2 Weeks (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

No, NO!
You said you wouldn't kill him.
You promised you wouldn't kill him, you son of a bitch!
You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Jang Tae San.
Martin Ramirez?
I want to save Soo Jin and I also want to live.
Is this greed?
If Moon Il Seok isn't captured as the real culprit, I'll have to die.
Moon Il Seok, you are under arrest, without a warrant, as a suspect for the murder of Oh Mi Sook.
Since Chairman Moon Il Seok was arrested without a warrant,
there's a rumor that Congresswoman Jo will have him released right away.
I'm telling you to bring me evidence that I went into Oh Mi Sook's house!
When you came out of Oh Mi Sook's house, why was your suit a different color?
Where you climb over the wall to the outlet box is the blind spot. That's where you have to be most careful.
Since it's 5 minutes before they are dispatched,
stay still for 5 minutes.
He's being interrogated now. Im Hyeong Jin and Hwang Dae Joon are also here.
Although, it's not likely that anyone will be detained overnight, yet, be careful.
Are you so surprised that your liver fell out?
Pick up that liver that fell out and put it back in, Tae San.
Since you see me, who should be in the custody of the prosecutors, does it seem like you've seen a ghost?
Are you resentful that Park Jae Gyeong didn't even contact you?
At the time of the crime, you don't have a solid alibi.
There's also a picture of Oh Mi Sook, for which you can't deny being in a relationship with her.
A business trip to Japan?
Why to Japan? For what reason? To meet whom?
If you explain in detail, you''ll probably be able to undo the misunderstanding, won't you?
Why are you going to Japan?
It's your first time being interrogated at the Prosecutors' Office, isn't it?
Even though you've been doing business for such a long time.
Why are you being like this suddenly?
You're not a bitch who'd nab only me, so why did you nab me?
Why aren't you calling the lawyer?
Seeking a lawyer
will seem like I'm acknowledging your suspicions.
Since they're suspicions unsupported by evidence, what are you so afraid of?
Should I give a call to a Ms. Jo?
You can just snivel, no?
"Give me information about the development, please."
"So I can get the best price for this land, please tell everyone that you're going to build a welfare center."
"Please get me a lawyer."
we both know that this is being recorded, so is it okay that you spit out words like that?
You might be charged with excessive interrogation.
I'm sure being a prosecutor doesn't mean you're wearing a steel coat.
I was confused with a different case.
My bad.
Prosecutor, the Director is calling for you.
You heard right? I'll be back after meeting with the Director.
So, stay here and eat your ox bone soup.
Order a bowl for him.
The information was real, you said.
What is it?
Jo Dae Ryong ordered Hwang Dae Joon to
to frame Jang Tae San without an alibi. We have a recording of it.
Moon Il Seok will also have a difficult time fabricating his alibi for that day.
We have a black box recording of Moon Il Seok's clothes.
It won't be easy to fabricate a CCTV recording with the same clothes.
If it's evidence that strong, then request a warrant first.
I will call in Jo Dae Ryong, Jang Seok Doo for interrogation and build up more evidence. Then I'll send a request tomorrow.
Prosecutor Park.
After arresting that bastard without a warrant, didn't you expect someone, either Moon Il Seok or Jo Seo Hee,
to file a complaint or send pressure through higher officials?
Still, for 48 hours
First, request a warrant,
and we can ask the judge to delay a bit for more time.
To the judge?
The District Prosecutor will ask the Commissioner and I'll ask the District Prosecutor.
Think about our position too.
If you don't have the confidence to persuade the judge, letting him go quickly is a solution too.
There is a big chance of succeeding.
Section Chief Do, the file for requesting Moon Il Seok's warrant,
send it directly to the judge's office.
Your Honor,
On the 11th, the day that Oh Mi Sook was murdered, Moon Il Seok
He and I met and ate lunch at 12:30.
But then why does Prosecutor Park say that she has CCTV footage of him alighting in front of Oh Mi Sook's house?
With this?
I like the mountain by that neighborhood.
So, I was thinking of building a house and we went together to look.
Then we ate lunch afterwards at my house.
Your house?
When I told him that I am planning to build a welfare center with the money I raise through the charity auction,
he said that he is willing to pay the actual expenses.
I was so thankful.
How do you intend to prove that there is a possibility that he'll flee during the business trip to Japan?
I'm pretty sure it's a business trip to Japan.
In order to prove that, I'm going to call in Jo Dae Ryong and Jang Seok Doo
to, first, prove that the alibi was faked.
Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee don't know that I have that recording.
They can say that the recording was fake.
Don't you think they've prepared enough to say that?
But even so, on the 26th, which is the day that the charity auction ends
Why he went to Japan? Who was he going to meet? We can that find out.
"We can't do anything about the camera having been taken, so let's catch Moon Il Seok first."
If that's what you're thinking
"Then we dig into Jo Seo Hee's side further and prove Jang Tae San's innocence."
"We'll catch both sides,". Is that your thinking?
Where is Moon Il Seok?
You didn't know?
You were talking to the Director for a while, so I thought there was a settlement.
What are you talking about?
There were instructions from the judge's office.
They say that Jo Seo Hee went to the judge's office and provided an alibi.
Congresswoman Jo to the judge's office?
First, file a warrant,
and we can ask the judge to delay a bit for more time.
It couldn't be
The chief was..
When did Moon Il Seok leave? How long has it been since he left?
Hurry. Hurry.
Moon Il Seok, this bastard. Where did he go?
He wouldn't have gone to his house, would he?
To plan his next move, he probably went to his office.
Ah, this is really frustrating.
Reserved 鈫?Empty Car
- Drive on, first - Yes
Moon Il Seok has been released. Get out of there right now.
I'm headed there right now.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, customer, but
It seems like the car has broken down.
Broken down?
The girl, who won't even reveal her kidnapping, so that she could catch me and Jo Seo Hee together
Suddenly arrested me.
Why? For Jang Tae San?
Would that happen?
Oh, and I rescind calling you an earthworm.
You're actually great at using your head.
How brave of you to team up with the prosecutor and plan to enter my house alone,
with the intent of looking for the digital camera, at night when no one's here.
You have guts.
Ah, I heard that you even went into the pawnshop and slept peacefully there.
Hey, I told you he can't be injured.
You're so scared of going to jail for a third time
that you're going to commit suicide now.
After you had agreed to donate your bone marrow to the daughter that you've never met,
you committed a crime of passion murder.
You knew about the bone marrow?
Although you ran away on an impulse during the traffic accident
No! No! No!
You brat.
I was going to tell you what happens in the end.
Take him away.
Let me have the surgery. I'll die by myself after the surgery.
I'll throw away my ambition of trying to catch you.
There's only 3 days left!
You can just kill me in 4 days!
Everything has a time for it.
If life is important to you, for me, it's important too
Don't you have children too?
If I don't have the operation, that child will die.
If you let me save that child
Not being lucky enough to meet good parents, that's probably the worst fate to have.
I changed my fate.
One lives according to one's fate.
It was also your child's fate to be born as your child.
Chairman, I don't care what you do with me.
You can keep me under your custody and
after the operation, you can kill me, please.
Chairman. Chairman. My child
Please just save my child.
Please let her have the surgery, Chairman.
Chairman! Chairman Chairman
Why is there no contact?
There's been enough time for him to get in.
I was the one who designed Chairman Moon's safe.
If he even sees my nose here, I'll die.
Wait a little bit. I'll go check and come back.
Hyungnim, I'm just going to leave.
You bastard. Try leaving and not waiting for me.
Then you'll die in my hands.
You have exactly 15 minutes.
I'll arrange for a blackout for 15 minutes, so do it without a mistake.
Only my personal elevator will work via an emergency generator.
Moon Il Seok, this bastard In his own building.
It's 112.
Hello. This is 112 (the police), right?
This is the Faithful Capital building.
Some guy is trying to jump off the building.
No! No!
No! No!
Are you 'Glue'? (nickname)
Let's go together. Quick!
Yes, we're out on the first floor.
A suicide jumper?
From a building without power?
Just because the power is out, would all the lights go out?
Isn't there an emergency generator?
Ahhh, The emergency generators are broken, so
They're being fixed.
The person that reported is not picking up his phone.
Is that so?
What happened?
How did you know and come?
Was that guy the one that killed Go Man Seok?
Yes. That's him.
By the way, what did you say just a while ago?
Did you say that to save me
or do you know him?
Is there nobody in there? Open the door now!
Jang Tae San did he kill him already?
Come inside, then I'll tell you.
It's me.
What happened?
Try calling Teacher Kim.
You can't even eat a prepared meal.
What does it matter if an old man was helping!?
Why should I care that he brought the police?
Useless bastard! Board the plane right away!
Jang Tae San, that bastard. He's flipped my lid!
That slimy bastard!
Slimy bastard! SLIMY BASTARD!
The person you are calling is not answering. Please leave a message after the beep.
When you are in a rut, you look for me desperately.
What the hell are you doing Chairman Moon?
I already did that much for you, you should have a report shouldn't you?
Could it be did you fail again?
Sleeping? Sleeping already?
After trying to kill a kid and an adult
Sleeping already?
But the Congresswoman Jo is really a regimented person.
She seems to be asleep by 12:05.
Seeing how lights are off.
Everyday sleeps at 12:05?
Yes, Section Chief Kim. Before,
you said that the lights are off by 12:05, right?
Yes. For the past days it has been off by 12:05.
Living room,
Was it that woman?
That time
What do you mean?
Park Jae Gyeong calling
Right. For a day like today you should be calling.
See me.
Don't mess around, it's time to sleep.
So you're not coming out?
Well then, today will be the day I'll be trespassing on everywhere.
I will be arriving in 10 minutes.
She's coming here?
She's not coming out, huh?
Why are you so shocked?
I already told you in advance that I was coming.
You said you would be coming after 10 minutes.
I stepped on the gas at 150 kph coming here.
Do I look so lax to you that I have the mind to prepare a recorder to incriminate you?
That's why you can't catch me.
Save Jang Tae San's child.
Not Jang Tae San but Jang Tae San's daughter.
You know Seo Soo Jin, a 8-year-old girl.
If she doesn't receive Jang Tae San's bone marrow, she won't be able to last a week.
What are you talking about?
Just stop.
Until where are you planning to take this?
How could you think of killing even the child?
You also have a son.
I never said I would kill that child.
If Jang Tae San dies, then that child dies too.
Isn't that the same thing?
To Jang Tae San
didn't you know that he had a daughter?
He needs to give his bone marrow
you didn't know?
Though I didn't know, so what?
Even though I didn't have to order him to be killed
There are so many people that leaves others no choice but to want to die and to be killed
In this world.
Even though you didn't lift the knife doesn't mean you didn't kill.
It's the same for my husband, me and my son too.
And for the world.
Just to save someone's child that I should give up my goals
and letting it slide is what a human should do?
You are the same too.
What am I? When did I?
Just because you have a calling card saying that you're a prosecutor doesn't make you one.
You used your position as a prosecutor to seek personal revenge.
If the surgery of Jang Tae San's daughter was important,
why did you keep quiet when you were kidnapped in Chuncheon?
Even if Moon Il Seok would fake his alibi,
you should have caught at least Moon Il Seok.
That time
You let it go because of your greed to catch me, too.
Because there was the digital camera.
Every person is like that.
So you shouldn't just blame others.
If Jang Tae San's daughter dies because of him,
that would be Jang Tae San's fault and nobody else's.
The way you turned out like this is your old man's fault, not mine.
If I was your father, I wouldn't have taken my hands off of work due to shock,
only to die after wasting life by lying in bed.
Are you finished talking?
How unfair could it have been
that my father passed away of anger.
If not being able to catch a culprit after being stabbed once was so unfair,
that one would die of anger was so natural for everyone,
then if I had 12 lives, it still wouldn't be enough, little girl.
People, not with real knives but with their tongues
pierce other's hearts saying that it's not a real knife.
They believe that they didn't do anything.
Are you saying that it is other's fault that you've turned out this way?
Are you making an excuse with raising your disabled child and being abused by people?
I've handled it my own way, and
I'm saying that I'm protecting my child.
Stop forcing excuses to make yourself sound reasonable.
This side of you
what would your child think if he knew?
There is no such thing as parents who live to make their children proud.
really think I'm a fool?
I am a prosecutor that is chasing you.
I can tell you these things because it's me.
You will never be able to catch me.
You seem like you've come from the dead.
I'm sorry. How scary it must have been.
Actually, I was scared because I was sorry.
I was sorry for Soo Jin.
I'm sorry. It was my mistake.
No, it's mine.
I have forgotten that I'm the egg and they're the rock.
I thought that I already thought of all the possibilities.
I think I wanted to win over them.
But at least you're alive.
From tomorrow and on, I'm either suspended from the office or on probation.
We already anticipated that.
But then,
I just fished something out.
Thanks to you.
I also have something to fish out tomorrow.
The digital camera is gone, what is Tae San doing?
He said to wait and not to worry cause he's going to take care of it.
Is there anything that I can help with?
He wouldn't want to accept your help.
We failed in arresting Moon Il Seok.
Thank you.
Aren't you mad anymore?
I'm sorry. I should have called you first.
Shooting Jang Tae San
It was me.
And taking the digital camera away
it was also me.
Shooting the gun
I didn't know about the bone marrow donation.
The digital camera
for the greed for Soo Jin's surgery
Wait wait a minute, Seung Woo.
What are you saying right now?
Taking the digital camera
It's not.
That person was a person sent by Moon Il Seok to take the digital camera.
After following you, I found out about the time and location that Jang Tae San would find the digital camera.
Why did you do that?
How important was the digital camera to that person
Didn't you know how important it was to him?
He said he was going to kill Soo Jin.
If I give the digital camera
Jang Tae San he wouldn't kill him.
As for the false accusations, after Soo Jin's surgery
I would clear it up, that's what I was thinking.
I didn't know that he would kill Jang Tae San even if I gave the digital camera.
But then
Why didn't you tell me even after getting that threat?
Why did you leave me to look for the digital camera without knowing?
You should have told me.
To you I already asked you ahead of time.
If Jang Tae San calls or looks for you again, tell him to surrender to me.
I will investigate somehow
and clear all the false accusations.
You chose Jang Tae San's favor.
Don't blame yourself too much.
Because it was me who shot without knowing.
I'm a detective here. I thought I would have seen all the bastards that came and went.
The world that I have seen
there was a world beyond that
I just found out for the first time.
But then
why are you saying all that?
Where did mom go?
I haven't seen that.
Oh! It's my mom's.
Mom has two phones.
Soo Jin's dad?
Soo Jin's dad?
Did something happen?
Yes, In Hye.
Are you Soo Jin's daddy?
No no Isn't this Soo Jin's daddy?
Hello? I'm Seo Soo Jin.
Soo Jin's dad
Soo Jin.
Are you my daddy?
Did you make up with Mom?
Did Mommy forgive you?
In Mom's phone, she has your number.
Did you see your mom's phone?
What about your mom?
I think Mom went to the bathroom.
I see
Last time, you pretended that you weren't my daddy.
I I did
I didn't know you knew me.
I was flustered.
It's alright.
Mom said it's a story that she can't tell other people.
But then, how did you know?
That you were my dad?
That that
I will tell you when I get to meet you.
Will you?
You're going to see me, right?
You were originally going to see me, right?
I was going to meet you after 3 nights.
Wow! that day is the day of my surgery.
Yes, on the day of your surgery.
Soo Jin! Soo Jin!
Yes. But then, I I'm okay with you coming today.
I'm sorry.
Then, what about tomorrow?
I will go on the day of your surgery, I can't go before that.
Ah! You must have something important.
I have something important to do, so I'm busy.
Your child too, having you as a father is her fate.
Soo Jin.
When you get treatments make sure to go only with your mom.
I'm doing that.
Daddy won't come to see you secretly from now on.
We we're meeting after 3 nights.
We're meeting on the 26th.
Let's meet then.
Okay, three nights.
Oh right! But Dad, a while ago, your friend-
Dad, Mom's here, I'm hanging up.
On that warm day,
As if I am entranced by magic,
As if I were dreaming
I'll greet you brightly
The day, you come to me
Ahjusshi, did you wake up because of me?
What'd you say?
I asked if you woke up because of me.
Did you go meet the Prosecutor?
How can I help you?
Ahjusshi, you said you were going to leave.
A long time ago, I lost my son.
Yes, I know.
Did he look like that guy?
It looks like I have to look into it.
What does
Chief why are you out here?
Detective Im, see me for a second.
Detective Im.
What am I to you?
I was just going to get by and survive until retirement. But.
You asking to borrow Detective Jin for a week
was weird too.
When we went to the college campus after receiving a call from Go Man Seok's girlfriend,
the car I saw was yours.
I went to Go Man Seok's girlfriend's shop
and I found this.
Say something. You're not one to do this without a reason.
Detective Lee
The additional items Detective Im brought from Oh Mi Sook's house,
did you send it over to forensics?
Yes, I gave it to them.
Then you should go to the hospital and escort In Hye.
Im Sunbae's fiance?
Detective Park, survey coffee shops, clubs, and people who know Jang Tae San.
I already did all that.
Then do it again.
Then what is Im Sunbae doing?
I know that all our detectives are working hard.
If you have any personal or any difficult situations, tell me.
I'll treat you well as Sunbae for the last time before I retire.
Trespassing at a private residence?
You, did you have another case in which you didn't tell me about?
Whether I am suspended or on probation, whatever you decide, just let me know.
Let's talk, Prosecutor Park.
I have accrued annual and monthly vacation days that I've never used.
I'll use it all at once.
Who is it?
Delivery for oyster jampong!
I left the money so just leave it and go.
Okay, I understand.
I just checked to see if Park Jae Gyeon was at home
and they say she's not in good shape.
She fooled around
While Park Jae Gyeong has her ankle held onto, do you think she would fall?
She shouldn't have any more reasons to help Jang Tae San, right?
Because there's nothing to do.
Instead of suspension, I should have had her terminated.
What about the pawn shop?
They're packing up right now.
I had them replace the cell phones and told them to stay low.
Director Im, what's the progress on "it"?
Yes, it's ready.
Okay, let's do this.
You've worked hard.
Don't feel burdened by this. This is also part of my work.
I'm acting on orders from the Chief.
Then, I'll trouble you a bit.
Then call me about 30 minutes before you get off work.
I'll come get you.
Then, I'll be leaving.
You've worked hard.
Moon Il Suk
Businessman Age: 50, Gender: Male, Corporation: Ilseok Constructions
Aren't you going to give me a menu?
Here it is.
Oh, this looks good.
Please package one of this.
Jung Ho, please package this.
Check to see if anything's missing.
Yes, I grabbed everything.
This is Dabada Pawnshop, right?
We're no longer doing business.
You still haven't left that place?
You just wait.
I'm on my way there to kill you guys.
who do you think you are to threaten me?
You're nothing but an escapee and you talk too much.
Hey, bastard,
I found all the recorders you left.
A stupid guy like you, how did you manage to find them all?
I found both of them, you son of a bitch.
You seem to be very shocked.
You found both of them, you say?
That's right, bastard.
You can rack your brains all you want.
Sure, all you want.
What is this?
Did she go to the hospital?
Because this customer's phone is off
we will connect you to her voicemail.
Soojin's Hospital
Manager didn't go to the hospital?
It's been half an hour but she still hasn't come so
I thought she went to the hospital for something urgent.
Yes, he's our long-time guest.
He was the only one to request not to clean his room so I remember.
He asked for his room not to be cleaned?
Yes, there isn't a maid who goes in there.
Although he doesn't come in every day.
So they're saying this place has a phased address, aren't they?
Yes, Jung Ho.
Detective Im, the manager has disappeared.
What did you say?
In Hye! In Hye!
Aish, seriously!
Excuse me?
Winner's Commerce?
Chief, please look into the company called Winner's Commerce.
It's next to Jo Seo Hee's house. Find out who the representative is,
when they opened for business, and the employees-
Yes, Detective Im.
By any chance, are Jang Tae San and In Hye meeting right now?
What is that supposed to mean?
There is one recorder.
A recorder?
This bastard must have stolen recorders.
What could he possibly do with a recorder?
What are you doing? Look everywhere! Find that recorder!
You killed Mi Sook, didn't you?
Now that I think about it, I realize that the knife used to stab Mi Sook was yours.
Hwang Dae Joon, that's the knife that you carried around.
Th-This crazy bastard! What nonsense is he spouting out now?!
Seok Doo, you,
did you tell Jang Tae San that the Chairman killed Oh Mi Sook?
Tae San hyung-nim already knew everything.
So did you tell him that the Chairman killed her?
T-The other day.
The day Go Man Seok died
So you're saying that you told him that the Chairman killed her.
That's right.
President really killed her? It wasn't you?
Hey, you punk,
I may have thrown around a knife a lot, but I've never killed anyone!
You guys,
the fact that Jang Tae San installed recorders here,
don't tell anyone.
Yes, Prosecutor?
By any chance, are you with Ms. Seo In Hye right now?
what about In Hye? Did something happen to In Hye?!
Seo In Hye disappeared.
Wait, I got a call from In Hye.
In Hye!
If you want to save her, let's finish this quietly.
Where are you right now?
Tell me about your surroundings.
This is the park at The Han river.
Come to the Sangchi neighborhood in 30 minutes
if you want to save your girl.
If you call Park Jae Gyeong, this girl will die.
She is being watched from the office-tel (apartment).
If Park Jae Gyeong even steps outside her house, this girl will be dead.
Will In Hye be there if I go over there?
If you don't come,
this girl will die.
Wait a minute. Let me talk with In Hye.
Take off that thing covering her mouth, you bastard! What are you going to do if she can't breathe?!
It's best to get him worked up, so let her talk.
In Hye!
Tae San
Listen to my words well.
This place, don't ever come here.
If you come here, he'll kill you.
If that happens, Soo Jin will die.
Do not save me,
and save Soo Jin.
Are you hurt anywhere?
I said I'm okay.
I'm fine so just save Soo Jin, Oppa.
This person,
will kill you.
Go to the church in the Sangchi neighborhood and ride the car with license plate 5941.
I'm giving you 30 minutes.
To see you again,
it was nice.
It's such a relief
that the memory of you that I kept inside
they must have stayed inside of me this whole time.
Now, with that memory,
use it for Soo Jin.
Never come here, Jang Tae San.
In Hye, In Hye, In Hye!
I've lured him.
Then move on to the next operation.
Make sure you don't get tailed by anyone.
Yes, I understand.
If you don't come in 30 minutes, this girl will die.
If you come here, he'll kill you.
Then Soo Jin will die.
Save Soo Jin.
The way you were inside of my heart, the memories,
they must have stayed inside of me this whole time.
You keep looking at me. It's embarrassing me.
I like the fact that I am in your eyes.
It looks like I'm contained in them.
The reflection in the eye is only for that moment, though.
The important thing is being contained in the heart.
Do you show me your heart?
The heart is something you feel.
Was I
Do I really do that?
What do you mean were you really like that?
Aigoo, seriously.
Ah, it's so nice.
People will hear.
So what if they hear? There's no one here that we know in Seoul.
Do you really think you can live in Seoul, where you don't know anyone?
In Busan, you can't have a new beginning.
Seoul has more work and teaching academies than Busan.
Once I graduate, I'll come
so you have to work hard and attend class until then, okay?
I worry about
missing you most.
So take lots of pictures of me with your eyes and remember me.
What happened to In Hye?
I'm going to send over video footage right now.
Zoom into In Hye's eyes to see who and what are in her eyes.
What are you saying?
Moon Il Seok kidnapped In Hye, but
I think In Hye sent me a signal.
What do you mean that she sent you a signal with her eyes?
Did you find it?
It's that guy.
You see the camera in the back, don't you?
I think this is a photography studio.
That guy Didn't you say that his hobby was photography?
Then all we'll have to do is find that camera!
Where could we look for that camera when we don't know where it is? We don't know anything about it.
The hotel address is a phased one as well.
We can look through all the photography studios in Seoul!
That car.. That car is just leaving.
Don't say useless things. We need to record it.
We tried to compensate for the accident, but he left on his own.
Hello, hello?
Prosecutor, give me Detective Im's number.
Detective Im?
They said that if you leave, then they would kill In Hye.
You can't ever come out of your house.
Don't ever leave from your house!
I'm Jang Tae San.
They were working on the night of the 14th.
I heard that you took video footage of the car that left on the night of the 14th.
How did you know that?
I was afraid the driver would say things that never happened.
Do you still have that video?
Please zoom into that license plate number.
Did you find the car's license plate number?
I even found the address.
It's a corporate car addressed to a company in Hahyeon-dong.
It's the photo studio in that building.
Gibbeumsam Church
Prosecutor Park, did you find out?
It's a photo studio in Hahyeon-dong.
Detective Im is headed over there.
He is?
It's a call from In Hye. I'll call you again later.
Did you arrive?
Yes, I came, you bastard.
What about In Hye?
Get in the car.
I'm in.
Go to the address that's programmed into the GPS.
It's in Chooncheon.
Once you arrive, I'll inform you of the next location.
The next location?
Don't hang up.
From now until you arrive,
if this call gets dropped, Seo In Hye dies.
If you deviate from the route on the GPS
Seo In Hye dies.
Leave now.
Oh, thank you.
You didn't have to.
Wow, even to us Is it okay to take this?
If it wasn't for this hospital, my father would have passed away.
I'm so thankful so I'm passing it out to all the employees so
so please don't be burdened and take it.
Ah, yes. Thank you.
-Please eat it well -Yes, thank you for the food.
Do you remember this ahjussi?
Of course.
But are you really Dad's friend?
Of course!
Soo Jin, let's go meet your dad.
Did Dad come to the hospital?
Dad said we wouldn't be able to meet until the day of the surgery.
You talked on the phone with your dad, huh?
Your dad said he couldn't come to meet you.
Did he ever say you weren't allowed to go meet him?
I can't just leave randomly.
Besides when I'm going in and out to get my radiation treatment,
I'm not supposed to be outside.
Of course I know.
That's why this ahjussi even prepared an aseptic car.
Would you like to see it?
Your dad wants to see you so much.
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