2 Weeks (2013) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

Pick up that liver that fell out and put it back in, Tae San.
Are you resentful that Park Jae Gyeong didn't even contact you?
The car seems to have broken down.
Broken down?
You're so scared of going to jail for a third time that you're going to commit suicide now.
Please just let me save my child. That child
Please just let her have the surgery, Chairman. Chairman!
Are you 'Glue'?
The one who shot Jang Tae San was me.
Seo In Hye disappeared.
In Hye!
It's that bastard!
It was good to see you again, Oppa.
Hello, are you Soo Jin's daddy?
I'll come on the day of the surgery.
But are you really my daddy's friend?
Of course!
Destination: Chuncheon
Soo Jin, Soo Jin, Soo Jin!
From now until you arrive, if this call gets dropped, Seo In Hye dies.
If he's going to have my hands and feet tied through video call, why is he giving me 30 minutes?
Telling me even the number of the car beforehand.
In 100 meters, turn right.
He knows that I can't go to In Hye without any consideration because of Soo Jin. Moon Il Seok does.
Did Moon Il Seok not know that Prosecutor Park would call Detective Im?
Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong
My contact info would have been in In Hye's cell phone.
You've deviated off course.
Even if you deviate off the navigation course, Seo In Hye dies.
You, you! This I made a mistake. You!
What's up with this guy?
What are Moon Il Seok, Im Hyeong Jin, Hwang Dae Joon doing that they're having this bastard deal with me?
By grabbing Seo In Hye, make the detectives come running out of the hospital.
Contact Park Jae Gyeong stealthily, and create 30 minutes, giving time for the detectives to follow.
Dae Joon, go to Nam Hyang Ju and have a hole dug beforehand.
Director Im, you will prepare for implementing the second stage of the plan with me.
Then, I'll make Chuncheon the place to lure the detectives.
But while on the way to Chuncheon, what do we do if they follow us all the way to Nam Hyang Ju?
If he changes it to a video call and she talks about the daughter, he will give the slip on his own.
If this call gets dropped, Seo In Hye dies.
If you come here, he'll kill you.
Then, Soo Jin dies. Now, that memory
Please use it for Soo Jin. Absolutely do not come, Jan Tae San.
In Hahyeon-dong is a photo studio. Detective Im is headed over there.
Soo Jin!
The person you are calling is not answering
Why is he on a call for 10 minutes continuously!
Uh! It's the lady from unit 708.
Let me borrow the motorcycle for just thirty minutes.
I'll come on the day of the surgery. I can't come before that.
When you receive radiation treatment, make sure to go only with your mom. Daddy
won't come to see you even secretly now.
On the 26th, let's meet then.
Ahjussi, my shoe.
I will wait until daddy comes.
Avoiding visiting hours, doctors' rounds, and guards' rounds,
you must not go over 20 minutes at the most.
Nurse! Nurse!
If she's outside for long, there's a high risk of infection.
Her life could be in danger immediately.
On the 4th floor of the pediatric building there are 6 stem cell transplant rooms with 4 patients.
All are only 6 to 10 years old. I've made it so that the guardians must attend a meeting on the sponsorship.
Where on earth did that little thing hide?
Look here! Look here!
Soo Jin!
Soo Jin!
Let's stop playing hide and seek.
Soo Jin! Soo Jin!
- Visitors' Guide and Visiting Hours. - Aseptic Room
Soo Jin! Soo Jin!
Soo Jin! Are you not here?
Soo Jin!
Ting Ting's unnie!
Soo Jin!
Soo Jin!
Soo Jin! No, don't open it!
Right now, you can't be out here, no?
Go inside the aseptic room, quickly. Quickly!
What about daddy?
Daddy will go get the doctor.
So, hurry, go inside.
This son of a bitch!
Jang Tae Why are you here?
Soo Jin, by any chance
Please take care of Soo Jin.
Stop there, son of a bitch!
You nightmarish bastard.
My Soo Jin! My Soo Jin!
She's the child I went down on bended knees for and begged you to let her live.
I'll die, so
I begged you to just let Soo Jin have her surgery.
To kill me, you kidnap Soo Jin?
You son of a bitch!
You've gotten a lot weaker, Chairman Moon.
Open your eyes, you bastard. I won't kill you.
I too,
can kill you right this moment, disguising it as a suicide.
But, I'm not going to kill you.
You know why I'm not going to kill you, right?
Because you're a bastard who can't kill people.
I can't kill people, but will I be unable to kill beasts?
Oh Mi Sook's murder. Go Man Seok murder investigation.
Park Ho Sik injury, abduction, and so on.
I will let you rot in prison for 30 years total.
I won't kill you.
You will regret for all your life that you didn't kill me today.
A bastard like you can never catch me.
You just have fervor that, if you were going to get out of that swamp, you'd have gotten out of it already.
Do you think I became a venomous snake for no reason?
Did you forget, what kind of bastard I am?
Ok. I knew you'd choose the child.
From next year, with your daughter, hold Seo In Hye's memorial service.
Starting next year, today is Seo In Hye's memorial service day.
can mess with me, but you absolutely will not be able to mess with In Hye and Soo Jin.
Jang Tae San disappeared from the car.
I know.
Go immediately to the photo studio, and
bring Seo In Hye.
That bastard's car already slipped out 20 minutes ago, and there are only two people outside.
What do you want?
What is what? I'm a photo studio customer.
We're not open for business today.
What are you talking about? I was supposed to pick up the photographs today.
The boss has business to take care of, so he went out for now.
No, not the President but the employee. That one who is tall and whose face is about this size.
This friend, again. The last few times, he didn't keep the appointments either.
Is he inside and pretending not to be there?
No, we said there isn't anyone.
So, inside, other than In Hye, there's no one.
Hey, Beanpole!
Come out!
These people what do you take customers for, really?
Stop this, and come back tomorrow. Tomorrow.
It's too late if I come back tomorrow, you bastard.
Stab me.
Try and stab me, you bastard.
Hey, hey! Move it, move.
In Hye.
Are you okay? You're not hurt at all?
How shocked you must have been.
You must be wondering why I came, no?
That person
probably sent you.
That person is Soo Jin's lifeline, so
he must not come to rescue me.
He was coming to rescue you.
Together with me.
Then, In Hye is safe, right?
She's coming to the hospital now.
What about Soo Jin?
Come and look for yourself.
Soo Jin is looking for her dad.
The nurses are investigating the situation, so it's chaotic.
I'll speak to Dr. Park and let you in. Come quickly.
Hi, Soo Jin.
Hello, Daddy.
You must have been very scared.
Since today wasn't the day we promised to meet.
What you said was this, wasn't it?
That you wouldn't come to see me other than on the day of the surgery.
Today, just a moment ago, that ahjussi. This was it, no?
I was very good at listening to what you said, wasn't I?
Very, very.
How did you understand it that well?
Because there are bad friends.
Even when I was in kindergarten.
So, it's not good to play with bad friends.
What's a bad friend?
Oh, a kid who lies?
A kid who takes something from a friend and eats it? A kid who hits a friend who's weak?
A kid who bothers others? And
A kid who cuts in line.
Your mom,
she raised you well so that you're smart.
I'm not that smart.
I am not good at studying.
As soon as I enrolled, I became sick.
So, I can't do much.
I know.
when you go back to school, you'll do well.
How do you know?
Because I did well!
Wow! Then, I'll do well too.
It's okay even if you don't do well.
you'll do well.
That's amazing.
Happy birthday, Daddy.
Mom made seaweed soup.
Because you hate seaweed soup,
you haven't eaten a birthday seaweed soup not even once, right?
So she told me instead to eat it.
I see.
Congratulations to you, Daddy.
Oh yes, wait, wait a moment.
Happy birthday, Daddy. Dad! Happy Birthday.
Thank you for bringing me into this world.
I really like it.
Thank you.
If you like it, you're supposed to laugh.
This child
is looking at me and smiling.
She's smiling for me.
How in the world did this bastard, Jang Tae San, come knowing everything?
Turn the car back and go to the photography studio right now.
Um, Chairman,
it is a dangerous situation to turn back at the moment.
First off, go back to the office and quickly making an alibi would be-
Do I look like Buddha to you?
I've been had by a trash-like bastard. Should I be cultivating my morals?
What is it?
Hyungnim, I just got a call from the boys standing guard of the photography studio,
and he says that Detective Im Seung Woo came and took Seo In Hye.
Im Seung Woo came to the photography studio?
How did he know? How did he know?!
She hasn't been hurt anywhere.
What a relief.
He's not too bad.
Soo Jin.
It was so tiring today, right? You were really scared, right? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It was fun.
It was fun?
Daddy appeared like Superman and said "Soo Jin," like that.
He did that?
Yeah. He did, and then the bad ahjussi who lied about saying he was daddy's friend
just ran away.
But how did daddy come here knowing everything?
It's really fascinating, isn't it mommy? It's so fascinating, right?
It is. It is really fascinating.
But where did you go?
That bad ahjussi, how did he know you weren't here?
Soo Jin.
Lay her down first.
Mommy . . . I'm tired.
Is she alright?
I think she's okay for the time being.
You worked hard.
I'm thankful.
I have nothing else to say except that it's a relief.
What about Jang Tae San?
He's waiting for me. We both need to do something.
All the things that have happened thus far, and the things that will happen from now on,
please fill me in on it, too.
Soo Jin has two days left. We need to catch Moon Il Seok, that bastard, by then.
I understand.
Please continue your conversation.
I'll go investigate in the control room.
Where is Tae San?
Why isn't she coming?
In Hye.
Thank you
for saving Soo Jin.
What do you mean?
For making you go through all this,
I can't even say that I'm sorry.
For remembering my signal too, thank you.
Since you need to save Soo Jin,
you weren't supposed to go there,
but I wanted to live too, I suppose.
You don't know how much I wanted you to remember the picture of the eyes.
How can I forget that?
You had some strange qualities.
Although, that's probably why you met a guy like me.
But the you that still has memories of a guy like me is even more surprising.
For saving Soo Jin today, let's just call it even for what happened eight years ago.
Once you give away your bone marrow the day after tomorrow,
let's call it even for the past eight years,
that you couldn't be beside Soo Jin.
Can you forgive me that easily?
Why are you so soft?
I want to forgive you.
That way you'll forgive yourself, too.
If you do that,
I'll try.
I'll see you the day after tomorrow.
Alright, I'll be here the day after tomorrow.
Until then, be more careful.
I'm planning to.
You really suffered a lot today.
Thank you.
Oppa, too.
The chords were all cut and the main files are completely ruined.
Are you saying that there isn't one CCTV that's functioning properly?
There's nothing that's been captured during that period.
Oh, then what about the files that you kept as a backup from before?
We have the backup files from before it broke, since it's recorded in real-time.
Then on there,
there must be a recording of the lady that passed out the drinks.
Should I go buy another one?
No, it's okay. If I eat too much I'll get sleepy and I won't be able to stay awake at night.
Ah, Moon Il Seok that son of a bitch.
It's like getting my nose sliced off before my very eyes every time!
Soo Jin saw his face and so did you so we should just-
We can't ask Soo Jin to testify, and the same for me, too.
We, father and daughter, who are witnesses can't even testify, don't you know?
Don't get so exited.
You're right.
Why am I getting more flustered?
Did your anger diffuse a little after beating up Moon Il Seok?
I wonder if my anger will diffuse even if I killed him.
We should have detained Moon Il Seok when we caught him earlier. With Seo In Hye's testimony-
We can catch Moon Il Seok with this.
You found the recorder?
After finding the recorder this afternoon,
I got a call that said In Hye was kidnapped.
But how did you think of looking into Seo In Hye's eyes for clues?
You said Seo In Hye sent you a signal. What was that supposed to mean?
Regarding that, I just
want to keep it private for myself.
Listen to it.
How is it?
Ah, these son's of bitches.
Based on circumstances, it is clearly Moon Il Seok,
but this isn't enough evidence to say Moon Il Seok is the real culprit.
But the subject is specifically drawn, right?
We can't catch Moon Il Seok with only this.
We can catch him.
It turns out Hwang Dae Joon didn't tell Moon Il Seok that I installed recorders in the pawnshop.
When I was caught in Moon Il Seok's house,
he only knew the fact that I slept at the pawnshop and left.
If Moon Il Seok finds out that Hwang Dae Joon says that he was the one that killed Mi Sook,
Hwang Dae Joon will be in a really bad situation.
We can just split Moon Il Seok and Hwang Dae Joon.
what's the point of catching only Moon Il Seok so half-heartedly?
Jo Seo Hee will just use her strength and get him out.
Regarding Jo Seo Hee, I . . .
Oh wait, I didn't tell you, right?
The people who have ownership over that Martin guy's car is Winner's Commerce.
Didn't you also say yesterday that Jo Seo Hee's estate actually belonged to Winner's Commerce?
There's one more thing.
The photography studio is also a property of Winner's Commerce.
I'll trace this company, and regarding Jo Seo Hee, I-
There's no time.
There are two days left until Soo Jin's surgery.
I'll only be able enter Soo Jin's operating room happily
if we are able to catch Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee within that time.
But, even after you were subjected such a great ordeal, you had the mind to look into something like this?
It's something Prosecutor Park was looking into. That's not everything.
He's 29 years old. His original nationality is Colombian.
He's a former-French Foreign Legionnaire.
If you serve in the Foreign Legion for three years, they grant you citizenship.
He was born in 1985
If we want to look into the Colombian adoptive family, they say it'll take some time.
We still don't know whether this bastard is a Korean, Chinese, or Japanese even.
since he's using Korean, we're assuming he's probably Korean.
Why do you think this bastard could be your son?
I lived by my fist, but because I didn't want my son to do so.
When he entered kindergarten, I bought him a fountain pen.
With his name inscribed inside the cap.
Hello, Teacher.
At that time, my temper was like a tiger.
That bastard didn't even get scared and obeyed me really well.
Because he was stuck to me so much, I called him "Glue."
My son did well.
Ya. We're taking off.
But one day
the kid, who had been playing in front of the house for a short while, disappeared.
If it had been an abduction, they would have demanded money, but
I prepared a bag of cash and waited a year.
Fountain pen.
The son, who was abducted in Sangchi-dong, was adopted.
Then how would he have gotten entwined with Moon Il Seok?
You're telling me.
So, is that why you helped me?
Because you thought of the son you had lost,
so you had compassion on me?
That's is we are like, people are
Isn't it human nature?
Like you, that child might be living tenaciously somewhere, and nowhere to settle down
This punk! You always have a way of making a person into a pitiful sight.
When Soo Jin's surgery is done, I will definitely look into it for you.
For someone who's trying to stay alive Just focus on your future.
Now, the only choice left is to kill him, when he shows up on the date of the operation.
Don't worry about money. Recruit whoever and anyone you can find.
Get the best you can find who can do the work right.
What is Park Jae Gyeong doing?
After that, they say she hasn't come out of the house.
I wonder if she's really given up or is just pretending.
Send more kids to Park Jae Gyeong's house, and stick someone to tail Im Seung Woo and Seo In Hye too.
Excuse me, Chairman. At this point, if you'd give up on Jang Tae San
Even now, there's no material evidence proving that you, Chairman, killed Oh Mi Sook.
Find someone who would confess the crime and it would be wise to finish this about now.
In this situation, it seems like the safest method.
Im Hyeong Jin
Why did you become slave to money?
I gathered money so that no matter who, they couldn't ignore what I had to say.
Is the money that I'm giving you not enough?
That That's not it.
If it's not enough, grab some more. Then, do as I order you to do, bastard!
Cutting off Jang Tae San's head on surgery date is what you have to do with the money you are receiving abundantly!!
I understand.
Chairman, a person named Jang Tae San would like to speak with you.
Jang Tae San?
Calling the company?
Put him through.
It's Jang Tae San.
Keep on acting up, Tae San.
I will let you hear something now,
Listen to it with Im Hyeong Jin your blue dragon on your left and Hwang Dae Joon your white tiger on your right.
Put it on speaker phone.
Hwang Dae Joon, you seem not to have said anything to the Chairman still.
Seok Doo blabbed it all. That Moon Il Seok killed Oh Mi Sook.
Seok Doo, you
did you tell Jang Tae San that the Chairman killed Oh Mi Sook?
did you say that the Chairman killed her?
Tha That day.
On the day Go Man Seok died.
For real, it was the Chairman who killed her?
It wasn't you, President, who killed her?
You bastards!
I've waved knives around, but I've never stab anyone.
You guys, the fact that Jang Tae San planted recorders here,
don't tell anyone.
Hwang Dae Joon, you punk.
How do you think I knew you killed Oh Mi Sook? It's from Dae Joon who told everything to Dae Ryong and Seok Doo.
Words without feet can run a thousand miles.
Don't go fishing, Tae San.
Why would you let me hear that?
If the evidence is that conclusive, then you should go to the police.
It's useless even if you can take it over there, that's why you haven't, you punk!
I'm taking it over there.
When you can't catch me, and evidence starts surface, you're going to make Hwang Dae Joon the real culprit.
That's when I'll send it to the police.
To say "Hwang Dae Joon is not the real culprit."
"But you are."
What are you doing? Pack those things.
Before the cops get here.
Who is it?
Are you preparing yourself well to go to prison?
You, Jang Tae San!
That's right.
Jan Tae San, who was framed for your killing of Oh Mi Sook.
What nonsense are you yapping about?
When I was captured by Moon Il Seo, do you know what he said to me?
He would kill me and put you in the prison.
The knife is yours, and Oh Mi Sook's house belongs to your wife.
And that night, you were also caught on CCTV too.
Instead of Moon Il Seok, go to prison
and you can rot there until your casket cover closes over you.
Why this bastard you
Yes, Hyungnim.
Try and find some like Tae San with no prior records
and clean as snow.
If we kill off Jang Tae San and have Jo Seo Hee make Park Jae Gyeong lose her job as a prosecutor,
there will be no one who will latch onto this case like leeches anymore.
Let's see
How about accidental manslaughter while robbing?
Accidental manslaughter while robbing?
Yes, that will do!
In order to do that, we'll need to get rid of that punk Tae San first.
Of course!
So there will be no mistakes on day of the surgery,
make sure to put together enough forces.
Yes, Hyung-nim.
Oh, and if you have any more of your traces left, hurry and get rid of them, too.
Hurry up and move, we don't have time.
Yes, I understand.
Yea, ok, it's me.
You've sure got a bloated liver!
I came to see Kwon Hee Ok and she says she doesn't know anything.
She says the husband takes care of everything.
But how can you let a lover live in a house titled to your wife?
Whwhowho says there's a lover?
If she's not your lover, how can you let her live there without a lease?
Here. Look.
It's says Kwon Ok Hee there.
I wonder if the missus knows, too.
No, no, the lease agreement is lost, that's all.
Really? Then
Get a copy of your bank statement that shows that the lease deposit was paid and bring it to the precinct.
No Detec
It's no use.
This son of aOw!
Don't curse, you bastard!
Does it hurt? If it hurts then call the police.
Tell them the escapee, Jang Tae San, hit you.
Are you crazy? Did you lose your mind?
Moon Il Seok didn't say anything to you about the recorder, did he?
He didn't even get angry with you, right?
Fine, yeah.
Did you come to me to try to talk bad about the Chairman?
Are you saying that my Hyung-nim is going to send me to jail?
I'll bet he told you to find a clean slate punk without any prior records just like me.
After killing me,
have him get framed for accidental manslaughter while robbing, right?
But you know what? That's only to buy time.
And out of such gratitude, wouldn't you strain yourself to try to kill me?
In the meantime,
he will leisurely figure out how to entrap you.
What the devil are you talking about?
You shut your trap!
Before I grab you and throw you in!
Was it really the Chairman who killed her?
It wasn't you, President?
Hey, you bastard!
I may have stabbed a few but I've never killed a person!
You listen. You better not tell anyone
that Jang Tae San planted a recorder here.
Do you think I played this to Moon Il Seok or not?
Once you are his target but you try to get away from him,
you'll end up just like me.
Have a safe trip to the prison.
Why you little punk
How is Park Jae Gyeong doing these days?
I'm not sure.
A practicing prosecutor got caught redhanded on breaking and entering.
Before a disciplinary meeting, she needs to have a convincing excuse ready
so she can minimize the consequence.
Since she knows she'll be disciplined, she's not coming to work
and is going around investigating Jang Tae San's case, isn't she?
I have nothing to say to you, sir.
Do you want Park Jae Gyeong to lose her job as a prosecutor?
I don't think that's a question you should ask, sir.
Go and tell Park Jae Gyeong.
"Whether she believes or doesn't believe,"
"consider if it's needed or not."
Aren't you Lee Dong Myeong?
I am.
Can we get some beers?
I've got a lead on a rumor.
I wanted to share that information.
Aren't you the one from ten days ago who called me while I was interviewing Congresswoman Jo,
and asked to speak with her?
Didn't you deliver a bouquet to her during her press conference?
Are you Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong?
You left quite an impression on me, so I did some checking up on you.
You leave me without a need for introduction.
The lead on the rumor is also from you, right?
Then you must also know that it was me who arrested Chairman Moon Il Seok.
Then you know why I came to see you, too.
The article never came out.
I sent it to you because I thought you were reliable.
Congresswoman Jo
She told me to write the article.
With Chairman Moon Il Seok arrested, there was a bet on whether he would be detained for 48 hours,
or be released right away.
But the tipper was betting $5000 on the Chairman being set free immediately.
What do you?
the rumor has it that Congresswoman Jo will have him released right away.
A rumor?
What do you think?
Right now,
you are quoting your lead on the rumor
to ask me for permission
whether or not
to write the article, Mr. Reporter?
When there's a rumor there's also a saying that says,
'smoke doesn't come out of unlit chimney.'
Are you hear to ask me
if it is the furnace
or the chimney?
Let's just call it my way of affirming the truth for the sake of the people.
The story would have a nuclear bomb effect.
Go ahead and write your article.
If a reporter has qualms about writing his own story because he is worried about what the mayor candidate thinks
then isn't that the reason why this country is in such a state as it's in?
You need to stand by your own convictions, if you are a reporter.
Then you mean to say that I can write this article
As long as you are confident enough to take responsibility the story you write, then that's all there is to it.
You're not a little kid who doesn't know what would happen
if you launch a nuclear bomb, right?
She was not the same Jo Seo Hee we had known before.
At the moment, I felt chills down my spine,
and I couldn't help it but to say 'I'm sorry'
and leave.
Even though she knew it was a bomb of a story,
she still told you to launch it?
Like the rumor, Chairman Moon Il Seok was released immediately and Congresswoman Jo paid a visit to the prosecutor.
I thought "So that's what it means to have power."
Doesn't it feel like we're pawns?
Then, if you were to receive another tip-off,
what would you do this time?
We've roughed up Hwang Dae Joon regarding his wife's estate.
What's the status on finding the taxi driver who picked up Jang Tae San on the day of the incident?
I found him. He quit the next day.
I'm going to see him after the meeting.
What about the manufacturing company that makes the knife used to killed Oh Mi Sook?
They make custom hand-made knives.
I requested a list of buyers.
The interesting thing is, every knife has a distinct design on the sheath.
Then there should be only one sheath of that kind in the world.
Then we should start by interviewing people who've seen the sheath.
Fine. Let's muster our energy together and carry out our resonsibility to get our job done today.
Who's on hospital duty tonight?
Yes, me.
It's not just anybody, but Detective Im's family member.
Please work hard for a few days for him.
That's all.
Have you seen Hwang Dae Joon with the custom hand-made knife?
If you lie, you will get punished by the law.
Even though he's the boss, we never see him often.
Why did you make a copy of the video?
Have I seen your business style only for a year?
Habit is second nature.
I'm going to leave this country after the charity auction.
I heard that it's the night flight on the 26th..
How do you make plans without telling me?
Why do I have to tell you when I leave? Everyone knows that I'm leaving!
Of course you have to tell me.
Relax your eyeballs now.
Yo, Moon Ill Seok.
How dare you
How dare you to speak to me like that? Since you made illiterate gangster like me into a successful businessman.
This illiterate gangster
carried your waste for 10 years.
Half of your power is mine.
If I get involved in the
Oh Mi Sook case,
I guess I have to use some of your power.
Before Park Jae Gyeong gets unemployed and Jang Tae San dies
Don't leave Korea.
Don't leave?
Since you got jealous of brat like Jang Tae San and had Oh Mi Sook killed and made situation worse,
How dare you to grab he length of my foot!
Therefore, I'll use your power.
Chairman Moon, you!
If you come out this way,
I'll stop the charity auction.
Then stop it.
I'll be slower at getting to the conglomerate level, but
how are you going to live without the money?
You are moving the place where your disabled son lives in Switzerland.
Your building the copy of it somewhere.
You have spent so much money on it that you went broke.
How are you going to pay it back?
How are you going to live rest of your life without any money?
Moon Il Seok!
If you are going to leave this country with two hundred billion,
You have to make me to successfully take over the Hugin Gas.
In order to that, you will need to get me out of Oh Mi Sook's homicide case, right?
You have the audacity to threaten me, when you are the cause of this whole problem!
I saved you from the creditors after your husband committed suicide, and I made you a congresswoman.
I even provided you with the funds to build a kingdom for your son.
This is not how you should repay me.
You won't
give me the money?
Until now, I
have been accurate in transactions dealing with money in business.
Because I was able to make someone like you trust me.
Congresswoman Jo.
You said this country is like hell.
You said it's the devil's hell for you.
But know this.
In order to leave this devil's hell,
you've become the worst of all the devils.
So don't look at me as if you are disgusted with me.
Prosecutor, what is this iron bag?
I've been a regular customer for two years.
Did you rent it?
Just for three days.
But they lent me a different motorcycle.
It might be little wrinkled.
What about the other things? Are they all prepared?
Jang Tae San, did you memorize it all?
Is it you, glue stick?
Keep your cell phone battery charged.
Yes. I'll see you later.
Congresswoman, there's a man who came for Reporter Lee Dong Myeong's errand?
Reporter Lee Dong Myung's errand?
For what reason did he come?
Who is he?
He would like to speak to you about Kim Seong Joon.
Seong Joon?
Tell him to come in.
Something about Seong Joon?
Hello, Congresswomen Jo.
First, I would like to know who you are.
I'm Jang Tae San.
How dare you come here?
I'm going to immediately call the police.
Instead of visiting you're house with a large yard, I've come here.
You live in a very nice house, Congresswomen Jo.
If you just give me 10 minutes of your time, I won't upload it online.
Of course, other than that photo I have a couple more.
Take an action so we can talk comfortably.
Seeing that you've brought last night's photos, it seems that you're in a hurry.
Tell me what you want.
I want to put Moon Il Seok in jail as a real criminal.
In just two days, it's my daughters surgery.
I know you are trying to kill me sooner because of the auction that's on the 26th.
Because until then, Moon Il Suk needs to be safe.
Get straight to the point and stop beating around the bush.
I just want to save my daughter.
I just need to clear of my name before my daughter.
I'm not asking for anything else.
So you took a couple of pictures
with few words of information that you picked up,
and came here to threaten me?
It's something that holds my and my daughters lives.
Not just threats. There's nothing I wouldn't do.
Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee, the residence where you're really living
is under the corporate ownership of Winner's Commerce.
That's the certified copy of the registration.
Also, that photo studio building.
Inside of that photo studio building, my child's mom had been kidnapped.
Of course I have evidence, in that CD.
While you're investigating,
it will come out soon that
Winner's Commerce is the paper company of Moon Il Seok.
If I can catch Moon Ill Seok as Oh Mi Sook's murderer
and clear myself from the allegations,
then I'll keep my mouth shut regarding the connection between you and Moon Il Seok, and
the mansion you live in next to your rented home.
If I go in and don't come out within five minutes. Start it.
If you give me Moon Il Seok, then I won't send these files to Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong.
Do you think I'll believe that you did all this on your own?
If it's something I planned out with Prosecutor Park
No, if I betray you, after my daughter's surgery
will you leave me alone, Congresswoman?
I, to be honest, am scared of you.
I almost died in Chuncheon and yesterday, too.
I know that the one who saved Moon Il Seok from Prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong's grip
is all you.
I'm just a nobody that you could have killed off any day,
be it a week, or a month, or even a year later.
I am not confident that I can live hiding from you in this country.
What if I refuse?
I had already made up my mind to die to save my daughter.
Il spread this and tell everyone about the connection between you and Moon Il Seok.
I guess I have to plead for help,
to protect me until Soo Jin's surgery.
Then I can at least protect Soo Jin until the surgery.
Do you have any proper evidence to catch Moon Il Seok?
Do you think I came here with nothing?
I'm going to catch Moon Il Seok,
so don't take Moon Il Seok out of jail. You just need to stay still.
After saving my daughter's life, I will live as a dead man for the rest of my life.
Reporter Lee Dong Myeong and
Kim Seong Joon, how did you find out about my son?
I heard it from the prosecutor.
Since you learned enough of how valuable life is.
Thank you. Thank you, Congresswoman.
Here, put it back on.
Would you give me some kind of proof of agreement?
Do you want me to write a statement?
No, it's like like that.. Since we made a deal,
it's like a greeting that I look forward to working with you.
I fall and break everyday
Embracing the scars that didn't even have time to heal
and again and again like this
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