21 Thunder (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Together We Part

1 Previously on 21 Thunder: Utah.
I got traded, man.
- Your brother is dead.
- W-w-what? - I think this is the one.
- Murder, gang rape.
Does he know where you live? Fire, fire! Wake up! We have to go! (Alarm beeping) A half million is all I can pay him.
Davey Gunn here, from up the ass of Ana Messina.
Good work, Christy.
You were instrumental in our win.
(Damien): Marie and I are getting married next month.
(Stefan): I'm not stupid.
I know this is it.
(Emma): This is bullshit! I'm sick of this.
Whatever is going on You can't win against London.
You gotta help me, boy.
(Gunshot on video) (Kevin, on video): Go, go! I'm sorry.
(Breathing unevenly) We will find the man who did this.
Bamba is certain.
Why would you trust Bamba? After everything he did to you He found Isaac before, but he steered me away.
He protected us.
You yourself even said he wasn't all bad.
That doesn't make him good.
Look, I need to know what really happened to my brother Grégoire.
How he died.
Bamba is my last chance at finding the truth, and Isaac.
If Bamba finds Isaac, he will kill him, and you will be implicated.
Why would he go so far? Hmm? Hey! W-w-what is it? For me, Bamba will kill Isaac for what he did to me.
Bamba and I didn't just work together.
We were together.
I was naïve.
I thought he was someone he was not.
You were with Bamba? You loved him? I thought you were someone you are not.
- Junior - No.
(Dog barking) (Cell phone buzzing) Noley, I've been as patient as I can be.
But I need an answer now.
You know, I, uh, I believed you.
(Chuckling) I honestly thought things might be different this time.
So you can show that video to the cops, if that's what you need to do.
Then go to hell! (Phone beeping) (Men shouting in distance) (Elevator beeping) (Chuckling softly) I'll take the stairs.
I know about you and Marie.
Not much to say, eh? That's OK.
Marie told me everything.
That she only did it to get back at me, and that you meant nothing.
Maybe I should thank you.
After all, I mean, you're just a second-string player, and as it turns out, a second-string lay.
(Chuckling) (Punch landing, Damien grunting) (Grunting) I'm gonna fuck you up! Come on! (Noley): Don't worry about it.
Just keep focused on your game.
You get that in Boston? Didn't think you did late.
(Rocas): Everyone quiet.
(Players): Shh.
In the wake of Alex's trade, Danko is on loan to us from the first team.
He will play goal against London Crown FC in the InterCon Championship.
(Team members cheering) (Tran): Coach! What about a captain? Yes.
Take a vote.
I'll do it! Absolutely not.
It should be Nolan.
All in favour? Gallard is your new captain.
Yeah, Nolan! Ha ha! Great! Let's show some enthusiasm for our new captain! (All cheering and applauding) The Thunder have had a phenomenal season so far.
The number of scouts in the stands today proves that.
But in London, they face their toughest rival by far.
They look scared Stuck in their heads.
So tell me, what's in their heads? Pressure.
Fear of blowing the big game in front of media and scouts.
Everybody loses.
Maybe it's good they get used to it.
(Players grunting rhythmically) (Cell phone buzzing) You planning on coaching today? They're all yours, Cook.
What? Where are you going? Coach! Rocas, where are you going? (Sighing) OK! Let's go! (Player): Yeah, come on, boys, come on! (Grunting) (Clearing throat) (Grunting) (Breathing heavily) Ana, I didn't mean any of that video log crap.
I'm not proud to admit I was just scared.
You many have heard, I'm having some financial troubles.
I'm the female owner of a pro sports team.
I've heard much worse.
So let's end this with dignity.
I'm being sacked? You can't do this.
Ana You should be thankful you're even getting a severance package.
If you show up to the London game, maybe I'll throw in a little extra.
Yes, hello.
(Bamba): Isaac's van was spotted up in Montreal North.
He's probably living in it.
You can pay me so you will come with me.
I'm picking you up now.
No problem.
I'll wait for you here.
(Phone beeping) Hey everybody! I'm backstage at the Thunder Stadium with the trophies.
Tonight, I'll be live-tweeting the wedding of first team star Damien Lacroix and the Thunder's physiotherapist, Marie Tremblay.
They're getting married with both the Thunder team and the London Crown in attendance.
How's that for soccer royalty? Ooh! So, congratulations, guys! How does it feel? How does it feel? It feels like a win.
(Announcer): Ah! We even get a kiss! Winners on the field and winners in love! Oh, come on, love! This is what you've wanted for so long! Think of all the hard work you put in! I know.
I know, it's just I can't stop thinking about Nolan.
I know.
He's your first love.
But he won't be the last.
Believe me when I tell you, you're so much younger than you think you are.
You'll both be OK.
Give it time.
Mom Yeah? What's gonna happen to him? Sometimes we grow apart instead of together, sweetheart.
(Players talking, indistinct) Yo, what's your damage, Lavoie? I've seen better crosses from U-10's.
Back it off, both of you.
Aye aye, captain.
(Whistle blowing) We're gonna change this up right now.
Everyone get to the parking lot and get on the team bus.
Screw that! Practice is done.
You're not Rocas.
(Players): Yeah! No, I'm not Rocas.
I'm just a player who's learned a few things.
And I'm not gonna berate you for doing a shit job at practice.
What I am gonna do is tell you to make a choice.
You're all grown men.
Do you wanna be here or not? Do you wanna win or not? 'Cause I know how we get our mojo back.
No surrender.
(All, in French): No surrender! Sorry, I can't hear you.
No surrender! All right! Get your asses on the bus! Come on, guys! Let's go! Is that any way to treat an old mate? Is that what you'd call us? Didn't I break your nose the last time I saw you? Oh, careful, Gunn, I hear they're keeping a prison cell warm for you back in England.
Hey! I've been looking for you.
I'm doing the med scripts.
Mind coming? Off you go, then.
Prick! Tosser! (All shouting, indistinct) (Grunting) Can you send the good ones to Becka for the Thunder website? Don't worry.
I'll get tons.
(Shouting, indistinct) Whoo! (Grunting) You having fun? Where'd you get the idea? YouTube.
A video of some kids reminding me of what I loved about the game before my mom was my coach, before I went pro, before all the pressure.
And what was that? I used to feel free.
( You're Not My Mans by Drew Howard ) You're not my guy This is me cutting all ties (Inmates shouting, indistinct) You telling stories and lies What's in the darkness will manifest Let them all see what you hide Go, go, go! Put down your pride and come out of disguise Get out! (Inmate): Good stuff, good stuff! Let's go.
I'll sub in! (Inmates shouting, indistinct) Oh ho ho ho! Oh shit! Good goal! Shit! Dead.
I think it's suicide.
Don't look in there.
(Door closing) (Retching) (Grunting) OK, kid.
No time to fucking joke! Go.
I'll deal with the police.
No need for them to know you were here.
It will raise more questions than it fucking answers! So go! Go now! Shit! Between you and me, I don't see the big deal about your vlog.
It was pretty funny.
I'm glad somebody gets my Glaswegian wit.
And I'm really sorry about all the headlines, all the money you owe.
Your tax debt seems impossible.
Thank you for that lovely reminder.
If you help me, maybe I could help you with your money problems.
Jog on.
I don't wanna get involved in any of your bullshit! Oh, um, by the way, none of these are covered by the team anymore, so How would you like to pay? Last time you was here, I forgot to get that autograph for the wall.
(Sniffling) (Cell phone buzzing) (Screaming) (Whimpering) (Screaming) (Scream echoing, fading) (Birds chirping) Hi, uh, I'm sorry about everything that happened.
Can we talk? Is Liverpool still an option? Come in.
Liverpool is what I wanted.
I convinced myself it would fix everything.
But I never stopped and asked what anyone else wanted.
I-I-I took Sly away from everything he knew.
And now, I don't know where we go.
I'm out of the game, Junior.
This is the contact info for the chief scout at Liverpool.
I sent him your tape.
He already thinks very highly of you.
When you're ready, you call him.
He'll help arrange things.
I wish you the best of luck, my friend, and a wonderful career.
Stay close to the people you love.
The ones who are still left.
(Knocking on door) Sit down.
I know.
The bubble soccer was a bit unorthodox.
But before you say anything, I think it really helped them.
What? I know it was unorthodox, but Rocas has resigned as head coach.
You're in.
What? Mm-hmm.
What happened to him? Well, the press release says he's taking some time off for some personal issues.
So that's all you need to know.
(Breathing unevenly) Thank you.
Thank you for for having faith in me.
You've earned it.
Of course, after the stunt that Davey pulled, all the commentators are saying that the league has a "woman problem.
" So making you head coach definitely doesn't hurt.
So, we have a few talking points to go over.
(Sighing) (Sly): I like it.
We can write a song to sing with it.
( Hip hop on laptop ) Oh, sorry.
I got out of bed.
I wanted to show him a song I wrote.
Go on, then.
Finish playing your song.
( Hip hop on laptop ) It is very good.
How much longer am I staying? One more night.
How's Fatima? Is she OK? Has something happened? - No.
Everything is OK.
- OK.
I'm going to be back with your clothes and things.
And my phone! Yes.
And your phone.
Good music.
( Hip hop on laptop ) (Voice on intercom, indistinct) Emma, thanks so much for coming.
Come on in.
What have you gotten Nolan into? You mean what did I get him out of? There's something you need to see.
(Kevin): What the fuck you doing here, man? Fuck you mean, you got my juice? I ain't paying your potato army! (Gunshots on video) (Dogs barking on video) Go! Go! No.
(Breathing unevenly) This is a fake.
He'd never do this.
Emma, please.
Sit down.
What kind of a father are you? You know the video's real.
You've seen how he's changed.
This is why.
It's hard news, but you understand, it's better to know so you can help him.
I can't seem to get through to my son.
But he'll listen to you.
But Nolan and I are over.
I don't believe that.
What makes you think I won't go to the police? Because you value Nolan's life too much.
We need to be smarter than that if we're to save him.
(Sniffling) (Crows cawing) (Man talking on intercom, indistinct) (Cell phone dialling) (Cell phone buzzing) (Cell phone buzzing) Oh! I thought everyone was What happened? Nothing.
What happened? Nice dress.
It's the one I wanted to wear before we agreed to let the team sponsor our wedding.
Why did you? Damien wanted a bigger, flashier thing, so now it's "Hello Canada.
" (Marie sighing) Well, you'll look beautiful in whatever you wear.
(Door closing) I like your digs.
It's a friend's place.
It's good to have friends.
I want you to know that I can relate to your situation.
That is a smooth way to start a sales pitch.
My parents are waiting in Shanghai to go to prison for fraud.
And I need enough money to pay for a good tax lawyer, or I'm headed to prison myself.
I couldn't go back to that.
Back to Shanghai.
I've had to do things that I never thought I could do.
They allowed me to stay.
We don't have to be run by guilt, Davey.
You wanna survive, you gotta look out for yourself.
I'm not asking for much.
It's your last match.
Hypothetically speaking, how much are we talking? $50K down payment.
You get the rest when Thunder loses.
Serious dough.
They're serious people.
Have you guys seen Nolan? (Both): No.
(Door opening) Oh! Is Nolan here? No.
Marie's just getting ready for the wedding.
- Is everything all right? - Yeah.
I just wanted to talk to him to see if he was OK.
I'm sure he'll be here any minute.
Come on.
There's champagne in here.
(Door opening) Whoa.
You bitch! You total bitch! You leave with that dress, I'll hunt you down and cut it off you myself! (Door opening) I'm sorry I had to involve Emma, but you needed to understand Stop it, boy! It's the only way to get shy of Mangano.
Once this is over, we're both free.
Pa, you're never gonna be free! Of Mangano, of what you did to Mom.
If we don't do this, we're both dead.
Emma's implicated now.
If certain people know she saw that tape Sorry, boy.
(Breathing heavily) (Journalists): Ms.
Messina, Ms.
Messina! Actually, my question's for Ms.
First of all, congratulations on being named first female head coach in the history of major league soccer.
Thank you.
It's been an amazing time.
Montreal faces London in the InterCon Championship.
(Cell phone buzzing) - Are they ready? - I have confidence in my team.
Junior Lolo, James Tran, Nolan Gallard, they're all great leaders.
Ms Messina, what's your response to those who say that making Ms.
Cook head coach is a PR tactic to divert attention from Davey Gunn's misogynistic scandal? What happened with Gunn was unfortunate.
But Christy Cook has given her life to soccer.
She's an Olympic medalist.
You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone more dedicated than her.
But as a coach, she's green.
Is it wise to promote her with such high stakes? I have complete faith in Coach Cook.
She's all yours.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(Journalists): Coach Cook! Ah, yes.
Just like old times, eh? Eh? Didn't I tell you he'd be worse? Didn't I say that? Come on, Noley, man, we're gonna make a lot of money! We're gonna make a lot of money, man! You know, you beat me.
You won.
Now shut the fuck up! OK.
(Clearing throat) (Keys jingling) If you need a place to sleep, You can crash at Cheyenne's.
I'll see you soon.
What was so important that you had to send me 5 text messages during my press conference? Uh Well? (Breathing deeply) Marie called off the wedding.
(Chuckling) Seriously.
No, Ana, she called off the wedding.
There are 500 people coming.
I I'm sorry.
I this franchise gave her everything.
Even a husband! Um (Shouting in Italian) (Grunting) (Sighing) I wanted to speak to you to explain.
It is I who must apologize.
I shouldn't have spoken to you the way I did.
May I? Of course.
(Door opening) Hey, welcome! Here you go.
I'm afraid there's no wedding here tonight, but have some champagne on behalf of our beloved Thunder team.
Have fun, have a great night, or day, or whatever.
Ugh! Becka! Fuck! Lara! Have you seen Nolan? No.
Has anyone heard from Marie? She really called it off? Do you know where Nolan is? No, I haven't seen him since practice.
But I thought he was staying at the condo.
Well, don't you look dashing! I thought I was gonna be a bloody bridesmaid tonight.
Welcome to the club.
Congratulations, Coach! Come here.
I'm so glad you're there with me.
Oh God, no.
You better look at this video.
(Crowd shouting in video) (Whistle blowing on video) (Crowd cheering on video) Oh my God.
I I have to leave.
I can't deal with this now.
I have to find Nolan.
My mother will be so devastated.
After all we sacrificed to find Grégoire.
I made such a mistake coming here.
Who doesn't make mistakes? Tell me.
I was telling the truth when I said I didn't know the type of man Bamba was.
As soon as I found out, I left him.
I am a jealous man.
I'm not proud of it.
When you told me you were with Bamba, the thought that you were with him, that you loved him Forgive me.
Young love.
What can I say.
I hope you understand.
Thank you for coming.
(Sighing deeply) Yes.
What fresh hell is next? Thank you for having my back at the press conference.
No problem.
You're my girl.
I heard that Desjardins will be refereeing the InterCon match.
Did you look into him after we talked? You're the face of this team now.
We don't need you starting your career as the first female coach making accusations about a well-respected referee, especially after everything they're saying about you online.
I don't give a damn about online You should.
That's where everything's decided.
So, you give me a good story.
That's what I need.
(Cell phone buzzing) Marie just texted me.
She and Damien ran off and got married at City Hall.
(Chuckling) There's an after-party.
You want the address? (Phone dialling) Pick up, pick up.
(Sighing) Hello? Oh! I thought you weren't gonna answer.
You saw the video? Yeah.
What happened? You OK? I will be, once this feeling of total humiliation wears off.
(Sighing) I don't know.
The other players were walking towards me, and I I just couldn't do it anymore.
(Sighing) You need to talk to someone, Alex, or it's not gonna get any better.
I know.
So, how are you? I'm great.
I just wanted to see how you were.
How are you? You always wanted my job.
That's not what I came here for.
You made it clear, right from the beginning.
No, I'm worried about you.
You're gonna make a great coach.
You have good instincts, a few tricks up your sleeve, I've seen.
(Both chuckling) You deserve it.
Congratulations! Well, what are you gonna do now? I'm going to go get my family back.
Take care of my boys, Cook.
( Mr.
Lucky by Rudy Guess ) I'm feeling like Mr.
Lucky today Coach, what's that all about? Oh, a few sports bloggers aren't too happy I've been made head coach.
"Bimbo Makes U-21 Thunder Head Coach, "Plays Bubble Soccer.
" And the comments are worse.
"Case in point "why women shouldn't be involved in pro sports.
"These are pro athletes, not her children.
" Everyone on the internet's an asshole.
These people aren't fans, they're fanatics.
They don't love the game.
They wanna own it.
I liked the bubble soccer.
Any time, Coach.
'Cause I'm feeling like Mr.
Lucky today And things seem to be going my way (Crickets chirping) (Cell phone beeping) (Sighing) (Exhaling): OK.
(Feedback) Hi.
No, Snacks.
No, no, no.
Hello, hello? (Chuckling) I'm gonna get fired tomorrow.
I know it.
Uh, wanna go for a walk? Sure.
Um (Utensil clinking glass) Marie isn't just my physiotherapist.
She's my friend.
And she's caring and honest and wonderful.
She deserves to have everything that she wants.
All the Thunder players love her and wish her congratulations.
(Guests cheering, applauding) Come on.
Hi! It was pretty much a disaster.
I feel like I'm gonna get fired.
No way you'll get fired.
No, you're too good.
(Sniffling) I'm good? Thanks.
(Chuckling) ( Humming ) (Sighing) Smoke? What? I got it from Marie.
Wrong way.
(Coughing) You don't do this, do you? (Chuckling) (Coughing) (Laughing) Sure.
(Coughing) That was cute.
(Laughing) Ow! Fuck! (Scoffing) Ah? ( Pretty Life by Terrell Morris ) Like hello fellow Precious pretty life Lay down on my pillow Every night (Kissing) (Chuckling softly) Mmm.
(Chuckling) Thank you.
You're welcome.
I mean for everything that you've done for me and Sly.
You're welcome for that too.
Would you would you ever live somewhere else? Why? You wanna take me somewhere else? Sly! Oh no, I forgot him! (Laughing) ( Jazz ) So What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? Your wife's lipstick.
(Both chuckling) Whiskey still your drink? That's rye.
All they had.
It was supposed to be a peace offering.
(Christy giggling) Look, I'm sorry about earlier.
You know how wound up I get before a game.
I'm sure you'll manage to keep out of the clink, Gunn.
I'm working on it.
To London and Thunder.
To London and Thunder.
Follow me.
Look, I'm sorry, but I meant what I said.
I just want you to be Thank you.
Joseph Bamba? Yes? We'd like you to come to the station with us, please.
We have a few questions.
- About? - A homicide.
Isaac Boka's.
(Chuckling) You blend in real well in here.
I did my job.
I got us a coach.
I'm impressed, college girl.
Did you get the player? Relax, I got it locked down.
(Chuckling) You act like you're tough shit.
But we both know you're under someone's thumb just as much as I am.
That just burns your ass, doesn't it.
You know what? That's just the way it is.
It doesn't have to be.
Be careful, college girl.
Your last partner in crime made out a helluva lot better than you.
(Crickets chirping) (Both grunting) (Grunting, muffled) You're lucky we don't kill you for that little stunt you pulled in the yard today.
You better pray that soccer star prick of yours comes through! (Yelping, muffled) (Panting) (Coughing) (Breathing heavily) (Whispering): Hi.
He's out back.
(Door opening) I'm not scared.
We should take that video to that police.
Look, I'm in this with you.
I want to help you.
I'm not some wounded bird.
I don't hurt that easy.
- I do the hurting.
- No.
I know you.
Yeah? You know it was my idea to go and shake him down? - You're lying.
- I needed that money.
You're going off to med school and starting a new life.
I wouldn't have just left you! Aw, what would you have done? Huh? Dropped out of school? Moved into some shitty apartment with me? I'm not like you, Emma.
I'm my father No! You're not.
You and I were playing house.
It was a lie.
I watched that Haitian bleed out and I didn't feel a thing.
I wanted to, but nothing.
I don't know what to do.
If you're as smart as you think, you'll get on a plane to Dublin.
It's time for you to leave.
Leave! I don't love you anymore.