2 Weeks (2013) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

I will wait until my Daddy comes.
Soo Jin.
Soo Jin, let's stop playing hide and seek.
You devilish bastard! It's my Soo Jin! My Soo Jin!
Oh Mi Sook's murder. Go Man Seok's murder instigation.
Park Ho Sik's injury, abduction and so on.
Happy birthday, Daddy.
This child is smiling while looking at me.
For saving Soo Jin today,
let's call it even with what happened eight years ago. I want to forgive you.
That way you will forgive yourself, too.
Relax your eyeballs now.
I'm calling off the auction.
Cancel it.
We can just split Moon Il Seok and Hwang Dae Joon.
There are two days left until Soo Jin's surgery.
Only if we catch both Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee before then,
will I be able to enter Soo Jin's operating room with my head held high.
Do you have any concrete evidence to catch Moon Il Seok?
Do you think I would dare to come to face you without it?
I will catch Moon Il Seok, so Congresswoman
just don't get Moon Il Seok out of jail. You just need to stay still.
After saving my daughter's life, I will live as if I'm dead for the rest of my life.
Thank you. Thank you, Congresswoman.
Could you give me some proof of your promise?
Are you saying you want me to write a statement at least?
No, nothing like that.
Since we both made a deal, it's more of a greeting that I look forward to working with you.
How long has it been since we've met for us that you want to see me again?
Let's just do it on the phone.
It would be best if we meet up.
Just a moment ago, Jang Tae San came to find me.
It's just as we expected. They're moving right away.
Since there's not much time.
It just shows how important the charity auction is.
How did you predict this?
People really think of others
make light of people they think are inferior to them.
Since, to them, I was a shadow
Being careful with words and actions in front of a shadow
There is no such person (who does that).
They didn't even know they would be had like this.
There are two days until Soo Jin's surgery,
Only if we catch both Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee before then,
will I be able to enter Soo Jin's operating room with my head held high.
Within 2 days, you're saying we are going to catch both Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee?
First, Moon Il Seok.
Instead of Moon Il Seok, we will drive Hwang Dae Joon as the culprit.
Hwang Dae Joon?
Wherever Moon Il Seok goes, he brings Hwang Dae Joon with him.
Just as when Mi Sook died, Hwang Dae Joon was with him.
The knife belongs to Hwa Dae Joon, and ordering to have my alibi fabricated,
and also
today in the hospital, the woman who handed out the drinks laced with sleeping pills
Hwang Dae Joon is sure to have ordered it.
By driving Hwang Dae Joon as the culprit,
and draw out the confession that Moon Il Seok is the real culprit, is that what you mean?
We're going to make Moon Il Seok drive Hwang Dae Joon as the culprit.
We're going to make Moon Il Seok drive Hwang Dae Joon as the real culprit?
Hwang Dae Joon won't be able to betray Moon Il Seok easily.
Since he's been by his side for over 20 years,
He knows that Moon Il Seok never forgives betrayal.
In addition to the fear that he can be framed as the culprit,
we will have to make him feel betrayal, too.
Sense of betrayal?
If it's Moon Il Seok, then that could happen.
Then, I will have the detectives investigate Hwang Dae Joon as if he were the culprit.
And also,
you just said that Jo Seo Hee's house and the photo studio was under the same company name, right?
It'll be Moon Il Seok's paper company, for sure.
Along with the building registration documents for those two places,
I have a telescope, so just get me a camera.
And when she was captured in the studio,
the video of In Hye I sent you, put it on a CD, please.
What are you going to do with all of that?
If we can make a second "digital camera" evidence, we'll be able to catch Jo Seo Hee, too.
A second "digital camera?"
You want to capture the two of them meeting together?
Not Jo Seo Hee and Moon Il Seok,
but Jo Seo Hee and me.
You are meeting with Jo Seo Hee?
I will go see Jo Seo Hee,
and make a deal.
I will go see Jo Seo Hee with evidence of the connection between Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee,
I will tell her that I have sure proof that Moon Il Seok is the murderer.
That's why, if she lets Moon Il Seok be caught for murder,
I will offer to cover up the connection.
Then, even for the sake of the auction on the 26th,
she will call Moon Il Seok about me.
With only two days left to the auction, Moon Il Seok will have no choice but to try and figure out something.
He'll do whatever it takes to keep himself out of the investigation radar.
In the meantime, Prosecutor,
take pictures of me meeting with Jo Seo Hee.
The mayoral candidate for Seoul, whom the whole nation respects, met with a fugitive.
However, she did not even report it and let him go.
It won't be a mess that'll be easy to clear up.
She can make excuses about Moon Il Seok,
but I am a person she can't make an excuse about.
Does it sound like I'm grappling for floating clouds?
for someone whose brain works this well,
I'm just wondering why you lived like that all that time?
Anyway, if we see Jo Seo Hee's reaction when we spread those pictures,
perhaps, we may even find the answer to the assignment that you haven't been able to solve.
Now that we've cornered the dog, then we just need to wait for the cat to bite.
Leave the dog to me.
As soon as I trace down the representative for Winner's Commerce, I will contact you again.
I will obtain authorization to investigate again, too.
There's no time. Let's move fast.
Chairman Moon,
he said he had proof of your involvement in the murder, so if I stay out of it, he would not reveal my identity.
Crazy bastard!
When did he
Let's cancel the charity auction.
Be it tomorrow or the day after that,
we don't know when you will be arrested for murder.
Then who will get the winning bid?
Half of the money will be deposited after confirming that you get the winning bid.
Let's say that you order someone else to get the winning bid.
Then, what about my money?
While you are detained for interrogation, do you think I can just rely on the money in your bank account
and proceed with this business?
You said he has all the evidence of my being the murderer?
What did he say they were?
You didn't ask?
Of course, I asked.
But do you think he would tell me?
You didn't even confirm that and agreed to him? The almighty Joo Seo Hee did?
In you eyes, is this nothing to you?
All this is revealed.
His eyes were bloodshot with determination to save his daughter. How can I go up against that?
Here, here, why are you like this? The lady who has guts.
This this isn't
Jang Tae San, that bastard, what evidence does he have?!
That's for you to find out.
At the least,
cancel the shipment. I will never proceed in this situation.
Are you saying that you will give up the 200 billion won and just settle in this country?
I'm not settling, but I'm being settled.
Because of whom?
Crazy bastard! Where do you think this is?
Go and report me.
Now, you can't even report me.
Cause if I get caught, you might be exposed.
And you haven't even prepared a way out.
What are you scheming?
Chairman Moon, right now you're scared, right?
All evidence is pointing at you,
and you don't know what, that bastard, Jang Tae San is thinking.
Feel it, that unsettling feeling.
It's no use rattling up Hwang Dae Joon or Jo Seo Hee.
You're saying not to come between you guys?
This is not trying to come between you guys.
If the evidence comes out that that knife belongs to Hwang Dae Joon, you were going to order him to confess.
But because of my recorder, you can't.
Now that you know about Jo Seo Hee's deal with me,
you are getting more scared, right?
You believed in Jo Seo Hee.
What did Jo Seo Hee say? She's doing as I say, right?
Hey! Don't fool around as if your fearless.
You're nothing but a mudfish stirring up the water.
Did you ever think that you could be the small fry?
What could Hwang Dae Joon be doing now?
I told Hwang Dae Joon that when you get the evidence, you would make him confess (of the crime that he didn't commit.)
That's what I told him.
How about the ship?
I told them to stop pretending that it's broken.
What are your thoughts about it, Director Kim?
It seems like Jang Tae San planned this with Prosecutor Park, right?
They said Prosecutor Park is not moving an inch from her apartment.
It looks like she is waiting for the disciplinary decision.
Tae San claims to have 100% evidence that I committed murder and
went to Jo Seo Hee and made a deal.
And that bastard even came to see me a while ago.
He appeared before you?
Of course
Of course there isn't any concrete evidence.
If he had such then he could have given it to the police directly.
Why would he go to Jo Seo Hee and make a deal?
He's messing with me just because of a measly recorder.
That bastard, Jang Tae San, what's exactly in his head?!
This insidious killer snake like bastard!
The answer is Dae Joon.
Since Dae Joon is thoroughly faltering, don't even think about framing Hwang Da Joon. Is that it?!
Long time ago, you told me to find a clean person without a criminal background, right?
In the meantime, he will leisurely figure out
how to trap you.
Could it be that Hyungnim
Oh, and if there is any trace of you left, hurry and get rid of them, too.
Hurry and move. We don't have time.
Our Hyungnim isn't that kind if person.
So, how did it go? What about Seok Doo?
For blabbing about the Chairman's murder to Jang Tae San,
he seems to have been pecked at a lot.
That bastard catches up fast.
Why all of a sudden are you searching for Seok Doo?
This bastard, exactly where is he hiding?
Geesh! He called me fucking so much!
What's this?
This is Moon Il Seok.
Yes, yes, Chairman.
Now let's quickly clean up.
It's not opening time yet.
I'm a detective.
How many girls do you have here?
A girl who holds her tongue and whose face is less recognized
Send her.
Since I know there are six, bring them all here without leaving one out.
She works in President Hwang's club.
Since she has so much make up her nickname is Magic.
Remove your make-up
Just remove it.
A bit more
Try wearing glasses.
In investigating the ingredients in the beverage that you passed out to the control room employees,
sedatives were discovered.
I didn't do that.
I just brought the drinks.
I know. Who asked you to do it.
Well about that
President Hwang did.
President Hwang Dae Joon.
President Hwang told me not to wear make up
and to come to the front of the hospital, dressed like a female college student.
He told me to say it was to celebrate my father's revival, that's why.
The drinks, did President Hwang give them?
It was already it the car.
Therefore, the person who gave you the drinks with sleeping pill concoction
was Hwang Dae Joon. Isn't that right? -Right.
I found a picture of Hwang Dae Joon's sheath.
Why did you lose energy all of a sudden?
A bastard who has an endless list of things to do the day after tomorrow.
Aigoo, tsk, tsk.
Are you worried because of the recorder?
Did that bastard Tae San call you?
These idiot like bastards.
Did he think you looked like a bastard who would get swayed by his attempts to come between us?
What have you been doing? I told you to find a punk with a clean background.
How about Seok Doo, his background is clean.
In any case I've been searching for Seok Doo,
since I told him to close down the pawn shop and lie low,
he's not even answering his phone.
I called him.
You did?
Go to the pawnshop.
The Police found your sheath.
Go and give it to Seok Doo.
What do you mean by sheath?
The knife that was used in killing Oh Mi Sook and its sheath.
That's a custom-made set, right?
Without any concrete evidence
the police seem to have hustled.
Wouldn't it be clean if you said you gave it as a gift to Seok Do.
You said Seok Doo lives having shrugged off his family.
Since there is no family you can't threaten
Hit him with money.
Your club, tell him that you would hand it over.
My club?
Are you not the pillar that will take over this Seong Sil Capital, if I take over Yujin Gas?
You, until when are you going to depend on a construction company and
continue being a nightclub president? Think about your age.
Get moving.
Yes, Hyungnim.
Is this Seok Doo?
You bastard, why weren't you answering you phone?
Are you really going to the pawnshop?
I'm sorry, President.
I passed out after I drank last night.
Yes I'm headed to the pawnshop.
Go and wait there. Get it?
Why? Do you feel like you saw a ghost ?
Did you get on my car with your own feet?
That's great.
Aren't you going to meet Seok Doo?
You're going to meet Seok Doo because Moon Il Seok ordered you.
But if you go there will Seok Doo be there or will the police be there?
What did you say?
Seok Doo.
When you're going to meet Hwang Dae Joon call the police to go with you.
Say that you saw Hwang Dae Joon with the knife.
Seok Doo, if you don't do as I say, you'll have to go in instead of Hwang Dae Joon.
The knife that stabbed Oh Mi Sook belonged to Hwang Dae Joon.
The one that killed Oh Mi Sook was also Hwang Dae Joon.
Didn't Tae San say the same thing on the recorder?
What bullshit are you spouting?
President Hwang
Now even if you kill me you can't shake off the fact that you're Oh Mi Sook's murderer.
I didn't kill Oh Mi Sook.
That lies on you.
Abetting a murder, destroying evidence, fabricating alibi, accomplice in a kidnapping even
Even if you put this all together it would be only few years.
But then, if you as Oh Mi Sook's murderer,
you would receive at least 20 years.
In addition, kidnapping In Hye and an attempted kidnapping of Soo Jin
And even kidnapping Prosecutor Park and I in Chuncheon, as well as an attempted murder!
This would get you at least 30 years.
Magic got caught.
You must have felt really desperate.
How many years have I lived in that neighborhood?
While kidnapping my Soo Jin, you bastard,
even if you used someone whose face I didn't know, I would have followed you till the end of the earth to kill you!
Did you think I wouldn't do anything?
When Prosecutor Park and I were kidnapped in Chuncheon, I'll testify that you were in the rear.
Then your crime will be just conspiracy and destruction of evidence ordered by Moon Il Seok.
Don't you have to go see with your own eyes
whether my words or Moon Il Seok's are right?
Tell him to meet you somewhere else or that you will be a little late.
Yes, President.
Seok Doo, I'm going to be late a bit because of something.
Why don't you come to Abanggoong club.
What? To Abanggoong?
After you arrive,
wait there.
Wait, President
You know my cellphone number, right?
If you make a decision, call me.
Oh, you can also call Detective Im over there.
He said it's not important whether you believe them or not, but whether you need them or not.
Please postpone the disciplinary committee for two more days.
I'll quit after that.
When I stood by Jo Seo Hee's side and got Moon Il Seok out, you didn't say a single word to me to ask why.
It's not that I didn't, but I couldn't.
I was afraid.
You know
how much I believed in you.
Why did you believe in me?
Why did you believe in people?
I'm still Han Jeong Woo.
From my heart to my insides, I'm still the Han Jeong Woo I used to be.
The Chief I knew
is not the person who would back-stab his junior staff in order to free Moon Il Seok because you couldn't withstand
Jo Seo Hee's pressure.
I'll leave after quitting my job.
I was told I couldn't be promoted.
Then it's customary in our field to quit of your own accord.
My children are in middle school and high school.
Don't find excuses.
Because you are going to be a lawyer,
are you saying that you've already got your income covered?
But, had I known that Jang Tae San was going to infiltrate Moon Il Seok's home,
I would not have agreed to set him free so soon.
It's your mistake
that you didn't say that.
I didn't tell you because I didn't want to burden you.
You said you were fighting against people crueler than snakes. Why didn't you think of all the situations?
You should have included me in your calculations as well.
I know.
I know how lacking I was,
how rushed I was, how unqualified I was.
I know that very well.
Before you quit,
tell me why you need me, someone who compromised with authority.
Soo Jin's surgery is in two days.
I want to let her have the surgery,
and I want to clear Jang Tae San's name
who was stained because of me.
Do you have the confidence to
catch Moon Il Seok as the culprit in two days?
I think I do.
Okay. Two days.
Do your best.
Thank you.
Yes. This is Park Jae Gyeong.
Hwang Dae Joon took the bait.
Is that so?
Prepare to catch him carefully and don't miss him.
I got it. I'll go prepare in the police headquarters.
You're back.
Soo Jin.
Now Dad is
going to clear his name soon.
How is Soo Jin doing?
Soo Jin.
Daddy said how are you doing?
Tell him I'm doing fine.
Do you want to tell him yourself?
Should i?
There's another text.
How's Soo Jin?
Is she calmer from the shock?
What did he say?
It's Ahjussi.
It's Ahjussi?
It's Ahjussi I see.
Children's Art Contest
Hurry up and draw.
Time is up. Turn in your drawings please.
Please bring your drawings please.
Did you write your name?
All you done drawing?
Good job. You did well.
Now we have to turn it in.
This is Ahjussi.
This is dad on the left
and ahjussi is on the right.
You drew Ahjussi and your Dad together?
Why did you
Why did you draw it like that?
Because Ajuhssi came to Soo Jin's first day at kindergarten,
and also at the talent show at my preschool.
You've been my bodyguard instead of Dad during that time.
Seo Soo Jin,
are you really going to be like this?
It feels like I'm being proposed to to be your dad.
I feel more nervous than proposing to your mom.
It's true.
How can it be real?
You like my mom.
If I like your mom a lot, I start liking the people she likes too.
Soo Jin is the person your mom loves the most in this world.
That's true.
That's why.
But I'm not like that.
Ahjussi is nice to me
so I like Ahjussi.
I'm not liking you because Mom likes you.
Aigoo my Soo Jin. Kiss!
Aigoo aigoo.
Let's go.
We should turn it in now. Wow, you drew so well. Hand?
This hand.
Seo Soo Jin, did you just sigh?
It's because I have a lot of worries.
What kind of worries do you have little kid?
You're not infected and your fever has gone down.
Mom, the mountains, the sun, and the moon
can't be all together at once, right?
The mountains, the sun, and the moon.
That's not possible.
The sun is only out in the mornings, and the moon is only there at night.
But what the mountains need is the sun, right?
The mountains will sprout trees
and blossom flowers only if the sun is there.
That's true, more than the moon
Soo Jin Is that-
It's because I just like dad.
I like ahjussi, too
but dad is dad.
Ahjussi, it's Soo Jin. Soo Jin is okay.
I have a slight fever left, but it's worth living through.
The kid, she even cares for me.
She even met her dad.
Dad, it's Soo Jin. Soo Jin is okay.
I have a slight fever left, but I can face it.
What a relief. What a relief.
In Hye. Moon Il Seok will be arrested soon.
Did you come to meet Soo Jin?
I came, not necessarily to see her.
Once Moon Il Seok gets arrested, you know you have to confess and be investigated, right?
Once Soo Jin's surgery is over.
But I don't think there will be any reason for you to be investigated by me,
so you don't have to worry about that.
After I arrest Moon Il Seok,
I need to go and get investigated as well.
I wasn't able to tell you because I was a coward.
I'm sorry. I gave that digital camera to Moon Il Seok.
I know.
In Hye told you, right?
What are the chances of In Hye telling me?
When you followed me to the construction site three days ago, that's when I found out.
About shooting you that day,
I'm sorry.
Did you chase me here with a gun to say that?
I'll come by Soo Jin's surgery date, so don't waste your energy trying to chase me,
and watch over Soo Jin and In Hye.
Since Moon Il Seok knows In Hye, I'm telling you to protect her.
I'm sorry for dragging even In Hye into this.
am also sorry.
Please take care of yourself until the day of Soo Jin's surgery.
If something happens, or if you ever need my help
Nothing like that will happen.
We are re-investigating Oh Mi Sook's case.
I'll find the real culprit before Soo Jin's surgery, no matter what it takes.
Those apologetic eyes of yours, your worry for Soo Jin's surgery,
the heart that wished for me to live until the surgery.
You're saying you figured it out then?
I made sure that In Hye wasn't followed.
If you had found out at that time, why didn't you tell In Hye about it?
What's there to gain by telling In Hye?
It'll only hurt In Hye's heart.
Hwang Dae Joon
It's Hwang Dae Joon.
It's Im Seung Woo.
Right now, by the column by the police station,
I left an evidence.
It's the shirt that Moon Il Seok wore when he killed Oh Mi Sook.
Moon Il Seok's blood is also stained on it.
What about you?
until Moon Il Seok gets locked in the jail cell for good,
will never testify or confess.
If I get locked up first,
I will die in the hand's of the bastards he'll send.
Hello? Hwang Dae Joon!
What did he say?
He left the evidence at the police station,
and he says he'll testify after we catch Moon Il Seok.
Did he say the evidence was verified?
Since Prosecutor Park is at the police station right now, I'll tell her to verify it immediately.
You suffered a lot all this time.
I'm going to go catch Moon Il Seok, then.
He said the address of the store Moon Il Seok frequents to get his shirt custom-made is in it.
It's even got his bloodstain and sweat when he cut his hand while killing Oh Mi Sook.
Chief. Please send this to forensics and have it verified.
Geez, why did his underling keep this?
Wouldn't he have learned while watching?
Like like Moon Il Seok's habits and patterns.
A long, long, time ago, the mountain and the sun were in love.
They were so, so in love,
but they broke up.
That's why, with no choice, the mountain
said he was boiling, and hot, and sweaty,
he got mad at the sun.
But in truth, the mountain liked the sun even when it couldn't sleep for one hundred nights.
So did the sun leave? Where did it go?
It probably went to the moon.
The story is indescribably sad, right?
Soo Jin's Dad
Yeah, In Hye. It's me, Jang Tae San.
The thing is,
evidence came out that said Moon Il Seok is the real culprit,
so I can prove my innocence, now.
So now, I
Where are you right now?
Are you at the hospital?
It's late and you said Soo Jin was sleeping, so why come here?
Because I wanted to see your face and congratulate you.
Congratulations. You suffered a lot.
What suffering?
I'll tell Soo Jin
that all the bad things stopped happening to dad.
Are you Glue stick?
Keep the phone's battery charged.
Look at the photo in there.
I didn't give you the fountain pen to be used it as a knife.
The customer's phone is turned off. You will be redirected to voicemail.
After the beep you will be charged for the call.
You're here.
Ahjussi, are you're still like this?
There's no reply as to whether he's seen it or not.
You should have asked Moon Il Seok a long time ago for clear answers.
If I did, Moon Il Seok would order that child to kill me.
Even if he doesn't know,
I can't make him kill his own father.
I mean
How could you think that far?
I'm still not sure.
If ever Moon Il Seok would make my son like that
I would kill him right this instant.
You couldn't kill him, either.
When Moon Il Seok kidnapped your daughter, you couldn't kill him then, either.
It was because of your daughter, right?
Even though you were angry,
you also held it in because you didn't want your daughter to be a murderer's child.
That's what all fathers are like.
my father would also have done this.
It's not that he didn't like me, but
maybe he also had circumstances he couldn't talk about.
That's right, that's probably what it is.
I wish Glustick would be caught soon.
We would be able to catch him once Moon Il Seok is arrested.
He will be arrested tonight.
Is this Seok Do? Is there still no contact from Chairman Hwang?
He told me to go to Abanggoong, so I'm on my way over there.
Right now?
Moon Il Seok!
What's this?
Hurry and search the whole house!
Detective Im.
This bastard.
He ran away in a hurry.
He couldn't have gone far, the tea is still hot.
Where could he have gone to?
He wouldn't have gone back to his office, would he?
I'll order them to set up checkpoints as soon as possible.
Hwang Dae Joon, this bastard!
Bastard that bastard!
How did it go?
Chairman Hwang with the shirt that you wore that day
He gave it to the police.
Is seems like he didn't burn all of the clothes.
Hey! Why didn't he burn it?
I told him to burn everything even down to the shoes but why didn't he do it?
There's no way out, Chairman.
Tell Jo Seo Hee to take me out immediately.
Tell her to get a hold of that shirt.
Where are you right now?
It was this.
This was what that bastard, Tae San was planning,
I was wondering why that bastard came to me.
He planned to let Dae Joon know
that I was trying to deceive him.
You lost him?
How? Why?!
I don't know. He might have sensed it.
What about the office? The checkpoints?
We put out an alert on him.
Nothing has happened here.
I see.
What are you doing?
Where do you think this is to come in?
I bought this house. You didn't think I would have a key?
You've gone mad.
What's going on? Don't you even have the sense to look at what time it is?
I'm not in a condition to look at time right now.
Did Jang Tae San get you?
I know right.
Why did you come here?
Why would I have come?
You're asking me to proceed with the auction as planned,
so that we can get 200 billion won?
Because you are not the one to rot in a penitentiary for several decades.
After getting 200 billion won, arrange it so that I can get on the ship to leave this country.
Even to help you to be a stow away?
You know very well that if I am in trouble, your 200 billion will be gone, too.
should be sent to my bank account first, right?
It was only yesterday when you threatened me with the talk of money.
After suffering that,
I would be stupid to let money fall so easily into your hands.
Jo Seo Hee.
Don't try to play games with me.
Until I get the 200 billion in my account, I will have a killer to watch you 24/7.
I don't use money to play games with someone who considers money as their life.
What are you going to do?
Are you going to shift to my account?
I will have Director Im take care of it.
So you need to be clear in your transaction.
As soon as I confirm account change,
I will proceed with the auction again.
Leave quickly. Before the bloodshot Park Jae Kyeong barges in here.
Here with a breaking news. The real culprit in the homicide of Ms. Oh on the 11th at Daebang-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu.
is not the escapee Jang Tae San, but it's Chairman Moon Il Seok of Seongshil Capital Group.
With this, Jang Tae San who had been on the run for 13 days after escaping on the 12th while he was sent away
to the prosecutors was in fact framed for the homicide.
Chairman Moon Il Seok had barely escaped his arrest. He is now on alert for arrest.
So my life ends like this - because of Jang Tae San.
If you are to board the boat tomorrow, you should go to Incheon Port tonight.
I'm asking if my life is ending like this because of that bastard, Jang Tae San!
Director Im.
You know, right? That I can't leave like this.
It's too dangerous.
Before I leave,
even if I die, I need to grind him up before I go.
Director Im. Do you want to keep your feet out, or do you want to inherit my shares?
Tomorrow at 9AM is Tae San's daughter's surgery.
Don't let him enter the doors to the operating room.
Before he can step over my casket, Tae San that punk
will never be able to save his daughter.
When a poisonous snake bites its prey, it will never let it go.
Even if its head gets cut off, it will eat its prey no matter what.
That's how I lived and came to this point.
Moon Il Seok took revenge on you?
That's why Moon Il Seok is a man to be afraid of.
If you step on him once, he'll step on you a hundred times more.
I'm sorry. I came in and waited without permission.
I watched the morning news. I heard that you've been cleared.
But more than that, Doctor,
can't we pull Soo Jin's surgery just a day forward?
Moon Il Seok will never let this be.
On the day of the surgery, we'll reinforce the police force.
That won't be enough.
He's the guy that won't rest until he swallows what he bites, even if it means getting his head cut off.
He's definitely going to retaliate in some way.
Is that why you asked Doctor Park if she could move the surgery date?
I need your help, Prosecutor.
There's no time, we need to hurry!
Hey, look at this.
Jang Tae San?
Oh, isn't this Jang Tae San?
That's what I'm saying. How could he be connected to Congresswoman Jo?
What's going on?
Congresswoman Jo, a word!
Congresswoman Jo!
Is this true?!
If I say that it's true, would you believe me?
If I say that it's false, will you believe me?
The truth about this picture will be revealed by the prosecutors and the police.
With our country's skills wouldn't 2-3 days be enough to reveal whether this picture is real or fake?
I plead for a speedy investigation.
You heard from Dr. Park, right?
That person, Moon Il Seok, is a disgustingly scary person.
How can he make us worry like this to the end?
Don't worry. Even if something happens to me, I'm going to save Soo Jin no matter what.
Why are you saying things like that?
Everything's going to be fine.
I know. Everything will be fine.
The exits are here, here, and here.
Emergency exits are here and here. Total of two places.
Tomorrow on the day of the surgery, I can't predict how many policemen will be there
Trash all this crap!
I'm asking how I can get in there and how I can kill Jang Tae San!
You bastard! It's your job to take care of the cops on your own.
I'm sorry.
Whether you blow up the hospital with a bomb or put everyone to sleep with a sleeping gas
This is Officer Park.
I called because I had some important information I needed to tell you.
I'm here at Busan for duty. I'm leaving now.
Prosecutor Park! Why wouldn't you answer your phone?! Jang Tae San is-
What? Why don't you choose a place?
601 Seokhee-dong?
Okay, 601 Seokhee-dong.
This kind of information can't even compare to anything else I've given you, so
I think that I'll have to talk to Moon Il Seok, himself.
It's important information, so you have to talk to him.
Even this dumb cop thinks I'm nothing now
Look here you punk! You're all juiced out and I have no use for you anymore.
Where do you think you're calling?!
If they were suspicious that I am a spy, do you think they would have me stand guard at the hospital?
While I was here to stand guard,
I overheard Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye talking.
Jang Tae San and Seo In Hye?
A billion in cash.
A billion?
After I leak this information, I can't work as a police officer anymore.
I will hand in my resignation but I'll need some money to spend the rest of my life in hiding.
Tell me what it is first.
I have to see the money first. It's about Jang Tae San's surgery.
If you're playing
You're the man who will return from the dead to stab me.
I know it well.
I'll send someone, so wait.
Chairman, you know how dangerous it is if you make a wrong move now!
Take all my stocks.
I said, arrange it so that I can kill this bastard, Jang Tae San, before I leave.
Let's talk inside.
It's not a difficult task.
Just watch the CCTV and let them know about exactly 2 hours.
Is it okay to do this?
It's a hundred million won (~$100,000) for two hours.
They say they can draw out his marrow a day ahead.
So that's his scheme?
The surgery is tonight at 10PM.
The only vacant operation rooms are number six and seven.
They're putting up the least number of police force there.
There are two operation rooms, you say
You and I will each be responsible for one.
The place isn't even guarded well. Why not we just send Mr. Kim to do the job?
It's because I want to kill him. Me. With my own hands.
Because there are two operating rooms, I won't be able to cover it myself. That's why I'm taking him with me.
To watch for infection, you will receive a simple examination.
And then you will receive general anesthesia,
and after anesthesia is complete, we will draw out your marrow
from the hip bone for two hours.
Then after the marrow is drawn out, I can just leave?
You need time to wake up from anesthesia, and in order to stop the bleeding,
it's good to lay down for 3 to 4 more hours.
If there's sign of anemia, you will need a blood transfusion, too.
Do well, Soo Jin's Dad.
Here you go.
You must not forget how to work it.
Let's go.
Who am I?
What are you saying all of a sudden?
Before we met coincidentally in Colombia,
did you already know me?
Who are you?
Who are you for me to know you?
Do you want to find your parents now? You said you didn't want to then.
With all this going on now, do you want me to find you your parents?
No, sir.
I'm sorry. I'll have the car ready.
It's the same today. We're doing a stakeout again tonight.
All detectives work hard like this, my friend!
I think Jang Tae San's operation room is number seven.
30 minutes ago, I saw the primary doctor leave the room.
Jang Tae San has not awoke from anesthesia yet.
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