You're still kind of the same, Seo In Hye.
I thought you completely changed all because of me.
You're still the same in a lot of areas too, Oppa.
You're insides are still the same, but why did only your face change?
I'm sorry.
Were you frightened a lot yesterday?
You should've told me before.
That your fiance was a detective.
What if I told you?
I wouldn't ask for your help.
Then who are you going to ask for help?
I'm sorry that
I distress you.
What are you sorry for?
If you're sorry then don't do things that'll make you sorry.
Oppa why do you?
Why are you so stupid? Why are you so evil?
Did you board the fishing boat 8 years ago?
Why did you get on that fishing boat?
In Hye.
Why do you decide my life?
If you do that, who said I would go immigrate to my parents and live well?
What is it that you heard?
You, then. . .
You said you didn't get on the fishing boat.
Me and Soo Jin,
you didn't throw us away.
Okay. Let's say that you did that then.
But why didn't you tell me when you met me this time?
Why don't you explain? Why don't you say anything?
Why did you receive my contempt? Why?
You should have kept watch outside the surgery room, like the gangster bastard you are.
You should've at least made an excuse.
It's been eight years,
you could've said there was a reason why you could only do that eight years ago.
Why didn't you?
Because it's the past.
It's all the past.
I hate you, but
you must still think that you're doing this for me.
In this world, there is no such thing as "there was no other choice."
And then?
What did my mom say?
She stared,
stared at me for a while,
and nodded her head.
Is that all?
Even after she got a propose?
And then? What happened next?
Your mom,
I hugged her.
Is it fun to hear your mom and my dating stories?
Because even if I ask mom, she won't tell me.
Soo Jin,
aren't I good enough to be your father?
I love your mom and I love you very much.
I'm very strong so I can protect your mom and Soo Jin.
I.. I think so.
You think so?
Hey but what's "I think so"?
Umm.. that that
Ahjussi, my ears are hot.
Your ears are hot?
Are you having a fever Soo Jin?
No, because I've been on the phone for an hour,
the phone is very hot.
Wow, it's already been an hour.
I told her that Jang Tae San told about this ring.
Same with the digital camera.
So report it then. He killed Man Seok.
You think you might know Jang Tae San's whereabouts?
There was a woman came and delivered to me an item that only Jang Tae San would know.
Thank you. Go carefully.
Umm. . .
When I was renewing my cell phone. . .
It's okay, your help today was enough.
I'm not give this to you for your own sake. It's because I feel nervous.
There could be a time where I have to contact you for Soo Jin's surgery.
You have to contact me whether you found a digital camera, or safely come back on the day of surgery.
It's only six days.
In here I put in my new phone number.
This is not registered as my cellphone, that's why it's safe.
Okay then.
I'll use it for 6 days.
Give this to Soo Jin.
Soo Jin can't put this on.
All her hair fell out so she's wearing a beanie.
Later, when her hair grows, put it on her then.
Is it little out of style?
I'll give it to her.
I'll be going.
Hold on..
Once you find the digital camera, contact me.
Okay I will.
Hurry and go in, Soo Jin will probably be waiting.
she'll be alone and lonely for too long.
Okay. I'll be going.
You're Shin Hyun Woo right?
I called you earlier, I'm the person to pick up the camera.
Oh wait I have to confirm something.
This, look here.
The video doesn't work? I'm not the one who broke it.
I know.
But if the video player doesn't work, I heard it's weird.
I know.
I'm serious.
I can check this at camara repair shop.
I said I get it.
You talk a lot.
Well he has a conscious.
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