2 Weeks (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

What did that person do wrong?! Why does he have to run away?!
He said he did that
to live and be there on the day of the surgery!
Where did you get that picture?
Dad made you feel sad,
so I shouldn't do that.
Now, there's no need to hesitate even for one second.
Kill him on sight.
Jang Tae San is going to confess?
It's actually that person's suggestion, this strategy.
That bastard will show up, at the least, one hour earlier,
and investigate all his surroundings.
So you and I will need to be completely prepared,
and leak the information to Moon Il Seok.
Before he comes for reconnaissance,
we need to sneak our team into the building secretly
Just kick her off, that Park Jae Gyeong.
You pull out weeds, you don't hack them with a knife.
So what's your strategy to catch this guy?
I will be shot by this guy's gun.
You have to pretend you're dead until we properly arrest him.
You mustn't get up until we do.
Since we don't know how many others he will bring or what variables may occur.
No, no!
What about the gun?
There is no gun.
What do you mean there's no gun? He definitely shot him.
I think he hid it when he was coming over from the other side.
Prosecutor Do, call the police quickly
and ask them to search in and around the building for the gun.
Since he could have hidden it far away, make sure they look about 100 meters-
Could that possibly be?
There won't be a gun.
This guy is totally a professional.
A bullet or a magazine
No, his ID.
A guy that doesn't have a gun, has his cell phone?
Did you finish it off well?
Why aren't you answering?
Ask if I killed Jang Tae San, Moon Il Seok.
As to why I don't have an answer,
you know the reason why, don't you Chairman Moon?
This, what has happened with this?
Why is it Park Jae Gyeong's voice?
Prosecutor Park!
Where are you right now? Have you gone to catch Jang Tae San?
Jang Tae San got shot, too! Find Jang Tae San first!
That's not real blood.
It's not real blood?
Don't catch Jang Tae San. What really happened is-
Did you catch that guy?
We caught him. We are going to report him to the prosecutor's office right now.
Take him there.
Jang Tae San!
Show yourself!
I have something to say to you!
Come out! Let's talk!
I don't want to be interrogated by you ever again.
I know you've been framed!
I'm sorry for not believing what you said.
This bastard . . . he's alright.
I'm sorry too, but I don't want to be cuffed by your hands.
If you're thinking about Soo Jin, come out!
I won't arrest you!
I'll promise you.
You are under arrest for attempted murder of Jang Tae San.
You may refuse to testify against yourself.
You may appoint a lawyer, and you have the right to remain silent.
What's your reason for arresting me?
Please tell me your name first.
The reason you arrested me, first.
Attempted murder of Jang Tae San, murdering Go Man Seok and interfering with an official investigation.
Assault and kidnapping of Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
I'm telling you to identify yourself first, you bastard.
There must have been a name your parents called you.
Please call my lawyer.
Once you finish, go to my office-tel (apartment) immediately.
If you hide in the city looking like that, it will be dangerous.
I'll contact you when I get the confession that it was all instigated from Moon Il Seok.
The finger print isn't coming out.
What do you mean the finger print isn't coming out?
Are you not a Korean person?
It seems he's not from our country.
What's your nationality?
What country's passport did you come here with?
What are you doing right now?!
I'm using my right to remain silent.
I sent the lawyer out right now.
The fact that he put on a confession show,
means that Park Jae Gyeong and Jang Tae San are already holding hands.
Ah, Park Jae Gyeong is smart,
making Jang Tae San even puts on a show saying he's going to confess.
It's this bastard, Tae San's strategy.
Now that he's had a run in with Mr. Kim a couple of times,
he studied his pattern and even put out a trap.
Please leave.
Go on out.
You . . .
said you wouldn't kill him.
You promised you wouldn't kill him, you son of a bch!
Are you asking me to be a mole right now?
In the language of high quality, it's called a "deal."
I will find the digital camera that I want,
and you will save the life of our beloved Soo Jin.
Crazy bastard.
You're properly crazy!
Threaten someone that you should.
It seems as though you're acting audacious because there's no evidence,
but you messed with the wrong person.
From today and onward, your life is over, you son of a bch.
Before Jang Tae San gets caught in your hands, I will catch him first.
And then I'll catch you.
Detective Im.
Detective Im?
Do you think recorders will function in this room?
This is why I'm saying you're a one-day-old puppy.
That you are going to lock me up merely for a crime of intimidation?
a so-called detective stuffs a recorder into his pocket.
You came here out of mere excitement, right?
This failed.
But what should we do?
My brain remembers everything.
The things you've said to me,
and the crimes that were ignored because of the lack of evidence,
I will reveal them all.
Whether you persuade, threaten or tail your fiance, Seo In Hye,
just don't kill her, and get the digital camera into my hands.
If not,
Then I'll make it so that Jang Tae San has no reason to donate his bone marrow.
I'd be thankful if you hit me once more.
With that one punch alone, I could get injured enough for 6 weeks of hospitalization.
What I want is just the digital camera.
What's so hard about getting me that one thing?
If you just get me the digital camera, I told you we'll be able to save our Soo Jin.
I won't make a deal like that even if I die. I'm a detective, you bastard.
These chocolates have a calming effect , try one.
Soo Jin, where did you get this?
Someone who likes Soo Jin sent this.
Other than this, there's a lot more.
Excuse me
Who brought those here?
The sponsor for this ward.
Why would you put those in when she can't even eat them?
They are sealed and sterilized.
He thought of kids who can't eat, and sent those here.
What's wrong?
Excuse me?
Just recently, some lady came by, right? What did she say?
I have a girlfriend
who was supposed to find a digital camera,
but as soon as she went out she got mad, got on a taxi and left.
Did you sell the digital camera?
There was a misunderstanding,
I sent her to the person I was going to meet to get back the camera.
When and where was she supposed to get it?
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8 O'clock. Yeongji University. College of Business Administration.
You said if I give you the digital camera you would spare him.
After you said that you're trying to kill him?
What kind of detective is this?
Accusing me with suspicion only is old school police work.
You have to bring me evidence. Evidence that I ordered them to kill him.
My testimony? If he was someone I could catch with something like that, I would've caught him 8 years ago.
Investigative materials on them alone are several boxes.
But they never leave any marks or evidence.
That's why I can't catch them.
You guys are these kind of people.
If she know that you handed the digital camera over to me, when Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye worked together to find it,
what would Seo In Hye say?
What would she say if she knew you shot Jang Tae San?
What would your Police Chief father say?
A mess that's already been made, you just stay quiet.
What you have done,
I'll bury it too.
In the end, you've
told them to kill Jang Tae San.
Who are you? What's your name?
You're a person who works for Moon Il Suk right?
Why did you kill Go Man Seok a week ago?
Prosecutor, this is the lawyer of this man.
Lawyer for Martin Ramirez.
I'm Kim Myung Jin.
Martin Ramirez?
What are you doing?
He is a French national.
A French national?
Why did you come to Korea then?
To learn Korean.
What about your job?
I'm probably a student.
What about your address?
Hotel Mirage, room# 1208
Why did you go to that building earlier then?
Because taking photos are my hobby.
Did anyone see him shoot a gun?
If it's an attempted murder, where is Jang Tae San and where is the evidence that he attacked your car?
Where's all the evidence that he kidnapped and abused you?
You, Mr. Lawyer like evidence too?
This phone, it's a burner phone.
Only one number.
He only talked to him.
This number is Moon Il Seok's.
I just coincidentally picked it up.
He was just taking pictures, so let him out.
Where did Moon Il Seok get such a man.
I didn't imagine he would have a foreign citizenship.
He is a professional beyond our expectation.
He even disposed of his weapon right after use.
Even when they didn't suspect that Jang Tae San's surrender was just for show.
Instead of arresting Moon Il Seok,
I just let them know that Jang Tae San and I are working together.
Park Jae Gyeong went straight home.
She should at least give me a call. That prosecutor, jeez.
Why are you coming so early?
I failed.
You failed? Why?
Why would you fail?
There was something we never imagined.
His nationality is French
He blew up the gun at the scene, and he didn't have the fountain pen knife.
He only had the cap.
He used his right to remain silent,
A lawyer came and cleared his identity.
A call from the French embassy came instantly.
Then Moon Il Seok's name wouldn't have come out!
He was well prepared for whenever he was going to get caught.
That digital camera,
was Soo Jin's lifeline and my lifeline.
I got that taken away by Moon Il Seok?
The bigger problem is that, the fact that you and I have been in contact has been leaked.
You're in more danger now.
There are people following me, it's not just one person.
Let's find the digital camera, as you said yesterday.
What did you say?
Moon Il Seok is someone who will never destroy the digital camera.
Whenever he gives bribes, kickbacks or whatever he always leaves evidence.
Because other people's weakness is his strength.
Furthermore, it's Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee.
Of course,
but how can we find the copy when we don't know where it is?
His house.
When I came out of the prison regarding your father,
He wanted to keep me next to him.
Asking me to learn the business.
Then you must know stuff about Moon Il Seok pretty well.
He stayed by my side, but my eyes and ears weren't plugged.
Moon Il Seok always uses cash to do deals under the table,
and never leaves anything important in the office that can be searched at any time.
Also the day I got the digital camera taken away,
I saw him coming out of his house.
Still, going to Moon Il Seok's house to look for it
It's a useless thought, it's too dangerous.
Instead, just stay hidden until Soo Jin's surgery.
You're right.
If you want to go to the hospital on the day of Soo Jin's surgery you have to get escorted by the police,
and if you want to do that, you'd have to turn yourself in.
You'd probably die inside the jail.
The most important thing to me right now, is saving Soo Jin.
It was my mistake for giving Moon Il Seok my life,
but I don't want to be taken advantage of again.
I want to save Soo Jin, and I also want to live.
Is this greed?
Why would Of course you should be like that!
Does it make sense for you to die because of them?
If Moon Il Seok doesn't get captured as the real culprit,
I'll have to die.
Now looking at this after knowing everything,
The only way to clean everything all at once
was the digital camera.
I should've believed in you sooner.
No matter what we need to find evidence that Moon Il Seok murdered Mi Sook
before the surgery and arrest him.
But going into Moon Il Seok's house is too dangerous, so no.
If I can go in without it being dangerous, will you help me?
I know someone who knows Moon Il Seok's house well.
Who's that?
Han Chi Gook.
Han Chi Gook?
Fine. Let's do it.
You can't investigate to clear your name.
And I can't go in Moon Il Seok's home to look for the digital camera.
I also don't want to end up on my knees like this again.
These are the things you asked me to get.Two recorders.
Thank you.
You have subtle bravery
Without fear.
There is nothing that I'm afraid of at this point.
I was stupid to have lived without thinking.
I'm human too.
Wouldn't my brain not work properly when my mind is set?
But still, be careful.
Dae Ryong and Seok Doo do not check old stuff even once a month.
How did you know that Moon Il Seok will be attending?
Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee made their money, always through real estate.
Push for establishing a welfare center, when the property value of the area drops, then Moon Il Seok would buy the land.
Then afterwards if plans for the welfare center are cancelled, the land value goes up.
Taein neighborhood was like that.
If not that, they were able to get development plans in advance like the Sangchi neighborhood.
Oh right,
They got Han Chi Gook in the Sangchi neighborhood, right?
Yes, that's true.
Is it different this time?
Of course the charity auction is for the Incheon's welfare center expense.
That area also has a of international schools.
But strangely Moon Il Seok is not buying any land when it's time to be buying.
Something was strange. I thought maybe something was up with the charity auction itself
so I called.
This is Jung Gyung Young from the PR team.
I would like interview Chairman Moon Il Seok to write an article.
Will he be able to give an interview on the 26th at 2:00 pm.?
He has an appointment on the 26th at 2pm. How about another day?
Then what about the evening on that date?
He has a business trip to Japan that evening.
They are the two that never face each other in a single place.
It's not the case this time.
That secret. . .
is inside that digital camera.
Why isn't he answering?
Could he have his electricity off?
The person you are calling is not answering. Please record your message after the beep.
Ahjussi, I really need your help that's why I called.
I found the digital camera
but it was taken by Moon Il Seok.
You know, right?
The only thing that's left is for me to die.
So I'm going to try to retrieve it again.
No. . .
I'm not asking you to help,
Just. . .
I just want to know the structure of where you used to live.
You just need to tell me that.
I was sure it was here.
Did it end well?
Why is there no answer?
You could guess why there's no answer,
Chairman Moon Il Seok.
That fox-like wench!
Even then, she was waiting for me to say the name Jang Tae San.
Fortunately, you didn't way anything that could implicate you legally.
They set a trap to get him.
They thought he was going to confess that Moon Il Seok ordered him to do so if they captured him.
Those two would collaborate to clear Jang Tae San's name.
And catch me.
Is that it?
No need to worry. Your fingerprints were completely erased from the house.
And CCTV never existed on that street.
Did you burn my clothes with certainty?
Check once again if you've missed something.
And try to look for any witnesses.
That bastard, Jang Tae San, where in the world is he hiding?
Hyungnim, someone contacted me
Park Jae Gyeong went in alone
but went out with someone suspicious,
Looks like they're living with each other.
Jang Tae San was in Park Jae Gyeong's house.
Why? What's the matter?
Hyung-nim, Mr. Go said that
he saw someone that looked similar to Jang Tae San go into the pawn shop.
What? A similar guy?
Yes, I am thinking of going there to catch him but I need some reinforcement
You crazy bastard!
If you were Jang Tae San, would you go to the pawnshop?
Hang up the phone now, and go over there.
In the current situation, they're saying they saw Jan Tae San's shadow coming and going,
aren't you going to verify it?
- Let Teacher Kim go too. - If this is Park Jae Gyeong's trap, too
You should stay in the hotel and not come to the office for a while.
I will call you when you're needed.
Doctor. Doctor.
Could it be that the person donating bone marrow to me
is my dad?
How did you know?
That's right, your dad is saving you.
Really? That's true, right?
I knew it!
Doctor, I'm scared.
Don't be.
Who is that person?
Soo Jin.
My daddy wasn't a good person?
Is my daddy a murderer?
Soo Jin, it's not true. He's not your daddy.
He's just someone who is donating bone-marrow.
Soo Jin. That's not true.
Daddy is not a criminal.
Daddy is not a murderer.
Soo Jin! Daddy is not that kind of person!
Daddy was just framed!
Soo Jin! Daddy is not a murderer!
Soo Jin. . . Soo Jin. . .
No. . .
No. . .
No. . . No. . .
That thief bastard
What did he steal?
One recorder is missing.
A recorder?
This bastard, I think he stole a recorder.
What is he thinking of doing with a recorder?
What are you guys doing? Look everywhere. Find the recorder.
Yes, sir.
It's right here.
Rewind it to the beginning and turn it on.
I understand.
There's one here too.
Dae Ryong, Seok Doo. You guys did a good job trying to find this.
Thanks for letting me stay here for few days without paying bills.
But you bastards, try to manage the pawnshop.
Why aren't you guys checking things properly whether something is missing or not?
This bastard, he is causing so much troubleIt's going to all blow up.
And you, Hwang Dae Joon.
You're afraid because I'm just walking around
and not getting caught or dying.
Because if I get caught, you're afraid that the truth will come out about you killing Oh Mi Sook.
Is this bastard crazy?
How is it that I killed Oh Mi Sook?
You're the one that killed Mi Sook.
Now that I think about it,
the knife that stabbed Mi Sook was yours.
Hwang Dae Joon.
That was the knife you carried around.
This crazy bastard, what kind of nonsense is he spouting.
You feel wronged, right? That you didn't even kill her but will be accused of killing her.
But you, if I turn myself in and talk about that knife,
you will go to prison for murder instead of Moon Il Seok.
Do you think Moon Il Seok will get you out and confess that he killed her?
This bastard, what is he saying?
I heard it from Seok Do, that Moon Il Seok killed Oh Mi Sook.
Seok Do
did you tell Jang Tae San
that the Chairman killed Oh Mi Sook?
About that
Tae San hyungnim already knew everything.
you told him that the Chairman killed her?
The other day,
the day when Go Man Seok died.
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Mom, I came.
Have you been well?
I have been doing well.
There's something I just don't understand
so I'll ask one question.
My father
did he really hate me?
Besides that,
Mom, do you like it there?
I don't want to go there anymore.
Right now I came here for the anniversary of my mother's death.
I'm here at the forest of Sangchidong mountain where I fought you, Ahjussi.
isn't it funny
When I scattered Mom's ashes, there was such strong wind.
Anywhere in the forest became where my mom is.
I'm happy I was able to meet my mother,
but Mom
might not feel the same way about seeing me.
Because it kept vibrating, I lost my belly fat.
Ahjussi where are you?
Come down and eat.
Let's eat.
It's seaweed soup.
Its Mom's seaweed soup.
Did you make seaweed soup and bring it?
You knew that from just tasting it?
Even your tongue is smart, Soo Jin.
You had to do the sterilization,
why did you bother making this?
Today is
your father's birthday.
Today is Dad's birthday?
September 22 is Dad's birthday?
Dad was born on this day
So, did you make it to take to Dad?
Your Dad doesn't like seaweed soup.
It's so delicious why doesn't he like it?
beef seaweed soup is really delicious.
I know
So Dad doesn't eat seaweed soup?
He's never tried it not even once? He's never had it?
My Mom didn't tell me my real birthday
until I went to school. On my birthday, she made seaweed soup
and Japchae, (clear noodle dish)
then she passed away.
Su Jin, eat instead of him and congratulate dad.
Should I?
Ahjussi ahjusshi
What is this?
The prosecutor bought you a car now?
I'm relieved that you're safe.
That's disgusting
What is this car?
This is an investigator's car. She lent me this car so that I don't get caught by inspection.
You have such a good life for an escaped criminal!
You blamed me a lot, right?
Because of me, you threw away your precious herbal garden, and you left your neighborhood.
There's no time.
You said you've been to Moon Il Seok's house before, right?
Yes. I did once, a long time ago.
I don't know who they were intended for but I moved tens of cash boxes to the living room for him.
Then, explain that guy's house, starting off with the living room.
This here is the kitchen, and this is his room,
but they were all places that you needed to enter separately, with a door.
This is exactly how it was before.
He didn't fix anything.
Draw some furniture placements in the living room.
On one side of the wall, there was a fireplace installed.
A fireplace?
A fireplace.
Was there perhaps an entrance to a basement of some sort?
No, there was either a cabinet or a book case.
A fireplace. A fireplace that . . .
Alright, it's that.
He camouflaged it using the fireplace,
and blocked the opening to the basement with that. It's that then.
He blocked what with the fireplace?
The entrance to the basement safe you go down to!
Right, it was extremely wide there in the past.
He had a ping pong table and exercising machines. Right, it was an exercising room.
Didn't you feel it was unfair?
The perfectly normal Sangchi-dong. Whether it was your building or your land,
You were just attacked because you wouldn't sell.
He's even living in the house that you lived in for a long time.
Why did you just leave?
I didn't even have any energy to get revenge.
Excuse me?
I, too, lived like Moon Il Seok, that bastard, at one time.
I used my fist to take things and I earned money.
It was just me getting what I deserved for living that way.
I mean, even if you did do that,
I didn't have the heart to get revenge because it was unfair,
and what pleasure would I get myself from just protecting my assets?
He took my land and
my building at half price and sent Hwang Dae Joon with money in an account.
I'm paying for ignoring Moon Il Seok more than 10 years later.
What is that supposed to mean?
Was it when Moon Il Seok was in his early to mid 20's?
He said he came from Busan to find me.
But would a gangster who's been living off well even consider a guy like that?
I just stepped on him and sent him off.
So you're saying Moon Il Seok took revenge?
Yeah, that's why I'm saying that guy Moon Il Seok is scary.
If you step on him once, he's someone that will step on you ten times or a hundred times more.
But this rascal Moon Il Seok has some subtle humor.
What does that . . . ?
He said he wanted to be my second-in-command,
and he sure is living with the house and interior exactly the same as I had before.
This bastard . . .
Did you eat everything? Let's go home and talk.
What? Wait a momentWait a moment!
I heard you got a room, but you're just living like this.
But why Seoul . . . .?
Someone who can't rub two pennies together has the nerve Sit down, we don't have time.
Don't you know that your life is your daughter's life?
Of course I know.
That's why, I'm looking for a safe way to enter.
Ah, seriously.
What can you do to enter Moon Il Seok's house safely?
After Moon Il Seok's wife and children flew to Canada two years ago,
Hwang Dae Joon is mostly living there.
After I make both of them leave the house for sure,
I will need to go in then.
What is it, Ahjussi?
This little, look at this bastard. You changed completely within a few days.
Your eyes have changed.
Maybe it's because I've died and come back to life lots of times.
Did you not hear the message I left you?
I really wasn't joking.
What about the safe? How are you planning to open the safe?
Yes, wait a moment
I have picked up a thing or two while working at the pawn shop and such.
Forget it, let's go together.
You're saying you will come with me?
When I left Pocheon, I came to Seoul to leave this country.
I'm going to leave anyway, so I thought I should at least save your life before I go.
I have never seen anyone who has no one to turn to under the sun.
I have everything ready to get into the safe.
Excuse me?
..yes, yes, Hyungnim.
Tae San?
He's out right now
I'll find out where he is.
Yes, yes, yes, what?
Yes, yes, Chairman.
An errand at the Pa Ju storage room?
What for?
Just to bring anything?
A taxi?
This really is the phone call that took place before Jang Tae San's alibi was fabricated.
This sound recording and this,
and the fact that Moon Il Seok is leaving for Japan on the 26th,
this won't be enough for an arrest without a warrant.
The most important thing is to find the evidence that on the day of Oh Mi Sook's murder,
Moon Il Seok went to Mi Sook's house.
It would be perfect if there were a CCTV recording the alleyway to Oh Mi Sook's house.
Oh, though there isn't one in the alleyway, there are CCTVs in the bakery and the convenience store nearby.
Since it could record the outside, I'll look into it.
We should interview neighborhood people for witnesses.
Oh, if Moon Il Seok gets arrested, Jo Seo Hee will move immediately.
What should we do?
Mr. Kim, send me the most recent scandalous tabloid.
Please send it to me.
A tabloid?
Because it's for a good cause our president has high interest.
Our president says he will cover dinner and entertainment after the auction.
He says he will sponsor everything.
No, it's alright.
Expensive dinner and entertainment at a charity auction?
goes together.
There should never be any reporters. So we can quietly proceed with the auction,
please ask him to take care of security.
What about the videographer's spot?
It is next to the spot on the right.
I told you to put it over there on the left side.
That's the moderator's spot. Make it over there.
Auction attendees' seats are designated!
Oh, Director Im.
Congresswoman..doesn't she seem a bit different than last time?
it seems so.
How is it that you told me to come here?
Realistically, you prepared everything for this event.
We will have to go over the answers together.
I'm a prosecutor from the Southern District Prosecutor's Office.
I'm doing this for an investigation, but on September 11th-
Oh, the CCTV file for the 11th?
Did someone come by?
A few days ago, a person said he had a hit-and-run accident,
and he asked me for the chip, so I gave it to him.
You gave the whole thing to him?
He offered me a lot of money.
It's very strange though. A detective came and searched for that, too.
Was there a big accident on that date?
I didn't hear about anything.
A detective?
On September 11th, it was right here.
In the beginning of this month, my husband
went abroad for business purposes, and no one used this car.
There is a blackbox attached to the car, right?
You can see it right there
He is notorious for car accidents so
he made it so that we could see the front, back and both sides clearly.
Can I perhaps, check the files on the black box?
Detective Im!
Found him
Moon Il Seok's car in front of Oh Mi Sook's house at 11:15.
I also found him.
But you, if I confess and talk about that knife,
then you will go to jail in place of Moon Il Seok for Oh Mi Sook's murder.
This side is proceeding well, but
have you prepared all the funds?
"Have you prepared
all the funds?" (in Japanese)
As soon as we receive notice of sale
2 billion will be transferred in real time.
The moment it is loaded onto President Saito's plane, a billion more.
The balance will be paid this evening
When we confirm the delivery together.
He said he's proceeding as planned and he said not to worry.
Alright, then I'll see you in 4 days time.
(Speaking in Japanese)
Alright, now everything is going and going as planned,
but Jang Tae San this bastard dares to sleep at the pawnshop?
There wasn't anything that was taken from there, right?
Y-Y-Yes, of course.
I changed the locks and everything.
What should we do about our safety net? Why don't you take him out.
What do you prefer we do, Director Im?
Though he came in secretly, Prosecutor Park doesn't really know who it is, but-
Then just tell them to continue playing hide-and-seek.
and rotate the members.
Chairman, it's the one who's been tailing Park Jae Gyeong.
He said that Prosecutor Park has come into our company.
Park Jae Gyeong is?
Moon Il Seok, you are under arrest without a warrant for the murder of Oh Mi Sook.
An arrest without a warrant?
What do you mean as a murder suspect?
weapons charge, and also long term stretch beyond three years
or confinement would be possible sentence for such a major offense.
risk of flight is high, therefor we will be arresting you immediately.
What do we do? What's a good way to deal with this?
We should contact Congresswoman Jo, right?
The law firm and I will contact her.
President Hwang, please go to the Prosecutor's Office quickly.
What? Director Im.
What do I do?
If I leave it like this, I
Who is it?
What? Jang Tae San is turning himself in?
Turning himself in, my ass.
Your identity didn't get revealed.
Just stay where you are.
What? Now, what are you saying?
Where did Detective Im go?
He's gone to Oh Mi Sook's house and is organizing items for an additional investigation.
He seems to believe that Jang Tae San really was framed.
Whether he was framed is secondary. How many days has it been since we've heard about his whereabouts!
Detective Im, this bastardreally!
Really, did Jang Tae San die somewhere?
Why is there no word on his whereabouts?
For me, Prosecutor Park is more strange.
Yesterday too, she plied only us with alcohol, and saying something about Jang Tae San, she disappeared completely.
Squad Chief, was there no word?
Were there not any orders even for the Jang Tae San case?
When I called this morning, she said there was nothing to do because she couldn't figure out Jang Tae San's whereabouts.
Only if there were connections, could we go looking for him or not!
From Detective Im's desk, bring me all the material he investigated for the Jang Tae San case.
He said that there was some content left out in the last interview.
He said 10 minutes would do.
What reporter lacks preparedness? Let him in.
Let him in after 3 minutes.
Why are you calling me on this?
Since it's an urgent matter, and I was worried you might not answer the call.
An urgent matter?
Chairman Moon has been arrested just now.
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong arrested him without a warrant as Oh Mi Sook's murder suspect.
Reporter, right now, I have a rather urgent business.
Is it, perhaps, with Chairman Moon Il Seok?
So, it seems the rumors were true.
Did you say you were Reporter Lee Dong Myeong?
Are you a daily newspaper reporter or a scandal-mongering reporter?
Where you do get off saying you want to do a face-to-face interview, then stab me?
I ran over here, surprised by a scandal-monger, but I must have behaved like a scandal-monger.
Someone wanted to wager a bet with me.
Since Chairman Moon Il Seok was arrested without a warrant, whether he'll remain in custody for 48 hours or
whether he'll be released right away.
But he wanted to put 5,000,000 won on being released right away, that friend.
What is that you are talking about?
That's the scandal, that Congresswoman Jo will have him released right away.
Park Jae Gyeong, what's happened?
I'm told you arrested Moon Il Seok without a warrant.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell me?
It's a situation that more than satisfies the requirements for an arrest without a warrant.
Are you just going at it because you lost the camera too and failed at the staged surrender?
Or, because of what I said yesterday, have you shut your lips worried about me?
Because of having sold out the profession of the prosecutor,
I wanted to stop the injustice that the person Jang Tae San was enduring.
I did not want to cause trouble for you anymore, Chief.
Just as you said, Jo Seo Hee too is wielding a mace.
In addition to those two, there's one more.
Because you thought that I wouldn't allow it if I knew, you took care of it like lightning.
I will report on the proceedings. Because I've brought him here
Is an arrest without a warrant done no matter what, If the requirements for an arrest without a warrant are satisfied?
At the least, you should have confidence that a warrant would pass an actual court review to arrest without a warrant.
Is your adversary your ordinary adversary?
What are you going to do if the warrant doesn't come through within 48 hours?
So that it can pass an actual examination and have Moon Il Seok
formally imprisoned as the suspect in Oh Mi Sook's murder case, I will do all my best.
I will prepare material for a foundation equal to that task.
I will take my leave.
You've waited a long time.
You even know to hide your scheming.
Since I've waited a long time, let's get out quickly.
It'll probably depend on what you do, no?
Now then, let us start the interrogation.
Since you arrested me on suspicion of murder.
You know Oh Mi Sook, don't you?
Of course, you should know that I don't know him
Why will you say that you don't know her?
Since she's someone I don't want to know.
Without even a picture that proves Mi Sook and my relationship,
there's no way you would have dragged me here.
So much so that you would want to say that she's someone you don't know,
your grudge must have run deep.
A prosecutor this young to be doing such old-fashioned target investigation or speculative investigation
Will that do for you to do such things?
Only after revealing clearly that the evidence is this, this, and this exactly, should you say anything.
Ah! Right, evidence
You really love evidence, don't you?
It would have been nice if you had become a jurist.
As basis for law, isn't substantive evidence first and foremost?
What is the reason you're dragging out time like this?
This is the CCTV that's at the corner leading into Oh Mi Sook's house from the road.
The 11th. Your car making a left turn at 11:12am on the day of the crime.
That's right, no?
Yes, it is right.
This is at the vacant parking lot next to Oh Mi Sook's house.
It was caught on the black box of a car parked long-term.
11th, 11:15am.
It's precisely 3 minutes after you made the left turn.
3 minutes later. Did you not hear my saying that?
3 minutes later. That's correct.
It's stopped in front of Oh Mi Sook's house.
Can you see it for certain? Mr. Moon Il Seok, you who likes evidence.
The person who's getting out here is you yourself, correct?
Yes, it's correct.
From this location, this car
was stopped for approximately 1 hour 5 minutes.
What did you do during that time?
Is this enough to be evidence that I went into Oh Mi Sook's house?
Of course.
Since you were in a common-law marriage with Oh Mi Sook.
He was arrested and is being interrogated now.
What about Hwang Dae Joon and Im Hyeong Jin?
The two both have come to the prosecutor's.
They have blocked articles and, to judge the situation, are just holding onto their cellphones.
Yes, I understand. I will text you as I leave.
They say it happened, Ahjussi.
You, put this away carefully.
A cordless electric screwdriver that makes nearly no noise.
Thank you.
Then, now all we have to do is avoid the CCTV on the main gate.
The safecracker is someone unquestionable, right?
As long as we just send him a video that's accurate,
he's a bastard who can pick any safe within 10 minutes. Don't worry.
Why are you erasing that?
Just because.
Since there's always just in case.
Please check gate number 15.
Is there nothing strange?
You are similar to someone. Pleading the Fifth.
Since you're making me keep saying what I've already answered.
You took a walk around the neighborhood after stopping your car in front of Oh Mi Sook's house for over an hour?
I'm telling you to bring me evidence that I went into Oh Mi Sook's house!
Why can't you tell me which streets you took on your walk around the neighborhood?!
When you came out of Oh Mi Sook's house, why did the color of your suit change?
Wasn't it that you changed clothing that was covered in blood?
Why can you offer an alibi for after 12:20?
Why? Since you were arrested without a warrant,
perhaps you didn't have enough time to fabricate the CCTV.
After you jump over the front to the terminal box is the blind spot. You have to be careful.
If something goes wrong, the security company might even come out.
Since it's 5 minutes before they come out,
stay not moving for 5 minutes.
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