2 Weeks (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Hurry and go!
Please let him go, Seung Woo!
I'm sorry, Seung Woo. Please let him go.
How embarrassed she must have been.
Really, a bastard like me
Why did I live this way.
Are you asking me to be a mole?
I get to find the digital camera that I want,
and you save the life of our beloved Soo Jin.
Jang Tae San went to prison eight years ago.
Why did you decide my life as you saw fit?
If you did that, who said I would have emigrated with my parents and lived well?
In this world, there's no such thing as,
"there was no other choice."
Do you think you can meet me again today?
Get off, then quickly get back on again.
You couldn't find the camera?
Yeong Ja's friend said that she sold the camera on the internet.
I got the time and location to meet the college student who bought the digital camera.
Oh, right, there's something I have to confirm.
Look at this. The video doesn't work, right?
I'm not the one who broke it.
She said she was selling it cheap for 80,000 won since it was broken, so I bought it and was going to fix and use it.
I know that..
But this, it turned out it's a weird camera where the video never worked to begin with.
I know.
I'm serious.
I can confirm it for you at the camera repair shop.
I said I get it, punk!
You talk a lot.
Well, at least he has a conscience.
What do you think you are
that you took my life in your hands and tossed it about?
Yes, Jang Tae San?
No, I don't really know.
I'm currently at school.
This life where we have to mobilize even when just Jang Tae San's shadow shows up.
Until when do we have to keep doing this?
Okay, I understand.
Since it was dark, he doesn't know whether it was Jang Tae San,
but there was a man who picked up the digital camera just now.
A man?
Hurry and step on it.
Do we contact Im Sunbae and Prosecutor Park?
What's the point of doing that now?
Prosecutor Park said she has important business and Detective Im said he's at the hospital.
What's going on?
Digital camera.
In Hye!
Run away, hurry!
Hurry and go to that place earlier.
It's the police, just go for now.
Hurry and go!
-But, is this the right place? -Let's just go in first.
How did he know, how?
After we reported to the police, we followed him to check if it was really Jang Tae San.
He was fighting brutally.
But also, that man who followed behind him, wow, his fighting was really an art.
So, are you saying you guys don't really know whether he's Jang Tae San or not?
He probably isn't.
One woman and three men. It seemed like a love square.
A woman?
Yeah, when the guy, who seemed like Jang Tae San, was getting hit,
some woman just came suddenly to grab and throw the signboard.
Also after that, a different man came and got out from a car.
Did you see the man who drove off?
No. I was watching the fight, so I didn't see.
Sunbae-nim went out to investigate the Jang Tae San case after playing with Soo Jin.
Sister-in-law hasn't come back yet.
She didn't come back at all?
But, what's going on that you've been going back and forth here all day today?
It's nothing.
If Seo In Hye comes back, please tell her to contact me.
They say she didn't come back to the pizza place.
They should have gotten the camera already, then some by this time
Do you think she may be trying to decode the camera with Jang Tae San?
It's not easy to find someone who can decode it.
Although it would be nice, if it were something like that.
Seung Woo.
Why are you so reckless?
Who did you think the guy was that you ran in without any plans? What if you got hurt?
Why is there a secret
between us now?
That person who is, now, trying to kill Soo Jin's dad
Eight years ago,
he's the one who sent Tae San to prison in his place, I was told.
I understood his feeling of not wanting to suffer from the same person yet again.
I wanted to help him.
I couldn't ask him to turn himself in to you, Seong Woo.
Because it's too unfair.
That person's life.
Eight years ago,
you broke up with him without even knowing the reason?
That's the digital camera that I found just how!
You fool!
You idiot! You trashy bastard!
Soo Jin must be waiting. Hurry and go in.
Drive carefully.
You said the digital camera was taken?
The digital camera was taken?
There really wasn't anyone following from behind.
Tae San prepared everything so that no one would be able to follow me,
so I didn't expect someone to show up like that.
Do you know what that is?
What Mi Sook had to go through to leave it behind
Ms. Seo In Hye, was I really not that trustworthy?
Why did you have to go and leave even me out!
Even if Jang Tae San retrieves it, he won't even be able to look at the contents inside of it!
I'm saying that they're not people he can face off against with his own strength!
He said he knows of a person that can undo the code.
You're not looking for the digital camera so that you can save him!
Why are you saying things about that person?
For you, it may be for revenge, but for that person, his life is on the line!
What did that person do wrong! Why does he have to run away!
That digital camera, who made it!
He's doing this because he wants to save Soo Jin and live himself also!
Is that wrong?
He said that the digital camera wouldn't prove his innocence.
He said he did that because
he wants to live in order to come on the day of the surgery!
If you find the digital camera, take it to Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
If you just take that and turn yourself in, she said she'll allow you to complete the surgery safely.
She also said she would prove your innocence.
What Prosecutor Park wants is the evidence of the connection between Moon Il Seok and some person.
She's not someone who needs the digital camera in order to prove my innocence.
It isn't so that everything would work out once you found the digital camera?
If there's no evidence inside the digital camera, even if I believe Prosecutor Park and confess,
I will die again in the lockup, like that time.
That's why
I need to confirm it first, for sure.
If I had known that it would be taken like this
I would have just listened to you.
I'm sorry.
But I really don't understand how that man knew and came.
The woman that you went to, looking for the digital camera, called the police.
Ms. Young Ja did?
I didn't even mention Tae San's name!
It was Jang Tae San who let Go Man Seok borrow the digital camera.
And the ring that you conveyed is something Jang Tae San had mentioned.
She said it looked like you came on behalf of Jang Tae San's business.
Since Ms. Jang Young Ja believes that Jang Tae San murdered Go Man Seok,
that must be why she called.
I gave her the ring in consideration of Man Seok.
Prosecutor, then what do we do about Tae San now?
Soo Jin.
This is mine now.
Seo Soo Jin, where did you get that picture?
You threw this away, Mom.
So it's mine now.
Since I taped back what you ripped, it's mine now.
You threw this into the trash can.
What you throw into the trash can is something you've thrown away. It's something you don't need.
This You were holding onto this?
Since he's my Dad,
and I was curious about Dad's face.
That's why.
So, that's why.
You were curious about what your Dad looked like, my Soo Jin did.
Mom, why aren't you getting angry?
Because I'm sorry.
Because mom is foolish. It's natural that a daughter would be curious about her Dad's face, right?
I was really wrong.
I made things so that you didn't even know your Dad's face and so that you saw him secretly.
I'm sorry.
You should have told me earlier that the truth was that you were so, so very curious about your Dad.
You told me that a situation is something that you can't talk about.
Since it's something like that, you said if I kept asking you, I would be making you sad.
That's why
What I mean is Because I'm also sick like this,
and since I always made you feel sad,
and Dad also made you sad,
so I shouldn't do that either.
No no, no. That's not it, Soo Jin.
I misunderstood your Dad. I had it wrong.
It was like that?
It was like that It was like that.
So it was like that?
Yes. So that's why I promised you.
That when the surgery is over, I would tell you everything.
When the surgery is over.
Because right now, just preparing for the surgery is too hard.
Right, and because the radiation treatment is very tiring.
And also,
I get to tell you who got you this present.
Once you get the surgery and you get all better, and your hair grows longer, you can wear it.
Uh Who could it be?
Who could it be?
Mom, what kind of person was my father?
You don't have a father.
How could I be born without a father? I'm not a young child.
Where is your father?
There isn't even anyone that calls you his son.
Why doesn't my father call me his son?
Because he hated you!
Mom is tired, Tae San.
You were sad, right?
You were hurt, right?
That time,
I didn't know it would be like this, Soo Jin.
That my child
would, just like me,
have to be curious about who daddy is, and
have to long for daddy
I didn't know I would become an adult who would make things turn out like that.
I also didn't know.
That I would be curious about you like that.
And that I'd like you that much, simply because you're Daddy.
I know, right. It's too fascinating.
To call a bastard like me as your daddy
A child like you
Am I a little pretty, am I not?
This here
all aches
if I just think of you.
This here?
鈾?This is the person who, up to now, 鈾?/i
鈾?made me a person laughing and crying.鈾?
鈾?This is the person who talked and talked some more again til we were bored. 鈾?/i
I'm sorry. You've helped that much, but
I ended up empty-handed.
It's not your fault.
We did all that we could today.
鈾?Because of injuries and wounds to the heart, breathing is impossible. 鈾?
There will be another way.
鈾?You dress but you can't heal terrible wounds. 鈾?/i
I've thought of another way.
The car is at Myeongdong parking lot.
鈾?Because the scars remain, they are indelible. 鈾?/i
鈾?If you bring them up, the more you bring them up, the more visible they become. 鈾?
Please take care of Soo Jin. See you on the day of the surgery.
This small thing had been clutching at my throat.
Why this!
Chairman! Verification first.
Right. We should verify it.
Now if we just take care of Tae San, all would be well.
If only it weren't for that woman and Detective Im
We could have gotten rid of everything completely today.
We've overcome a big hurdle just by getting this digital camera.
Without this, no matter how much Park Jae Gyeong were to fly and run, she won't be able to catch us.
At least, until the charity auction.
Now, what do you think our Tae San would do?
Don't you think he would turn himself in?
He could be in hiding until the date of the surgery.
From tomorrow morning on, put someone on Park Jae Gyeong's tail.
Settle it before Tae San gets in touch with Park Jae Gyeong.
The child's mother could try to contact Jang Tae San,
so I'll take Seo In Hye's phone and make a duplicate.
Because of his daughter's surgery, he won't be able to leave Seoul.
He won't have any money, and he won't be able to crawl into a motel room to sleep because his face is known.
All the places where he might be able to sleep out in the open, like the train station, the sauna,
the park, and hostels, search thoroughly.
Find Jang Tae San! Search for him day and night!
Since it won't be enough with just the men under you, President Hwang,
hire enough people and assign them to each area.
He's not someone we should take lightly.
Put about one hundred million on the bastard who catches Jang Tae San or tells us his whereabouts.
No, put three hundred million won. (~$300,000)
Now, there's no need to hesitate even for a second. Kill him on sight.
Prepare a plane ticket so he can leave whenever he can.
You can go.
Bring him here.
And now she's even running for mayor.
She's becoming more powerful day by day.
This is getting serious.
When Jang Tae San escaped, you said so
To read Jang Tae San's heart.
Then, I found out it was because of his daughter's surgery.
Is Jo Seo Hee's heart not readable at all?
Jo Seo Hee wasn't a person for whom power was meaningful.
She was a person who needed the position to fill her greed.
If that was really the case, we need to think about why she changed her mind.
At this point.
Suddenly, why?
Director, I..
I keep thinking the answer may be at the charity auction.
The charity auction? Why?
Jo Seo Hee, who never left even a tad bit of evidence all this time, no matter how much I dug,
even fabricated CCTV footage to get me fired.
It's also the first time Moon Il Seok is attending a Jo Seo Hee event.
I heard she was going to retire once the charity auction was over.
All of the secrets are inside the digital camera.
If that is so
The camera is the reason for Jo Seo Hee's actions
and your intuition is drawn toward the charity auction.
Then, doesn't that mean that she suddenly needed power for the sake of the charity auction?
We've come back again to square one, Prosecutor.
What should we do now?
"In order for the charity auction to succeed, I need power."
"No one can stop my charity auction."
"Park Jae Gyeong, you wench!"
"Even if you were you learn that Moon Il Seok is attending my charity auction,
I'm not scared anymore."
"Park Jae Gyeong, you!
will never be able to stop my charity auction."
"Do you know how much I'll get out of this?"
"After I retire with that money,
I'm going to live by blowing through all of the money I've piled up during that time!"
"If you don't let me do this, I'll kill you!"
Prosecutor, why are you being like this?
Are you alright?
Section Chief Kim.
In the pamphlet, everyone's nationality, career, and profile are all written, so
call them one by one and find out.
All of these?
Find out how they became sponsors.
If they are artists who really exist in that country.
Even Jo Seo Hee's schedule that you kept track of, organize it and submit it to me.
Are you suspecting her of smuggling high-end artifacts?
They fabricated real estate documents, always with the excuse of building welfare centers.
But this time they are not buying land.
Yes, this is Park Jae Gyeong.
This is Jang Tae San.
This can't be accessed with a password, but with a retinal scan.
If it's a retinal scan, then
You have to stick your eyeball in front of it in order for it to open, don't you?
Park Jae
Take it apart.
Now you can see it.
Wow It was hidden away like a gem.
Copy that and send it.
Yesterday, the ship sailed from Thailand with it.
It will need to arrive two hours prior to the event.
And come up with a good explanation of why it's late.
If you do that, then it will bypass the inspection.
The 40 billion won that came in from Japan as a 10% down payment
is already deposited into your Swiss bank account.
But aren't you a little regretful?
If I were you, I would finish a term in office as Seoul Mayor before I would leave.
Even if they want to make me the President
In this country,
would I do crap like that?
If that had gotten into the hands of Park Jae Gyeong
Both Chairman and Congresswoman Jo
would have definitely been chained together.
There is not a single person in this country who can put a handcuff on me.
Once you've reached the destination, walk into the underground roadway.
Over here.
Why bring me to a place like this?
You really don't trust anyone.
Nice to see you.
Though it would have been nicer if you had trusted me even a day earlier, before you went to get the digital camera.
I'm sorry that the digital camera was taken from me.
But I didn't come here to turn myself in to you.
I know. I heard it from Seo In Hye.
In Hye
Is Seo In Hye alright?
Why are you asking me that, when the two of you have been speaking?
In Hye's cellphone number being changed and
that we are speaking, if it becomes known, then
I'll kill you with my own hands.
Do your best
to clear yourself from the false charges, catch the culprit,
and come to the operating room. That's what Seo In Hye wanted me to convey to you.
A prosecutor is being threatened by an escaped suspect.
I understand, so
tell me why you wanted to meet me if you weren't turning yourself in?
Before that,
let me confirm a few things.
Oh Mi Sook and Moon Il Seok were lovers,
and the camera she left in my care, am I right that it came from your hands?
It's what I regret the most in my life.
I got caught up in your fight?
I'm sorry.
Then, help me get Moon Il Seok.
You're going to catch Moon Il Seok?
You're also holding nothing anyway, since the camera has been taken.
If you catch Moon Il Seok as the real culprit in Oh Mi Sook's murder case,
you might be able to dig up the connection during the investigation.
Let's talk about the details over a meal.
I should buy, at least, a meal for the person who saved my life.
Truthfully, at that time in the Chuncheon factory,
I was really so afraid.
Always to catch Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee,
and if I can just catch them,
I thought that I would have been able to give up my life immediately.
The moment that Moon Il Seok put the tape on my mouth,
do you know what I was thinking?
I why?
I wonder why did I do this?
Right away, I started to regret that first.
Because there isn't anyone who isn't afraid to die.
It's really embarrassing, but that's how it was.
If you hadn't come to save me back then,
I may have been killed that day, in that spot, by Moon Il Seok.
That would've been a real useless death.
Is this really necessary?
If I'm suspected of accompanying the escapee one more time, I'll have to take this prosecutor's uniform off.
Walk naturally. Naturally.
Did you bring me to your home?
There is no other place safer than here. It's dark, i.e., under the base of the lamp.
In 8 days, you haven't eaten a meal with your mind at ease, have you?
Stay here and look at that.
Wait, that person is
They are the two that I am after.
They are the two people trying to kill you.
It's just as I had decorated it for you.
Since it is a place I didn't intend to stay at for a long time, it has been useful.
What is the reason for calling me here, in this state of affairs?
The noisier the situation is, the more the people can't see what is in front of their noses.
Since Park Jae Gyeong, who has her mind on the digital camera,
has dragged away to use even the investigator, who she had tailing me, no one has come.
This is it.
The bastard that ate away at us.
You should confirm..
It's not as if I don't know what we discussed that day that I should to confirm it together even?
It's all over once Jang Tae San is taken care of.
About that
You will do as you see fit.
More than that
Instead of you, if someone else makes a successful bid,
could there be a problem from that side?
What do you mean?
Park Jae Gyeong
knows that you're attending the charity auction.
In the morning, she showed up at the press conference and tried to feel things out.
Where do you think this information leaked from?
That girl, who is just the size of a bean,
has you very afraid. Much unlike yourself.
Do you think the dam collapses because of one heavy rain?
The more serious a matter, the more cautious one must be.
You have to knock on a stone bridge if you don't want to break your ankle.
Why don't you just wipe out Park Jae Gyeong in one swoop?
Didn't you announce your candidacy so that you could cut the weed who is blocking your way?
Holding a sickle with good blade doesn't mean that you should just wildly cut the weed.
You're supposed to pull weed, not cut it.
You sharpen a knife to use it.
Why did you draw a knife that you didn't plan to use?
Do we sharpen a knife to use it only?
We sharpen it also so they will be scared of being cut with the edge of a knife blade.
Please take care of Park Jae Gyeong before you leave.
Take care of her?
After you leave,
she will try to collect even all your debt from me.
About what happened in Chuncheon, and fabricating CCTV footage,
I'm sure you know it won't be easy.
It's because I don't really make food to eat in my house.
Let's eat.
I was conned by Ms. Seo In Hye, so I starved all day, too.
Why are you like that?
The freshly-made white rice is quite delicious.
I didn't know it before.
He's the one that's chasing me instead of Moon Il Seok.
This person is
Your drawing abilities are good.
It's because I've run into him three times.
The day the bomb went off in the Mungyeong, the day Man Seok died,
and in front of the department store.
You ran into him three times even?
I was caught by him, and I was almost caught by him also.
Because he was trying to find the digital camera, he didn't kill me.
He's someone that I haven't seen around Moon Il Seok all this time.
By looking at his skills, I think he was brought in from a foreign country.
If we can catch this guy as Man Seok's murderer,
he will blow [the whistle] that the player is Moon Il Seok.
Since he's a mercenary, there's no reason for him to take the blame.
There will be a CCTV recording that caught him on the bus that passes by the department store.
Take that and find the CCTV.
There's no evidence that this guy killed Go Man Seok.
There is.
This guy has several fountain pen knives that he used to kill Man Seok.
Most likely, it'll be on him when he is arrested.
If this bastard sings he received Moon Il Seok's order, you will be able to reinvestigate Oh Mi Sook's murder case.
And once you dig into why they framed me, you will be able
to shake out more about Moon Il Seok and that Jo Seo Hee.
But Mi Sook left the digital camera at the pawnshop.
Why was it in Ms. Jang Young Ja's hands?
Was there anything that Mi Sook said?
Alright, I'll go right now.
After getting the call from the hospital that my bone marrow matched with Soo Jin's,
I was just about to go to the hospital
Ahjussi! Please pawn this for me!
-I can't right now. -What do you mean you can't?
Mi Sook left the digital camera with me in a hurry.
But I was thinking of going to the hospital, so I didn't leave it in the vault and took it home with me.
We booked the surgery for the 26th. Will that be okay?
I came out from the hospital after getting the date of the surgery,
but then Dae Ryong called me and told me to go to the Pa Ju storage room.
From 12:00 to 3:30, they fabricated my alibi.
And this, too.
This is Dae Ryong's voice receiving a call to fabricate my alibi.
Where did you get this?
At the pawnshop.
The pawnshop?
Once Dae Ryong and Seok Doo close the doors at 10:00, they never come back to the pawnshop.
Then you slept at the pawnshop?
Since under the base of the lamp, it's dark.
Do you have a brain?
Even if that's so, what if you had been caught?
Without worrying that someone would recognize me,
I thought, researched, searched the internet, and slept too.
There's nowhere safer than that place.
If you do that and get caught, you'll die immediately!
Don't go there from now on. Instead, just stay here
No, stay in our investigator's office.
don't forget the fact that I'm a fugitive.
That's true.
Before you get your innocence proven by the law,
you're a fugitive, aren't you, Jang Tae San?
This is a certified copy of the registration for Oh Mi Sook's house.
The owner of the house is Kwon Hee Ok.
She's Hwang Dae Joon's wife.
I know.
I looked into it when Moon Il Seok found a house for Mi Sook.
Did you get this from the computer at the pawnshop, too?
I'll clean up after myself , so don't worry.
what's the way to catch this bastard?
That I get shot by this guy's gun.
-Can you all see me? -Yes!
Look here.
Sections 1 and 2 will be at Eunpyeong-gu.
Sections 3 and 4 will be at Mapo-gu.
Sections 5 and 6 will be at Jongno-gu, and section 7 will be at Seodaemun-gu.
Yes! Yes!
Move quickly!
Go that way.
Aish, what is this?
You're right that it's an operation that's innovative and worth trying,
but what are you going to do about their manpower?
Please recommend just two investigators that you trust.
With just three or four, you are going to catch such a bastard?
He's someone whose powers of observation aren't ordinary,
so if we move in big numbers, he will definitely notice.
We will also receive help from Detective Im Seung Woo.
Since he's someone who wants to solve Jang Tae San's case as quickly as I do.
It's the kind of the operation that will fail immediately the moment it is revealed.
Alright. I'll get two investigators from special forces.
Thank you.
end it with this.
Excuse me?
Jo Seo Hee has come out with mace.
I'm saying, don't believe that I'm going to support you forever.
I'm saying, stop failing, you punk!
Do you think my head is made of steel?
I guess I beat the Chief too much.
The Chief was a little naive,
and he must be very tired, too.
Did he suffer a lot of the Prosecutor General?
There's also personnel problems.
Just know that you're lucky that the Chief is your Chief.
It's not even just luck.
Is everything prepared?
Yes, we are preparing it all right now.
Let's prepare it quickly.
Seung Woo, you're still very angry, right?
I'm sorry.
It's because that person's life is Soo Jin's life right now.
Im Seung Woo, what brings you so early in the morning?
It's because I have something to ask you.
No, I'm busy, Ji Sook.
Jang Tae San came to the hospital the day the bone marrow transplant was decided, right?
What time did he come?
I'm sorry.
Since Soo Jin's life is on the line, and he said that Soo Jin could be put into danger,
so I couldn't tell you.
I wonder why he lived like that.
Jang Tae San was completely ruined.
Could it be because he had lost In Hye?
You're nervous, aren't you?
Why are you like this, Im Seung Woo? It's something that happened eight years ago.
It's eight years ago, after all.
On that day, what time did Jang Tae San come? Try and remember it exactly.
-You're here? -There's no problem, right?
Yes, this isn't a place where something would happen.
Did you find the place where the knives were made?
Yes, but
they said those weren't made in our country.
Is that so?
But, Sunbae-nim, why exactly am I ?
Just work hard for a couple more days.
Without asking, without trying to know, and just believing is sincere loyalty.
Oh, right. From now on, the day Oh Mi Sook was murdered,
from the Pa Ju storage room to the pawnshop,
find a taxi that gave a ride to a man.
Excuse me?
F-F-From here?
First, just send me the list of the taxi companies in Seoul.
I'm going.
Aren't you going to meet sister-in-law and then go?
Yes, Prosecutor?
Jang Tae San will confess?
He said he will?
Confessing is confessing, but his real goal is to catch that man.
How did they know that Jang Tae San would confess a-
Was there someone who leaked information from our team?
We'll be able to find out when we see it today.
I'm sorry for not being able to tell you all of this and that,
but would you please believe me and suffer a bit for a day today?
You will need to move right now.
That man is coming to the place where Jang Tae San is confessing.
He's coming because he needs to kill Jang Tae San.
Isn't that overreacting?
I heard he even took the digital camera earlier.
Now he doesn't have a reason to kill Jang Tae San.
He will kill him.
Does Jang Tae San also
think that guy will come?
It's actually that person's suggestion, this strategy.
You're saying it's Jang Tae San's suggestion?
It's just another prank call saying that they've seen Jang Tae San.
Yesterday's call seemed real since it came from Go Man Seok's lover.
What are we going to do if that guy from yesterday really was Jang Tae San?
What kind of fugitive goes around looking for a digital camera?
Oh, but Squad Chief,
where on earth is Jin Il Do and what is he doing?
Squad Chief
Please forgive me for just one week.
I sent him somewhere for about a week because of the Jang Tae San investigation.
What Jang Tae San investigation is there that we don't know about?
Are there only one or two things that we don't know?
All this time, because we were chasing Jang Tae San's tail, we weren't able to properly investigate!
There was no time to investigate people around Go Man Seok.
Since we went to Pocheon chasing after Jang Tae San.
I mean, Detective Im and Detective Jin are doing all of the Jang Tae San's investigation,
and what is our passionate prosecutor doing then?
The passionate prosecutor came to have a glass of beer.
Please have an afternoon drink with me. I'll pay for it.
What do you mean an afternoon drink?
Today is the tenth day since Jang Tae San escaped.
I couldn't arrest him and just keep being one step too late.
I think I'll be fired soon enough.
But, is Detective Jin still investigating outside?
-What about Detective Im? -Detective Im also went out saying he would investigate.
Oh, as expected, the police station's number one arrest record detective sure is different.
Then, should just the rest of us go and ride the subway?
I will go to the bathroom for just a second.
I'm sorry, when you were just about to eat.
She sure is a tomboy! That Prosecutor Park!
The man calling her is an investigator, too.
It's Prosecutor Do again.
Should I try answering it?
Just leave it alone! You don't just pick up other people's calls.
Prosecutor Do even left a message saying it was urgent.
Take your mind off of other people's business and just drink!
Ah, seriously.
I should, at least, take it to the bathroom.
I'm back.
Are you dating Prosecutor Do?
I think, at least, ten calls came in the last ten minutes.
Prosecutor Do did?
What is it?
Yes, Prosecutor?
Prosecutor, why didn't you pick up your phone? Jang Tae San
Is that so?
So what happened?
Five minutes?
Yes, I understand.
What call is that?
I think I heard something about Jang Tae San.
Ah, yes.
The Chief wanted to me to give him an update on Jang Tae San's case.
That urgent matter is that?
He makes it so that we can't not think of Jang Tae San's investigation for even one day.
Have I caught Autumn enteritis?
I will excuse myself again for just a bit.
He left.
[Investigator Kim Minsoo] Yes, this is Park Jae Gyeong!
Yes, I heard it from Prosecutor Do.
Don't worry, I'm alone.
Are you really going to confess?
That's a really good idea.
Then where do you want to go? The police station or the Attorney General's office?
Alright, I'll go out on my own.
If you're that worried, then Jang Ta-
You can just tell me the location.
Seokhee-dong, Unit #601?
Seokhee-dong, Unit #601.
I understand. Then what about the time?
Alright, then I'll be there from five to eight,
so come when you feel reassured.
I understand.
What should I do? The Chief is calling for me.
You're leaving right now?
What is it that ?
I'll pay for it in return.
I'll order 5,000 cc (cubic centimeters) beers for you, so drink all of it comfortably.
5000 cc!
How can we drink all that?
Your prediction was right. It was that person.
This little bastard.
He's in the palm of my hand.
I thought he would hide and survive for one or two days, but he gave up faster than I expected.
That's the characteristic of those who have nowhere to rest their heads and sleep and no shoulders to lean on.
This bastard.
He was pretending to be tough!
Look at him lowering his tail as soon as we let go of the leash.
I'll go to prepare.
Send him off properly this time.
Even when you kill Jang Tae San, you can never be caught.
I understand.
Once this is over, leave for the time being. You've been over-exposed.
I will go and come back.
Director Im.
Erase all traces of him from our building CCTV recordings.
Yes, Chairman.
But, Chairman
where exactly did you bring Teacher Kim from?
It just seemed as though you especially care for him.
Hey, you punk, as long as hyung-nim finds a man that works well and has made his allegiance,
he pours generously if he's gonna pour, doesn't he?
He's not someone I bought with money.
Once I acquire Yoojin Gas, he's someone who will become my business partner.
What do you like about each other so much that you are always looking at each other?
Are you dating?
Step on Park Jae Gyeong's tail to see if she's really going alone or if she's being accompanied by someone.
I looked into the location that Jang Tae San would surrender, but it's a difficult place to tail someone.
Aside from straight roads on each side, there is only one construction building and two shops.
Since it's a new land development site, there aren't any residents yet.
Our Tae San picked a really good place.
Prosecutor Park came out alone.
Yes, this is Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong's office.
Is the Investigation Chief Do Sang Hoon there?
Yes, please wait a moment.
Section Chief Do! You have a phone call.
Ask who it is and write the phone number down.
Are you really going to continue lying!
-Right now Prosecutor Do is- -Alright, I understand.
The investigators are working at the moment.
You said she would be waiting from five to eight.
That bastard will show up, at the least, one hour earlier,
and investigate all his surroundings.
So you and I will need to be completely prepared,
and leak the information to Moon Il Seok.
Prior to him coming for reconnaissance we need to sneak our team into the building secretly.
He'll choose a location where he can shoot and kill Jang Tae San for sure.
And he will check if people are inside and if there are places for people to hide.
Where will our team hide?
Since he knows that Jang Tae San will confess, he won't be too suspicious of us.
Detective Im and Prosecutor Han should stay in the basement
and go straight upstairs when I send the signal.
Since this building is next to the road, he won't choose to be over here.
A good place to shoot the gun would be
over there on the third or fourth floor.
I will arrive exactly at five o'clock.
He will have finished scouting at least 10 minutes earlier and will standby at the shooting location.
Jang Tae San!
When I scream "Jang Tae San", please proceed to catch that man.
Go up to the roof first.
You said you wouldn't kill.
You said you wouldn't kill. You promised, you son of a bitch!
If Moon Il Seok doesn't get caught as the real culprit, then I have to die.
I know someone who knows Moon Il Seok's house. It's Han Chi Gook.
You have the right to refuse to offer self-incriminating testimony.
You have the right to an attorney and you have the right to remain silent.
I am Martin Ramirez's attorney, Kim Myung Jin.
But you, if I confess and talk about that knife, then
you will go in instead of Moon Il Seok for murdering Oh Mi Sook.
Is September 22nd Dad's birthday?
Was Dad born today?
Moon Il Seok, we are arresting you without warrant for the murder of Oh Mi Sook.
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