2 Weeks (2013) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Instead of Moon Il Seok, we will push Hwang Dae Joon as the culprit.
Therefore, the person who gave you the beverages laced with sedatives is Hwang Dae Joon, right?
President Hwang, now, even if you kill me
you won't be able to escape being framed for Oh Mi Sook's murder.
Right now, by the column at the police station,
I left some evidence.
It's the shirt that Moon Il Seok wore when he killed Oh Mi Sook.
I didn't give you that fountain pen to be used as a knife.
Don't think of playing games with me.
As for the money, you should have it sent to my bank account first, right?
This is Detective Park. Because I had some important information I needed to tell you,
I called.
Get rid of all this crap!
I'm asking how I can get in there and how I can kill Jang Tae San!
I think Jang Tae San's operating room is number seven.
Thirty minutes ago, I saw the attending physician leave the room.
am "General."
The nickname you came up with, instead of calling me Dad.
General! General!
Your name is
Han Jin Hyeok.
Moon Il Seok will never let this be.
On the day of the surgery, we'll reinforce the police on duty.
That won't be enough.
Even if his head is cut off,
he's a guy who won't rest until he swallows what he's bitten.
He's definitely going to retaliate in some way.
Is that why you asked Doctor Park
if she could move up the surgery date?
I need your help, Prosecutor.
I was told, because an examination is necessary, it's not possible to extract the bone marrow in advance.
Tell me.
If we can't arrest Moon Il Seok,
even if Soo Jin's surgery ends safely,
Soo Jin and In Hye will have to live forever in trepidation.
Out of resentment for being ignored, he's a bastard who even abducted Chi Gook Ahjussi's child and
had him adopted to another country.
And, he hates me even more.
I, too, know that he's not a bastard who'll just take it lying down.
Clearly, he'll try to stow away, at the very least.
While stowing away, he will, at least, order someone to hurt Soo Jin and In Hye.
Are you saying that, before the surgery, we should lure Moon Il Seok and catch him?
As for Moon Il Seok, tomorrow morning at 9AM,
he knows that I will have my bone marrow extracted.
I passed information to Moon Il Seok's side that I'm doing that tonight.
Information to whom?
Detective Park!
Even if I were to die,
we have to definitely get Moon Il Seok before he leaves this country.
Soo Jin and In Hye
I can't let them live in danger all their lives.
What if Moon Il Seok doesn't come himself?
Since he can send that bastard Martin?
Get two surgery rooms.
Then, you can catch Moon Il Seok too.
And you can catch my son too.
-- 11:30 AM -- We need to completely deceive Moon Il Seok
and lure him to the hospital.
Detective Park, do you think you could do this for us?
At first, after Jang Tae San escaped,
if he appears somewhere,
they asked me to let them know just once.
So, is that why you stopped asking around to borrow money for your father's recrudescent surgery?
Then, why did you keep doing it?
If I didn't keep doing it, they said they would reveal that I've been a mole.
All seven of my family,
I have to feed and support them on my own.
Right this moment, I'll go to internal affairs and
turn myself in.
Prosecutor Park said that, if you tell the truth first,
you should 'turn yourself in', after repaying your debt.
I must, of course.
Just tell me what I have to do.
-- 3:50 PM -- Yes, I understand.
See you there, then.
How did it go?
He fell for it. He said he'd come with the money at 6 o'clock.
Speak to them plausibly.
According to the results of the examination, there's nothing wrong.
It seems you'll be able to have the surgery safely tomorrow.
Thank you.
Apprehending them on their way in is dangerous because of patients and guardians.
We must arrest them after we've driven them into the surgery rooms completely.
Since he's a bastard who is thorough, he probably will have bought off at least one employee.
I guess we'll have to check all the employees' IDs.
Let's go in from this way.
I brought it. Look at this side.
They will demand that you manipulate the CCTV and report to them, and offer a huge sum of money.
You just need to accept the money and act as if you're doing them a favor.
--9:20 PM -- Oh, there. He's arrived on the surgery floor.
Altogether, each to his station!
Where's Moon Il Seok?
From here, watch a Moon Il Seok that has arrested come out .
Just in case, since those bastards shouldn't see your face, stay in the car.
They say Moon Il Seok went down to the basement.
The basement?
What happened!?
By the time we got to the basement, he was already gone.
Do you mean that he got out already?!
Jang Tae San.
Jang Tae San isn't here.
What are you talking about? What do you mean Jang Tae San is missing!?
Check the surveillance footage from the hospital entrance, quickly!
What happened?
Jang Tae San went hanging onto the laundry truck Moon Il Seok was driving.
Call the traffic control center immediately and ask them to locate the truck.
Come out you bastard!
Where do you think you're escaping to?
Open the door!
That leech-like bastard, how did he know and come to chase me?
Moon Il Seok!
You're resorting to all kind of things, Moon Il Seok.
Now you're even hiding like a rat bastard?!
Regardless, you'll never be able to run away.
It's the end for you.
The end? This is how I end?
In Moon Il Seok's dictionary, there is no "end".
How I got to this point,
a punk like you would never know, even if you died and return to life a hundred times over.
I don't care to know.
How you survived by taking your older sister and younger sibling's potato and corn,
bragging and reminiscing about it nostalgically like the bastard dog that you are.
I don't want to dirty my ears.
You arrogant bastard!
Pathetic bastard.
Your siblings, who had their food stolen out of their mouths by you,
must have starved to death.
Shut your mouth, you bastard!
Is it because a guy, who cannot do anything and can be treated carelessly,
isn't getting crushed making you angry?
Because I was weak and lived a spiritless life?
The only people who have the right to be angry with me
are my daughter and In Hye.
Because you're a guy who would do nothing. Because you're a guy who wouldn't do a thing.
A guy who doesn't make a peep regardless of what is asked of him.
Because you are a guy who would do nothing.
You didn't care if you died today or tomorrow.
Why bother to give a guy like that a chance to choose anything.
You didn't have the right to put your hands on my life from the very start!
I wasn't being subservient to you.
I held back from fear that my people would be harmed.
Alright, bring it on!
Yes, yes. I've just confirmed it.
They made a left turn at the Sangchi intersection, then disappeared into the alley without CCTV.
Where are the places they could have gone from that alley?
What do you mean that you don't see Tae San?
It appears that he is chasing after Moon Il Seok.
He even completed all the examinations. The surgery is tomorrow morning.
In Hye, are you alright?
What am I going to do?
What happened?!
There was a report of wild driving from Seokye.
It seems to be Moon Il Seok's truck.
Get out.
My life.
You you you!
You had no right to take my life, you son of a bch!
I promised you that I wouldn't kill you.
That I would definitely not kill you.
I will make it so that you will rot, for 30 years, in jail.
To make it so that you can't touch In Hye or Soo Jin.
To make it so that you wouldn't touch them!
Are you alright? What about Moon Il Seok?
Moon Il Seok is tied up behind the auto junkyard.
What happened?
He's the one who stabbed your father.
Go put the cuffs on him personally.
Jang Tae San is safe. He's on his way to the hospital now.
Moon Il Seok has been caught.
Tae San.
I'm sorry for frightening you.
You finally caught him?
I got him.
There won't be any reason to worry about Moon Il Seok anymore.
You made sure to block all the reporters for tomorrow, right?
Send in the guests for the charity auction only after you've scrutinized their invitations carefully.
Yes, Director Im?
Chairman Moon Il Seok has been arrested.
Is that so?
Let go! Let go of me, you bastards!
Let go! Let me go!
We will now begin the anesthesia.
Why didn't you wake me?!
Daddy said not to wake you.
Daddy did?
Still, even so, Mom!
Dad will give me his bone marrow.
He's going to save me.
And, I can't even see his face or say my greetings.
What kind of situation is this?!
Instead, while Daddy takes out his bone marrow,
he asked me to give this request to you.
A request?
In here, he said to write down the foods that you like
and all the things you'd like to do with him.
Then, did he say he would do all of these for me?
Playing soccer together.
Drawing together, arm wrestling together,
Sleeping together with Mommy and Daddy,
riding on your shoulders.
The foods that Soo Jin like are?
Fried shrimp, fresh octopus, ham and kimchi stew,
ice cream, and cotton candy.
Why are you here?
I wanted to leave only after handing you over to Soo Jin.
What about Jo Seo Hee?
she's most likely auctioning things off?
As for Soo Jin,
it's time for her to receive her bone marrow.
Receive my present first, then go see Soo Jin.
Jang Tae San, your past and current crimes and unjust labels,
you'll have to clear all of them.
Excuse me?
After seeing the news about Moon Il Seok being arrested, they said Hwang Dae Joon just confessed.
The real criminal that attacked my father eight years ago is now Moon Il Seok.
Five years ago, the person who injured Han Chi Guk's follower, Kim Shi Jin
Hwang Dae Joon is the real criminal.
Once the real criminal is revealed, you can appeal
and clear your cases completely.
On a dark night,
In my withered heart,
Your clear eyes,
Give me a quiet rest.
鈾?On the day you come 鈾?/i
鈾?On a warm day 鈾?/i
鈾?As if I'm under a spell 鈾?/i
It's all done.
鈾?I want to greet you brightly 鈾?/i
鈾?I will hold your two hands tightly 鈾?/i
It feels weird, right?
It doesn't even look like much.
It's a huge deal.
It's a way for Soo Jin to live healthily for the rest of her life.
It's like strength going into her.
Thank you.
It will take about four weeks for the bone marrow to acclimate to Soo Jin's body.
Until then, she has to remain in the aseptic room.
Then, can she leave immediately after that?
Once we move her into a regular patient's room, we'll have to analyze the results for 2-3 weeks.
3 million!
The bid is for 3 million won.
The bid is now for 3.1 million.
The bid is now for 3.25 million.
Are there any higher bids?
If there isn't, 3.25
Item #38, basic-patterned terra cotta, to bidder #15.
It has been sold at 3.25 million won.
Next is item #39.
Bronze statue of Sakyamuni Tathagata by Thai sculptor, Chat Krio.
Opening bid will start at 4.5 million.
5 million!
The bid is now 5 million.($5,000)
50 million.
The bid is at 50 million.
Are there any more bidders!
If there aren't any, then 50
50 million won
The bronze statue of Sakyamuni Tathagata to bidder #21.
It has been sold for 50 million won.
We took Moon Il Seok's share of the pot as well.
Mr. Im Hyung Jin
It seems 'eat and run' is popular these days.
Jo Seo Hee, you are being arrested for Narcotics Control Act violations.
Was it this woman?
At that time, was that ?
What are you talking about?
Oh, it's been a few years.
Moon Il Seok once said that there was a woman that loved money
and it was a pain to help her use it secretly.
A woman who loves money would never stack it up, just to look at it.
That's what I was thinking about.
I knew Moon Il Seok was expanding his business with all kinds of backdoor deals,
but I never thought it would be this one person for such a long time.
If you happen to hear anything about business from Moon Il Seok, tell me everything.
Just like what you told me about the secret use of the money.
Poor construction, stock fraud,
real estate,
cash bribery, borrowed-name transactions.
By any chance, did you hear something about smuggling?
Such as smuggling of foreign art work or illegally excavated articles.
No, Moon Il Seok has no interest in art work.
Although, if it was smuggling drugs, it may be different though.
Drugs aren't what Jo Seo Hee would deal with.
I investigated all the artists who are supporting the auction.
But I'm unable to contact artists 5, 26, and 39.
I heard all three of them are coming in from Thailand.
When we release that picture and see Jo Seo Hee's reaction,
you may be able to find the answers to the homework that you haven't been able to solve.
Seeing how Jo Seo Hee throws her authority around,
you said she looked like someone who's put her life on the line for the charity auction.
She's someone that acts like the charity auction is the end for her.
As if she's someone who will leave this country once the auction ends.
It was like that during the CCTV incident in Chooncheon.
And also when we had to release Moon Il Seok the first time we arrested him.
Just how much money is at stake that she is even planning to run away.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You told me this before, right?
Moon Il Seok most likely dealt drugs.
But, he had no interest in such things as smuggling art.
If it is Moon Il Seok, then yes.
Moon Il Seok is going to Japan the same day the auction ends.
And the auction is at 2 in the afternoon.
The ship carrying the art objects arrives at 9 in the morning of that same day.
It usually arrives the day before (the auction) for the Custom's examination.
If Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee has her hands in drugs, it means
She is thinking of pulling off a big one,
and, then, leaving this country.
From Korea to the United States, it's Jo Seo Hee.
From United States to Switzerland, it's Mai Hong.
Jenny Kim, from Switzerland to Cyprus.
You planned to take your son from Switzerland to Cyprus
and live under the false identity as Jenny Kim, right?
When was the beginning of your connection to Moon Il Seok?
Before you take that pill,
look at this first.
There is a message from your son.
Hi, Mom.
Mother, this is a present that I want to give you.
I miss you.
What are you going to do with this son if you die?
Because you wanted to be an angel to your son alone,
you made countless other people cry.
Kim Seong Joon will be
spending his time at the free Hayoung-dong welfare center.
Reporting from the courthouse where the retrial of Jang Tae San is under way.
The framed Jang Tae San had been on the run for 14 days, since being accused of murder.
In the midst of the trial for Moon Il Seok, who has been found to be the real suspect for the murder of Ms. Oh,
it has also been revealed that the assault and mayhem charged to Mr. Jang 8 and 5 years ago,
were, in fact, the result of Moon Il Seok's threats.
The outlook from today's retrial is that
all prior convictions will be overturned.
It has been revealed that Moon Il Seok is the culprit of the 2005 mayhem on Park Won Sik.
And, the 2008 mayhem on Kim Shi Jeon
was committed by Hwang Dae Joon.
Therefore, the confession from Jang Tae San and the false evidence should be nullified.
In accordance with Penal Code Section 325 part b,
'In a case when there is no proof of crime,'
with regard to the two convictions,
the defendant asks that the court rule him not guilty.
How do you feel? Now you don't have a criminal record.
It's all thanks to you.
You've come this far to take the case on my behalf.
I agree.
You've finally acted like a prosecutor after such a long time.
Stop emphasizing that you kept my resignation from being processed.
Thank you, Attorney.
Thank you for taking on my case and also for Oh Mi Sook's case too.
It's regretful that the first case was pro bono,
but, the benefit of making myself known is greater.
Your story is very dramatic and humane.
I will block the reporters, so go that other way.
My father
Now, he will be able to rest in peace.
About your father,
I'm sincerely sorry.
I'm the one who's thankful.
Because of you, I was able to catch both Moon Il Seok and Jo Seo Hee.
Congratulations on becoming completely free.
You're only coming in now?
Looks like you drank soju.
Yes, if I had known you'd return this quickly,
I would have asked you to have a congratulatory drink with me.
You must not be feeling so well now. What's the use of a congratulatory drink?
How's your son?
Better now than never He's getting by.
He listens well.
What is this?
It's consolation compensation and a token of encouragement.
My son killed your friend, who was like your family.
He also chased and tried to kill you countless times.
But, that's because Moon Il Seok ordered him to do so.
He didn't even have his memory.
Why are you being like this?
When you've done so much for me
Even so, because of you, I found my son.
No amount of anger is enough for what happened.
You're such an amazing person.
If you live looking back at all the regrets,
you'll never live according to your fated lifespan.
There's no life without any regrets. If I think about it, of course I am angry.
But, how can people live like that?
It was not an ordinary event.
Even now,
really, even now, I'm grateful.
If I hadn't helped you, I wouldn't have found my 'glue stick'.
Then, that punk
would have lived his life abominably.
Continuously causing trouble to people, and never knowing human affection.
That's true.
Even now
Really, even now
I'm like that, too.
But, I really don't need this.
Hey, punk,
You wanna live with me?
Why would I live together with you?
Did I say to eat and sleep in the same room?
Couldn't we live together in the same neighborhood?
I want to live on the farm until Hyuk gets out.
Why? Are you doing that because you're worried for me?
Crazy guy.
Why would I worry about someone who's young, handsome, and strong?
is the day that my Soo Jin comes out of the aseptic room.
are you finally meeting your daughter?
Stop looking. Your calves are going to cramp.
Mom, my calves hurt.
You're alive, you're alive.
Daddy and I were planning to do a handshake.
But, because of you, it got all twisted.
You came?
Congratulations on leaving the aseptic room, Soo Jin.
Here. I promised I'd bring Ting Ting.
It's so cool, after having seen you on the other side of the glass window all this time,
to see you closely like this.
Mom, Dad's nose is very pretty.
This tastes really delicious to me.
It acts as a hangover cure after you've been drinking, too.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
It'll get more and more cold.
Make sure to wear a parka.
Wow, that's interesting.
You've all worked hard.
Here we go.
Here is the garlic pizza you guys ordered.
And as 'service', souped up spicy rice cakes!
Wow, you sure do give us good service!
Before I did something to get me dismissed,
I should've change my job to here.
I think you like this place better than being a detective.
You're like that, too.
After going on a vacation, your face has totally bloomed.
How come those who were suspended have happier faces?
Ahhh, we have another investigation tomorrow.
Detective Im, if you don't have anything to do tomorrow,
why don't you come and keep watch?
Tomorrow is the day our Soo Jin is released from the hospital.
Seung Woo.
Congratulations to Miss Seo Soo Jin for leaving the hospital.
These are chocolates
and this is the coupon for the ice cream that you wanted.
Thank you.
Did the vacation go well?
What 'vacation' for a person who has been suspended? I just went to have time for reflection.
You've prepared everything already.
Soo Jin went through so much work.
Let's put that in here.
Tah-dah. Alright, let's put that in, too.
Let's go.
Soo Jin.
Your Dad's here.
Soo Jin!
Do you want to go on a vacation with me?
Alright, I'll let you ride an airplane. Let's go.
Up we go!
Do you like it?
I'm remembering the day we were together.
Somehow I felt very excited.
No, no, no, you can't!
You're almost here!
You did so well!
What's that about?
Over here!
Get the ball from him!
No, no, you can't!
Why did you like mom?
In the beginning, I made a mistake towards your mom.
But your mom didn't misunderstand me.
People only look on the outside and make misunderstandings often.
You're right.
Honestly, I I eat a lot and eat well,
but people say I'm skinny
and say "Aigoo, you're picky, aren't you?"
But what about mom?
Your mom
didn't misunderstand my mistake, even though it was her first time meeting me.
And, she just understood my mistake for what it was.
You already got hit as much as you deserved,
so you just answer me honestly.
Did you touch there knowing I was a real person or not?
Would I have touched there if I had known?
You're saying you didn't know, right?
So you're saying that I looked like a real statue. That's what it is, right?
Dad, the kimchi stew is over-flowing! It'll over-flow!
Oh, alright.
Let's do it together. I can't just watch.
No, no. I will do it.
We agreed that I would do everything today.
Right, Soo Jin?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But Dad, do you like shrimp too?
No, your dad doesn't like seafood.
Then what does he like?
Let's eat. It looks delicious.
It's yummy, it's yummy.
It's yummy?
It's spicy, it's spicy.
It's spicy?
Are you okay?
Dad, you too.
It's yummy! Thanks.
But, Dad, where do you really live?
You said you would tell me when I got completely better .
Soo Jin.
Soo Jin. Your Dad
Daddy made a lot of mistakes.
Another mistake aside from meeting mom?
Yeah. I made lots.
Mistakes I did a lot and for a very long time.
And, I haven't reversed all of my mistakes yet.
So, I'm sorry, Soo Jin.
After I've set those straight, can I tell you then?
Honestly, Mommy told me not to ask you about your situation yet.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
Dad is the one who's so sorry.
And thank you for saying that you'd wait.
Soo Jin, aren't you sleepy?
Yes. I think it's because I haven't heard a lullaby.
Daddy, sing me a lullaby.
But then, I don't know any lullaby.
Sing a song that you like.
A song to which you know all the lyrics.
A song to which I know all the lyrics?
'The cloudy sky,'
'for some reason it feels like it might be'
'a country that you're living in.'
'I couldn't even close the windows.'
'I was hanging out there all day long.'
'I couldn't jump over easily,'
'even a small threshold of life.'
'But what was it that I want to say to you.'
'I turn around leaving you on the edge of the distant mountain.'
'Time keeps telling me to release you.'
'But even if I cherish the voice that resembles yours,'
'why couldn't I say to you to go with me.'
I really don't like it.
What now?
Why do you like that song? The lyrics are a bit
"But even if I cherish the voice that resembles yours, why couldn't I say to you to go with me."
This is a break-up song.
But it's talking about cherishing a voice that resembles yours. It's eternal love.
Time says, "it's time to let go."
-- Are you jealous of the song? --What?
You don't like me singing this song so much?
Okay. I won't sing it to you then.
But then, in return for me not singing that song, stop working there.
Il Seok Liquor.
It's not because I am embarrassed. It's really not because of that.
It doesn't suit you That lifestyle.
I know. I will quit.
Of course, I also have a conscience. How can I ask a person like you to be beside a bastard like me blindly?
So, wait just a little longer for me.
I will.
You Why didn't you say anything when you're having such a hard time like this?
I wanted to wait.
I am so ashamed of myself before you.
To me, who was abandoned even by my parents,
the first person in my life who extended a hand to me
was you.
Your courage.
At that time, why did I forget that?
At that time,
I'm sorry I couldn't have trusted you more.
You weren't the type of person to do that.
I should have realized that there's no way you would do that and should have looked into it more.
I wasn't able to.
Soo Jin takes after you.
She is so pretty. She grew up so prettily that
my hearts as if it's being torn apart.
After Soo Jin received her bone-marrow transplant,
I wanted to visit everyday.
But I wasn't able to.
Soo Jin asked, just like earlier.
"What do you do, Daddy?"
Since she's a child, it is natural that she would be curious.
To my daughter's all too obvious question,
I lived a life that makes it hard to know how to answer that question.
For whatever the reason, without having the minimum qualifications to be
A daddy like that After 8 years, I met my daughter.
It's my responsibility for living 8 years lifelessly.
You won't be like that from now on.
I In Hye, when Soo Jin becomes 9 years old
When she becomes 13 years old and becomes 18 years old
When she goes to college, when she marries and has children
Whenever she feels lonely and has a hard time,
I want to be the type of dad, whom she can seek out with a peace of mind.
You will be able to become that.
Before I can become a father like that, I need to become a person who can do that.
So, that's why all day today,
you did everything that Soo Jin wanted.
To leave.
Just because you forgave me,
just because Soo Jin wanted her daddy,
doesn't mean I can stay by your side thoughtlessly.
It was 2 weeks, 14 days. So many things have happened to you that
you ended up forgiving me too easily.
I'm so thankful for that.
But 8 years ago,
you were separated from your parents because of me.
Now, because you pity me,
don't make the same mistake with that person.
He's a person who's protected you and Soo Jin for 4 years.
I reported myself to Internal Affairs and was suspended.
But you did it because you were being threatened though.
Your mother and father were probably quite disappointed.
That's why I'm thinking of going on a trip.
Do you know what won't get shaken off of a person's heart the most and stays stuck there for a long time?
and lingering affection.
Seung Woo.
I thought that Soo Jin's dad had passed away.
If he had died Since a dead person is already buried
Even if there were many stories left behind, how many can there be?
Even if there were,
he can't be revived. That's what I told myself.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you sooner.
During this time, you must have had a hard time.
Even if I were to have a hard time,
next to you who found out all at once about the 8 years you lost,
would it even compare to you?
I'm not doing this because I love you less.
Always pitiful and
heartrending you all.
Jang Tae San and
our Soo Jin.
I don't have the confidence to live pretending that I do not to know the feelings of the three of you.
And most of all, since Soo Jin wants that dad.
Seung Woo.
Don't let him leave alone. That friend is someone who will never be able to hold onto you.
What Tae San needs most now is time.
Time to pull that life together.
What you need also
What I need also
I really feel apologetic to you.
But, for now,
it has to be like that.
He's a good person and someone to whom I'm grateful.
I have a good eye for people.
So, don't worry about us and do what you want to do.
Thank you.
If I ask you where and what you will be doing, you won't answer, right?
No matter what I do wherever now, I can live properly. Because there's our Soo Jin.
Whenever I'm ready, Soo Jin Would you let me meet her every once in a while?
You're a father she hasn't seen for 8 years. So, she should live seeing you.
Whenever Soo Jin misses her dad and needs you
You have the duty to let her see you.
Don't forget.
I won't. How could I?
There are other things to forget. There are other things that will be forgotten.
There are people who are smiling while looking at me.
They are smiling at me.
I am also smiling.
In my heart, a new bud is sprouting.
Flowers are blooming.
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